It’s ALMOST the New Year


So, we are ALMOST there! We are ALMOST into our next year. Usually years seem to fly by, but this year to me, seems to have gone at pace. I’ve worked loads. Felt great! I’ve achieved lots. And not only have the babies enjoyed a stable, happy environment, grown up that little bit more, enjoyed home life, Ruby started school, Junior started talking ‘almost’ fluently…but Ben and I spent this entire year nurturing a relationship that has been really really important to us. We’ve been together for almost a year now and it’s great because our union has sort of made us grow up emotionally, without the drama, stress or pressure. We’ve had an amazing year! And weirdly this time last year, a psychic told me that I would meet him..and every little thing that she has said as come true!

My life feels pretty charmed. It looks simple and yeah i’m glammy. But it’s pretty charmed. I always feel lucky.

However, i’m changing a lot this year and all for the more positive. I’m figuring out ace resolutions for the New Year. I’m intending to surprise people this coming year, as I secretly spent a lot of this year sorting out a plan, in my own little kitty head.

Right now, I’m up…I’m in my pj’s

I’m drinking a peppermint tea, that will soon turn into wine, out of my brand new ‘Vanitea’ Mug. A mug where in which one can enjoy their own mirror image, all at the same time, as a brew. (It comes with a lipstick pen!) I KNOW! Bliss!

I’m doing family time through the day. I’ve made bacon sandwiches, but ofcourse I had mine without the bread and with a Kale, goats cheese, salad mound on the side. 🙂 (A bacon sandwich with out the sandwich. Genius!)

I’m excited to bring in the New Year. Ben and I don’t actually know what we’re doing this evening. Like I said, we’ve been super busy and i’ve been working lots over Christmas…so we’re wanting to spend some time together. How we’re going to spend it, we haven’t quite yet decided? I’m easy going…so i’m leaving it up to him.

Hope your planning your New Year’s resolutions. I still haven’t quite woken up yet. But i’m enjoying being at home. I’m scoffing Quality Streets. I had ‘sailor girl’ sex the other night. (It was hilarious because we got into this very mild huff, afterwards….so Ben was pulling his pants up, storming off, with a face like thunder…and I was stomping about, pulling faces and in a slutty sailor girl dress! HAHA. We had a wine and within minutes, we were back to laughing.)

We, as a family can’t wait to embrace the upcoming year. We have lots planned, lots on our minds and we’re hoping to smash it. I’m excited. The babies are excited! I have work, new environments, auditions and lots going on…and the relaunch of my lash line.

Lots will be changing…and well we couldn’t wish for a better time. I mean, Ben and I spent the whole other evening saying how much we couldn’t wait to get married. Raise the babies. Grab amazing careers and really really go for it.

Hope the new year inspires you…

Have a good sail in….

*Wiggle, Giggle, Wink*


Post Christmas Fun

ac17 - Copy

Morning! I have a whole ‘other’ free day, where i’m away from work! Yipppeee! And as much as I love working, or having the opportunity to do so, nothing is better than kitten sailing off a tremendously busy Christmas and slobbing it in my ‘jim jams.’ I’ve officially plonked my glitzy flag of ‘chill’ up and it feels utterly Wunnaful. PLUS, nothing is better than sauntering downstairs with your babiest baby (Junior,) hearing him say ‘I don’t want you to go to work today. I want you to stay with me,’ and being able to assure him that Mummy is completely all his, all day. 🙂 His little eyes beamed and his little heart skipped a beat. It kinda made me desire a giant lottery win, just so I could be home all day always, yet still fund a lifestyle for all my tiny family to enjoy. But yes…chilling feels GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

Anyway, back to Christmas. It was wonderful and Ben and I, with the children, spent our first EVER Christmas together. Ben cooked the ENTIRE Christmas dinner and fed an ARMY of Burmese Asians, all of which were labelled with a ‘Wunna’ tag… It was his first time rustling up a Crimbo dinner ever, so not only did he need booze to aid his way through it, (Pete, Ruby’s Dad, even ran into the kitchen with booze for him,) whilst I encouraged all the Wunna’s (and I’m talking family from all over…London….Yorkshire…everywhere) to dip and dabble in my snack table,  (I’m infamous for them,) just to ease his stress.

We had an amazing time and my family and Benny got on swimmingly. After food, drinks and all sorts…wrapping paper flying everywhere, Champagne being poured for the sake of it. (We’d be drinking or should i say ‘celebrating’ as it sounds less chavtastic) since 7am.

