Spoons, No Mates & Wine


So everyone that I wish to hang out with is currently at work! Lol. I have the entire day off….and everyone else is at work…MY work. Hahaha. Sods law! Ben’s at work. All my daily work buddies are at work. So there’s just me. With no mates to play with. ๐Ÿ™‚ On ym (oops dyslexic moment) I mean ‘my’ DAY OFF.

I’ve shopped. I’ve blogged. I’ve eaten. I’m home. I’m chilling inbetween a time line of life and school runs…whilst tending to business calls. (That are going well by the way…so don’t think that i’m not using my time wisely, i’ve weirdly done a lot of eyelash line work…by accident. Haha.)

I still hate my feet. I’m pissing myself over the fact that Danielle thought monkies had PAWS. New girl Lydia, called me a ‘little bitch’ on Sunday and i think i might just have a sink in one of those really long baths, that you have when you have nothing to do.

I’ve had a wine. Even that was boring. So i’m just gonna sit here until excitement strikes and life gets good. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve also booked my ‘Date Night’…so there you have it. I’ve been more than productive.

Have you?

Whilst i’m here, i totally forgot to tell you about my gift from Ben. It was a while ago now, but it’s the best gift ever. ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean, some chicks get diamonds, some get a slap of good old nothing. But we woke up one morning, when Ben was deciding that he was going to spend his life selling wooden spoons?

And just like that…with a ‘i want…i need…’

A few days later…

My smiley face, wooden spoon was here!

We were both in bed sheets as I stated that one of the many benefits of the spoon having a smiley face, is the fact that I could beat him with it and his bruises would always look happy.

He simply enjoyed purchasing it because it had no positive, or functional purpose at all. Someone actually makes a living out of selling these smiley face spoons…and now I HAVE ONE. Yipppeee!

I might as well have a drink with it, since i have no available mates to play with. SEE! One positive purpose. What the fuck is my life. I’m drinking with a spoon…

ac17 - Copy





Sorry!! I’m always on these random catch up blogs…that I hate actually doing simply because i’m a ‘moment’ girl and when i believe a moment has passed….i then can’t be arsed to dig it up from the glitter grave. But i do, because other wise i get an inbox of fury. Hahaha. I definitely deserve an inbox of fury, as i’m very grateful that there’s accidental keen interest in my bit of written out life, so i get that it must be frustrating for some. However, I’ve been busy. I’ve been working the day job, not really concentrating as much as i should on my eyelash line, which i do via email on occasion in the spaces that I have inbetween. (I WILL GET BACK TO FOCUS THOUGH…as it’s the thing that makes me happy. I find it easy. I love my brand and I love beauty. I want to build an empire. My own empire…my own family empire, via this brand…so soonish…and i always get what i want when i try :), i’ll have the time to push and when i push…i’ll champion it! I have a new line coming out this Christmas. New boys. New lashes. New shoots. New sales. I can’t wait. Team Glamour Puss…is back.)

Lots has happened. I’ve been tired and mainly tired because i’ve been working a lot and babying a lot and fitting in a social life, which i need to prevent me from going insane. There’s a lot of angles to my life. But i am much better when i’m busy because i’m really good under pressure. If i’m given all the time in the world, i’ll just cocktail and fuck it off with a stiletto kick. When i have pressure. I’ll stress…but i’ll ACE IT. I’m secretly a ‘good at everything’ girl. But i play it off as ‘careless, maybe baby,’ with lashes a flutter and a ย giggle behind my wink. I come from good family work ethics and i’m dashed with a strong smear of ambition and determination. I know what i’m doing pretty much all of the time. So, once I try..i’m awesome.

Okay. So, i’m feeling a bit ill. Groggy, more than anything. It feels a bit fluey, but i’ll live so i’m getting on with it. Ruby is now loving school. I went to her ‘parent/teacher’ evening and it was stressful for me because i realised that she was all grown up and now starting to do life properly. PLUS, i looked at all the other Mum’s and Dads…and on Team Rubes…there was just Me. There wasn’t rich husband, stay at home wife….Doctor parents….or anything in between. There was just Me. Glamour Puss Wunna….waving the flag for her loin fruit and hoping that she does okay. Everyone at the school is super lovely to me (i’m honestly like Madonna haha. )It’s mainly because ย i’m a former pupil and let’s just say…when i was there…I made impact. ๐Ÿ™‚

Other than that, i’ve seen a drunk granny try and snog my work colleague Natalie…Junior eats everything. Keiran is still away, so i’ve had the babies good at proper. I’ve had nights out with Dodge and Ben. Strops. A night in at Sarah and Murga’s….and well the majority of the time away from my tipper tapper blog rants, have been spent with Ben, who is absolutely the complete and utter love of my life. He’s amazing and we’re happy. We couldn’t be happier and it’s great because we have a love, a friendship, we don’t really piss each other off, we can tell each other anything, we’re secure, we laugh, we fall asleep upon each other…we live and do life with one another. We tend to the babies, we have a moan…we have an awesome sex life…and i intend to spend the rest of my entire life with him.

