Even though it’s sounded like i’ve had a dreary one, I’ve had an AMAZING YEAR. I feel really lucky to have such amazing memories of 2013. And well the birth of Baby Junior….

I love you all.

And one again…




Thank GOD, it’s the last day of 2013. I mean, I didn’t think it could get any worse…but last night…and of course….it did. I’m now separated. That’s after one week of being given a new wedding band. I guess, like I said, you can’t just give someone a material object and then rush off into ‘party land’ doing the same things you always did. But it’s fine and I feel positive. I get that I won’t find someone who loves me like a ‘true love.’ Cupid’s been toying with me for decades now and I always fought him on it. But I get it. And I also guess that when a being that you’ve chosen to be your partner chooses friends and party over his family of wife and children…then you just have to let them learn that lesson themselves, as I’ve lost nothing. Everything stays the same for me. i’m used to feeling single and living separately within my marriage. I’ve been doing it by myself for months now. Yet what the boy in question doesn’t get and after I’ve apologized. (The reason why you apologize is to say your peace and because you’re sorry. Then you are also guilt free because you gave the other party an option and THEY chose differently.) But yeah, what he doesn’t get is that there is no substance when it comes to friends and party land, over wife and family. As when they all settle down, have babies and newborns, or even get married in the next coming years…they’re not going to be out partying are they? They’re going to be sensible enough to do the right thing and where does that leave him…on his own, looking back on a past where he once had a good wife, a beautiful daughter and a baby boy. A life that he didn’t want back then, but now everyone in his surroundings have. And the reason why I know he’ll feel that way is simply because firstly I know him better than anyone, and i’ve been him. I’ve acted in the exact same manner in my past and lived with regrets from it that I can never change. Things are really different when you have a wife and children. They are the biggest things you will do in your life,

On the up side, I’ve been inundated with messages, inboxes, calls, texts and smoke signals galore, from all of you sending me all kinds of wonderful support and it made me happy, as I didn’t sleep all night and I cried. I cried so hard that my own daughter looked at me,comforted me and Lord bless her heart did everything she could to make me smile. She looked up and said, ‘Did Daddy make you sad?’ I said ‘Yes.’ She replied with a ‘Don’t cry Mum, be tough. I can say YEP now and Theo Walker can be my boyfriend. Do you need a cuddle? Do you like Daddy Pete, coz he’s kind. Put your shoes on, lets go see him. You can come!’ lol

We both then went to bed, but i laid awake. I texted him this morning to tell him how sorry i was and how much i loved him and he ignored it. Infact, he told me never to contact him again, unless it concerned Junior. So in order for me tp talk to him, Junior has to be ill, sick or hurt. Ruby…he never once mentioned. So it doesn’t matter if she wants to talk to him.

Now, obviously throughout the last few months i’ve had to be in talks with lawyers for all sorts of reasons and now because he’s verbally told me not to contact him twice, I am now BY LAW not allowed to make any contact, because if i do, he could actually get me arrested for harassment, if he wanted. If this doesn’t get resolved and we end up down a more dodgy route…and i hope not..but he’s quite stubborn, so he’ll definitely let his pride lead the way foolishly…then getting arrested for anything will take away your baby rights.

So now i have a Baby Ruby glaring at the clock face saying that, ‘When the hand reaches the top, Daddy Keiran is going to come.’ I’ve already told her that he’s not coming and all she does is look at me and say, ‘Yes he is. He’s coming to see me soon.’ 🙁

It’s those things that men don’t think about. I mean i asked him to visit her this afternoon because it would mean the world to her and all he said was ‘NO. Don’t contact me again, unless it concerns my son.’ Then he hung up. That is my life. But i’m strong. I’ll weep, a bit then grow ten feet tall. I’m a decent person. Good things are ahead. I have what matters and that’s love, support, family, work, good friends and the children.

I opened the door, he slammed it in my face. His loss. Learn the hard way.

Anyway, tonight i’m having friends over and we’re champagne toasting in the cozy warmth and in the name of 2014. It’s Juniors first ever New Years eve so we’re ringing it in together, with posh snacks and drinks. I’m getting the house ready now.

I’m glad to have a lot of support and I thank you for it. I mean even Pete’s finishing work early to come and get Ruby to treat her to a day out to make her smile. I guess, he won’t let his daughter wait around for nothing or someone who doesn’t want to see her. He even bought Junior a walker to help him get his stroll on. This could be a strange little reversal of roles! Pete’s been quite there for Junior ever since his birth and he hasn’t even found it hard, even though the situation is obviously awkward. He’s helped me when I’m needed it, especially during the first departure of Keiran. He’s done nursery runs, pickups for Junior…all sorts. He believes the same as I, because we’ve been raised the same, which is that all children need a stable home, with a Mother and a full time father. He believes that because every child in his family has been adopted by his parents. He’s grateful for them because if they hadn’t cared, his life could’ve ended up really different. Instead of growing up being the son of a Doctor, and going to great schools, he would’ve grown up on a tough council estate with rowing parents.

I like both Keiran and Pete. And well they like each other. I still love Keiran and hope to work it all out, but he won’t, I’m sure. So i’ll just get through the heartbreak and man up.  He’s still my husband and even though me being his wife doesn’t mean that much to him, i’m different to him, because I KNOW what divorces can be like. They are not worth it, when there’s still love. It’s a lot of pain and for no reason. All of this happening has also opened my eyes to how stable Pete actually was or is. But blah…blah..blah…you’ve heard it all.

I actually got an amazing message from one of my friends, who made me feel string again. I didn’t know that she had been going through sort of the same thing and feeling the same all the way through her pregnancy. She said that I inspired her, that I had been through worse, could get through it and that she had read my blog religiously throughout her whole pregnancy and it got her through everything. It made me smile and filled me with hope. She inspired ME right back. I gave her hope and she gifted it right back at me. The only kind of regifting that i enjoy.

