Working, Owning..Loving


I have literally worked my booty, booty arse off today! And it weirdly feels great! I always thought free money felt better than earnt money. I ALWAYS did. However, now…it’s the exact opposite. When you’ve earnt that dollar and you LOVE what you do…and you’re around amazing people…then you’re certainly better off! *Another step up* And oh fuck it..let’s have a *wink.*

(Yes, i’m on the wine. I don’t care. I deserve this vino. PLUS, now that i’m back home from day job, i’ve got to work through the night in order to plonk up m lash line for you to buy…BY TOMORROW MORNING. Lol. Cheery! Cheery! I always do things better sauced up, so i hope i at least get pissed. 🙂 )

I’m still waiting for my product pictures… to put up on the site…by tonight…:) ….so things are kinda dancing on that thin bit of ice and yeah there’s a minor bit of pressure…but it seems that, that is the way i tend to like situations. I can work amazingly under pressure, to the point where people are  shocked that I can even function. 🙂 I’m swear i’m like  s slutty looking Superhero. But a lazy one, when things come easy..then a rockstar when the heat is turned up A LOT! Gimme! Gimme!

Anyway…about boys…

After talking to all my chick friends, it’s seems that every West Yorkshire, sort of Ponty/Wakey/Leeds boy, has chosen ‘the German market’ for their casual ‘everyone goes there’ Christmas date spot. LOL And every London boy  has chosen ‘Winter Wonderland.’ HAHAHA. If i hear another..’oh he’s talking me to The German Market’ or ‘We’re doing Winter Wonderland,’ then i’ll giggle and drink 42 gins, with a head shake. But on the whole…a date is great! I love dates!

My friend Kat, who unfortunately passed away. yes, the ‘Kat’ that was on ‘Paris Hiltons British Best Friend’ with me, always used to tell me that the best way to see if a guy was decent was to get him to take you ice skating. That way you can judge him and see if he’s a show off…helpful..cautious, nurturing…or terrified. 🙂 You can see if he takes himself seriously..or if he can find it in himself to laugh at the entire situation, when it all goes ‘bad tits’ up. 🙂 I never did, because well..i figured I could read boys well and any boy that’s too hard to read, or messing you around, or can’t be bothered to express how he feels…isn’t worth wasting time on ‘the read.’ If a guy likes you, he’ll find you, go out of his way to make you smile…adore you and in the end get what he wants….which will be you. If they’re messing around, ‘umming’ and ‘arring’..and placing you on hold. Or just treating you, like you’re not that important, then they too can be placed on ‘hold’…as you fish around in that big old pond of glory.

The men that like you a lot..will chase you. It’s their natural instinct. They’ll fight for what they want. And usually win. The strong ones anyway. The winners at life. The ones that can pick themselves up and gallop forward like a hero. The shitty ones, will make up hundred excuses and blame the world for all that it has burdened upon them. Lol. (Those boys don’t get laid.)

Lets boys be boys and girls be girls…and everyone’s love life will simply be dandy. There you go! I should be President! 🙂

(God, i’ve got to work all night and get up for work in the morning, Pahaha.)

This Christmas has been the busiest Christmas of my life and i flipping LOVE IT! I am the luckiest chick alive.

Okay, so i’m gonna drink this my arse off…and hopefully get this lash line out to you by the morning.

Wish me luck.

It’s going to be late one. But whatever, if i don’t get it all done by tonight, i’ll just have to get it done as soon as I can! Lol. It’s seriously the trials and tribulations of being a ‘Mama.’




A day and a bit much


SOOOOOOOOOOOO, i’m knackered, i’m really tired, from a giant load of hard work….BUT i’m happy and i’m happy because not only did i score myself a DOUBLE PAYDAY, but I also have my lash line ‘almost’ ready to launch on Monday…which is December 1st! EEk! Fair enough, i don’t have any time to dedicate to errand running, Christmas shopping or chilling. Especially because I have very little help right now…when it matters and when I really need it! lol. Sods law. However, it seems i’m handling it all with a ‘wink’ and doing pretty goddamn well. I’m managing to fit everything that matters IN..and when you can do that, still feel adored, still take care of your responsibilities and still make money…then you are the dogs glitzy bollocks!

