And my weekend starts…NOW Dolls.

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Don’t ever try and sweep up tiny polystyrene balls with a plastic dust pan and brush. It will drive you mental.

They are today’s words of wisdom.

(I know, I know, how undeliciously disgusting of me to even dare to mix glamour pussing in with a bit of a spring clean, yet i’ve really got into this cleaning malarky and like I said….polystyrene balls…SHIT….MENTAL.)


Soooo, I have 4 days off and 4 days off because I’ve pretty much worked for a gzillion days straight…(yes, whilst you were all having fun, baking in the sun and nursing hangovers.) I have 4 days off to run errands, adore being Mum, adore being ME and celebrate the ‘turning one’ birthday (Sunday) of my absolutely perfect and adorable loin fruit. I couldn’t be happy, however once again it’s a truly emotional time for Mama. I mean, to think that this time exactly…yeah..exactly, last year I was ABOUT TO LITERALLY give birth, brings everything into perspective. It’s wonderful. And well your children really DO mean EVERYTHING. They make my world go around and if I didn’t have them, i’d be nothing, feel nothing and simply have to hold up my ‘lost much’ card.

So yes, this weekend, is about celebrating ‘turning one’ and also getting my flipping house together. (The dining table has arrived, yet I had to assemble it myself…which in Wunna land still means someone else did it…but you catch my drift…it ain’t easy. This is why women NEED men. We forget that they come in handy when it comes to fixing, building and carrying things.) My mum actually did it and she did it to prove to me that us girls DON’T need a man to do the little things for us.Yet, i think i’m slowly surrendering to the fact that their are roles for women and roles for men..It’s important to stick to your strengths and mine certainly ISN’T D.I.Y. (How butch.) I’m a girly girl…a glamour puss. I don’t do things with screw driver’s and hammers, unless it’s posing for some ‘Playboy’ type feature, that will pay me to play ‘uniform.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Anyway, the home is coming together…(my new sofas come today and well Ruby and i bought a TON of new stuff from The Range in Doncaster, which i must say is the most amazing place ever. ) We also bought everything else from everywhere else, after a wee little ‘girls pamper.’ (I got extensions and she moaned all the way through it because I REFUSED to let her have a weave OR her eyelashes done.. We settled on her getting her nails painted…at the salon. She adored EVERY WAKING MINUTE OF IT. I was sat next to a little mixed raced girl who had a trendy gay father. How ace is THAT! You can tell the kind of parents, who take their children to salons. ๐Ÿ™‚ That little girl was getting red extension’s braided into her hair. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

This weekend feels like it’s going to be amazing and simply because the rest of the year now, finally, feels like it’s going to be amazing. I’ve passed the ‘hump’ and in life you go through humps. Yet being able to look back, smile and know that you championed them and that you’re still smiling makes you not only the strongest, but also the hottest chica on the block. And the people that you have around you, still cheering you on, are the people that always knew that you would snap out of your merry case of ‘da blues’ and hit ‘victory.’

I kinda feel great and you sort of have to feel great within yourself, to be GREAT to others. (A cliche…but true.) I’m a good girl and well now i feel as though i’m back to my jolly old self again…but richer. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and skinnier. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll cheers to that! Champers for everyone!

I don’t really have anything else to tell you just yet.

But i’ll nitter natter later. Lots is going on, but this time it’s all lovely.

I’m currently sat on my living floor, waiting for red boots. I’m also snacking on poppadoms, that I bought for ยฃ1.50 at The Co-Op. I’m looking forward to using my brand new 13 piece slate, tapas platter, by Natural life. (Just a random purchase, because it looked pretty. Every being who now enters my home for the next week, will be offered tapas until i’m bored of it. Lol.) Can you believe that I purchased THAT before I even purchased a fridge. Yes…i don’t have a fridge yet! I’m good like that.

Buying things is fun, yet waiting for stuff to get delivered is shit. I’m a ‘right now,’ impulse girl, when it comes to STUFF..not love (for those of you who were asking ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I can’t stand WAITING for things to arrive at ALL, once i’ve actually purchased them. It’s such an anti-climax. I’m all gimme, gimme, now..NOW and will willingly pay a bucket load more just to get the items to me at a faster rate. All the current stuff i ordered is taking ages and because i didn’t rush it and i didn’t rush it because i figured that my work scheduleย wouldn’t allow me to be home for ANY deliveries. Now, that i’m on my 4 days off…it feels rubbish. I also need a hammer, but don’t have one and Mike the handy man has left his dark green Next Jumper on my door handle, which means i’ll end up calling him to tell him and he’ll end up having to do a whole bunch of DIY…which i’ll have to pay for. Lol.

This is why we need men.

Lots of love,

C x















True love, First Aid and Babies


Well…well….weeelll! You’re looking at your resident ‘now can do first aid’ kitten of all things glamourous!

