Oh what a beautiful…



I am literally having a GREAT day! You know one of those days where the sun seems a little bit brighter and your smiles makes the tiny creases around your eyes curl up. Those days where a good song has put you in a great mood and your body is filled with a rush of *happy-joy-joy.* Today…I am having one of those days and doesn’t it feel WUNNAFUL. Hurrah. (If I could shoot confetti blasts out of my nipples..I would right now.)

Now, I have no particular reason to be feeling so great, because I’ve been up ALL night with Junior who seems to be ill again? I don’t know? Everyone keeps telling me it’s teething. But teething seems to get the blame for everything with my baby boy. He’ll probably try and use that as an excuse when he’s older and he’s run his car into a gate..’Mum..I was teething.’ Or after a rubbish school report. ‘It was my teeth.’

But he still woke up beaming and I still held it together with giggles. Giggles are good because they hide a mask of ‘knackered mum’ fury. Lol. In my mind, the children need never know that your on your last legs. *Beam* at them…they *beam* back. Once they leave the building, then you can start pounding your head against brick walls. πŸ™‚

However, no…the rest of my day after a nursery drop off has turned out magnificent. I think it’s because I heard GOOD NEWS, as my first thing. A being I adore, has found out she’s pregnant…and well it’s just a wonderful thing to see and hear…when your heart if filled with love for them. Made me happy. Perked me up. Then I enjoyed the sunshine during my drive…ran happy errands, missed my babies (Ruby was on a ‘stay over’ at Pete’s last night and i’m rubbish when it comes to the babies ‘staying over,’ I get really upset because I miss them so much. Haha. Tragical, I know. But I do. Luckily this time, I didn’t snotty cry, instead i didn’t sleep, so it was okay that Junior decided to ‘moan’ all night. πŸ™‚ Β I stayed awake with worry…and I didn’t even need to be worried. She’s quite an independent girl is Ruby and she gets that from me. But being the soppy mum that I am…when one member of the family wanders off elsewhere and you’re a close family, it feels like there’s a piece missing to the jigsaw that makes you whole…that makes us ‘Wunna Land.’ It’s awful. I’m rubbish at it. Yet it’s all out of love. I looked at her empty bed this morning and it sucked. The good thing is that she was happy.)

Then, like The Gods of Utter Luck, adore me or something, i saw TWO magpies! Yipppeee! One for sorrow, TWO FOR JOY. Oh yeah, baby!Which was THEN FOLLOWED UP BY A GREAT WORK PHONE CALL! What?? Everything is ACE today! And a massive inner smile from my soul radiated from me and swirled through the world. Everything is going so well and i feel really have no clue why? This year as been a curve ball, but a great way to learn fast. I must of graduated with flying colours or something, as now it’s all fanfares and opportunity. I guess, if you keep your head high and your hope quiet dandy, good stuff happens. Be warm of heart and even better stuff happens. Go for it..and then you nail it into the ball park with a WAHOOOOOO! I should probably buy a lottery ticket today…i’m sure i’ll win millions.

I saw a chick in the grocery store who was upset because she 5 month old was having to go to the minder for the first time on Monday, due to her need to work. It’s awful isn’t it, when you become a Mum, because these days, you NEED to work, have worked, come from money…or marry well. πŸ™‚ Back in the day the woman’s role was to simply nurture and care for the children and look after the home. I mean we’re lucky that these days we are able to have our independence and be able to work…in heels…with a voice πŸ™‚ …yet isn’t it funny how, even to this day, most mums I know, be they new mums or old mums…LONG to be ‘stay at home’ mums and it has nothing to do with being lazy or not being arsed to make money, as we all do it..we all go out there and work when we can. It’s always because of our love for the children. I mean, you should’ve seen this girl’s face..she had tears in her eyes just telling me the story..a very normal story at that..and by the bargain fruit. I mean, she saw me as being in a different boat ( i enjoy making money, i do, i do..I’m quite masculine when it comes to that) yet, one of the main reasons for me wanting to create my new eyelash line (other than it being a goal of mine for ages) was because I could STAY AT HOME and do it. Create a massive brand that they could be heirs to, yet do it with them right by my side. Have the best of both worlds. Meaning that I would have the freedom to control my OWN hours, life and schedule. Instead of having to work around others. And not really sacrifice anything, as I’d have my ‘dream come true’ job…with family in balance.

Watched that ‘Catfish’ show last night. Interesting. I mean, I understand why the folk pretended to be someone else online, in order to woo a hottie. Their own insecurities of their outward appearance got the better of them. Yet it’s wrong…and it also shows how we as people ARE quite superficial when it comes down to it, as the victims, who have had their heart broken by ‘online love’ …no longer love the person that they’ve made a connection with because they’re not hot. Lol. Attraction matters. And I get that it must feel rubbish falling for someone you’ve never met…..online. Yet it’s hard for me to comprehend, as I’d just never do that. It’s scary enough doing love face to face, let alone doing love on a computer screen. I think that in relationships there needs to be balance…someone who is hot, yet loving, strong, but fun, intelligent, warm, loyal, yet is not a force to reckoned with…y’know…all of the above and more is what we need. In other words a good BALANCE. That’s what I am. All my friends say it. πŸ™‚ There are lots of sides to me and that’s what makes me a ‘Va Voomy. πŸ˜‰

I might be feisty..but i’m not just ‘feist…feist…feist’ with no love. I’m LOVING toooo, which is drizzled with glamour, Mummyhood, loyalty, success and fun. Oh yeah..and sex appeal. That helps.

The good people will focus on my great points and the negative people are the ones who focus on my bad points. Y’see the successful people in life are the ones that only see ‘positive’ and even when they ‘hit’ the bean bag of negatory, bound back up right away with hope. The fighters. That’s why life is good to them.

So yeah, like i said before, I now completely get why people frequently ask me if I am a real person. I assure you that I am a real person and that, unfortunately for you, πŸ™‚ there is a real life Chrissie Wunna, floating around this world and it IS ME. πŸ™‚ I never got it before…but after that show…Lord knows what you must have been through, poor sods…hahaha. I get it.

(Eww..my coffee is too strong today, tastes awful.)

Just haviing Twitter banter with @MrJazzRocket We once got police escorted out of a castle together at 5 am, when I lived in London. Hilarious memory. We had to take a bus home full of pervs. HAHAH. It was like God had plucked all the pervs in the world and plonked them on this bus. Probably why we ended up on it actually, now I think about it! HAHAH.

I can’t believe how naughty I was as a 20 something. I was going to say ‘child,’ but I was a surprisingly good child…just a naughty teen and 20 something. But i’m aware that karma’s gonna hit me big time as Ruby grows up…i’m keeping my fingers crossed and peeking out of my squeezed tight eyes.

Just got a weird inbox in…don’t you find it bizarre when boys say this, ‘I’m not a boy, i’m a MAN.’ Weird? Girls, chick, woman…same old thing, once you reach a certain age bracket. Why do men get so defensive about it?

Anyway, hope you’re having an ace day tooo.

Mine is glorious.

Chrissie x







I have maungy babies. Not quite sure what has decided to occur in the last 24 hours, but they’ve certainly decided that a big old weepy-moan festival is what Mama deserves right now. Yet, don’t get me wrong…to see them outside the house you’d think they were the spawn of Saint Gabrielle herself. (Don’t know if she was even a good Saint…went with it anyway?) They’re like ‘Puss in Boots’ from Shrek…all charming and quiet and cute and marginally well behaved. As soon as they get home and ‘oooh look’ there’s just ME…it’s Viva La Tag Team and the games are ON! I’m quite a chilled mum, so i find it funny whilst they’re still cute. I mean, it’ll still be funny when they’re 22 and 20…as I’ll be able to spew out a stream of cliched ‘Mother’ quotes. ‘Not under MY ROOF, you won’t!/What did your last slave die of!’ Blah…blah…blah. But Junior (who is the ‘happy’ baby) has turned over the dark side.

