Luxurious, Wooden, Wrist Candy By JORD

So, about a month ago, well…it could’ve been a bit longer, as i had just got back from the forest? Anyway, about a month ago, I received a little package and not a surprise package, as I did know that it was coming my way…but a package from JORD watches, who had sent me one of their luxury watches to wear, review and talk about, if i ever so wished!

I never talk about anything that I don’t adore. Apart from men. πŸ™‚ Yet, due to a weirdly busy schedule of work and a jolly does of mummyhood, it really has only been NOW, that I’ve managed to actually plonk my brand new watch, on my delicate kitten wrist and completely and utterly admire it! We all know that I adore things woody :)…as in ‘foresty’…and i also weirdly also adore things that are handmade, luxurious, alongside things that reach my kitten paws as gifts and reviewing ANYTHING at all! So really, this package was a total WIN FOR WUNNA! A total slam dunk! I currently have my watch on my wrist, after peeking it out of it’s beautiful box..(I love great packaging, i’m a fool for it. I adore a dash of this and a drizzle of that special something that lulls you to purcahse a product, which i do find weird to say that I have spent a lot of my life marketing things for a living. πŸ™‚

But yes, this was the watch that I was sent…I actually picked it myself.

And let me tell you why Jord watches are amazing!

I now, have a watch that is completely unique to ANY OTHER WATCH in this entire world. No two JORD watches are alike and simply because they have been completely handcrafted, from scratch, with wood that has been gathered from FORESTS AROUND THE ENTIRE WORLD! YES, THE WHOLE WATCH IS MADE FROM WOOD. Making it a natural and simple LUXURY, that isn’t tinged over with a glossy fakeness, but a true hearty feel of glamour.

They are a brand from America, where in which the watch is being worn by some of Hollywood’s finest. They provide watches for both men AND women…

Here are some of the Men’s line for you to gander at:

Gorgeous, gorgeous, items of both art and luxury in one! That make absolutely phenomenal Β Christmas presents for all, as Β they watched ARE a luxury brand, from luxury collections meaning that they are a middle ranged, pricey gift of class. So, girls, if you do not know what to buy your gent…look no further…



Have a gander on to view all their goods!


This one is my watch, made of complete maple wood. πŸ™‚

There is not another brand providing of watch of the same type or quality, that actually makes you feel as great when you wear it! In my mind, it is high class, top quality wrist candy. I’ll be purchasing my Christmas gifts from Jord, this year and so I hope you will be tooo! I adore finding new INNOVATE BRANDS, that ooze dignity and ‘va voom,’ This watch has sex appeal.

For time pieces that you can truly treasure for years and watched that are suitable for all, you can only rely on Jord. Plus, I also love the fact that you can wear one up, wear one down and enjoy each time piece with the love that it has been made with!

Go to

And grab your own piece of luxury this Christmas! πŸ™‚ Collect them all!


They got hitched!

So, they did it!!

Wazza & Hannah are OFFICIALLY married and we were all there to see it! I definitely did a sick when i got home, meaning that not only was it a great wedding, with the absolute BEST MUSIC EVER, but it also underlines the fact that Wazza has ALWAYS stated that I can never ever hang out with him without PUKING. πŸ™‚ He wins! Puked about 4 times…and luckily in the back of my Mum’s new car, so my car it still fresh as a daisy. πŸ™‚

Right…i’ve known Wazza since school and pretty much saw him every day of our entire schooling life at Ackworth, not ever knowing that one day he may choose to settle down with a definite Queen of Aceness, have a family, a business, be running two homes…and well…all i can say is that the boy done good! Yeah…we didn’t do as good as some of the souls that Ackworth School ventured and studied at the darling Pontefract boarding school…but when it comes to life…real life…we did great! I don’t think i’ve seen him as happy, in love (and i’ve always known that he was a love bunny…one of the good guys, someone who deserves the best) as i saw him on Saturday. He was all grown up and beaming…and it sort of made everyone in the entire vicinity remember our childhoods with each other…and smile at how far we’ve all come. Hannah looked beautiful…and well any bride that requests tracks by boyband ‘Five’ on their wedding dance floor is my FAVOURITE! She looked happy. She looked really happy. And as I scanned the room at their family, the guests…and just the life that was swirling around me….i knew that they had a love that would last forever and I was so HONOURED to be there to witness the big old ‘sign off’ to the land of ‘forever.’