She reminded me that I was talented and had things in the pipeline and a loving family all alongside it. She also said that if Keiran wanted to life the ‘boi’ lifestyle, that I should just let him because I’m not missing out of anything. I’ve given her strength and let her realize through blogs that she could do it on her own too and it has comforted her to know that there are other people going through the exact same thing, meaning it was great that I was so open about my troubles.

I’m feeling positive and because there really is nothing more I can do. I did everything I could, but at least now he is happy and doing things the way he always wished to be. x The thing i’m most sad about is the fact that i really wanted to go back to the forest this January, like we always do. That place means so much to me and it’s a place where we’re always happy as a family. I want everything to be good again. Now, I won’t beable to do the forest. 🙁

Question: Does all this make me single? I’ve been in relationships so long that I don’t know what a separation actually means?



Quickie Innit



I have new crushes. Oliver Proudlock…who I met when doing The Clothes Show is my new UK crush. (You have to pick new crushes are revive old ones for the New Year. It keeps you alive.) My new American crush and I always have one with me being half Angeleno is Bradley Cooper. He has sort of snook up on me over the years with a *Creep-Wham Bam.* I also quite enjoy an actor. I did used to be married to a now successful one and well it was the best part of being young and in Hollywood. I did that town well! On the other side and I’m far from being a lesbian. I have a past that would prove such that I’m hardly very proud of, but I’ve just decided that Mary Poppins is my girl crush and well as always I have to par her on side with Ellen Degeneres. I had odd taste in women don’t i? But if I had to have a wife…they would be them. Gosh, just because i’ve mentioned lesbians I’m now having weird flashbacks of when I was being stalked by one, who found in a club and started stroking my face without my permission.

Anyway today has been a chill day, a pyjama day and a day where i’ve eased myself back into work. (As you may tell.) I have BOTH the kiddies with me, so doing anything productive is just a no go, however, i’ve managed quite well. I’ve emailed China, I’ve sorted out meeting, appointments and planned my future, being bottle feeds, moans and games of ‘Pop up Pirate’ and ‘Hungry Frog.’ (If you are unaware of such a game, it’s the budget version of ‘Hungry Hippos’)

Ruby’s been bored, as she’s not one to have to stay indoors all day, so she’s made the executive decision to bully and torment her brother ALL DAY LONG. Poor thing. Little Junior’s been the charmer that he is and it’s sad because he always thinks she trying to play with him, when really she’s about to be EVIL. You can tell i’m on my own with them, as they seem to be rather more unruly then normal. Mummy is soft. They get that and run wild with it. But I like that I’m the soft parent, at 2 years and almost 7 months. I can deal with the teen years much better methinks. I WON’T be jolly, soft then!

In regards to the giveaway..obviously I didn’t get them all done, so that will be continuing in the New Year, until all my booty is gone. Some of you have your gifts, some of you don’t. They ARE on their way I promise. I shouldn’t have really holidays and left it to others. But I did, so now I have to do the very glitzy clean up!

My beauty line samples have arrived. Well one of the products. Not that pleased. Needs to be made far better and well I can’t really critique something that isn’t fully finished. So i’m sending them back and asking for a ‘try again.’ Thanks China.

On the job front, I’m sticking to all things glitzy simply because I’m not made for anything mundane. You can have a job that you love and that you’re made for, so do it Don’t just exist and make money. LOVE what you do, as at the end of the day that is what matters most. When  you do…the riches will just accidentally pour in.

I currently have a new phone that I’m trying to work. The Onetouch Scribe. I’m rubbish at making things work and a bugger for passing something new to someone else and making them make it work for me, before they hand it back. Great phone. Very snazzy. Will be telling you more about it when I can figure it out. I’m a techy spaz.

Both babies are currently asleep and well this year I sort of have to build up my profile, do something great, yet all at the same time stay low key and focused, without being all ‘out there.’ How impossible is that!!!  I’ve also decided that I want to go to the Caribbean this year, simply because I need it in my life and all my friends have either just come back, been or are going this next year. You lot can do Tenerife or dodgy pills in Ibiza. I’m getting me some ‘rumting’ rays with a side of ‘duttywind.’ All other holidays will be at the forest.

Money year, hopefully. Beginning of success year, maybe?

Still trying to chill before getting stressed, as it’ snot the first yet and well what more can I do but watch Mary Poppins, grab a vino and be excited to celebrate New Years eve with my family, my ‘Winkles,’ my Baby Junior, who actually turns 7 months at 12.01. I always remember the times my parents would stay up until late with me throughout my childhood, just to ring in the New Year. It was magical. I loved it and want to tradition it through my kids.

Okay, off now. Just blasted out a quick one whilst the babies were asleep. Now for wine. Hope I will the Euromillons this year!



It’s been AGES dolls.



Morning all.

Well it’s been ages, I know. Yet there comes a time in every glamour pusses life, who lives her days in the open air of cyberland and all via written word, to kick off her kitten heels and relax. I had a VERY STRESSFUL 2013 and in life you have those good years, the great years, the years where the world was your oyster and well what I call the ‘dud’ years. 2013 was my ‘dud’ year. I’ve never been so stress, unglued, rollercoastered and tug of warred by life than I was or am still being in 2013. Apparently the wise say that you have to go through the ‘dud’ years simply because those years are the years of ultimate transformation. The years where everything seems like the rug is being pulled from beneath you, yet really life is developing for the better and in order for it to do so it has to scrunch itself into a little glittery ball, throw you for a loop and adjust you for the change. I have a great life ahead, but going through 2013 was HARD. When I look back on it all i’ll laugh with a cocktail. But for now, I’ll chin up and grin, until I can find it funny. 🙂 There’s solider’s in this world and there’s life soliders. I’m a LOT stronger than I thought and I figured I was pretty strong to begin with. I’m also quite a catch. *Wiggle-wink* Yet because my life is about to develop, because I’ve come to the end of my first cycle…I had to go through the drama of the upheaval. I always think i’m weaker than I really am. I mean I only cried two night ago because I felt defeated by Wunna land. I’ve missed you and because you weirdly keep me strong. As soon as I began writing this blog, for some reason I grew ten feet tall again and filled with heart, strength and love. That good old positive energy that we all need.