In front of Grandma…

‘Ooh, yeah…i’m so cute.’

With Mummy this morning, when he experienced the trials of having an older sister who won’t let him play, with her girls, battery operated…walking, wiggly bum dog.



Junior is usually as happy as can be. But when he gets angry and he only gets angry when his utter impatience kicks in…He then literally turns into the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’..and with a grunty, shout of ‘AAAAAAAHHHHHRGH’…and a furious clenching of fists, (what I call his ‘TTFC’ Temper, Tantrum, Fist Clench) as he shakes in madness with utter comedic rage….he loses it. Oh the drama! He loses the total plot. Only for a second…before it turns into eternal weeping…which then turns into I need Mummy cuddles…’ But that second is HILARIOUS…in a sort of terrifying… Β anger management much….way. Luckily, his mother is ‘Chrissie Wunna..’ I can handle this with a smile and a giggle. Another grumpy boy? Welcome to my life. Easy Peasy! πŸ™‚ A least Ruby is consistent with her ‘Diva-isms.’ Junior’s temper pops out of nowhere, then huddles back in, as he hides in my bosom.

I mean as I tweeted this morning…

‘The bad thing about baby boys is that when they get mad, they get super testosterony MAD. Yet the good thing about baby boys is that after that moment when life has defeated them…lol…they crawl back to Mama, all forlorn & broken down, with tears in their eyes.. asking for a cuddle.Β Β (Not much changes when they become men.)’

Bottom line…men need their women and when I say ‘THEIR’ women, I mean the woman that has birthed them or the woman they have chosen to love and care for them. Even when they dance off to Dixie land, air heel clicking, with pints..they’re back…in need of a bit of ‘nurture.’ I mean, my Dad always says how much he loves my mum because she’s the woman who stands the test of time with him. No matter what Tom Foolery he has delivered, she has stood there with her lioness ‘umph, pulled him back together, mopped his brow, taught him right from wrong…shouted at him a little and set him back on the right track..every time…for 30 something years now! That’s love.

But yes, enough about that! *Fans myself*

I’ve been house hunting, working on the beauty line and feeling knackered. Glamourously knackered of course. I think i may have found a home that I would like to reside in..there’s two…one is near home, the other in the next town…but yes…looking forward to seeing them both. The right one will stick. As my favourite one is the one that’s away from here. But we’ll see! They’re both lovely and as soon as I move into either, I can have an excuse to have a house warming. Yippppeeee! πŸ™‚ They’ll be perfect family homes for the Summer. I AM SO EXCITED! GIMME! GIMME! I mean, no matter what it’s a definite step up…not the final result…but another step up, That’s what life is about…the stepping. I don’t view the first one until Sunday, but I parked outside it today to have a peek. We shall see!

Did my first post surgery drive today and it terrified me. My neck still kills and having to concentrate on driving, exhausted me. Lol. I was like a feeble, terrified Asian granny, behind the wheel today and I must look rough, because when I ventured to the supermarket…where they adore me…they didn’t even recognize me, when I was stood right by them.

I’ve decided that chick friend Harriet should write a parenting book. She’s damn good at this ‘Mummy’ stuff…and I always knew she would be, even though others may have thought we’d be rubbish at it. But it seems that she has the answers to everything. I’m definitely leaving random baskets filled with Asian babies on her doorstep soon. Lol. I mean, she’s already accidentally named her book..’I just know what I want to do when I’m miserable.’ GENIUS TITLE! I usually do wine….so it’s a great help having Harriet’s advice on my Facebook stream. πŸ™‚

Life is good! I’m feeling dandy. I’m looking forward to the lash line again, but i’m not putting too much on my plate this time. I often try to do too many things at once and that always ends rubbish. The way I see it, right now I need to concentrate on finding a house, as it would be pretty irresponsible of me to put eyelashes before a home for my children. Lol. I’m a glamour puss….but lets wait a second here and file through our priority memos.

I feel like I had all this great stuff to blog about, but now I can’t remember any of it! Shit! Hahaha. I don’t know if it’s the neck thing, the driving like a granny thing, the old thing or what?

Whatever…that’ll have to do. Can’t remember anything.

Love you.

C x



New homes, Great Pictures, Back to Business & Stuff


How lovely is it today! Hello ‘almost’ Spring! There’s a chill in the air, a baby blue sky, filled fresh fluffy white clouds, by tiny budding blooms, a ray of delicious sunshine, chicks hatching and a probable amount of rabbits bonking… It’s Spring and after a whole blanket of doom, gloom, dark by 5pm, dark at 7am…cold, wet, windy hell…we kinda sort of appreciate a bit of light! It’s just a season that perks everyone up and as you can tell, i’m bizarrely in the best of moods…and I only say bizarrely since Ruby decided to grease my body in fat from chicken wings, as Junior decided to projectile vomit over everything in sight…for fun. It was mayhem. Yet lovely. It’s not even like they were being bad…they were just being kids. πŸ™‚ When you’re a Mum of two…this is what happens. You can ‘hit’ your stress button at times and all other mums will get it. Yet last night, I just watched, laughed and learnt. As i knew it would be followed by an evening of Ruby screaming in her sleep. Hahaha. Yippppeee! How we do it? I just don’t know. But we do! And we’re amazing for it. The kiddies are GREAT!

Okay, so today, feeling quite recovered. There’s a tightness across my neck where my scar is scabbing over, which makes me feel like i’m choking on occasion. Lol. Glamourous I know. Lets keep this real. But on the whole happy.

I’m finally back to sorting out my business plan for the eyelash line. WAHOOO! I CAN’T WAIT to get it all up and running an get my pretty ‘pitch on’ to the good folk at Angles Den. It’s all going to go so well and it’s lovely to have Spring here and all the drama tucked away. I’m feeling good and you are to, so it seems. I Mean, how many MORE of my friends want to get married this year! I’ve just been invited to TWO MORE weddings! As I Tweeted, Cupid must have made up fro lost time in 2013. I’m happy for you all..as I can’t say that I don’t feel loved up because I weirdly do…but I did see a a hilarious Facebook poster thing today stating that if you think you’re happy in your relationship and if you swapped phones for the day, no passwords or codes…90% of you would be single! Lol. The thing is…in my mind phone banter or whatever…etc,,,isn’t real. It’s not a real relationship, a rapport…or anything. It’s just a distraction…mainly for men, but for girls too, who need something to do with their time, or need to find a bit of loving attention when they might feel down. Even if they think it’s a great idea at the time, it doesn’t hold it’s fort for long and it soon drizzles out into nothingness. So if you are in a relationship, don’t fret, if this is happening to you. It doesn’t matter. Don’t get me wrong there are some rubbish guys who are plonkers and some genuine singles Β looking for love. But for the ones that use it as a distraction…that’s all it is. They don’t really choose those folk over their real life relationships. It’s just there to mentally entertain them.

To give you hope and because it’s Spring-ish, here’s some statistics… 100 divorced/separated men were asked who they would marry, if they were to get married again and 80% of them said that they would marry the same girl they did the first time around. Men are just silly sometimes. But from a real love couples front…it’s the ones that make it through the storms that make it to the ‘forever’ finish line. The flirty flings don’t count. They’re just often the bits of distraction that weirdly can sometimes make you realize how much you miss or love the person (be they a girl or guy,) Β that you do love. So don’t panic. πŸ˜‰

When it comes to men for me…i like familiarity. SO, new men find it hard to shimmie into Wunna land, as I spend most of Β my time just loving who I love and that really doesn’t change that much. I will always choose old love, over new love. I’m not interested in Summer time flings or bits of love here. I’m all or nothing and to be honest…i’m already a family…there doesn’t need to be spanking NEW additions to that, as they wouldn’t be able to just slot in to the way it works…nor will I have time to do the whole ‘lets get to know you’ thing. Lol.