Right. I got to the church LATE. If you don’t know my mum…she is late to everything. I’m early to everything. So, it was really annoying that Ruby and I arrived there AFTER the bride had arrived…and right before they did their vows! For some reason my mum was sure that there wedding was at some other venue…so even though I was grateful for being driven…(meant i could drink..and later do a sick) it was kinda frustrating to not be in the right place….

BUT the main this is …that WE GOT THERE. Ruby and I snook in through the back, side stepped across to a corner to refrain making a scene…(this was after old friend Amber has suggested we should, as she was trying to persuade her loin fruit to return to the church.) I love Amber, so it was a great first face of comfort to see. When you’re late to shit…you need that face in order to feel better about life.

WE GOT THERE and I saw the vows! Everything was beautiful and soothing. I scanned the church….surprised that I didn’t burst into flames really…but yes… there everyone was…faces and memories from parts of growing up…yet we were all now grownups ourselves, with wives, husbands…and babies galore. Everyone had a ‘Mini me,’ or a ‘better half’ attached to them. Everyone still sort of looked the same. However, Instead of being 17 and listening to rock bands in dodgy Ponty pubs…we were all suited, booted and grown ups…watching Wazza and Hannah, to their round of ‘I do’s.’ LOVED IT.

The thing about weddings is that they’re ace if you are the people getting married and always good to watch when it’s someone close to you. However, when they do their picture taking…and the love part, the guests, even though we all kinda know each other..have to do this shuffle around, outside, making polite conversation with one another, not really knowing what’s going on, what to say to each other…or what’s happening, where? πŸ™‚ It was funny. People were just side stepping and nodding at others with smiles…and trying to figure out what to do with themselves. Plus, if you haven’t seen some people in ages…you feel all shy when you first speak to them. Well i do anyway! But it was really good to see everyone. Even when sober. πŸ™‚

Luckily, it all eased up…and when travelling to the Yorkshire Sculpture park occurred for champagne, the party part and posh snacky bits, before the dinner…everyone lightened up a bit, got drunk…and got chatty!! During the waiting period, Ruby tried to scope off to Team Sally/Dale, as they looked like they would be better parents! πŸ™‚ Lindsey and I just got drunk on ‘waiting’ champagne, before the speeches. In fact everyone did. In fact, even the tray holder did, as I’m sure one chick smashed a couple glasses by accident and had to plonk up a bright yellow ‘caution wet floor’ sign. LMAO.

I guess, it’s the thing we all do best. The thing that connects us as beings or friends. πŸ™‚ The party, banter…drinking.

I was sat at Table 10.

..which was quite obviously the ‘misfit’ table. Either the late RSVPs’ the people you don’t know what to do with…or the people who you reckon would get on best. I loved it. Tabel 10 rocked. Katty however, who was the Best Man’s date…which if you’re a chick, you know sort of sucks and simply because the Best Man, gets all the TOP TABLE Β glory and you have to roam around getting pissed on your own…on the last table…on the table that SHE stated was for ‘RETARDS.’ πŸ™‚ Haha. I mean, she even asked Wazza why she had to sit on the ‘retard table’ and Wazza just looked at her and said, ‘Why do you have to ask?’ Lol

However, Β ‘Table Retard’ ended up being awesome because out of nowhere, the table wine begins…my child is pulling every glow stick out of every box she can find and bringing it to the table…some electronic metal cig, that looked like a vibrator was being passed around the table, like it was a Hooka, a peace pipe, or just custard cream flavoured legal drugs…and then all I hear is whisper…’Wunna…Oi…Wunna! D’ya want some rum?’

Then like magic, i was told to pass my bouji wine glass to the other end of the table, where it was spiritually filled with straight rum, from ‘under the table,’ by Katty…Before you know it, we were all toasting out handbag rum, then being forced to ‘down’ it in order to look cool.

Unfortunately that opened up the ‘open talk’ and well we all then KNEW WHY we had been placed at such a table together, because we were Table Inappropriate people. ALL the people who would ruin everything, say stupid shit to family members…and be rebellious in some way that would make the married couple look bad. HAHAHA. We then talked shit, got more drunk, ate bread, watched Birch make his son be posh, guessed Ruby’s ethnicity, made fun of one another, in a ‘below the belt’ fashion, smoked more custard creams and then i bought shots for the table. Lots of shots.

We got drunk, congratulated the bride and groom..then DANCED. WE ALL DANCED THE NIGHT AWAY TO THE BEST WEDDING MUSIC EVER!

