When things got hectic


Right! So, lots has happened. Good things, bad things and everything in between things! I’m currently not blogging from home, which i always much prefer, as I’m inspired my new places, new folk and a new environment. I mean, i’ve written this blog from all over the world, be it a school yard cubby hole (that makes me sound like a wrong’un,) an LA swimming pool, a shack in the middle of Asian, a hotel room in Paris. Yet, the awesome thing about it, is that i can be anywhere…and you would’ve even know. *Giggle…Wink.*

Let me take you back. So, I said that on Tuesday, I was going to hang out with Nick. Nick is ‘Take Me Out’ (just to settle the inbox eruptions i get asking me if he is ‘that Nick.) I had been down the evening before, because I had felt like I had upset Ben and needed to say ‘sorry,’ so to cheer me up, we ventured to the seaside on the hottest day known to mankind and in the fastest driving on a motorway I have ever experienced. Nick is a bit of a hellraiser behind the wheel, however with a ‘trust me, i’m in control’ we ended up on some flipping RACE TRACK, doing curbs sideways, whilst he kept his fingers crossed and I did panic pregnancy breathing. Lol. (NO< i’m not pregnant before you all start.)

Good day. Sun was out. Flips flops, ice cream, wine and seaside. All his friends were there. I watched him skate. I convinced him not to buy swords and guns. I refused to take part in conversations about zombies…and yeah It was a pretty good ‘brother/sister’ type day…It was great! We were gangsta…and we wore ourselves out.  Nick’s personality is quite ‘silly.’ He’s sensitive…but he’s silly. He’s outspoken…but he can take a good ‘home truthing.’ I like that! We get along well and it’s kinda great because Nick and Ben have literally been best friends for donkies years, but without the donkies. So, on the whole, i’m glad that they’re hanging out again because when they do, they’re ace together…they reminisce about all sorts…and it sort of brings a smile to my face.

It ended up being a long day at the seaside, so we took a chilled drive home, relaxed and then I visited his roomie ‘Pat’ and watched Nick draw people.

In the afternoon, I’d apologised to Ben. Ben had apologised to me…(in regards to the evening before,) and life was pretty much dandy..It had made me really happy because obviously although i’m feisty, i hate hurting people that I love. I’m massively in love with Ben and we’ve just had this amazing Summer together that has placed him in my heart for good. Therefore, it felt great to not that the burden of a ‘fallout’ on my shoulders. Life as at peace once more.


Now, i like to ‘bury’ things that I feel are dodgy. So, i won’t tell you the ins and outs of what happened..but i will tell you the single most STRESSFUL EVENING, of anger, harsh words, home truths, he said, she said, screen shotting mayhem occured.

It was mental and so awful because we were all just fighting our corner…and all i can say is that the BEST thing about a massive blowout, is that EVERYTHING GETS AIRED and i’m a believer in the simple fact that when there is underlying tension…and there’s a swarm of Ponte gossip, swirling the airs…it is BETTER to voice it all honestly, get it all out, have a huge blast, and then let the air settle.

And that is pretty much what happened.

It continued the next day because Nick is a fireball when pissed off.

But it all got cooled and it all got calmed because of it and now, things are back to ‘dandy.,’ It couldn’t be better!

I’ve had the boys around at mine. Ben and Dodge shimmied over, Nick was around helping to look after Ruby…we had drinks, fun and well pizza. Ruby had napped so was determined to stay up for boys night. I mean there was a point where I walked into the room and Ben had her upside, as she giggled like a maniac. Nick (who had played ‘hide and seek’ with her for what seemed like hours) was calmy sat on the sofa with her, asking her if she new what a ‘pimp’ was..and Dodge had simply GROWLED AT HER…which she now does a really awesome impression of. (Even though she calls him ‘Hodge.’ )

The focus of that evening, was that everything went back to normal.

We were happy. Ben and I were lovey dovey for most of the night and it felt special. The boys left, he stayed over…and we had the most lovely heart to heart, which is kinda what i needed to hear. I looked at him and LOVED him madly…everything calmed, we went to bed…

…and i woke up in the morning no longer SINGLE! 🙂

So, i’ve had this massive 8 month draw out of ‘get to know’ Ben, and he’s been nothing short of my best friend for that entire time. We’ve liked each other, we’ve bickered…we’ve dated, we’ve broken up even in that time, which weirdly brought us loser together? Lol. It means we can handle anything.

Yet in that time and if you focus on the positive, we spent soooooooo much one on one time with each other, that we got to know and love each other pretty goddamn well. So, whenever the folk in town thought things were ‘up and downish’…we were actually solidifying our bond…quietly…and well without us even knowing. HAHAH. We’re good like that!) We’ve come a long way.

So, in this entire 8 months that i’ve been ‘hanging out’ with Ben. I haven’t even been with anyone else and we weren’t even together!

Now, i’m in love with him…and i kinda was from the start and i couldn’t be happier to have him as my own. (I guess, i wasn’t very good at being celibate. 😉 I broke it in one day and i won’t even TELL YOU WHERE.)

It’s just crazy how things naturally turn out. I mean,  i’ve been SINGLE for two whole years! So this isn’t a frivolous ‘step into’ for me, because we both had options..and just kinda went for one another.

We’ve had an awesome last couple days with one another…and it’s just pretty easy, because we can have a laugh, make fun of each other, but be loving all at the same time.

Things are great! Well done us! And to think that it started with both of us ditching each other in ‘Biggies,’

Okay…i’m off to lunch.







Thank you



Happy Wednesday!

I’m not so grizzly anymore and feeling on top of the world again. (That’s the good thing about me. I can perk myself up in seconds.)

I’m committing to ‘toss it off’ Wednesday, which means it’s a do nothing and have fun sort of day, that I gummy label ‘chill.’

I woke up bored, but now i’ve found something to do, so i’m happy.


My eyelash line website is currently under reconstruction, in order to get it revamped and sorted, as I completely ballsed up the ‘checkout’ part of the site, which to me is obviously the essential part. So that will be up and running soon and well, in the meantime, like a lot of you are actually doing, if you wish to purchase lashes, simply email or inbox me and i’ll get some to you.

