Love A Helpful Gent..Much!


Right!!! So I finally managed my big beauty line, Skype call bonanza ย with Business man Zach in America…with working microphone and everything!!! I had to bimbo it into PC World/Curry’s and do ‘vacant’ but adorable faces at ‘Knowhow’ men, who laughed, blushed a little, went Yorkshire on me and pointed to a little hole (not that hole) at the side of my notebook, which stated that I simply needed to plug in a headset mic, in order to be up and running. OH!?! ๐Ÿ™‚ Silly me!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am SO not techy it is unbelievable. If i didn’t have Wazza’s wizard help over the years i’d be a goner. My mind just doesn’t work that logically and well I’m the fun sprinkles on the top of your cupcake…the dressing, the icing. Not the serious cake stuff, nor the cup. ๐Ÿ™‚

As always they were happy to help and a young girl scanned through my new mic headset…whilst telling me her life story…(which i do actually like, i love people and their worlds…she only see’s a boyfriend once a month because he’s in uni inLondon and one days she’s going to be a lawyer, however right now, she’s scanning shit for Glamour Pusses in Ponty at Curry’s.) See! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Some people are on the right ladder up! Others…just aren’t.

Anyway, just got off the Skype call with Zach. I adore a helpful male, be it one that I work alongside, or one that I love. The more helpful they are, in the areas that I know nothing about, the more i believe i can rely on them…and the simple fact that he said, ‘You can sleep more easily now, knowing that you have me on board’ made me feel as comfortable as comfy could get! Panic station’s over. The business/company is getting sorted. ๐Ÿ™‚ I did comment on how lovely he was being and how grateful i am for the help. Yet he did remind that I was actually paying him, so i shouldn’t FEEL BAD for his help…as it really is his job! HAHA.

I think i’m so used to people being difficult (paid or not paid) or not working hard, or just not being lovely…mainly people who try and make things more difficult on me…that it shocks my system when someone is just so professional, great at what they do and once summoned for help…really does help. This is why this time around I went for the best of the best, in the area of expertise that I needed. You get what you pay for…if you’ve done all the correct research of course.

I like useful gentlemen. Be they a business man, or a handy man. Makes no difference to me! I’ll cheers to all men that aid Wunna land in some way or another and i do mean with good intention.

(I think i was just comforted by his accent, as an American accent reminds me of my LA times, when life was easy, fun and i was surrounded by great people, all doing well and going places in life. I associate that sound with good vibes.)

Anyway, yes…i almost have a company up and running dolls! First batch of lashes out by Christmas…my Limited Ed’s and then we’ll be up, up and away…with rockets up our hinies and everything!

(I’ve just had sushi and i know that I go on preacher rants often, but supermarket sushi AGAIN has done my head in. It’s just not the good stuff! I’ve also noticed that my children are attempting to smuggle their toys, all of their toys into the living room!!! I see bright plastic coloured bits in every corner! ย This sin’t the ‘Fisherprice’ factory. I don’t get why babies feel that they need everything they own in toyland…by their side ALWAYS. Then there’s Junior with his blankies. I mean Jesus! I’ve got one child that won’t eat until she’s sick and the other who won’t go anywhere without his comfort blanky. They have issues already and they haven’t really even started life. Single parenting…the bomb diggy right? WRONG. Babies, need families…whole families to become whole, happy adults. I’m even finding single parenting almost abusive now, as I watch them fight for attention. They’re wonderful children and they are loved more than anything in this world. But they just need what ever other child in fairytales has…and that a happy Mummy/Daddy, stable, normal home. Ruby CRAVES it and if anyone was hurt THE MOST from my breakup…it was her…bless her heart. She sufferered massively and emotionally from it, to the point where..and as this morning’s nursery carer agreed, that she’s now emotionally tough. She’s confident already because life has already given her a beat down. And although it’s lovely that she’s now filled with strength…it’s kinda sad isn’t it. So if you’re a guy or GIRL who has left a family, or thinking about leaving a family, before you think about yourself, you should probably think about the other people it may hurt, as they mould into ‘little bit older’s.’ ย Junior’s not so bad however, as he’s known no different really. That’s his normal. Plus, yeah he’s constantly surrounded by loving women who dote on his every move (me, my mum especially, nursery…everyone)…yet with Junior my Daddy extra stepped in massively, which he never needed to with Ruby because he felt that what Ruby needed was her mother. At first Junior didn’t get it? But now…my dad walks into a room and Junior goes mental with excitement. He’ll start screaming his name until he gets a cuddle. His hat creeps him out though… ๐Ÿ™‚ But whatever…that’s life. ๐Ÿ™‚ I scream at fashion crimes everyday.

God! I don’t know where all that came from? What we have is LOVELY and warm. But being a single mum as really just made me realize how important it is for families to work at their issues and make the household stable and happy, whole and right for the children. Separating families, just doesn’t work as well, unless the children are so young that they know no different. However, that makes a re-connection much harder for a parent after ‘years gone by’ doesn’t it. It reminds me of the guy earlier this year, a ‘friend zone’ guy, who tried to date me, but had a girlfriend that he was still with, yet having problems with and a 2 year old son. I sat with him and told him how important it was for him to go back and remember what he loved about his relationship, take on his responsibilities and just love. Nurture what he already had. Fix it, instead of thinking that running off and offering himself to a glamour puss, would make everything alright. It doesn’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ooh i think i’ll have a wine now.

Thank GOD, i bought a bunch of bargain beauty buys form the Beauty Outlet just now. All shimmery tanned, bronzey stuff,which is great for me to buy at the end of the Summer when it’s all on offer, as it’s what I use on a daily. I bought L’Oreal true match foundation in warm…a couple bottles and the Jemma Kid water resistant shimmer bronzer. So ‘ice bucket challenge’ eat ya heart out! I think i also threw in a Smooch eye shadow. Again in bronze with a lighter cream coloured shadow as it’s counterpart. Bliss! ย I actually love Smooch products!


