Sleep on it..


So today started off rushy and rushy days are awful, because any time you begin a day in that manner, it always ends shite.

I had a busy day at work. The good thing is that the babies couldn’t be happier. But i had a lot on my mind.

August 12th, 2012, was my wedding day and it kinda sucks, not in a bad emotional way, but because it reminds me of all the horrific things that happened towards the end of my marriage, that sort of made me (at the time…not now) lose faith in myself and a being that I thought that I was going to do life with.

It reminded me of the series of let downs that occurred and the times i cried and tried to piece everything back together just to find some kind of way to keep my little family together.

I’ll not got into it, because it was heavily blogged during the time and well because I don’t need to. It’s in the past and it’s over with and i couldn’t be happier now. However, I will say that to any chick who maybe went through the same sort of thing, don’t lose faith in yourself, or in love. During that time, he may have left physically, but I finally (and it takes me a long time to give in, as i’m soft by nature, but made of the tough stuff) left him emotionally, which makes me stronger.

I pulled myself together and I tended to my the babies, by myself and continued to push to make everything work for me…and it still did, to maybe an even better degree.

I cannot even stress to you, how important it is to refrain from dwelling on the past….as it’s the present that matters and how you frame your future. One of my biggest peeves about Keiran was always the fact that he never took responsibility for his actions and he was never someone that was happy enough for strong enough to just get over the little niggly things that occurred, forget them and make things right, for the present. He was someone that couldn’t move forward from them and i’m the opposite. I’m positive. And well i sort of knew that if he couldn’t deal the little things that a lifetime, of niggly things would not be okay, if i was to do forever with him.

So i’m glad all that’s over with now and if i’m honest, I ย think that I do well to actually be able to be friendly with him now, after ALL of that shite. That’s why he’s lucky we have Junior. If not, there would be no reason for me to speak to him again.

But like i’m saying, I could’ve taken that time and stamped it in my system as ‘HURT’ or ‘FEAR’ and decide to never ever partake in love, see marriage in my future, or anything, But i didn’t and i don’t. I think everyone has someone out there who is their soulmate and it’s just a matter of time, until they find you and if they are your ‘other half’ then they’ll always make it right, with love, no matter what. I mean, I still believe after all those failed marriages…that a guy..the right guy, can and will love me forever, the way in which i envision love to be. Simples! Chicks. Be strong.

It’s sort of like a status, I read, that compares girls to flowers. It said something on the lines of…when ย boy only ‘likes’ you, he’ll simply pluck you,’ but when he truly LOVES you, he’ll take care of you and water you daily. Treasure you…and do it fearlessly. It’s sort of the man’s role, without him knowing that he’s doing it.

That’s exactly how it happens.

But on the whole i’ve had a GREAT day because for the majority of it, i’ve been filled with EXCITEMENT, love and fun! I’ve planned my whole Friday out and i’ve enjoyed every inch of it…whilst getting carried away with utter glee. It felt great. In fact, if somethign or someone can make you feel awesome and excited, then you know it’s perfectly great for you.

However, then it all went a bit pear shaped…like it does and i blame my ‘rushy’ morning and I was quickly plummeted down a peg or two, to Planet Glum. HAHAH. I even did a cry! HAHA.

But i’ve had a wine, stopped being a drama queen and now i feel ace again. Sometimes you just need a silly release and once you’ve had it…you’re back to dandy.

I go through a lot mentally and emotionally…and it’s all cleverly dealt with, with panache.

In moments like this, you just have to ‘sleep on it’ and make it all better in the morning.

Big kisses ever,

Chrissie x

DSC_4135 - Copy






Giddy, Lil’ Chit Chats


I am SMASHING my diet. I’m hitting it out of the ball park and then some! I’m doing it with medals and everything. I’m winning wars and all sorts.

Danielle, who got right excited about me being her new ‘diet partner’…showed me gluten free, no wheat, now fat, no sugar…no soul noodles today…lol….but has already fucked up her diet by doing chocolate and cider, for tea. HAHAHA. Hilarious.

But i’m just doing it for a month to prove that I can be yummier and to beat Ben’s arse at looking good…just so he has to buy me cocktails. I don’t want to lose it off my boobs though. (Yes, i know they’re fake. But STILL, i have extra, baby chub ontop of my ‘fakies’ now, they’re even wibbly and not as big. But, when i’ve decided to stop having babies, as that’s what made them smaller and wibbly…i’m gonna get MORE boobies…LOTS MORE and i can’t at all wait.

However, this month, i’m dieting. I mean for fucks sake, i even did squats and and a tummy oblique work out in the fucking kitchen! I didn’t even have WINE. To be honest, i’m quite good and quite disciplined when it comes to this dieting malarky as it’s been the nature of my environment (Hollywood) and previous job (model) for years. But don’t get me wrong. I actually think i look great for being 34 and having two bambinos. I’m still got it. *Wiggle, Wink, Pout.* Yet I could be in better shape. So to all chicks who want to get a bit ‘tighter’ and find their inner ‘ooh laa’ YOU CAN DO IT…i’m doing it for the whole of this month. I’m only on Day 2, but i’d say i’ve done well to even get to Day 2, without fucking it up.

(Sorry, I just got distracted, because one of my awesome friends Rach, has just reminded me of what a douche ‘DJ Talent’ is. HAHAHA. He used to love us and act all superstarry around us. I had just come off a telly show and Rach and I were doing the ’rounds.’ Which is every VIP ย thing or show thing you can do to, to get seen. DJ Talent used to call me before he did his act on Britains Got Talent…and I’d piss myself laughing because he wanted pointers. Plus, Rach and I stole Susan Boyles moment, simply by going to the loo during her performance to smoke cigarettes, in the toilet. When we walked back in, Stephen Mulhern stopped the WHOLE show, just to chat to us, out loud…on the mic…in the middle of the show. I miss Rach. She literally nearly got shot! HAHAHA. We were so naughty.)