I met his sister the other day at Xscape. Everyone was pissed so it was fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ I get on with his parents. He’s fine with mine. The ‘bubble’ of it all is great…yet the thing about our ‘bubble’ and i always talk about ‘bubbles’ when i refer to my relationships…is the fact that you could strut up with a giant pin and *POP* ours…and we’d both still be doing more than fine, doing love, life and everything together merrily and that is your true love. I’m really lucky…and i never take that for granted. He of course doesn’t… Lol…because i’m honestly AWESOME. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re definitely the best couple in Ponte. ๐Ÿ™‚

I guess it’s about finding your peace. You’ll have the girls that stress you out, the guys that stress you out. The ones you love, who don’t love you back. The ones you don’t love, who you wish could just be your ‘dream.’ The ones that you thought would be there, who shattered every inch of your heart. The ones that popped out of nowhere…but stood by you forever. The ones that feel right in your heart and you know will just be your life. The ones that you know aren’t in your heart at all…that you daren’t shake off out of habit.

It’s all about peace…and when you have peace in a relationship, you can do ANYTHING. It’s all about a strong foundation. My Dad would always ย tell me that. The couples that go on to do the best successfully…be it in business or life…are the ones that have that ‘peace.’

Now, it took Ben a long time to actually decide to date me. 8 months in fact..and it was LOOOOOONG for a girl like me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yet, i count every single minute of that 8 months…as it brought us to where we are today, meaning each part of it was pretty vital to building this path to where we’ve ended up. WE’re good. I love him…and luckily he loves me toooooooooo.

Friday, we have DATE NIGHT and i can’t wait at all. We both love a Date Night, we’re both pretty romantic and we both love drinking and dining out. So it will be fun…or like i prefer to say ‘magical.’ It’s all being booked today…and well….as soon as i finish work Friday…we’re OFF TO LEEDS TO DO LOVE.

I’m currently in Doncaster. I’m buying a dress. I bought one. I don’t like it now. I need a hair piece and tanning bits. I have no work today, hence why i had the time to blog, without moaning that i’m tired.

We’ve all been really tired recently, haven’t we? I don’t know if we’re all having a Summer come down or if we’re all just groggy. I don’t know if we’re all not happy with out lives, or if we just need a break.

I was having a conversation last night about breaks…and well…in life, i think sometimes we all take things far too seriously. We let shit things like bills, fights get to us. When really we have 100 years to have the greatest or best time ever!!! To LIVE! Once that’s is gone…it’s done. So the girl that you love, the babies, life…work…everything…will all be gone after your times up. So don’t forget to fucking enjoy life…and be a decent person with it.

Don’t get caught up in the mundane grey. Be free…not reckless…just happy. If you don’t like something change it. If you can’t change it, you’re simply just a scaredy cat.

Anyway, i’m off.

Blog later.




Danielle, Love and Petrol top ups.


So yesterday en route to work…and when I say ‘en route,’ I simply mean right outside my home, my car ran out of petrol at the very last minute, meaning that I couldn’t get to work on time. My mum had already left with the babies, my car was too heavy, so Ben couldn’t push it out of the way, i was pulling strop faces at life and well we sat there….silently, as we did Wednesday, like tits…. (and not like a good freshly made pair of bazookas and instead like the tube sock boobies, that sag down like sad puppy ears.)

Then my Mum came and saved the day…as always…and within minutes, I was back on the road to recovery. (Well…if ‘recovery’ meant work and in in my world, it actually doesn’t? So, I have no clue why i’ve just worded it like that? I think my friend Big Brother Rex is currently checked into ‘The Priory’ right now to get his merry act together an dget himself back to ‘better.’ That’s what recovery is to me…and well good boy for doing it.)

Anyway…back to Moi. ๐Ÿ™‚ I ย always say that if your day starts shit, the rest of it follows suit. But it didn’t. As soon as i got to work, and had a stressy panic, absorbed the fact that Danielle decided that I was actually really late for work, because I had spent the night ‘dogging’…things perked up a bit. I missed Ben. But i had ‘Greedy Dan’ to make my day worthwhile and she only makes it worthwhile because we’re both tools. We’re fun, bitchy tools, who entertain each other with verbal abuse. We’re tanned smeared with good hearts and sweet natures, but we can both take a verbal clout, so we go for it…then laugh at how funny we THINK we are. Then Baby Adam came and moaned about his heart aching, simply because his ‘bird’ is in Magaluf and he can’t at all function without her. He’s actually come a long way, as Baby Adam…so i’m proud of him. He’s shook himself into a whole new life, meaning he’s no longer a tragic party boy with no direction, who comes into work shit faced and text’s behind trees and instead has pulled himself together, shimmied into a worker…now has two jobs, a place of his own and is settling down in love.

I’ve basically demanded that EVERYONE should be coupling up for Christmas and no, it’s not ‘just for presents’ HAHAHA….as most people believe. It’s simply because it’s our natural instinct as humans, mammals, beings….to need a cuddly partner through the Wintery months. Christmas is my favourite time of year and luckily i have the children to always make it magical. However, you need that boy or girl you adore, to be there with you, just to make the whole ‘magic’ of the month come to live. Summer is about ‘the party,’ Fall and Winter is about great outfits, boots and settling down with the boy or girl that you love. No one enjoys scoping around for ass when it’s freezing. If you are, then it sucks to be you, as you should’ve done the leg work through Summer. ๐Ÿ™‚

(I’ve just sent Danielle the work ‘shopping list’ via a Facebook message, because i’m executive like that! ๐Ÿ™‚ Instead of sending her the actual list, i pressed the wrong picture and it sent her a picture of a cocktail that I had at ‘Ego.’ HAHAHA. That’s how great I am and doing my job. I swear I was simply made for pleasure. She was kinda lucky, as I could’ve sent her a LOT WORSE by accident. I mean, right next to that cocktail pic was a nudey, ‘to the boyffriend’ pic, that wouldn’t really have shocked her, as she would’ve ย thought it of me anyway, but ย would’ve made her think i secretly fancy her…when I don’t…because she’s too greedy. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Okay! Where am I?