I’m not kidding it was the best wedding music ever and it was sort of like we were all 17 again…all the other halves and children seemed to be doing their own thing. Ruby was dancing away…she loved the wedding so much that she wants it to be her theme at her next birthday party. Lol. The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree. πŸ˜‰ Anything grown up Ruby loves…so she had the best time ever and LOVED all the guests. I did catch her trying to drink champagne though, mid ‘Shaggy’ track. You don’t drink champagne…not to Shaggy tracks anyway.

GREAT! GREAT! AWESOME NIGHT. Loved seeing Hannah and Wazza become ‘one.’ (That sounds dodgy…lol…I mean MARRIED. I don’t ever want to imagine Wazza putting out. I’m sure it’s all nipple tassles.) It was great hanging out with everyone again…i’m weirdly missed them. Amber, Abbi, Ginger Dan, Chris, Dale, Sally, Rich…well, i can’t be arsed to go through the entire list of people,..but it felt great! It was lovely seeing Wazza’s family. I mean his Mum and Dad are familiar faces of my childhood, whenever i used to stay over at Wazza’s, they had to put up with me as a teen. I wasn’t a bad teen…when i was in school anyhow. I remember that we’d spend all day at school together and then call each other all night…so our parents phone bills were sky high. Mine must have been as I used to fall asleep still on the phone to Waz…and i have no idea what we’d talk about? I love his Mum and Dad. I adore all hsi family. They’re great people. I mean they even let my family kidnap him and take him to Disneyland for kicks, mid ‘A’ levels. Plus, it was awesome to see the babies!! Everyone’s little bambino!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I loved it! We proper grown ups now.

But yes…you’re getting it. Had an ace time.

And well you know you have a good husband when this conversation happens:

Hannah: ‘Chrissie. Thank you for bringing the puppies.’ πŸ˜‰

Chrissie: *Giggles*

Wazza: ‘What puppies?’

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Now, that is a good man! πŸ™‚


When I have more pics…i’ll plonk them up!

Work, Deadlines & Wazza gets married tomorrow much!


Super massive sorries for not getting around to blog, but I am crazy dazy busy right now and just trying to slot anything in πŸ˜‰ seems almost impossible!! There’s so much on the juggle. I have plates spinning all around me and well i’m actually championing it better than i thought I could! Yeah…i’m getting those moments where i’m about to fill to the absolute brim with anxiety. I lose the plot sometimes, yet more often than not, i feel the urge to be a stress head and instead opt for breathing it out calmly.

Lots going on…Day job…great! Working really hard…almost every day. You need to do that until you get to where you want to be in life. Situations tend to open doors. They always have done in my life. Those who are working are always doing better than those who aren’t, as long as there is balance. I guess people always want to leap forward to the ‘result.’ They don’t want to do the hard work part and simply skip to the ‘living the dream.’ The smart people know that you have to work really hard to getting and creating your ‘dream come true.’ You don’t just wake up one morning, think you’re the Queen of Sheba and 9 mins later become it. There is working hard to overcome…and that is what i’m doing. Its’ the accumulating finances stage…and i’m enjoying it. Always work a job, any job, until you have the job that you want. BUILD!

I was really tired midweek, simply because Junior decided to be sick. Mama decided to lay awake next to him out of love, until i felt he was better. I worked the next day, all day…like a trooper…got my period inbetween and finally got to my FRIDAY. My Friday ended up being awesome, because i hit ‘target’ and beyond…and well not onl do i get to have an actual LAY IN tomorrow. Yes, an actual lay in where i don’t get up at six o clock, in the morning.

BUT TOMORROW afternoon, at 3.45pm, WAZZA and his lovely ‘forever’ Hannah…are GETTING MARRIED. SO i finally get to go to Wazza’s wedding. πŸ™‚ Super excited. couldn’t be happier. Starting off by taking just Ruby’ then later on in the evening we will be joined by my Mum, dad, Brother and Baby Junior. As you know, I ADORE WEDDINGS and it will just be lovely to watch someone i care about get married. I mean, Wazza has been to every single one of my wedding :)…even the one in LA and well how amazing is it that I finally get to go to HIS! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY, for both of them! PLUS, Junior and Howel finally get to meet!!

Tomorrow will be the best way to spend my Saturday. Can’t wait.

I have Β a wine. I’m looking over my gift bag designs for my eyelash line. My eyelashes and lash boxes are currently in production. I’ve seen the first few hand woven lashes and they are brilliant! They’re Β China right now…and i can’t wait to get my hands on them. I’ve gotten my gift wrap tissue and ribbons…i’m nervous because of my Xmas deadline, but have faith that i’ll sell them! I’VE CREATED THE BEST EYELASHES Β in the entire WORLD

But before that.. i need a snooze. Luckily, American Business savoiur Zach has given me the option of having him on board for the longterm, which makes me happy. Makes me less terrified.