But yes, we have victory and i have lashes coming your way soon! Buy them this Christmas please!

Chrissie x













Bikini’s, Life, Beauty and Men…


Morning, my delightfully, cherished souls of kitten, lady, lad or gentleman. I’m swirling around with glee, on the second of my two days off from ‘day job’ and thoroughly enjoying using my free time for good, bad, not ever the ugly…and well ‘dreams come true.’ The new productive Wunna is so much sexier, than floozy pa’toozie, party Princess. That worked well in Hollywood. Yet, in good old Brit land…it’s certainly not as ‘ooh laa.’ Be you a girl OR A BOY. Plus, i’m older now, i’m a mother…i’m far more fabulous and dolls, i have my shit together. Yeeeeeeeeeeah! Baby!

I’m currently blogging from the newly refurbished Starbucks at the Junction 32 shopping centre in Castleford…one of my favourite places to blog. Other favourites are my LA balcony, anywhere where in which i am immersed in atmosphere, people and life and well any hotel room. I LOVE BLOGGING FROM A HOTEL ROOM. I mean think of all the shit that goes down behind each door of a hotel room, each one of those four walls tells a story within itself. But yes, today i’m at Starbucks…and i’m armed with a Caramel latte and a sausage sandwich. (Which wasn’t squashed like they can sometimes appear at Starbucks. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) It was actually yummy. Yet i think the new atmosphere makes me feel better.

Plus, I did sunny (I’m going to say AUTUMN) morning driving, even though it’s August…The weather is telling me it’s fall wardrobe time, so shut it. I mean, i judge the seasons by the weather, what your wearing and how hot the eye candy is. I can spot sexy a mile off…we all can and luckily sexy..can spot me! (I NEVER EVER check who has ‘poked ‘me on Facebook on any of my profiles and only simply because i always forget. Checked it yesterday…HOLY SHIT, why didn’t i check ever!!! There was a stream of hot boys, old hot boy acquaintances and famous boys, all poking at me to grab a little Glamour Puss attention. It goes waaay back to 2011…and i missed it! I was sooo late to that party and i claim to never be late to anything!! But ah time for ‘poking’ these days…i’ve got me a company to run shortly. BOOYAH! That’s enough ‘sex’ for the time being! Wunna takes GLAMMY to the next level.)

But yes, got distracted…drove here to this: (My currently fave driving song)


Lots has happened. I’m feeling strong! I’m feeling delicious. I’m getting my glammy back ON, technology is still pissing me off, beauty line is going to be hot and ย i’m looking forward to covering the Olympia Beauty Show, for it’s 10th Anniversary. The good thing about being a blogger and one that people have sort of labelled ‘maybe good’….is that you get to go to these things ‘invite galore’ and before you get to go, theyย throw you a press pass in order for you to indulge in the ‘behind the scenes,’ intimately…at the same time as trying out the goods on offer and for free…And this is so that you are able to deliver your honest opinion, if you so choose to …on whatever product you have thankfully been gifted. People aren’t allowed to PAY YOU to sneakily say how much to like their brand, however if they DO pay you, it is counted as a sponsorship, meaning that they’ll allowed to have their company, or product advertised here on with an exchange of payment.

I usually just blog about the things i generally adore, as I can’t find it in myself t be arsed to ramble on about things that I don’t really care for. Hence why i always ramble on about MYSELF. ๐Ÿ™‚ My ego won’t let me include anything that doesn’t revolve around me. (My tummy is currently churning after eating extra spicy Burmese stuff last night, with rice. Yummiest thing ever. I love my mum’s Burmese treats and I adore every inch of my heritage…but i tells ya, I have no clue as to why it’s given me the *****s. Spicy is in my blood!)

On the baby front…It was Ruby/Mummy day yesterday. She started off by puking and ended it on spending everything i had on awesome, girly, shopping treats. Junior gets the same treatment, because i’m soft and i like the fact that they can do the ‘may i have this…’ and with a pretend ‘let me think about whether you’ve been good,’ face…i ponder and then just go for the ‘Okay then baby.’ That’s what life is about! No…not the need for material things. Lol. Just the fact that I make their life easier, not harder on them. I don’t make them ‘jump through hoops’ for no reason…just for kicks or a power trip. I love them and well…they know the score. I’m they’re best friend, but i’m Mummy. I’m not that shouty. Not that mardy. I have boobies and i’m awesome. If i’m cross…Nanny McPhee will get them and that is that…:) Yet Rubes…who can now perform a roly poly. (OMG, the utter glee on her face when she accidentally rolled over on her head and realize that she had just done a real life ‘am i now like a ย five year old’ roly poly. She’s only been trying for her entire lifetime. ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoy that she can turn an accident into a positive.) But yeah, distracted again…RUBY knows that I got to work, to make money and because i got to work and make money, i can spend days with them, where in which she can purchase whatever she wants..whilst enjoying a certain lifestyle. Junior’s far more easy going. Right now…and because he’s a boy, he’s just not that ‘diva.’ Yet his brain is awesome. He can remember and copy everything you do, but then you give him a conundrum and he’ll figure it out…(not like a Carol Vorderman conundrum, i can’t even figure them out,) but you plonk a practical or physical problem in front of him…give him a second and he will have worked it out, flawlessly. Unfortunately, they’re not my i’m far too busy making my hair bigger and bigger, pouting at my mirror image and using my brain for manipulation, whilst glitter spraying orange tinged pieces of arm and relining my eyes with smoke black. Yet the genes he has from me are apparent…well…we’ll ‘juudggsh’ here…let’s just say…that boys a looker. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย Ruby’s brain works like mine. But she certainly resembles her father in a frock.

