Work, Lashes, Babies and Birthdays

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Hey, my lucky licks of love festival! Work was awesome today, as it was that perfect pix of laughter, coffee and good times, underlined with accidental achievement. PLUS, anytime you manage to blag your way to another smoothy, smooth day off, simply because it’s your birthday means life is grand! Lots of eyelash batting, pleeeease, pleeeeasing and faithful Chrissie Wunna charm occurred and just like that…and completely by bacon and some turkey named ‘basterd,’ πŸ™‚ The Gods, shined upon me and ‘TA DAAAAAAAAAAAA’ i won the war! πŸ™‚ Saturday, Wunna is freeee and to make it even better, I have a day off tomorrow also, meaning I get to enjoy a full on, morning lay in, mixed in with a shopping day and pre birthday chill day! Wahooo!

I’m happy, i’m whole and I’m loving all the nursery stuff that the babies had made for me this Christmas. Ruby drew her family, but on the back they had written ‘quote’s by Ruby, that she spewed out about her ‘family life.’ HAHAHA. Even though I spent every morning and night with them…a work a lot…so nursery sort of raises them..and to be honest it’s done a great job. Ruby’s quotes stated that she loved shopping with me…she bought bears…(which I misread for ‘beers’ and that she loved going to the forest to hot tub, but the hot tub is not a bath!’ HAHAHA.

Junior had his feet stamped on a calendar that read ‘MistleTOES.’ LMAO. And like his father Keiran…he has the BIGGEST FEET FOR A CHILD EVER! They’re like flippers. You don’t want my son to ninja kick you, as he’d manage to get you from Burma and back with those feet!

Christmas rocks!

Sooooo, i don’t have anything planned for my birthday. I’ve bought myself gifts. I want to get surprised and spoiled. My birthday accidentally lands on MAD FRIDAY…yet i didn’t even realise because i’m a proper oldie now. However, saying that no one actually believes i’m going to be 34, as i apparently look 20 something. BOOYAH! It’s them little Asian genes..and foundation by Estee Lauder. Hellllooo Double wear! I don’t know how i’ve managed to age well…with all the past partying i’ve done. I think that i’ve accidentally looked after myself without realizing, because really…all ive’ done is romanced, drank wine, lived in the Sun, returned and had babies.

I’m hoping all goes well from tomorrow onwards….

in the meantime…




It’s my birthday on FRIDAY!!! EEEk!

Accicental wake up calls

Ugh! GODDAMN my little glitzy, kitten eyes for accidentally opening at five thirty in the morning, when BOTH my babies were so tried that they were fast asleep snoring!!! Just my luck. πŸ™‚ Once, i’m up. I’m up. I’m not one to laze about a rest, so here i am sat in the dark, by my bathroom door blogging…and JESUS…there are some CRAY CRAY winds going on outside. Hold onto you pants, winks and over the shoulder, boulder holders ladies, as there’s going to be a GALE. Bad hair days for everyone! (Oh…apart from @Wazza. πŸ™‚ )

My legs ache because they weren’t in heels yesterday. My legs work in the opposite way to most. Flats kill them. Heels nurture them. They open when you wish they were closed and they close when you boys…wish they were open. πŸ™‚ HAHA.

I have a whole jolly day of work ahead of me, yet i don’t mind,i adore work and well i have the day off tomorrow. Much Needed. I have a bit of a vino headache…but i’ll live and I FINALLY MANAGED TO DO THAT SKYPE CALL that I have been waiting to do for ages. I get aggravated when i miss things. My inner ‘fire sign’ goes bonkers for a second before i laugh it off with a wiggle. It kinda made me fill to the brim with the jollies…in fact with me missing the call all the time, it sort of felt like an achievement. LOL. But yes..i’m hoping all is well and that the weekend will get organized with bells and everything.

I’m looking around and i have Christmas pressies wedged in the most random places, ALL OVER MY HOME. Rubes is a nightmare and NEEDS to find them. Good luck to ANY guy that ends up with my daughter…hole, wallet….burnt into flames. If there’s a slot…there’s a secret Christmas present wedged in it. πŸ™‚ So, it’s a good thing ‘Sticky Vicky’ doesn’t live here, as things would get a tad bit immoral. It’d bring a whole new meaning to the Scroogey ‘Fuck Christmas’ attitude.

