It’s a snuggly buggly Friday



Hello! Who has their Friday feeling!!!

I’m much cheerier today! It’s chilly, it’s Winter, yet there’s an undeniable coziness radiating form me, in the name of love, in the name of Mummyhood and in the name of Christmas. I’m a stubborn girl. But I’m a lucky girl. And sometimes in life I need to loosen my own reins and let my kitty self take control. (I haven’t even had a wine and i’m cheery. We better savour the moment.)

Anyway, after a decent evening’s sleep. (I’m a Celebrity always gives me a good nights sleep.) Yet an odd few wake up hours in the morning, (Ruby forced me to get into her bed at 4am this morning. However, only so she could wake up at 6am and begin poking me in the eyes until I decided to rise. I think she even sat on my head at one point and pretended she had pooed. I enjoy that the fruit of my loins has become manipulative. Apparently that mean’s she is smart? In my world being able to conquer business and still look as divine as a kitty cat is smart…with a side of knowing your ‘A-B-C’s’ and being able to do a few brief sums..with a dash of wisdom. In ‘2 year old’ world..being manipulative…is classed as genius. ๐Ÿ™‚ The simple fact that she can conjure up an evil plan at the mild age of two means that ‘clever’ is her forte…according to the text books. I just think that my own genes have got the better of me. Ruby is genetically installed to be a ‘DIVA.’ It’s just the way biology works. She went up to a random innocent being this morning and thought it was appropriate to say this…

‘My mum’s boobs are hard and because they’re fake.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

This is what I have raised. I mean, I even try to sugar coat everything with ‘dum-dee’s’ and ‘doo-daa’s’ when I explain things to her. But no, she just comes out with it, in a good old fashioned ‘Wunna’ way. She then went on to tell me that she now had a boyfriend and his name was Edward. ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s TWO. (At least Edward’s a decent catch. Good taste.)

Anyway this morning I went to have my thyroid scanned. (I hate having a random lump growing out my throat, like you would really, so I figured I should so something about it.) There I was in a semi dark room, sat up on a doctors couch, with gel smeared on my neck, in a micro mini, fur boots and some giant weave like extension. I was in red.

Long story short, the Doctor says that it’s huge. (Fabulous. Although she may have got my ego mixed up with my lump.) Then she said that it needed to be removed and she had to refer me to another department just to make sure the cystic components weren’t cancerous. Don’t fret folks!!! I’m not going out that easily. It looks completely fine, and not at all dangerous, she just wants to make sure it’s all dandy, just incase it’s not. If all goes well results wise, then I can go ahead with the surgery, Yippeee! Finally, i’ll have a neck that doesn’ t look like it’s about to fight Frank Bruno.

Christmas is kicking in and well the rest of the day was spent doing the ‘talky date.’ Well sort of. We more did lunch at Bella Italia with Junior…and it was DIVINE. This was all followed up my walking and talking in the wind, around shops, before coming home into the snuggly warm.

Right now all is bliss.

I’ll check in later though, as I have a little Rubes to go collect!

Ciao x

ps, I want to put the tree up!

pps/ I’ve just remembered that I actually have a pile of work to get through for the giveaway, my beauty brand and The Clothes Show covering! Excited!!




Tears, Wine and Doing Life….



So…my ‘talky date’ got cancelled. Just my luck.

I was all heeled, knee high socked, and Christmas Jumpered, ready to take on ‘new beginnings’ with a refreshing intimate moment of love, chat and moving forward…and I get a call from nursery saying that my poor little Baby Junior was super poorly, with a grandly high temperature, a pooy bottom and a vomitty disposition and it would probably be best if I came and picked him up.


Just like that!

I was actually internally excited for my lunchy, which was to take place after a big old ‘beauty line-China’ meeting, however, when you have two kiddiwinkles, life isn’t as easy to schedule as yo would imagine.

Luckily all was fine and the being that I was going to do the ‘talky date’ with came to nursery with me to pick up the kids. #sexy. ๐Ÿ™‚ There was banter, Burger King ย and a Doctor’s surgery visit for postponed injection. (Junior didn’t even end up having them.) And well the rest of the time was allocated to the children with love. No real talking could take place and no real rekindle could happen.

Infact even thohugh all was well and normal, I ended up spending the night drinking 42 cups of tea and CRYING HYSTERICALLY for hours straight, after Baby 1 had surrendered to dream land.

It was awful and wel I didn’t enjoy a trip to the past at all. Dragging things up that don’t need to be placed in your present never works. New starts, mean NEW and sometimes sweeping things under the carpet with a shrug, a more positive approach, a change of environment and manner is exactly what needs to happen.

The kids slept fine but I went to bed at 2am, weeping like a baby. LMAO. I looked like Jackie Chan in drag by the end of it all. I enjoyed my synthetic clip in. ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night I learnt that trust is a massive thing when it comes to relationships and that I’m a decent human being simply because it’s the little things that people do that upset me. They’re the things that mean the most. I’m not seduced by grandeur afterall. The simple things are what matter and when I heard that one of the simpliest things had been altered, it made me weep. It was humiliating.

Anyway, I woke up with the happiest children in all the land, That perked me up and even though I rocked puffy panda eyes and a mushed up head…oh and had a phone bill paid that randomly came to ยฃ303???( How the hell did that happen?? I ignore ALL calls and never make calls?? )…I managed to find the ‘happy palce’ in Wunna land.

Life was great…the I got to nursery and found out that Junior wasn’t allowed back for 48hrs due to him being sicky. Ruby adored that he was banned and the sheer glee on her face weirdly made me feel chipper. She;s adorable. She loves her own piece of ‘look at me.’ Juniors been fine all day. Moany..but fine. He’s gonna grow up to be a man after all. They’re all moany…I don’t think that can be helped.

I’m home now and after finding out who the people are who truly care for me are and having a lot of help, I’m back on track and having a vino. A red vino., Good for your heart and all that! Ruby was as good as gold and after a story read with a Reindeer book, she passed out in front of the fireplace. Very Christmasy and Junior decided to enjoy a bit of a kip too.

Tomorrow morning i have my thyroid scan FINALLY!! I’m nervous but want it removed. I hate my random throat growth. It’s come out of nowhere!! However, i’m lucky ot have support and of course #bannedfromnursery Baby Junior.