I’ve worked all through the bank holiday, i’ve giggled with the children, who have real life inflatable pets that they want me to look after. They walk talk and everything. (The inflatable pets that is.) So, i’ve been sorting out my beauty line, tinkering at my day job (which I actually love,) loving the fruit of my loins, terrifying them with ‘Jack Frost,’ trying to get my new home organized and looking after these inflatable pets. (Ones a GIANT tortoise, the other a ladybird.)

My new neighbour’s are delightful. Not only are they posting ‘Welcome’ cards through my letterbox, like it’s Christmas, but they are also taking my bins out for me. HOW AMAZING. They’re the sweetest folk ever and well i’m happy to be the newest, most glamourous addition to ‘the close.’

Today, life was all about First Aid. I’m rubbish at being helpful, let alone when it concerns your health…so good luck to anyone who actually hurts themselves around me.

But I had to find the place this morning in Wakefield. This is fine, if you’re a normal being with a normal sense of direction. I have a shit sense of direction and don’t know Wakefield that well. I thought I did..but when it’s 8am and you forgot a coat or umbrella, but you’re in red high heeled boots , in the pouring rain, asking your phone for directions and workmen, who really aren’t bothered about helping and ore bothered about helping themselves to an eyeful…you’re in trouble.

That was my 8am.

They told me that I was going in the complete wrong direction. So using my gut instinct, which is phenomenal. (Y’see, i have good ‘life’ skills.) I did the exact opposite to what they told me to. I carried on walking the way I was…and BOOM, within a minute..I was there! The new Wakefield One building. I even got coffee at Create before hand. (Great vibe in Create.)

But yes…sat through the entire lecture and assessment. Gave the kiss of life to rubber dummies, that were called ‘Anne’ and believe it or not ‘Junior.’ Made some new acquaintances. Loved it. Got bored. Passed. Then left.

I was so tired that i needed to visit the Estee Lauder counter to cheer me up. The funny thing was that during my lunch, at a time where I thought I knew no-one, I walked back into Create for a sandwich and who did I bump into…PETE! How funny! I probably embarrassed him a great deal, as i kept taking photos of him because I was in shock and wanted to show Ruby. Lol. He was shy at first and then loved it really. (He works there…so obviously his workmates would’ve been wondered who the hell I was and what the hell I was doing. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I’m good like that.

But it was nice to see a familiar face out of nowhere…Plus, we get on really really well. I’ve known him since he was 11 and he’s always always been super respectful and kind towards me. Even after everything. I like that. I’m a girl who will always prefer a gentleman. I enjoy good people. Kind people. Resilient people. Confident people. People who always… in the end, do the right thing…no matter how rocky it was a ride to get there.

So yes…I can now to First Aid. But to my knowledge, real life is really different to what happens in a course. I’m much better at real life, than I am with a rubber dummy. I mean, it makes me thing my love life must be bad, if the last thing I mouth to mouthed with….was made out of rubber.

I’m being really picker when it comes to my love life. I’m a girl who adores to be treated and taken care of and i don’t really date or flirt. I don’t spread myself thinly and because I don’t have to. ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel whole. I have my world, my babies and everything right now. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m happy.

I do miss being in love and being in a relationship and mainly because i’m made for it, believe it or not. I’m made for family life. I love it more than anything. So part of me feels a bit lonely, yet i want to make the right decisions based on love and not based on loneliness. If you love someone, no matter what you always love them. They don’t ever go into friend zone, no matter how hard you push them in that box. Yet you’re true love SHOULD always feel the same.

I’m lucky in life right now, so i’m flattered by my admirers. (I could create an army.) Yet, all i have to do is live, watch, love and observe and the right one will show me that they’re right..and when they’re right, as timing really is everything.

Back to work tomorrow.

Friday…my day off!

I should be getting sofa’s tomorrow, yet of course, I’m not going to be in when they arrive. #annoyingmuch








Great News..


Good morning from Yorkshire! I’m currently blogging from bed and I must tell you that before my eyes turned to ‘shut-eye’ last night, I had the most amazing view of the baby blue sky, littered with powder puff clouds that any Glamour Puss (of an oriental nature) could ever dream of. It makes dream land for more soothing. Plus, I now never have curtains on my bedroom windows. Pete asked me about the this a couple weeks ago, because Ruby had skipped over and reported this fact. I think he sort of felt sorry for me, as he acted as though I couldn’t break the bank for set of window drapes. Lol.

The actual fact is that I adore wake up/bed time views. I find them therapeutic and good for the soul…like dumplings and the last and first things you see on a morning and night, can make the rest of your day. So Wunna land is all about big bedroom windows and no drapery around them. Yes..i know..very ‘Peeping Tommy’…but honestly, i don’t think I have a history that would actually truly be bothered by such. Plus, it’s a way of ‘smelling the roses’ without having to remember to smell them.

Okay, so life is great. I received really shocking wonderful news last night. The kind where you’re simply sat in your car, you’re scrolling through your phone, you’re wondering a little, after a harshly strong gut instinct and *wham bam* out of nowhere…it happened. I scrolled…I read…I scored!