It’s much easier when you already Β know a being (and I don’t mean a being you’re mildy acquainted with, someone you truly know) Β and they know you and how your life works because they can slot right back in. It’s simply more of a *wink,* a high five and a ‘let’s get on with this now.’ Much easier…and let’s be honest…we all appreciate things that we want, that come with the greatest of ease. πŸ˜‰

So yes, other than all of the beauty line, getting over the shock stuff…today I have begun my giant HOUSE HUNT. I need to find somewhere delightful, that I can look at think, ‘ooh home’ at…and well I have time, yet this time it comes with a deadline. Deadlines are good for me, because I work better. Remember that I am a kitten, so all is very glamour puss, slow throw of robe, slow motion hair toss…unless i’m in a ’bout of excitement. But to say I was so worried a couple nights ago…I now feel the absolute opposite! I AM SO EXCITED to hunt for new digs…a glorious family home, that will celebrate Wunna land and right before Summer! Eeek! I’ll love it. The children will love it. I say, gimme, gimme!

Maybe, I needed a bit of firecracker up my booty for it…as i’m quite chilled when it comes to ‘home,’ and having to move these days and mainly because as a 20 something in LA…i mustve moved 100 times. Every few months! It was awful. But normal for me at the time. Now i’m older and have the babies…i love stability and being in one place for a good long time. Lol. Y’see, every beings history dictates how they current act, or more gives reason why someones acts the way they.

However, what is better than a new family home and I’m eager because I AM actually excited about it. I can’t wait to be it in..even though I haven’t found it yet. I get to choose one giant spacious, gorgeous family home..i hope and love it, live in it…and well it’ll just make everyone happy. ESPECIALLY if we have a gorgeous Summer. I’ll be working from home doing the beauty line, as the family giggle and rush around the garden…people can come over…It’ll just be and as much as I hate the word…’nice.’

This time i’m going to pick WELL and i’m going to for what I want! No snipping at corners..just an ace family home. So today that is what i’m doing! But i tend to get a bit carried away. Yet in life, that’s what we’re meant to be doing when it comes to family homes. πŸ™‚ I’m a glamour puss after all.

There’s not been too many in the village in the current village that I reside in, yet there’s been some good ones…there’s giant barn conversions…quaint new 3 beds…cottages, huge family homes…new, old, spacious…small. Lots. But i’m liking what I like and it’s working for me. Haha. Gimme! Gimme! I don’t even have to move just yet…but there is a deadline…So once the deal is sealed…BINGO. I guess the middle of April would be good…but i do have a bit longer than that!

Okay, so i’m getting back to work right now. Everything is accidentally falling back into place and I guess everything does happen for a reason. A reason that you don’t realize at the time. All that you go through, if something is meant to be..happens because it has to…and it has to so that you get to the appropriate result at the right time.

I love house hunting.

Oooh and on the learning front…I asked someone the other day what their favourite things were and their answer weirdly was…’watched, shirts…my designer…this and that.’ How odd? I mean, we all adore luxury and what I like to call Β ‘stuff’ don’t we..and do know that the conversation was about shopping and socks. Lol. Yet, m answer would’ve been that i’m not really material. I’m not one whocares for material things…or ‘stuff,’ and because well some say it’s because i’ve been lucky enough to have had ‘stuff’ all my life..and never had to struggle for it. However, I like to say it’s because I know what matters in life. Luxury and nice things are great…I’m flashy…i’ll rock a designer whatnot if i wish, I’ll purchased people nice things because it’s good manners and because I want them to be treated, to feel special…..but i’m well balanced, as I’ll rock an online boutique or Primark when it’s quiet. (Busy Primark sucks.) I LOVE A BARGAIN. I think those who don’t are foolish. Yet still…expensive or cheap…i don’t care about ‘stuff.’ They don’t even nearly come up on my priority list of ‘What matters’ to me. I mean to put things into perspective…not that you need it…a friend of mine had a baby yesterday…a tiny newborn…she celebrated it all over Facebook, like the happiest, proudest Mum ever….17 hours later…the baby had died. My heart BROKE for her. So if you’re stressing over nothing (i do it all the time)…know that there are things going on in the world, really normal things…that are horrific, yet those people experiencing the horror of life…don’t seem to be throwing Β a pity party..when they have every right to maybe be doing so.

Know what matters. Have the right favourite things!

I love family, success and happiness…memories, love and life. Sprinkle that with good friends, good times and warm hearts…stability and wine..and you have me sorted. Y’see, the good thing about me is that I could’ve if i wanted just lived the most perfect life EVER…and the only reason why I didn’t was because I wanted to experience real life. So i went and found ‘real life’ myself…to experience. Far enough, I did it glitzy in Hollywood…lol…but people are the same, be they rich, poor, in Ponty or in Hollywood…not outwardly, yet inwardly. We all feel, we all love, we all cry, we all laugh the same. Some are better than others…but we’re all learning. I’ve learnt now and only to find myself right back where I started…the place where perfect life could’ve been forever, without the self-found ‘life drama.’ YET, this time i’m here, i now appreciate it a lot more and well what I learnt is… who the hell needs life experience when you’ve always had it good to begin with. LMAO! I come from a really loving family and I now have my own loving little family and I have all this opportunity…i’m lucky. Don’t search for trouble if you don’t need to. The grass is NEVER greener..a lesson we tend to always have to learn. Love what you’re meant to love and enjoy it! πŸ™‚

Anyway, got to go…(again.)

I still need to tell you all about Sister in Law Sharn’s wedding. I adore her and i’m so happy that she found lurve….’in a hopeless place.’ πŸ˜‰ (I’ll have to do it at the weekend..)

But here’s a piccie (our favourite one of us both lol) pre- dinner…

We’re fit. πŸ™‚ We even loved the picture when it had just been taken. Hahaha. #vanityatitsfinest


I didn’t look like that by the end of the night. Yet all’s great in the name of fun and certainly when you’re celebrating love. πŸ™‚









Y’see, the good thing about me is that i’m ‘Sheerah.’ Even when I think that I can’t handle a bit of ‘boomerang,’ I always make the right choices, waddle back up on that pony and YEEHAA my way to victory. (It may take me a moment…and yeah, maybe i’ll be a little bruised,) but i’ll always find my inner lioness and the turnover time that it takes me to grow tall is now MINUTES! (You can clap here if you want.) The fact that i can do it in minutes doesn’t mean I’m Rainbow Bright and more means, i’ve been through some ‘times.’ πŸ™‚

On the whole, I know that I have it much greater than a lot of other people, who may not be so fortunate on this disco earth ball of fun time.. My support system, my family, my children, my zest for life, my will to win, Β my own jolly little heart of fire make me see straight and get up every time, in heels, and with a smile that can hide a mild attitude problem, but not anything rum can’t fix. This makes me a great human and in times like this…be you a girl or a guy, more of you need to adopt this manner and GALLOP WITH ME. There’s a goal I need to get to by the end of this life and i’m on route…in heels, often hiccuping…but with ‘Sheerah’ strength.

So, as I was moaning last night about how all things seemed to be going wrong for me this year…I threw my pity party, i laughed it off, I had a baby sized weep, I pulled a few faces, took it out on my Mother (like ya do πŸ™‚ )…told the people closes to me and as I woke up this morning….there was a dodgy few moments, where I still felt a bit sorry for myself and THEN IT HAPPENED…i scooped up my suit of Gladiator armour and plonked it right on with a ‘gun show.’

It’s only February…and 2014 has been shit to be so far. πŸ™‚ So rubbish that it is now making me laugh. Duvet this year my arse. I’m whipping 2014 right back with glitter bricks and a smile. It’s not the fact that i’ll fight it from getting me down..it’s the simple fact that I know my worth, my talent, my strength and what matters and with a wiggle-giggle, because i am filled with love…i’m going to champion it. It;s been eye opening because last night I learnt a lot. I GOT why people maybe surrender to ‘party’ mode, sulk mode, anger mode, weep mode, wine mode, credit card mode…whichever mode you care to pick off the Butlers’ tray, to maybe forget your merry problems and feel a bit less lost for a second. I get it now. Yet i’m not that. Positive action is what makes things go right. Pity parties or a swirl of escapism, whilst you take it out on everyone else…(usually the people who care) doesn’t work, does it? Β I’m not weak. I’m grabbing my faux fur…yeah after a moan and a weep..that’s allowed to happen…as long as you snap out of it and start working your strut.