I went to Morrisons today and accidentally bashed into a shelf. Unfortunately for me, the shelf was one that held up WINE. I thought I was going to be in massive trouble, however the good thing about being from Yorkshire and IN Yorkshire, is the simple fact that as soon as a member of staff heard the wine bottle gracefully fall off the shelf and SMASH on the floor, she said,

‘Everyone get a straw!! It’s red wine n’all! ‘ ๐Ÿ™‚

The she looked at me and said, ‘I don’t get out much. They never let me work around booze.’


Hope your Thursday panned out better…

Chrissie x




Chill day,lunches and brand new babies!


Morning folks! How ya diddling?

Well first and foremost it is my greatest pleasure to announce the birth of @Wazza (the genius who hosts, runs and organizes my Cyberland for me) and his delicious sizzle of a ‘wifey’ @hannahtapdances brand new little baby boy ‘Howel Edward Warrender.’ ADORABLE. Not bad for a nights work. There I was thinking that life was a bit ouchie, simply because Junior decided not to sleep last night (no I forgot to ‘Sleep Mist’) and well there Hannah was giving LIFE to her brand new baby boy. Wazza has now joined the best club in town. I love it when couples turn into hardcore families. It certainly makes for great morning news and has plonked a smile on my kitty cat face!

So well done! All my friends are having babies right now. Yet they’ve all come early! My sister in law Sharn also only a few yummy days ago gave birth to Baby Jack. ADORABLE addition to her yummy brood! He’s was the cutest little being rocking Pinders last week. Infact, both new babies were meant to be born in December and both babies decided to make an early appearance. (I never have such luck. Ruby was lazy and well Junior popped out, pretty much bang on his due date!)

Very happy for everyone!

I’m having a chill day today because I think that I’ve given in to the stress Gods of recent and i’ve been working like the clappers. Sometimes in lfie you have to work like the clappers then sit back and let that work turn into it’s own natural result. This giveaway malarky has turned me upside down. But i’m truly excited to be giving extra pressies away this Christmas. It makes all the difference.


It is also OFFICIALLY Christmas in Wunna land and simply because i’m equipped with my Christmas Jumper! I have a collection of them right now, so I figured that it was Christmas enough to begin wearing them. Otherwise they’re just gonna get left in my closet to be forgotten about, like that yoghurt from 1982 that you find in the back of your fridge. I’ve gone with one of my more sensible choices this Wednesday..


..and simply because I’m doing lunch this afternoon. It’s sort of what I call a fun ‘talky date.’ You can do fun ‘talky dates’ in Crimbo jumpers. It makes things a little lighter. ‘Tis the season and all that!

Junior has his injections today. Hideous, ย hate them because they ‘urk’ me out. Plus, he never settles for about a week after the jab. Like his mother, he doesn’t take to well to them. Luckily I have muscled in ‘Wunna soliders’ to help me with the ‘doo-daa.’ I’ll look after Rubes, who will no doubt be moaning about everything, whilst the little one, who is the most joyous baby I know…

..has his ‘jections. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ :0 (He’s too cute to get jabbed.)

They got their school photos last night..


I ordered them all on a CD simply because I couldn’t pick through them. They rocked them this year. It’s funny because pre-school piccies have got rather bouji haven’t they? When I was young, you simply got a biggish one and 4 passport photos, that you were to wedge in a cardboard bit of frame, that had an oval cut out of it. Now, you pay approx ยฃ100 and get a fully designed CD of your children pouting. Times have moved on and certainly got more expensive. But whatever, I ย adore them. Plus ‘Grandma’ bought them for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Chill day is great. In the back of my mind I know there’s stuff to do, yet i’m being able to shove them to a corner and let fun take precedence JUST for today. However, fun days tend to zoom by, don’t they?

I’m eating healthy…i’m losing weight…


…some random Pea soup that I had to have yesterday with crushed chilli flakes on them. I’m addicted to chilli eating these day and I have no idea why…other than the fact that i’m ethic. It’s like a Yorkshire pudding to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

And the kiddies are doing great!

(Ruby randomly passing out and surrendering to ‘dream land’ last night, after refusing to go to sleep because of course she WASN’T tired.)

I’m looking forward to the Clothes Show. I’m feeling cute. I’m feeling fashionably. (Even though i’m in a micro mini, Xmas jumper, knee high sports socks and heels. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a look I do ALL THE TIME. I do need to stop it, but I just can’t right now. I can’t!!)

I don’t have much else to report as of yet. I think i’m going to Farmer Copley’s today for lunch? I don’t know? But I do love a steak sandwich there.#cheatday

So i’ll leave you with the muddle that’s in my head due to work, China, beauty lines and giveaways! But because i’m delicious, I’ll leave you with this instead…

I *heart* these heels!

C-ya later,





Last night the ‘Sleep Mist’ saved my life….



I feel like i’ve been up forever? My sleep pattern (and this is due to newborns and 2 year olds) is odd. It’s a process of taking half hour kitty naps through the entire dark night, until my phone tells me it’s 6am. (Which is ‘wake up’o clock.’) Weirdly, I don’t feel bad at all! I feel great! Maybe we’re not meant to have massive sloth-like slumps of sleep? I mean, I even managed to wake up an hour before the children even stirred to do my entire face and rather glammy up-do! That’s a sign of a true Glamour Puss. Before life even begins ย for another day…she has already winked, eyelashes, groomed and up-do’ed. I wonder whether Joan Collins does that? Probably not. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย I’m sure she rolls a toyboy from her luxuries sheets each morning and with a rather elegant flair of diamond dripped, sweet rum tasting charm. Then gets the butler to remove him from her Beverly Hills premises, with a ‘Darling..I’ll call you. No, please do place your pants back on!’

Anyway, let’s *snap* back.

MUMS! If any of you are having severe problems with non-sleeping toddlers or bambinos.



..will save your life! It is the Mum & Me, by Cusson’s SLEEP MIST!! (I got mine from Boots!)