I can ramble on about the babies all day. but i won’t instead, i’ll ramble on about boys!

Have you noticed that men don’t like weak women? Have you noticed that! Now, i don’t know if it’s just the men i know or the ones that i’ve so happened to have dated. But to say that they’re meant to be our hero’s and step in to protect, love, honour and provide and all that lovely bunch of coconuts. (Shit, reminds me that i didn’t get my Malibu coconut cup yet!) I think that they’re actually creatures (be they a good man, or a bad man) who want us women to look after THEM and be their hero’s. Are men tired of being the champions? The soldiers? The ‘Carry big things if you know what i mean?’

I don’t think they’re tired of being our Knights in shining armour. Don’t get me wrong, they like that bit and I do believe that they adore being the breadwinners, as it’s how they see themselves as ‘better’ amongst OTHER MEN. Men are highly competitive creatures, they like to ‘the winners.’ ย AMONGST OTHER MEN and because of this…what their male counter parts think of them, sort of matters to their ego… quite greatly.Which is so different to women. I know that there will be men who argue this fact…but i think that there’s a underlining thread that runs through ALL gentlemen that makes them alike, as there is with women also. We are all packaged differently, with different opinions, appearances and spirits…but being a girl…is being a girl…there’s a thin braid that ties all of us chicks together as one…and that is the same in men. Women all enjoy to be treated a certain way and that way, no matter what kind of doll we are… is to be respected…

But yes, men aren’t attracted to weak women. They like to know that THEY’LL be loved, protected and cared for and therefore they can’t stand seeing the girl that they have chosen to be their ‘forever’…broken into little weak pieces. You pull yourself together, you march forward…you watch the boys come! Literally ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t blame them really, as I can’t stand to here girls moan on about having their heartbroken, over and over again on repeat, whilst they’re still ย insisting on lingering in ‘pity party’ mode for a good few ‘what seems like’ years…to sad love songs and pathetic ongoing…weeps of ‘let life bully me’. I get the weepy, wine, stage! We’ve all been there. But once enough ‘weepy, wine’ stage has been performed or ย indulged in…and they don’t snap out of it, i’m infuriated and can’t be arsed anymore. LOL. My sympathy card is up, when you’re down, yet when ‘down’ turns to ‘needing attention’…i snap my card in half..(yes over my kung fu mater knee) and demand that you turn ‘soldier.’ Fucking pity party. Booyah!

So, today i’m meant to be doing the ice bucket challenge,m because Gay Adam wants me too. Yet, even though i didn’t do the ย ‘NAKED SELFIE’ (which i was far too insecure about AND it got a bit too trendy for me…everyone kept doing it, wanting to do it… talked about doing it etc..etc..which is just my excuse for not doing it ๐Ÿ™‚ ) i WILL do the ice bucket challenge. But not in a bikini? Everyone seems to think i’m doing it in my underwear? It’s not PORN. It’s flipping charity! Lmao.That Union Jack bikini has made you remember my past. ๐Ÿ™‚ There will be no nipple tassles worn, doing this moment of charitable behaviour. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s not going to make people donate more is it!?! It’s just going to fill my inbox with perverts.

But yes, I just don’t have time to do it today, as i’ve got to do a bunch of beauty line Skype calls with Zach in America, which has got to hit time zones. So, i’ll have to save it for next weekend, (that i have completely off) and the productive in me can’t seem to throw a bucket of water over my head for video, knowing that i’ve got to try and get this company up and running before Crimbo. It’s only 12 Tuesday until Christmas!! Deck the halls folks!

But i’m a good sport…i’ll do it…(I mean i flipping celotaped red whorey feathers to my nipples and stupid danced for telly, in the name of humour and embarrassment for ITV, I can chuck water over my head for charity.) But I’ll have to do it when i can! ๐Ÿ™‚ And i get that there’s this ย random ‘wasting water’ debate. Lol. There’s always got to be a debate. Well the way I see it, is that it’s fun and when people can be fun for charity and when something as silly or simple as the ‘bucket of ice water over the head’ trick occurs and at the same time seems to build up a fuss and a whole lot more awareness for some of those in need…then it’s all good in my mind. Plonk a cherry on top of that cake and stop moaning.

Have a good day!

I’m back to work tomorrow, until Saturday!


C x












Techy not me


What a ball ache!!!

OMG! I have ended up having the single most stressful day of comedic insanity EVER!

This business call that I’ve been needing to get on with, with Zach in America (who’s sorting out my business plan for my beauty line) just took a U’ey and flipped the middle finger at me today.

My ipad, decided to continue not to appropriately connect to my wifi and the microphone on my laptop decided not to work, meaning poor Zach could only see me via video chat, yet could not at all HEAR ME. Some may say that he was fortunate ๐Ÿ™‚ Yet, i’m sure by now, like myself, he is oozed over in STRESS. Lol.

We just have tried every form on techy communication and i just couldn’t get anything to work at all. In the end i had to poor myself a Caribbean rum simply to care my anger. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย I mean, what he has to say MUST be important, as he truly does need to speak to me and can’t message it over. Plus, it’s about the operations of the company…which of course is HUGE.

I did that thing where you’re typing like it’s crazy, but your laughing, when really your getting frustrated and your fuming with yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚ (See, i did it there.)

In the end, it didn’t get done and now we’ll have to wait until my next free day, as i’m back to ‘day job’ tomorrow.

