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Sooo, we left Teppanyaki, hand in hand, with our bellies full and our hearts filled with excitement for the part we do best…cocktailing. I love a cocktail. Ben loves a cocktail. We’re fond of each other and both love a good time. We’re social, we like to be out…and it was ‘Date Night,’ so we went for it!

I have no sense of direction and never know where anything is, ever. Ben for some reason ends up having this really ace sense of direction, even if drunk…so eventually will find our destination within minutes. OR we just accidentally turn a corner and where we’re supposed to be, just so happens to be in front of us, which would simply make us lucky and give him no credit, where probable credit is due.

We wanted to end up at The Maven Bar, because it was where we went when it was his birthday and we had had such a fun time there, I mean the cocktails where beautiful and the music was perfect…that it was seem quite fitting. It’s cosy, it’s dark, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun, be you with friends or with a loved one.

We start of by grabbing a quick one at Mojo’s. Everyone loves Mojo’s, yet it’s always so busy and it was full of really drunk guys. We both got ID’d (yes at 34…in your face. lol) And well we sauntered in for a ‘Grasshopper’ and a ‘Mai Tai.’ I got the Mai Tai.

We kinda just sat down, enjoyed our drinks…by this time were were tipsy and filled with excitement. God knows what we chatted but it felt like simply everything..and all done with belly laughs and ‘good times.’ We finished up, (he downed the rest of my cocktail) and we walked over the city streets, talking about life, the future, guitars…yachts, my blog..and towards ‘The Maven.’

We even pulled cash out for no reason at some random cash machine? That’s when you know you’re getting drunk or on it. We were both just stood at either end of some bank saying,

‘How much are you pulling out?’


‘Okay, me too.’

Then we galloped off into the distance and found ourselves, tappering up the stairs, pushing through two big black doors and into one of our favourite cocktail bars.

It was busy with people, all having an really great time. It was dark, it was moody and we couldn’t even be happier. The music was loud, fun and to our taste…and immediately Ben strides over to the bar, to order cocktails…although he couldn’t remember what it was that we loved, so we pretty much ended up going through the whole entire cocktail list of drinks, that he THOUGHT could be the one, until be eventually found it. It was probably our last drink out of them all. HAHA.


But we drank loads and let me tell you the cocktails are not only the most beautiful cocktails in all of the land. I mean, they were snipping flowers off actual plants to garnish our drinks. But they are strong. And Ben is some cocktail drinking hero that night. HE WAS DOWNING THEM…like it was soda! Pahaha.

I was getting really confused because i kept seeing the bartenders crack raw eggs into my drinks…which is all part of the yumminess…However, once I drank them, they were delicious. We even got it, what felt like a hundred times over, because we couldn’t figure out what the elderflower drink we got last time was. 🙂

This part of the night, was the ‘date night’ part. The part where we’re having drinks, i’m dancing a little, but we’re sat in a cosy area, talking about ‘us’…life…love…and everything that we hope to happen with us in life.

Like, in my head. I know exactly what i want from this and how i feel. I’m not a girl who takes her time when it comes to knowing what I want. I’m never bored with my own decision making and go with them whole heartedly.

So, yes…I’m definitely in love with him and to be honest, I couldn’t think of a better boy, to do life with and yeah we were drinking, but when i’m drunk, I really don’t talk shit. 🙂 I’m pretty straight forward and declare my fondness affectionately…which i think is lovely. Yeah, I may have a boogie in between, my explanation…or a sing along. But i’ll mean it and he knows that. Yet, I do wonder if he looks at me and thinks the same thing?

Ben definitely take baby steps…well not really so much now.That was before. He’s pretty great now and pretty expressive, which i adore and i encourage because he knows that i’d never judge him regardless. I’ve been there for him, the whole entire time i’ve known him. Plus, he was happy and open..and i loved it because it made me feel as though we were taking giant steps forward and sealing a deal romantically. And one of the main reasons why i like this whole thing, is that it’s been developed over time, built upon a friendship…we’ve been through the adjustments, the little ‘ups’ and down’s’ and just recently, over the last few weeks or months, we’ve not been too open about it with everyone and just ‘done it’ our way, which has sort of helped us be ‘us’ without anyone being able to say anything, because i feel as though our rapport is a lot deeper than people would think and i like that.

YET at the same time, we’re both frivolous and fun. We find each other the most fun and know how to make the other one smile. We know how to have a good time. It’s well rounded and from my experience, when things are well rounded you have a better shot at doing ‘forever.’ if that’s what you wanted to do, right? I’m a secure girl, and i’m a happy girl and i cheerlead him on when he needs me to, without drama. So, I reckon, I take good care of him and sometimes guys need that. Plus, like i’ve always said, i learn so much from him without him even realizing, so his existence in Wunna land is very much appreciated. I’ve watched him develop. I mean, he’s always been great, ever since i’ve known him…yet he’s greater now. He’s confident and It’s like we’ve accidentally made some kind of impact on one another…that was simply just meant to be.

So yeah, I’d say I love him.

In fact, If i could spend the rest of my life with him…and this isn’t flippant at all…and I know it makes some of you *cringe* when I say it… but I absolutely definitely would. And that’s a good thing, as i’ve never in my entire LIFE, entered a relationship in this way before, where it has built over time. I’m not someone who would say it if i didn’t mean it. PLUS, i’m not the girl who would break his heart. I’m the girl who would pick up the pieces and glue it back together. I’m good at that! I’m really really good at that.