IT IS MY TWO DAY BIRTHDAY COUNTDOWN FOLKS. Am i winding you up with it? Do any of you even care??? πŸ™‚ I’m growing up another year. I’ve graced this world with my fabulous presence for another wiggle…You can all get a bit more excited about it if you want. HAHAHA. I hate it when people ho hum’ their birthday with a ‘it’s just another day.’ I AM THE OPPOSITE. My ego tells me that the 19th is amazing, simply because i was born on it. πŸ™‚

Okay, godda get ready for work.

Are you buying lashes?

Do it.


No Treble, Love and a Hero

Worked all day. Prepped for Christmas in my head. Bought more shoes online and the appalling grammar that i used in the last blog, that i actually wrote half asleep in the dark. Hah. I was so exhausted that i was nodding of with every punch of my keyboard. I’m certainly working hard, but it’s worth it, as that way i get to wiggle up that success ladder a bit more and well…when it comes to my birthday on FRIDAY, Christmas and New Year, i’ll have a bit more of a break, meaning Wunna can have FUN. I am DYING FOR FUN. It’s dying to BURST OUT OF ME, like flames from a dragons saucy booty.

Another bollocky thing, was that, as soon as i got home…i checked my email, checked my Skype (remember that I had been waiting on calls) and i’d missed the one that I had been waiting for about fifteen minutes…which is the most annoying thing ever. But what can you do. I called back. Left a ‘hey’ and that was it. Ho hum. Next time. Annoying, that I keep missing the call. C’est la vie.

To be honest, I always feel as though there are loads of ways to contact me. LOADS. Shit loads. So, if a being really wanted to…they’d find it pretty easy to get in touch. I mean, ‘hate mailers’ seem to find it the easiest thing ever and they’ve got the worst taste in glamour pusses and no working brains between the lot of them. πŸ˜‰ Most people can figure out a way to ‘get in touch’ pronto. Right? I think so. *Hip bump…Pout…Hair toss…’

Anyway, away from that, you know life is good, when your friend ‘Booty’ finds themselves piddling their merry self with laughter, at the fact that you’ve just pulled sad, over eyelashes, perfectly cheek boned ‘dolly’ faces and shouted out…


Life is good. I’m feeling full, whole and happy. I can’t wait until it’s my birthday, but for the first year in AGES, i won’t be getting surprised. I mean call me a ‘Princess,’ lol, but it feels odd. πŸ™‚

Even though i’m all W.O.MA.N ‘hear me roar,’ I think there’s this weird sort of innocence to me. This ‘little girl’ syndrome that i’m lucky enough to have. Well, i count it as lucky. You might not, but ah well, my glass is half full. *Giggle..Wiggle.*

Like there’s this little girl in me who adores romance, to be treated, love and fairytales. Yet i’m also very strong, vixen like and feisty. It’s bizarre. I’m kinda a bit of everything. Ryan, this guy who i used to date in LA, who turned all insecure…and forget to tell me that he had a girlfriend when he dated me…then left his girlfriend for me…then freaked himself out with insecurity and felt that I didn’t adore him…used to tell me, (whilst sat in some black car in West Hollywood) that ‘the package was good.’ HAHAHA. And i don’t even mean that rudey. I mean, he used to look at me and say, ‘Chrissie, with you…the whole package is good, because you’re a little bit of everything that every man wants.’ Ronnie, who i named one of my lash styles after used to say that it was combination of me being ‘sexy and slutty looking, but at the same time actually pretty.’ LOL…With me also being ‘fun, loud and obnoxious, yet quiet serious and together.’ πŸ™‚

I want to date a smart guy. A clever one. One that’s ready to love,. He see’s my substance and is filled with hero traits, adoration for me, wholeness, happiness and strength. He’s driven, together, romantic and delightful. He works hard, but knows what matters in life. Someone who’s a great role model…an unbroken being….just a really awesome human. I seem to always have a ‘younger than me’ partner…don’t I? But i don ‘t mind that. I’m quite young at heart…which is a decorative way of saying immature. So it works for me. Plus, if i like a boy, he must be delicious. An oldie might not cut the mustard. LOL Not that mustard gets cut.


I turn 34 in THREE DAYS!

I wish I was in the depths of the luxury cabin in the forest, hot tubbing with a champers. I haven’t been to the forest in AGES. I used to go five times a year!

I guess, being a grown up, work and single mumming it, took precedence. Lol. At least i still enjoy a wine!

Love you,

Wish me luck..

Wunna x



But yes, I can’t wait for my birthday. I’d like others to spoil me, instead of me just spoling myself. Yet whatever, I wave the flag for independant kittens all across the globe.