Oh MY GOSH! It is the Holy Grail! It is that extra hour of kip you’ve been ever so desperately needing. That moment of victory when you can hit *pause* and listen to the birds actually singing! ๐Ÿ™‚ I spritzed it in both their rooms last night, right before it was time for them to lay their sleepy heads! ZONKED! Both of them! They slept through the evening a GREAT DEAL more than usual, to the point where I could actually sleep during my half hour kitty naps. No monsters. No bad dreams. No moaning. Just happy, peaceful, restful sleep. It was a Godsend. Worked like a charm! In fact, it could probably work on husbands!! When they get annoying, simply spritz all around them like an over heated maniac (you have to perform the ritual like a ‘rushed off your feet loony,’ and simply so they get confused and can’t figure out what is actually happening to them.) Then… BABOOM, they’ve made like Sleeping Beauty and crashed under a cheap blanket on your sofa. You can turn off the oven. Turn off the football. Grab yourself a vino and curl up to an episode of The Kardashians. YIPPEEEEEEEEE! You can thank me later….in GIFTS please.

So today, I’ve got the same old mountain of work to get through. I’m sorting out my OWN beauty line today with the good old country China and at the same time organizing the giveaway, which is now coming together quite nicely. I hope? I’ve never really done a giveaway before, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed that is goes pretty well and that you all get excited about it! No matter what, it’s good to ‘give away’ during the festive season! ย I’ll do my best and well it’s all in celebration of The Clothes Show live and it’s 25th anniversary. I thought i’d do my part, since I get to be shimmie on over there this year and report!

HOWEVER, I WILL SAY AGAIN, that I certainly need more MALE BRANDS. There’s lots of glamourous girly brands, start up brands, high street brands, big names, small names and baby brands…yet not very many MALE oriented BRANDS. Now, you are aware that I am purchasing some of the giveaway gifts myself..(they’re the gifts that I personally delight in and wish to share with you and also the gifts that i’ll be picking up for you at ย The Clothes Show Live this year, during my time there.) But PLEASE don’t make me have to go buy GUY STUFF. A lot of the gifts have been donated and mailed over by sponsors and just super kind hearted folk, with a great eye for business and a very exciting brand. I need more male driven brands simply because the giveaway id for EVERYONE and right now the girls are just putting you out of business! Maybe men just don’t like to ‘give’ things away as easily? ย We’ll see! I’ll sort it.

Lots to do. My coffee hasn’t worked! I’m getting nervous about my beauty line now. I shouldn’t do, but at times you can’t help but let fear get to you and think you’re not good enough. That’s actually the worst thing you can do. So, i’m pulling up my glammy knee highs and with confidence marching forward. I’ve got to get my ‘ooh laa’ in check. ย It WILL WORK. IT WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST BRANDS ON THE MARKET! *Gin here.*It may not be easy. Yet i’m ready for the attack! ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t really have too much else to report right now. Sad but true! I’m addicted to ‘I’m a Celebrity’ and it has become the highlight of my evening, every evening! It’s so well cast this year and well everyone seems so likeable. It makes much more interesting telly. Kian is my favourite. He shouldv’e joined the Army not been in a boyband. ๐Ÿ™‚ He seems so determined and like one of those guys that can do everything. So, it’ll be good to seem him in a trial tonight. Joey Essex is great. Yet, we’ve seem a lot of him now and think a bit more balance is needed. (However, I still can’t forgive him for his really rubbish dance moves in the live trial. AS IF you can’t figure out the Y.M.C.A boogie arms!) But ah well..moving on. I enjoy the Tweet stating that I was one reality show away from ‘I’m a Celebrity.’ I wish! I’m be rubbish But i’d love it in there. I filmed a show last year for ITV and straight afterward they were headed to the jungle to begin ‘I’m a Celebrity.’ It was the same when I filmed the Paris Hilton thing.

Anyhow, I must dandy off and get some work done. My days seem to fly by so quickly and I hardly ever get it all done and dusted!

Junior has his injections tomorrow, UGH! He gets really uncomfortable after them and can’t sleep for about a week. That should be fun! And I FINALLY have my thyroid scan on Friday at Pinderfields hospital. In case you didn’t know, I have this lumpy growth, (it’s gross) sticking out of my gland on my neck. It’s internal, ย rubbish ย and extremely annoying. It’s not cancerous or anything, just massive, so after this scan, I’m going through surgery to have it remove and simply so in the future it doesn’t cause me any concern. I kinda want to hurry the process up. I’m sick of it now. I want my neckline BACK! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a good one..

C x












10 Days To Go! The Clothes Show Live!



So..we have 10 days to go before the this years launch of The Clothes Show Live 2013, which celebrates a successful 25 years of British fashion and beauty! Since as we’re on the countdown and I enjoy the number 10 to begin again decent countdown, I figured it was an apt time to get you all juiced and excited for the event!

As you all know, I’m going to be there EVERY DAY this year and I intend to cover every inch of the magic for you right from the event itself. Of course, it will be from my very own glamourous point f view, but I will be watching, loving, learning and delighting in all things beauty and fashion. From shows to events to what YOUR WEARING, what I’M WEARING, backstage interviews, celebs and everything in between…i’ll have it all delivered right to your phone, ipad, laptop or nearest computer screen in a jiffy!

I hope you’ve all bought your tickets, as it’s going to be a seriously glamourous affair and an event that caters to EVERYONE! Excited and want to come?

Well go grab your tickets now!

(Oh and to those of you who are messaging me to tell me that you are going to the event! I cannot WAIT to meet you! Dress to impress now! *Wiggle-wink*)

Okay, so I thought i’d give you the run down of some of the things you could be delighting in, if you were to step into this years world of British Fashion and Beauty at The Clothes Show Live.

If you’re the type of darling who adores a bit of catwalk, you can be mesmerized by the amazing catwalk shows on offer, running throughout the day every day! Why not venture to the Alcatel onetouch fashion theatre!

The theme this year is…

Oh yes darlings! ‘A weekend in the country…’ย 

Very English. Very Proper. Very FUN! Also very much inspired by Cliveden house! A deliciously divine 5* estate! So expect a champagne, tweed and roses shindig. ๐Ÿ™‚ *Air kiss-Air Kiss-Spiff-Spoff-Tatler-Darling*

If you love a catwalk show then you can’t get any better than at The Clothes Show live. If you have never been to one before, know that the atmosphere will be ALIVE. It will have you shimmi-ing in a diamond dripped frenzy of delight. Not to mention the LIVE music acts that also venture down the runway to sing you a little celebration and keep you in the mood! Union J are one of the bands taking a stance at The Clothes Show live this year! Oh yes girls….I suggest you bring your designer fans as an accessory to flutter your temperatures back down to sanity.