Before my washing machine got delivered, i ended up having to drink, eat chocolate, wallow around junk food and watch shit Channel ย five day time movies to make myself feel better. The movies was about some chick losing her mind, The rubbishness of it got to me big time, so i had to flip it over to ‘Jeremy Kyle’ which seemed calm in comparison.

Anytime your business man, who is the brains says, ‘It’s a good job Chrissie Wunna Ltd, isn’t a technology company,’ you know you need to hire help.

My new washing machine scares me. It’s sort of just stood there, all installed and glaring at me, with a ‘use me bitch,’ I daren’t use new things when i don’t know how they work??? New things terrify me. But I do know the best way is to get stuck in and deal with the ‘wrongs’ later.

Okay, i’m off to chill..the babies are home with my parents and a gin.

Back to work tomorrow.

You all better buy my lashes when they venture out…i’m knackered from trying. ๐Ÿ™‚



Getting it together much



A mad, techy morning of dramedy! JESUS!

Now, if things don’t work the way they’re supposed to, i usually don’t care too much, as my inner ‘laid backidness’ is able to shrug it off with a ‘yeah baby’ and a smile. However, (and this is probably the same for everyone) when it comes to business, something you care about, or even someone you care about…and a spanner decides to present itself, fast flinging into ‘your works’…it kinda narks you off, doesn’t it? I AM OFFICIALLY NARKED OFF and today’s little bit of narkiness is TECHNOLOGY.

Firstly, my ipad that i placed on charge all night…didn’t bother to charge. (Yes, i checked that I had the mains on and that all wires were aptly plugged.) It simply decided that it didn’t want to charge, yet tell me that it was. FFS. I finally fixed the problem by purchasing a new ‘none dud’ charger, which has actually worked (hurrah)…as I have an important Skype call with the business gent in America for my beauty line…and because my ipad had to get reset, i had to sign back into every bit of social media that am a part of. Easy Peasy. Apparently, forgot my Skype password…couldn’t get it open…thought i had about 10 minutes until my important call, so i had to set up an entire new account, which i did TWICE by accident…simply so i could partake in my call.

All stressy, (even though i finally got a moment to myself,) I needed coffee (i mean gin) and then just like that i read through my inbox and delightfully find a message which pushed back my morning Skype call to 1pm. YAY! This is a good thing, as i can’t do calls well, when stressed. THE GODS LOVE ME and no matter what, i ALWAYS get pulled out of misery with a wink.

Now, i have a new working account, all systems a go go…the correct people added, time to blog and do more research and a call at 1pm. Yeah baby! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am the luckiest fucker in town. (If you don’t like swearing, just change that word to ‘idiot.’)

The babies are doing fine. Both chilling at nursery as I work. Junior is growing up fast and trying to chat at me. Ruby is my diva. One look…and you’ll turn to ice, if you cross her. Lovely though, just craving to be a happy, WHOLE family. Both attention seekers. Both ace. Both tried to smuggle things into nursery this morning. They’re like baby prison ‘go betweens.’ lol No wonder they’re so popular. I always thought it was because i was fabulous ๐Ÿ˜‰ and that they went all the time. But no…it’s because they nick things from home and smuggle them into nursery for others to treat on.

Last night, i decided to buy faux deer antlers for my living room. Got them this morning and now i don’t like them. I wanted big giant ones and i’ve got little, yet super heavy’ deery ones. They’re smaller than I realized they would be and the heaviest things on earth. Like I am literally terrified to plonk them up, incase they aren’t up firmly enough and one of them falls onto the children and ‘boinks’ them out cold. ๐Ÿ™ I need giant lightweight, fun ones. But all’s not lost, i’m sure i’ll come up with something…shortly.

Everything today is at weird times. I can’t schedule around freely, as i have private work calls and deliveries all intertwined, which is making my ‘lunch with a matey’ much harder to fit in. I have a delivery at 3.30pm…and a call at 1pm…so this is pretty much the only time that I have available. Unless my delivery comes early and then i’m free from 3.30pm onwards, as my mum can shimmie up to do the nursery run.

I’ve got a new logo for my brand and i’m excited about starting it all. I’m starting part time beauty school, to fit around day job, babies, business and well…life and i’m happy. Still eating like a pig on heat…but happy.

I feel like i’m going places now and like i’m actually getting there, It’s sort of always harder for women as when you wish for success and careers, yet you also wish to become ‘Mummy’ and’s really hard on you, as your balloon of ambition is forced to fizzle for a while, as you do pregnancy, birth children, nurture them, love them, take care of house, husband and home, whilst plonking YOUR dreams on hold for a while. Especially if you’re having to do it ON YOUR OWN. It’s second nature to us women, so i’m not complaining, as all mums I know, including myself …ADORE being mums and m children adore me for it.

Yet, ย i’m a kitten filled with ambition and now that the babies are a little more self sufficient, i’m happy that i’m not able to get back on track and rocket forward, for THEIR future, as well as for mine.. I’m in a really great place and i’m doing really really well. Meaning if I get to achieve all of this…then there’s no excuses..YOU can do it too.

I really do need coffee now.

Ciao x



‘Sc’ is for Schedule


I’ve spent part of my morning hilariously watching Ruby ride round and around on a horsey carousel continually and until she had decided that I had used an adequate amount of my change (ยฃ2 a go, I’m not even gonna bother doing the ‘they don’t make things like they used used ot only cost me 20p’ yadda, as it annoys me when people say it. TIMES HAVE CHANGED….THE SMART PEOPLE STAY GROUNDED BUT FLOW WITH WHAT’S GOING ON NOW…) But yeash, she likes me to spend all my changeon this certain bit of past time that she enjoys. I don’t blame her really, as Gay Adam and I once went out in Romford and well I have no clue how, or why, but I just come off the Paris Hilton reality show, we were drunk and we were both sat on a baby sized carousel at 2am…spinning round and around and simply for kicks. I quite liked it during that hour, so i’m sure it’s a blast for my loin fruit.