Wish me luck. Need a nap. The babies are in bed. And well….WAZZA gets married tomorrow!!! Eeek!!






So, other than driving into things, i’ve got a rash & a rash all over my FACE! yes! My fricking FACE! Now, for those of you who don’t know and you’d only know if you were my Mother, I guess….I have psoriasis. And I only get gifted with my merry dose of psoriasis, when my body is run down, i’m on a diet, or i’m about to ride into my ‘time of the month.’ I’m all of these things right now and the Good Lord, has decided to bless me by letting the rash crusty drizzle it’s way around my face like a rash, itch my scalp and grizzly my eyelids. All it is is dry skin, that turn rashy and i have a very mild does of it, but it’s annoying. I mean NOT THE FACE. +saveme +mama +ouchy +poorme +ititches +ineedanambulance +mysorryskin +mirrormirroronthewall +pityparty +newskinplease +psoriasissucksballs

I’ll get over it soon, after i’ve gotten over the urge of scratching my face to pieces. It’s a mind game, i tells ya! But yes. Rashes. Horrid things. Automatically make you feel ‘dirty.’

Okay. Next bit.

I’m out on my travels today and at the same time (because I have to tend to a lot of work from my phone) i’ve recieved my gift wrapping ribbon samples…for well….the gift wrapping πŸ™‚ for my eyelashes and their lash boxes. I like prettifying things…so even though it’s just a bunch of branded ribbon, to tie up my tissue paper wrapping, which will then go in a prettily branded retail gift bag, that I am still designing…i’m enjoying it. I love the little creative bits. Makes me happy. I lav all the important business stuff to ‘American Business Zach.’ Lol. Like i’ve always said…stick to your strengths folks. Don’t try and be something you’re not. Embrace your natural abilities…your God Given talent as they tell you on every single talent show, as it’s only that way that you will flourish to the lofty heights of true fabulosity.

I stopped by the petrol station today in pinstripes and well i didn’t need to fill up, i just needed coffee because I woke up feeling dodgy. (Face rash. Maybe i’m allergic to something?) Anyway, got to the cashier and the young twenty something guy serving me starting to giggle mildy and after stating that i was to pay Β£2.40 or whatever it was…POINTED at a single dodgy plastic box of almost gone off fruit, the kind with the plastic cellophane over it and said, through mini laughter, ‘Do you fancy some plums?’ πŸ™‚ There was a moment where my eyes slowly goosey gandered to the almost gone off plums for Β£1 and then we both just pissed ourselves laughing. πŸ™‚ He finished it all off by saying, ‘That’s what my boss is making me say to everyone. He thinks it’s a great idea.’ HAHAHAHA.Β 

I am even STILL pissing myself at it!!

However, i did notice that he then didn’t say it to anyone else in the line, as I walked over to a section that sold ‘just car stuff,’ and only said it to me. So, i don’t know whether he thought that I looked like someone who would find it funny, or get the joke, or whether his boss had JUST informed him of his new little duty, OR he just fancied giving it a whirl on Wunna? But nonetheless, it made me chuckle for hours. ‘Do you fancy some plums?’ MADE MY DAY! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Then i noticed that when i walked out of the petrol station my buttons were undone!!! I SWEAR DOWN, that i always walk into places fully buttoned up, like a nun, or school girl who’s never seen boys. (Well sort of like that. πŸ˜‰ ) And then I walk out of places looking like a slut! I don’t know how my buttons unbutton themselves…but they do and without fail? There’s not point in me even attempting to rebutton as i’n like the cast of ‘Girls Gone Wild’ and The Pussycat Dolls in one. I can turn anything ‘Playboy.’ Put me in a big bag and the bin bag would mysteriously find a way to have peeky holes in the nipple area, like the sweater on ‘Mean Girls.’

My rash is itching. GOOD GRIEF. It kills! πŸ™

I’m looking at beauty products and ordering gift bags, so i must venture off before it’s time for the nursery run.

Travelling is tiresome. I just want to *blink* and be places already!




At The Olympia Beauty Show this MONDAY!


The best of beauty in Britain!

See me there! Come say ‘Hi!’

Be for the the absolute BEST in beauty! It’s going to be AMAZING! Starts Sunday 21st if Sept!!