I don’t know why that is? Is it because it’s a habit? A place where I feel free because I can spew out my mind in the name of therapy? Is it just something I love? A place where I know I inspire? Or even a place where I feel safe because i’m netted by those who sometimes bazooka me a little adoration. 🙂 Who knows? But I think it’s all of the above. (I’m happy today because all my Christmas eating has landed on my bum, given me a Kardashian booty. It looks hungry yet DIVINE. I love having junk in my trunk. Who needed squats. Just eat turkey.)

But okay. Before I wasn’t looking forward to 2014 simply because 2013 had been so shit. 🙂 To be honest it actually ended REALLY REALLY WELL and there were points within the year that were amazing. I met some great new friends. I created a range with some ladies for Ann Summers. I had my gorgeous little boy. I witnessed the growth of my Baby Ruby. The forest, oh the forest. The Clothes Show…life and well just all the good times. Parts of Summer were great. The end of the year work wise was the best. My love life was crap. but my work life made a strong finish, as I around all that i love. Yet making new friends has been wonderful, especially because I don’t keep ‘waste of time’ beings in my life. Everyone I adore is firstly a great person and has something about them that I am completely inspired by. I will admit that I got a little lost and thrown off guard my the tragicness of my love life. It all came at an ‘off’ time for me, a no women needs to go through all that so soon after having a baby. It plays with our hormones and isn’t fun, nor is it fair. But I got through it. Just. I’m still jigsawing the pieces together. But I got through it. And if anything made my 2013 weak. It was that. In my world, love is all you need. So having it pulled, toyed with and well having it rolled up into some kitten caveman club and getting beating with it.. sucked. 🙂 The thing about relationships is that whatever partner you chose and whatever they end up going through, you yourself end up having to go through also, whether you like it or not. Yet the great thing about 2013, aside for all the glitziness. (I did a lot this year, I keep having flashbacks of me sat at the other end of everyones boardroom table trying to sell myself with kicks and fake smiles.) But yeah, the best thing about 2013, was the simple fact that I WAS  GREAT MUM. There was not one time during the year that I ever let my children down or let myself down in the name of parenting. (Ruby is currently pooing in a potty next to me, pointing at it and smiling with absolute glee because I’m telling her what  good girl she is! 🙂  I’m beaming.) And my son…i’ve been there for every single part of his ‘first’s.’ The first time he tried to crawl, the first time he saw Santa, the first time he tried to taolk, the first time he did Christmas, the first time he pulled himself up to stand, the first time he smiled, the first time he giggled, the first time he sat in a high chair on his own, the first time he was so relaxed he slept through the entire night and the first time he is about to go through is first ever New years Eve. (I was actually wanting to go out with a friend and I had all this drama about childcare. Yet yesterday when I looked at him and he beamed, I knew that all I wanted was to see him bring his is FIRST EVER brand NEW YEAR and we’re going to do it together. It’ll be like magic. It’s a time i’ll never get back and a time for family, love and the future. New beginnings. It represents a lot and well who cares about his second, third, or fourth New Year celebration, his first is the one that is special. I mean if anything, we need to have a cuddle, a giggle and wish each other ‘good luck.’ So would I rather be draped over a busy bar trashed. (I learnt in LA that if you begin your new year hungover it’s a BAD OMEN. LOL. Justin Seitz and I learnt that the heard way. You’re meant to come into fresh. Not driving home at 10am still on party mode. I’m a mum now and  had someone say yesterday that just because you’re a mum your life doesn’t end. That’s right. It begins. You’re not a family until you become a mum. And things then have to change in order to be the best that you can be for your children. I’m a fun, glammy mum. I’ve partied and done it ,a ll over the world form 17 to 29. It’s done. My Dad taught me well. If you’re not in a place where you need to be in the success stakes, you work first play later until you are there. Those that waste their time, money and selves on other things will always be a step behind.

Anyway enough of that, I’ve just got back from the cabins. I adore Forest Holidays and this year got to do 2 full weeks at two of the different sites. Sherwood was amazing because it’s where we call home. (We did the luxury forest cabins % or was it 6 times this year?) Then we travelled to Cropton to do Xmas. When you have young children, CHRISTMAS IS AMAZING. We left out mince pies and carrots for Rudolph, Ruby slept like her life depended on it just so Santa would come. Live was simple, but it was great. The entire family LOVED IT to the point where I would give my wink up JUST to go live in a luxury forest cabin forever. EVEN over a mansion. I’ve never felt so happy and at peace in my life. I cried both times when we left each cabin. I hate leaving them and I guess, I’ve been on a forest cabin comedown. It’s not fun being in Ponty, when I know there are people in a hot tub in the woods, right now as I speak. 🙂

Not only is my family life great there, my peace is also adjusted and well my love life is usually always much better there. If you take yourself away form the drama and just concentrate on family and love, it’s amazing how well you do.

2014 was going to be a year of hiding under a duvet for me. Yet now after 2013, it’s going to be a year of change. I now know what I want in my life, need in my life and want to achieve in my life. I felt down two days ago. But i’ll get there. I’ll do it this coming year. Dream do come true and my Christmas break has been amazing. Ruby loved every inch of being in Cropton, seeing Santa and opening all her pressies. Even her walk in the woods.

My main pressie for Christmas..? I got a wedding band. No not an orchestra. As even though that sounds romantic, it’d be a bit odd to have a random man with an oboe in my cabin. 🙂 But yes…before it turned midnight and before Christmas was finally over, I was gifted with the most beautiful card that said,

‘ This Christmas there is nothing more I need to brighten up my life. As I was given the greatest gift on earth when you said you’d be my wife. All the things in life we share make us great together. I’m so happy you’re by my side today, tomorrow and forever.’