I’ve done a bit of decorating, cleaning…i’ve organized life and i’m enjoying my days off. I LOVE MY DAYS OFF. It makes me appreciate my work days. I’m looking to enter beauty school (part time) and I actually have LOTS of work to do today.

I’ve made the executive decision that my eyelash line is going to be the bomb diggy…so i have to work hard at it. Christmas will come sooner than I think, so i’m today i’m ‘deadlining’ myself with goals, but only because I work better that way. I’m weirdly obedient when there are rules to obey, about something i care about. Be it a passion, a topic, or a boy. If i don’t give a hoot, a shit, a sausage..i’ll just shrug it off, rebel and do what I want anyhow. Life is too short and I hate it when people who take things that don’t matter, FAR TOO SERIOUSLY. I enjoy guidance. I enjoy having successors or those I can learn from. I even enjoy my psychic and not because I NEED to know my future and live every second by it…i’m not that way inclined, naturally, as I’ll just believe what I want. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just adore guidance on all levels…including spiritual. I’ve got all realms covered. ๐Ÿ™‚ Saying that EVERYTHING SHE HAS EVER TOLD ME…has come true.

How are you today? I never ask you that and i should. Sorry.

But yeah, back to me…i missed my Skype conference call because I forgot to charge my ipad, meaning it was dead when i needed to use it. I’m shit like that. It’ll be fine though, as i’m about to email Zach now to sort it all out, as my ipad chills on ‘charge.’ (I never blog on my ipad, as i MUST MUST use my little pink notebook.)

Goals are being set, deadlines are being hit and business/operation plans organised. I’m rocking a day job. Loving it. Being a Mum and excelling at it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m on route to being a success, after a really rubbish start to the year!

I also got told i was a great package today by an LA guy friend. The good thing about me is that i’m a little bit of everything and that’s not easy to come by and I know it’s not because i can never find it in a boy. I have done twice…but never any more times than that and well you think of the number of boys i’ve dated. SHIT LOADS.

Like i said, with me…it’ shard for new boys to shuffle on it with a ‘whiz’ and a twirl, because i have very minimal time to get to know them and adore them and if they can’t just slot in naturally…then we have a problem. Technically it would mean that there’s not enough time for room for new and probably because life is good. I’m a busy girl right now and i’ve never been happier.

I WILL SAY…on the fashion front, whilst i sauntered around Doncaster (the town that birthed me )this morning. I’m LOVING the Autumn trends this month AND extremely loving the micro mini, with jumper look!! We all know i ADORE a micro mini and do it all through the winter with boots. (If you can’t do boobs, do legs.) So, i’m excited to get purchasing and topping up my fall wardrobe with mini things, that are oddly snuggly.

Everything in my life seems to be about scheduling right now. Along with life, mummy hood, beauty line, day job, love and whatever else that bundles Wunna land…the little things like washing machine deliveries, and a social life have to get knobbled in. I have a 2pm lunch tomorrow with a friend and well it should be dandy…once i fit it in appropriately.

I’m eating like a pig right now, meaning my ‘time of the month’ must be on it’s way. Yipppeee. (When you PULL OVER to simply eat a custard doughnut, you’re on ย SLIPPERY SLOPE. I performed this ‘almost’ ย period ritual twice.) I’m thoroughly MISSING waking up in the beautiful forest woodlands. I really fancied it this morning and well it’s awful to hear that your babies miss it just as much as you do. It’s the first thing Ruby will mention and the last thing she talks about before bed. GET ME TO THE FOREST. When i’m super rich, i’m buying forestry and building my own luxury i can retreat whenever i feel like it. I might even add a spa. Lol. (Which reminds me, i haven’t checked my lottery tickets yet.)

I’m excited to be covering events. I love doing it and well i enjoy all things beauty and fashion. I do all events though, so as long as I can fit it in…and it’s something that i’d enjoy…i’ll pop over. Holla!

The next thing i’m covering is THE OLYMPIA BEAUTY SHOW, for it’s 10 year anniversary. I really can’t wait and having a press pass delights me more than ever!! I know my treatments and all things beautilicious…so i’ll have my eye out for the best of the best. I really can’t wait.

Other than that…i’m having a vino.

Enjoy today.

Signing off..

Wunna land x



Love you longtime?


Asked for help to find a last minute salon in the town of Pontefract, that would massage my achey joints, back to good health and what I got…(aside from school friend Kate, who was actually helpful, during this process) was ‘Brummers’ informing me that he knows where I could get a tattoo???? (That’s like him asking a friend’s list for a place to fix his car and ME responding with a ‘Well…i know where you can get a quite pedicure!’ BOYS!!! Plus, i’m over tattoos right now due to the names of the opposite sex and poor judgement. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Then Wazza…rolls in with a suggestion…that I KNOW would be comical, perverted or both…before I even decided to click on the link. And what a surprise…it was an EROTIC massage joint and not even one that celebrates slutty girls from the orient either!! A Ponty one…where your old school friends make extra squids by rubbing down parts of your anatomy that (when you’re a girl) can’t be arsed with having rubbed before noon. (‘I’ve got a headache.’)ย I’m not even going to bother typing the link…as then it’ll get linked to my blog and all will got tits up, as everyone starts thinking i’m some kind of random ‘mail order bride’ escort. ย (Hahaha…I enjoy that I won’t type a simple link, that doesn’t even mention anything porny..yet i’ll type ‘mail order bride escort.’ I really don’t do myself any favours. But yes, Hannah…Wazza’s wife to be (i feel her pain) informed me that a lesbian ‘happy ending’ ย massage, wouldn’t even allow me to go until Friday anyhow, meaning i’d have to wait a day. Mucky massage or not…i’m a ‘now’ girl. I hate waiting for anything. If i want my hair done…or anything done…i’ll NEVER book it in advance. I’ll always just show up, with a smile and a very annoying voice and shout, ‘You’ll do my hair today??’ Then i’ll go for the first person to say ‘YES.’ (I’m currently snacking on cheese, crackers and a mojito. Odd combination…but works. Mojitos taste like pop to me. )