Now, i’m always lucky in December, simply because many moons ago I was born under December stars. Makes me dead lucky whenever this time of the month waltzes around.

Sooo, i reckon that this little eyelash shaboogie, is going to go alrighty…meaning that i’m feeling quite confident and all because i’m happy. (Gives you all the right vibes, doesn’t it!) Everything, right now seems to be going right. The only shitty thing that happened was the fact that i accidentally pricked my finger..well cut it. When ‘Sleeping Beauty’ did this, she got a 100 year kip out of it…well she almost did, as she got woke up by some hot Prince smooching her! Alright for some. ME…on the other hand, cut myself on a cup…a ceramic broken one, in a sink. It bled and now hurts, like a swollen bruisey. No kip, no Prince. No joy. (I really do need a pamper day. I have a birthday coming up everyone!!!!! HINT! HINT! Oh..and i need a handbag….a good one. 😉 )


I’m working all weekend, through the day, through the night..and being a Mama all at the same time..AND the Kitty Queen of Greatness, might I add… *Wink…purr*

Therefore, all i really do have to say to you, whilst i’m in my sexy, but shattered state of ‘ooh laa,’  is Monday December 1st….my lashes will be ready for you to BUY! BUY! BUY!

It’s the first FIVE hundred that i have for sale…and well I have one and a bit days before you delicious dolls or guys can get your luxury mitts on them!!

I’m excited. You’re excited.

December 1st.

Coming soon!

Chrissie Wunna lashes.

(Perfect gift for Xmas.)


Night cap


I’m really happy right now. Really happy. I’ve had this AMAZING day at work. I’m surrounded by AMAZING people, I’m SMASHING it. LOVING it and doing super dooper well! Today i underlined the fact that one of my acest personality traits is my determination and this playful spirit of ‘win, win, win.’ And if you’re with the right team of folk….you always ‘win, win, win.’ It’s all about your energy with others, your connection, your chemistry and your drive.  It doesn’t matter what area of life you’re looking at, the right kinda team always wins! So yes, all is amazing,

I will admit, that life’s a bit hectic due to there currently being just me and the babies,,,BUT,..i’m doing my do and i’m doing it wonderfully, with an absolute touch of glamour! If you can’t handle it…you can. 😉 I just laugh stress off, apply more lip gloss and strut. My eyelash brand starts selling next week, so i’m excited, yet in a rush. I’m not at all panicked, as i know it’ll do well. I mean, i have the best lash line in all the land The quality of those lashes are divine! And there’s something for everyone! AND i’m working. I’m handling an amazing day job, at the same time as being social, being a loving mama and creating a business based on m love for eyelashes.

On the boy front…i’m feeling rather impressed right now and if i enjoy anything, i enjoy being IMPRESSED by the opposite sex. I don’t know why I am, other than the fact that i’m naturally a girly girl, therefore being the kinda girl, who embraces the joy of  ‘la femme’….I kinda love a ‘hero.’ The kinda guy written about in fairytales. And like every human, alongside that fairytale…a physical attraction seems to be the thing that keeps the cogs going. I mean, far too many people apologise for fancying someone physically, because we girls have kicked up a fuss about guys being guys. (And that’s including myself, even though i do deep down know that they are simply wired differently.) But yes, I love to be the kinda ‘impressed’ that happens when men use their own initiative and without us women having to prompt them.

I’m impressed.

Anyway, aside from that…i’m working all weekend and intending on loving every moment of it. I guess, there’s something attractive abut a being who can work their arse off and do well at life…with a SMILE.

Okay, it’s late night wine and takeout time,

Love you.

Have an awesome weekend,

Wunna x

The sequinned jiggery pokery


Life is currently amazing and it’s because i’ve lifted up a giant cosy blanket of stress and instead found ‘good times’ and peace, all in one. I actually feel sorry for anyone that is having to go through massive shit right now, as i’ve been there..and well now, all there is in Wunna land is roses.