So, this bit of good news, has changed everything and plonked one of those infectious smiles on my face. One that makes me look as thought i’m always up to something cheeky. Meaning, all I can say is that FINALLY 2014 turned out alright. My psychic did actually tell me that things would be heavy, yet by May I would be getting back on my feet and dancing around Maypoles and by June all would be champagne wonderful. (I didn’t quite Maypole dance…and I don’t feel bad about it, at all.) But June is almost here…and well dolls…Wunna is BACK. This is why staying positive, doing the right things, keeping ya head down, working hard and just being a decent human being makes all the different. The geezer up above rewards you for it and everything!

I have the day off today, but I knew it was too good to be fully okay with my system, as I am then working, Sunday, Monday (Bank Holiday,) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday! ๐Ÿ™‚ Jeepers. I’m going to be knackered, but whatever, every dosh is always great. Plus, I feel great because I now have life down! I get it. I’ve got it. I’m doing it all right!

Luckily, ย I then have the entire next weekend off to celebrate the ‘turning 1’ of my loin fruit. (I can’t believe that this time last year I was hugely pregnant.) I’m hoping the weather is delightful, as i’ve heard we’re going to be getting the worst storms in 50 years. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers! (It sounds so ‘Old Man Sailor.’) I’ve noticed that i’m good at working hard if there is a treat at the end of it. I always need an incentive. I can’t just be productive, for nothing, what I see as no reason, or my simple own worth. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m made of glitter bricks and need prizes. It’s awful…yet true. (Ugh, i keep getting flashbacks of this weird tattooed guy in LA, who kept annoying me. I can’t even remember his name, but he was a weird one. He kept following me and telling me he went to…hmm…i don’t know how to put it? Well..he kept telling me that he went to a school or course for ‘eating the privates of ladies.’ YUK! He was trying to be romantic at the same time, as he said it with a rose in his hand and a CD of long songs. Pahaha. Men are such odd creatures. I mean, I must have met thousands of men who have attempted to woo in my life…and it’s only the nutty ones that I remember in flashback. He did buy me sofas though by surprise. Which I didn’t find odd. I liked that! HAHA. I can’t even remember his name… I just remember that the reason I didn’t like him, wasn’t because he was weird. Weirdness doesn’t concern me. It was simply because I heard him have a phone conversation with his Mother,where in which he was shouting down the phone at her, SWEARING at her and talking to her like she was the biggest piece of shit in the world ever. I found it so alarming, so disrespectful and well..just a hideous show of decent manners that I couldn’t even speak to him. I mean, if a man talks to his OWN MOTHER like that, then he has zero respect for women.)

Gosh! Let’s stop before I go on a big rant on Women’s Rights. (UKip…Stupid.) I’ve been blogging all of this inbetween reading the ‘That’s not my…’ books with Ruby ON MY KNEE, cooking and sorting out emails with China for my eyelash line. If anything, women can multi-task and mainly because we have to. From my own experience, men can’t seem to work AND properly look after a baby. They always expect the girl to do it all…, as they tend to their ‘own stuff’ followed by a day or few hours of ‘playing’ or showing off their child, which they pretty much underline as parenting. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even after that they need a break or ‘time to themselves.’ #useless Lol. I literally juggle everything as a single mum of two and I love it because it’s days like yesterday, after all the hard work is done that you can sit down, relax and well just get back up and perform a VICTORY DANCE! Wahoo! (I know, that I wasn’t going to say it again, but yeah bitches…I DID IT!)

I’m now sat by a giant pink Princess tent in the shape of a castle, blogging from Ruby’s bedroom…as she naps. She’s only been up an hour and needs a kip. I’m bizarrely craving a McDonalds hash brown and a coffee…a ‘not from McDonalds’ coffee.

Anyway, yes. day off today and lots of exciting things to do. It’s family day today, with Grandparents, babies and everything! AND a ‘buy stuff for the house’ day, which you all know I adore.

I can’t believe I finally made it to the other side of the tunnel.

I’m a little mucky…but apparently that’s not always a bad thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #bitofsmuthtereforyou














Cleaning, Purchasing and Boys


Well…i’ve really got into cleaning. (I know…how dreary, but whatever..i’m an oldie now.) And well..i’ve only JUST got into it, after the folk at my work place, who have a wonderful dash of OCD, have passed it on…sort of like the lergy…or the dutchie…the parcel…or (I’ll let you finish that off, as i can’t be arse. I have a cocktail.) I was gonna say ‘boogie’ yet that’s nothing about passing and all about ‘blame’ innit. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, today..although rainy has turned out to be great, as my baby son and I have took cleaning by storm and rubbed, polished and wiped down everything that we could find! I will admit it took him some work, as he much preferred to wipe mucky paws on clean surfaces…and well I am a complete germ-a-phobe. I can only really maintain, so if something is in need of a hardcore clean…i get terrified and have to either drink gin, cry or leave it to to others, who can bare it.

We championed it. We bonded. He’s still spotty. But chipper. I’m happy and simply because i’ve found that designing your home is ACE. I love it. It’s so therapeutic and delicious. I have each room planned and know exactly what i want, how I want and where. So I now feel super sorry for poor Mike the ‘Handy Man’ as he’ll have a job on his hands. Yet, he’ll survive. I mean what’s the point in being a handy man, if you’re not handy.