So what we learn today Ladies, is that when we need members of the other species to be HELPFUL, we NEVER EVER ask a boy named’ DANIEL.’ That is the only thing ‘Wazza’ and ‘Brummers’ have in common. ‘DANIEL’ as a forename. Or maybe all ‘Daniels’ are pervs? I don’t know? If so, that’s okay, as Danny O from TOWIE can perv on me, any hour he wishes…and not even for fifty dollars. ๐Ÿ™‚ (See, i can make that joke, simply because I’m Asian. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

On the drive back from trying to purchase a working vacuum…. Mine’s gone ‘Kaplunk’ and because Pete gave me it for free. Anything that isn’t diamonds, that is given to you for free…will go ‘kaplunk.’ (Men being useful again. ‘Oh here’s a non working hoover for ya!’ ๐Ÿ™‚ )

But yeah, I was reading my massage, status stream,whilst driving and also whilst having either some undercover cop car blue light flashing next to me…NEXT TO ME, not AT ME…(Some poor idiot in front probably got caught reading their text before me ๐Ÿ™‚ ) or some random disco driver…on pills? Who knows these days? Everyone seems to be on edge these days and trying to grasp any bit of escapism they can fine. Sort of annoying because right now in life, i’ve got my shit together, meaning it’s harder for me to watch other people swirl down the plug hole, as i’ve swirled their myself. HOWEVER, i plonked back up with a laugh, smile, boobies and victory champagne in my arms, didn’t I! So, now that I know, I did…i hard heartedly expect everyone else to be able to doit also. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ended up getting a vacuum…some lip gloss, a sandwich, home decor, beauty products….children’s clothes…a coat….baby bottles…everything you could imagine…and a flipping WASHING MACHINE! I KNOW! What a loser! I now laugh at how losery i’ve turned. Treat myself to cocktails? No, i’ll treat myself to Hotpoint, large drum washing machines. FFS. Saying that, I must’ve treated myself to cocktails, as i have a mojito right here, don’t i? How weird, that I forgot? Maybe the luxury of glamour pussing is so second nature to me, that it absolutely my norm, whereas a life of domesticity…just isn’t. ๐Ÿ™‚ I work really hard and could absolutely be a house wife once i’ve achieved my lofty goals…yet i could only be one like the chicks off ‘Real Housewives..’ and not an actual proper Yorkshire bred, ‘scrub your gussets’ homegirl. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d DIE! We all know, i’m an ace wife anyway…with all my husbands and all that. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Keiran was the only one that I actually physically cooked and cleaned for…and look at him…strapping young gent…(who had to run away via text and heal the emotional pain of being married to me. ‘She made me ill.’ Lol.) But on the love front i feel like i’m lucky enough to not have to rely on any domestic skills in order to snag ‘love.’ The suitors venture forward with ease…yet picking carefully and correctly is what i efficiently need to focus on.

At least I have a new hoover now..and a washing machine by Friday. I have three days off work, so i’m happy.

I’ve got a beauty line Skype conference call to get ready for…so i’m gonna go prep. (My eyelashes are going to be awesome…and simply because i’ve jigsawed the whole operation together, whilst drinking cocktails in a can.)

A Snazzy bit of Junction 32

OH my gosh!!! I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how utterly pleased I am that a new beauty outlet…actually named the ‘Beauty Outlet’ lol has opened at Junction 32, Castleford. I’ve been willing some kind of beauty store to magically appear out of nowhere, as stores of such simply comfort me and excite me when i’m tottering out for a casual shop. It sort of snook up on me, with a sexy wink and KAPOW, there is was! Wunna was happen and well even though my son was miserable all the way through my beauty outlet ponder…i was filled with excitement and joy!

Incase you didn’t know, I adore all types and brands of beauty. Be they the old classics, the high ends, the commercial lines, the fun brands and what I call ‘the cheapies.’ I get excited to see them all perfectly shelved, so i can purchase pretty much everything and give each one a go. I sample makeup, like I used to do men. Yet a good bronzer never makes me cry, it delights like no other. ๐Ÿ™‚ But yes, I love that someone’s finally opened some kind of ‘beauty’ at the outdoor outlet mall/shopping centre. It needed one. Plus, I enjoy how they’ve dolled it up. I love the brightness of the store…the bright white and pink, sort of Cosmo gleam. I didn’t really have too much time today, due to my loin fruit demanding chocolate buttons. So, i will venture in again on my next day off and let ‘all things beauty’ flirt with me a little and woo me like a gentleman. I am literally turned on by makeup. ๐Ÿ™‚ I swear i was a drag queen in a former existence.

