Ben, Babies and Love


Morning my delicious winks of *purr.*

Okay, so before I tell you about the rest of our London Date Night, (we did so much in The Capital and cocktailed like boozy superhero’s, that i need to make sure i’ve absorbed it all myself, before I * tippy tappy* type it all out for you properly. We literally had the time of our lives and ventured everywhere we could. I  enjoyed our Ultimate Date Night more than anything, so i just need to sponge it all in, before i deliver the news. *Wiggle, Giggle.*)

I’ve been busy, i’ve been working, i’ve had a moody Thursday, but enjoyed the company that i’ve been around. Ben and I are closer than ever. We’re still madly in love and the great thing about us is the simple fact that usually when people date, they go through this amazing ‘honeymoon’ period that slowly dies off, as they continuing ‘doing together.’ Right? But with us, (and we’ve been together AGES now, longer than anyone would think, as we were pretty much together for months before people knew,) our relationship just stays in ‘honeymoon’ naturally and weirdly gets better and better. We’re completely each others absolute soulmate and we really couldn’t be happier. I get that there’s this sort of ‘show’ of ‘Chrissie & Ben’ and how perceive us or try to guess how we are as a couple. I’m used to it. I know the score. Ben’s a bit more sensitive with it all, yet the good thing about it is that i know he’ll also get used to it also and it’ll actually make him tough to it all. We’ve been having fun, we’ve been spending lots of time with the babies (and i LOVE that he’s a family man, it makes my heart melt.) We’re just doing life together and loving every minute of it. I feel lucky. He’s the most amazing guy and even sometimes when he may not think he is…I can always see and always have…even if we were to rewind 8 months back, how wonderful he really is.

We love our ‘stay in’ nights and we’re playful. It’s fun. But last night we went out for a couple drinks with friends, after seeing Rich and Katty’s new house. (Happy for them. I had Ciroc and lemonade and liked a grey leopard print blind.) Dodge, (who got pissed in Chequers, with strangers who had a caravan on their front drive,) Sophie (Who i like, but don’t know as well…but she makes me smile because we’re the same kind of bitchy) and Reuben (who vapes like a  custard cream Cruella De ville)  were also there.

We did drinks. Ben looked all hot in his shirt. (I heart him in a shirt.) I did pinstripe, booby dress and we had actually rocked up to Katty and Rich’s, after a bottle of champagne and really great sex TWICE,  in the space of an hour, with a mini nap and a shower inbetween. 🙂 We came home after Friday night drinks (we ventured to the Tap and Barrel…where most people were out having a cheeky tipple) and after banter, Mcdonalds, a cold breeze and a big ‘at home’ chat in our comfies. We’re good chatters. We do it a lot. We went in for round 3, which surely makes us ‘bedroom gangsters.’

Our relationship is good because it’s completely well rounded. We can do posh hotels, cocktails and fun and be lovers and actual best friends  at the same time, without anyone else having to be there and help us through it. Lol. We can chill in our comfies and be ‘mummy and daddy’ and find it the easiest thing ever, whilst we do take out. We’re good at talking business together. We infact are going to start our own business together, after being offered the opportunity to cocktail at places for money…I’ll tell you about it later in my second Date Night blog. We’re really lucky.) Finally, our sex life is really great and even though it sort of may sound crude (i’m just really open about things of this sort 😉 ) we both find sexy time an important part of any relationship. We’re highly sexually compatible and well a hundred years down the line, we’ll still be at, because i don’t think i could lay in a bed next to him, unless i’m completely and utterly shattered and not want to at least feel him up a little. 🙂

Okay, so HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone. It’s a holiday that i’m not bothered about because i hate anything scary. I’ve got  a lot of errands to run today, with Ruby to get ready for my lash party at Ego tomorrow night.

Ben’s off to help people move boxes after lunch with Ruby and I. They’re really close right now, after Ben spent the entire day with Ruby whilst I was at work. He took her to the cinema, he treated her to all sorts. He took her to his parents to chill and my child, made me look great by telling his Dad Dave, (after a regular ‘Hi, I’m Dave’ greeting)  that i drank loads of wine. Haha. Cringe!!)

Life, is good! I had an amazing previous week. I’ve just been working hard over the last week and i’m so glad that you join me on it! x



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