It’s weird because over the past few years, there’s always been ‘Chrissie Wunna’ and well..just me. And i’m ‘just me’…but some kind of bizarre fantasy, be it a good one, a bad one, or a sexy one…is mentally built of me by others…which stirs them up passionately, when it comes to my existence in their live. At first, i never really thought anything of it, and well now it’s just something that i’ve learnt to live with…but it  can be annoying, because the people that i have in my life, who know me  me in person..they just get me and treat me well..normally. Yet, others..jump to loving me, hating me and or everything in between based upon blog posts, pictures, brief , past, tv appearances or just anything they can Google, find and point at. I’m not one to care, as i’m obviously built of the good kind of glitter bricks and i’m not a force to be reckoned with, even though i may come across as a bit of a glammy ‘ditz.’

But whatever, i’m really lucky. I have lots of love, lots of babies.. :), lots of work,  lots of en route success and a smile on my little kitten face. I’m feeling great right now and well i don’t think that i’ve ever been happier.

This year, i’ve worked hard. Really hard. And i’m really proud of the person that i’ve become and the future that i may create for myself. *Wiggle..giggle.* Y’see, power comes with knowing how hard you’ve worked and seeing a result from that. Knowing that no matter what anyone says…you’re still happy because your life is actually wonderful. I’m really grateful for all that  i have…and for the first time in a long time, for once…i’ve worked hard for it. (I’ve been slack in the past, but now i’ve got this shit down. 🙂  AND i did it all in too much eyeliner! Yeah baby!)

What i dislike about some people is their inability to be positive, open minded or even just (and i don’t hate the word) ‘nice.’ In fact no..worng word…’hopeful.’ I might be sarcastic and feisty, but i have one of those good old hearts, the kinda heart that gets folk into Heaven. 🙂 And it’s that, that matters. None of the jiggery pokery and more of the substance. People who focus on the ‘jiggery pokery’ are idiots. But yes, i still manage to find them funny too. I’m humoured by them. It’s got to be the kicks.

December 1st…my lash line come out to you…I’m really excited and i truly hope you all buy a pair.

Yeah, i’m dashing about, trying to glue it all together and make it all happen…but i will and i can’t wait.

This is the stage in my blog where i’ve got my fingers crossed, however they’ll one day (soon) be a stage, where in which i’m celebrating being moi!

Night tie kitten kisses,

Wunna x






My Favourite Season CLUTCHES!

WELL…It is that time of year where i decide to force upon you my ideas and thoughts on ‘what’s hot’ out there in the world of retail and since you all value my opinion on all things fashionable :)….(Only i got away with wearing a SUPERMAN shirt and leopard print coat as a teen…KILL ME) let me reel out a few of my favourites.

Now, when it comes to Winter and ’tissing’ the season and all that jolly stuff. We as girls, all need my favourite, impractical fashion item…and that…my darlings is a CLUTCH. (No…not for your car, as that would be far too useful. I mean, the pretty hold in your hand, because it’s sparkly type clutch…that has no handles and hardly fits anything it in it! Hurrah!)

I’ve pondered and searched…and well here are my faves! GUYS…as long with my eyelash collection….they MAKE GREAT GIFTS!

Now, i’m aware that peoples budgets are all over the place and some boys have more guilt buying to do than others…so my ‘fave range’ goes across the board from ‘Primark to Prada’ (even though none of them are from Primark…or Prada. But PRADA…always a good gift! Primark..always great for a last minute ‘need it now’ buy. It’s like what i call ‘train station lip gloss’ that you NEED to buy, whilst you wait, at the last minute before your train arrives.

So, they are…enjoy… I sort of prefer the more fun ‘clutch’ types, or a STATEMENT clutch. So i’d wear a ‘basic’ and POP up my outfit with some wild pizzazzy clutch of ‘wowser,’ It fools people into believing you’re stylish.


his ones’ just a bit of fun and better in real life…New look.




New Look

Yves Saint Laurent (Leopard Print)

Mulberry (Pink snakeskin)

Loads of online brands do this ‘fingers in’ clutch. VERY handy!



The next two are Gucci

Cat Eye DIY clutch. (Awesome Idea!)