This is my reminder blog, to remind you how much I appreciate you reading this little bit of cyber scribble.

It’s not the best blog in the world, but it’s certainly not the worst, however it is about my actual real life, as I go along.

So here we go, you’ve heard it all a million times…

This blog is currently read in 174 different countries and translated into 43 different languages a day. It’s clicked on and read by people on every single continent of the world and it once made me the 3rd most Googled ‘Chrissie’ in the world. Crazy, I know. (My telly stint and boobie modelling, did help that though.)



These are all the countries that read the blog….the darker the shading the more people in that country read it.

And all i wanted to say is THANK YOU. I’m not a girl who doesn’t appreciate it. I’m really grateful and well i couldn’t have done it without ya!

So have a wonderful Wednesday and thoroughly enjoy every inch of being you.

I think i’m off to hang out with Nick today, simply because we’re both so bored..and because we’ve had a bit of a dodgy time of recent…we need to get back to being buddies.

I truly hope you have a wonderful day.

Lots of love,

l (8)

Lil’ Miss Independant


So, right now, i’m feeling quite independent, meaning that even though i’ve been quite ‘mushy’ on my previous blogs, it doesn’t mean that i’ve lost my edge, my streak of feist or my ‘ooh laa.’ I’m still very much a girl, who knows what she wants, takes no nonsense and swirls ambition around like it’s a Hermes clutch. I’m not weak, i’m emotionally together and no matter what, or how i’m feeling, i’m always as positive as I can be.

I was at the pub for a couple this evening and it was really quite annoying because i’m naturally a good time girl, so when i feel as though no everyone is having a good time…i get bothered by it. It annoys me and it annoys me because life is so short and it’s important to appreciate the time or moments that you have with anyone really, right?

If anything it kinda made me realize how much i enjoy home life and family. I mean, i’m a really luck girl, who has the most amazing loin fruit ever, so it’s solidified ‘hibernation’ for me, as it sort of makes you wonder why (at times) for out and about, when you could be at home adoring your family or enjoying ‘you’ time.

Everything’s changing now so it fits my mode of happiness.

I’m watching, I’m observing and i’m adjusting appropriately.

In life it’s important to feel adored, respected and to have fun with it.

When you focus on things that are shitty, it makes you shitty, which is a complete and utter waste of good, valuable time.

I’m not that girl. I embrace everything with a warm heart and a happy soul. I’m not one to ever wish to waste time…or sell myself short.

I’m feeling stronger than ever…so i hope you are also.

Lots of love,

Chrissie x

Pec naps…


So, I need a ‘Pec nap’ and i can’t have one. I’ve got so addicted to my ‘Pec nap’ that now i can’t seem to sleep agreeable, without ‘le pec.’ HAHA. 🙂

Basically, when Ben comes over (and he’s working right now, which I kinda like, as even though boys might moan about it, having dosh, makes them feel more powerful. I miss him…totally. Yet it’s for his own good, to get in the work hours.) But yes, we’ll watch a telly movie, i’ll lay next to him on my uncomfy, but stylish black and white sofa. I’ll snuggle in, as he has his arm wrapped around me…but then my cheek will find his pec and like it’s the comfiest place in the entire world…i’ll doze off into a blissful sleep, like the happiest girl in all the land. Lol. It happens EVERY TIME now..to the point where i have no clue as you what we’ve even been watching. He says he likes it…but probably because i’m fricking quiet for 30 minutes. 🙂

I love a ‘Pec nap’ and nothing makes me feel better, aside from diamonds, love, or his arms. I totally have some kind of twisted adoration for Ben’s arms and he knows it. I mean, it was only last night that I was telling him that they were certainly my kryptonite. (What!!! I’m a girly girl. I  can’t help it. I heart them! Plus, they’re multi functional…they can pick up wine bottles and everything! )

Anyway, he tried to tease me about it, as obviously i wouldn’t get to see these arms in use until Thursday or whatever…so i reminded him of his ‘kryptonite’….which  makes me WIN, every single time. 😉 BOOYAH!

I’ve done Doncaster and an ‘arts and crafts’ day with Ruby. As you can imagine…it’s hilariously odd, exhausting and only cute because she loves it..until she gets bored, that is! So tonight, i’m definitely off to the pub for a wine, even though i’m meant to be on my diet and hibernating. Ben and Dodge are gonna be there and I haven’t see Dodge in what feels like ages…so it’ll be ‘good times.’

I really need a ‘Pec nap.’ Yet there is no pec to be found. *Frown.* 🙂

Oh and thanks to the beings who found my blog, by Google searching the words, ‘ponty slag shags.’ Lol. Some things never change.


Relationship Rant festival


My eyes are tired, but they can’t nap. So you can imagine how devastating this is! Ruby insisted on giving me a jolly  6am ‘wake up call,’ that I didn’t at all need, as I could’ve totally basked in a lay in! *Waaaa.*

Being a single Mum is difficult. But as always I can handle it…yet only because I have such a wonderful support system and great parents. Therefore, don’t fret, if you’re a Mum in the exact same position…it’s hard, yet in the end it is rewarding. You can still achieve everything you want, with happy children, a decent bank balance, with dolly looks and a sound mind. Honest! 🙂

Plus, it’s easy when you’re frustrated because you can just blame the douche that left you in such a position, in the first place because they failed to see their duty as a husband, father or family man….worthwhile. (Until it’s too late!) 🙂 Keiran will sometimes look at me, with eyes that wistfully suggest some kind of reunion…and it makes every single inch of me PISS myself with laughter. It’s hilarious when people get all cocky and think their ten feet tall and treat someone quite badly, when they’re with you…because they believe you will be there forever.

You’ll see some cheat on loved ones, take their partner for granted, date people who they feel are less worthy, just so they can feel a sense of power…all sorts. But at the end of the day, the person that was decent…usually always wins. I guess, some don’t know what they’ve got til’ it’s gone. However, once it’s gone, moved on and developed, you can’t then attempt to rein it back toward you. That’s not love that’s jealousy. Plus, It’s not only the situation that has developed…yet usually the person that is moving forward has developed into a much stronger being…a better being without you and that better being, will find their better match…their perfect match and live blissfully onward, with glory in their heart and rainbows in their booty!