I have the day off work today because i’m working the weekend. Ben’s on nights, but i’m lunching with him later. I have my specs on because i’m waiting for my contact lenses to arrive…and people are fucking me off something terrible, because everyone seems to think that i’m some kinda of nasty…well the word normally used is ‘cunt.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

I get that I’m a Diva, I’m sassy, I can be a pain in anyone’s arse, if i don’t get my own way, but i’m rolled with glitter and love…with a jovial mist of fun and laughter. I think i’m pretty tolerant and i know that i’m pretty awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ ….so if i’m ever a bitch, it’s usually because you’ve taken it too far and i’ve had to kick off in order to make things right…So quit getting your knickers in a twist, if you actually don’t know me yet…as i’m really not as bad as you want me to be. I’m just blessed with charm and play on this dance of ย ego for fun. I have boobs, i’m told i’m easy on the eyes…it doesn’t make me a ‘cunt,’ it just makes me….well….lucky? HAHAHA.

What else?

I’m trying to chill now and wait for our next date night, which we’re doing next week, because it’s the only time Ben has off for the weekend. It was really actually because after that date night, I got lots of offers in from all sorts of companies wanting us to come to their restaurant, or promote their product, business or jewelry line. And i did notice that a number of people thought that ‘date night’ was some kind of scheme that i conjured up to make blog hits?

Really…i’m not as productive as that! HAHAH. We simply fancied going on a hotel night…which turned into a date night…our first ever one. It was planned overnight…and we did it because we wanted ‘just us’ time together and to enjoy love. We’re doing it again…so once more…everyone can chill out a second…and know that we just fancy a night where in which it’s us, the world and no one else. A night where we get to feel bouji, stay over in a fancy hotel, have an amazing meal and go for drinks. A night where we both don’t wake up with Asian baby feet in our faces…kicking us to ‘get up.’ And yes, i’ll Tweet, Facebook and Instagram the hell out of it. But really..that’s just what I do. AND I’M ALLOWED! ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, i’m off to errand run and i hope you’re all mildy productive today. I hope you’re all grateful for the stuff you have and that you all find the being of your dreams this afternoon around Tesco’s. You’ll know when you’ve found them because it will just ‘hit’ you…and once you’ve started to entangle in that choice in love, it won’t be difficult, it won’t be hard work, the other person won’t suffocate, mould you, spend their entire time being pissed off at you, or make you feel like you are not good enough.

I always used to say, that the right guys, don’t boast about the 99 girls they’ve banged or mistreated all year round, and instead make 99 girls jealous of that ONE girl that they have decided to pick as their own… and simply because of how well they treat her.

Don’t sell yourself short…marry your bestfriend, and if your a girl…don’t be a bitch. HAHAHA. It’s hard work, when you are.

Okay, be seeing ya!

Buy lashes. ๐Ÿ™‚


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Sit down with your Ego

DSC_4135 - Copy

Last night, after work, a school run, a bit of baby homework banter and my old teacher stating that to this day he still tells a story about me, where in which i pulled off my tracky bottoms and started high kicking in his face? (I don’t wear tracky bottoms ever???)

…we all ventured to ‘Ego’ again for a bit of food and late night cocktails. The boys, Rich, Ben, Pat and Nick, had already started their evening earlier and were doing an Ackworth baby pub run. (They only did two pubs.)

I picked Dodge up, as we’d both been working…he needed a nap…i needed to sort of Ruby…and dressed posh, we whopped on ย some love songs and I drove us to ‘Ego’ for drinks. We watched the other boys, ’roundabout’ passed us to ‘The Boot’…yet i we didn’t fancy working all day and then sitting in ‘The Boot.’ So we went with a little it of luxury…and before you know it were were sat at the bar with a whisky sour, an amaretto sour, two tequila shots and the most loveliest bloody mary EVER. We even got bantering with the staff….and acted like we owned the placed and our job was to train them…on making us drinks?

Dodge loved it from the start. His inner ‘Glamour puss’ evoked…and we got right into it. Rich, Ben, Nick, Pat and Andy..sorry i forgot ANDY…showed up and after a quick drink order…we sat down and got the best deal on food ever…two entire courses of whatever you want off the menu, AND A BOTTLE OF WINE EACH…for only ยฃ20!!! WHHAAAAT???

We lasted, ate and drank all night…and it ended up being awesome. Ben and I are still as loved up as ever. Rich picked at our foodies, but had to leave to make tea, Nick didn’t eat, but sipped an Amaretto sour because he got himself into a state last time he was there…Andy beamed with the fact that he could now eat and Pat seemed to enjoy every bit of life during dinner.

Dodge chose the corner seat, because it was his favourite, until he realised that he was a heavy smoker and needed to wedge out. But you should’ve seen his face. He was in his element, loving every minute of ‘Ego’ and want to go back every week. BOOM!