The next three are by the ‘Star’ collection in Debenhams, Julien Macdonald. (I have all of these and boys, these are your affordable ‘can’t go wrong’ choices)

Being Chrissie Wunna


I’m really not too fond of over busy places….I’m currently wedged inbetween people all sorts of people, in a new white faux fur and diamante dingle dangle earrings. I’m even in leopard print kitten heels and well when one is IN such an outfit, WEDGING should never ever occur. I’m meant to be the Princess of Glamour and Fabulosity….not ‘Wendy the Wedged In Wunnabe.’

It’s my day off…i’m in Doncaster. I was meant to blog last night, but i got distracted by eyelash line, meetings and eye candy. You know…i love LOVE and i thoroughly enjoy the idea of romance, excitement and a ‘happily ever after’…having a playmate that you enjoy life with….so i hope that one day i can realize how right I picked and hand myself a trophy..instead of finding myself WEDGED between all sorts. 🙂

However, love right now isn’t the focus. It’s always there or never far and well…i have the most beautiful family that fill that particular basket up, right now. I never say ‘no’ to it…i’m just picky these days and if you were me…you would be too, right? LOL

Business, business, business is the key. I’m shitting myself as i have to plonk up this website on shopify for my eyelash line, so you can buy my lashes somehow. It’s not as hard as I thought, but when you’re working a full time day job and have no product shots, and have two babies…and you’re still waiting for everything else that you really need in order to hurry the process on…it’s not fun. I mean, i haven’t even sort my edited pictures yet, so i might have to use others for now, until they’re ready…but i don’t long as the lashes can get up and be somewhere for wonderful folk like you…to buy. I’ve got 4 days.

However, being me…instead i’ve found myself in Doncaster…which is my favourite place of inspiration, if i can’ t be at the forest. I walked into the Frenchgate Centre in a grey coat and within 17 minutes, walked right…before my first real coffee stop in a brand new faux fur white coat and giant dingle dangle earrings. Y’see, the thing about being a glamour puss, is the simple fact that you’ve got to step it up, whenever you feel the urge or itch of ‘ooh laa,’ coming on. I never get to spend dosh on myself, due to the fact that i seem to work all the time…so whatever, i’ll treat myself. I mean, fuck it, i might even get a full on weave put in today for kicks. 🙂 (Which would mean missing my physio appointment for my ankle…yet what can i say….priorities, priorities…needs…must. 😉 )

OMG!! And Alert! Alert! It was brought to my attention last night that most people get paid on my BIRTHDAY next month, (Dec 19th) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Party hats, frill sequinned knickers! SO not one of you have an excuse to spoil me. 🙂 I think i might even get paid on my birthday this year?? WAHOO! Being 34 will be awesome.

Okay, i’m going because i do actually have shit loads to do and this ‘wedging’ situation is pissing me off.

Love you lots,

Wunna x





Flash a bit of prelash much!

Good evening, my gorgeous droplets of midnight oil! How are you? Dandy? Great!

Well, i’ve worked all day, loved it…lived it…owned it…and then chased children around my living room, in a swirl of fairy lights, by a jumbo fox and owl cushion, as they fought over who i loved the most, as i attempted to make them fit into a selfie with me. Wait….the children i chased where my actual OWN children, just to clarify. I mean, i’m not some dodgy Pied Piper with all the children in all the land, in my living room. I don’t chase random kids for fun. I’m too old, too glamourous and too lazy. What Ruby and Junior have above other children is that they’re part ME….something i’m quite fond of. 🙂 So, they come first….but i’m sure you’re babies are lovely too. i just don’t want to chase them…i’m knackered and deserve this ‘they’ve finally gone to bed’ wine.

(Wow, that was an odd paragraph.)