People should simply learn to spend the time that they have with their chosen ‘sweetheart’ wisely. Boys should be emotionally brave, loving and protective. Girls should be nurturing, supportive and kind. Add gook looks and romance…and well you’re easy sailing through the winds, with a wink and a Cupid Flag, swishing it’s way to victory.

Soooo, because i’m on a relationship rant and because most of my messages today have been from girls in relationships, who are having problems….I read these little notes, by a psychologist, who specializes in love and healthy relationships….

This is what she said, (So you can look at your situation and see if any of these pointers match the way you are living right now.)

People in healthy relationships…

. Allow for individuality

.Experience both ‘oneness’ and separateness from one another.

.Bring out the best qualities in self and the other

.Accept previous endings.

.Experience openness to change and exploration

.They invite growth in the other person

.They experience true intimacy

.They feel the freedom to ask honestly for what is wanted.

.They experience giving and receiving in the same way

.They do not attempt to change or control

.They encourage self sufficiency in their partners

.They accept limitations in self and the other

.They accept and respect commitment.

.They have high self esteem

.They express their feelings fluidly

.They welcome closeness and are prepared to risk vulnerability

.They care with detachment

.They affirm equality and personal power of self and the other.

So there you have it!

Is that you???? Or did Cupid *wang* you a dickhead who is not anything like the above. 🙂

Basically, all i’m trying to say is that you should try and appreciate everyone you have in your life that loves you,be it a girl, boy, child, mother, father friend. The ones that aren’t of the fair weather variety. The ones who never stop supporting you, loving you and caring about you, without condition.

You should never sell yourself short and never put up with nonsense. Yet when in love and if it’s right, you should go for it boldly…because you really do only have, one life to live, so why not embrace it with an open heart.

Yet at the same time, it’s always important to be able to realise who ACTUALLY loves you and who doesn’t. It’s never just about what they say to you, but also about their actions or their situation. It’s also never about what someone HAS, and all about how much they can LOVE.

Like, I read this awesome little phrase thingy, that was on someones Facebook profile last night and it said this…in reference to two guys and one girl…

‘I gave you $10.

He gave you $20.

You felt that he was better, just because he gave you more…

But he had $200 dollars and all I had was $10.’

Hope Tuesday’s going well!

Wunna x









Saturday Morning: ‘Date Night’


Saturday morning. I wake up, in our giant executive suite bed, at The Malmaison, in Leeds, with pillows and cushions, thrown everywhere, all the lights still on, the windows peeking out a bright morning light, that beamed through unpulled curtain snickets, and i found myself wedged in Ben’s underarm.

I sat up, looked in the mirror, i’m naked, on my knees, hair all over the place and with one eyelash on..LOL. (The other, I found, stuck on Ben’s ‘fast asleep’ arm. Hahaha. But saying that, i don’t blame my eyelash for it, I love his arms and he knows it. Meaning my eyelash probably loved it too.)

I’m an early bird, so once i’m up…i’m UP. Usually if i’m at home, this is the point where i go downstairs and throw all the takeaway out from the night before. Since, we were all ‘executive suiting’ it, i simply grabbed my roaming eyelash, refreshed, and dolled myself up in the bathroom ready for Saturday. Ben was fast asleep…so i sauntered downstairs.

The room looked like some ‘rock n roll’ party had ‘HIT’ it. Booze and pants and styling products were everywhere. Robes and leftover bits and heels, where flung. Champagne was still in the ice bucket. It was ACE.

I came back up, put my phone on charge, took my jeans off..(I was in the living room area that peeks into the bedroom, via big doors) and out of nowhere, Ben wakes up, lifts his tired head up and says…’What’s going on???’ (He seemed shocked and like he didn’t know where he had ended up? It was like ‘The Hangover.’ HAHA.)

So, I explained the situation safely and just like that he smiled, wanted a cuddled and resumed ‘the spoon’ as we reminisced about our evening. It was AMAZING and we couldn’t believe it. He even said that it went so fast and that he had the best time, and hadn’t had such a fun time like in ages.

Then whilst we’re covered in bed sheets and i’m now sat up…this conversation happens,

‘I can’t believe how good Teppanyaki was! I can’t believe that that guy could cook so well!!’

‘Ben, he’s a CHEF. That’s what he does. They haven’t just hired some random Japanese man off the street and plonked him in the restaurant for kicks, he’s a CHEF, ofcourse he can COOK!’

HAHAHA. We both piss ourselves laughing..moan about how much we drank, then he looks at the time and leaps out of bed with a ‘WE ONLY HAVE FIFTEEN MINUTES UNTIL THE END OF BREAKFAST.’

We decided that rushing to breakfast wasn’t for us, so instead we chilled out, put on some music, decided that we’d go down and do lunch and started to fill our giant PLUNGE BATH.

Earlier, as in when we first arrived, Ben had gone into the room and like boys do, played with everything he could find. Turned things on, off, looked at what he had in our room, switched knobs, pressed buttons… all sorts. There was one point where i heard him SCREECH as i was getting ready, because he had gone into the bathroom, STOOD IN THE MIDDLE of this giant sunken, plunge bath, not realized that above his head, was an even more giant, MONSOON RAIN SHOWER, turned a few handles (and note, he had already got ready for Date Night) and almost drenched himself, as the MONSOON rainshower, blasted out on him out of nowhere. HAHA.

Anyway, when you’re in the suite, you need to use and do everything. So we were adamant that we were having this bath, as it was so big, so beautiful, candlelit and I guess…when in Rome…

It didn’t take long to fill up and we’re undressing,  he’s putting on music, I’m lighting the candle around it, after he’s squeezed in a whole gallon of bubbles. It’s warm, it’s delicious…and he brings in the ice bucket with our leftover champagne.

I tie my hair up, he creeps in…he’s covered in bubbles..

..then i get in with him.

It was hilarious actually because we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. We drank champagne, i smooched him, he played around  in the bubbles, all candle lit, all plunge bathy…and then we sort of look around and Ben says,

‘This bath feels really sleazy.’