A Dandy bit of a refuel

DSC_4160-Copy (1)

I’ve already crashed my new car. Not a big crash, but a little ‘drive into a wall’ crash. The sort of crash that causes a bit of swearing because it occurred directly outside your house, out of very minor carelessness. Nothing’s damaged. It’s just the simple fact that I can’t help but crash cars! FFS! My Mum, (who gave me the free ‘paid in full’ Mercedes) just laughed…I mean, she’s not bothered, she has a new set of wheels, yet she adores to tell everyone, when they want to know why the wall is hanging off? Can’t see just lie and say it was rhinos?? NO. I’ve even had Keiran laugh at me because within one evening of having the car, I managed to drive it into a wall. πŸ™‚ I’m ace.

So, i’m working all weekend. I worked today and was actually really great. Really good fun. When work is worth it, it just breezes along merrily. Today was great. I love great days. It swirls me with a positive *wink.* I’m back at work tomorrow and well i know that i’m going to have an awesome day.

HOWEVER, tonight for one of the first times EVER in..well i can’t even remember when, I came home to NO CHILDREN. πŸ™ Due to my busy schedule and my parents bit of busy…we’ve hot childcare in where we can, as nursery doesn’t occur on the weekends…yet my work..does. SO, they are both with Daddy and loving it.They were my first call as soon as I arrived home to my empty house. πŸ™ They were beaming and well that made me happy. Plus, they were treated to such an amazing day.

At first,Β IΒ didn’t know what to do with myself and I sort of just mulled around pulling faces. Then I laid on my bed…pulling more faces…then i wriggled a little to get a bit comfier and before you knew it, I realized that it felt utterly BLISSFUL! This NEVER HAPPENS. I relaxed for a whole 30 mins, without a single sound to bother me. (Don’t get me wrong, if i love anything, it’s Mummyhood, yet you do need these moments of refuel, as one day, when i’m a massive success, these days of sacrifice, will have made all the difference to their lives. I’m working a lot and doing really well. Beauty line, day off…deadlines…beauty school and I’m actually going to be at The Olympia Beauty Show on Monday (with my press pass) to indulge in the best beauty brands in Britain. I adore all things ‘beauty’ and Β i simply cannot wait. Yeah…i’ll be exhausted. But every minute is worth it. I mean, you can’t come out with your own line, without seeing what’s out there.

Other than that for a couple weeks now, i’ve been wearing a different pair of false eyelashes daily, from different brands, to compare them to my own line. Yesterday’s were hilarious, as they were my Primark cheapies. Nothing looked, or felt more fake. I looked like the bottom of a drag queen’s pocket. They were fun. But even far too fakie for me…I was getting a weave at the time, so it didn’t bother me too much. But yes, they weren’t my favourite fakies, to say the least. I just think that when it comes to lashes…you get what you pay for.


I’ve got so much to do, so i’ll head off and do them before it’s snoozey time, as I’m starting to get tired.

I love you. I’m at work tomorrow. I’ll catch up later…

I smell a VINO approaching. Come to Mama…

‘E’ is for Errands..


So, I don’t have a baggy weave any longer! Hurrah!

Baggy weaves, are like saggy bums, they’re annoyingly devastating and down to the simple fact that when you flip them…they…flop. Hair and bums…should never *flop.* Before 11.30am…my weave flopped and in life, i once encountered a male who’s bum sorted looked glum and did a sad face at me. (Only once…i’m far too superficial to encounter that more than once. I enjoy eye candy and a strapping young gent. I enjoy to look at my man and do a ‘Fonzi’ two thumbs up at myself…due to him having some kind of warrior body…and I don’t mean the males who celebrate an oversized, gorilla…esque…carpet lifting, roid taking body. Bigger isn’t better. Just a guy who people look at and think, ‘Yeah..he must go on a run now and again.’ Lmao.)

Today was great because it was one of those days that i had to myself. I had yesterday off and enjoyed an amazing breakfast date, over smoked salmon, wholemeal toast and scrabbled eggs. It was a breakfast date that made me happy, as I smiled and rocked a pencil skirt at Deli Central in Wakefield…and it’s funny because when you’re happy and comfortable, you swirl around with good vibes. It sort of makes you all positive and when you’re all positive….like herpes for some….it spreads. What I mean is….when one is positive….one attracts more positive situations…That is probably a better way of saying it. πŸ™‚

Great morning, breakie, errands…ponders in furniture shops. It was lovely. It was easy. It felt right. It made me happy.

Anyway, today has been oen of those days where I managed to run every errand under the sun. All mums will feel me here. It was one of those days that you get to yourself, when you can actually get all the super important things that you never get to do…DONE.