We got home. Ben and I chatted to my mum for a while and then i must’ve fallen asleep without realising…because I woke up in bed, and have no clue how i got there??

Life is good. I’m on my day off. Ben is still in bed…but all is well and dandy.


Wunna x


Good times, Sharing Platters and Love


I’ve been working hard and playing hard, however today i am being treated to a ‘sort of ‘ day off…so of course it is raining like a absolute ‘B’ for bitch. However, Me being Moi, doesn’t mind too much, as a day off in the rain is better than no day off at all.

More than anything, my week has been filled with family time, (i’ve taken the babies out and about, to play areas, shopping, lunches…and my family to food, good times and memory making,) a bunch of my time has been allocated to after work drinks, cocktails and good times with friends…and the rest of my time has been spent with my ‘Benny’, (who i’m pretty much closer to than any boy i’ve ever really been close to. He’s making really happy, as he’s as lovely as can be to me. The relationship is deep, solid and fun and any time i feel caught by the ‘love bug,’ in life…i completely feel empowered. I’m a emotionally tough chick, yet by all means girly, meaning that i’m utterly powered by love, and in my mind that it’s only way to be.)

So yeah there’s been a lot of work, a lot of mummying, friends, family, love and quality time with the boy has my heart. If anything, i’ve found balance and balance if not short of perfect, as it’s when a being isn’t balanced, that things go awol and we all start swirling down the plug hole in order to find love. All of us are powered by it, yet often, we don’t realise how much. Some believe that money makes the world go around, struggle, or even friendships. But it’s the things that make your heart kitten melt, that make you feel like you can conquer the world.

Mushy part over.

So yeah, the other even Nick, Hana, Rich Ben and I all ventured to The Carleton for drinks. It was a very packed out Saturday and in ended up being one of those nights where in which you find yourself all sat around a table weeing yourself with laughter. New faces, old face, talks about sex, refugees, love, life and friendships, were bantered about. We all got a wee bit drunk, retired to…what Dodge now calls ‘the patio’ and well we continued to chat shit, about love, sex, laughter, rapping, nipples, blow jobs and madness.

Great accidental night of fun. Went home. Spooned Ben.

I worked the next morning. ๐Ÿ™‚ But i’m a trooper like that. And you’ll never hear me moan too much about having to work, as i’m grateful to be making money, i’m a chica who enjoys to ‘bring in the dough’ and simply because i cannot stand a lifestyle where in which i couldn’t just buy what I want. Simples. So be grateful for the pennies that you earn and the job that you have. Sure! It’s shit if you’re not doing what you want in life…however, you’ll get there. Right now, and especially in Winter…making money is ace and simply because it’s absolutely NOT beer garden weather, so no sensible being is sunning it whilst you’re working, In fact they’re all getting drenched by rainfall…scowling into pints. (I never drinks pints.)

The next night of ‘after work drinks’ Ben, Dodge and I ended up at The Carleton again. I’d missed Ben all day, as i’d been at work, so it was sooo great to see him when i got done. We mt at The Tap and Barrel. We were MORE than loved up. (I enjoy those moments where nothing in the world seems to matter but us and how much we care about one another. I’m an expressive girl, so i’ll declare love and show love openly. Ben…is now…extremely open and expressive. (It was a long 8 months. Lol.)

But yes, after a long story about guitars that Dodge and I had clue about, until Ben said the words ‘Big Muff.’ (Some lovely 18 year old boy came to chat to us, whilst we were outside. He does music. Ben did music….they talked guitars, as Dodge pulled faces at me and waited for the word ‘muff’ to be said. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

We then ventured to The Carleton again…and ordered two sharing platters, onion rings, chips and pate…then we guzzled wine…and saw the evening out.

Right now good friendships are being made, that are being buttered over with ‘stand the test of time’ and i’m loving it, because i usually think people are shitty. ๐Ÿ™‚

Right now i feel like i have everything in the world…and even though i might not from a success point of view, it seems that it doesn’t matter as much, as i feel utterly and completely loved. I’ll get there because that’s how my story pans out. But i am honestly the luckiest kitten on the block!



Crazy lil’ thing called Love.


Soooo…..lot’s has been going on in my love life and i’m loving every single minute of it.

Ben and I have pretty much been closer than ever and we were always pretty close. But i’m couldn’t feel more comfortable with him and I really couldn’t be happier. I love him very much and for the first time ever, it actually feels really really right. There’s no drama, we escape, we have fun, we laugh at each other, but we’re emotionally open.

We had actually been together for a while, before we sort of ‘publicly’ decided to voice it, so whilst some were shocked….to us, it had been very stable for quite a long time. He was staying over at mine, and still does almost every night, spending time with me, the babies and we were just doing life and love. We still are. He’s a great choice. I mean, God, like i said to him today, he makes a great bestie, but he makes an even better boyf. I’m happy. He’s my soulmate.

Anyway, we’ve done lots and right now we’re working hard. But the main thing we’ve decided is that we’re wanting to live together, be together, be happy under one roof and enjoy each other, whilst we tend to doing life.

The other day we viewed a home and it was home we loved. I won’t tell you too much about it, but i will say that we’re super happy. He’s great. I’m great. All aspects of our relationship is great. The babies ‘heart’ him. (Even though Dodge says he looks like a troll.)