I also found that i’ve certainly grown up a bit, as i actually had to THINK, followed by a rethink as to whether a giant canvas of YOURSELF, in this case MYSELF would be far to cringey in my living room. (Yes! In my actual living room. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Back in the day Chrissie, would’ve not thought twice and had a piccie blown up and nailed in within seconds. Grown up, ‘at 33’ Chrissie, contemplates such. I think i find it more fun, or funny than anything else? I’ve turned less ‘look at me’ which is quite disappointing, I know. Yet it simply means i’m more comfortable in life.

In the end i went with ‘whatever, fuck it…’ I’m having a retro living room, so i can’t think of a better face to be adorning my blank wall, than a big old, modelly canvas of myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s like i’ll be Queen Beeing it and guarding over my space…with my face?

It’s all going to be very glam and very me and simply because i never ever got to do all that before. It’s weird how your past can effect your choices. But it totally does. I can’t wait! I have a space all to myself and the babies. That’s MINE to love and nurture. I’m quite good at this nurturing malarky, yet only if I adore you. If I don’t than I’m horrid and simply because my heart won’t be in the operation. ๐Ÿ™‚

I keep getting these messages asking how one should woo me? Firstly, i’m concentrating on life, business and babies, right now, so it’s tough. Secondly, if you have to ask…I already don’t fancy you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thirdly, I’m 33, so being under the age of 30 nowadays will go against you in Wunna land, for those seeking to sit on the throne next to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am aware that that is completely ageist, yet I really am. When boys are young and from my own experience, i’ve always had to look after them and I hate that. I’m already a Mum. which would also mean that being wonderful with my children is essential. But I could never trust anyone else with my children but ME. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m awful for it.

Right now…there’s no time to get to know new males, who litter my path. I will tell you that I don’t enjoy a bad boy, I really despise a party boy. A drug taker, is out of the question. I enjoy a refine specimen of a male..a educated one will do. A quiet, loving soul and simply because i’m noisy. I don’t like flashy, or laddy types. Just simple, loving, romantic, good old family type of guy. One that will look after me and care for me with every inch of his soul, who doesn’t have any problems that I need to solve, any issues that need ironing out..or any just….drama! Lol. Relationships are just about two people who love and fancy each other, who take care of one another through life and build a family, a future and their own version of success, life and wonder. It’s chemistry and you KNOW if you have found your true love, because even when all is said and done, you can still look at that person and feel that ‘flicker.’ My daddy always told me that. My mum and dad have had all sorts of ups and downs, but 30 something years later, they he still looks at her after everything and thinks, ‘God, I love this girl.’ #aww (And my mum is as feisty as they come!)

But that’s if I was looking. ๐Ÿ™‚ Right now…i’m not. I still like flowers pink roses. I’m jealous because my friend Hannah got some yesterday. I got cloths…from my MUM. Charming. ๐Ÿ™‚ No champagne or anything. It’s weird because as I get older, I prefer useful gifts. ๐Ÿ™‚ #old Things that I NEED, more than junk. ๐Ÿ™‚


Tomorrow i’m back to work. Ho hum. I do actually love working and making dosh, so it’s not so bad. I’d rather be in work, than out. It sort of gives me a sense of worth. Plus, I have no time to do anything, meaning I save up faster. Yippee! I’m finally accumulating.

I don’t know why i’m so chipper, but I am? There’s this glow about me right now that i can’t seem to shake off. Lol. A glint in my eye… In fact, my first husband Michael, always used to say that he knew that I was happy whenever he could see that ‘glint in my eye.’ It was like they told a story of every bit of excitement that the world could afford to have. He used to say it in a very New Yorky, American accent though, which made it feel more glammy. The Yorkshire version, sounds very….well…:) Yorkshire. (And I do love being from Yorkshire, so it’s not soo bad. Just not as glamourous.)

Anyway, I must go, as i have a bit of time to myself right now, as the babies have decided to sleep? I know, right! Cleaning got the better of them. I think they’re more fed up with me, that sleeping is a better option. ๐Ÿ™‚

Talk to you soon…

Oh and thanks for following my life.

C x










A bit of a positive preach


What is my 2014!! Lol. I have honestly NEVER in my entire existence…EVER gone through such a year of insanity! Fair enough, the sun’s gone in..i can live with that, my legs are brown anyway, I forget that i’m ethnic.

It’s my final day off of the ‘two day’ dash of freedom and Junior has certainly let the chicken pox get the better of him. Lol. That’s what men do. Yet at least he’s a boy that adores me. I have a total Mama’s boy on my hands and i wouldn’t have it any other way. I think the children are just over excited, as we’ve moved into our new home. Yet, right now due to their delicious mother’s work schedule, it’s still just an empty shell…with beds etc…simply because I’m having to schedule purchasing and deliveries between my work days and well all the decor and delightful bits again can’t get done until i’m free. PLUS, I’ve of course gone an ordered all new sofa’s, dining tables…blah, blah..blah..which actually take forever to arrive, especially when you have two different life ย timetables to meander and make whoppee with. It’s literally hell for Mama, yet for the babies, it is UTTER BLISS, as it’s almost as if they have their own giant, empty, play room of a home, where they can run around like mad people, screaming, giggling, playing and in Junior’s case…. trumping on carpets.