I’m emotionally on top of things, a great deal more than people think, with trophies and everything. That’s what makes me lucky. (Still lost my voice and can’t turn my neck though. Yippee.) So, i’m going to tell you a story and it’s my 2014 so flipping FAR…

Okay, so lets play ‘real.’ 2014 turned in…The great thing was that I was with my family and children. Junior’s first bringing in of the New Year.

The bad thing was that I was pregnant and didn’t know. So skipping over all that…

I came into 2014 pregnant…with heavy marital problems…and 2013 literally spitting me out. I had..well still have, GREAT things happening, like the beauty line, I did The Clothes Show live, I delighted Christmas in the luxury forest log cabin….

But my parents flew away to Burma for 3 weeks…there I was on my own with the two children…with all this great opportunity that I was so happy about, as I had gone through such a rollercoaster of a time in my personal life…

Yet I was miscarrying. (You don’t need to ‘aww’ here. I’m just streaming you the facts of Wunna land, so you et it and don’t think i’m a crazy.)

So we’re only in Feb…fair enough it’s almost March and i’m alone with the babies, with a break down of love and romance…i’m having a fighty time…and a miscarriage…at the same time as working hard on my eyelash line and being excited…waving my flag of positivity..and then i’m in and out of hospital with my own sorry self and my poorly son…to THEN all of a sudden find out that i’m having to have my neck cut open, to have some giant lump removed from it immediately, so that i don’t die early. UGH! Surgery happened. Didn’t it.

Inbetween all this is humour, weddings, children’s birthday parties, fights, moments of love, good friends and…well you might as well have called the Circus and told them to come and watch MY LIFE instead. Lol

Okay, so just as I was telling you how all was now well…i’m recovering and things were getting back into order, meaning I could now CONCENTRATE on the money making passion that is my LASH LINE and not have to put up with basic Wunna ongoings…y’know the surprises. I don’t like surprises. I don’t like to be shocked. I’m one who enjoys stability and well whenever i’m shocked, it’s never usually something good, so now i obviously fear it with all of my life. Hahaha. I want to *whack* it with kippers and run away. Once i’m over the *shock* phase, the next phase is weepy…once i’m over the weepy phase…i’m tough….and way more than a cookie would be.

All was well…excited about the future…then last night, I open a letter and find ANOTHER WUNNA SURPRISE. UGH! It’s not too bad a surprise. But not fun for me, as it now again, takes me away from focusing on my business, the thing that will make me happy and do victory dances, make the money,…which every girl has a RIGHT TO DO..and enjoy…as for the next two months, I’m having to house hunt. This is okay and normal if you’re a free living individual, who can pack a bag and swan off…yet when you are a MUM, this is a big task. Things have to be right.


We’re not even IN MARCH yet..hahahaha…I can’t believe all this is happening. Lmao! By the end of 2014, i’m either going to be a massive success…or just dead or something, glittery, but officially conked out by life.

But right now, you’d think i’d be moping around, pulling more faces, with a morning gin.

NO!!! That’s not my nature. You’d be so proud, i’m already sorting my act out and getting it together. I’ve worked REALLY HARD, double hard this morning and weirdly moved another step up the ladder, if not forward.

I have a smile on my face. Literally. I can do this. I will do this. I’m Sheerah…but hotter. πŸ™‚

The Circus around me is still happening, but I weirdly feel at peace. That’s the secret to success. Where you don’t give in to the swirl of escapism and you army forward with the whole of your heart, doing all the right things to make it work. My life goes GREAT and I can see it. This morning, i’m happy that i’m ME. You can’t get a good kitty down!

I have a wonderful life, such great opportunities…support, magnificent children. (Junior is the biggest cuddle bunny ever fight now. he just wants to take time out of life to cuddle up to Mama and smile. I LOVE THAT. It gives me power. He’ll even say ‘Mama’ (unknowingly) and ask for a cuddle.) Ruby snuggled him all morning after huge massive cries through the night. I don’t know if she’s having her ‘after party’ blues or whether she’s currently suffering from abandonment issues. It’s a big thing for her. I mean, in public she can be as quiet as a mouse, but at home she’s super open and very expressive. She was really upset and has been since her birthday came to an end…and i’m talking nonstop weeping and nightmares…without telling me why? But what I love about her, is that even in her most ‘ouchy’ heart moments, she still looked to her right, saw her baby brother awake and went to cuddle him…and to tell him how much she loved him. She spent her entire morning loving him and trying to make him smile, through her own tears! Junior’s face lit up when he saw her and giggled right back(they get along so well) Β and just like that, I knew I had am AMAZING FAMILY filled with love…and that every inch of me was going to fight to make sure they were MORE THAN okay.

Rubes did cry more after she realized that she had to go to nursery, because for some reason she just wants to either stay at home with mum or see the world. She doesn’t love going as much now. But I produced one of her birthday presents that Keiran had bought for her…(Keiran and Rubes have this grand and mighty love connection…it is CRAZY. I mean she has a very real connection with ME, it’s a proper ‘Mummy/daughter/tell each other everything/best friendy’ connection and a young, fresh, loving Β ‘little girl with daddy’ connection with Pete…and she adores her grandparents etc…but with Keiran, well..I don’t know, their connection runs beyond anything describable…it runs deep. ) Anyway…so he’s bought her a bumblebee dress…and within seconds of me showing it to her and telling her who purchased it, her world lit up, her tears seemed to vanish at the speed of light, as she SHRIEKED with joy, snatched it out my hands, rushed it own and for 20 minutes straight, twirled and swirled and giggle an laughed. She danced and loved and almost felt whole again? She even let me picture take and she NEVER lets me do that! What matters is that in that moment…she was happy!

But then Junior (who is the KING of picture taking) decided he wasn’t happy with how I had allotted the attention…Hahaha. So he crawled on in, in Β a mild huff to be part of the *swirling*…and SEE the first thing she did, was bend down and give him a love. πŸ™‚ I have ACE kids! Between us all, we’ve actually raised them well! Who’ da thought!

Life is good and even when ti’s tough…i know that in the end I have the BRIGHTEST FUTURE READY FOR ME TO WIGGLE INTO! Hard work, whole heart, commitment. Love. (Keep at peace as the circus dizzies around you. Like for example, as I’m currently blogging this, I have a video sent to me via some boy (Lord knows who he is??) but all he has done is taken a brief video of himself seductively and rather bizarrely… softly swirling..a thick wad of cash at me, whilst he’s in his bathroom?? Lol. EWW! (Not on the loo, but honestly WHO DOES THAT!!) I mean, it’s a bit better than genitals, however, isn’t it odd how people who don’t know you, believe you are as a person. It says a lot about his opinion of me (which *urks* me out) and well a lot about how he sees himself. But men do. Men are to money, as women are to beauty. I guess?

Big winks,

Chrissie x








It’s been a glitzy swirl…

Well! This time THREE years ago I was enjoying the fruits of being in ‘hurty’ labour in Pontefract General Hospital, giving birth to my …obviously now 3..baby daughter RUBY! I cannot BELIEVE that she’s made it to 3 in one piece. Yeah, she’s a little maungy, but most of the time…a delightful drop of joy. (When she’s not being ‘Diva-Hardcorer’ which is what she has chosen to be today. πŸ™‚

This is the face she pulled…


Before she officially..