I’m gonna love him forever, because i really couldn’t help but not and if there was someone that I could do life with…it would be him…my bestie/turned boyf. (My friend Adam laughed and said, he did well to get himself out of the friend zone, as that’s not easy,’ Hahaha. but to be honest,he was never really in it, was he?)

So, yes…we’re doing ‘moving in,’ and like i said, our relationships been really well nurtured, but the thing that makes it right, is simply because you personalities are a good combination. We understand each other, love and how we wish to do love, life and everything else. I’m not a drama girlfriend. He’s a drama boyfriend. Life is flipping awesome…and well we’re about to treat ourselves to another gorgeous DATE NIGHT soon! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚





I’m a Big Girl Now

This is just a quick one to tell you how super proud I am of Baby Ruby, who’s all grown up now, (yes, at the tender age of 4) and had managed to pull herself together and start school this Sept 9th.

Now, I hardly ever write about the babies now, in order to safe guard their little selves from weird verbal battering. Lol.

However, having been through so much with Ruby and watching her go through so much, with all the changes that she’s had to adjust to and emotionally manage, through no fault of her own… (Everything changed for her at once and although she’s a bit of a hellraiser, she’s my little hellraiser and she’s the baby that saved my entire world. Every tiny inch of my soul adores her, even through the tough times and as her Mama and here for her all the way.)

But yes, my biggiest little one, has started school…and she actually goes to the exact same school that I went too, which I adore. Pete her Daddy, (who i get on really well with and who also fancies her teacher) also went to the same school, which makes it doubly special.

Watching her grow up is hard, but lovely. I’m a soft mum, but i’m a ‘best friend’ kinda of Mum…but in this moment i super proud. I remember having her in my belly, on my actual DUE DATE, on a tv show, which Peaches Geldolf, with a doctor on Standby, Pete getting pissed backstage and with my fingers crossed that she wouldn’t pop out. ITV were dying for her to pop out. Lol. Her whole entire birth filmed. It’s crazy. The to watch her turn into this madam. The moments she laughs with me, asks me about life, shouts in my face when she’s mad, The moments she drives me up the wall, but the moments where she’ll just sit, cuddle me, smile and tell me how much she loves me.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have her, because I understand her and know my role as a mum.

I had a cry, i walked her into her first day…Junior wanted a school bag and was heavily concerned that it was ‘all about Ruby.’ He tottered into nursery with my pink Marc Jacobs handbag, simpl yto make his statement.

Well done Ruby for doing Big School….

I love you super much.

ย ย 


A Whole Lot of ‘Ego.’


So on Monday, after work…Ben, Tony, Nick, Hana and I headed over to a new restaurant that has literally just opened in Ackworth called ‘Ego.’ Well it’s actually ‘Ego’ at the Beverly Arms…and well I figured that it was worth a ‘try try,’ especially on it’s opening night.

I rounded up a group of friends and my lovely ‘other half’ Ben and we all got ready to eat, drink and merry.

Ben and I actually tossed off getting ready quickly because we were too busy enjoying each other’s company with rum. Then Nick showed up at the speed of light, all dressed up and looking amazing. We’d lied and said we were getting ready, so once we hear him pull up we LEGGED IT, like Godzilla was on it’s way, trying to make it look as though we were half way there. I even half crawled, through my living room, so he couldn’t see me out the window. Nick wasn’t bothered. He just thought we were having sex. Lol. Very Nick.

All changed. All done. All en route to ‘Ego’ and Tony (who i’ve missed) pulls up, in his suit jacket, shirt of jeans. We were VERY ‘ego’ and very ‘wannabe.’ The exact right clientele for such a joint. It’s actually ย family restaurant, yet it’s kinda young, modern and trendy and great for young groups of friends, who might enjoy the finer things in life…and well all do. Tony got dropped off, so i knew he was ON IT. Plus, having not seen him in ages made me excited to see him again! Everyone seems all coupled up right now, which I love and when boys get new girlfriends, they tend to disappear off the scene a little bit, to fully concentrate their hearts on love…and sex. ๐Ÿ™‚

We rock in. They show us to the VIP table. They’ve already made me a pornstar martini as a greeting gift. (Any place that does that is awesome.) And before you know it, we were ll ordering cocktails, drinks and all sorts to our table along with appetizers, starters, main meals and more drinks. I mean I even ordered champagne to the table and some crazy red wine…that Ben didn’t like at first, but did like after 2 cocktails. ๐Ÿ™‚

The drinks…are AMAZING THERE. Literally the best cocktails in Ponte. Haha. But really. And i’m the Queen of cocktailing. Not only are they to die for, but from noon to six o clock, they do a 2.4.1 deal on all cocktails EVERY DAY! I KNOW! I’ll definitely be popping in after work and before a nursery run. :

Anyway, we’re eating, drinking and actually having a blast. I always believe that it’s not where you are, but who your company is. However it helped that the place felt bouji, as it made our night better. Great friends, good lighting and picture taking. Ben chose the wrong meal…AGAIN. Nick got himself into a state…which he calls a ‘situation.’ Then Hana showed up, all chipper and ready to eat and deal with all the boys swimmingly.