I was already crying at that and well you all know what i’ve been through, so it was nice in the moment to feel appreciated. To feel loved and to feel like a ‘sorry’ was being said and a ‘new start’ was being attempted at in the name of romance.

Then I opened up a little bag and inside was a little box. When I opened up the little box, there was a brand new wedding band, a band to signify true love, commitment, an apology, a new start and hope for the future.

I cried. Not because it was so romantic and lovely. Not just because I felt loved again because I was quite prepared to go it alone and find ‘virgin ground.’  But because I have always believed that the man who truly loves you will always make it right, make it better, put back the pieces that had been broken. For a moment I was lost in fairytale and that’s a moment that we all know I love.

Now i’m not gonna lie, adjusting to love and trust is going to be hard, because a material object means nothing without an an adjustment of action. I can’t be bought. It’s already been hard and it will be because i’ve been treated so atrociously. But if you can’t try ans see the best than what can you do?

Happy almost New Year…




As promised…here’s my next gift!



Now we all adore a cupcake. Even those of us who tend to a wee bit of dieting, every now and again adore a cupcake. Not only do they make the perfect comfort snack, the most delightful dessert, or treat, but they also make the perfect gift!

I have scoured each and every stand, stall, bakery and online route of yummiess to find you this very special brand of desserty, cupcakey royalty.

So, let me introduce you to ‘SprinkledMagic’


Lets learn a wee bit more about these magical treats of ‘ooh laa.’

‘SprinkledMagic is a bespoke cupcakes company based in Chiswick West London. SprinkledMagic, founded by Sarah Campus and has now been successfully trading for over two years. Sarah turns clients’ adventurous ideas and designs into cupcakes. She only uses top quality ingredients, all individually hand decorated and ‘sprinkled with magic’! Sarah says “I relish the opportunity of turning an inspiration into an edible treat which can make the client’s occasion even more special.”

Sarah’s idea was sparked because she have always had a real passion for cooking and baking which was greatly influenced by her mother. From this she decided that she could make something of it and really share her excitement for baking, in particular the variety of cupcakes and cakes.

All the creations are home-made and individually decorated using top quality ingredients – also offer free from cupcakes!

Cupcakes and cakes can be custom made using various sugar paste decorations, sweets, chocolates and icing. 

SprinkledMagic caters for all occasions, birthdays, christenings,Valentine’s, bat-mitzvahs, weddings and also fulfils corporate orders!’

Love it? I do! And they are for sure my cupcake pick. Not only are they the most perfectly creative cupcakes that I have ever seen, but they taste EVEN BETTER than they look and that’s not as easy to find as you think.

So, if you wish to give this special gift of cupcakes to a loved one this Christmas, OR you fancy a gift of cupcakes for your own lovely self…(the beautiful cupcake roses is the cupcake you will be receiving! They are my favourite and well Sarah has very kindly taken the time to fit in a chrissiewunna.com blog reader, gift order for one! Aww! 🙂 Very happy! Very lucky! She has been one busy lady. When I called her she was having to make 3000 corporate ‘social media’ styled cupcakes for a business team! The best buns I can do are the instant ‘ready made’ packs for children.)

Right due to time, freshness and in the name of yumminess, this gift is ONLY FOR LONDON BASED DARLINGS! So if you know a being in London who you would like to gift with cupcakes OR you are based in London yourself then these bespoke cupcakes can be yours!

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To WIN these cupcakes..(makes a good Xmas gift for your Mama kids!)

All you have to do is tell me what you think my favourite flower is?

All answers to me asap, via ANY ONLINE CHANNEL.

Go, GO! Glamour Pusses…GO!!!!


Back from the Forest!


JEEPERS! It’s been a while!

You have my sincerest apologies for not reporting every inch of Wunna Land for you. I’ve missed it. LOTS! However, life just got the better of me and felt so ever so rushy-rushy-rush pants, busy little bee blips that I couldn’t see my head from my tail. I’m still sort of in ‘rush’ mode and well i’ve managed to get home and see that nothing has got done. (This is why kittens should always do everything themselves.) So now i have the giveaway to re-ignite, the gifts that haven’t gone out yet to GET OUT to you, the gifts that have gone out to check up on, do a final big Xmas shop for gifts and dinner and all with the two kiddies. However, saying that…my darling Mother has taken Baby Ruby with her to the salon for a major bundle of pamper down. As i Tweeted..I am certainly now jealous of my own daughters life. There she is getting pampered at two and here I am at home, doing mounds and washing and eating cocktail sausages with Junior. I could actually only blog this now during his nap. 🙂 Life is happy, silly yet hectic. It’s madness I tells you and quite frankly this has been the busiest Christmas i have ever had! So you have my big sorries for everything. Yet al will be back on track. (Saying that, I do want to remind you that i’m in a rush simply because in a day I’m back on holiday in the forest! Therefore enough of the rambling…lets tell you all about it…)


Okay, so usually EVERY YEAR around this time we as a family go to the forest. The reason why we go this time every year is simply because it’s my birthday week, so a ‘trip to the luxury peace and harmony’ of such a place, which as you all know is of great sentimental value to me is usually gifted to me as a birthday treat each December! Yet this time it was all booked earlier so the a more delicious cabin could be ours and all in the name of ‘family.’ Meaning my ‘winkles,’ and my Sister in law ‘Sharn’s’ family were there to celebrate also. Not only has Sharn JUST had a bambino, (Baby Jack to be exact and at 3 weeks old he is LITERALLY the miniest baby I have ever witnessed in my entire life. SO CUTE. Juniors built like a bulldog. I’m lugging him around like firewood.) BUT our darling ‘Mum again’ Sahrn also has the SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME!!! IT WAS AWESOME. WE HAD THE BEST TIME EVER! And simply because we have the same birthday and because i’ve spent the most luxury time with Sharn, (we think the same way and understand the world in which we lay in) she is now my favourite member of their branch of the family! 🙂 *Wiggles-Winks* I probably even like her more than the way I entered their family. 🙂 But yes, keep up. We’re in the forest for pre-Christmas merriment and birthday joy. Get it? Got it. Glitzy! Good! 😉