For the singletons or any of those who are a fan of all things Cupid! ‘TAKE ME OUT LIVE’ will be at The Clothes Show this year! So whilst you shop for your latest designer/highstreet goodies, you can watch good old sports take a chance at love, in good old ‘No likey- No lighty’ style!

Now, I know you hear a lot of people cheering on fashion. It is The Clothes show afterall! However please do not forget, and how could you forget that there will also be a very glamourous BEAUTY HALL for all those like moi, who find a bit of glitter sprinkle and luxury lippy DIVINE! The ‘Beauty Hall’ will be filled with experts, speakers, celebrities, music acts and press..all there to help you enjoy the upcoming trends and also their very current lines! Yes, you get to be right there in the action. There will be makeovers, tricks of the trade, celebrity brands and a whole lot of surprises instore…Be there and be involved. I certainly will be tottering around the Beauty Hall as of course it is going to me one of my favourite bits of the event. (Hellooo beauty range out next year. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Clothes Show TV will be there!

You’ve all seen the snippets from the ‘Bloggers Breakfast’ that I attended at the Sanderson. Well yes! You get to watch live segments of the show being filmed right before your very eyes, with star interviews, experts and of course blogger interviews, all in The Clothes Show TV studio.

They’ll also be (and this is NEW to the Clothes Show this year) a Social Shed, where YOU can share, update and post YOUR OWN Clothes Show experience right from the event itself! And as if that wasn’t great enough! But…(and for all of you who adore a bit of ‘look at me..’ the BEST POSTS will be zapped straight onto the large INTERACTIVE wall at the event. Meaning that everyone could see your Tweet, post, update or picture up on the BIG SCREEN and the biggest fashion event of the year!

For those of you who fancy a shot at a career in modelling. Select model management will be there, as always..scouting young talent for their fresh new books! That’s what great about The Clothes Show, because you can actually go and get discovered! Lots of model scouts and models themselves venture to the event to see and be seen! When I used to go as a young girl on school trips, two 3 of my friends, Leo, Fiona and Liz, were scouted EVERY TIME they went. Leo (who at the time was dating the infamous Kweku Adoboli, the year above me in school) was actually stopped 6 times. Always remember that you never know you you could meet at this show!

Now we all adore a little ‘A List treatment. So this year why not take a trip to the ‘Paparazzi Pen.’ #pappen


Yep, you can get photographed and enjoy the full paparazzi experience with your favourite celebs who will all be venturing down for a bit of *pose-pose-snap.* It makes the perfect profile picture and is certainly something you can boast about for years afterward! ๐Ÿ™‚

Plus, THX (Total Hair Experts) are situated right NEXT TO the Pap pen, ย meaning that before your celebrity close up, you can be treated to a glamourous hair makeover, so not only do you look your best, but you can give them that ‘Look at me’ with confidence! (I am using the THX curling tong that I got from the Bloggers Breakfast and let me tell you it is AMAZING. My hair has never been better. I’ve had people stop me in the street and tell me how much better my hair now looks! )

Now, the event isn’t ย just for the mainstream dolls. There is a whole Vintage Ave, for you to explore, filled with quirky designers and old flavours from the past. In fact there’s even a ‘Customisation Station’ where you can revamp tired old items and give them a new lease of life! Sounds great to me! Maybe I can get get myself revamped in the process! ๐Ÿ™‚

Honestly there is far too much going on for me to include in one blog, so as the days get closer I will tear open a little bit more of my bag of surprises for you!

However, I will leave you with a station of the event that is close to my heart!


This year (and it’s all very new) there will be a BLOGGERS BAR set up at The Clothes Show live. It’s for Blogging Royalty only, (which is moi ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and they are all equipped with VIP Passes ready to report the goings on of the deliciously glamourous event. ย So yeah, YOU get to watch the best bloggers in town…the ‘cream of the crop,’ the ‘ooh’s ‘ that make the ‘laa’ so magical, deliver and report their experience live to readers GLOBALLY and right before your very eyes. (I like to think that we’re a new brand of celeb. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I would say that wouldn’t I!) This is how huge the show is this year! Everyone in the entire world can and will be involved and right from the Blogger Bars!

I hope you’re all excited and I really do hope to see you all there. I’m going to be in my rather fashionable glad rags, (which is always terrifying at it’s best) and i’m going to be covering every inch of the magic for you! LIVE!


I’m there every day so don’t be afraid to come say ‘Hello,’ whether it be for a cuddle, a wink, to be pointed in the right glitzy direction, to be featured in the blog, for a piccie or just for good old Paris Hilton gossip. ๐Ÿ˜‰ BBF much!

See you there!

C x

@chrissiewunna @clothesshow



Love, Jumpers & Christmas


Morning all you delightful glamour pusses of glory!

I truly to hope Monday is being kind to you. I bizarrely woke up feeling a fresh as a dew dripped daisy, but it’s because I went to bed with good thoughts in my head. Thoughts that provoked a more positive future and when one is more positive, you sort of fill your bubble with love, excitement and a bundle of ‘dreams come true.’

I guess what I’m learning is that sometimes in life you have to stop thinking so hard and just follow your heart. can do it with your fingers crossed in sheer dying hope that you achieve a soft landing and in one piece. Yet being brave enough to skip forward with what your heart tells you to feel, before your head tries to get involved and make you see sense :) sometimes (and I DO WANT TO STRESS THE WORD ‘SOMETIMES’) just what the doctor ordered.

I grew up living my life on the edge with nothing but whole hearted actions of joy. I may have got into pickles here and there in Hollywood. But I have a past and a history of so much colour now that it has led me to this blog. Which has led me to other great things. Since being a Mum, I’ve forgotten to follow my heart and always always consulted MY HEAD to make every single decision possible. Yet the thing about being so constructed when your me, is the simple fact that it doesn’t always work. I’m best when i’m throwing skin to the wind and living. I’m most creative that way and more opportunities have come to me, be it in work, or be it in love..when I have behaved in such a manner.