*Blanked* me. πŸ™‚

But yes, i’ve had a weekend of weddings and children’s birthday parties to the point where it all seems like a fast spinning wine swirl that led into a very bright and yellow balloon festival. Everything within the last month has just been crazy…with my love life, the babies, the business, the parties, weddings, the surgery, a problem that I had at the beginning of the year…that I haven’t had time to breathe or think…It’s a year that I thought i’d spend hiding under a duvet, that got good, but then went ‘jiggy’ on me, to the point where ‘natural flow’ was all I could surf and with my eyes closed and fingers crossed.

All the excitement is now over. I’m equipped with a small neck scar, a daughter who is 3, more friends/family who are now married and in a better position when it comes to love…yet after today (which is Ruby’s actual birthday) i’ll be able to get back to normality, which for me will be THE EYELASH LINE! Hurrah! I was so excited for it all and still am, but it had to be shimmied under *pause* like I had told you previously, due to the usual happenings of Wunna land. I mean, I even STILL have giveaway gifts in my living room waiting to make their way to you. I need to do all this and from tomorrow…I can.

Give me my eyelash line. That’s all I want and need. I’m STILL at business plan stage and it’s annoying. Luckily, it can now be dealt with…until something ELSE dramatic rolls up and punches me in the glitzy face. πŸ™‚

But yes, I had a wonderful weekend and lots of fun. Bit odd that I can’t talk properly. But I looked good. Sort of. In a tired ‘looking good’ sort of way. I’ll tell you all about the wedding in the next blog, simply because this blog would be MASSIVE long and Monday’s are never good for massive long anythings. But yes, I’m soo happy that my sister in law Sharn and her lovely Husband Phil tied the not.

Great couple. Happy couple. Love them both madly. Tell you all about it in the next blog.

…this is the ‘Evening dress’ I chose to wear for the night do..(heavily publicized after Lucy ‘Meck’ rocked it..It’s better on than you think it’s gonna be. I adored it!



This is also the dress that i ended up launching my drink in someone’s face in. Ugh! But I don’t care whatever. If I ever have to act as such…it’s usually because they deserved it. Β *Wiggle-wink* πŸ™‚ I’ll tell you all about the wedding, in the next blog, yet i’m skipping out the bad bits and simply because the focus of the event was ‘love’ and the main thing is that a great couple..got married..and not only did i embrace it until the end, but I was honoured to be there. Sharn and I just get on well and because of that I gifted Her and Phil with champagne in buckets and Jasper Conran wine glasses.

Next day was Ruby’s birthday party. My gorgeous little bambino of chickalicious. It was quite hectic and quite hard as I didn’t feel too great and I couldn’t turn my neck fast enough…oh and I couldn’t talk as properly as I wanted to. BUT i was happy to firstly noticed my old school friend Kate Sykes face. I adore her because hes real and cynical, but a great mum. A strong woman. There’s lots of love in her. And she looked hot! Then super happy to find HARRIET, who face and presence simply comforted me immediately. It was just like I had been sent back in time to life where Wunna was ace and all was calm…fun…and delightful. Thank GOD she was there and my bosom buddy through it. We think the same and aren’t afraid to voice our minds. She’s a great friend and a great mum and it just felt good to see her again, as i haven’t in absolute donkies years…and it’s been rubbish without her. Therefore apart from Ruby turning 3…Harriet showing up was brilliance.

Here’s some piccies for you.

Daddy Pete…



Daddy Keiran…

Although mayhem…and because I really couldn’t do much without turning my head and being able to talk properly…(I looked really anti social) I’m happy that it went well.

I hope everyone had a good time and we all thank you SO MUCH for making Ruby’s ‘turning 3’ first ever party worth it. It meant so much to her. I mean she was quite shy and maungy at the party, but once she got home she was filled with life and excitement. I think she was just overwhelmed by it all…and it did seem like there was SO MUCH GOING ON. Noise, lights, play areas filled with children, balloons, bright, singing…shouting…all sorts…

I guess, it’s sort of bizarro as i’m sure the mums were wondering which one was ‘Daddy.’ lol. (Oh gosh Wunna! πŸ™‚ ) But, honestly and as weird as this may be, Pete and Keiran get on well with one another. It’s not hideous between them at all, no matter how rocky it may have been with me. I mean at the end of the shindig, all three of us found ourselves sat down having some random convo about love, Ruby and how we know drag queens now. It was nice…we laughed.

I’m still exhausted from my weekend affairs, so I’m resting up and getting ready for my thyroid follow up..check up…or whatever.

Tomorrow i’m getting back to business..as today I gave up to Ruby and jigsaws. I mean when you’re a kid and you’ve just accumulated a whole bunch of toys…you sort of need to play with everything all at once.

OR Β if you’re Junior enjoy the fact that you get t eat ALL THE CHOCOLATE when your sister is out..

Junior literally has the best time.

I still feel really lucky. I’m a proud mum. I’m happy and grateful that the ‘winkles’ get to celebrate their birthday’s big time. I feel sexy. I love that i celebrated love. Weddings rock. I want to now get my success shoes back on. My work heels. I’m too old to go out clubbing. (I’m not made for it, i don’t think.) I’m recovering. S HAPPY to have re-met new fun with old friends. Loving the babies and currently sat with a bubble machine around me. #nojoke lol

Life is good. Still want my voice back though. #hohum



I DO day!



Really excited today because I get to go to a wedding and not just any wedding, but the wedding of my now ‘sort of’ πŸ˜‰ sister in law(who I ADORE) and Comedy Phil’s wedding. They’re a wonderful couple, who I just really think will do life together. They’ve done the ups and conquered the downs and well the good life partners are the ones that can do that. The ones that can survive the bashing before the blooming of the rainbow. Makes me happy. I’ve spent the morning grooming. It’s lovely managing to get out and about after so long…babies, surgery…all sorts. It’s even better when you get to celebrate love. (I hope I don’t look too hoochie? I’m not used to going to weddings and being a guest. I’m usually the one having to isle walk. SO TODAY WILL BE GREAT!

Not sure why or how all that above writing has gone all GIANT? Ah well? That’s life!

So, we’re all meeting up at 11am. Keiran has my car and finishing up from work, so he’ll be arriving just on time or a tad bit late. Doesn’t really matter though, as i’m currently not allowed to drive anyhow, so the car he can keep.

After the meet up, the ceremony, the lunchy, brunchy etc…I’m checking into a hotel and then we have an evening dinner, followed bar hopping. πŸ™‚ I’m just gonna embrace it and have fun. I love life today and I love it because I managed to get HATED on again before 9am. I don’t like haters, for ‘think they know’ people, they come across as bitter, and unattractive. It’s wrong to judge people that you have never ever met, or people who you’ve met and have never done anything too wrong to you…and well you shouldn’t ‘hate’ simply because not only is it rude, but hilarious for the other person.

I’m a vivacious, deligthful kitten. People who take themselves too seriously or try to control every inch of someone’s being are moronic. I find them funny. It certainly sways my view on them. I mean would anyone name call on others that they haven’t even met.

But i look divine this morning…and on a more positive and far more important note, I FEEL GREAT. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE WEDDING, THE REST OF THE DAY AND THE REST OF THE WEEKEND.

Tomorrow afternoon it’s my Baby Ruby’s Birthday and she turns 3!! πŸ™‚ Eek. I’m filled with excitement. I can’t wait. She has 20 kiddies attending and well it’ll be really great for us Mums to have a love and a catch up!

I’ll be Tweeting and picture posting all day as that what you do when you’re at weddings and out and about.


Have a wonderful Friday.

I love you.

Shirt..shirt? Short but sweet. (The taxi’s here.)