But yes…I’m smashing my diet. Ben’s on nights and i’m really really missing him. HAHAHAHA. I am SO cringe right now. HAHA. (I make myself laugh.) But i really would’ve given anything to have had him laid on my sofa right now, as usual, moaning about being hungry, whilst movie watching.)

I’m happy. I’m hot. I’m watching a documentary on a boy with GIANT hands.


Staying in with Wunna, Boys and Charm


So, i stayed in all weekend and i couldn’t have felt better for it. I simply chilled, embraced being ‘Mama’ and refused to venture out, all night to ‘party party’ under the night stars! Didn’t i do well! ๐Ÿ™‚

Everyone tended to ‘Mortal Saturday,’ whilst I did ‘Staying in with Wunna’ night…which was originally labeled ‘titties and noodles’ night, yet my phone wanted to spell it incorrectly and went with ‘tories’ and noodles night. ๐Ÿ™‚

I received loads of last minute text messages, but in the end Nick (as in Knight) popped over, at the speed of light, with his date ‘Hana’..and well ‘Staying in with Wunna’ night ended up being AWESOME. (Much better than ‘Mortal Saturday.’ HAHAH.

I don’t know what happened, but Nick took it upon himself to be really great with Ruby and Junior. I mean, he loves playing ‘Cool Uncle Nick’ with them anyhow, yet this time, after we ordered pizza, he went for it…and well did really well, as he only broke ONE of there toys this time, fought ‘Jack Frost,’ actually sat and read them a story about some ‘ginger kid on a bus’ and made Baby Junior his favourite.

I mean, after Rum and Vanilla coke, he was cuddling up to my second piece of loin fruit, raising him as his own, buying him his first baseball cap and promising my son, a lifetime an eternal bliss. HAHAH. That’s what rum does.

Hana was great with Ruby…and let Rubes put all sorts in her hair for kicks, as she entertained and distracted my first born from bad behaviour.

It was great and a sort of ‘heart to heart’ occurred, which i thoroughly enjoyed.

Great night. You kinda had to be there.

But the evening was filled good clean fun, laughter, open expression, rum, malibu and babies. Awesome combination.

I’m really liking Nick and Hana right now and i have no clue how Nick has popped back into Wunna land, out of the blue, but he has and i don’t really see it as a bad thing, as we get along great. I mean, he’s been friends with Ben for a really long time and to be honest, in the last few weeks, he’s been pretty helpful.

‘Staying in with Wunna’ night rocked…and well…he stated that I could pop around to his ANY time, even with the babies for a chillax, if i wished, since we only live 2 mins away from one another.

Sunday came and i was fresh as a daisy. Weirdly so was Ben, as i thought he’d be certainly ditching doing any kind of Sunday for rest.

But nope, he was up early and ready for steak…so Junior and I met him at The Carleton for lunch…and after banter, chitter chatter and ‘hair of the dogs’ and beef jerky…we were joined by Rich and Katty, where we gathered ourselves together and tended to life, banter and gossip over steak and Junior passed out asleep in our booth (which gave my ninja knees a rest, as he doesn’t have like to jump on them continuously.)

Ben and I get on really really well now and we’re closer than most would think. In fact, no, that’s wrong as now most people seem to just know that we’re close..and i sort of enjoy where our ‘getting on..ness’ is taking us, as we’ve accidentally come along way from when we initially first met. It’s actually been AGES now, to the point where i’m impressed. It’s been a slow moving process…but i guess a slow moving process that has seemed to have worked out swimmingly. We’ve had some really great moments that i guess no one would ever know about and the odd bad moment that has occurred, we’ve managed to curb kick away with laughter and a high five. I’ve observed every bit of it…and yeah, right now i’m really grateful to have him around.

Rich, i’ve known forever. Katty and i get on great and we all did eating and drinks, until we could do it no more. I had to shoot off home to retrieve Ruby, and Rich and Katty ventured back into town.

Ben came back to mine, simply because he needed some chill time. He’s been burning the candle at both ends too, of recent and Nick has left shit loads of pizza from the night before.

You can’t tell Ben that and think he won’t want to eat it.

So he laid on my sofa, ate leftover pizza, watched Karate Kid, Spider man and something else, with Ruby and Junior…

Then we chitter chatter, created more moments and i fell asleep to Gordon Ramsey, before getting up for work the next morning.

My Monday was easy, because Lorraine was there. She really makes a difference to my Monday as it’s always better when you have someone you adore and get on with so well, greeting you when you arrive.

As soon as I sauntered in, everyone made fun of my coat…and when that happens, in our place of work, you kinda get all warm and fuzzy on the inside, because you know that you are adored. ๐Ÿ™‚ It settles you right in. ๐Ÿ™‚

Easy day. Great day.

Got home and chilled with babies. Loved every moment of it.