Anyway, enough…. 🙂 (As the whole of Pontefract scorns me, but still rushes off to buy a hat anyhow. 🙂 )

We’re drinking, we’re in the bustle of fun, we’re laughing at strangers, we’re having to give away our drinks because one of the choices tasted like TCP. Luckily, some ‘make out’ couple embraced Ben’s. I gave mine to a table of chicks who brought it back to me, like it was the lergy. HAHA. (Dodge would’ve liked that drink.)

We’re being affectionate, we’re telling each other how we feel, (as I have this whole spiel about what my psychic had told me in Decemeber) and then all these ace songs kept coming on. Now Ben loves a sing song. As do I. Yet he’s quite good at it, and will go for it like he’s on the Xfactor.

So we’re singing and ofcourse…after he’s downed every ‘i can’t keep up’ cocktail in seconds…he gets on his Stevie Wonder rant. Ben loves Stevie Wonder and he performs his rant with utter happiness, smiles and dedication. Lol. But for some reason, that night every song in the entire world, to Ben, was originally by Stevie Wonder.

We’re at the bar and the introduction to what I would say was ‘Wild Wild West’ shoots on…and there you have it…the rant begins! HAHA.

‘This is by Stevie Wonder!!’

‘It’s by Will Smith, Ben.’

Gangsta’s Paradise is spoken about later…

‘This is by Stevie Wonder!!’

‘It’s by Coolio, Ben!!’

HAHAHA, to the point where he has to walk me outside the bar, Google it and prove his point..and yes, he was right. But we both love old school, we both love a bit of Motown..yet something being by Will Smith ain’t so bad! ‘Wild Wild West’ when you’re pissed is AMAZING!! I have slut dropped to that tune THOUSANDS OF TIMES with glee!  (I love that we were actually stood outside The Maven, singing along to Gangsta’s Paradise, like we were really shit rappers.)

Anyway, we went back upstairs, loved, danced, enjoyed and drank at least 4 more rounds of cocktails.

Then I knew he had got tired, because when he sat, his eyes told me. So he Googled the way home, as he was ‘far too drunk to get in a vehicle Wunna.’

And we began our walk back to the hotel. When we’re outside the bar, he says,

‘Shit, i’ve Googled the way, looked at it and then completely forgotten the way, already.’ HAHAHA.

It must be really close, because Katty and Rich looked astonished at the fact that we couldn’t find our way around a fucking corner back to the hotel!! HAHAHA. But whatever, we loved it and when we’re drunk, we LOOK like the most in love people ever, because our bubble is filled with laughter and just plain old stupid shit. The stuff we say is stupid, but at the time and even afterward WE FIND IT HILARIOUS.

So we’ve turned this corner…and who does he see…the homeless lady, with the dog that he loves, that he sees ‘everytime he’s in Leeds’ and feels he has to give her ‘ALL OF HIS MONEY BECAUSE THE DOG IS SO BEAUTIFUL,’ and he does and that’s generous and lovely.

However, whilst he’s literally ROLLING ALL OVER THE PAVEMENT with some dog…kissing it and loving on it, whilst handing over handful of pound coins, I’m looking at the homeless lady and she’s looking like she has other stuff she needs to be doing…like she’s got better places to be at and Ben is holding her up. Hahahaha. She was really smart because she recognized our drunkness right away, and immediately asked where we had come from, if everyone was as drunk and if everyone was leaving the bar right now?? HAHAHA.

I gave her all the information she needed and from that point she wanted Ben to leave her dog alone and find some punters with pound coins at The Maven Bar. 🙂

We both hide drunkness really well. Ben was just in love with her doggy, so this playful, boyish streak bursts out of him, but i love it, i find it endearing. But he was certainly pesting the homeless lady. HAHA.

Finally, we’re back at the revolving doors of Malmaison, where we began our night, hours before with overnight luggage in our hands and eyes that suggested we didn’t know what was going to happen. In fact, it was sad, because the evening seemed to fly by, SO FAST and i didn’t want it to end. It didn’t want it to stop. I wanted it to be forever…which says a lot about the time you are having and the company you are with! We were having so much fun.

Anyway, we intended on going back up to the room and getting room service, but the hotel bar distracted us and so we had to go down. He ordered a soda water and I ordered a super spicy BLOODY MARY, which is AMAZING at The Malbar, might i add. The bartenders were fun and lovely. But we sauntered up to the elevator, whilst i filmed…and tried to get back to our suite.

Even the elevator trip was fun!


But when we got to the room, i’d had my room key by my phone all night, meaning that it had deactivated…so we had to go all the way back down, to get it rebooted.

Got back to the room, turned all the lights out, stripped off tooked loads of mirror selfies, jumped into bed…drank remaining booze that we seemed to have left around us like little pitstops. Cuddled, smooched…and because we were SO DRUNK…on ‘DATE NIGHT’…no babies, our own suite, the lot….WE PASS OUT!


I mean Ben even said, ‘Only i can be in an executive suite, with a Glamour Model..and pass out, because i’m so drunk’ 🙂

That was the end of Friday…

On Saturday…we woke up…

to be continued…

But hey…for now, i’ll leave you with this..







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