I went to bed feeling great and woke up at 5.49am..(odd i know) but FRESH AS A DAISY. Ruby (who had nightmares all night) wheeled herself into my room in her pink Minnie Mouse car and ‘honker.’ Yes, at 5.49am. It was flashing like a pink pound disco and singing me various songs in the soothing voice of Minnie Mouse. (Yes…at 5.49am.)

In life you can have it all. You can hold a relationship, be a mum, work hard and make a name for yourself. I want to be a success and as long as I believe I can do it, I will. I’m seizing every opportunity that I can and because I know they always lead onto other things if done correctly.

HOWEVER, never let others take advantage of you. Concentrate on what YOUR doing in life and never worry about what others are tending to. Do things because YOU LOVE TO DO THEM.

This blog is actual my chill hour before the ย big old work day starts. I need to empty my head (*wiggle-wink*) before I can even nearly tend to business and that’s after 40 gallons of coffee.

My advice to anyone in love or wanting to be in love is that when you find your match you will know you have found them simply because you will always have that ‘chemistry.’ You could have been in a relationship that has suffered through the hardest of times, or never even really known each other until you became passersby…but there will a moment where you look at one another…and connect. It’s chemistry, the sizzle, the ‘oooh laaa.’ That connection means something and if that connection can keep relighting through many moons of time, you have found your ultimate soulmate.

Relationships are odd things because people get into relationships for all different reasons. The right reasons, the wrong reasons…with Mr.Right at the wrong time, or Mr.Wrong at the right time? Money can take precedence over love in some flings of love. ย Or a void that needed to be filled for security may come into play. Yet the best kind of love is the love that is simple and the love that lasts. The love that starts off as a childhood innocent kind of a ‘stand by forever’ love. That’s the love to be celebrated. But as long as you have love, give love and can feel love, you can make anything in this world happen. You need that as your a foundation…and the more simple you keep it… the better.

I always think a girl should be a girl and a man should be a man and often girls take on a more masculine role and vice versa. But it’s important to let a man feel like a man sometimes. I’m not good at that, because i’m quite ‘I am woman here me roar.’ I like that in me because it makes me the strongest kitten in the basket. BUT, that needs to be balanced out with a gentle purr of ‘okay then…treat me.’ Women need to feel adored and men need to feel like MEN. That’s it! Make me President and save the world!

I think most good men want to treat their other halves, provide, protect and love and it’s only when they feel that they can’t… that they also feel less of a man. Women too, we want to love and care for the ones that we love. It’s a good thing. I know that these days a lot of men take the easy root and date successful women. Those relationships rarely last because a woman is simply that same little girl who wanted to be looked after. We all were read the same fairytales as children, weren’t we chicks! ๐Ÿ™‚ And well if that girl had a good Daddy, then boys you have something to live up to because a standard of love has been set!

However, I will say that it is important for a woman to stand on her OWN FEET and try and make her OWN millions. That way there’s balance and less pressure on both the girl because she can buy herself anything and without having to consult for permission and well the boy…he doesn’t have to sweat it out so much. His wallet isn’t being drained of juice. ๐Ÿ™‚ Life is much much easier on the whole.

Anyway enough rambling. How boring of me. More importantly…

I adore this jumper form George at Asda!


I got into a Facebook convo with ex-work colleague and now good friend Ruth. (She now does PR for Ginetta, which pretty much her dream job.) Anyway, she’s now in this perfect relationship with her perfect boy, who race cars for the same company and well who is the kind of gent she could certainly do ‘forever’ with. He’s thoughtful and kind. But quiet and together. They’re a true example of love in it’s simplest yet most refined form. They both work hard and for the same company. She’ll treat him when she fancies it and always out of love. He’ll venture out and about and bring home some olives simply because he knows that they are her favourite. Awww…

HOWEVER!! This time when he returned…not only olives were purchased! ๐Ÿ™‚ He treated Ruth to ย CHRISTMAS PUDDING JUMPER!!! YES! That one up there!!!

I mean it doesn’t get better than that Christmas pudding jumper and i’ve seen fact a JOLLY LOT of Christmas jumpers and just so you know… YOU ALL SHOULD BE ROCKING A CHRISTMAS JUMPER, THIS CHRISTMAS. ๐Ÿ™‚ ( Well of course, at Christmas… as I guess it would be odd to do it in Spring?) So make sure you grab yours and make it your own. It is a season STAPLE in my mind!

But yes he bought her it and in a man’s size. Lol. That’s men for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

They went to the German market in Leeds, (where she wore it) to cosy up over warm mulled wine, grid girls, with work mates and smiles. Ruth enticed me with a ‘Wunna, we can drink and wear furs,’ as she flung me an invitation. I couldn’t go…because she told me 4 hours before she was going to the market! When you have little munchkins to take care of.. NOTICE is needed. Followed by a memo.

Can you not just bring’em in like prams?’ย 

You can tell she obviously hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting my Baby 1…Ruby,who already at 2 years old thinks she’s a teenager, who would delight in the fact that she was at a bar all night, by ‘pretty lights’ with Mummy. Honestly she would! I have to remind my loin fruit that she is still a child and that things of that sort are NAUGHTY and not for her!! ๐Ÿ™‚ But yes, I would’ve loved a German market night. However, I can’t drag the babies around a bar…in prams. LMAO.

Anyhow, I adore that jumper so much that I actually went and bought one. (ยฃ14 Asda.) I LOVE BEING A CHRISTMAS PUDDING! And just because i’m obsessed with it, I have also bought one for the GIVEAWAY ๐Ÿ™‚ and i’m not even nearly joking!

So, i’ve decided to leave you with this bit of jumper love. You can pretty much grab one ANYWHERE right now and if a section of your closet doesn’t look like this, then you’re just not working the festive season to your advantage. ๐Ÿ™‚











Busy Xmas Doo-Daa’s


Well what a weekend my kittens!

I have been ‘Super woman’ this weekend and shoved together a whole lot of love, fashion, parenting and glamour pussing into one huge ball of success. (For some reason I wanted to type ‘Disco’ then?)