I adore my mum completely because earlier in the day I was totally craving dim sum…as we had brought it up at The Carleton randomly, when we were talking ‘Chinese supermarkets.’ As soon as I get home…My mum texts me telling me she’s coming over and she has dumplings. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Y’see, this is how i’ve learnt to be mega awesome. I’m naturally a generous person and I’m that person because my mother is the exact same way. But what’s great about her, is the simple fact that if she loves you, or even if she doesn’t…she loves to make people happy. So, if you wished for anything, my mama, would make sure it happened for you. I’m like that. I’m awesome at little surprises, big surprises, and just doing the little things for people that might make their life a little bit better, or just make them smile for a second. She taught me how to be the best chick i could ever be because under a whole lot of fake tan, eyeliner and Diva bullshit…i’m actually accidentally really lovely. It shocks people sometimes…but i like it. I can be ‘diva’ and i don’t take shit. But underneath it all, i’m pretty laid back and loving. I sort of buy into the tale of ‘Chrissie Wunna’ because it makes me laugh. I’m gonna do well. Yet, i think for those who don’t know me, or want to hate me, it’s hard because i’m smeared in excessive charm. Glittery charm. A charm that is so dangerous that simple wink and a smile, could sent your heart all a ‘melt.’ You kinda want to hate me…but after a good Wunna natter…you can’t help but adore me. PAHAHA. It’s totally a talent i’m sure.

Anyway, this year i’ve been a proper ‘do gooder.’ All by accident, but allย good karma? Well i hope it is??? Either way, it makes me feel great, so that’s all that matters.

So, if i was to give you a quick roundup…I’d say this…I’ve started a diet. I’ve aced it all day. I’m apparently competing with Ben to see who ‘hottest’ by the end of the month…I’ll obviously win this and i’ve told him that! He just wants a cocktail at the end of the month…as i guess that’s the prize?? In fact, he actually has his driving theory test tomorrow (Tuesday) which I guess is part of his birthday present. He’ll pass it with his eyes closed, but we’ll wish him luck anyway. He’s Wunnafied now and when you’re Wunnafied great things happen to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

People have been good. People have been odd. But on the whole, i’m really happy. I’m really really happy. I mean i went into work giddy this morning and filled with this beam and ‘life is super good’ right now.

I’m getting ready to work hard on the lash line. I’m really excited for it and i couldn’t thank you enough for coming along on my journey with me.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Big Kisses,

Chrissie x







ac6 - Copy


As some of you know, I currently own & run my own personal ‘Chrissie Wunna’ brand of eyelashes. CHRISSIE WUNNA LASHES. (

The first range that I launched from the lash brand, last Christmas 2014, was my luxury mink fur eyelash range…where in which i gave you, yes YOU.. FIVE different styles of luxurious lashes to ‘pretty’ your flirty wink with and these styles, were named after my FIVE closest and most favourite guy friends that i have in Hollywood, Los Angeles…(where i lived for about a decade.)



Due to the initial start up success of all that, I mean, we were featured in Cosmo, we sponsored the ‘Screen Nation Awards’ and each award winner was gifted with their own set of ‘Chrissie Wunna Lashes.’ that was chosen to be amongst some of the gifts in their celeb goody bags.

Anyway, I now have my SECOND range of eyelashes preparing to launch THIS Christmas, a human hair, luxury eyelash range…HOWEVER THIS TIME, each style of eyelash will be named after FIVE BRITISH BOYS. (I’m from England. I’m in England. So obviously this makes sense.)

So far, out of the five, I have already booked THREE boys on this shoot, to be the new faces of CHRISSIE WUNNA LASHES. However, being the awesome kitty that I am, if I find handsome talent that I really think is worthy, I can make that number six or even seven.



Please send a few pictures…both face and full length (they don’t have to be professional) to so our panel of judges can look over them all at a later date and choose our winners!

I will be hand picking a panel of judges to decide who they think should be one of the new faces. I’m Chrissie Wunna, so i’m obviously in the panel and will have the final say. ๐Ÿ™‚ The panel will be filmed for a vlog…for chrissiewunna,com, as we are making our decisions.

Now, don’t fret as the three boys that are already chosen, were booked on the lash shoot way before I opened a competition. I just thought it was fun and fair to give everyone a shot and growing up as a model…I know how hard it can be to maybe make a start or break into the market. So i’m giving people a shot…


The chosen boys, will shot for the eyelash brand as individuals, with each other and with ME, as a group and as individuals. You will be shot in all different styles and you will have a lash style named after you, which will go on sale this Christmas, at


It’s a paid shoot. I have lots of promo ready for my lash boys to go on with me, as in appearances. Each boy will be heavily promoted, you will get to keep your best pictures…and you will go on a BILLBOARD! I know! (Simple pleasures.)

The competition winners will also be gifted with lots of Wunna style treats, like luxury hotel nights, VIP party nights…and all sorts. I’m generous, don’t worry…it’ll be great.

So, the boys that I have already chosen as three of the new faces for the second brand range, who will shoot for the brand and have a style named after them are Ben (who I talk about a lot.) Nick…who i’ve started to chat a bit more about…but yes, he was totally ‘Take me out’ Nick and Ben’s model friend ‘Bailey lee,’ who’s a fitness model, that we thought would be awesome.

The rest of the slots are FREE! So get emailing your pics in. Be brave, Be confident, Or ladies, do it for them!!!

The shoot will be vlogged for THIS WEBSITE. It’ll be a behind the scenes video, with interviews and probable silliness. But it will be AWESOME, a we build up to Christmas.

The shoot is in November!

Any questions…email me.

Send in your pictures to (Just put ‘model’ in the subject title.)

Have a go. At least try!

Plus, you’ll get to meet and shoot with ME and surely that is fabulous. ๐Ÿ™‚





Brief Banter


How delicious is the weather today!! I’ve had a chilled day but been busy all at the same time. I’ve had wretched chavvy men, hardcore ‘road rage’ at me, because I *beeped* my horn at them, before they reversed into a random child. Lol. They were all sweary and irate, so actually got out of their lorry to come shout at me. However, once they got to my now open door…they just paused and stopped. Like nothing had ever happened???