We had amazing kitchen banter with my cousins Minn and Natalia. Ben and never met the before, and I had missed them more than anything. But they’re young, fun and doing super well in life. (I mean ones studying Neuroscience in Uni and the other is working in the land of computer software.) I managed to lower the tone, get people drunk and have a giggle. Lord knows where the conversation ended? But we got onto ‘vlogging’ and how we should all start a ‘vlog.’ They didn’t want to leave, however when it comes to Christmas, it comes to family…so everyone, but my Dad (the babies then left to go on their Second Christmas with their Daddies,) all ventured off to their next location.

Everything had been so busy, so stressy, i had my good bra on….so at this point where we found a moment where it was just ‘us’ (and my Daddy)….we threw skin to the wind and let loose. Drinks were poured, giggles with my Daddy occurred (he’s laid back and fun, kinda like moi, so he was a blast and a smooch, throughout the whole jolly journey. Plus, he gets along with Ben really well…which definitely makes life easier.)

I think by this point we’d ventured to the kitchen, as my Daddy passed out for a kip on the sofa and we whopped on the tunes, danced around, sang along and drank…EVERYTHING. This time RUM. This process went on for ages, but we were literally having THE BEST TIME EVER…

Time must have flown, without us even realizing, because I got really really drunk, that I had to go to bed to take a nap at 8.30pm! Lol. So party! I did it, in a strop too..which always makes me laugh. I’m like a stroppy, little clockwork, Asian doll, with boobies, doughy eyes and a scowl, when i’m in a mood. All stompy and tired. And well I knew that Ben was pissed, simply because whenever he is, he goes on this MASSIVE ‘ballad marathon,’ as I like to call  it. I had had ‘Little Mix’ on repeat for most of the night…and well Ben must have sang through (and at the top of his voice) every single boyband, Stevie Wonder, new school, old school, ballad that ever existed! Loudly.

I went to bed.

He then sat with my Dad and they both giggled to ‘Pitch Perfect’ on the telly box.

Once my Mum came back over to pick my Dad up, Ben then (and by now he is the most drunk person ever,) saunters upstairs to wake me up, because he needs a playmate to entertain him. We’re both fun drunks and turn into toddlers, so it’s all happy and innocent.

I get up, have a stretch, get ready for more drinking…and as we venture forward BEN FALLS DOWN THE ENTIRE FLIGHT OF STAIRS!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA,. Now, this is actually pretty dangerous, but he was fine and it was the way he did it, like it was some kind of children’s slide. It was the campest fall EVER. HAHAHA. He missed a step, whilst i was doing a wee, with the door open…and just thundered down them, after rum! Being the kind girlfriend that i am…I cracked up LAUGHING.

He was fine by then and rocking a carpet burn….

Sanity was restored…then after more singing, drinks and fun, he got tired and we went to bed.

Boxing day was HARD, I was surprised that he was even still alive. But we eventually got up, kissed, cuddles, pulled ourselves together. Went off to visit his Mum, to drop of the Christmas pressies, then ended up at Dodge’s for ‘Boxing day’ drinks.

Shots, whisky, vodka and wine, friends, Jaz, Dodge’s Mum, Charlotte, Ben and good music. Banter, Tomfri, Tom and Al. Cheesestraws. Madness, life, and Post Christmas fun.

Everyone ended up a bit ballsed. So drunk it was so good but sooo silly. 🙂 I had a boobie dress on, so i felt ace. I shot a whisky and it made me feel like shite. 🙂 I’m not made to shoot anything.

Ventured to Katty and Rich’s…(everyone was already rum boiled by then) and well after hours of drinking, house bouncing and loads of time with Jaz, Ben and I got driven home….

I then woke up after felt like an hours sleep and flipping went to work! (Never again.)



Last Minute Shuffle


Christmas Eve was MENTAL. It was m last day off before Christmas, I hadn’t yet bought all my gifts, or purchased any of the Christmas dinner and I had half the day to do it in, as the evening was for the babies.

We came up with this ‘get up early as hell’ scheme to get everything sorted, on time…so at 7am…our alarms went off (I have a peaceful but sharp phone alarm and Ben’s is this horrendous, cranky, ongoing madness of an alarm.) But we got up…and by 8.30am, we were on the road, en route to our local supermarket, to be followed by another supermarket, (where which pretty much smashed our giant shopping list in about half an hour,) followed by an immediate trip to The Range in Doncaster and then the dreaded, busy as hell Frenchgate shopping centre.

Now, I love Doncaster and i adore The Frenchgate, but when the pressure is on and the place is busy, it’s stressful!