I’ve got a very busy December which is going to be filled with all of the above, the fun, the fashion, love, family, life, glamour pussing, blogging, work, play, holidaying, Christmas, Mummy hood, entertaining…and diamantes of course..that my head is a rather glamourous bundle of confusion. I’m working hard, so I know i’ll get there. When you put your heart and soul into things you can only get GOOD RESULTS.

The thing about having a very busy December is the simple fact that it makes the end of November (the preparatory month) HECTIC. But whatever, i’ve slipped on my heels and conquered it like a champion. One day i’ll have minions to do it all for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, TODAY it’s all on me. Luckily I’ve stuck to what I love, meaning a days work feels like BLISS. Don’t do things you hate. It kills ya soul.

So on Saturday i took the kiddies to play ‘Christmas’ at The Frenchgate Centre in Doncaster. Now, you all know here a lot..every weekend in fact and well it’s because it is the town that birthed me and at the same time a town that I have fond affection for. I spent much of my youth with my Mum shopping at the Frenchgate centre. Shopping was what we did and Frenchgate was where we did it. So my heart has give that place a very happy slice of nostalgic memory. Went there this weekend. It was INSANE!

We did Santa AGAIN. Ruby was adamant that it had to happen again after peering over a white picket Christmas fence like she was little orphan Annie.


It led to this…


..which was the queue.

Which led to this..


Dodgy pic. But once she got to the front of the queue and the magic elf came out to greet her and take her inside, she decided to be TERRIFIED and run away in the other direction. She’s good like that.

So it looks like she’s all happy and posing for a picture.,.but I was actually sat next to her holding her down and MAKING HER SMILE. (Nice aren’t I! ๐Ÿ™‚ They had to crop me out of it because it just looked wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚ We got the picture put in a key ring, hence why it’s dodgy looking.

Then to my dismay Santa, out of all the ‘for ยฃ14 gifts in the world’ got her this..


Now, I’m not being funny or anything, but isn’t that the UGLIEST LOOKING BABY DOLL you have EVER SEEN. It looks like a drunken old man, who eyes up young girls in a bunny suit. That’s what Santa gave her! I just looked at it and had to take a picture because it was hideous.

Ruby however..


Loved it.

That toy is the awfullest looking thing I have ever seen! ยฃ14..I don’t think so. Junior dribbled the whole way through it and well Santa gave him a book. He’s 5 months old. Maybe they got them mixed up and Junior should’ve had the drunken, old man, bunny baby? Bottom line, Santa shouldn’t get confused, he’s magic AND he shouldn’t be so pricey. I’m MUM, I have to visit him millions of times. He is burning a heart shaped HOLE in my clutch.

Great day. I skimmed through Topshop, H& M, New look, through the stalls, through Debenhams…almost every retailer that would have me. I loved every living moment of it. It’s just comforting and makes me feel chipper. Just being around it all gives me a buzz. I’m naturally a girl who adores to shop and one who has a definite weakness for all things beauty and (even though you can’ t tell) fashionable. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was in my element! Life was great!

I did all of this whilst being mum, darting into every toy store we passed, feeding young mouths and taking on work emails as I strutted, on my phone.

The giveaway work is difficult yet brilliant, It’s all going super well and i’m really proud of myself for being so organised. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s hectic though and a lot of work. I was constantly having to text, email and phone call, whilst my heels tottered the Frenchgate and my heart cared for the bambinos. MAYHEM.

..Oh and add Christmas Shoppers to that and you have hell. But anyway during my smoosh around I decided that alongside all the gifts that certain brands, companies and businesses etc have donated…and alongside the gifts that i will be finding for you at The Clothes Show. I wanted to buy gifts for the giveaway that are some of MY personal faves, to make it all very Wunnafied.

I now have a list longer than Santa’s…………… *fill in the blank.* So next week, I will be back in every shopping centre swiping, cashing and grabbing every bit of luxury that I can find for you, from my own pocket. (Which is also what I will be doing at The Clothes Show.)

I can’t wait.

The giveaway is going to be spectacular and I truly do adore being Santa for you. (Even though I pretty much want to keep everything instead of giving it away. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I will tell you now that there’ stop brands, luxury brands, start up brands and brands that I personally cannot live without. Your December is going to rock here at

I’m teaching you the art of PURRFECTION and doing it with a giveaway.

I’m really looking forward to covering The Clothes Show live and i hope to see you all there. GRAB YOUR TICKETS NOW!! I will be there EVERY DAY!

Oh and don’t forget that I have my own beauty line out next year. I’m very excited about that tooo. It’s all busy-busy, but i’m loving every second. I’m finally feeling like a success.

So, I’ll love you and leave you, as I’m about to retrieve my son…


Have a jolly Sunday evening and freshen up for the morning ahead.


Sleep, Wheely bins & Gossip


Morning my little trickles of maple! How ya doing? I drank a giant coffee before bed last night meaning that i laid awake during the night star shift. Someone told me that in order to get a good nights sleep you’re meant to drink a coffee before you take a giant nap. Erm…I must obviously be losing my touch when it comes to the art of trust (lol) because I stayed awake like a hypnotized chimp with a banana being dangled in front of him. I thought a lot last night because that’s what you tend to do at night when laid awake. I always used to think that the art of thought during quiet, alone moments were dangerous. They’re not. They’re essential after going through a roller coaster. People tend to block out these moments of ‘having to reflect’ via the art if naughty recreational vices, be it sex, drugs, drinking, or the basic art of rock and roll. In order to mend, you sort of have to reflect and well I sort of glued my head back together and saw everything in a more positive light. Things can get better. In fact they already are. Then Rubes ran into my bed because she was terrified of some witch that was apparently in her window. *Rolls eyes.* So, we spent the night a cuddling and doing it with a snooze.

Weirdly I managed to do this morning with a smile, a decent amount of lip gloss and with a swagger of ‘great ease.’ Lord knows how, as there’s nothing worse than waking up, when the skies are still dark and the air is still chilly. It all seems backwards and as if you’re on a slow moving treadmill and getting nowhere fast. At the end of the day I’m a glamour puss, I need light, warmth and diamonds. ย Meaning, I have zero idea how I managed to make this morning happen! AND IN A PERFECT UP-DO! I mean, I even got the children off to nursery EARLY!