Thursday Much



Busy! Busy! Busy! Things are hotting up and although i’m loving every inch of life, it’s getting a hard juggle. When you’re a Mama, things get sacrificed. Not ‘forever’ sacrificed, but they go on a delay. So right now, i’m ubbling over with joie de vivre, desperate to get my eyelash line, business plan sorted…yet due to babies, juggling and …well i’m least i’m doing it with reat hair…it’s not easy and having to be placed under the *pause* button until the bambinos are in check and chipper! Jeepers. I’m an ambitious, impatient girl. Lol. Yet, the good thing is that I know what’s important in life. I still want this business plan sorted, so I can get my pitch ready and I can gather a bunch of investors and rocket my line to the stars and back. UGH! Right now…nappy changing and ‘off nursery’ Junior is Mama’s moment task. πŸ™‚ But they’re happy. I’ll do it. I know I can. I just need some freed up time, help and a wink. Then I can accumulate proper funding…my mind is going 100 mile an hour. Yet, my exterior is bronzing face cheeks, smiling and singing versus of ‘Twinkle Twinkle.’ πŸ™‚

Oh LORD! I am getting super emotional about Ruby turning 3. It’s so weird. I mean where did time go? She was just this tiny little bundle, tinier than Junior and now she’s all big and three and having her first big birthday party! I’m going to weep through parts of it. I’m like stalker mum. I watched her sleep last night and just saw how beautiful she was. Then I scrolled through baby Facebook pictures of her and had a Mummy cry. LMAO. I’m SO PROUD OF HER. It’s feels amazing. I can’t believe it. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL. (Even if she is a Diva! πŸ˜‰ I think she’s being good right now simply because she has a party coming up and she doesn’t want to balls it up. Plus, she feels more loved. She has everyone back in her life, giving her love…realizing that she’s accidentally Β made it to three and at the speed of light! It makes me happy, because it’s like despite everything, I feel like she’s been raised really well. As a parent it makes you feel like an oldie, but SO emotional. Her party will also be a celebration of 3 years of parenting. Lol. I’m totally wearing a Barbie t-shirt. I went to buy wedding presents for others…and ended up taking a detour., The detour ended with a Barbie t-shirt purchase. This is why I love me. I then managed to accumulate hair clip ins, new nails…everything. πŸ™‚ Even a Dinosaur suit for Junior! I love it when shopping becomes a distraction. I could literally SHOP FOREVER. )

Ended up in a coffee shop for a rest, where I bumped into an acquaintance, who wanted to tell me all about her sex life. πŸ™‚ Hilarious. I love people who are just super open about everything, they don’t live a lie, and fear nothing when it comes to expressing their life story without an edit button. I can’t even nearly repeat what she said, as it’ of course didn’t make me blush, but holy shit, it was very Chrissie Wunna 2004. πŸ˜‰ I think there’s girl power and well a dodgy line of ‘maybe’ girl power? Lol. Love her though. She’s actually 47. I enjoy that I have friends of all ages, from 16 to 100. I just get on with most. I don’t know why or how? I just do. I know life and people well…and i’ve lived. I’m non judgemental….apart from when i’m being highly judgemental. πŸ™‚ I my heart goes out to her, as she was once married to a man who was having an affair with her best friend. He left her for her bestie. That must’ve hurt, especially when she had a daughter. So i get her promiscuity and I hope it gets better. πŸ™‚ I’ve been there and well our conversation actually made me realize how much I had grown emotionally over the decade. πŸ™‚ Thank GOD! I’ve just gone through a painful split, yet the last thing on my mind is sex with numerous randoms. Lol You should’ve heard these stories. Hilarious lady. Brought a smile to my face over a latte.

Trophies please. I’m officially a very together grown up.

So, right now I have grooming, weddings, and birthday parties to organize for. Plus a moment where a health visitor will come on in and weigh Junior for a second.. Random bit of comedy. He’ll trump through it.

I am SO EXCITED for my rest of the week. It’s going to fun, fun, fun, filled with good times, family and love. Yayur! EXCITED! I’m gonna let loose, have fun and celebrate being kitten-esque. I feel really happy. I’m feeling STRONG. I’m a feisty girl of ‘ooh laa’ and I stand up for all that I believe in and all those who I care about. People always try to make or see me as far more complex than I really am. I’m simple and I’m GREAT. Loveable, fun, yet not a force to be reckoned with. Don’t let life get you down, wink at it and give it a shimmie. It’ll work better for you that way. πŸ™‚

Hope you all enjoy your rest of the week and that it’s filled with excitement. Make your dreams come true and don’t let other’s ‘poo-poo’ what you do, or what you dream of doing. When they do…it’s their own issues that seep through the cracks. I’m gonna do well and you are too. Keep happy, keep strutting forward, keep waving off the haters with a giggle and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE who you are, what you stand for, life and those who truly care for you.

I’ll blog later, as I’m sure Junior’s gonna be waking up shortly.

Love you lots.


Thank you for following my life.







Glitziest Fish in Da Pond?


I’m starting to think that I’m quite a catch! πŸ™‚ I mean, every single time life whops a ‘losing at life’ bomb at me, that could maybe break the merriest of kittens…I simply have to peek into a bundle of my inboxes and just like that…i’m either an ‘inspiration’ to chicks πŸ™‚ or the most ‘beautiful girl ever.’ πŸ™‚ (I’m full of it today, do forgive me. I’m just happy and when a glamour puss is chipper…everything gets playful. πŸ˜‰ ) Thank GOD for inboxes! I mean, I’m apparently such a wonder because I have a personality, a working brain, i’m sensible enough to hold my own as a ‘Mama,’ not so sensible enough to still be fun, I have drive, I have passion, I do okay, I’m loving, i’m funny…polite, educated…and Β i’m hot. πŸ™‚ This is all good stuff to hear, when you had forgotten that you’re ACE! I’m ACE! I’m the Gliziest fish in the pond or whatever it is? How careless of me to have forgotten. πŸ˜‰

I don’t usually ‘do replying’ to gents….unless of course I want to. I mainly process the art of replying to ‘the chicks,’ friends…and safe men. (Boys I know, or ones that aren’t terrifying, gents who are gay, playful, or fans.) Yet, I ALWAYS read EVERYTHING that comes into my little box of ‘in’ and it’s lovely to just scroll through for a moment when you’re dilly dallying. It keeps me in a good mood…:) and builds up my already enormous ego. πŸ™‚ I’m a catch!! Yahoo! It’s just nice to hear how ‘lovely’ you are, I guess? It gives you an energy that you may have lost for a while. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

My neck is healing well. I performed my first *sneeze* today without having to swallow it, incase my head blew off. I’m on the mend and by the end of the week, all should be well. I’m still a bit swollen, but oh my GOD does it feel amazing to no longer have some GIANT LUMP taking over my neckline! I feel 19 again! πŸ™‚ Maybe that’s why I’m chipper. Life is great. Work is going to be AMAZING. My babies are doing so well! I’m just having a WONDERFUL week. I feel really happy, really confident and my soul is filled with love….instead of gallons of rum. (Which still isn’t so bad.)

Found this about me last night mid-Google..Read it:


I’ve purchased dresses. I’m looking forward to the wedding that I shall be attending…AND Ruby’s first big old birthday party. (She’s turning 3! AND she weirdly seems super happy. Ruby is extremely family oriented, extremely loving if she loves you πŸ™‚ Β and extremely sensitive, when it comes to the art of getting hurt. Last night she was ballsy, filled with out loud belly laughter and bossy. All confident and lioness like. I think she’s feeling better because she’s managing to see and feel like all those who love her are around her and haven’t left her. Yesterday she did nursery, she talked to her ‘Daddy Pete’..she played with Junior, she cuddled with Grandma, she danced with Mummy, she talked to ‘Daddy Keiran,’ and for the first time in a LONG time, she slept through the ENTIRE NIGHT without screaming weird things or even waking up! Sh’es been so good and so happy. We’re getting somewhere now…well until it all goes to pieces again. She likes togetherness and it’s important that each element of her circle plays well together in order fo her to feel a sense of stability, love and consistency.

(Ugh, I need to turn the heat on, i’m freezing.)