Now we always get the 5* treatment whenever we venture to Sherwood, which is the only location we’ve done with Forest Holidays, yet when we do things we do them properly! We’ve been 4 times this year so far? Or wait? Is it five? The above is how ace our cabin was. We had the giant ‘sleeps 10’ cabin, which was two storeys on it’s own, yet it also had a long spot lit bridge that led to a cosy couples tree house, equipped with a outdoor swing! AMAZING! When you’re a parent all the holidays you go on have to now be ‘kid friendly’ and if they’re not, you’ll have the hardest time ever. Yet the good thing about this place is that it’s like a home away from home, filled with nature, peaceful, calm and a place where one can privately indulge in utter LUXURY. The kids get tired out and then YOU have the rest of the time to relax in the depths of the forest in luxury.

I mean we were hot tubbing, with champagne and strawberries privately out in the middle of the Sherwood Pines Forest under trees, wildlife and stars. It may have seemed cold to you, but to us we were BOILING. That hot tub is no joke. But probably because the male counterparts of the journey fiddled with the temperature. Boys like fiddling with things. They either get it right, or mess it up. Mostly mess it up. But I am always impressed with the good men who get it right.

So Sharn and I would spent the day looking after babies, as the men decided to take hour long trips to grocery stores, which a women could do in 30 minutes and practically so they could go to the pub. I mean can you imagine two men being grocery buddies searching for budget veg? They couldn’t even be bothered to look for the food. As soon as they walked in they saw a poor boy with a GIANT ‘ASK ME’ sign attached to him and well they did just that and asked HIM where everything was, so that they didn’t have to do the leg work. Lol. Then instead of quickly venturing home to tend to their tired wives, they went to the pub and didn’t come back until they were made to. EVERY DAY! 🙂

The good thing was that this meant Sharn and I had the NIGHTS! The babies went into Daddy daycare and we snuggled up with the champers in the bubbles of a warm, outdoor, forest hot tub. We talked life, love and….well…;) all sorts.  It’s hilariosu really because we al had a greta time. The boys were fun when we all managed to spend time together and Phil..(Sharn’s partner) managed to come up with these amazing ‘out of nowhere’ POSH PLATTERS. That’s what we named them. Whenever he left the hot tub, he’s conjour up some truly well presented ‘Posh Platter.’ Even is we only had sausages in, he’s tower them up like he was Gordon Ramsey. 🙂 For me, Phil always does one funny thing that has me in creases everytime we go to the forest. Last time he SINGED his own eyebrows off with his lighter by accident at 7am on the decking. (It had been turned to the largest flame on the block without his knowledge. It went whappy on him.) This time, there was a moment of my life where I was all hot tubbed out and sat indoors with Sharn and the babies one evening and we looked out the window (one whole wall is a window that looks out at the hot tub) and PHIL had a headband with a red light attached to it and whilst in his swimming trunks, he leapt out of the tub, placed himself infront of the window and MADLY began walking like an over excited, bit drunk Egyptian. 🙂 PAHAHAHA. I loved it! It is ingrained on my soul forever now. When Sharn and I do something funny, we think it’s GREAT. When the boys do, we just pull faces turn our noses up to their ‘Tom Foolery’ and call them ‘IDIOTS.’ 🙂 I ADORE BEING A GIRL.


(This was before Daddy Day care)

The holiday was cosy, restful, fun, and refreshing. I think I consumed a merry amount of wine because my head hurt when I woke. 🙂 But ah well…I’m a glamour puss. That’s my job. I can rock a hurty head like a kitten.

Our birthday’s were had and well i love having my birthday away. It always feels special and like i’m a Princess. I’m not a ‘it’s just another day’ kinda girl. It’s the day I was fricking BORN. Rubes opened my presents up for me and refused to let me say ‘To Chrissie,’ whenever I read a card. Instead I had to say ‘To Ruby, Happy Birthday.’

There’s just so much to tell you that I can’t do it all in one big blow. But i had happy times, luxury times, Mummy times, sad times and refreshing times all at once. (Yes, I did have a Wunna cry on the last day. It annoys me when that happens. But I guess it’s just the cycle. Life sort of has some glitzy giant bazooka and takes glitter ball shots at me in short sharp spurts. I’m try to duck, dive and weave around them, but I was never that active. Kittens are built for pleasure not speed. In the end, one got me and I wept. 🙂 *Loser* And the worst thing was that I did it at night in front of people. Hahaha. In a green robe and an updo 🙂 )

But that was the only sad moment, other then when I left. They were happy tears because my experience was so lovely. Things in my mind, sort of came to light during that trip. The forest always helps me to see and think freely. I’m quite clear with my way forward and the funny thing is, no-one knows it but me. Just a lot of watching, hearing and absorbing took place. Now that i’m home, that hearing, watching and absorbing, can be placed together in a jigsaw fashion. That jigsaw symbolises my future.


BEST BIRTHDAY CARD EVER. I’m obviously OBSESSED WITH IT. Thank you Sharn! You can always tell if I like something because it immediately gets it’s picture taken and plonked up on every social media channel possible.


Wine in the woods on our Bday!