Everything seems to be running smoothly today? Yes, i’m in shock. I have a lot of work to do, however i’ve decided that every morning I dedicate an hour to my darling kitty self and that way I can work more effectively and let me tell you, this taking over the world malarkey is time consuming. ๐Ÿ™‚ I had a great girly gossip with the girls at my local Co-OP. They seem to know all about me. Probably because I blog it all out and well they saw me on the Ann Summers show. And the great thing about me, is that I never really hid anything. You can come up to me and ask em about life, my life, your life and I will HONESTLY and in the rawest of manners tell you all that I feel you need to hear, without an ‘edit’ button.

So when I say ‘girly gossip’ it was fine…(because I don’t like girls who gossip) and it was fine because the gossip was about me! ๐Ÿ™‚ They’re super supportive of Wunna land at the Co-op, so when I saw one of the girls saunter up to me with her eyes edging on and off my ring finger. I immediately just opened up and started fun, happy, chitter chatter. I mean, she was so comfortable around me that she even began the chitter-chatter and with ‘how’s things with ya husband?’ Lol.

Before you know it, there was a bundle of happy faces around me, all giggling as I story told and made fun of myself. But i think i’m a natural entertainer, even in the most normal of environments. I want to make people giggle. It’s sort of what I do. Even if the giggles are evil and behind my back. ๐Ÿ™‚ I ain’t bothered. Hollywood taught me well.

Then I almost drove into a wheely bin as I pulled back home into my drive. Yes, I’m that glamourous. I don’t know how I don’t see things like wheely bins? It must be my eyelashes? But like my life in general, at the last minute I managed to pull a swerve and get out the way of danger. That’s me. Usually charm and boobs get me out of things. Today….it was my reflexes. I didn’t even know mine worked!

Okay, so today, after my thinking…when it comes to my love life. I want to make everything better again and do everything right. I’m positive right nbow and i think that that’s the only way to be. In my work life I want to take a gamble and go forward with my Braveheart army and succeed. You can only get further in life if you take a risk. I’m ready for that now. Plus, my diets going well meaning I feel brave.

When it comes to the beauty line/products there’s not much I can currently do because I’m waiting for my samples. So, in the meantime I now have to tackle the legalities of it all and make sure i’m up to all EU standards and abiding my all EU regulations. These are the big bits i know nothing about. But if others can do it so can I. My line is going to be a success and because I have all the right people around me, helping me. But I do need a business brain to come board and fast.

At the same time as that i’m having to organize the other opportunities that have been given to me. (I’m behind on them.) Plus, I have to make sure everything is running smoothly for the big giveaway bonanza. A few more people and brands have added themselves to the list and i’m very grateful for that. In fact little Junior is doing well because he now gets offered a great deal of freebies from a great deal of baby brands and well we’re going to be trying them out and reviewing them all for you.

I’m looking forward to next year because there’s so much going on. However, I am a GREAT ‘rest of this year,’ as not only am I covering The Clothes Show, but I’m getting to celebrate the Crimbo season at my favourite place ever…the forest log cabin. Everyone knows how much I love it there. There’s nothing more relaxing to me than being around nature and luxury all at the same time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially at Christmas! (I’ve already been THREE TIMES this year!)

So, right now i’ll love you and leave you as I’ve a truck load of glitzy work to conquer.

Here’s a picture of my Mum when she was 25!

She’s 63 now and therefore no longer looks as well manicured, but it’s always good to look back and find those cheeky ‘when I was young’ pics. We’ve all been a bit worried because she went in to get her heart checked yesterday. Life really does fly by, so it’s important that you make the most of all the love you have around you. My Mum is a beautiful soul and was such a cute 25 year old!! This was taken the day she got her degree and became a Doctor. She told me how proud my Grandad was and I guess in life we all strive to please our parents and make them proud of us. Even though she tells me how proud she is of me everyday, I still feel like i haven’t done that one thing that will knock her off her feet with a ‘oh my gosh, that’s my baby!’ ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, got to go because i keep rambling on…

Love you long time…

Chrissie x


Getting Ready For Crimbo Folks!


Happy lunch, my delicious delights of ‘almost ready for Christmas.’

It’s the cheeriest time of year and I have been as busy as a Christmas BEE. I am currently working my little over the knee high and tastefully woolly socks from Topshop ๐Ÿ™‚ OFF!



(If you know me you KNOW that I ADORE over the knee or knee high socks. You ALL need to celebrate a pair this Xmas! )

Anyway, there’s a lot of organizing taking place and well I’m not really good at the organizing until I pretty much get going. The ‘get going’ was tough..but now i’m on a roll and once my roll has started to shimmie..I’m like the most unstoppable Asian Barbie of Glamour Pussy kitteness EVER!

So far this morning, after tending to my darling little kiddiwinkles…I’ve emailed China, i’m getting my head around all the business paperwork for my new beauty line…I’ve getting excited for The Clothes Show Live this year, (still can’t believe that i get to be a part of it) and i’m putting together MY GIANT CHRISTMAS, CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM GIVEAWAY SPECIAL!

Now, we all adore Christmas. I’m a December born baby, so of course I think that I’m luckiest around this time of year…In fact I don’t think..I know. It’s my favourite time of year. It’s filled with warmth, coziness, good will, family, singing reindeers, magic and tinsel. I mean, ย I’m a child that was born during a season where it was acceptable to tie tinsel around things and call it ‘glory’ so you have to excuse my general manner, as to me the world is all a glitter. It’s all a bit glam.

This year and because i’ve been highly inspired by The Clothes Show, Santa and of course mulled wine, ๐Ÿ™‚ for the first 2 weeks of December, I am going to be GIVING AWAY a lovely little Christmas TREAT to one lucky blog reader EACH DAY! And they’re good treats. Not rubbish ones. Plus, they are also treats that I myself ADORE. So they’re kinda ‘Chrissie Wunna’ inspired.

I will also be attending The Clothes Show every day this year and will be picking up a whole bunch of yummy pressies purchased by my own kitty hands to give away to YOU. It’s all part of the GIVEAWAY BONANZA and i’m loving every minute of it. I adore giving things to people, present buying and just playing Santa on all levels. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s a time to spread good cheer and well if you can’t make amends, be merry, celebrate, love and share at Christmas..then when CAN you do it? It should be a time when the darling little ‘good’ in you pops out with a smile… and I do mean out your heart and certainly not out ya trousers. (I’m only saying that because I accidentally logged into the wrong Facebook today. I say ‘wrong’ but I don’t mean wrong. I mean my very public page where gents around the world send me messages about willies, porn and marriage proposals? It’s very odd. I thought I was on my personal page (I only had to open a second because I reached my Facebook friends’ list maximum on the first meaning that i couldn’t share Wunna Love with anymore people.)