Being us, we stopped off at the new American Diner (Ed’s Easy Diner’) that’s in the shopping centre, as a fuel up…Great burger, loved trying somewhere new, didn’t sell wine though :), so we had to do another stop off for a drink, before i left Ben for an hour, to tend to himself, as I rushed around the stores buying every single last gift that I needed to purchase.

Madness, i tells you! It was insane. Ben didn’t want me to leave him for an hour as he thinks something always goes wrong when i’m not there, like he get’s lost, hurts himself or ends up doing something stupid. Lol. But i rushed off, got it all done, got in every queue that I needed to and spend HUNDREDS of pounds in an hour and a half.

I couldn’t wait to get back to Ben, with his present in tow, and to get out of the flipping shopping centre. My arms are shite at carrying anything, so tottering around with what felt like the heaviest bags in all the land, with no help was something that i’m not used to 🙂 and well it was rubbish.

Got back in the car, got home, the journey couldn’t go quick enough…even though we had merry Christmas songs playing and we felt the need to sing a long to them loudly.

But yes, we were back for moments, unpacking and wrapping and then out of nowhere my Mum showed up to drop of the children and from that point, even though we were like two loose wires all over the place, Christmas had started.

We drank, had fun, prepped for the day ahead and then after setting out the milk, carrot and mince pie for Santa, we WAITED for the babies to go to sleep.

Junior, was out like a light. As soon as he saw a firework and believed it was Santa in the sky, he passed out. Ruby was DETERMINED to stay up to catch him…and didn’t go to bed until 11pm!

We literally had LOADS to do, once Ruby went to bed, like gift wrapping, Santa’s footsteps, snow spraying the windows and setting up this Fast Food joint and hospital that we had bought them. So not only were we knackered, but it was rushy.

We got it done, because he had to…but the magic of Christmas is stressy for parents.

Ben chose to sleep on the sofa, so the children could sleep in my bed and so that he could set his alarm for six o clock in the morning, to start prepping Christmas dinner.

At 7.30am, the babies and I weren’t even up..well Junior was, Ruby was far too shattered. But i looked at Ben’s face and the sheer child like excitement that was filled in face, to open his own presents got the better of us…so (after i did my face 🙂 .) we trotted downstairs, to watch the babies be amazed and to see them open their presents….

It was truly amazing. But it was the slowest opening of presents ever, by the kids. Every present they opened, they insisted on playing with for about an hour, before opening the next gift, But i loved that, because they loved every moment of their gifts. (When you’re a Mum, you love that.)

Ben got excited about his gifts, so needed to open them pretty much immediately.

I had opened mine a couple days before, because he let me. HAHAHA. Even though i refused to let him. So I got the most gorgeous bracelet and the pinkest Ted Baker purse ever…which I ADORED! It was so ME!

He loved his gifts (Camera, Two hotel nights, Ralph Lauren aftershave giftset and a remote control, inflatable Star Wars figure…don’t ask) ….the babies loved their gifts more anything….then cooking dinner began…as we had my entire family (cousins from London and everything) coming over…and well Ben took it upon himself to cook his first ever Christmas dinner…

This was our first ever Christmas together the first time Ben had done a ‘with Baby’ Christmas…and the first time he had ever cooked an entire Christmas dinner…


Another Year Older, Love, Friends, Gifts and Ben

DSC_4135 - Copy

Since my last blog, i’ve had a birthday, finally swirled onto a ‘Christmas rota,’ had the most amazing Christmas Eve and Day itself, followed by a very drunken ‘Boxing Day,’ to find myself right back at work. (However, it’s not as bad, as it’ snot as hectic, so I have plenty of days off in between, which means the world to Ruby, Junior, Ben and ofcourse Myself! Yippee!)

So, my birthday..and we’re going right back to Dec 19th.

I worked it, all day and it was the busiest day of work that I had ever recently encountered. I blood, sweated, smiled and milkshaked all the way through it…for what seemed like every minute of the entire day…HOURS. Yet, it wasn’t so bad. Infact…it was okay. I mean, i’ve never really had to work on my birthday before…ever…so it was a pretty new act of oddness for me. However, luckily, i had managed to make all my work colleagues feel bad for their little ‘Princess Wunna (lol) and well, I ended up having the most wonderful birthday ever! (Just so you know, I NEVER celebrate my birthday. I had a childhood of celebrating every single birthday I had, ‘party’ style. Now that i’m an oldie and not that much wiser…I wouldn’t go as far as saying ‘it’s just another day,’ as i’m far to festive and exciting than that. But, i nod and smile, with peace in my corset…knowing that i’ve had my time, i’ve enjoyed it…and being an oldie now actually rocks. So, i don’t really go for the ‘hoo haa’ of it all now, as i’ve done it for what feels like a million years. I think I enjoy feeling like a Granny. (I still don’t look too bad for my age… *Wiggle, Giggle.*) But i’ll rock a leopard print pension scooter, when i’m a pensioner…in diamantes.