Ben and i did love. Nick was happy and happier that Hana had come. Tony was great because he fitted right into the joint. He was all champagne and ‘the seabass please.’ I mean, any time a guy shouts…’why would i drink water when i can have champagne,’ whilst he’s dehydrated and tipsy..you know life is wonderful. Then he made fun of some being pooing. I had never seen a guy return from a boys loo giggling that much.

He was lucky, because when i went to the loo with Hana…I foolisly left my phone on the table…and Ben and Nick felt it was necessary to fill up my entire storage with shitty pictures of themselves…both looking like absolute tools ๐Ÿ™‚ and this was after they both had a go at me for wanting to burlesque. Apparently i should do it if i want every boy in the room to get ‘punched out.’ HAHA. Idiots. It’s weird because the boys are like brothers…and liek brothers they’ll have bickers. But they properly tag teamed me that night…and in a way it was kinda nice.

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Life was good. Fun was had. Ben and I we’re doing love…and everything was ACE.

The good thing about moments like that when you find yourself doing cocktails with great friends, sat next to the guy who you want to spend the rest of your life with, whilst laughing the evening away with mouthfuls of lamb, love and happiness, it radiates a warmth of ‘good times.’ It was a good mix of people..even though Tony felt like he was some kind of ‘fifth wheel’ at some points. (He’s not. His little lady had her baby at home, or she would’ve come.) It would’ve been good in Dodge was there. he wouldve enjoyed cocktailing!

We all got really drunk, really full and the manager came to greet us. We got a discount off our food…and all went home happy.

I snuggled Ben all night…and i couldn’t have been happier with my choice in boy. ๐Ÿ™‚

ย ย 

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Marriage, Work, Love & Money


So, I got in from work at around 7pm, after a little rush ‘get my errands done’ rush around, after a little chat with work mate Adam, about our love lives behind Christmas trees (I love Adam, we get on well, and we seem to have these awesome conversation about life, that people wouldn’t ever think we would tango with) ….left work shattered but smiling…bought sushi, then as soon as I flung my house door open, (Ruby had been picked up by my Mother, who was venturing her way to my place with my loin fruit numero uno) and I simply must have got changed in a haze, poured myself a glass of vino and just PASSED OUT ASLEEP on my own uncomfortable leather sofa.

That was me done. I was out like a light. The rest of the evening seemed to be little ‘blurs’ of life, where Ruby or my Mum kept nudging me up, to do things, really normal mundane things, that my glamourous little body contemplated tending to, yet decided to go with with ‘can’t be arsed.’ I noticed that I hadn’t even DRANK MY WINE. It just sat there, all lonely, with no one to love. It sat there all night..like the last pull in a nightclub, who has their sad fingers crossed, that someone will desire them before ‘lights up.’ I enjoy how i couldn’t seem to move my body (out of pure work shatteredness…plus, the fact that for the past couple nights the babies have rummaged into my bed all night, making sleep time not so easy.) But yes, I couldn’t move to do things like switch a lamp on, but i could wake up in a dream like state and shout at people to ‘NOT SPILL MY WINE.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ The wine sat there alone and is still there now. ๐Ÿ™‚ It didn’t get spilled once. Even my children are so cleverly educated to know that ‘spilling the wine’ is a no go. They play around it. HAHA.

Work was great. I love that it’s turning into Christmas. It makes me feel excited. My body took a beat down and well Ben and I have been having the most wonderful time together…however, we’re waking up in a bed, with little Asian babies wedged between us…asking for ‘MORE’ of everything, kicking, chattering and taking up all the room. (‘Welcome to family life sir?’)

Ben and i went out for drinks the other night, after i quickly cooked tea…and when we go home, and because I can’t handle laying on his pec without falling asleep, I passed out tired again and i think that he had to carry me up to bed? I kinda wished that he would’ve nudged me up…because we were having this awesome conversation about our future…homes…togetherness…and everything in between….which always puts me in the mood for a bit of ‘loving.’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ When it comes to ‘the bedroom,’ were great! I’m heavily attracted to Ben, which is always a really good thing, because I always feel as though balance in relationships is essential. Friendship, loyalty, future building, family life, fun, love and sex, should all take part in a tick box when thinking about life partners. If you don’t have them all, then you are making do….which causes fighting…and fighting gets long after a while, as i know some guys who have ‘wackadoodee’ girlfriends and some girls who have hideously inattentive boyfriends..and all i think is that, it must be the most tiring thing ever! I know, i’ve been there previously and well, your ‘heart’, your ‘girl,’…your ‘boy’ should always be your happy place, your peace, your fun, you station of support. If you’re going home to constant drama, or on the other end of phone line drama…to the point where you can remember ‘happy times’ individually…then there’s more fighting than good times…and that is not a healthy kind of love. I’ve learnt a lot through my past relationships, and i’ve never let it get me down, i’ve adjusted appropriately and taking each new love, which really is only Ben in 2 entire years of being single…with fresh eyes and a whole heart. If you don’t give something your all…it will always end up being fucked.