I’m doing the whole entire place up and out. I’m even winking at a garage conversion. I mean, i’m a girl, I don’t store heavy duty anything. So, i figured i’d turn it into a chill, glamourous living space/play area for the babies. Half living room, half play area…and a door that leads straight to the garden…with a gate that leads onto endless fields.

Now, Mike the handy man has assured me that he will be able to take care of ALL OF THIS. All i have to do is purchase, explain exactly what i want doing…be it anything from painting, to light fixtures, to furniture, to conversions…and he’ll do it all. ALL OF IT. And in a couple days. Meaning i leave with a troubled face of ‘ugh’ and return like i’ve just been gotcha’d by 60 Minute Makeover. He’s quite handy simply because things like light fixtures, door painting and brackets for telly’s on walls…i know nothing about. Him and his best friend usually come in and I ‘supervise’ which is just ask them about their love lives and listen to them swear at one another and talk about life, diving in Thailand and their ages.

I’m planning the big re-do NEXT WEEK, yet still don’t know what my free days are as of yet. I mean, once the purchasing has been done, i believe we’re steady away. I can’t wait to turn a house into a home…and one that is fit for Wunna land. I will tell you that this place feels amazing. Each morning iv’e woken up i’ve felt fresh. I think there was some disturbing energy in my old home, as it was filled with arguments and bad vibes. This home feels free and peaceful. It’s just what i adore and just what I need. I can’t wait. I mean the view from Ruby’s room is amazing! She looks upon fields for miles around that sway and smile in the breeze. It’s making country life worth it.

Junior’s chicken pox are almost over. He simply looks like he’s been in a cage fight? The pox have all scabbed over and well…he’s a treat with spots. I adore him. I’m glad they’ve got them out the way.

The home and the need to organise it all is stressing me out. More stuff to deal with in 2014. Lol. Throw me a bone and let me knock myself out with it. Yet on the whole, i’m happy.

I’ve just recieved my a new book for female business princesses…’The F Factor,’ got it for free and well i’m so excited to read it. Us women need more applause in life, simply because we do a lot and without much gratification. So for every single mum who is or wishes to be a success, you can and WILL DO IT. Due to circumstance, we end up in these positions where we are left holding the babies sorting out work, money making, love and life..all at once. At times we’re defeated by it and other times, we’re ‘strong like bull!’ You can have success without the final struggle and this is what that book is about. I’m a single, full time working mum of two…with ambition and my own business to launch this year. Things aren’t easy, but i KNOW that i can do this and because so many other women before me HAVE, And i want to be one of those success stories that people look up to and realize that they also can do it all and have it all…

Don’t let life or circumstance get you down. Pick up the pieces and put them all back together or rearrange them to make the puzzle work for you. You don’t need a man to help you. You just think you do at times. It’s the pity party. All you need is to just stay focused and not be bothered by what people think. Keep your eye on the prize. The happy ending.

I knew a woman in LA was was completely homeless with her daughter…and 3 years later she lived in her own $1.5 million mansion and was running her own company from her own home. She had no help, no-one just her own wits and heart. And i mean, that woman who’s made the headline of the paper this morning, who’s pregnant with baby number 17 and she hasn’t once EVER claimed benefits. That is a SUPERMUM. It certainly makes you wonder why there are women with one child, still young, still able and sat at home, claiming benefits, moaning about the foreigners taking all the jobs, simply because they can’t be bothered or are ‘too good’ to work for minimum wage? Snooze. Even when my father was ย SURGEON, (this is when he was young|) he still collected glasses at a bar for extra money, on a night because i popped out of nowhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

Be inspired by those who set great examples. Work hard, reap the rewards for it later. It’s not a race against time. Anything can happen to anyone, at any time.

Dreams come true.

C x






Sun, Days off and Chicken Pox


Starting from NOW…I HAVE THE NEXT TWO DAYS, STRAIGHT OFF! Wahoo! Everyone’s been enjoying the sun, whilst i’ve been working through it. I’ve been gazing at your tans and fruity cocktail eyes and it has certainly tinged my soul with kitty ‘ho-hum.’ However, money making is good. Always good and i’ve learnt that if i stay focussed on what i’m meant to be doing, instead of taking a meander towards whatever distraction takes my fancy…in the end…all will be perfect! I’m going to be a success, except this time, i’m doing it right. I’ve filled up my work schedule, loving my babies, listening to my family, downsizing when to comes to normal life and living and working really really hard on my eyelash line, which i’m not launching during the Summer time. It’s certainly not a glue on mink lash kinda season. Even I can’t be bothered to glue my own on, when it’s heatwavy. So when the season’s turn to cozy…Wunna will whop out her eyelashes.