Sooo. I have this week to sort out the beautiful plonking of lashes online for you to buy and i’m really excited for my big old Christmas sale/launch and ‘da…daaaa.’ I’m doing a prelaunch for Christmas to…well to be honest help sales. Then in January, i do my BIG OLD LAUNCH, where the lash line will truly be celebrated, panached for you. However, Christmas is the the first time that anyone in the entire world EVER, will be able to purchase lashes from my new luxury line. They are the first ones out…made with mink fur…and there are only FIVE HUNDRED pair of my lashes from this collection, that will be being sold THIS CHRISTMAS, form Dec 1st onwards! They are my limited editions…and the first five hundred are great because they  all come numbered, so you know which pair you bought from the limited editions…with a certificate of authenticity and gift wrapped.

They are purrfect for any girl of any style or mood  and well if anything….they MAKE GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS. 🙂 Wiggle…wink..hip bump…flutter….hair toss!

Hope it all goes well. Hope that you do actually love them.

Biggest kisses to you all.

C x

(Up early for work in the morning..need some shut eye.)

All in kitten heels…


Y’know, sometimes in life, you just kinda get that funny feeling, a kinda feeling that buzzes an odd warmth through your system…a feeling that makes you smile with your eyes, when no one is looking..a feeling that radiates so strongly inside you that tells you that something amazing is about to happen. It’s sort of all related to your gut instinct, something that i wish MORE people would rely on, as my gut instinct is the strongest gut instinct in the world. Every time, whether i go with it or not…it is always ‘bang on.’ Right now…i have that feeling and i couldn’t be happier with life.

But yeah, with everything going right and all that jazz hands…let me rewind. TODAY, i decided to take on Junior, with Christmas, with shopping, without him being strapped into a buggy and without the smart security of  kiddie reins. HOLY SHIT!!! I mean, i am never one to rush, fast totter or glow with intensity after darting from wall to wall….so having to race about in leopard print, kitten heels, after my OWN loin fruit..a product of my OWN vagina…was nothing short of exhausting…even though it was hilarious.

He loved it. I laughed, but chased. Yet, all i can say is  fuck the gadget shop and there amazing selling techniques. Just as i had almost got the ‘racing after my hell on legs son’ situation balanced, in the EXACT WRONG SPOT…..some teenage ‘weekend jobber’ boy started remote controlling some Army truck around a wall, as another dear boy flew some space age, flying bug thing… WITH LIGHTS ON IT, around the skies. DAMN YOU…

My feet throbbed…my son’s eyes relighted with the fondest, most excited buzz of utter glee…and well , there you have it…as Junior chased towards the madness, like the happiest baby in ALL THE LAND…we went ‘back to one’ and the rushing, darting, chasing, sweat on, Mummyhood ‘hone in my child’ game began again!! IN HEELS. LEOPARD PRINT ONES! by fucking fairy lights and odd people, who didn’t have over excited children. 🙂 I think i might even have bunions now. Lol

On the positive, the awesome thing is that he couldn’t be happier and well nothing is more rewarding at Christmas that having little ones, who adore every dying minute of the festive season. I’m lucky. Soooo lucky…and i know it!!

The wonderful thing about Junior was that he didn’t get to see his sister today until later on and even though he was now home and completely exhausted, he deliberately fought his sleep and WAITED UP, until she arrived home. Once she did, he loved her and the played..and ONLY THEN (after Ruby had decided she was going to bed lol…less attached…just like Mama) he let himself finally settle and rest his tired eyes for bed! I love that quality in him. I mean, Ruby’s very loving, kinda nd protective towards her brother…but she certainly has a heavier independent streak in her…she is definitely the leader of the pack.

Right, I’m busy. I have a full week of work, a soon as my alarm goes off at 7am…which is actually a lay in for me. I love work,s o i’m bothered by it. I’m happy to be so lucky. BUT I ALSO NOW have ONE WEEK to sort out my eyelash line, so it can be on sale….as soon as the week is over! JEEPERS!!! I am better during these pressure points. I work well under pressure. I toss the rest f it off…until ‘crunch’ time. Then i shit myself, work hard and weirdly get results.

I’m doing wine now so whatever.

Roll on 7am!

Kittens…let’s do this!