Then…as the weather continued to be shit. (I don’t get why the weather is being so shit in Ponty. In the woods, the weather was delightful?) But yes, another thing that I adore at Junction 32…(the shopping centre that is)…is the newly refurbished STARBUCKS! How glammy! It’s sort of masculine, with an old school, coffee shop, classic and classy, modern day twist? It’s the sort of place that i’d go to blog in, with a caramel latter by my side. It’s moody, dark, but light and cosy. I’m actually impressed by how well that place is developing. Yorkshire…is literally turning into the bomb diggy. I like it as you can sort of get city life, without the bustle of the city…but turn a corner and be lost in the beauty of countryside. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s a bit of everything…that’s why I loved’s a bit of everything and not a concrete jungle like New York…a place, I sort of detest. But i was homeless in New York, so that’s probably why. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, i’ve got work tomorrow. I’m not happy abut it one bit. But once i’m there i’ll be fine. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m like a mardy school girl, who doesn’t want to go to class, but has to. But whatever, i’m keeping my eye on the prize and working hard to accumulate. Once that is sorted…i’ll be able to set up life the way I imagine it should be. But yes, we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

On the whole, life is good, the babies are fine, i’m happy and i have a ginger beer.

Hope your Monday isn’t so bad…

Love you lots.

Wunna x



Have it all!


Wishing you a happy ‘Easy like’ Sunday morning!

Sorry, i didn’t blog last night. I shopped all day and was so shocked at how phenomenally well behaved my children were that I congratulated them with extra adoration all evening, as I slipped into ‘super chill’ mode. This morning they’ve been terrors, yet i blame my poor disciplinary skills. I’m rubbish at being hard on them because when you’re a glamour puss, who’s been through a great deal and can still laugh it off, you kinda want to cut folk some slack. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s just dawned on me that tomorrow morning, i’ll be plonking on my suit of ‘day job’ armour and having to go back to work. UGH! Fair enough…it had to happen, but when you’ve enjoyed 2 weeks off of absolutely peace and boasted about it, to make everyone ‘having to go to work’ feel kinda pull faces and whop your ‘ho hum’ arm out and get to it. I’m sure it’ll be fine. It’s just the thought of hitting ‘restart’ that drives me insane.

I’ve hit ‘restart’ a lot in 2014. Lol. It’s always been bad, so i’m far more nervous to ‘hit’ it again and again, as the months go by during this year. I’m ballsy, so i do it anyway, but i can feel my sense of nerves, which is something that I never ever used to feel. ๐Ÿ™‚

Luckily, I saw my psychic yesterday…a really great one and my future is bright, positive and filled with excitement. I’m apparently a ‘challenge’ type of girl, who didn’t’ sign up for a life of boredom, as it’s just not who i naturally am. I seek a challenge, i work tooth and nail to get what i want and where I want to be….then once complete (as I do usually get there in the end) …i find the next life challenge and recovery really easily from anything dodgy that occurs. I’m good like that. HURRAH! Wine for everyone…but you?

I do like to push myself, yet when it comes to love, I don’ t like a challenge now that i’m old and i know a great deal more about men. It’s the ‘boys’ that get to the game of love and the MEN, who take you on in a whirlwind of true love and romance and make you feel alive again. That (to me) is what being a man in love is. I know what i love, who i love, why I love…and everything inbetween. I’m not a dafty. I’ ve learnt along the way. But i do want to remind you that I’ve also learnt that romance is ‘t just roses and champagne…It isn’t an allowance, or ‘take a dip in my wallet babe.’ It isn’t ‘just talk’ it’s an action. But none of that means anything, if it isn’t dipped in true love, that beams from not just someone’s heart, but their soul. And could you really go through life doing ‘pretend’ love? No. True love is being able to let life throw shit at you and when all’s said and done finding that you’re still able to grow from it together and master ‘forever’ with a smile.

I’m now completely missing the forest and need to book it again immediately. YOU all really do need to go, simply because it accidentally becomes your happy place, as it keeps everything simple and reminds you to relax, appreciate love, life, beauty and what matters. I’ve seen and experienced a lot in my life and that little woods is currently my perfect place on the planet. It sort of makes me proud of myself because I didn’t grow up to be some superficial, tagged out, horror of a girl…I actual grew into a decent, wise old, ย human being. I know…i’m shocked too! ๐Ÿ™‚ FUCK YEAH!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, i’m lunching and chilling with my family. It’s windy, it’s annoying…as it makes my eyelashes flutter without my consent. I’m making changes and i’m enjoying the peace of still that I have now, as apparently in a month and half, things won’t be so peaceful…however i’ve been assured that it is VERY GOOD excitement and THANK THE LORD for it!!!

Opportunities are on the rise and i’m happy, at the same time as looking for more. I’m trying to chill, but my mind is busy and i’m rubbish at selling myself short…which is a good thing, in my book. ๐Ÿ˜‰

There’s stuff in this world for me that i’m ready to conquer, so i’m reaching for the stars and going for it big time now.

I’m a girl that’s telling you that in life you can HAVE IT ALL. You just have to yeah believe it, but stay focused enough to DO IT.




I’m back.


Right, my sexy bits of doo dah! I’m BACK, from the most WONDERFUL time EVER, in the forest. I’m feeling delicious, relaxed and oozed through ๐Ÿ˜‰ with a happy, whole, gungy glow of champagne contentment. GOD, i love that place and well I usually go through some MASSIVE ‘back from my forest holiday’ comedown, to the point where i’ll actually be literally depressed for a month afterward. Lol. However…the babies are currently going through it instead…especially Ruby. And I don’t say it like it’s a good thing, as it’s shitty to see your loin fruit depressed. Yet, it’s great that she enjoyed the holiday SO SO MUCH. BUT it’s more of a case of the fact that if I actually see the people I care about remotely sad, I automatically turn soldier strong and quit the tears for hero strength.