Today however, THE LEGS ARE OUT. They haven’t managed to be out in ages, so today is a day to celebrated. Unfortunately for me, this gets all kinds of people excited and i can’t just totter about with the babies, enjoying the sunshine. (I’ll get to that in a moment.)

Talking about babies…remember that i have two days off, in the sun, without hard work. Junior has decided to catch chicken pox, exactly on schedule. ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s all spotty and moaning and wondering why his face has little lumps all over it. #aww The good thing is that they have now almost both got the pox out of the way! But yes, he couldn’t have scheduled it better. Next week is his birthday, so he’ll be fine by then. Yet he HAD to make sure that my days off were filled with hardcore mummying. Lol He’s happy though. A bit more moany than Ruby was…yet happy.

Okay, when it comes to boys…stuff has been going on. Crazy stuff., I figured instead of pin pointing and telling you the craziness of it all. (Just yet…as it’s still too fresh,) i’ll tell you that boys who fancy me tend to fancy me in the fashion of HARDCORE. It’s almost as if i hit their world with ‘Va voom’ and they can’t eat, sleep or function without me by their side.

Sounds good? Not always. ๐Ÿ™‚ iT CAN BE GOOD AND I’M VERY VERY FLATTERED. I mean, ย I’ve been shown love, showered gifts, called, texted and by everyone it seems who has an eye for a glamour puss ย and to the point where it sort of makes me feel more like a possession…a trophy that a boy would like to try and win, rather than a person. I feel like an object, a prize and there was a time in my life when i was a wee kitten, when this is probably all i ever wanted. Yet the grown up version of me isn’t so sure. I love attention…we know this. I love romance, gifts and wooing…we also know this. Yet, it’s how a man makes me feel that i find valuable and as son as i realise that they adore me for all the wrong reasons….it turns me off. BUT IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.

My life partner should be waking up in the morning and feeling so happy and so excited to be waking up to little Burmese Chrissie. Not ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ They should adore me because i’m a good person, a great mum, they couldn’t imagine life without me and yeah it helps that i come across as ‘sexy,’ yet that shouldn’t be the number 1 headline. The young guys, never see me FOR ME. Just me. They’re very taken by the image, story and pizzazz of Chrissie Wunna…which I don’t mind. Yet i do when it comes to personal relationships, as those relationships that aren’t based on REAL LOVE, never ever last and inf act don’t satisfy ME.

This is why i can’t or shouldn’t be single…my life gets far more hectic. I have to waste time elbowing my way through drama, than just being happy with my family, as suitor, after suitor, tries to win my affection.

Anyway, i’m off to enjoy the sun with my baby boy and a box of chicken nuggets to celebrate his chicken pox. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love you, thank you for following my life.

I will go more in depth…just not yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

ps/ I have an entire house to put together nicely…Mike the handy man is my literal saviour. so please do book him for all your handy needs. (Message me for his digits.) When you’re on your need a ‘man of handy.’ I can’t wait for the hous eto get sorted, so i can sit, breathe and enjoy it.



Quickies R’Us


Gosh! I keep having to whop out these uninformative ย quickies and simply because i’m busy.

Luckily, busy is good and again, i’m having to type this to you all from the driver’s seat of my car. (No, i’m not driving. I’m good…but i’m not that good. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Life is great and well i’m simply in the solid part of work…i’m rethinking my eyelash launch time…i’m still moving and trying to purchase snazzy furniture in the spare parts of my life that seem to be unscheduled and i’m Mummying..which is my favourite. (I’ve had an AMAZING time with the children this weekend in the sun.)

I can’t seem to remember to do anything in the sun simply because i’m enjoying it with family. When you have to slot the ‘happy’ things into a schedule, to tend to treasure those moments more. I’m loving it.

Junior…has chicken pox. ๐Ÿ™‚ And of course he managed to get them, after I boastfully declared that he never caught them on my FB page. ๐Ÿ™‚

The blog will be back to normal shortly and you won’t be used for quick, short, spurts of ‘here I am’ affection. ๐Ÿ™‚

I just need a week of organizing, some help with furniture moving, buying and finding. Hands on help with Mummying and well…i’m about to dash into work right now with an updo.

I do love you and I will tell you all that’s going on…and THERE IS LOTS. ย (I’ve just been catfished. And i don’t mean in the sense of ME finding internet love, who turned out to be someone quite different. Crikey. I totally mean, in the sense that the picture someone used WAS ME…EEK! Never good. So now, they think they’ve had whole entire convo’s with ME…but it’s actually been someone completely different…like some bearded man from Timbuktu. (Can’t spell it?)

But, i’ll tell you all about it.

Apparently i have gifts waiting for me at work?

How exciting? We’ll see!

Wunna x



The tough get into….