Got to work and every single work mate that I passed, greeted me with big smiles, and a giant ‘Happy Birthday.’ They were all great, made me feel not so bad about having to plunge myself into the swirl of ‘busy at work,’ and not only that, but they also came a little gifts, yeah…little treats for me, which made me so happy, because it sort of makes you feel a wee bit adored…doesn’t it? 😉 I really appreciate those moments. I’m good like that. I might be smeared in ‘Diva,’ but i’m really really good like that. I remember all the little moments, where in which people have been quite positively lovely.

But yes, earlier in the week Danielle (who partook in a really shit ‘milkshake train’ with me on my birthday…love Danielle, even though my nickname for her is ‘Greedy,’)  had gifted me with wine, chocolates and this AMAZING Clairebella tote bag, which not only had my name on it, but a cartoonified picture of me ON IT! I know! I knew what it was straight away…I knew literally immediately, as soon as I peeked into the open tear of the pink wrapping paper. I loved it. Amazing gift! I’ve already used it…EVERYWHERE! So, that set the tone for me being ‘happy at work for my birthday’ this year.

Then on the Saturday, which was the 19th, I was treated to more booze, more choccies, Jenna got me the perfect ‘Tequila Shot’ decorative ornament, that is currently hung on my Christmas tree. (So perfect.) Katie had bought me a cake and made me a story book, that she had folded into the word ‘DREAM’ (apart from she fucked up the ‘D’) and then I recieved a giant word art picture, a Vani’tea’ mug from Lorraine…(which is a mug that is made of Mirror, so you can see yourself in it constantly…and not only that, but it COMES WITH A PEN, that is cleverly disguised as a ‘LIPSTICK’ Dream much!!’ Then like the day couldn’t get any better, as it was filled with jobs, hugs, abuse, love, work and happiness…Florence came in with a mucky card for me, and the most beautifully presented giant potted and gift wrapped Begonia. It looked like a mini tree, all bowed and glamourous! It was amazing…and I loved it as it would be the sort of gift i’d buy someone. Plus, I got to walk out of work, after 8 hours, look like Miss.World with it…and looking like I completely rinsed the joint! 🙂

So happy. I have some really great friends.

But yes, I got home happy…and I hadn’t seen Ben all day. But i knew that he’d do something, even though he was trying to make out that he wasn’t going to do anything. But i can read Ben like a book, because we’re so close. He makes me laugh. He’s silly. (And i’m massively in love with him right now.)

I drove onto my drive, parked up…still decked out in my updo and work clothes…I swung open the door..( i enjoy to ‘swing’ a door open. It weirdly delights me) and well he rushed towards it, with his hair all done, looking all yummy…smiling…if not beaming, but with the door that leads to the dining room closed to.

So, I’m grinning and he leads me into the dining room to have a peek, as he steps back, to watch my reaction…and he had decorated the entire dining room, with very ‘Wunna’ bits of ‘ooh laa.’ There was a table clothed over with gifts upon it, champagne, scented candle alight, little pink, birthday girl balloons everywhere and then an absolutely GIANT ‘35′ in pink, helium balloons, floating upward, taking up the entire back of the wall. AMAZING! 


And, then he presented me with a little gift bag, after I had opened up my big gift, that was filled with smellies, lotions and bath time goodies…. ( I was even delighted with the gift bag because it was pink lol)

But yeah, sorry i’m getting distracted…i opened it up and inside was little black box…with a silver bow on it…

I opened up the box and even he looked excited for me to see it…and it was was the most beautiful and the most delicate, little sparkly diamond necklace, that he had chosen and bought from a jewelry store, I think that day? Lol.

Gorgeous, right?

I loved it so much, I wore it straight away and haven’t yet even taken it off!

He’d also written me a little card that said,

‘To Chrissie,

You are the most amazing person I have ever met…../I love you with all of my heart,

Ben x’


Now, as you all know, I adore romance and the art of true love. l treasure all boys who are open beings of affection and expression…so it really meant so much to me.