I bought sight…i had my weave maintained….I organized paper work…made the right phone calls…..bought shoes….bought outfits…:)…….and well rushed around doing the little things that matter to me…and all in the time that I had spare before the nursery pick up!

I’m now blogging opposite my lovely Daddy, who’s eating Pork Scratching and…talking to himself. πŸ˜‰

I’m looking forward to my eyelash line. Yes, i’m getting a Β it nervous….but i think that’s classed as healthy. Scotland voted to stay attached to good old ‘Blighty’…I’m happy about that, because as a being of England…it sort of gives us a more UNITED front. If i was Scottish though, i’d probably vote for Independence. That’s just my manner. πŸ™‚

Woke up this morning and some horrific ‘must be a fan’ chick form Texas, who I don’t know, sent me hate mail. She does it every so often for attention. All she does is comment on my look and call me ‘ugly.’ Lol. If you’re me…it comes out of nowhere. If you’re her…she must glare at that one picture constantly and think of something to abuse me with on a daily. I just rounded it off with a ‘Awww…are we a little insecure today. Nevermind, it happens to the best of us.’ I mean, just cos you’re having a dodgy chick day and we all have them…doesn’t mean find a glamour puss and take it out on her. Then she called me ‘illiterate’ because i spelt ‘their’ wrong because I was midway through changing nappies and dancing to Zac Efron with Ruby. I could’ve gone on with the banter…yet i figured that I was too busy doing ‘life.’ She ended it with a ‘…..’ Vocabulary, must have skipped her mind. At least I actually thought of words to spell wrong in the first place…

..then i laughed about it.

But yes…It’s been ages since i actually got hate mail.

It didn’t bother me though as the girl at the jewelers today loved me! I got ace customer service simply because she once watched the BBF show yonks ago. Thank God for it. I LOVE great customer service. I’m anything for an easy life…and to be honest, these days, it has made life a bit easier.

Other than that, i’m prepping for work tomorrow. I’m trying to organised my diary to try and get scheduled. I’m looking forward to Wazza’s wedding and i’m currently trying to order retail gift bags for my eyelashes. It’s taking forever.

I’m driving around my new car and when i say ‘new,’ I do mean old, as it’s my Mum’s previous vehicle. Y’see, as I Tweeted…the great thing about my Mum buying a new car (and her favourite choice is always a Mercedes) is the simple fact that I get her ‘hand me down.’) So, i got a car for free to drive around..all fully paid for…until I figure out what I’m wanting. Couldn’t be snazzier. It’s a shame a such a shit driver…so far, I haven’t even figured out how to pull my seat forward, yet i’ve driven to Doncaster and back. πŸ™‚ Yeeha!

Okay, i’m working all weekend, so need to get prepped.

Love you lots…

C x








Much better!

I’m back on my working schedule and positively powering through it like a mighty kitty of ‘ooh laa.’ I’m feeling soldier strong, after my giant weep and well i’m currently parked, booty down in my pink glitzy cave of ‘getting sorted’ and i’m ready to take on the world and swirl it with a side of ‘dreams come true.’ You just can’t let ‘things’ get you down, can ya? The things that get you down, aren’t worth the weepfest and well there’s usually a positive to it all in the end. I reckon i’ quite irrepressible, i’m smart, happy and refuse to to let less chipper folk rain on my glitter parade. The futures pretty bright for me and well that’s what makes me so goddamn LUCKY. πŸ™‚

Great work day today. Came home to a cozy, clean home. (After I cleaned it. Lol. You really can’t leave my Dad at home with children. The place turns into a nightmare, as he really is one to disbelieve in harsh discipline. πŸ™‚ )

I’m having a vino, after doing Ruby’s nails…and well life seems great!

Beauty line deadline, isn’t scaring me anymore. I’m gonna ace it. I’m breathing I’m smiling. I’m grateful. I mean, not very many people get to launch their own line of lashes…so i’m super proud of myself and well everything will slot right into place.

I need to catch up on beauty school, as ‘day job’ is good, yet getting more intense. There’s quite a lot of work to be done and as I tend to that…which is the good old ‘bread and butter,’ I sort of have to juggle on the side lines, to make it all work…and it will. It always does. *Blows you a kiss…Wink.*

I’m looking forward to Christmas and i’m excited for what lies ahead.

I have a busy day tomorrow, however, just one day to get through before two days off! πŸ™‚ I can get through a day…no matter how busy it is and if you can’t then how the hell can you get through life.