What gorgeous weather my beautiful little bee’s of honey pot! The heatwave finally reaches us, as we snatch up a hoola skirt and drink pretend fruity cocktails out of coconut shells. OR…if ya me…you work through it. ๐Ÿ™‚ It may sound like i’m moaning, but i don’t mind too much. I had the entire day off yesterday and it was lovely. Yet i had to errand run my pretty arse off and it took much longer than I thought. Now, that i’m older with dreams, goals and a plan…not a cunning plan, just a glitzy one…i much prefer to money make during the sunny days, as it saves me from spending dosh unnecessarily. Don’t get me wrong, i’ll always live by the ‘when the tough gets going…the going get into bikini’s’ Beverly Hills rules. Yet this part of my life is about accumulating. My eyelash line is going to immense. But i think it’ s actually a bit too sweaty weather for lashes right now, so i may have to rethink my launch time? Don’t you think? I mean, who apart from me wears lashes to the beach?

Anyway, whilst i’m accumulating pences, it seems i’m accumulating accident. Now, i’m naturally chipper, chatty and gracious. Especially now that i’m happy and back to being ME. And i’ve noticed that if you add that to exotic looks from the orient and a bit of glammy equals…boys.

I’m far too old for boys these days and would have adored it during my youth..and simply for the attention. Yet i’ve got a lot of things to do, organzise and accomplish. So, they sort of take second place, until i’m settled in my own head. Yet, as always, i’m very flattered and well i even got given a candle as a gift, just for being me? Lovely thought. Very grateful. Especially because it was in ‘Baby Powder’ flavour. (I always say ‘flavour’ ..i meant scent.) Extremely appropriate.

What i’m learning right now is that time is a great healer, things happen for a reason, i’m generally a happy person when i’m not pregnant lol and that i’m more positive than I thought!

The baby situation…as I told you it got thrown out of mediation and i’m glad it did…not because it’s all about winning, but because the right thing happened.

Yesterday was great because we finally tugged the strings out our boxing gloves with our teeth, flung them on the floor, and with a sign of ‘positive’ above us…middle fingered court procedures and got on with what mattered. It sort of felt, on both sides that a burden had been lifted. I mean, like I said…’we fight for free…now we’re being so dramatic, that we’re even willing to pay to fight.’ I’m not willing to put ยฃ5000 up for grabs, just to fight. It’s not what life is about.

Felt good. We breathed. We moved forward. Took a while, but the thing is timing. It’s all about timing. Much happier. Much lighter.

Right, so as you all enjoy the sun, i’m off to work. I’m blogging this from my car.

I love you all and i thank you ever so much for staying tuned.

Loving my new digs! They’re great. Loving Summer. Get out, get about!

Love is bizarre, there are the boys that you don’t like, that adore you. The boys that you do like, that adore you also. The boys that are too shy to tell you that they like you and the boys that you like that realy aren’t as bothered about you as you would like.

Sit back, enjoy life…and remember what it’s all about. ๐Ÿ™‚




Back to 1


Just a quick note, whilst i’m in a rush to say HI, wiggle at you a little, tell you that I’M HAPPY and back to being Chrissie Wunna, queen of all things glamourous and shaken over with a dust of glitter and a sprinkle of luxury. I feel like ME again…after babies, babies babies….and ‘ive never felt so fresh. It’s ACENESS!

I feel so much better and it could be because of the sun? Who knows? I’m loving it. ย Life is great. Work is good. I’m tinkering at my day job, working on my lash line, loving every moment of Mama hood….and enjoying the new attention that I seem to be recieving from gents. (I forgot that i’m a catch.)

I’m loving the simple things, adoring all things divine,(loving luxury is fine, provided you always know what truly matter sin life…and I do) ย i’m calm, chipper, yet excitable and kitten -esque. I’m back to being a PRINCESS. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ and i adore it!!

I have the day off tomorrow, so will fill you all in about life as Friday dawns.

Big kisses, Just a quickie.

Stay tuned..

It gets good.


Wunna x







What a GREAT DAY! :)


What a wonderful weekend! Anytime to get to feel adored, have the entire weekend away from hard work, shop, laugh yet look to your left and see your Baby 1 tickling your Baby 2…to the point where Baby 2, curled up into a little adorable crunch bundle of ‘giggle fits’…you know life is great! (I also have great hair, great shoes and a working brain right now, meaning that i’m zooming forward on all 4 cylinders.) I’m really happy.

As a single Mama of two, I always makes sure that I have very definite one on one time with each bambino, in order to make sure they know how special they both are to me, as individuals and not just as one big old family group. This weekend, I got to do that. Ruby’s consisted of face painting, shopping, cupcake eating, Build a bear factories, singing, dancing, and utter fun at various play areas, with moments of cuddles and true love. Junior’s consisted of eating, eating, is favourite thing…eating…giggling, playing, eating, shopping, playing and giggling. They’re his favourite thing to do and now that he has favourite songs…(The Beatles) and his personality has shot through madly, he is such a joy and most of all he’s HAPPY. They both are. In fact, I AM!

On the guy front, i’ve happily shrugged off admirers simply out of the fact that life seems to be working for me right now. It’s all harmonious, lovely and fitting in to place and i’m in such a positive mindset that i’m beaming. You can see it radiate off me and everyone keeps telling me that it is. I feel lucky.