Well…we’re coming into our fall season. I enjoy my fall wardrobe, yet don’t enjoy the season itself, as I find it ‘grey’ and not ‘black or ‘white.’ I was explaining this to Dodge, who loves a bit of ‘grey.’ (Not Christian.) And well, i like the idea and the romantic view of Autumn…sweaters…warm cups of cocoa, gentle rinses of rain….cosy fires…crisp air…Yet to me, it’s really just a shitty intro to an absolutely exciting CHRISTMAS. It’s the ‘not knowing where you’re going’ dating before you get to the big ‘finally in a ย relationship’ finish. But i’ll still rock my Autumn knee high boots and fur rimmed, posh coats, diamantes in the lot. I’m not a hater and certainly a glamour puss. Plus, Danielle showed me boots. (She needs to be my PA.) If you can’t BEAT the season. JOIN IT..with faux fur.

At least Summer is pretty much over now. We can all knuckle down, couple up and get down to business. Working is much easier in the Winter. There’s no beer gardens, sun, booty shorts or fun. So, during these months i demand that we all get productive without distraction. Make some MONEY and join my Operation ‘it’s cold so accumulate.’ If you’re skint work hard, accumulate your funds and start it now. You’ll feel so much better for it. And ‘having a bit of dosh’ it’s not that hard to achieve. All you have to do is make it, and then choose to have more, than you SPEND. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wacky concept. But it really works. That way you’ll always be rich and you’ll never have to wait until your card declines before you know you’re broke. YIpppeee! ๐Ÿ™‚ Accumulate lots…and then you’ll be able to get whatever you want, whenever you want. As humans, who adore the high life, or to splurge on nights out and nice things…it’s kinda hard for us to refrain from making excuses, as to why we can’t seem to accumulate. BUT WE CAN! LET’S DO IT! WITH BELLS ON! Think about what you’re spending your dollars on and try and balance life out a bit.

Then splash it all on Christmas and start all over again in ‘Broke January.’ HAHAHA.

Santa loves us!

Right, other than that! I’ve had lots of conversations with folk, all different folk (be it randoms, Adam by Christmas trees, Ben on the sofa…chicks by bacon) all sorts of people…about love and marriage. Now, i either know a lot about marriage, know nothing about marriage or i’m just a chick that men like to marry? Who knows? But i like being a wife in general. Like I was explaining to Ben the other evening, how it’s so weird that i’m so loosely moralled and so opened minded about literally EVERYTHING in life. Yet when it comes to that, I weirdly possess these hardcore traditional views that stem from my inner romance and how i see my future pretty much. Plus, how i’ve been raised. I mean my parents have been together for EVER and i love that deeply. I’m not a ‘it’s just a piece of paper’ girl. But thoroughly respect the couples that don’t feel the need to ‘paper up.’ Lol

But Adam and I…as were Gemma and I, talking about marriage and how you know when it’s right, yesterday. And even though i’m traditional on such a matter, I actually don’t think there’s any rules. See! Weird right! You’ll know, when you know and you’ll know because your heart and head will tell you it’s right. It’ll be a pull and feeling that seals over you, magically and you’ll look at the person who has your heart and know that you couldn’t or wouldn’t want to be with anyone else but that person for the rest of ‘doing life,’ because you know that life without that ‘other’ would be a bit shittier. Until you have that feeling and you have felt it for some time…then you know it’s right. You should marry your best friend. Those relationships, if solid, are the only ones that last a lifetime. I’ve never done that before. I’ve never ever married my best friend. Hence why i’m 3 husbands down. But you can’t marry someone after a couples weeks or a day, can you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Learning the hard way! Oh shut up, i’m a hopeless romantic.

(I’m currently getting a ‘Flash Back’ of Rich at TGI’s. He’s a funny little eater, because he gets really excited about what he’s ordered and he KNOWS exactly WHAT he’s going to order before you’ve even hit the joint…which i like. Knowing what you want is always good. At the time, Katty picked well and fast. She picked the best meal at the speed of light. I will always pick the exact same thing. I’m a creature of habit because i like things to be EASY. Meals, boys, puzzles, life…anything. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ben seemed to scour the whole entire menu, which was like a NOVEL and because he loved everything didn’t know what to pick. He picked wrong. But learnt from it. HAHA.

Katty ate her salad, I bought what she called the ‘show meal,’ which i would, wouldn’t I! Ben devours his because he’s hungry, but RICH has a technique to eating his meal, his burger, his sauce, his everything, There’s an specific method and everything as to what gets dipped with what and when, is a particular process and he appreciates it if everyone follows his technique and will even give you pointers on how to eat your meal, if you look like you need help! HAHAHA. It ace! It’s funny! And he does it with this face of glee, like he has found complete satisfaction in life because he has found the best way to eat his burger. HAHAH. Not sure why marriage made me think of that? But fuck it. Welcome to my mind!

Peace out!

Wunna x






A pretty quick CATCH UP


I’ve done LOTS and i’m so sorry to have not filled you in with all the ‘hoo haa’ of Wunna land. However, sometimes a chica has just got to live a little…a lot….well…just feel like life is so amazing ย that she has to enjoy it. I’m a blogger of the glammy story teller sort and by no means a cyber geek. (I adore a cyber geek, i’m just shit with being techy.) So, i kinda have breaks where in which i just got out and enjoy…then report back later with a wiggle, giggle, hip bump.

So much has happened that I couldn’t possibly tell you it all and simply because I can’t rewind that fr to remember it all in detail. (Wine has been drank… new mornings have occured.)