When kittens get preachy…


Hey doll! I have Literally worked my pretty orange ARSE off this and i couldn’t be prouder of myself, as there was a moment in 2014…well..several fucking moments where we were skidding on thin ice…and I say ‘skidding’ simply because skating would make it sound far too beautiful, It was messy! 🙂 BUT, if I want you see anything, i want you to know that, really no matter what happens to you in life, as long as you pick yourself up , laugh it off, shrug it off, or even commit to a weep, you can always always make it right again. You JUST need to try. Expect the shitty periods, as you’re all going to have them. I mean, embrace the shitty periods if you are smart enough to remember to bounce back. BUT please DO make like a ball..and bounce your strong ass self BACK. One of the great things about life is that every day, you get ANOTHER shot at it…for now. FIGHT, when it seems all else is going wrong. Get that answer, solution..whatever it takes. THEN, everything will go exactly how you wanted it to. It just takes determination…wine and your fingers crossed. Everything happens for a reason. I believe that. But i also believe that you can truly give life a ‘nudge’ in the right direction and carve a bit of a jolly path for yourself!

Stop quitting things…be it in work, love, family or dreams. They’re all the things that matter. Be there. Love hard. Work hard. Stray focused. Stray focused? 🙂 Well that’s a conundrum in itself! Pahaha. Bottom line…Don’t damage yourself…or others. You’ll regret it later on. You’ll really regret it later on.

But yeah…i’ve worked my ARSE off this year and i’ve done really really well. 🙂 I pretty much turned it all around. I laughed it off and got on with it. I’m really, really happy.

I’ve been at work all day today…and it’s been wonderful. I have another busy day tomorrow and i’m excited for it. I’m really lucky to be in such a position and there are loads of times where i look up and HAVE to thank my lucky stars! I’m kinda non judgmental now, when it comes to  those who work and those who don’t and those who arrange their world around the benefit system. I now think that as  long as whatever you’re doing, makes you happy and is not something that doesn’t stem from a bad place…then you’re dandy, You’re okay. I work hard and that’s my choice, but if i could be a multi millionaire and stay at home with my babies…I WOULD. I mean, waving ‘bye bye’ in the mornings is awful, as I pull away in my car. YET, at the same time…they want for nothing and it’s because of that reverse out of my drive at 8.20am…with a wave. It’s all about balance. So, yeah…me personally, i couldn’t do nothing and have no dream to pursue, or not have a day job, I’m not one to moan about there being no jobs, because i really think there’s plenty. There must be, i had two full time jobs at one point this year? AND a business! So, i can do it..anyone can. I think that i just despise moaners in general. I hate people who moan about shit for nothing. If your life is that bad, do something about it and quit blaming everything else in the world for your own life issues and problems. People can get over any hump. We’re designed tooooo. Helloo? I mean, why people can’t just have a wine ans sleep it off, or have an argument and shout it out, have a weep, or sit in and ‘Zen’ i out in some meditation corner, i just don’t know? The next morning, you’ll be fine..and if you’re not…then you should be. 🙂 (It obviously depends on the situation.)

[I’m currently stuffing my face with Junior’s Pringles. I miss them tonight, as i’m working on beauty line stuffage, as they are enjoying ‘Daddy’ time.I don’t know how anyone lives alone??? There’s no energy, no a being around…no life…now excitement, no love, no buzz. I live for my children…so i miss them. They’ve both grown up so much and Ruby just looks like the ultimate diva these days. She is one smart cookie. Junior is the HAPPIEST BABY IN ALL THE LAND. Innocent, fun and weirdly obedient? Ruby isn’t at all obedient, unless there’s something in it for her. Kinda like me. 🙂 Junior’s sweet and well yeah, i’d say he looks like me, but he has his father’s temperament. He has his father’s personality. I ADORE how much my babies love each other. They truly are excited when the other one is around. It’s lovely and sort of fools me into believing that i’m raising them correctly. 🙂 They’ve kinda made me want two more babies because they’ve made being ‘Mummy’ wonderful for me. I’m so proud of them. However, they’re massive now. I miss them being babies…hence why my ovaries are aching. I adore them and to me, that’s what life is about. Love…family….work…happiness. I’m just not one to do my future as a Burmese biddy on my own. Let me remind you…it’s lonely.]