I need to get my booty off to see Baby Howel at Chez Wazza & Hannah’s and i need to get myself to Chez Goodhall’s to wink at Mama Em’s and cuddle Baby GG. I think Em’s is organizing a perfect evening out with Richard (her hubby to be,) his business partner… herself ofcourse..and moi. I’ve been soooo ‘raising babies’ and working hard if recent, that now the tough bit has finally been done. I look great, feel great and ready to enjoy life as it tumbles my way!

I had my mediation this morning, in Wakefield…and it made the day GREAT! It’s wonderful working with professionals, who know their job and love their job and can read, see and advise positively and always with good intent, after hearing both sides to a story. I’m extremely happy with the result and i’m certainly grateful for the safe guarding of my son and his stability. I skipped out of the offices with a smile, a warmth in my heart and with a happy breeze swirling around my very being.

I’m meeting a lot of GOOD people right now and it brings a smile to my face to know that i have such wonderful support. I don’t let the rubbish parts get to me, because I’m lucky to have so much of everything. The things that matter that is. Yeah, i might get the odd’not too lovely’ ๐Ÿ™‚ ย message here and there from my former partner’s side of the family. (I got about 4 over the weekend. They started in quite an evil fashion, then ended up with them saying how much they loved me and how much of a good influence they thought I was on their brother.) I liked that. It made me happy and because I think the same, as nothing that i’ve asked to be put into place is of a negative nature. That’s why today’s meeting was great..because it was very apparent that i wasn’t the spiteful, evil ex, who was simply trying to hurt a boy he stated…I was ‘still madly in love with him.’ (Men always try and use that as their story because they think it always works, I guess? I don’t know? He had even called the offices on Friday to stir the pot in what seemed like a troublesome direction. You can’t blame him for trying to fight his case, yet it would be nicer for things to be done truthfully and honourably, and not on spits of anger or moments of impulse. Once he gets over being negative and filled with pride, he’ll go back to being a decent man again. It’ll just take him some time.) I KNOW what’s wrong with him deep down and it’s actually got nothing to do with me and more to do with his previous life experiences before me. I’m just an easy person to blame for it.

Anyway, as I sat and answered the questions and explained my the situation through my eyes, ย just the world, myself and the family law specialists, she knew….and well when I say ‘she knew,’ she KNEW that my heart was for and by my son and that my intentions were of a sincere nature and they always have been. It was comforting. and y’know, a lot of people say that after hearing one side of the story and once they actually meet me, they see it all very differently and see that i’m actually no where near the ‘monster’ or ‘petty little girl’ image, that others may try to portray me as and that i’m actually, in the words of another delightful lady that i bumped into this morning, ‘A sophisticated, educated, happy, polite, agreeable, young lady.’ #ithankyouverymuch

You can tell that i’m feeling wonderful today. In fact no..let’s make that WUNNAFUL. When something is ‘Wunnaful’ it has surpassed the art of ‘wonder.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

I will tell you that i’m also feeling inspired. I get messages every day from you all and even my friends, saying how they’ve followed the blog and how i may have inspired them. But the fact is that i’m inspired by all YOUR STORIES and lives. You’re photos, your updates..your tales. I love it. And i think communication and expression are major things in life to be celebrated. The main reason why the Junior situation cannot be resolved swiftly is simply due to a distinct lack of appropriate, kind, effective, communication and I expressed that today. Timing is everything anf things happen at the right time.

So, yeah, it matter if i get hated on for blogging. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with me telling my story , sharing it with you and documenting my life, from my own point of view and the people who find it odd…are simply closed off or uneducated. ๐Ÿ™‚ It doesn’t matter whether you upload a stream of video, a few consecutive photos, write a blog, complete a bunch of FB and Twitter statues…write in your diary, schedule in a work diary….everything tells YOUR STORY and it’s your story that matters. Life is too short.

Anyway, i read an article yesterday about dating and did you know that 79 % of ย MALE multimillionaires(15,000 of them were asked for research) stated that when looking for a partner..aka…female counterpart, they prefer for the girl to be of a much less financial level and no…not for power and control…but simply so they can take care of her. (How lovely is that! Hardcore Princess treatment.) All girls love the Princess treatment…and yes you don’t have to be swimming in millions to do this boys.

HOWEVER, when a delightful bundle of women MILLIONAIRESSES were asked the same question, they stated that they would PREFER to date a man who was either on the same financial level as they were or EVEN MORE SUCCESSFUL than them, as the idea of a ‘kept man’ disgusted them. Lol.

I love being a girl! ๐Ÿ™‚ (And i love all these FB statuses by my chick friends, who are ALL currently getting treated like proper Princesses by their boyfriends. ๐Ÿ™‚ย )ย Makes me very happy. Women are beautiful and should always be cherished. We bring life and happiness into the world and we should be treated with delicacy, love and respect.

Okay, i’m gonna enjoy the rest of my day off and look through my eyelash samples. Life is good right now. Enjoy it, love and be grateful for all that you are and all that you have…and do it with a wink. ๐Ÿ˜‰