Then they turned around and took it out on the random child…by repeatedly threatening him and saying the word ‘fucking’ at him continuously. Kinda stupid really. But whatever, i mean, I’m shit at driving, so if i think your reversing is crap, then it really really MUST be. ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially if a human could end up DEAD at the end of it. Lol.

Other than that, i’ve been with the babies…i’m shattered, but finding it hilarious. FOR THE RECORD, i’m really really NOT out tonight. Yeah, i’ve had loadsa ‘come out’ text messages, but at the same time, once i’ve rubber stamped the ‘i’m really staying in’ thing, i’ve had people then saying, that they don’t know if they can be bothered to do another night of party and instead are looking for somewhere ( as in my place) to ‘rest’ and watch a ‘dvd’ at. I enjoy how i’ve turned from ‘party girl’ to Mother Teresa in one night.

‘Come to Wunna, for love and DVD watching. Rest your tired party feet and be at one with Buddha and snacks.’

If i actually really really wanted to go play ‘Party in Ponteland’…I could. I could wingle it around, get child care and go shimmie. But I just don’t fancy it. Not one bit. I just don’t want to. AT ALL. I’m recouping, loving it and chilling and appreciating those who are chilling with me. I’ve only got tomorrow and them i’m back at work anyhow. So poor little moi. ๐Ÿ™‚ The positive is that, i again don’t have an alarm clock beep to wake up to tomorrow morning.

Life is good…

Total, non stop, air kisses,






Chilled, Warm & ‘Greedy’


Morning my little treats of glamourousity!

I couldn’t be happier! This morning I actually got to wake up in my own time, with nowhere to rush off to, no alarm ‘beep’ to abide by and with a *kitten ease, kick, stretch out.* Having the weekend off is amazing because i get to do it all over again tomorrow! Yipppeeee! I think I simply adore it because if I hate anything, i hate being rushed and enjoy to do things in my own time, my own way and with a *wink.* Plus, I only like doing the things that i like to do…(work wise that is, as away from work i’m pretty flexible,) so knowing that I can wake up gradually and do whatever I want makes me the happiest glamour puss in town. (Add ‘lurve’ and you’re dandy. I’m a chick and this will sound cheesy, but i’m powered by love, as it runs through my system madly, with glitter and maybe a red wine spritzer. It makes me feel alive, like i can conquer anything in the entire world…kinda like money making does. I enjoy the accumulation of ‘dollar’ yet it doesn’t half stress me out. The good thing is that I’m quite balanced when it comes to ‘making myself feel powerful.’ Lol. )

In fact, i’m quite balanced in general. I’m foolish but wise. Loud, but quiet. (That’s bullshit, i’m never quiet, even if i try to be.) But say for example, I’m a very feminine girl. I’m the Ultimate girly girl/glamour puss. Yet, i find it quite easy to simply ‘kick it’ with the lads, with boy banter, in the pub…..without being laddy at all? I’m giggly and wiggly, but I’m independent, meaning that I’m the girl at the bar that can fend for herself financially and anyone else, if needs be. (Which sort of makes me quite masculine… again.

I’m enjoying my chill weekend. ย I have the babies. I’m fancying lunches and feeling pretty grand.

I’m still finding the image of ‘Workout Dan’ the most hilarious thing my eyes have ever seen. Danielle is a girl that I work with and she cracks me up no end. I mean, she’ll walk down what i’ll call ‘the catwalk’ in a different ‘genre’ every time she works. So one day she’ll turn up and be a beauty queen, (I made her a tiara that i just threw in the bin, without giving it to her because i wanted bacon instead. Then the next day, she’ll saunter in and ย just look plain GREEDY. But yesterday, took the biscuit…as she jogged in, in orange workout attire…sweaty. HAHAHAHA. I love her.

Like most girls, she’s always on a diet. Yet she’ll start her day stating that she’s on her diet, then finish it by eating all the pies.

‘What? I was on a diet because I thought I was fat and now i’m hungry, i’m off it again.’


I don’t get why everyone’s on a diet right now, because Summer’s nearly over. Why is everyone wanting to get skinny for Autumn woolies? I have an excuse because I’m shooting for the lash line soon and have a holiday to go on shortly. But i guess it’s good that people are wanting to try to look and feel a bit better in general because Pontefract needs a bit ore glamour.

It’s gorgeous weather today and it must be getting to me as today i’m feeling quite…well as Nick would put it…’warm.’ LOL. When chicks are ‘warm’ they’re ready to be pounced on by the gent of their desire. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but as a girl in general…and especially now that i’m in my thirties…my sex drive is pretty decent, because i’m at my womanly peak. Innit. I used to hear it all the time in my 20’s, but i’ll tell you that it’s true. Sex is good at 30…when you’re a chick.

Now, i’m not mad. I can go without and i’m not a being that needs to walk into a bar and get boned by anything, all the time. In fact, i’d rather die and that would never happen. Plus, i never got girls who were like that. But I am quite ‘warm’ which doesn’t neccessarily make me slutty…as I will admit that I am quite ‘slutty’ in the bedroom, with say, my partner. And that’s good because if girls are meant to be slutty, it’s meant to be with your chosen beau and not meant to be with every or any single piece of ‘male’ you can find.

I cant be bothered with all that because i’m an oldie..and a ‘Wunna.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean, if you can’t settle down at 30…then when can you settle down at all.

But yes, i’m ‘warm.’




