Happy Saturday, Love and Move ins


Happy Saturday.

Okay so the last time i attempted to blog was last Sunday! This was the first morning that I actually managed to have a lay in, so I felt absolutely delicious! Ruby’s ventured off with Pete and his new girlfriend Meghan, I was home with Junior (who was  begging me to make him a massive Sunday dinner) and Ben had just returned from a Blackpool stag do, where they managed to  lose one of the boys, as a result.

It was actually hilarious because I  had loads of ‘the girlfriends’ message me in a furious quest to solve the ‘lost boy’ mystery. I’d worked hard all day, harder than I realized, because when i looked back at all the work that I had accidentally done, I had kitten blasted my eyelash line business like a champion. I needed a cocktail, so me being me, SORT of helped the crusade, by going with ‘fuck it’ and making the executive decision to go for a poshy tipple.

That day, I  remember being impressed by the amount of work that I had put into the lash line and I guess, when you do something you love, it never feels like work, right? That’s what I reckon we all need to find in life. Our happy place, where the work we do is something that we are more than passionate about, so we finally feel free and no longer have to ‘clock into regular,’ simply because we have to. We can all get there. I mean, I’ve always pretty much done, or at least tried to do everything that I’ve ever dreamt of, so you can to.

Yet, the good thing about me, is that I’m never one to feel defeated…even if i’ve totally been defeated 🙂 and i’m never one to give up. or feel embarrassed. Even when i probably should. 🙂 Makes me a winner every time! But i’ve been pretty lucky. *Wiggle..wink.* I mean, i even have a Google search to prove it. 😉

Okay, so what have i even been doing? Work…home…Ben (literally 😉 ) and the babies and it’s felt amazing. In fact so good that Ben and I  now get excited about what we’re going to watch on Film4 every night, instead whether we can be arsed to go to ‘Biggies.’ It’s been a change…but a good change and the children have certainly enjoyed home life a great deal more.

Junior is ‘besties’ with Ben, Ruby, who had her first ever ‘Harvest Festival’ is now reading and being ace in school (just saw her teacher at 2.4.1 cocktails at Ego in Ackworth.)

We’ve been doing champagne evenings at home. Training the babies to do a ‘bedtime’ and enjoying life.

I have news….good news. (Hahaha sorry  Ben’s doing my voice at me and thinking he’s funny.) But yeah, Ben and I have done moving in! 🙂 Ace right! He has officially entered Wunna land, in more ways than one;)  but has moved in with a full belly, a couple cocktails and a smile on his face. He’s giddy. I’m giddy and the children are really happy. Well done me for stilettoing into ‘the next phase’ after actually spending a decent amount of time with him before jumping into vows before sex. 🙂 I tend to do it the other way around.

Lots of lunches, dinners and mainly Ego cocktails and Lunches at Cosmo Doncaster. (We’ve even been today and it’s made Ben really happy. He’s a simple creature. Give the boy a bit of meat and he’s chipper.)

Last night we ventured out for a couple drinks with Chloe at ‘The Tap & Barrel’ in Pontefract. I used to go a lot, yet never seem to find the time now, as home life has taken precedent. Chloe’s ace because she’s one of the most open girls you’ll ever meet. That girl will tell you anything and graphically. And those of you who know me, know that I adore it. 🙂 Right now, it seems she has boys all over her and well that’s the best thing about being a girl. Choices. I did give her a ‘girls need to be sassy and strong’ lecture, in a moment of her own insecurity, but she’s dandy. I don’t think she really needs a lecture to get it.

To be honest we had a quiet night. But a fun night. Dodge joined us. He did the night before also…or was it a couple nights before? But yeah, we just did drinking until we all got tired.

Life as a grown up is fun.

Dodge did state that I should call my next child ‘Jing ling’ which pretty much sums up the night, Plus, I got a free shit cocktail off a bunch of 19 year old boys who just wanted to selfie with me. (I still got it.)

Woke up this morning to a guy who wanted to meet up, even though i’m taken, in love and happy. (Boys will be boys.) And to a dick pic, Which my mind is numb to now, so it’s not even that exciting or funny anymore. (I’m good at boxing things away into mental compartments.) And, whilst Ben was talking about french doors, i was wishing i had the Christmas tree up because everything at work seems far too Christmassy for me to not.

I’ve just looked at him and asked what else has happened? All he’s done is laugh, blow his cheeks out and try to list events that i’ve already blogged down. How professional we are here in Wunna land.

The rest is rum and that fact that Ben seems to find it hilarious to actually call me ‘Christina????’ IT’S MY NAME.

Love you.

Chrissie xxx



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