Anyway on my personal page…the friend’s list is more people that I actually know. (Always a good thing.) So you can imagine my surprise when I didn’t realize that I was on my the wrong profile page and some guy in pants and a smile filled with sin asks me quite raw questions about my darling little ‘lady part.’ Erm? Romance is alive! ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s not good Thursday morning behaviour. Lol. I mean, I know it’s nearly the weekend. But lets strap our flies UP for a second and celebrate the joy of Christmas.

So yes, all morning alongside the sorting out of my own beauty line, i’ve been getting together the prizes for my big GIVEAWAY BONANZA. A lot of people, brands and companies have got involved and so i’m really excited. I feel like a budget Oprah. (Y’know…when she does her Xmas Giveaway show and the audiences shriek with delight like they’ve just given birth to 20 diamond dripped mammals. (In glitter ofcourse.)

But i hope you like my choices and I hope you all take part. Look at me being all interactive and cheery. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It all starts December 1st and like I said each day for 2 weeks…I will be GIVING AWAY a lovely Christmas TREAT to one lucky reader.

You get a pressie from ME! Yay! And don’t forget that I will be personally covering ย The Clothes show from Dec 6th -10th and during those dates will also be shopping around and picking out my personal favourites, bought by ME…for you!


It’s all very exciting!

Anyway, i just wanted to remind you that this blog is read on every continent of the world and is lucky enough to be translated into 40 different languages and read in 164 different countries!

I have YOU to thank for that, as you’ve been keenly following my life, through it’s various ups and downs.

I’m feeling super positive and hoping you are two!

Make sure you don’t wear a scrunchie!

Lots of love,

Chrissie x

A bit of a sing song to get you in the mood…

Sneaky Peek With Clothes Show TV


I’m really excited that I get to be involved with The Clothes Show Live this year! It’s the 25th Anniversary of the event! WOWZERS! It’s the biggest fashion event of the year and it’s a piece of fashion history that will always be alive! I’m old enough to remember the TV Show, that swanned the likes of Jeff Banks. (For some reason I wanted to put ‘…and his seven dwarves’ after that and I have clue as to why?) But I also spent many a school trip and many a December each year at The Clothes Show. It truly is one of my favourites because like Sasha Wilkins stated at The Bloggers’s accessible to everyone. You all get to live it, be a part of it, watch the shows, MEET the designers…spot the celebs, see the new bits of fashion and beauty that are headed into store in 2014 and enjoy the day like it was some kind of glamourous Disney land of all things stylish and beautiful. Great day out for EVERYONE. Friends, family…fashionistas!


I get to cover it! YIPPPEEEE!

It’s a dream come true and i’m completely honoured and I keep going on about it simply because I can’ t believe it.

Along with the fashion, I don’t want you to forget about the BEAUTY. My thing is BEAUTY and I have my own line coming out next year. (It’s going well by the way, the bank transfers have been done and well the samples will soon be here in Wunna land.) So, there will be lots to enjoy for me at this event and i’m going to cover it thoroughly. I’m gonna be there EVERY DAY letting those of you who may not be able to manage the trip this year feel as though you also were part of the magic!

Can’t WAIT!

There’s only 16 days left until the event!

Last night on Twitter, The Clothes Show TV, sent me a little link to a ย little surprise, where a few of the faces of fashion, media, Pr and beauty were asked 5 jolly questions, behind the scenes at The Bloggers Breakfast!

It went a little bit like this… (yes, i’m in it.)

There’s something about this event that is simple so exciting. There’s a luxury about it, with a twist of kitty cat joy and down to earth harmony. It’s wrapped in tinsel and the perfect place for any glamour puss to be spending her December.

You all should be going simply because it makes excellent Christmas Shopping AND it’s the 25th anniversary. The event goes down in history. Not to mention all the shows you get to watch! Plus, you get to see me there. ๐Ÿ™‚ AND i’ll be scouring everything and everyone for the best of the best in fashion in beauty…in my own fun kitty cat manner. ๐Ÿ™‚

I think on the first day, I’ll buy a few items and put them up for grab in a bit ‘Chrissie Wunna does The Clothes Show’ GIVEAWAY. I get to be The Santa of Fashion of Beauty and throw you a little Christmas magic.

You all need to be there!


Okay, so away from all that! Isn’t ‘I’m a Celebrity’ AMAZING!!! It’s one of my favourite shows on telly and every time this year I exercise my right to have a major crush on Joe Swash. We all do and we don’t know why? I’m thoroughly humoured by his cheeky charm and thought last nights episode of ‘Get me out of here now’ was BRILLIANT! I loved the TOWIE style date. I don’t think i’d gip if I had to eat a penis. ๐Ÿ™‚

Loving the cast this year. Joey Essex is obviously going to be one of the stars. He’s hilarious without even knowing. I have a heart throbbing crush on Alfonso. (aka ‘Carlton Banks’) Especially when he cried. I love a man that can openly have a bit of a cry and it’s just the way he said, ‘that was just a lot more difficult than I expected.’ Awwww……….. My heart. My heart!

Amy Willerton, who went through all that drama with Katie Price, will now make a solid name for herself and well the cast is pretty damn great this year. I mean poor Rebecca. She is one of the BEST SWIMMERS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, which is a GINORMOUS ACHIEVEMENT and she still looks and wishes she that she looked like Amy.
Y’see that’s what women are all about. We’re all like that and it’s heart warming to see her open up. I’m loving it. My Mum is too..she keeps coming over to watch it with me.


Life is good right now. I’m sorting out the products for my line, but there are so many other things going on that i’m having to correspond with everyone and everything. It’s great though. I mean since being more positive, life has lifted up. I’ve cut EVERYTHING negative out of my life. I can tell a negative person straight away and well it’s important to make sure I keep myself away form all that. Right now, I’m glowing and everything is running perfectly. #happy