If you haven’t made me part of your very glamourous Christmas list….please do!

I have created the most amazing eyelash line and would love for you to join me in my celebration of all things kitten esque…and treat yourself to a pair.



Firstly, i’d like to say a massive thanks to all of you who have already purchased a pair or two. I’m very very grateful! I am giddy with excitement and i couldn’t air kiss and cuddle you more!

Please do nip onto and take a look at your stocking filler for the season.

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images (38) Money in hand








CHRISSIE WUNNA LUXURY LASHES!Β DSC_7381_liq_urb_60_pc_normal_bok_sparkle (1)

Exposed, Work and Willies…


Morning folks! How are ya! Enjoying Christmas? Well…I am…I have a birthday is about three days and I can’t WAIT to turn another year older. *Wine everywhere please.* I’m upset that i’m not getting surprised or treated because if i ever deserved it, it completely would be now. However, i’m happy because i bought myself those Jimmy Choo’s the Prada tote in pink, Louboutins and the Louis Vuitton satchel. (Whatever…a glamour puss, might as well spoil herself when she can’) It’s important for a girl to treat herself. Were made that way. We need treats…and simply so we don’t run ourselves down to the ground. We stay glitzy, sane and adored. Bottom line…happy.

I have been working SOOOOOOOOO INCREDIBLY HARD and i’m eager for my upcoming day off. I can’t wait, as every inch of my kitty body is aching. Lol.

I’ve got a giant response to my ‘Boners’ post and it seems you all love willy winter warmers. LMAO. If you’re gay, you’d love my inbox. I could charge you for a peep. I mean one poor sod, who actually really is trying to ‘woo’ me properly sent me a message saying that he didn’t actually mean to press send on his willy pic and that it was a very embarrassing accident. Ooookay? He was apparently trying to move the pic to another folder, yet mid ‘Chrissie Wunna’ convo, he hit the wrong button and it selected and sent itself. HAHAH. Sure? Suuuuurrrre.

I’m not so trusting these days. πŸ™‚

Now, that is Β a bummer and is the sort of thing that would happen to me. But why on earth would you have a willy picture like that ‘ready to go.’ Us girls have it hard! Well…literally! Willy warmers for everyone!

The funny thing is, that to make it better…and smooth his apparent ‘accident’ over…he said he didn’ t mean to sent THAT particular picture, which is one of him naked, with a stonker, on a bed…(Gosh, your mama would be so proud..HAHA) as if he intended on sending me a ‘willy picture’ he had a much better one to send me, that he obviously took, whilst thinking about me and looking at my pics. Lol. Yawn! (The picture looked pretty practiced to me. WHICH IS REALLY REALLY ODD.)

I mean, none of my guy friends would ever do that to a girl, in order to woo her..and well even my own ‘boys i’ve been in serious doo..dahs’ with never have…mainly because they didn’t need to, as they had the real deal. But OMG…they were clever enough to woo me the right way…which is romance.

I don’t reckon i’m that hard to read. I tell you what i love and hate. So, if romance is my thing…then you should probably try and go with a more loving approach, that preferably isn’t sprinkled over with that ever so ‘cherry on top’ bullshit.


Chrissie x

ps/ I watched the babies sleep last night and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was, or how beautiful they are. Rubes has grown sooo much and i can see every inch of her personality being my own. It’s scary. Yet Junior, well he looks just like me..(without m face on πŸ™‚ ) yet the way he looks at me sometimes, or the way he sleeps, or lays is just like his Father. I mean, he smiles, giggles and laughs like me, because lets face it, that gene in me is dominant. Witchy cackle. Yet, i always remember that whenever i used to wake Keiran up and he was caught unaware or tired…he would do this ‘look’ at me…it was a beady ‘who the hell are you’ kind of look, like I had just woken a bear from hibernation. Junior does that look at me, when he’s trying to sleep. He’s this perfect balance of love…as lets face it, he could have got all our bad genes….yet he was luckily enough to be a combination of our good points.

Love being Mum. The babies are always my everything.


Totally been ‘had’


Today, I found out some crazy stuffage. I don’t know why ‘The Gods’ adore me, but they seem to as, they always guide me in the right direction, powered by this amazing gut instinct.

So, i had a niggly feeling about something and the thing about niggly feelings are that they can be more annoying that regular feelings. They’re like the itch, you can quite reach. The important phone call that you JUST miss. Forgetting your umbrella in the rain. Just, all things shitty. Right?