What I learnt yesterday is that people shouldn’t dwell on things in the past that are negative and prevent them from happily moving forward and ironing out kinks. What I love about me is that i’m not that! I can shake anything off and see a smile somewhere. That’s what makes me ace.

Love you.

Talk to you soon. x


When it all goes tits up..


Only I can drive a Mercedes around with a flipping TREE in the back of it with style. I’m actually proud of how much I actually managed to achieve today, on the ‘ME’ list and I reckon it’s all down to the fact that I began my day super early, instead of tossing it off for the ‘later..maybe,’ box.

I tottered around Doncaster, the merry town that birthed me. Β I shopped…i tinkered, I tampered and just sort of went along with my day really. Then after about an hour, I sighed and I sighed because ‘one’ is a really lonely number. There I was, just kicking up dust on cobbles, letting time pass, around nothing that I really cared for, or anything that actually mattered. I’m not used to being on my own these days, as there’s usually a gaggle of loved ones around me…that it felt sort of lonely. It felt unnatural and like i needed to love and feel whole again. I wanted my babies around me! I don’t know what i’m gonna do when they’re older, other than raise them to adore their mother, as i’ll miss them being babies, when they do ‘being grownups.’ They’ll be just me and no one to care for and to say that I’m now a girl who no longer believes in true love…I don’t think it exists. I believe in relationships and companionship etc…yet the fairytale of what I one thought was the magic of ‘true love,’ i definitely do not believe in. It’s now sort of seems like a a glamourized version of normal love. It’s like having a plain cake and shimmering it with sprinkles, icing and delights, simply to make it look better. When really…when you look at it for what it is, it’s still justΒ a big clump of cake..but with shit on. πŸ™‚ Yet companionship, i believe in. That seems to make more sense. But don’t feel all horrified at my lack of love lustre, those of you who are frolicking in the midst of true love…as i’m only referring to my life…WUNNA LAND…where the boys don’t stay around forever and as the Hollywood saying goes, ‘forever’ means temporary. Like, i’ll never be romanced, loved and cared for the way all girls deserve to me. HOWEVER, it doesn’t mean YOU WON’T!! I know some GREAT COUPLES, who are a delight to watch! πŸ™‚

But yeah, I had a conversation early today when i realised that when something is just going to stay the same…you kinda just have to get on with life and close the door on it out of complication. I don’t enjoy things that are made complicated or dashed with a negative attitude, because there is ALWAYS A POSITIVE TO EVERY SITUATUION. ALWAYS! It hurts me, then it bores me to tears, as in literally. Then i find that i get upset…and well the rest of the day was spent WEEPING..:)

Yep! Weeping!

I cried and cried and cried and cried….and simply because my heart felt soo sooooo sad and my tactic, when something, someone, or a situation has made me feel sooo sooo sad, is to simply shut off, don’t talk to it and walk away from it. That way it can’t hurt me anymore than it needs to. Plus, my body and mind is naturally a glitzy trooper and gets on with life merrily. I’m good like that and THANK THE LORD FOR IT!

But HEY, don’t see all this as bad, as i do believe you need those big cried to release a bundle of energy. You need those big talks to eventually be able to be in a place where you can forget about the bad things and see someone in a new light, don’t cha? The healing process is never a fun process…but it’s essential and healthy. And it can actually take yonks! πŸ™‚ Depending on how much healing needs to me conquered…before you get back to ‘okay then…let’s do this…’

The quicker you feel something, shout out something, discuss, cry or whatever.. something…the quicker you heal from it. It’s only when you bottle it inside, or never let it out the bag, when it becomes harmful. However, in my mind, when things take too long, i just find them not worth the hassle anymore, as it gets draining. My recovery time is pretty decent and i honour that! I’ll pull my socks up, realise the wonderful things that I have going on in life…and enjoy them, with thankful smiles. πŸ™‚

(Note to self: Good men, make things better. Bad men…make things worse.)

I’m back at work tomorrow…so i’m getting ready and prepping for it.

I feel like I have so much on my plate…

Let the anxiety begin…:) *Here it comes…*





‘M’ is for Monday


Good morning, my fellow darlings of diamond dripped hope! I’m enjoying this morning, even though it’s a little drizzly and simply because it is MONDAY and yes, this bitch totally has the DAY OFF! It’s always the days, when others tend to work, that are best to have off. They make you feel so much better about life. A Saturday, a Sunday…glitter, glitter *smurh* (I don’t quite know what that’s meant to mean, however, I did intend for it to be the sound of feduppidness. πŸ™‚ )

Today, i’m happy and I had ALL these things planned that I hoped to do, that we as single mums never ever get to enjoy…The simple things like take a shower, without an audience….enjoy doing your face, sit in quiet for a while, watch what you want on telly and for all glamour pusses, who enjoy a bit of retail therapy…SHOP. I can never shop when i’m with other people, let alone my loin fruit. Don’t get me wrong, we do go shopping…HOWEVER, i don’t purchase pour moi, during these family shopping trips…i always only purchase for the bambinos.