I jumped into his arms, all gleeful and giddy. I jumped around the house, filled with ‘Thank you’s and love…

We popped open the champagne, enjoyed the rest of our the night together…and after hours of love, chitter chatter, gratefulness and just the pure happiness that settles your soul, without worry…we snuggled up in bed and…well…

Champagne is good for moments like that. 😉

(I feel really lucky, because in the love department  i’ve completely found the man of my dreams. And it’s not because he’s this or he’s that , or he’s bought me a necklace…as in life…and i’ve been alive for ages now,  boys have been boys with me…and they’ve done their best or worst to try to be impressive…but because we’re just best friends, who are madly in tune with one another. We’ll have little hiccups, up’s downs and moments…but it’s over in seconds and turns back to love and laughter. I’ll have a moan. He’ll have a moan. But I think we’re really lucky because we have each other and both of us are the type of people to loyally walk by each other’s side through life, filled with trust and just knowing that the other with always be there and not out of habit, or gain, but just out of love. We’re madly in love right now and it’s wonderful. PLUS! I feel so grateful to work with such tremendous people, who have to go through the same old motions as me everyday, but went out of their way, to make me smile for a moment…because they wouldn’t only just do it for the sake of it being my birthday, but just do it anyway, because they’re ace,)

I’m a really lucky chick…and i never take it for granted.

I’m also really old now…and it kinda really suits me. 🙂




One day until my birthday, Babies, Love & The Conga

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I’ve worked my merry booty off! I’m shattered. But i’m happy. I’m finally rocking another day off, after one of the busiest times ever and today is about errand running for Christmas, which I sort of managed to do earlier this morning. However, i’ve had to palm most of it off for my next day off, simply because Christmas shopping with any babies, should be a challenge of ‘The Cube.’

I’ve finally managed to BUY HAIRSPRAY!! Hurrah!!!! (It’s the small things.) AND, i’ve managed to pick up my contact lenses, yes actual proper SIGHT and for the foreseeable future, which I haven’t managed to do, due to a super busy work rotation! It really is the tiny things that are bringing me hardcore ‘BLISS.’

Like, i’ve rambled on about, work has been busy and every spare hour there’s been, I feel as though i’ve had to  schedule it out! However, the other evening, I can’t even remember what day, as all my days i’ve merged into one long glittery mush. (I got Wednesday confused with Tuesday, which threw my off and got my frillies in a twist. Wednesday’s are better than Tuesday’s, so you can imagine my dismay.)

But yes, I got home late that evening, an hour late out of work, with Junior in one arm, bags in the other, and probably a donkey in tow at some point…I walked into my home and Ben had tidied the ENTIRE downstairs, to the point where it was spotless, he was stood over the oven, cooking the babies and I dinner and my little squinty eyes, peeked over to the kitchen counter, he had poured TWO GLASSES OF WINE! I KNOW!!! (When you’re old and you’ve got babies, work and madness…things of that sort mean SO MUCH.)

I tottered upstairs, for my ‘wee of the day.’ (I’ve been so busy, i haven’t had time to do a wee.) I peeked in the bathroom, smelling like bacon…and he had run me a baby pink, bath bombed bath! I actually got home too late for it, but it was such a lovely gesture. I plonked Junior in it… 🙂 and then we had tea!


When things are made easier for you, you just can’t help but feel filled with appreciation. I’ve had zero time for anything, and when i say ‘anything,’ i just mean the things that I want to do. Lol. But i’m a trooper…and the big Christmas rush is almost over.

(I can’t believe i’ve finally bought hairspray!)

Other than all that, the time i’ve had with the babies, has been wonderful. Ruby’s 4, but like a teenager, Junior is as cute as can be, if you feed him pizza. This morning, I was greeted, buy a girl, in a giant, upside turkey hat, by a coffee machine. She must have seen my face…as she simply paused, smiled, as I was hitting buttons, half asleep, at a petrol station Costa machine… and said, ‘it gets worse.’ And in that moment, she squeezed a tiny red *press here* and this giant, upside down turkey had, began to dance, wiggle, it’s turkey, with pretend bones in legs…and to music. Lol. It was tremendous! And only £10 from Asda. There was something quite erotically, disturbing about it, like a horny turkey had plunged and plugged itself onto her head, for a bit of aggressive nookie. I grabbed my coffee, kitty smiled and tottered away, with Ruby in tow. (No matter where I go, Ruby manages to bring in an audience. By the time, i had got to the counter…we had a Pied Piper line of ‘awww, ‘int she cute’s’ behind us….Like seriously, we could’ve added cocktails and cheesy party music and would’ve had a conga line. I used to hate witnessing Conga lines, as I always thought they were pointless. I mean, what’s so fun about choo, choo training, around a bar, in a paper hat, with the occasionally leg kick….for what seems like 22 years. Everyone pretends there having the best time ever, during the Conga line moment, simply to refrain from looking like plonkers. Then I got over my angst and warmed to the art of the ‘Conga line,’ as nothing is more hilarious, than the point where in which the song finishes and the conga line doesn’t know what to do with itself! HAHAHAH. People sort of thread off, looking bewildered and awkward. Except, the three people at the front, who are still high kicking madly. YOU NEED TO WATCH A CONGA LINE AND THE LAST REMAINING THREE! They end up just stopping, pretending like the Conga never happened, like they don’t even know it each other,  like managed to they’ve lose all their friends and they blush with utter shame. ITS ACE!!!!)