Well, something happened and i had a wee little check..and investigate and to my horror, i found something terrible out. Now, i say ‘terrible’ yet i only mean ‘terrible’ in girl terms, as a lot of people in the world go through actual terrible things. This was just one of those things, that as a chick, you never want to investigate and find out. πŸ™‚

My gut instinct was right and i weirdly took it really well. I found myself laughing at how trusting i had become, when i should’ve been far more cautious. How stupid I was, simply because i figured most people were of a decent nature. I was a proper, trusting, naive…plonker. HAHA. But it was good, because i re…learnt FAST. I think, i lost that edge about me, that line of caution that I had developed in Hollywood. I’ve been buy. I’ve been happy. I’ve taken people at face value.

However, instead of moaning about it all…i’m just gonna go with ‘touche’….I mean ‘well done,’ top points to you! You had me for a second there. Clever, clever. LOL. The good thing about me is that i am one tough kitten…and so, i’m not a force to be reckoned with, once played with, rolled the wrong way or if i discover nonsense. But yeah…i’ll give them that. Silly, silly me. πŸ™‚

Knowledge…is always power and right now…i have it.

The whole situation actually made me feel truly grateful for the things that i have going on in life. I know some really tremendous people. I have great beings around me or close to me. I have a fabulous family, filled with love and children. A great job. I’m lucky to work a lot and my own business that is going marvellously!! (Buy Lashes.)

Ugh! Lol. I can’t believe i fell for such easy nonsense. HAHAH.

I’ll tell you ALL bout it at a later date. Just know, that be opened minded, open hearted, yet always operate with a decent enough line of caution.

Right, i’m off to bed.

Big work week.

Chrissie x




Gosh! Why do boys who wish to trophy my affection, believe that filling my inbox up with pictures of their willy…will do the trick. Either they don’t know how to approach me, because i apparently make men feel terrified. Odd? I know. I mean, if you met me in real life, i’d say i’m about as down to earth as glitter on ground could be. πŸ˜‰

So yeah, i get that most of you boys hunt for sex online and of course my pictures will make you think that i’m a great choice for such. Lol. Yet, it’s not going to make me want to bonk you, nor is it ever going to make me want to consider you as a ‘forever.’ However…as always…i’m flattered. PAHAHA. Your willies must be freezing. I could come out with my own range of winter willy warmers for you all to cosy up to. I’m gonna go with mini bobble hats.

But yes, gentleman…please do approach Wunna land with great manners and your boners tucked in. It makes for better luck, when it comes to dating…well ANY decent girl. (Oh shut it. I’m decent.)

Once i’m dating you…i don’t mind your willy being out. But for now…my inbox is exhausted. I think it has a headache. Lol. Leave it alone, with your boners.



Stuck for Christmas gift ideas…don’t be….




And remember, my lashes can be worn up to twenty five TIMES, are handwoven, made from mink , are natural, never lose their shape, easily to apply and come i her own reusable designer lash box. Mink lashes are woe by celebs across the globe for perfect peepers…and well you no longer have to pay Β£100’s if not Β£1000’s for i’ve delivered them to you as an AFFORDABLE LUXURY.




Waist Clinching


In leopard print, about to get ready for work. Baby Junior’s snoring i my bed and i’m having to blog, whilst lying o the floor, next to my bathroom, with a tiny light o, simply so I ca see the laptop keys. All this…so i don’t wake my child up. Rubes stayed at Pete’s last night. She’ll be narky about that later, as she always thinks she’s missed out on something (mainly gifts) whenever she’s not home. Most Mum’s…well my mum, do the ‘you treat my home like a hotel’ line. When Rubes gets older, it’ll be ‘YOU TREAT MY HOME LIKE A CELEB GIFTING SUITE, CHILD.’ I don’t know if i’ve raised her right or wrong. But i’ve certainly raised her to know that if she does something well….she receives rewards for it.

I’ve been working a lot and i’m i’m headed into my next week, after the busiest weekend ever. HOWEVER, this week ends on my BIRTHDAY weekend…so i’m happy. I actually have the day before my birthday off…so i’m happy, as the week gets broken down into ‘ME TIME.’ (It’s all about me.)

This is just a ‘wham bam, thank you Mam’ of a blog, as i really do have to do ‘getting ready’ and nursery runs, before work.

(Junior’s now up and moaning.)