Oh gosh!! There was a funny moment! ON THURSDAY NIGHT we thought we’d take part in QUIZ NIGHT! We’ve never done it before and well there was only us and another team, so it was kinda good that we did do it. 🙂

Now, I can’t tell if we just don’t have working brains or the Quiz questions were harder than general knowledge, but it really wasn’t that easy! 🙂 Hilarious though because we ended up having to GUESS them all but maybe 2 that we knew. The only answers I knew were ‘I Should be so Lucky’ and ‘Mel B.’ Says it all really. 🙂 Oh now, I’m selling myself short. I also randomly got this other question right, where you had to guess what ‘WORD’ could be placed infront of ‘these three other words and still make sense.’ You’ve all heard that question before. The answer was ‘OVER.’ We didn’t win. We came second by 3 points. The other team had a Doctor in their team (Lol) and got all the same wrong answers as us. Yet because their Status Quo knowledge was far superior..they snagged he winning spot in the bag! I ACTUALLY NOW LOVE QUIZ NIGHT. Sharn wa good at the Quiz, here guesses where always right. Phil was good at guessing measurements and ‘The Bee Gee’s.’ and Keiran…he was good at BOASTING and show boating to the other team when we guessed an answer, even if we weren’t even sure if it was nearly right. Lol. We even had to stop him spelling in the end. He had had an earlier brain blip in the holiday where he was rambling on about something or other? But he got all his phrases mixed up and managed to meander the two…’Practice what you preach’ and ‘Reap what you sow’ into one. ‘Preach what you sow.’ I guess that works in his life. It did at the quiz! 🙂 I stated that we should sent him to MENSA and he looked at me cute, but puzzled, but with mild excitement like MENSA could’ve been some Club in Ibiza. ‘No babe it’s for those with a GENUIS title.’

The quiz, was fun, and of course I playfully moaned at site manager Luke throughout the whole thing because the questions needed to be more ‘Current’ or about ‘Celebrities.’ We still won wine. I want one NOW. And we also managed to make friends with the winning team, who had the same dress sense…which ended in this picture.


They’ve invited us over for Christmas dinner 🙂

It was like a much thicker (0n our part) drunken, ‘Family Fortunes’ in Christmas jumpers. They were much posher and had a Chihuahua. Ruby coloured in ‘Cinderella’ throughout the whole quiz and then tables and then anything she could find. Forest holidays don’t mind, we’re like one of their fave families because we go so much. We get the superstar treatment. Lol. At one point for attention she smeared ketchup on her hands and pretended it was blood for attention. 🙂 OH LORD!!! I wiped it off, after a moment of panic and then gave her more things to colour in.

LIFE IS GOOD RIGHT NOW. Even though I can’t fit everything in and get everything done. My Mum giggles and says ‘Don’t you have like a hundred Baby Daddies that can look after the children for an hour?’  (One’ s partying and the other is working. Men for you..and they wonder why we’re always looking out for a hero…because there is hardly any going around.) But whatever it’s Christmas!! Next year is NEW for me. What’s the saying? When life gives you lemons…..slice them up and garnish them on cocktails. 😉

Merry Xmas!

Giveaway coming up NEXT!

(You will be getting your gifts shortly.)

Next gift! Hoobynoo World! #quirky

We’re getting more and more Christmasy here in Wunna land and we are loving every single minute of it!!


I’m tending to last minute Christmas shopping so whilst I deal with the ‘ooh laa’ that is ‘Crimbo,’ I want to glitter roll you into my next special gift…

Hello GIFT 14:




“Hoobynoo World is a happy place, full of bright colours…where the sun is always shining!

It is also filled with a whole host of fun and fabulous characters, each with their own unique, bouncy personality!

The creative team behind Hoobynoo World comprise of husband and wife Chiara and David Stone.
Chiara is the creator and designer of Hoobynoo World. She has a degree in Graphic Design, and 10 years experience in the design industry. She also has a very sunny and positive outlook on life, and loves bright colours, happy things and the glass-half-full people!:)

With Chiara’s unique illustrations and David’s quirky imagination you can be sure a lot of thought has gone into each and every character!

Hoobynoo World offers fantastic quirky fashion jewellery, original phone covers and handmade accessories, with new products being added all the time, you can guarantee there will be something for everyone.”
If that’s too much feel free to trim it down 🙂 We also have celebrity fans, Lateyesha Grace and Nicole Morris from MTV’s The Valley’s and Katie Price have all requested our jewellery, and our acrylic necklaces are also available in the London Department store Liberty’s.
YES!!! One of you will win this deliciously fun CANDY CANE NECKLACE…




It’s a very very popular brand and is swirled in pop culture. I ADORE FUN, STATEMENT JEWELLRY!

To win your Hoobynoo pieces today all you have to do is exercise your ‘Chrissie Wunna’ knowledge…

Question: What do you think is my favourite dessert?

Answers to me asap…and of course via any online channel!

Why not also go cjeck out www.hoobynooworld.co.uk (they are certainly on my list of ‘Must Haves.’

Gift 13! Nappy Cakes!

Hey Dolls! Hope you’ve all had a delightfully Christmasy day! Mine has been spent Christmas shopping in Robin jumpers and a clip in hair extension that I need to name ‘Diva.’ I ADORE a bit of shopping for Crimbo and well when it’s all under control to the point where you can chill by a log burning fire place for a boozy/ cheeky drink, you know life is great! I even had time to run into my local store and grab 12 bottles of mulled wine for the nursery nurses that take care of my Baby Rubes and Baby Junior. I know it’s probably not best to take booze into nurseries, but ah well…it’s Friday, it’s Christmas…let’s all do a mulled wine and be merry. I adore the ladies at nursery, so vino had to be done. I have not met a more hilarious bunch and it’s great because we can all be ourselves around each other, instead of doing that pretend ‘Mummy’ to ‘Carer’ thing. Bottom line, I’m super grateful that they’ve dealt with my drama be it my issues or my children. 🙂 Reward….WINE. (When I was pulling it off the shelves a guy looked at me laughing saying, ‘Where the hell are you going with that?’) I have that touch on people. It’s never ‘oh hi, how are you.’ It’s always a case of WTF! In fact that’s alie, I got hit on by dodgy men and builders today, all who thought my ‘red boots’ were a delight. Then I stopped by women who actually told me to put on shorts under my skirt. 🙂 I’m still that inappropriate and i’m turning 33 next week!