Methinks it’s wine o clock!

I’ve actually tried to write this last paragraph shit loads of times, but my server was down, so it kept refusing to save my work, then to cream it over with glitter, it then told me to ‘fuck off’ and refused to let me have access to Hurrah! I guess, i was going to tell you that I had work to do on my eyelash line, so i’d have to shoot off. And, well…i really do hope you all support me in my quest and say ‘YES’ to buying ‘Chrissie Wunna’ eyelashes this Christmas, as firstly it’s make me feel proud of myself. Secondly, i’d be proud of YOU and thirdly, it’s sort of a way for me to prove as a woman, that you can start off my having the shittest year ever and at the same time be a mum, with numerous babies, work a strenuous, full time, day job and STILL have A DREAM that you wish to pursue, followed by attempting to pursue it, followed by SUCCESS! It can happen and we as women CAN DO THIS! I mean, our lives get more difficult as we get older…doesn’t it girls! And just because responsibility tumbles upon us, it doesn’t mean that we HAVE TO plonk our dreams on hold. With the right amount of love, help and determination..we can still turn those dreams into a reality and if I could way THAT flag for womankind…then I’d be completely and utterly satisfied. (With a cherry on top.) So, i guess, i’m trying to say that it would mean soooooooooooooo much if i kinda had all your support. I really want to make this eyelash line work and i really want you to enjoy what i’ve created.

Y’know, now, that i’m working hard and fine tweaking my eyelash brand… my own little girl now looks at me like i am the single most AMAZING WOMAN she has ever met in her ENTIRE LIFE! Like i’m some kind of superwoman, who is making HER dreams come true. That feeling alone, makes you feel alive…and it’s that feeling that we as mum’s live for.

Love you.

Night! x







Nighty night banter

ac17 - Copy (2)

Heellllo, my delightful winks of mucho..mucho! How are you all? I’m working hard, yet mildy disturbed over the fact that a whole bunch of folk found this blog by searching ‘sexy tranny’ and ‘do indian’s masturbate.’ Jesus Christ! I mean, i’m trying to prep for eyelash selling here and weirdo’s are still channelling, in their own special way, down some dodgy path of delight.

I’ve had a great day today and because I met great people. I have great friends and well…today i not only got texted by an old work ccolleague but i also was visited by a very recent old work colleague, who i had missed very dearly. Y’see, the thing about seeing the people that you miss, is the fact that it makes you feel ‘giddy.’ It makes you feel excited. In the past people have been excited to see me…(i’m a swine, but i make impact :)….I’ve not only had people weep, but also nearly watched  a boy get run over my a powder lemon, convertible VW beetle, on a busy LA street.) Today, the stiletto was on the other foot…and yes, it felt WONDERFUL to see the people who i, myself feel comforted by…and let me tell you,  I really only enjoy people who comfort me, as people who make me feel nothing , or stressed…give me a face rash…and well that isn’t ever very delicious, when you’re a glamour puss.

But yes, Life is awesome. Work is great. Beauty line in en route. The Babies LOVE EACH OTHER. I mean, nothing is more satisfying than that! I mean, I watched Junior leap around with utter explosive happiness, just because Ruby was about to walk through the door…and well, a a Mum, when that happens, it makes you feel great. And it only makes you feel great because you hope that you’ve raised them that way, to adore and respect each other madly and forever, in the name of ‘family.’ The rest of the evening was spent being Mum, having a wine, relaxing from work, and gobbling up burritos, whilst watching Kendra Wilkinson, on ‘I’m a Celebrity,’ eat a penis.

I’m still struggling to fit things things in, but i’m going to be success, so i’m chipper about ti all. Things are going well and in fact, I don’t think my love life is too shabby. I mean, I know what’s important to me and my family and in the end…now that i’m sensible…i usually end up doing the ‘right thing.’ I’l see what December has on offer. (I can’t actually believe how i managed to turn my 2014 around. It went from shit to amazing. I’ve never ever worked so hard in my life.)

Okay, i’m knackered now. I’m off.

See you tomorrow.

Same place. Same nonsense

Wiggle..wink…hip bump. x