This morning, I walked passed a church in Pontefract and Ruby pointed at it and said, ‘that must be The Devil’s house.’ PMSL. And the other evening, whilst I was cuddling Junior, the moment he went to sleep. I whispered to him, ‘I love you baby boy.’ His reply…’ I love….Santa.’ HAHAHA. Then he closed his eyes and sailed into Dreamland. I *heart* the babies.

I think i’m off to get a little lunchy in a moment, so i’ll catch you later.

Incase you didn’t know…It’s my birthday tomorrow! I’ve already received some thoughtful gifts, that i’ll tell you about during the process of tomorrow, as i’m actually working all day. (I’m loving this year, because everyone’s feeling thoughtful or skint, which makes gifts more creative. They’re my favourite kind of gifts…as well…if i needed another pair of Louboutins…i’d just buy myself some. 😉

Love you all, an awful lot.

Thank you for following my life!


ps/ Our Works ‘do’ was amazing. We all had such a wonderful time, we all showed up, all glammed up, all ate, loved, laughed and I managed to blag us 20 free bottles of wine! Yes, a bottle of wine EACH! I don’t know how i do it…I guess i’m just cheeky enough to ask. 🙂


And…we have a works ‘do’


So tonight, we all get to finally kick off our work boots, slip out of our blue polo’s, let down our disheveled hair and celebrate being a team, a ‘high five’ of a brandy bunch, a victory ‘air punch’ of a dysfunctional family and simply get to be together, chill together, drink, eat and be merry together, without the flag of ‘at work’ being raised above us!

Now, we’ve all worked hard this year and we’re still working hard as we speak. It’s still going. We’re still mad. We’re still pushing ourselves to the limits and turning up a little worn, but with smiles on our faces.

We all get on really well and not just in an ‘ahh cute’ kinda way, but in a ‘in each other’s business’ kind of way. We really are a family and the fact that we finally get to ALL spend some fun time together means a lot to us all…as we’re all quite close, there for one another, but deserve it! We’ve moaned, stressed, got tired and got on with it all…yet underneath all that, there are the moments that have matters all the way through it, where we’ve laughed, played, made fun of each other…and had some of the best times you could ever have in a work place. (We’re lucky.)

Not a single day has gone by, (even when we’re on our last working legs) have we ever not had a giggle at something, someone, or the situation. And to someone like me, who’s the light hearted one of the bunch, a bit of a bitch, but they love me for it. The ‘Glamour Puss,’ the playful piss taker, the naughty one, who fucks up with charm, yet works like a hero, by accident on occasion. 😉 Well, nights like this mean a lot. As these are the people, that I literally spend the majority of my time with….all day…almost every day.

Tonight we get to have fun…and our place of choice is ‘Ego’ in Ackworth. (Which as you know, is a place i know well. 🙂 )

The good thing is that the boys are boys…and the girls are all glamour pusses, in their own special way. So as the gents are currently reaching for a shirt (we we’ll all get dressed up…it’s our nature..) the girls are all bathing,  tanning, eyelashing, picking out a dress, dolling up our hair and pouting in mirrors, making sure that we don’t look ‘fat in this.’ We’re adjusting our bras, trying to look to how we do at work…and all looking forward to it.

We’re a mixture of ages, from the teens to a pension age…and we’re all these amazing creatures, who work like dogs. Lol.

But we’re good people…and what good people do is drink.

We’re each having a 3 course dinner bought for us, and at the same time we’ll be drinking. ‘Ego’ is lovely, or great for a staff do…especially because it is opposite our actual work place.

I’m ready. I’ll be there in an hour and a half and I can’t wait to see everyone!

Good times ahead. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Twenty of us are going!