AHAHA. AND IT DID! I love a bit of sleaze, with the right person of course…so i found it hilarious. Like you could imagine some old, rich, business man, hunting down some young chick and asking her bath up to his sleazy bath. That was us! It was hilarious. We laughed about it for ages, in our own sleazy bath. But nothing sleazy went on. It was funny.

Then like spoiled little children, who were so used to everyday luxury, the words,

‘I’m bored of this bath now.’ were uttered and we both jumped out, dried up, brushed our teeth, packed up and left our suite on a high. I had to leave a tip, simply because it looked like a shit tip. 🙂 But we did try and tidy as much as we could.

Went to check out, to clear out the ‘incidentals,’ as we had ordered cocktails and a Sixty Pound bottle of champagne to the room. I give her my key…she tells me that I have nothing to pay for. Infact, earlier when i went down in the morning, they told me that they had taken care of it all for us. WHAT!!!

We had been treated so well by companies and businesses on ‘Date Night’ that we couldn’t be more grateful. We were really taken care of…and it was simply amazing. I heart the Wunna perks. 🙂 I mean imagine not having to pay off your incidentals.

We intended on doing lunch, but we ended up ordering cocktails for breakfast…well it was lunch by then.

I got my usual Bloody Mary and Ben ordered this ‘Good Girl, Bad Boy’ thing. Followed by two whisky sours and I got some tequila thing, that was divine.

Simply sitting with each other at the bar and in the lobby was amazing too. We really felt at ease and i really felt happy. We had had such a great time. People were lovely to us and we were lovely to each other. We appreciated each other…and it was great.

Date nights, bring you closer together.

We spent a good few hours chilling with cocktails, and then we were driven home. It was funny because the taxi driver dropped us off by The Blacky in Pontefract. LOL. So it was an immediate snap back to reality. But we were beaming..and I like Rob the cabby, because he said that we made a really great couple. I LIKE THAT.

Plus, Ben was really lovely throughout ‘Date Night.’ yes he was fun and expressive and all the things he usually is. But he did little things like carry my bag and proved that chivalry wasn’t dead…and with me, it’s always the little things that I notice and *heart.*

I’m a really happy chick…and i hope you are tooo!

Hope you enjoyed our ‘Date Night’ experience.

Lots of love,

Wunna *Wiggle. Wink*




ac17 - Copy


Sooo, we left Teppanyaki, hand in hand, with our bellies full and our hearts filled with excitement for the part we do best…cocktailing. I love a cocktail. Ben loves a cocktail. We’re fond of each other and both love a good time. We’re social, we like to be out…and it was ‘Date Night,’ so we went for it!

I have no sense of direction and never know where anything is, ever. Ben for some reason ends up having this really ace sense of direction, even if drunk…so eventually will find our destination within minutes. OR we just accidentally turn a corner and where we’re supposed to be, just so happens to be in front of us, which would simply make us lucky and give him no credit, where probable credit is due.

We wanted to end up at The Maven Bar, because it was where we went when it was his birthday and we had had such a fun time there, I mean the cocktails where beautiful and the music was perfect…that it was seem quite fitting. It’s cosy, it’s dark, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun, be you with friends or with a loved one.

We start of by grabbing a quick one at Mojo’s. Everyone loves Mojo’s, yet it’s always so busy and it was full of really drunk guys. We both got ID’d (yes at 34…in your face. lol) And well we sauntered in for a ‘Grasshopper’ and a ‘Mai Tai.’ I got the Mai Tai.

We kinda just sat down, enjoyed our drinks…by this time were were tipsy and filled with excitement. God knows what we chatted but it felt like simply everything..and all done with belly laughs and ‘good times.’ We finished up, (he downed the rest of my cocktail) and we walked over the city streets, talking about life, the future, guitars…yachts, my blog..and towards ‘The Maven.’

We even pulled cash out for no reason at some random cash machine? That’s when you know you’re getting drunk or on it. We were both just stood at either end of some bank saying,

‘How much are you pulling out?’


‘Okay, me too.’

Then we galloped off into the distance and found ourselves, tappering up the stairs, pushing through two big black doors and into one of our favourite cocktail bars.

It was busy with people, all having an really great time. It was dark, it was moody and we couldn’t even be happier. The music was loud, fun and to our taste…and immediately Ben strides over to the bar, to order cocktails…although he couldn’t remember what it was that we loved, so we pretty much ended up going through the whole entire cocktail list of drinks, that he THOUGHT could be the one, until be eventually found it. It was probably our last drink out of them all. HAHA.


But we drank loads and let me tell you the cocktails are not only the most beautiful cocktails in all of the land. I mean, they were snipping flowers off actual plants to garnish our drinks. But they are strong. And Ben is some cocktail drinking hero that night. HE WAS DOWNING THEM…like it was soda! Pahaha.

I was getting really confused because i kept seeing the bartenders crack raw eggs into my drinks…which is all part of the yumminess…However, once I drank them, they were delicious. We even got it, what felt like a hundred times over, because we couldn’t figure out what the elderflower drink we got last time was. 🙂

This part of the night, was the ‘date night’ part. The part where we’re having drinks, i’m dancing a little, but we’re sat in a cosy area, talking about ‘us’…life…love…and everything that we hope to happen with us in life.

Like, in my head. I know exactly what i want from this and how i feel. I’m not a girl who takes her time when it comes to knowing what I want. I’m never bored with my own decision making and go with them whole heartedly.

So, yes…I’m definitely in love with him and to be honest, I couldn’t think of a better boy, to do life with and yeah we were drinking, but when i’m drunk, I really don’t talk shit. 🙂 I’m pretty straight forward and declare my fondness affectionately…which i think is lovely. Yeah, I may have a boogie in between, my explanation…or a sing along. But i’ll mean it and he knows that. Yet, I do wonder if he looks at me and thinks the same thing?