Gossip, Focus & Hibernation



Well, today I learnt how awesome Wunna Land is because on the whole, today could’ve turned tremendously bad, yet after puling back, adjusting myself from a situation and just being a grown up…it all ended up okay, because it refused to let petty drama and the insecurities of others tamper with Wunna greatness. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I did good.)

I worked all day and the good thing about that, is the fact that it was Friday. Friday is always great because you’ve done your week and well i’ve been utterly knackered from burning the candle at both ends, with firecrackers on, so it was great to get to the end to it with a champion air punch! However, also ย work was or is wonderful because i’m surrounded by such great people. We’re like this little odd family of all ages, and we can tell each other anything, say whatever we want to one another, but the most important thing is that..yes…we laugh and enjoy each other’s company, whilst doing a bit of work ;)….but we’re really good people, ALL really good people, who weirdly care about each other and offer each other good advice and support…in fact, i’m really grateful to have them in my life, as i can be as open as I want…we all can…and everyone will be there to hear me out and hero me along.

Firstly, i’ll tell you that i’m glad Summer’s nearly over. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had SO much fun this Summer and that’s what Summer is about. I’ve been wild, enjoyed it, frolicked with cocktails, the boys and party dresses for nights or days on end…but i’m tired of it now. I’m done. I want a little ‘sit down’ a massage and diamond encrusted cubby hole to to hibernate away in.

I spent this evening and was simply just Mama. Nothing was better. I felt chilled, at peace and found calm again, because I was surrounded by the closest people to me, who adore me no matter what. My Mum and Dad came over and we did takeout and chill time and well family time just felt great, because i had spent the day getting lost in this bullshit ‘he said/she said’ game of Pontefract immaturity by people who couldn’t be nicer to my face, if not a little ‘brown nosey’…(which I don’t at all mind because i’m an egomaniac)…yet when it comes to chitter chatter, or the behind the scenes gossip…Well basically, everyone either sucks up to me, takes the piss out of me, gossips about me, fancies me orhas known me forever and is cool to me. (Sounds like quite a bold statement…yet it’s true, so i don’t care.) Some genuinely rejoice in Wunna land and adore me for everything that I am. (Which obviously means they have great taste.) Others, try to ruin everything…because my existence annoys them and without them properly knowing me, I test their level of security. OR..they’ve just hit their ‘envy’ button and gone with it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not bothered. I’m really used to it. I’ve ย been in entertainment…and well also lived in one of the toughest towns for it, as Hollywood is not for the faint hearted. But most of all i’m not stupid. I can see through anyone, yet i’m polite enough to simply sit there pout, hair toss and gently smile through the billy bullshit. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s called being a Glamour Puss…and it’s called being AWESOME. Don’t fuck with Wunna land. It fucks back. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So today, instead of biting to it all, i cut myself away from it. I’m Chrissie ย ‘fricking’ Wunna, I’m 3 ‘goddamn’ 4, i’m better than mindless, town gossip and i heard gossip about other people that I care about, that might hurt me, or make them look like a twat. It was all swirling around me and then i just whammed *PAUSE* and had everything stop around me! (And i can totally do that, because i’m ย utterly a massive DIVA. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I’ve spent my time being ambitious, doing things, going places, learning the hard way, the easy way but most of all achieving. All the way through it, i’ve managed to remain a pretty decent person and because i’ve always been happy with my life, my choices and know that i’m going to succeed. When you’re getting sucked into pointless drama that has nothing to do with anything worthwhile, you just have to stop yourself, pull away and be better. At the end of the day, i have a life plan. 10 years from now, i’m not doing the same old shite, in the same old pubs…the same old way. i’ve never been that girl. I’ve rocketed independence, confidence and ambition like a hero.

So now, i’m just gonna focus on Wunna land, care about what i’ve got going on…and quit an environment of ‘he said/she said.’ because it’s not important and you become a product of your environment. If you are sat in a bar, with friends or acquaintances , a girlfriend, a boyfriend…anyone really who you are out and about with all the the time…see if any of them inspire you in anyway. Or have any characteristics that YOU wishes you had or could learn. If not…then your environment is SHIT. If you want to be happy, chose happy people or a person to be around. Same goes for success. Same goes for anything. That’s also how people should be picking their partners. You should feel inspired by the person you’ve chosen to love. They should be our support system. You should be proud of them implicitly and you should be able to stop, walk into a room, see them and be ‘wowed’ because they literally are the girl of guy of your dreams. Men should be making their chosen chick happy. Women should be trusting and cheerleading them through to success. I’ve always seen is as someone that you’ll build an empire with, make money with and work hard with. Yet at the same time have this gentle and loving home life and family, that is mixed in with happiness, this amazing friendship and love in it’s simplest form. You need that so you always have fun with one another. Plus, i also like glamourous…so ย being easy on the eyes…is always a bonus. ๐Ÿ™‚


Tonight has been great because i’ve felt at peace. And i’ve felt loved. I’ve laid next to the babies and just felt their energies, their love and had my Mum love me.

She’s kinda really proud of me and wants me to do well. She’s hates it if i lose focus because she see’s such potential in me and she can never believe that i’m her baby and i’ve achieved so much in my life and done so much of the stuff that i always said i wanted to do…and that needs to keep going, as i’ve kinda lost focus through Summer.

However, i don’t mind that because this year i brought myself BACK after that really shitty 2014. God that was shit. HAHAH. But i did it and i needed to refind myself and just feel like I was ME again. I’ve actually had a GREAT YEAR, because i’ve met so many new people, new faces, new souls and well my bonds have changed, my friends have changed, my heart has changed…and i’ve simply had so much fun! (Whilst working hard also.)