Anyway enough of that! Well done to Emily Woodcock for winning the parker jacket! Yippppeee! I’d totally rock a faux fur.

Okay, next gift!

You all know that i’m a…



So in order to keep this giveaway as close to my life as possible, I have carefully discovered and selected some of the best Baby Brands who I KNOW create such wonderfully creative and innovative tools, gifts or wonders for little children. It’s not easy to find them, so MUMS trust me on this….I have searched high and low to find you the best of the best.

Let me introduce to you…GIFT 13




Nappy cakes is quite frankly the BEST BRAND in the name of Baby gifting! They are the most creatively divine luxury for all new mums and a delightfully classy, yet adorable gift to deliver to a lovely lady who has just had a baby or is about to give birth!! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL and of a FIRST CLASS QUALITY & YOU CAN WIN ONE FOR CHRISTMAS TODAY”!!!

This adorable two tier nappy cake contains a selection of items that mummy needs for her precious little Christmas baby boy or girl. With a super cute festive design and handpicked selection of baby products, this is a gift any mum to be or new mum would be delighted to receive from family, friends or colleagues. An elegant and useful design, perfect as a baby shower centrepiece instead of a traditional edible cake, joint or personal gift corporate maternity leave gift or a surprise treat! Give a mum to be a thoughtful gift today – choose Nappy Cakes By Betty!

What is included in your Nappy Cake?

40 Pampers New Baby nappies
1 White Cotton Cellular Blanket
1 large muslin cloth
1 sleepsuit from Next (0-3month)
with matching hat
1 ‘My First Christmas’ hat
1 ‘My First Christmas’ set booties
1 set socks (styles vary)
1 Button Corner ‘My First Christmas’
1 gift card
1 silver plated dummy
Colour co-ordinating ribbon &
artificial flower


Complete set of mum & baby products:
1 Vital Baby® Nurture Bottle
1 trial pack Vital Baby® Ultra Slim 3D Breast Pads
1 Vital Baby® Spoon
1 travel size pack Aleva Naturals Organic Bamboo Baby Wipes
1 30ml bottle Aleva Naturals Organic Daily Soothing
1 30ml bottle Aleva Naturals Organic Sleep Easy Baby Wash
1 5ml tube Aleva Naturals Organic Calendula Multipurpose
Skin Remedy
1 10ml tube Organic Babies Mum & Baby Rescue Balm
1 10ml tube Organic Babies Nappy Cream Baby Balm

Clothing & Blanket 100% cotton
Clothing size – Sleepsuit & matching hat 0-3 Months – Christmas hat & booties set newborn.
Total retail price…excluding courier OVER£65!!

Now if you are a MUM, you KNOW how valuable this gift is and it is certainly one of my personal favourites. I’m in love with it and know that it’s going to be HUGE. I have one in my living room right now ready to deliver to one lucky blog reader and let me tell you, do not underestimate the SHEER SIZE of this Nappy Cake. It’s massive! It is a brand that soon every single celeb mum will be celebrating. These cakes are AMAZING! If i could give every single new mum that I knew one, I would! BEAUTIFUL PRODUCT! Makes the perfect Christmas present for any new or soon to be MUM. There are Christmas cakes, unisex cakes, boy cake,s girl cakes, cakes for every occasion! The brand is a MARVEL.

All you have to do to win a luxury NAPPY CAKE by Betty is know the answer to this Chrissie Wunna fact…

Question: (Simples.)

I’ve just had a baby boy! What is his name?

get your answer to me as soon as you can via ANY online channel and a luxury Nappy Cake could be YOURS!!!



Gift 12! Designer Clutch! Win!


Hey Peoples! I’m gift giving!

Lets slip into out glammy fur boots and get this show on the road Sistas! *Beckons you in-Blows you a kiss* #flirt

Next gift!

Number 12!


Oops! Just kidding. 😉 #selfiemuch

Next Gift!

So, you’re really super lucky to be introduced to my next sexy brand. A brand of elegance, class and glamourous fun. A brand that I personally love and have managed to discover myself and well it has dazzled my world  with a shimmie of ‘old school’ glitz and a ‘shindig’ of glamour. I’ve decided to *wink* it at you..so here goes…

Lets say ‘HELLO’ to..


Yes! LUNA AMANI is what I would call an exciting new ladies designer accessories label. It combines an eastern aesthetic (which I adore) with a twist of modern design and aims to fill that sparkly gap in the accessories market. (We love sparkles AND the art of putting them in gaps!)

The label is of course inspired by current trends, yet is NOT a slave to them, offering “must have” items that are timeless in style. They feature beautiful leathers, bold prints and dramatic hues . They form the staple basis of style behind each LUNA AMANI design.

The featured elements attract women’s love of fabric and the beauty of colour and combine modern sophisticated bold designs that have a unique edge. Each handbag has been beautifully hand finished and is of exceptional quality at affordable prices.

It is literally a BRAND NEW label and YOU could be one of the first kittens to rock a piece of such yummiess! It is going to be HUGE and again designer, affordable luxury and hand made.

This is the piece that YOU could ‘Win With Wunna.’ 🙂


In Love MUCH!

This is the most delicious piece of ‘ooh laa’ ever. It’s very ‘Chrissie Wunna’ and totally worth a flirt. Pricey? Maybe? All things designer are a bit more ‘cha-chingy…HOWEVER, because I adore you, of course I will gift this gorgeous designer clutch of magic to you FOR FREE!


SO, if you fancy your chances at winning this beautiful work of art…then all you have to so is this…

What one thing, do YOU think you would always find in my hand bag?

