Stag Do’s, life and lashes


It’s finally THE WEEKEND! Hurrah!! And I cannot even tell you how much i appreciate an entire two days off work in a row, as nothing feels better than your first wine after work on a Friday night….your Friday night bath…the fling of your uniform into your pretty bedroom floor. It feels amazing and as a result…i feel amazeballs!

Now, i love to work…i literally have the best time ever. (Especially since it was Danielle’s birthday and I bought her a cake to make her Greedy little self smile, on what seemed like the never ending day of ‘back and forth.’) But all work and no play is shite. We all know that….so i push the art of FUN onto anyone. I’m naturally quite sprite…and it works…so please do not forget to have a good time, along your road to riches. I mean, even though i stayed in last night to chill with little Ruby Doobie. It felt good to simply relax, knowing that in the morning, there was no 7am wake up call.


So, in our house…when i get up in the morning…i’m quiet as a mouse…so Ben can get extra sleep, before i trot off to work. This morning, my alarm went off at 7am…and it seems Ben, needs everyone in the entire household to wake up…hahahah….simply to help him get out of bed. We were all up. We were all alive…and to be honest it wasn’t so bad. It was funny. Ben and I have loads of fun anyway. We’re lucky because we get on really well as friends alone, let alone romantically… One the first things he said to me, in his quest to get out of bed, whilst i was still laid in bed naked…refusing to get up because it was my ‘no work’ morning…. was…’Chrissie, get me my boxers.’ And from that point, i was up, out and he was making Ruby a burger for breakfast, on the new George Foreman grill.  🙂

He’s off on a Stag Do today in Blackpool and he’s really excited and it’s good to see him happy. He’s been much happier, well grown in happiness in the time that i’ve known him. In fact, now I think about it, this year alone, lots of people that i know have got happy, or perked up a little and it kinda makes me ‘eye smile’ knowing that things have been dashed or even smeared in love, laughter and good times for folk.

But yes. i’m chilling in boy boxers. Ruby and I are off to lunch. I need to stop into ‘Ego’ Ackworth,  to plan my lash party, that i’m going to try and throw at the end of the month. I’ve decided that I’m a decent wake up to ‘wifey,’ simply because I suggest awesome things like…’Why don’t you have a vodka for breakfast since you’re going on a stag.’ Different to, ‘have to packed your toothbrush?’ But still just as effective. And like i stated…it’s the weekend, so nothing can be better than that!

Things are going really well right now. I’m busy, but happy. The babies are loving every inch of family life. Ben seems to be enjoying it also. He has a soft spot for Junior….and Junior has a soft spot  for him…I mean, the poor boy tries to escape nursery, simply to see Ben and have a pizza with him. They’re weirdly quite similar, which accidentally makes them close. I’m working hard, have great friends and even though it doesn’t seem like i’m that focused, the eyelash line is going really well and i really hope that one day it blows up into a massive brand that keeps chicks glammy and gives me a sense of achievement.

Anyway, i’ve got to go get organized and try and fit work emails etc in whilst i’m free. Ben actually packed quite light for his stag do stay over, which i like because to say that i’m a Glamour puss, i’m a light packer. I hate carrying luggage because i have shit working arm strength. I mean when I did Vegas, I only took one piece of hand luggage and that was IT! Fair enough, i came back with a slutty wedding dress in it, but still what else would anyone need. 🙂 The next time i get married, i’m having a stag do.

Love you lots.

Thanks for following my life. x


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