I think i let people get to know me a bit more this year, in my home time and socially…which was a big Wunna stiletto step. I spent a lot of time working, nurturing, travelling and staying at home…that this Summer, this year, I let loose and loved it. I sort of gave myself a break. ย However, i gave myself a break only to realise that I kinda love doing well and being ambitious and you can’t do that if you’re always swanning about and being foolish. I still have about a hundred more goals i want to hit…and i’m not going to do it if i don’t focus, as i’m in a better place than most.

Do you know what’s weird about this year…EVERYTHING that my psychic, my really good one, had told me in December… has come completely true, to the point where i’m astonished!!!

She told me about work, told me about life, the babies, the moves, told me about the rest of the year to be honest. She told me about Summer…she told me about EVERYTHING literally. She told me about love and she told me it to a ‘t’…but she told me at a time where i wouldn’t ever of even absorbed it, as I didn’t know what she was on about at the time. The only bit that I remember liking was when (and in December) she said…

‘Oh and about you love life Chrissie…’

‘Oh God. What? I’ve just emotionally got out of that whole crazy marriage..i can’t…’

‘No…this is going to be completely different…it’s a soul connection and I know you don’t want me to go on about it…but in the Spring you’ll..’


‘He’s coming for you…He’s finally going to find you..

It was creepy but cute. I liked the idea of some Knight in shining armour, galloping toward me to save me from turmoil and love me like a hero, with all of his heart because he had searched and searched for this amazing girl…and i was finally it. Whimsical innit. ๐Ÿ™‚ I get off on romance. (And dwarf porn.)

I need to book in and see her again, as i’m due for my six monthly top up.

But my Friday rocked and well…don’t let others bring you down. Stand tall, don’t spread yourself thinly, love being you, have goals, pick a good people to tango with…and well in partnerships…your chosen other half is someone who brings out the best in you.

Be productive. (Thank fuck Summer is nearly over.)




My Pretty Little Catch Up


Right! So i’m dandy again and know that I haven’t blogged in over days, yet i’ve been really busy, really social and really knackered. I’m really knackered now, due to hard work and great play. But i have a weekend of staying in, so tonight if i wanted I could do food, a couple drinks and go to bed earlier than usual.

Lots has happened. I mean I even didn’t have time to blog about the ‘lads nights.’ So i’ll just briefly tell you that Ben, Nick and Dodge, came over to mine…Junior in town and well Ben ordered the most spicy and most gigantic pizza’s in all the land, that the boys and my son all shared on the living room floor.

Then everything got really fun and really out of hand and before you know it Nick was breaking crocodiles, Ben was was doing shots, singing Motown really loud and riding a ‘ride on me’ cow luggage on wheels, around the living room, followed by Dodge riding the ‘cow’ that they kept calling a ‘pig’ around my living room and also on the street, followed by Nick, doing a shot and riding the ‘cow pig’ around my living room at the speed of light. Junior went night night and before you know it we all enjoyed drinks galore and managed to get ourselves onto what i call ‘The Wunna Fun bus.’ Music, idiotic behaviour, fun and gin occured. Selfies with dodgy tigers, cuddles and taxi rides…Yet more than anything…we made memories and had the best accidental, fun time ever.

I worked the next morning.

Okay. That’s sorted!

Inbetween that time and now, ofcourse, as i blogged i’ve managed to have a cry, i’ve managed to sort it all out and cheer up a lot. (That’s the good thing about me, i can bounce back fast and not hold a grudge, provided my heart tells me not to.) I appreciated cheering up because it was done well and meant so much to me. Mor than i guess anyone would even think.

I’ve managed to fall over, whilst looking at my own mirror image in the window of a chinese takeaway and whilst also wearing a leather skirt and geek glasses. Lord knows what happened, but there i was tottering and *BOOM* before you know it, I was lost in my own vanity and on the floor, after tripping up outside The Broken Bridge, waiting for Rich and Dodge.

Ben ended up showing up after a sleep…which always makes it more fun for me. And we did a couple of drinks at ‘The Tap,’ as Dodge is banned from the ‘Spoons’ and we even then ventured to The Carleton…our safe haven after Ben called them, found out when last orders were and sorted it all out. I love The Carleton right now because it comforts me. It’s close to home and cosy. It makes me happy because i’m not out and about in town…and it feels just like a local…and to be honest, for Dodge, Ben and is.

Lots of great things have happened there.

I’ve worked through all of this by the way also. Worked lots, worked hard. I’ve done a movie night, a cuddle night, an early morning and then done a ‘dinner night’ then weirdly ended up being an accidental ‘date night,’ at The Carleton, when Dodge, Ben and I, with Nick and his chick date ‘Hana’…all met up for food, dinner…and merriment.

It was actually really great fun, except i was wedged on the end of a bench, next to a ‘Date couple’ like an odd ball…HAHA.