But yeah, love you…leave you…totally have a bustier arriving today, that i accidentally purchased online after Port. I say bustier simply because it sounds better than ‘waist clincher.’ Gives it a bit of glamour. Plus, ‘waist clincher’ just reminds me of men. πŸ™‚ Milkshake…yard! HAHAHA.

I don’t really need a bustier…but after Port…i really thought i did.

Welcome to my world.

(This time last year….i was totally in the forest!)

Love, Lashes and Haters


Well, I have just had the busiest weekend ever! I have honestly worked my Asian arse off and then some and wellΒ if nothing else, i feel a mighty sense of achievement and as long as i’m feeling that, i’m all good. I’m a driven girl, i’m built for challenges. I enjoy to have dreams, (dream job, goal or boy) and achieve them…:) and well i might be shattered, glamourously shattered (She fans herself)..i’m doing fantastically and it honestly has nothing to do with the fact that the mink leather Jimmy Choo’s that I bought myself dor my birthday arrived TODAY!! πŸ™‚ There is nothing like working all weekend, coming home to babies who appreciate you and then having a parcel filled with Jimmy choo handed to you, as a pre ‘to yourself’ birthday gift. Now..i’ve always believed girls should be spoiled, but if you’re ever in a position where you can buy your own bit of luxury than it always feels much better. πŸ™‚ I wave the flag for all Independent women. I’m doing full time day job, running my won lash business and raising two babies ALL BY MYSELF…and doing it better than i ever thought I could. So, if I can do it, anyone can.

Yeah, i’ll admit that i never have my love life down, but i will tell you that my heart is currently open to it. After all that shite i went through, my heart is open to love, The read deal kind and finally. πŸ™‚ (I have been waiting for some kind of Skype response from a being, and haven’t gotten it, but i’m’ll be coolio. πŸ™‚ But likeany girl…it makes me hit panic button..a little. πŸ˜‰ ) So sue me…i’m passionate.

To day how crappy this year began…and how crappy the end of last year was…i can’t believe that i’ve made it this far. I’ve excelled myself emotionally and i deserve Β fricking trophies. I DID IT. I FUCKING DID IT.

And i’m the kinda girl who people seem to hav a lot to say about…be it good OR BAD. So i skim all the comments or messages that head my way and giggle with a ‘whatever.’ I mean, i’m a lot different to how ‘Mr.Joe Bloggs’ my read or see me…and i’m grateful for that. I must be? I’m a lot less diva than you think. I’m a lot less insecure than you want me to be and i actually don’t even look as bad as ou think i do without my face on. Lol. I’m actually a jolly good laugh. I’m warm, not cold. I’m happy not sad and i’m more giddy than bitchy. More ‘Princess’…than evil. I mean, just because my boobs are made of silicone, doesn’t mean i’m *name every label that comes with that here.*

So, i tip my hat to you for being judgemental because it makes me smile because i’m actually nothing like that or you. I’m easy going…and it all comes from having a good old heart. πŸ™‚ Sooo people can say what they want…i’ve done super well…and well i completely understand how hard others may have it life in comparison…and to them i send love, as we’ve all danced on rock bottom.


So, i have a full week of work, but i’m looking forward to my Christmas break. I’m ready for a date, a cuddle and to be spoiled. Oh and Β massage. I really neeed one, so anyone who wants to fill the above quota may apply. πŸ™‚ BIRTHDAY IN FIVE DAYS, (JESUS! I can’t get this image that a sixty year old lady gave me today of a cooking sausage that looked like a big raw willy. She showed it me and then giggled, like it was the best thing she had ever fried. HHAHAHA.) Loved it. I need therapy. I’m scarred. People show me the weirdest shit because i give off the grandest impression known to man.) People also stated that i apparently never give myself credit when i do something awesome…I apparently laugh it off, like it was all a fluke, when really actually i’ve worked super hard at it to get where i wanted to be?) πŸ˜‰ The way this year was headed i’m sure danger was head, but i fucking did it. I have nurtured the two babies, worked a full time day job, achieved and created my own business…all swimmingly..thank you very much! πŸ™‚

I might not have the best love life right now…but i will…and i will because i want it. My hearts ready.

Sooooooooooooooo to any chick out there…you really can do anything and achieve anything you want to, with a little love and focus. And to any guy that see’s me as a potential…:)…i flipping am! πŸ™‚

Okay, godda go…i have a super long week of work.

But, i love it. It’s fun.

Buy lashes,


Ciao. x