I had an amazing time and it was great to get my tradition back in full swing. Starting work on Monday is ging to be shit. It already feels rubbish. But a girls godda do what a girls godda do? Maybe i’ll ย win tonight’s lottery and get to spaz my winnings on lip gloss…or maybe come Monday..all will turn ‘back to normal.’ A state which actually can’t be as bad as it used to be, as the last time i came back from the woods, I was SO depressed because i clung onto the happiness that the forest gave me, because I was going through all that marriage breakdown drama and heart ache. I was a messy version of myself…but i still looked cute! (Your union jack bikini comments have made my already massive ego GIANT sized.) Anyway.. this time…i’m okay. So life must be secretly great! PLUS, i had a forest surprise…and well i guess i counted on hero and got what I counted for….OR (like I Facebooked) just wore the right bikini. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You know it sister!

Anyway, i do have to dash, as I have work to catch up on, shopping to treat the babies to…lunches and dinners. I do have a great dela more stuff to report…but right now…it’s dash time.

Talk to you later.

Just checking in…before tonight’s blog.

I’m back and now believe that really only great things happen in hot tubs!

A Wedding Bell Rewind

Okay, i’ve only plonked this picture up because you love it.

My favourite it actually this one…

But obviously there’s a hand infront of my face….lol…which is a massive cameraman ERROR. (You can’t win’em all. But whatever, i’m two babies own and i still can rock a hot tub body. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Okay..i’m currently in the forest. (You know that anyhow) and well for the ones of you that don’t know or don’t have me as a matey on Facebook…today is actually my wedding anniversary. I’m SINGLE on my actual wedding anniversary. That’s how ace a wife I was. Don’t worry, i’ve had wine, so i’m not a weeping wreck. (I’m a happy drunk. I’m never that sad after a tipple. Backwards, I know, to say that two years ago today I was celebrating life with my brand new husband, i was about to fall pregnant and I thought my life would be perfect forever! I was SO in love, it was crazy.) I’ve already had my FB moan…and done the whole ‘i’m like a budget Geri Halliwell’ thing. Not because I think i’m a Spice Girl..that was me in the 90s. But because of the whole Union Jack thing. I admit, it’a bit less ‘Girl Power’ than Geri herself…yet it’s a whole lot more whorey…so do i win?



But yeah, time flies and it’s so bizarre. I really can’t stand it. I mean, the forest is divine and i’m lucky to have the children and such a great support system in order to keep me balanced. (EVERYONE needs a support system or something to live for and I’m been so so SO sad about the passing of Robin Williams, that my heart has literally ached for everything. It really has pinpointed what life is about to me. What an amazing man, actor and just basic human being, who made such an impact on all of our lives, that we all truly feel that a piece of us, or our childhood has been taken against our will. He was a guy that made everyone smile, laugh and feel happy for a living, yet deep inside he felt alone, sad and well…depressed. My heart goes out to his family. What a tragically heartbreaking loss. So bad, that it sort of made my moaning about my wedding anniversary seem trivial in comparison…which was a GOOD THING.)

RIP Robin. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

Today was actually a great day, to say it was swirled in ‘could be bad if i chose it to be.’ Lol. I woke up to the sun beaming through the forest trees, feeling refreshed and adored by my little family. I was glowing. I’m happy here. Always happy. This place is so peaceful and reminds you of the things that matter in life that it truly is such a wonderful time. To me, it’s luxury in it’s SIMPLIEST FORM and the thing that people usually forget to do in life, other than relax, love and enjoy…is to keep it simple. We went on a morning forest walk…where Ruby decided to be the most excited little girl on the planet. Then I made a giant lunch, we hot tubbed and relaxed as I plonked on movies and sipped vino out of love. (The babies are fast asleep right now and today I have never ever seen them happier, in my entire life. When you’re ‘Mama’…that alone fills you with joy and i don’t mean that to sound cheesey. I honestly just MEAN that. It’s amazing. And that’s why I always say that in life, you always always need something or someone to love and live for. It makes life worth it.)

I can’t believe that i was getting married two years ago today. It’s so sad that it all came to an end. ๐Ÿ™ I mean, it’s been a year of separation and time is the greatest healer, yet it doesn’t stop the days…like today…’the anniversary’…..from being important. It doesn’t stop you from going back in time and rethinking everything through. I’ve done the ‘what if’s’ and the ‘if only’s’ already…and i think a little part of me just wishes that something heroic and magical will happen…that he’ll do something amazing to put back the pieces, celotape the memories back together and take it step by step from there. That’s a normal feeling. But we haven’t contacted each other about our anniversary today… at all. Crazy innit! I feel like I didn’t get married and start a family to become separated and have the family broken down. I wanted togetherness…


the great thing about it all is that I survived the worst break up ever and i did it with dignity, looked after my babies, worked hard and managed to get back on track WITHOUT swirling down thw plug hole…not one bit! I was SUPER STRONG and I championed it and i only championed it because i had the CHILDREN. (The something to live for.) PLUS, i have an amazing family, especially MUM and a stream of wonderful friends. I had all the love support in the world, which got me through a time that could’ve been much much tougher.

I guess, in life…and you’ve all heard this before…when bad things happen to you…it’s not the badness of the things that happen that matter…yet the number of times you can get back up..with a goddamn smile and great hair… that make you ACE. It’s your bounce back ability and if i have anything…i have that. THIS BITCH IS A FIGHTER.

So feel strong…do things that make you happy. Love the people you’re meant o love and keep life simple. Understand life and what it’s about. See the big picture. Don’t waste your time. LOVE. Go to the forest in Union Jack bikini’s an hot tub. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (You all loved it much.) And most of all…be happy in the skin you’re in. Once you are…you can and will conquer the world!

Today….regardless….i’m happy and i’m happy because i managed to focus on the great things i have going on in my life, rather than the bad things that have happened to me. PLUS, today isn’t a bad day at all, because remember….this time two years ago…i was about to fall pregnant!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll cheers to that!

Wunna x