We ate, we laughed, we drank, we chatted. Ben got Food sweats. Nick pulled faces. Dodge took ages ย to decide to have a sandwich. Then for some reason everyone thought i was upset or angry, after i looked at my phone…and i wasn’t…so kept asking me what was wrong and well Ben was asking me AND texting me to find out what was ‘going on.’ HAHAH. It ended with him, sending me the word ‘Eh?’ about 9 times, followed by…and dwarf porn…which i actually half appreciated, yet half hated because i was trying to send him Ladyboy penis pics…and didn’t get to do so because he was too fast on a Google search. (My fingers accidentally Googled MYSELF before hand.) Great minds think alike. ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t even remember what day that was? But it was recent. Then i worked some more and sorted out my lash line. Last night, i whopped out a food night snack table…in a see through nighty because it’s the best nighty ever and i found it after losing it for months! I never know why people are shocked that i might love a cute nighty and roam around in one at home. I’ve had to wear a muscle vest as pyjamas of recent because i couldn’t find my nighties…so it feel sso good to be a GLAMOUR PUSS again. I’m a girly girl, everyone i know knows that…so seeing me cook, in heels and a nighty, shouldn’t really be too shocking. ๐Ÿ™‚ Right? If i could wear it ALL THE TIME. I would. I am the opposite to a Tom Boy.ย (We drank Malibu out of a coconut cup, listened to Dodge’s maungey tunes, ate chicken and had a good time.)

I’ve then worked, worked, worked….i’m knackered from it and need a ‘chill, bed weekend.’ I’ll have the babies so it will be ace, as i’ll just get takeout, cook food and be merry with ‘home wine.’

Work has enjoyed their ‘Bully Wunna day’ where in which Jenna just calls me a ‘Big headed fuck’ and videos me watching videos of myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ Then they all join in and well i’m an attention whore. I still love it. Feed me, Feed me.

But to be honest, i’ve started my promo now as obviously, i’ve told you that I have my second range out, of my Chrissie Wunna eyelash line, this Christmas. Jenna jokingly moaned that her news feed was filled with ‘Chrissie Wunna, big head stuff.’ I smiled, winked and pointed out that that is the whole, entire point. ๐Ÿ™‚

I always know what i’m doing and i wouldn’t just post videos and pics up of myself for no reason. ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s method to my madness..and it works. (See! I’m not just a really, really, really pretty face. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m awesome too. ) It’s all going well and last night, my phone must have blown up with male offers..which always means working. It’s a business, more than anything and well if i don’t know them i just don’t reply. Plus, i’m feeling quite loved up right now. Infact, i could go as far to say, that i..well..yeah…I think i’m in love. I’m in love. And the strangest thing about it, other than it being awesome, is the simple fact that i’ve never ever done it this way before, in my ENTIRE LIFE.

Anyway ;)….as I meander away smoothly…

I’ve been tired at work today, but it’s been a long week. i’ve loved it, but it’s dragged. Everything hurts and i need a massage, But it’s Friday tomorrow, so i can handle it. I’m excited for the future and i’m the luckiest girl in all the land. I’m pretty confident now, after being stressed that my lash line is going to do well…plus my psychic told me so and she has never gotten anything wrong EVER. Yes! She’s that good. So my life feels pretty charmed right now. I’m happy, but i need to knuckled down, so over the next few weekends, there will be less party, party and more getting focused, which i’m better at than you think!

I saw a shooting star the other day. I’m picking models for my lash line. I’ll blog about that later so you can all enter and have a good go. I can’t count, i’ve watched a magician who insisted on ‘getting his dick out; every card trick…and i want a new house.

I’m working tomorrow, but can’t wait for my weekend. I’m chilling and doing calm stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

Love you lots.

Wunna x









Well, i guess it just takes a moment to completely change everything. Moments in life…to me…mean everything. They pretty much do to everyone, right? However, to a girl that whimsically believes in dreams coming true…the deepest purest love…family and idealistic fantansies that you can hopefully one day turn into a reality….moments are EVERYTHING.

I went out last night. Same old really. Good fun. But now that I look back. It was the same old Pontefract stuff, with the same old Pontefract people. But i appreciate a good time always. But like i said…sometimes you can be around a bustle of people and feel as though you’re looking in from the outside. I did the usual Wunna stuff. In the usual Wunna way. Dressed in House of CB. And with a smile…

The babies came home at around 7.30am! I know!! Like i said, my mum is great at an early drop off and as they went off to play with ‘Daddy,’after a morning with Mama… i recovered with Bloody Mary’s happily…with a glow in my heart and a glint in my eye.

Ended up at The Blacky. (I cannot tell you how much I should dislike that place, after all that has happened to me there. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lol.) And well, i was really happy. REALLY happy. Then a moment happened…

Now moments can be good and moments can be bad and moments can be moments that you pray will last forever.

But today…a moment happened…and one that altered my mindset almost with a *click* and because it was a moment that sort of made me feel empty in a second. (Aren’t they awful. Lol.)

I’m a good girl, cleverly disguised as a vixen. I’m a serious love bunny, cleverly disguised as a chick who can take anything that Cupid throws at her. I’m this girl, that randomly was blessed with this amazing life, with these amazing children…and one that is lucky enough to no matter what see the good in everyone, anything with a whole heart.

I’m probably one the best people anyone could have on their side.

But more than anything…i’m honest. I’m loyal. And i’d never ever do anything that i think could or would potentially hurt someone in any way really. I’m a bit silly like that and thought it always worked for me, with a ‘good things happen to good people,’ cliche waving above me with my fingers crossed and my little kitten heart whole.

But a moment happened…and one that I sort of saw with my own little eyes…and i guess the moment wouldn’t seem that big, as i’ve been blessed to have such wonderful moments in my life…with a bundle load of bad, that as always made me stronger, because i’ve never ever let them get to me.

Today, I let stuff get to me and i hate myself for it…and it just makes me like every other girl, every other human…every other being with feelings or some kind of…well i don’t know.

I thought i was completely okay, yet i’m never one who can hide an emotion. I’m expressive. So i’ll laugh the loudest, dance the hardest, yet if i’m uncomfortable or if i kinda feel hurt…you can see straight through me, even behind the kitten glow.