Ben definitely take baby steps…well not really so much now.That was before. He’s pretty great now and pretty expressive, which i adore and i encourage because he knows that i’d never judge him regardless. I’ve been there for him, the whole entire time i’ve known him. Plus, he was happy and open..and i loved it because it made me feel as though we were taking giant steps forward and sealing a deal romantically. And one of the main reasons why i like this whole thing, is that it’s been developed over time, built upon a friendship…we’ve been through the adjustments, the little ‘ups’ and down’s’ and just recently, over the last few weeks or months, we’ve not been too open about it with everyone and just ‘done it’ our way, which has sort of helped us be ‘us’ without anyone being able to say anything, because i feel as though our rapport is a lot deeper than people would think and i like that.

YET at the same time, we’re both frivolous and fun. We find each other the most fun and know how to make the other one smile. We know how to have a good time. It’s well rounded and from my experience, when things are well rounded you have a better shot at doing ‘forever.’ if that’s what you wanted to do, right? I’m a secure girl, and i’m a happy girl and i cheerlead him on when he needs me to, without drama. So, I reckon, I take good care of him and sometimes guys need that. Plus, like i’ve always said, i learn so much from him without him even realizing, so his existence in Wunna land is very much appreciated. I’ve watched him develop. I mean, he’s always been great, ever since i’ve known him…yet he’s greater now. He’s confident and It’s like we’ve accidentally made some kind of impact on one another…that was simply just meant to be.

So yeah, I’d say I love him.

In fact, If i could spend the rest of my life with him…and this isn’t flippant at all…and I know it makes some of you *cringe* when I say it… but I absolutely definitely would. And that’s a good thing, as i’ve never in my entire LIFE, entered a relationship in this way before, where it has built over time. I’m not someone who would say it if i didn’t mean it. PLUS, i’m not the girl who would break his heart. I’m the girl who would pick up the pieces and glue it back together. I’m good at that! I’m really really good at that.

Anyway, enough…. 🙂 (As the whole of Pontefract scorns me, but still rushes off to buy a hat anyhow. 🙂 )

We’re drinking, we’re in the bustle of fun, we’re laughing at strangers, we’re having to give away our drinks because one of the choices tasted like TCP. Luckily, some ‘make out’ couple embraced Ben’s. I gave mine to a table of chicks who brought it back to me, like it was the lergy. HAHA. (Dodge would’ve liked that drink.)

We’re being affectionate, we’re telling each other how we feel, (as I have this whole spiel about what my psychic had told me in Decemeber) and then all these ace songs kept coming on. Now Ben loves a sing song. As do I. Yet he’s quite good at it, and will go for it like he’s on the Xfactor.

So we’re singing and ofcourse…after he’s downed every ‘i can’t keep up’ cocktail in seconds…he gets on his Stevie Wonder rant. Ben loves Stevie Wonder and he performs his rant with utter happiness, smiles and dedication. Lol. But for some reason, that night every song in the entire world, to Ben, was originally by Stevie Wonder.

We’re at the bar and the introduction to what I would say was ‘Wild Wild West’ shoots on…and there you have it…the rant begins! HAHA.

‘This is by Stevie Wonder!!’

‘It’s by Will Smith, Ben.’

Gangsta’s Paradise is spoken about later…

‘This is by Stevie Wonder!!’

‘It’s by Coolio, Ben!!’

HAHAHA, to the point where he has to walk me outside the bar, Google it and prove his point..and yes, he was right. But we both love old school, we both love a bit of Motown..yet something being by Will Smith ain’t so bad! ‘Wild Wild West’ when you’re pissed is AMAZING!! I have slut dropped to that tune THOUSANDS OF TIMES with glee!  (I love that we were actually stood outside The Maven, singing along to Gangsta’s Paradise, like we were really shit rappers.)

Anyway, we went back upstairs, loved, danced, enjoyed and drank at least 4 more rounds of cocktails.

Then I knew he had got tired, because when he sat, his eyes told me. So he Googled the way home, as he was ‘far too drunk to get in a vehicle Wunna.’

And we began our walk back to the hotel. When we’re outside the bar, he says,

‘Shit, i’ve Googled the way, looked at it and then completely forgotten the way, already.’ HAHAHA.

It must be really close, because Katty and Rich looked astonished at the fact that we couldn’t find our way around a fucking corner back to the hotel!! HAHAHA. But whatever, we loved it and when we’re drunk, we LOOK like the most in love people ever, because our bubble is filled with laughter and just plain old stupid shit. The stuff we say is stupid, but at the time and even afterward WE FIND IT HILARIOUS.

So we’ve turned this corner…and who does he see…the homeless lady, with the dog that he loves, that he sees ‘everytime he’s in Leeds’ and feels he has to give her ‘ALL OF HIS MONEY BECAUSE THE DOG IS SO BEAUTIFUL,’ and he does and that’s generous and lovely.

However, whilst he’s literally ROLLING ALL OVER THE PAVEMENT with some dog…kissing it and loving on it, whilst handing over handful of pound coins, I’m looking at the homeless lady and she’s looking like she has other stuff she needs to be doing…like she’s got better places to be at and Ben is holding her up. Hahahaha. She was really smart because she recognized our drunkness right away, and immediately asked where we had come from, if everyone was as drunk and if everyone was leaving the bar right now?? HAHAHA.

I gave her all the information she needed and from that point she wanted Ben to leave her dog alone and find some punters with pound coins at The Maven Bar. 🙂

We both hide drunkness really well. Ben was just in love with her doggy, so this playful, boyish streak bursts out of him, but i love it, i find it endearing. But he was certainly pesting the homeless lady. HAHA.

Finally, we’re back at the revolving doors of Malmaison, where we began our night, hours before with overnight luggage in our hands and eyes that suggested we didn’t know what was going to happen. In fact, it was sad, because the evening seemed to fly by, SO FAST and i didn’t want it to end. It didn’t want it to stop. I wanted it to be forever…which says a lot about the time you are having and the company you are with! We were having so much fun.

Anyway, we intended on going back up to the room and getting room service, but the hotel bar distracted us and so we had to go down. He ordered a soda water and I ordered a super spicy BLOODY MARY, which is AMAZING at The Malbar, might i add. The bartenders were fun and lovely. But we sauntered up to the elevator, whilst i filmed…and tried to get back to our suite.

Even the elevator trip was fun!


But when we got to the room, i’d had my room key by my phone all night, meaning that it had deactivated…so we had to go all the way back down, to get it rebooted.