Today, Β have three meetings. One for the ‘tv thing’ the others for the beauty line. God, how long is this beauty line gonna take. I’m so excited and so impatient…but whatever, it will happen when it happens and will hopefully do well. I don’t really have a Plan B. Angels Den better be good to me.

I’m MISSING waking up here..


OH GOD, I miss being in the heart of the forest harmony SO MUCH, my heart ACHES for it. Peace, hot-tubbing, luxury, bliss. It’s sad that I haven’t yet been this year, as last year I managed to retreat off 5 times for weeks… within the year! πŸ™‚ It’s a sentimental place to me. I would wake up look outside my window and see the above…

I love space, nature and luxury *add a chandelier here please* so it’s perfect…and peaceful. I always wanted a giant luxurious family home, with a giant garden that the children could rush around in…(and i’ll get there for myself and my children…)…yet the forest is a place where I could live forever. I was never a girl of that sort, until I started going so much. (I asked Ruby if she wanted to go and her reply was ‘Yes, but not to live because I want to live in Cbeebies land.’ I have the oddest conversations? But to all Mums, know that Cbeebies Land is coming to Alton Towers this May, so get excited for it, as we’ll all end up trekking there with eager, wide eyed ‘Looking for Mr.Tumble’ toddlers!

(Shit, I forgot to turn the heating on! AND forgot to drink my tea.)

I’m in a good place, I’m working hard. I’m going to be a success. I just want that moment where I can sit in the midst of my own hard earned luxury and smile, as my babies run around me with glee, not knowing how hard I’ve worked to accomplish so much. Lol. Once the ball rolls…we’re OFF!)

I love how out my window it actually looks sunny, but if I was to venture on out there i’d get caught up in some INSANELY DAMAGING NORTH WIND, that would ‘change my face’…and blow me to Kansas in a hurricane of delight, but without my ruby slippers on. It looks so calm. Pahaha. But whatever, I’ve got a healing neck to deal with. Wind, cold and my distinct lack of jumpers can wait. I shouldn’t swear but #fuckthat πŸ™‚

Don’t know what else to say really…Just have a great Tuesday!

Cya x

Hmm…I’m in the mood for a gossip, with my @emilywoodcock




Stitch Free!



I thought only ‘Snitches got stitches?’ That’s what I learnt in LA? However, in Feb 2014 (the month of apparent lurve) I realized that Glamour Pusses get them too….HOWEVERY GUYS….at noon today, I…quite reluctantly due to my naturally girlish squeamish ways…had my giant stitch across my neck snip and puuuulllled OUT! I no longer feel like the Bride of Frankenstein…and to be honest it was sore, but it didn’t ‘ouchy’ as much as i thought it would. It does however feel odd, because I seem to be under the impression that if i move my neck too fast, my head will roll off? I’m not joking. πŸ™‚

It’s still healing. It’s still swollen. I still have a follow up. But right now, it’s just a scar without a stitch! Hurrah! Maybe a cuppa….WINE..:) might make it feel less sore. But nonetheless, i’m one step further to being ‘back to normal.’ Yipppeee! I’m happier already. Relieving that stitch has made me feel somewhat free. But i did have to WALK to the Doctors surgery…because I’m not allowed to drive yet…and because I’ve given Keiran my car to go work away in for a week, as he went through a stressful last minute, van breakage, drama. Never fun! Nice, aren’t I! πŸ™‚

But yes…crossing roads whilst not being able to effectively turn your head is rubbish. It’s a disaster of a game. I must have looked like a moron in ‘glam.’ ESPECIALLY when there’s so many people you manage to bump in to, who want to say ‘hello.’ I looked really anti-social, as folk were shouting ‘Chrissie’ from across a busy road. I couldn’t turn my head fast enough to respond…lol…so i just Miss.World waved with acknowledgement and smiled. The good thing is that I can get away with that!

I was completely inappropriate at the doctors office, to the point where the Practice Nurse said ‘I better do this one’ to the very glammed up student observing. πŸ™‚ I don’t usually like students because they always moan about being broke, yet spend all their loan on cheap tequila shots Β at bars, on specifically catered nights and live off cereal for months on end, whilst moaning a bit more. This student was ace, because she had obviously spent her dosh on makeup. My favourite. πŸ™‚

My appointment Β was sort of like ‘comedy’ hour because I always put on a show when i’m terrified. The big things I can deal with. The little niggly bits…like stitches…SCARE ME. The fear comes upon me…the curtain goes up…the show begins. I even over perform to the people in the dodgy seats at the back.

But it’s over now and I can get on with my week. I’m looking forward to seeing the babies tonighta! They were such a delight last night and BOTH slept through that today they are my favourites. πŸ™‚ I’m loving how close they are becoming as Junior’s getting older. He slept like a log next to me last night, however although Ruby did sleep her way to snoozy and wake up happy…she repeatedly screamed ‘Daddy’ through her dream land, followed by ‘bot—bot.’ We’ll get there.

I’m obsessing over trying to be a success right now and simply because I always believe that i’ve let myself sacrifice for others, out of laziness, or dilly dallying. I’m confident now and i’m kitten fresh. In my past, I’ve helped everyone, but never gotten helped (aside from my good friends and my mum and the family) and if I do, there’s usually some kind of dodgy consequence that I have to deal with. But i’m happy. I’ll get to where I want to be and i’ll do it with a strut. A champion, ‘look what I did’ strut, like the kid who got the candy, like the Mama with the struggle, who raked in her accidental millions. πŸ™‚

Oh shit, i need to buy a dress….

Must go! *Wiggle-giggle-wink*





A Stitch in Time…


Hey Sailors, Dolls, Soldiers…Kittens! I get my stitches out today. Yeah baby! πŸ™‚ You don’t even have to tell me…I know thar the degree of sexiness that my life hails from is astounding right now! πŸ˜‰ Β What IS my life!!! I mean, how did I…glamour puss extra-extraordinaire end up with stitches in my neck due to a suddenly dodgy thyroid! But whatever, shit happens. At least I now don’t have a ‘danger lump’ in my throat and now have ALL my lumps and bumps in their CORRECT places. *Purr.* I’m feeling over the moon and i’m bubbling over with a happy glee of excitement. I went to bed with happy thoughts and woke up with a beam on my face. When that happens..it means life could potential ‘get good.’ My life might not be where I would have wished it to be right now, but i’m working my pretty Asian ARSE off to get it there…and i’ll do it! My eyelash line…WILL BE A BRAND that you all adore…and simply because it was all created, teared, sweated and dashed with love, determination, my fingers crossed, a bit of wine…and the heart of a lion. It’s not easy to pull yourself together after drama, babies…drama…babies…but I did…because I’m a life soldier…in nipple tassles….glitzy ones! If one day I can hail as a ‘Christian Dior’ type brand…I will..right now, I have stitches. (Lol.) But as soon as I can move my neck fully without restraint, I will be back to the business plan with Zach…who will hopefully knock me up a treat of a forecast, so I can finally gather up all my glittery bits and pitch at Angels Dens to a lovely bunch of ‘hope they believe in me’ investors. I believe in me. And well…to all women who think they can’t…(I shouldn’t just say women…) but it’s because I’ve turned all Sheerah. YOU CAN! Don’t let the spanners that life wang at you knock you down. All it takes to do well is to get back up, that one last time. Get up more than you fall and you’ll win. It’s easier than you think. Do it in heels and a smile…works better. We can’t all be Cinderella. My Fairy GodMother must be sunning it up in the Maldives somewhere, as she’s forgotten about me. πŸ™‚ I just know that things you’ve worked hard for mean so much more when they become a jolly result. I’ve hopefully booked a tv show for this year and i’m letting work opportunity gobble me up. Yet i have WORKED HARD on this eyelash line…REALLY HARD. So when I see the result and I can finally kick back and enjoy my hard work…I’ll breathe…do a happy dance and well then show my children the example that I have set for them. Bottom line, if all works out in the Angles Den, I want a Summer launch. I feel like I have everything in place, PR….all the contacts…the product…Celeb gifting and events and more importantly the reason why it will work. Plus, I’m glitzy ‘Chrissie Wunna’ surely that counts for something. πŸ™‚ I can get my lashes on shelves. Even if I have to crawl into Debenhams, hide behind mannequins and plonk them on there myself. In some of my other blogs I’ve stated that Success is the Sweetest revenge. Well, I believe it is in the sense of it being a motive for any broken down lady to get back up on her Unicorn and gallop onward with determination to do well. Far too many girls sit and weep into split gin…which is okay for a short while…I’m as emotional as they come..I’m certainly a Princess weeper. Yet the pity party, although hilarious is not a good shindig to throw if you actually want to do well in life. CRY it out…then thunder tall and make your dreams come true. Success should never be used as ‘revenge.’ Just let the ‘bad times’ positively power you to the HUGE title of ‘winning at life.’ Sorry for being preachy, i’ve had two coffees. There’s no point in using the ‘pity party’ for attention or love, simply because it doesn’t make YOUR LIFE any better. Plus, guys like strong women. It’s far more attractive and once a girl has got her act together and developed into ‘Lioness,’ then a strong man gallops on in and turns it all to fairytale. Or so the story goes…All i remember is that Cinders lost her flipping glass shoe. Unfortunate really, to say she managed to blag them for free. You can’t be a one footed Lioness.