But yes, now that i’ve got to my ‘all about me’ day…i now just MISS the babies. πŸ™‚ We’re shit for it aren’t we. Lol. All mums do it. Well some mums. I mean, i’ve just seen a mum GURNING in neon and too much tan by a bus 9am!!! Druggy parents worry me…because they become the most intolerant and selfish parents ever. I mean even as people, they become hard to deal with. So, my heart goes out to her and her babies…and well lets hope she gets her act together before it all goes tits up. Oh and neon shouldn’t be worn before noon. πŸ˜‰

The weekend was fabulous to say that my car broken down, and madness came upon Wunna land. It got sorted, as ‘daddy day care’ stepped in and made everything a bit easier for ‘Mama,’…for a moment anyhow. Women are a great deal more giving with their time aren’t we? And well men are the species that always try to put their own needs first…even before their children at times…whether it be drinking with friends, gym going or some kind of sport. It all comes before child minding. πŸ™‚ It’s how they’re wired. I mean, even Pete, who is actually a lovely, lovely soul…a gentleman, looked at me a little awkwardly last night, when my Mum asked if he could look after Ruby this Sunday, whilst I was at work and she was away for the day. He does usually do Sunday, yet from 11am onwards…:) (yes, there are time slots to parenting apparently and I get it from both Pete and Keiran.) Anyway, instead of having to tend to my loin fruit from 8am onwards, he began to state that he would prefer it if my Mother maybe take Rubes with her, on her day away…because he may not be able to get up at that time, after working late and going out for drinks afterward. Hmmm…? I think, he just saw the look on our faces, got terrified and immediately changed his plans on the spot. Drinking and tiredness does NOT come before my children. πŸ™‚ Plus, both boys can’t really say anything now, as I tend to both bambino’s…work a full time day job, do beauty school, i’m about to start a beauty line and i make them feel like the most loved children in the world…To be honest…i actually do better than both of gents put together, meaning MUMS you CAN DO IT! Do not be defeated. What you gain is the utter unconditional love from your babies and if you’re trying to make business work for you….RICHES. πŸ™‚

*Sequin shower here.*

Anyway, away from that…the weekend..fabulous. However, it feel as though i was strutting one minute and then rushing the next. It’s almost as if deadlines came out of nowhere and I was running against the clock? I couldn’t find a massage, there was simply no time…and when asked who i was loyal to when it came to massages, I described it as ‘pulling the ugly chick at a bar,’…when you’re desperate…anything will do. It’s not the greatest, but suffices for the moment, however, you really do know that you should’ve shopped around. πŸ™‚ Basically, the plot got lost…and i was placed naked, back into my pink fluffy cheap fur rug, sausage rolled up in it tightly and shoved down a very green hill… blind. And i definitely had an updo. (If you don’t get that…open you’re mind a bit more. πŸ™‚ )

So, it’s that time of year where Summer is pretty much over! And i hate it when people cling onto Summer for ages. It’s done…let’s get on with fall. And according to my theory, when Summer is over…Summer flings dry up and come to an end. It’s not the season for coupling up just yet, as it’s the time where you shake off the Summer flings that you seem to have accumulated by accident, be it by flirtation, banter or sex and you flick through your glitzy rollerdex of ‘potentials,’ to get ready for the Autumn dating season…before coupling up for Winter. It’s simple…we’re are mammals after all. I don’t care what anyone says, my theory is right! πŸ™‚ It’s fall dating, followed by relationship Winter because let’s face it, who enjoys Christmas alone. NO ONE! And if you don’t have love, or a family…they you just have a cold mulled wine, some tinsel and no tree. (OOh reminds me…i need to buy a tree today! Not a Crimbo tree…but a ‘stand outside my doorstep’ tree for decoration.)

I’ve got a lot to do today and i’m actually going to try and get things done. I think a lot of us sort of ponder the things we wish to do, instead of just getting on with them. I’m that way inclined, so today, i’m doing something about it….

Coffee first…life second. Be the kind of beautiful you wish to be today!


Ps/ All this was blogged from the Starbucks in Doncaster πŸ™‚