Got back to the room, turned all the lights out, stripped off tooked loads of mirror selfies, jumped into bed…drank remaining booze that we seemed to have left around us like little pitstops. Cuddled, smooched…and because we were SO DRUNK…on ‘DATE NIGHT’…no babies, our own suite, the lot….WE PASS OUT!


I mean Ben even said, ‘Only i can be in an executive suite, with a Glamour Model..and pass out, because i’m so drunk’ 🙂

That was the end of Friday…

On Saturday…we woke up…

to be continued…

But hey…for now, i’ll leave you with this..







Part Two ‘Teppanyaki’..Date Night

ac6 - Copy

Right, so our taxi drops us off on Belgrave St, in Leeds, from our suite at Malmaison…and we saunter into our choice of ‘Date Night’ restuarant, ‘TEPPANYAKI,’ for an 8.30pm reservation that we couldn’t be MORE EXCITED about! (Plus, earlier in the day, they were excited to be having us there, which always makes you feel so wonderful. The staff and service, before we even got to the place were phenomenal.)

Okay, so we totter in and the entire restaurant lulled us into this exotic swirl of warm food, delicious smells, comfort, excitement and the art of Japan. It felt amazing from the moment we stepped in and I remember just looking up at Ben from the corner of my eye and his face just said it all. I have honestly, in my entire life, never seen him SO HAPPY. He literally beamed from head to toe, with this internal glee, that was almost infectious. He looked like he had won the lottery, or like he was the kid who got all the candy, the guy who had found the treasure, or the actual meaning to life. HAHAHA. In that moment, it made me happy, because that’s what ‘Date Night’ is all about. When I see him like that, it makes me feel good!

Now, we had no clue what to order, because the menu is so phenomenal, wide and delicious and we were just overwhelmed with absolute ‘Teppanyaki’ fever. There was bustle, excitement, a sense of authenticity and giant FLAMES whooshing over hot plates infront of us.

We were greeted immediately and handed a menu. I order the saki, Ben ordered an Asahi. We kept it Japanese, because that’s whats you’re supposed to do! I despise it when people go into foody places and refuse to embrace it’s culture and then we really tried to focus (ahaha) and  concentrate on what we were going to order.

I’m rubbishing at picking and will just go ahead and order EVERYTHING! So we asked the staff for their help and they within moments…with their help…we had picked two of the most delicious set menus…one being meaty, so it was all steak and chicken and the other being fishy (and Ben doesn’t eat seafood)…HOWEVER, not only was he up for it and enjoyed it…but we ordered THE LOBSTER. HAHAH. Ofcourse! I mean, if you’re going to go out, you’re going to go out and you’re going to do it properly and have the best time ever, right?

There was a nice little time in between our drinks and dinner for preparation, which I always love because you can spend time with you’re ‘date’ and be all excited about life, love and in this case being Japanese. (Drunk Ben wished he was Japanese…he actually uttered those exact words. Then he wished I was Japanese..hahaha…and moaned because I was the closest he could get to it. HAHA.)

Anyway, we’re escorted to our table, which is surrounds a giant hotplate and it was amazing because we could see what we had in store for us, by watching the table opposite us and we could see all of our food being cooked, from fresh right in front of us. I liked that we sat with other people, as that’s what they do in Japan, and well i’m heavily social, so it makes no difference to me. Plus, the whole experience is  SHOW. It is the most wonderfully, theatrical cooking performance, i had ever witnessed in my life. It’s amazing.

I mean it starts off with a giant FLAME just shooting ferociously into the air, as the Chef…starts this show, gets everyone involved and cheffy instruments, fresh steaks, lobster, rice, whatever you’ve ordered, flies onto the hotplate and pretty much gets massacred and grilled with such utter panache and glory. He’s talking to everyone, there’s a bustle in the air, to the point where you just feel like you’ve been plucked out of Leeds and placed onto the streets of Japan, it’s THAT MAGICAL.

He got everyone up to help him cook, well we had to whack this egg shell, into a hole. Ben missed his…HAHAHA…and he felt under pressure. I got up, didn’t even try and with Bimbo arm strength, aced mine in! 🙂 I couldn’t have pissed myself more.

But it’s very interactive and so much fun. It’s an experience…I mean he was cooking our eggy rice, then slicing off pieces that he was then, what I call ‘puppy throwing’ at each diner. We were supposed to catch it in our mouths, but i completely chickened out of it and got scared, so held my hands over my face and let the egg hit me…HAHA. Ben had a good go at his…He missed..HAHAH…but so did everyone else. By then too much drinking had occurred!

We were drinking miso soup out the bowl, handed slad and chop sticks, a started which boasted the tiniest little goodies, that tasted so delicious! Then rice seemed to be thrown through the air in bowls and handed to us by the chef. Followed by what we all had ordered…and it’s in that moment where you simply have fun with your loved on and dine. It’s a place for couples or large groups of friends. It’s not a inexpensive either…which I like, because if you’re going to choose a place to dine, that is meant to be special or an experience than you expect it to be pricey and of standard..and Teppanyaki, because of the experience of it all, is worth every penny! The experience alone is so much more than even your average Japanese restaurant. But most importantly..the FOOD IS FIRST RATE! IT IS DIVINE!

I mean, like I said, Ben never eats seafood, but had the lobster and scallops and salmon, and loved it.

YOU JUST SHOULD’VE SEEN HIS FACE. Like to anyone that actually knows him personally, from Pontefract. You just should have seen his face. He was the happiest he had ever been…but it radiated from every inch of his soul.


It chilled down a bit and then we sat and ate our dinner. We dabbled in each other’s dinner…tried a bit of everything, ordered more drinks, chatted…i spilled my saki down my dress…because I missed my mouth. (I know…as if! 🙂 ) Now, this is why you should wear ‘House of CB’ which was previously know as ‘Celeb boutique.’ and it is my FAVOURITE DRESS STORE EVER…I accidentally poured by drink down me…Ben went to the loo, by the time he had come back, my stain had completely disappeared like no spillage had ever happened!!! I know! Amazing! HAHAHA. Even HE was impressed. So there you have it. £127 a dress, and worth every single party girl penny. Pahaha.)