I’ve had 2 weeks of no work, only to find that I’m a worker and i love to be someone who can pull her own weight and make some dollar. I’m back working ‘hardish’ and i’m loving every moment of it. Work is only great if it’s balanced with fun, love and family. And that’s what I’m doing. It feels awesome to sort og have some kind of worth again.

The newest thing in Wunna land, that most of you know about, from my last blog is my love life! I’m FINALLY not single and with the most AMAZING guy i could ever EVER be with. It sort of seems really quick and out of the blue to most, however to us, it’s been a really well nurtured, haul of a amazingly good experience. We’ve done well to get where we’ve got to emotionally. We’re loving it, having fun, kinda being a ‘family’ and being loved up.

I guess, i’ve just loved him all along…so it’s just GREAT to FINALLY be his. I’m dating my best friend…and it’s awesome. I love him very much…and that’s great! I love it because our connection is good and we’re a little bit of everything…we’re soft, we’re fun, we’re romantic, yet we can be serious, deep and ambitious. EVERYTHING about it is perfect and i’m currently feeling like the luckiest girl ever. (He’s a good egg.)

We’ve spent a lot of time together of recent../and we always did anyway. But we’ve dined, dated, spent time with friends, the babies..and all sorts. I’m happy. I’m really happy…and i hope he’s the guy that get to do life with.

So, right..since my last blog, a lot of family time has occured. I’ve painted canvas after canvas with Ruby, done parks in the sun with both babies, watched movies, gone shopping, simply cuddled, we’ve lunched, they’ve chilled with Ben, we’ve done a mass loads of play areas….we’ve literally done everything. , their heart desired. We even accidentally did a Toys R us, walk through, at 9am…to kill time.

Alongside that, i’ve lunched with friends, done casual lunch dates with my new beau. We’ve driven to Doncaster for last minute birthday pressie buying, we’ve eaten everything, drank lots and enjoyed each other madly. I’m an affectionate girl, so i’m quite tactile and loving by nature. So, it’s good that he’s like that too…and i’m enjoying the fact that people are slowly starting to realize that we’re together. (Nick however stated that it wasn’t real until it was ‘Facebook Official.’ But he would wouldn’t he! Lol)

Talking about Nick. I actually gave him his belated birthday present last week. Well I think it was last week.

You won’t really know this, but i have (well had) a giant sliver canvas of a tigers head in my living room. I’ve really loved it, however every human to walk into my home and see it has pissed themselves laughing at it, because it’s either horrid or boz eyed. ๐Ÿ™‚

I told Nick that i’d gift it to him for his birthday, but never did it. So the other day, I wedged it into my car, drove to his after the nursery run, knowing that he would be asleep…and I decided to drop it outside his front door, to SURPRISE HIM, when he woke up. (He hates the tiger canvas. Hence why it’s hilarious.)

I’m there, stood outside his home, whilst he’s in bed, looking at this dodgy canvas, thinking it’s not noticeable enough. Joggers were even laughing now and well, i felt like it was intrusive enough…so i broke into his back garden, (with this fucking giant tiger canvas in my arms), rushed it to his shed and had it face his kitchen door, so when he went for his first smoke of the day, it would terrify him.

It worked. I rocked. He loved it and then punched it to ‘Eye of the tiger.’ (I had sent it to Hana who he was doing bike riding with that day, for dramatic effect.)

Can’t even remember what day that was, but we all met at The Carleton ย for drinks later..Dodge joined Ben and I….and we did bits of food and enjoyed life.

That night I even went around to Dodge’s to meet his Mum, because she apparently wanted to. It was actually so much fun and awesome, but both Ben and Dodge terrified me for 20 minutes straight, before i went…with a lecture of ‘do’s don’ts and prep.’ HAHAHA. I was SCARED. But it was awesome. Then Ben and I went home for cuddles.

So much inbetween has occured. There’s been a lot of very loving heart to hearts. A lot of Ponte gossip. (I have no idea why lots of people think i’m a cunt. LOL. I can be a swine, but i’m glamourous, so it cancels swinery out. GET WITH IT. It annoys me, but i don’t really care, because my life is still pretty great…and well i’m glad everyone enjoys to talk about me. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Lunches, dinner, drinks, casual days out.

Two nights ago i did steak night with Rich, Katty and Ben. Followed by TGI’s with last night. We’re done sort of consecutive double date nights and they’ve been fun. I like a good time, so to me..it’s a blast. PLUS, i enjoy sharing the ‘we’re doing love’ thing to the masses. Lol.

In fact, on Sunday Rich and Katty had a big old BBQ at Rich’s Mum’s house to celebrate their ‘day after each other’s birthdays. That was fun. We all ate, drank and nattered away for HOURS!!!! I adore nights like that we’re Pimms, wine and all sorts occur. When you’re sat with the guy you adore, and he’s happy because he’s scoffing and you’re drinking so you’re happy to..and you’re around good friends, watching day turn to night under a gazebo.

That happened, It was amazing.

Since then, i’ve had baby time, Ben time, and back to work time. Life has been amazing and i’m looking to do well in the future…in ALL AREAS.

If i could day anything, i’d say i’m pretty lucky..and i could tell you that im not sure if i deserve it, but i certainly definitely DO! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you work hard, play hard, and love hard, you can literally have anything and everything you want. Wallop a bit of good old faith, determination, heart and love…and you can make it last a lifetime.

Lots of love,

Wunna x