The best answer WINS!




Next gift…


Morning dolls!
I’m giggling because I have literally had the most hilarious evening of ‘stay up’ ever! So we all know that i’m quite kitty shattered right now from my time at The Clothes Show live, meaning that i’m ready for a ‘chillax’ and maybe a bit more kip. However, the darling Good Lord and his glitzy troops have sent me a ‘middle finger’ and instead decided to give Baby Junior some kind of crrepy chesty massive cough, which would therefore place my dolly self, UP ALL NIGHT looking after him. 🙂 I was so exhausted and so utterly shattered, that it was just hilarious. There I was at 1am, 2am, 3 am…in my knee high socks and pyjamas, after Baileys, Port and a yummy family dinner, stood in the dark whilst everyone, except my darling son was asleep. It was riveting. He was coughing and moaning, then smiling because he had ‘Team Mummy’ by his side. He decided to get in bed with me and sleep at 6am.

We woke up at 8am and well that 2 hours is what i’m going to be living on today! Weirdly i’m happy! I mean, we were late to nursery, I got trapped inside my own home, the bins haven’t been taken, I had to clean the whole house up, I’m rushing to buy Christmas pressies, men are Facebooking dirty things, i’m adoring my new red Xmas boots, I got locked out of my Mercedes, I have a lunch meeting, I’m stressing, I’m in a robin jumper, doing an interview and last night I got yelled at by Pete (Ruby’s father…biological one) for apparently being evil and telling porkies! Life! Lol. I’m laughing at circumstance, but i’m getting a bit narked off at people jumping to conclusions and having a darling go at me for things that I haven’t done! I’m not evil. I’m happy, sexy, Chrissie claus much…Just because you lot are all tired, over worked and miserable doesn’t mean take it out on me. I’m already tired and glizty, not miserable. I don’t need to be shouted at for nothing…especially when I’m having a Port! (Oh golly, now a guy is sending me messages saying this:

‘I would love to be your slave and send you money! 🙂 ‘

Really? Great doll! You’re hired! (That is actually my real response to him. Usually they get ignored.)  Apparently he wants to be my ‘pay piggy.’ What is that? Those how do fetishes please inform me. What is a pay piggy and is it wrong? I like pigs, I like pay…it can’t be that bad. Slaves always try and contact me. I never know why? Maybe I look like a dominatrix. Or just a big kitty BITCH. 🙂

I’ve got a lunch and Xmas shopping today. Doesn’t sound too stressy but there’s a lot more that I need to tend to work wise. 🙂

Oooooh…I got to see my little baby nephew Jack yesterday afternoon for lunch on his very first outing. Sharn (who I adore) has just had Baby Jack only 2 weeks ago and I luckily got to see him for the first time yesterday!!! His is the tiniest baby i have ever seen in my life and it’s hilarious because he looks just like Phil (His daddio) to the point where Sharn’s nan said,

‘He looks more like Phil than Phil does!’ Hahahahaha! I love that!

I said that they looked like Grant & Phil Mitchel when put together simply out of baldness. (I adore Phil.)

But yes Baby Jack is tiny and adorable and well Sharn just seemed so happy and so glam. Being a mum of Two really does suit her. It was gorgeous to she her. Family really does mean everything. Building your own is a marvel. I feel like i’ve just ha Baby Junior and Jack has already made me broody! Aww…i LOVE BABIES! I NOW WANT A GIANT FAMILY!!

Oh and i’m actually looking forward to next week because Sharn, Phil, Harry and Baby Jack with be joining us in the Forest! We have the treehouse cabin this time. Luxury much. AND both Sharn and I share the same birthday, which will be celebrated whilst we’re there! Yipppeeee! I’m certainly on fun mode…which will probably get annoying. I must’ve looked like a moron at lunch. This is what I was dressed in!


Love my red boots! Total bargain from Citrus! Only £10!

But yes, Sharn was dressed like a posh loving mother and I was dressed like the above..with a giant Robin on the front of my Primark jumper. It was funny because around us a table of grannies were having a Christmas party in paper Christmas hats that you find in crackers and bauble head boppy, alien like head bands on..those that have balls on wired sticking out of them. Hilarious! It was ace. Last week I was letting Made In Chelsea, Oliver Proudlock tell me that I was ‘cute.’ (Well what he said was, ‘My my aren’t you a cute little thing.’)  This week I’m surrounded by Christmas party grannies. I LOVE CHRISTMAS PARTY GRANNIES. But I WILL SAY…what I don’t like is grannies that ride their mopeds on the actual roads. You CAN’T DO THAT! It’s dangerous! I was following one all the way to Sharlston yesterday at snail pace. I would’ve gotten really angry is I could be bothered to. Instead I just giggled and swore at the people horn honking at me! What d’ya want me to do? There’s a moped infront of me and I can’ t over take yet! I didn’t want to scare her! 🙂

I want hair extensions…

Okay lets move this along…Well done to Gill Kemp for winning the Babycademy Music Time Package , to Francesca Payton for winning the Bernie Hurst designer shoes and to Ruth Harrison for winning the Faux fur rimmed boots that she says make her very Made inChelsea, ‘Binky.’

Gift 11…Is it gift 11?

Okay, every one has one of these and they’re selling them everywhere! So why not grab your self a free one from MOI!

Retails for around £30… depends on the store really…Yours is by ‘Ruiyige’ and well it is a…

Ladies Parker jacket! (I had to find a photo of one simply because I didn’t have a piccie of the exact one. But it’s pretty much like the one above.) Warm padded, cute, thick fur rimmed. Cozy and perfect for Winter!

Want it?

It can be yours!

Answer this..

Question… Using your best Chrissie Wunna knowledge..what do YOU think would be my favourite type of coat to wear?

Answers to me as soon as possible…via any online channel and I’ll give you this lovely jacket for Xmas!!


Chrissie x