But yes, back to dinner..

By this time we were so delighted, so stuffed, even more drunk and i remember looking at him and watching him and it was a moment where in which i just loved him. He was having the best time, we were relaxed and we were loving…and it just felt special. So never underestimate the magic of Teppanyaki!

We sort of made our dinner communal and tried to finish up, as we really needed to eat it all, because it was so delicious, yet we were filled to the brim with yumminess. (It was nothing like Ben eating my cheesy chips, at the end of the night, in Ponte.) There was glamour to it. A bit of luxury. Ben has this theory that I can’t use chopsticks! Lol. I’m flipping ASIAN, I could use them when I was TWO! Even Ruby can use CHOPSTICKS. I might not be able to pick a single grain of rice up, but you try doing that after Manhattans, Champagne, a whole bottle of saki to myself…:) )

Anyway, Teppanyaki was our second pit stop…as the rest of ‘Date Night’ was to be spend, arm in arm, under the Leeds city stars, with no one who mattered, in the entire world but us…and COCKTAILS. 🙂

I walked up to ‘close out’ and I couldn’t believe how happy I was as the standard and quality of the food, the service and the showmanship, was outstanding. It really made our night. I get to the lady…who hugs me with and tells me how much she appreciated us coming…and she gives us our entire dinner on the house.


I couldn’t even believe it and i felt really awful because when something is THAT GOOD and so special…and part of our ‘Date Night’ you can’t simply walk away and not pay.

I remember standing there and saying, ‘Oh gosh. Nooo. We need to pay’ and even had to get Ben.

But in the end, they were so lovely and the service was so delightful that we gave in…Plus, in Asian culture, is really rude to turn down an offer of kindness and they were kind, to have done that.

So Ben and I chatted and I made her take a Selfie with me. 🙂 HAHA.

I mean, I couldn’t have asked for a better dinner or a better time. And if you can get to a Teppanyaki you should! It’s great and words can’t even explain how great it is and i understand that there are ‘Wunna perks’ to life, when it comes to things like this…YET, the experience alone is worth every single penny. It can always be a special place now, as I’ll always remember doing ‘Date Night’ there with Ben.

We waved everyone goodbye…and headed onto phase 3 of the evening…




Checked into ‘Date Night’ Part 1



Friday night was literally the most wonderful time, swirled in magic, fun, luxury, cocktails and love. All of these things pretty much cater to everything that is ‘Chrissie Wunna’…so where’s there’s a loveable dash of ‘good times’ that sends you into a euphoric state of happiness…you will usually find me center stage…running it. 🙂

Okay, so. as I had mentioned, Ben and I did ‘Date Night’ on Friday. It was a last minute arrangement, that turned into something amazing, which always makes good times and great memories worth it. He’d trotted off a night shift. I had worked all day. But as soon as it hit ‘home time’ we found ourselves with overnight bags packs and in a taxi to Leeds to do what kinda was technically, our FIRST EVER ‘Date.’ I mean, we’ve done lots of hanging around everyone and even lots of hanging out with just each other at the pub. Lots of chilling with the babies and or just movie watching at mine.

But i’m a girl who loves a ‘date night’ and i think it’s important for people to have them because not only are they fun, romantic and special. Yet you  kind of just need that time with the person that you care about, that time, that’s away from the mundane grey of everyday…and reminds you both of the actual rapport that you have together. So whether you’ve been in a long relationship, or a brief relationship…(and i always believe it’s ‘how’ you’ve loved and not ‘how long’ you’ve loved) the reason why ‘date night’ is essential is because it takes you back to when you first met, or first fell for one another and keeps, what ‘Cringey Wunna’ 🙂 would call, ‘the magic alive.’

Soooo…by quarter to 7..we were both stood outside the revolving doors of Malmaison in Leeds, having being dropped off to tend to ‘Date Night,’ sort of excited for the evening ahead, whilst absorbing the city we were in. Leeds is a busy place, that’s packed full of excitement. If you live in Pontefract, like London, it is an AWESOME place to choose to do ‘Date Night.’

We check into Malmaison, which a beautiful, stylish, modern, yet sexy hotel. It’s boasts good ‘french boutique,’ twist of decadence. It’s dark, moody and sensual…and the service is impeccable.

We had booked ‘The Depot’ suite for the evening, which as I told you was one of their best executive suites in the hotel, it’s a pricey suite, yet worth it., as it’s compact, but snazzy, it’s beautifully designed and modern. It’s a young suite, or a suite fit for a business man. It’s a ‘party’ suite.

We walked in, walked down into our suite, there’s  living room area, the biggest bed ever, in a separate room (which I always prefer)..even better, there was a GIANT mirror headboard as I’ll call it, which always makes ‘date nights’ sexier….giant TV’s in both rooms and a really big, modern bathroom, that celebrated a deep plunge bath, with overhead monsoon shower and his and hers sinks! They provided great quality hotel toiletries….and when that happens you know your world is a safer place. 🙂


Straight away we got comfy. I mean, at first it all felt strange, but then I found wine, two bottles that they gave us for free…and Ben found snacks… so immediately ‘date night’ commenced. We kinda just flung everything everywhere, got ready, giggled, smooched (because we hand’t seen each other in a couple days) …and with music on in the background, we enjoyed being ‘just us.’ It was us, our ‘date’ and nothing else in the entire world mattered… (cue, the word, ‘magic..’) and we both kinda enjoy that..which is what I like about Ben. He likes a ‘date night’ and a good time. He likes a bit of luxury, great quality and fun..especially if he feels he’s around good company. Which sort of makes him like Me? I mean, In LA, everyone does ‘date night’ ALL THE TIME. However, in Pontefract, hardly anyone seems to do it? I’ve even seen girls roll their eyes at a romantic ‘date night’ like it would be moderately embarrassing? But i’m the exact opposite. I’m romantic, I’m a girly girl…and i couldn’t think of anything better?