But enough of that. The stitch removal is making me all determined to do well because I feel disabled.

When my lashes come out…BUY THEM. That’s all. πŸ™‚

The TV stuff I can’t tell you about, simply because it’s all still in the ‘niggly-biggly’ phase. πŸ˜‰ But i’m excited to inspire dolls!

The weekend ended up being a delight. I’m recovering so well and i’m so grateful for having such a tremendous surgeon. My Daddy was a surgeon so he wanted to do a great job and he did. When i got back to see him in 2 weeks for my follow up, i’m taking gifts. I mean he saved my life. That deserves more than a ‘Thank you, Sir.’ (Which is what I said…even with a weird drain poking out my neck.) Dr. Frewer…best ENT surgeon ever. #grateful

But yeah I could’ve moped around being idiotic. But instead the children had birthday parties to go to, so I pulled myself up, grabbed my designer neck scarf, whopped on an ‘updo’ and took them to celebrate the parties of others. RUBY LOVED IT. I get on with all the nursery mums so it was god for me to get out and about and be social. Plus, it’s Ruby’s birthday party this Saturday…so i’m all chipper and excited for the weekend to come. It kinds got me ready for it all!

I’m a good mum and it’s bizarre to think that I would be if you knew me in Hollywood. I was always, fun, lovely and kind…so to speak (nothing like blowing your own trumpet) yet to think that one day I’d be a mum of two….would shock the bones out of them! (I nearly put boners then. πŸ™‚ ) It’s not easy, when you are an ambitious little kitten, who wants to succeed and mainly for the children. Yet, i know I can do it simply because a zillion other Mums, have done it before me. You can have it all. You’ve just got to balance it all out, organize it all and try. Life likes a someone that keeps plonking boulders in their giant catapult and firing back at it with a ‘booyah.’ Once you do…you get cut some slack. It all gets easier.

(Hang on a minute…I have a phone call. )

..I’m back…WHAT Β A GREAT PHONE CONVERSATION. I feel excited and well…I enjoy the folks in life who are on the same mental wavelength as I! Those who are serious as times, yet don’t take themselves too seriously. Those with an open heart and a great sense of humour. Today’s good phone convo…complete. I like it when people can openly talk about themselves…flaws and all, without plonking up a wall or image. I learnt a bit more about men in the last 30 minutes.

Now for coffee!

But yeah, what was I even rambling on about? I hate it when people don’t hit the bullet points to their stories…yet here I am…waffling on without direction or purpose. I’m a swine for it too, as I won’t even pretend like i’m listening anymore. I did that last night with my Mum…awful of me I know. Once a story starts,it’s got to be punchy. Hers lingered a bit. My good friend DK in LA always used to send me long winded emails, followed by a quick edited ‘bullet point’ version to finish. πŸ™‚ OR he would round i toff with some statement about his love life….away from business. I’m dating a new Korean girl, who’s anorexic.’ I enjoy that he had so much time on his hands. Love DK!

I enjoy lovely people.

But yeah, GREAT WEEKEND. This week I have A WEDDING. (No, not my own for once.) AND my daughters birthday party. Hurrah. AND I get to be stitch free! Yippeee! I take days as they come as i’ve had a lot of surprises over the last few months. Lol. I don’t like surprises because they always end badly for me. HAHAHA. I’m a good person, SHOCKING ME makes me jumpy. Unless, it’s going to end well…ofcourse. (God, I’m typing this and emailing the States. I wonder how long it’ll take for a business plan to be conjured up?)

Oooh! @Wazza had a birthday yesterday. I text him early yesterday to wish him well, he’s the friend that I have known the longest…we have literally been friends for about 20 years. Lol. I’m so grateful for him setting up this site and aiding my sorry self to victory…we’ve been raised well (obviously by the state of our site. πŸ™‚ Private education rocks.)

He replied by saying that it was the first birthday SINCE BEING 15 where he hasn’t woken up HUNGOVER. πŸ™‚ It’s his first birthday being a Daddy and a ‘husband to be.’ He is an OFFICIAL HARDCORE GROWN UP and weirdly we both love that.

Nothing is better to me now than grown ups. I’m still young spirited because the babies keep me that way. Yet you’ll hardly EVER see me propping up a bar in some random club, that’s blurting out chart favourites at 1.20am. I’ll go out if I HAVE TOO and i’ll enjoy it. I’m not a buzz kill. Yet I’d never choose to go out clubbing, just for fun. I’m 33 not 17. πŸ™‚ Β Pulease, I’ve had a lifetime of it. I did it better than anyone. In the glitziest town in the world. I love dinners and life. But being a grownup feels GREAT. I appreciate a calm, quiet life, filled with luxury family and love. I spent my Valentines day with my Baby Son…the man of the house…at 8 months old. Lol. It was WONDERFUL! Ruby spent hers with a Peppa pig balloon that said, ‘I love you’ at ‘Daddy Pete’s.’ I always feel that those who work hard use their free time to CHILL, Β because they hardly ever get the time to enjoy such peace.

That’s why i adore going to the forest! I miss it already!

I wonder what’s going to happen to me this year? I’m going to have an amazing week. (Some guy has just knocked at my patio door and asked if he could ‘plug his drill into my wall?’ Oh the glamour. #workmen)


On the Kiddie front…

Ruby decided to make me her role model and prance about with faux fur hand bags, in sunglasses and a fake phone pressed to her ear all weekend. Yet after a bit of a weep, rested in the comfort that she could make life better with a giant inflatable hammer…Our morning conversation went as follows…

‘Mum can I have a Flamingo.’

‘Yes’ (it’s easier that way. πŸ™‚ )

‘Mum..am I a flamingo?’


‘Mum…watch me be a flamingo.’


Junior…like his Father…just loves being the centre of attention and flirting with ANYTHING. He has had the funnest of weekends, yet will always come over for a Mummy/Boobie cuddle…almost like he needs a refuel of proper love, before he goes back n his old ‘flirt mission.’ We ventured to lunch with grandma and my son, the FLIRTIEST BOY to have ever ventured from a the loins of a lady….(He literally flirts with ANYTHING in a skirt. He knows the difference… at 8 months old …between a man and a women…and he goes for it. INFRONT of his OWN MOTHER!) Β I mean, he even flirts with me! And i’m not talking cutesy smile, like the picture below. (That was just a photo from when he wanted to steal Ruby’s toys to wind her up)



I’m talking…face plain as day…woman walks past with food in her hand…he whops on the charm, does grown up flirty eyes, like he’s some kind of ‘Latin Lover’…head tilts, woo’s her…get what he wants. #justlikehisfather