‘Ackworth Garden Centre, ..(fill in your name of choice)……speaking…’



Christmas, Coconuts and Love


Getting into a coconut is literally the hardest task to accomplish…in life….ever! Ofcourse, I have a child who wants to drink out of a coconut with a straw. Ofcourse i do. But yes, the next time you pass a coconut, that is resting in your local supermarket….DON’T BUY IT for your child, as a drink option, even if they beg you. Coconuts are bitches. You can’t even talk them around. I mean, anything that you may need to literally DRILL INTO, in order to quench your thirst is a twat anyway. Who has the patience, time or energy for it? I only bought it out of love for my first piece of loin fruit. How do people in jungles or on tropical islands do it???? I swear they’ve glamourized the art of coconut piercing. It’s shit. It’s hard. And it’s not very clever. I only like coconut when it comes ready made and open, or poured into a pina colada for me. That is all. Rant over.


Right! So i’m finally on my DAY OFF!!! Whopppeee! I have honestly plonked off the of the BUSIEST WORK WEEK EVER…it was difficult, but i did it. However, i went beyond cheering myself on, to just feeling knackered. HAHAH. All day yesterday, all i managed to find time to eat was ONE FLAMIN’HOT MONSTER MUNCH! That was ALL!!!! Lol. Luckily, I had a vindaloo for tea. Unlucky, for the field mouse that we have in our home somewhere….it also had vindaloo as a midnight snack, by accident.

My day off is all about errand running. But we’re all happy. Ruby is chipper. She’s off school now and doing her day with Ben and I. I’ve been dying to spend time with my little family for ages! So today I have it. Thank GOD for it!

And tonight, I have my work’s Christmas do at Ego! I can’t wait.

I’ve accidentally lost an entire dress size, due to working retail at Christmas, which is sort of bitter sweet! We’re chicks, anytime we lose a bit, we’re smiling. Yet, if we’ve done it by accident, it’s always a bit shitty.

I can’t wait to relax at Christmas. I’m still filled with exhaustion, but doing it so glamourously. I still need to buy last minute Crimbo presents….and I’m definitely celebrating my ‘time of the month.’

It’s my birthday in FIVE DAYS!!! I’m still madly in love with Ben. On the whole, i’ve got a good one. In all relationships, you’ll experience, the ups, the downs, the inbetweens. And when you’ve been working far too much and wallowing in jolly stress, it’s hard to keep the spirit of ‘ooh laa’ alive. But, he’s always there for me…and i am him. I feel lucky. Plus, we are part of this amazing little family, which couldn’t make me smile anymore.

Ben actually ‘spooned’ me last night, but the unfortunate thing about his ‘spooning’ is that he has these thighs (which I actually adore, as he’s my chunk of hunka,) however, whilst one of these thighs is ‘dead weighted’ upon your, ‘only had one Monster Munch today’ body, it’s not so comfy. HAHAHA. It must’ve taken me all my strength and a midget Army to literally try and lift his thigh, OFF MY TUMMY, plonk it on his side of the bed and then try and run away from it like Godzilla was coming.

Right, i’m off to do a bit of errand running…

Catch ya later, dolls.



Chrissie Wunna Lashes at The Carleton, this Sunday!

ac6 - Copy

So tomorrow (Sunday) ‘Chrissie Wunna Lashes’ is at The Carleton Pub, In Pontefract, from 12pm, to 6pm, for their Christmas Craft Fayre, where in which you can purchase, last minute Christmas gifts for the people that you adore.

I obviously don’t think that there is anything better than buying your daughter, Mama, girlfriend, or bestie, a sexy, yet beautiful pair of luxury lashes, as a gift, favour or stocking filler this Christmas.

So tomorrow, at the Carleton, you can buy Chrissie Wunna lashes, at a special discount, where each lash box, with your chosen pair of lashes, is simply £10.

One pair for £10

Three pairs for £25

Or the entire collection for £40.

I’m at work all day until 4.30pm, so Ben is headed to The Carleton for me, until I manage to rush down there to see how it’s all going and help sell some glamour pussy lashes.

Be there! Get great lashes as a Christmas gift. There has honestly not been a single lady who has previously bought lashes that hasn’t loved them or rebought more. They honestly make the BEST little gift or stocking filler.

Enjoy Crimbo and do it with the sexiest peepers in town.

There is mulled wine, Bailey’s Hot chocolate and my Lashes for all of you darlings to kitty grab at!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all and i’m hoping that we have a great day!

If you have nothing to do….get yourself down to The Carleton tomorrow. It’s a fun family day for all…and a great way to snag yourself some last minute gifts at a discount!

There’s a new Facebook page set up for it…

So go ahead and like it….


Catch up, Christmas and Rum


So, in the last couple of days, i’ve managed to throw a couple of tizzy fits, i’ve managed to work my little booty off, almost every hour of the day, get stressed, find myself locked out of my home for 3 entire hours, AFTER a giant work day, have a baby wee on me, have a 2 litre bottle of Pepsi, fall and *wham* me on the head from a height, in PUBLIC, gain a nervous twitch, decide to not like people (lol,) worry…and have the achiest legs in the world ever…and still force myself to stand up all night, for kicks.