Oh and YES, to some people it might have seemed moderately ‘extravagant?’ Especially to the chick that called my actual place of work, to leave me a message, stating that I was definitely a massive ‘slag’ (hahaha) for going on a ‘date night’ and boasting about love and expensive hotels? YOU’RE A NUT CASE. GET OVER IT. Like Hana, (Nick’s Date) said, it’s hilarious because, this nutty girl, would have found me on Facebook or even already know me, click onto my blog, read through the entire thing, research where I work, Google the goddamn number… :)…and call it, just to call me ‘a slag.’ HAHAH. Now that’s a lot of effort. You should come work for Wunna land. Your researching skills rock. Yet your anger management skills are certainly below average. 🙂 I mean, GOD! I was just at work, buying Danielle, my work colleague Moet, for doing well in her exams! HAHA.

LOOK…IF I WANT TO GO ON A DATE NIGHT, I WILL. IF I WANT TO SHARE MY EXPERIENCE ABOUT IT….I WILL. (It’s kinda what I do, if you haven’t noticed.) And if you wish to call me a ‘slaggamuffin’ for it, then i don’t care because you’re still not in our executive suite ordering room service champagne and headed out to dinner at one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city. *HURRAH.* But more importantly, it’s just ‘my’ story and I don’t hate on yours, so you shouldn’t hate on mine.

I don’t do it to be boasty. Literally at all. I’m really not that girl. Unless, I actually want to make you feel like shite, as then i’d go for it with all guns blazing. 🙂 There’s actually lots of reason as to WHY my experience is heavily shared…and if you know ME personally or even professionally…then you’ll exactly why.*Hair toss…POUT*

Okay, where was I…Oh yeah? We’re getting ready, we’re having a laugh, we’re ordering ‘Manhattans’ to the room and even a bottle of champagne. 🙂 We also had those two bottles of wine and had been saving ourselves for dinner…so you can imagine the result of such behaviour…


I said the famous, after sipping my champagne (btw, the room service guy was amazing, he even had a boogie and let me picture him whilst he popped the cork for us)…but yes, the famous words..

‘But it doesn’t taste of anything…’

And Ben..well he just openly admitted that he felt really pissed. HAHAHA.

Grooming then went on! Mad grooming! We’re in our executive suite, guzzling champers, cocktails with music playing, inbetween cheeky smooches and we’re flinging off outfits, both curling or straightening our hair…there’s products flying everywhere, poses being whopped out infront of our giant headboard mirror, hairspray, wasabi nuts and more champers…before we finally decide that we’re ready and jump into a cab, (and I’ll get to all the hotel treats that we encountered later….but first….we head over, in a taxi, through Leeds city traffic to Ben’s choice of ‘Date Night’ restaurant…which was ‘Teppankyaki!’




Date Night


SO!!!! Today i’m excited and i’m excited because NOTHING else matters, other than the fact that tonight is…yes…i’m going to say it..’DATE NIGHT!’ *CHEER HERE.*

Right, so i’ve not really blogged too much about my love life and what’s been going on…but lots has been going on and for once…ALL GOOD! (*Hurrah…Cupid loves me.*)

Tonight…and this has happened quite randomly…but obviously Ben and I are going to be having our first ever proper date, where in which we’ll be going out and having fun, with no one else… but US, and I couldn’t be more excited!! We’re both excited. I mean, ‘date night’ is always fun and we’re both of a fun nature, meaning we can just be who we are and embrace it fully. That’s kinda what makes it special.

I’ve been working hard at my day job and he’s been working nights, so the other evening, i just figured we should do something together…and therefore posed it to him!

We both had Friday night free…and so took it upon myself to organize ‘fun’ (which i’m really good at doing…even when sober.)

The next day and whilst I was at work, I called up one of my fave hotels in Leeds, (which is our nearest fun city)..the hotel being ‘Malmaison’ and I asked ‘booking’ to book us into the BEST room that they have in the ENTIRE HOTEL. I told them the occasion, I made sure that they knew that I wanted nothing short of an executive suite..and at the same time, THE BEST executive suite that their hotel could boast!

After a little bit of a scroll, availability check and a thumbs up. The delightful guy on the other end of my iphone said that they had their ‘Rock N roll’ (best room in the entire hotel) DEPOT Executive suite available and that if i wanted it, it was ours!

Just like that…it was done..and let me tell you, i’ve seen the pictures and the suite looks phenominal. We have our own living room private bedroom quarters…plunge pool, 24hr room service and EVERYTHING to look forward to! (The staff couldn’t have been nicer.)

So tomorrow night, after i’ve worked all day and he’s recovered from nights, we’ll be checking into Malmaison Leeds, into the The Depot executive suite for one night that i’m going to label ‘date.’

Now, a ‘date night’ wouldn’t be complete without a dinner and Malmaison definitely wanted us to dine there…However, i had told them that we would be going out to dinner, but could do breakfast. (So they gave us breakie and look forward to our arrival. They’ve even been so kind to have tweeted our Friday night arrival, which always makes you feel spesh.)

But yes, at 8.30pm, and after asking Ben if he had a restaurant of choice…we will both be dining at Teppenyaki, which is the single most AMAZING Japanese restaurant in Leeds, for pretty much anyone who enjoys great food, a wonderful ambiance and just Asian cuisine! We couldn’t be more excited and neither can they, as they to have Tweeted our Friday arrival, meaning we will have the best dinner EVER!

Obviously, as all of this is happening, i’l be Facebook, Twitter, insta picture and video posting like a demon, so you will see all that happens, where we’re staying, dining and everything inbetween.

So, right now, we have the best executive suite at Malmaison and the yummiest Japanese food in the city to enjoy. (Food makes Ben happy.)

After checking in and doing dinner..we will then be headed out along the Leeds city streets…to enjoy each other, drinks and probably cocktails at one of our new favourite Leeds bars called ‘Maven.’ (We went there for Ben’s birthday and had the most hilarious time. It was classy, stylish and fun..and well i cant wait to go back for the best cocktails in all the land. I mean, gosh, each drink looked BEAUTIFUL and came with a real flower garnish.

I have no clue how to get to The Maven, as i was so drunk last time, however Ben assures me, that he knows the way!

Lots of fun, cocktails, food and excitement, executive style… will occur and hopefuly a dash of lurve,

Wish us well! ‘Date night’