AGAIN, i wasn’t even mad…which annoys me more than anything…i was just…i don’t even know how to put it…

But i knew i wasn’t okay because I walked myself to my car, almost in a blur, one of those blurs where everything around you just seems to pause and there’s just you…doing life..sort of on your own.

I got into my car…and started it up…and as i reversed out, turned my car around and began to drive…the radio was pushed on…and i cried.

I cried ย on my drive home, like an idiot…to this…and i felt broken over nothing…what is wrong with me…

Am i really that lame….

Aren’t we all.

Have i really been that silly?

Aren’t we all. ๐Ÿ™‚

So in life, you’ll have moments…sometimes they’ll be good and sometimes they’ll be bad…but more than often than not…you’ll be okay in the end.

I need another moment, where I just feel loved. I need a cuddle and to have someone assure me that everything really is going to be okay. I need to be able to glow and feel that i’m not as foolish foolish can be. ๐Ÿ™‚

Love you lots,





Teddy OUT of COT


Goshy! I am stressed out, pissed off and properly thrown le teddy out of it’s glitzy diamante COT! Like I said, i’ve got a lot on my plate right now and i’ve spent the entire week working hard at it, letting things pile ontop of me and feeling challenged. Even though i’m good at a challenge, i’m not one to enjoy them, or one to thrive off them, as i much more prefer something that comes extremely easily to me…falls on my lap, works with a wink or a press of a button…and who wouldn’t? It’s like when people moan because a being always wants to try and get their own way? Why wouldn’t they? I mean, who doesn’t want to do things their own way? Who literally sits there and thinks, ‘i know, i’m gonna do everything i don’t want to do in life and make sure i deliver it everyone else’s way but mine.’ Makes no sense. Has no gusto. But a lot of people are like that.

Anyway, so i stayed up all night to get caught up on my work. I tried to catch up on blogs, and did all my eyelash sample requests for the next range, sent appropriate emails, picked through designs, read through competition entries and well hit every time zone i needed to.

I’d been stressed out all day and i kinda ‘peaced out’ a bit, as the night ended with a chill and a vino, when the babies went to bed. Plus, i had felt like i had accomplished a little bundle. So typically, it kinda placed me on top of the world, with a happy sigh of relief.

This morning I woke up happy. I was excited about life. I was filled to the brim with ‘ooh laa.’ I felt giddy. I felt happy. I felt like i was positively moving forward. ‘Little Mix’ got whopped on and I even had a baby sized, naked boogie. (Note: I don’t have curtains in my house.)

Then out of nowhere, drama occured. Tiny drama, but enough to annoy me, because when you’re sort of plate spinning and juggling all sorts, with pressure and deadlines and just panicking because you’re so worried that you won’t get it all done or get it all to work out…it sort of builds up over the week and gets to you. So the smallest things can make you *pop,* it sort of depends on how emotional you’re feeling. But i was over the moon. I was even excited to go out and have some fun because i needed release tension and celebrate the work that i had managed to accomplish.

What i don’t need right now is drama and more stress. I mean where is all the good news and handfuls of support? Where is all the fun and the light hearted ‘make me smile’ banter. No one ever sort of cheerleads ME on at all…because i’m just super well equipped i guess, to do it myself? And don’t get me wrong. I am…bit there are times when i might need a casual *boost.*


Anyway, i got really annoyed, which sort of made me fuming and then what made it worst was the fact that i realised that I wasn’t even angry and wasn’t even fuming and simply just upset…and i finally did it….i HAD MY CRY!!! Fair enough, I didn’t let it be a big one because all my makeup would’ve run down my face and i would’ve looked liked a drag queen’s mosh pit? Yet it was there and well, i haven’t been able to cry in ages. Mainly because i’ve been so happy that i didn’t need to…yet i know that there have been odd moments where i wanted to, but my kitten soul just couldn’t let a weep release. Which is bad, when you’re an emotional girl.

So basically, I feel like i’m under a lot of pressure and instead of people helping me, i’m getting bollocked by lots of different people, from all different angles…when i just need a hugh five, a hug, a bit of love and a fucking bit of support. I mean GOD. If there’s anyone who needs a positive little life bump…i’m literally the FIRST PERSON, to put myself out there, and go as afr as I can or need to, inorder to make them happy. People don’t do that for me, because i’m DIVA Miss..handle anything Wunna. Which is fine, because I AM. But now i’m watching, well ย kinda observing and seeing who the actually soldiers are in Wunna land? I mean what are people even investing into Wunna land?

But i’m on a high and i’m happy. Just emotional and feeling like i’m on my own. (But with great hair.)

I feel empowered, because i always do and i’m tired of people stressing me out, because i’m worth more than that and I do a lot for people. I mean, i saw the big friendly giant, who i’m obsessed with at work the other day. He’s about 7 ft tall, old and quiet. He eats a full breakfast with ‘double everything’ and he couldn’t be more loving, giving, or kind. He appreciated everything and everyone and gives. I mean, he was the guy that came in and left money for the table next to him at the front counter, because they were children with learning disabilities, who maybe couldn’t afford all the cake they wanted. He tipped me loads for nothing, but he smiled at me and told me that my ‘smiley disposition’ was beautiful. And that was kinds.

I’m tired of boy banter. I’m tired of dickheads. Where are the good people, who just express how they feel lovingly and offer you nothing but support, a bit of love and well extra tips. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you all have a wonderful August 1st! I’m from Yorkshire, so if anything,



Ps/ Rant over. I’m fine now!

PPs/ The lads night blog to come…