Even wine hasn’t made this better!

However, on the whole, i’m happy. I’m tired. But i’m happy. (Or just fucking delirious. I can’t quite decide which one??? But i’m going to go with happy.)

I’ve slept, but not eaten much (by accident,) i’ve loved every moment of having the babies. Ben and I are still dandy. And once again I CAN’T WAIT until ‘day off’ Monday.

I’ve definitely pretended to own a ‘China cafe,’ and i’ve definitely worn reindeer antlers to Mariah Carey, Christmas tracks. I want a pedicure. I want my nails done. I’d love a weave…and to top that off..i’d adore a massage.

I’m embracing Christmas now and trying to be as organised as possible. (I only have half my Christmas shopping done. But almost ALL the kiddie stuff bought.)

In the last week, the busiest week ever, i’ve talked to tall people, short people, rich people, poor people, happy people, sad people, odd people, normal people, nice people, evil people, big people, small people, vented, laughed and loved.

I’ve verbally karate chopped folk and faked smiled through lots of coffee moments. I’ve been up. I’ve been down. But i’ve enjoyed it.

I’m needing a moment to relax. I’m feeling excited. And i’m looking forward to my works do on Monday.

Ben is currently scrolling through his Facebook, Ruby is currently talking about camels, by grapes and i have a rum…which is prepping for my busy day at work tomorrow.

I’m not moaning, because i’m lucky and try to look on the bright side of most things…even if it’s smeared in ‘so busy, it’s funny.’

I can’t wait for Christmas to come, so i can chill. I’ve let the children decorate gingerbread stars. I keep needing a wee…and I’ve one hundred percent adored watching a lady be dressed as hair reindeer, half Santa apron, stress out at folk,whilst by bacon. 🙂

I’m in my specs…which is causing most to make fun of me, whenever i enter a business. Lol. Bastards! I thought i looked cute.

And i have a rash on my left hand.

There’s a Christmas pudding, made of tissue and cotton wool on my wall…and Michael J Fox is on my telly, being Mini sized and back in the future.

Rum helps.

Wunna x


The Stuff that matters…


So Wednesday this my Monday…and to be honest…and even though it was busy…after working massively busy weekend of madness, it didn’t seem so crazy. I loved it. I found it fun. And, yeah, towards the end, like with anything and when you’re on your own, trying to smash a target,  it can be stressful, (you’ve all been there,) yet now i’m home and I look back upon it all (and i worked some jolly extra time,) it wasn’t too shabby. People have it a lot worse. I’m lucky. I have a great bundle of ‘team’ around me, who are people who i regard as close friends and we’re pretty much all in the same boat. I had fun. Nothing is better than those moments at work, where in which you feel as though you have time to have a chitter chatter with colleagues, in order to feel human again.

Keiran came into my work again today…and it didn’t really feel bad. I mean, there was a moment of hostility when he found himself sat next to my favourite policeman, who i definitely used to fancy me. Lol. But on the whole, my work place, is a  public place, so anyone is invited…and regardless, i’ll be adorable to them.

(Ben’s been working on my Lash line Facebook page today and is currently spreading out and hanging some sheet up on the radiator, whilst picturing lashes.)

I’ve run out of hairspray and that’s a disaster. Yet, I really should’ve learnt by now to refrain from dating boys who use up all your hairspray, but never buy their own. (UGH!)

I’m warm right now, but i’ve had a wine. Ruby is on a sleepover at Grandma’s and Junior has been home with me, being the cutest he has ever been.

I’m tired of having to do my face in the dark, yet the mornings aren’t light and since i have every human on the planet in my bedroom, where (ofcourse) the BEST mirror space is, i’m deliberately not turning on the ‘big’ light, ‘ in order to be courteous. I wake up looking like a refugee and leave my room at 7.30am, looking like a Vegas showgirl. (Too much bronze.)

Right now i’m feeling really independent. I’m not loving needy folk. I’m enjoying ‘Wunna time’ and turning everything towards being with the babies. It’s not just because it’s Christmas and when you have kids, it’s what makes your Christmas magical. But simply because i’ve not completely prioritized well. I know what matters to me, what’s important and anything else is categorized beneath that!

I’m looking forward to my staff do on Monday! I can’t wait.

I’m tired, but tough. I’m doing well and not really letting too much get to be, but i’m certainly on Operation ‘better myself.’

Things are great.

Chrissie x