Pre-New Year boujiness



Right! Life in Wunna land has been perfect of recent, so i did what any little Glamour Puss, with a sexy disposition and a wiggle that could draw shivers in the pants of virgin knicker crackers, would do…No, not run around in sequinned nipples tassles, remembering the days you were a slave to alcoholic fruity drinks. Oh no, you gorgeous little bastards. I surprise booked Ruby, my yummy husband Keiran and I, into Oulton Hall for the evening. We are now laid on our delicious ‘Room 353’ bed, in 5 star luxury, in the venue where we married a couple months ago and also accidentally concieved! Oh yes, Dollies

It’s all chandeliers, tinsel and a first class service. We’ve already humped and made lurve on our 353 sheets. We’ve enjoyed room service. We’re about to toast to our upcoming new year and our happiness….and we have a yummy, luxury family dinner booked for 8pm.

If you do anything, fill your last few days of 2012 with excitement. Make life fun, worth it and magical…but always do it with a wink!

Love to you all,

Chrissie xx

Best Christmas Ever



I’ve had a wonderful Christmas. So wonderful that i don’t think I can even begin to tell you just how much of a marvel it was. I’ve been unable to blog, simply because often in life and when you’re a blogger…you just have to do life. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Believe it or not.) I’ve had a tinsel dipped, family loved, ooey-gooey Crimbo of magic. Rubes got her Furby and GIANT new play house, that spent it’s first few moments of *va voom* being situated in the middle of the living room, under the chandelier. (Santa is now her best friend and i believe she expects presents every day now.) I have never seen her so happy, apart from when we made magic in the forest and well…right now. (We had ‘Hotel night’ last night. A night that is quite common in Wunna land. If you need to get away or enjoying a treat’orelaxadus with your family…’Hotel night’ is the key to ‘oooohh laa.’

Keiran adored Christmas day more than anyone. Now he’s a darling of a fellow who relives his childhood via this time of merriment, so even though he worked all the way up to the big day of ‘Santa chimney popping,’ and we had a bit of a ninja fight the evening of Christmas Eve, over the making of the surprise giant playhouse. (We had gone out for an 2 hours fr a quick *cheers to Christmas* locally and very last minute with the Goodhall-Hartington combination. Good friends of ours and well i find them delicious and rather in love for a comedy, loved up duo. They guzzled champagne and we laughed our way through Xmas Eve..then at 10pm, Keiran and I popped back home to go make a playhouse. WE fought. Making children’s playhouses after hoopla and merriment is not that easy i believe and especially if you have me down ya neck, screaming at you to go faster. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Anyway, it all worked out and when Ruby woke, the first thing she whispered was ‘Santa.’ She didnt do the 6am wake up. I mean she is ethnic afterall. She woke up at 10am. ๐Ÿ™‚ Then she was piggybacked down the stairs, through a messy kitchen..that we blamed on Santa..’Wow, Santa’s left stuff EVERYWHERE!’ She was told to then close her eyes and when she opened them…the utter glee in her face to have seen the giant playhouse was enough to make any mummy tingle with delight. The rest of the went swimmingly. Keiran got the most presents and enjoyed opening each and every one of them…like a child. The first one he opened was his novelty gift that i intend to get him EVERY year. It was a ‘Lordship.’ (Which he bizarrely adored more than anything in the entire world.) Blond Emma had also bought her Loverboy Goodhall the same…and completely by accidental genius. We totally scored! From that moment on…Keiran loved me that little bit more, making the opening of his other 19 presents even more exciting.

I was gifted with wonderful glamour pussy delights, smellies, mirrors, gallons of delicious grooming delights, hair curlers, vanity cases, perfume, the works….and well then after a bit of a *pause*..(there had to be *pauses* for baby and because i was making Xmas dinner. I know, insane right. I’ve turned from ‘party girl,’ to ‘hey, can i make you a spud with that.’ It may sound whack-attack to you, yet i’ve still got my *wiggle* and that *wink* can make any bun rise with a glitter strut.

Okay, there was a *pause* where the hubby pretended there were no more pressies for me…like i was 4 years old. ๐Ÿ™‚ He was interupted by my ‘mouth.’ (Not sexually, just by the volume of it.) Then he restarted his ‘*pause,8 for dramatic effect. Then after the *pause* he ran upstairs, ran downstairs and presented me with a little square box. He’s presented me we many a square box during our time together, i’ve been a very lucky girl. Yet this one, i opened with a slow careful pizazz. In it was the most beautiful designer rose gold, diamond studded watch. The most gorgeous thing i could ever place on my wrist. On the inside he had gotten these words engraved:

‘To my beautiful wife, love Keiran xx.’ AWWWWW!

It was magical and well i can’t wait to flaunt it around town with a smile on my face, after it’s had a few links taken out. (I have pathetic wrists that don’t work.)

My family came over and we had the most cosy time, filled with joy. laughter and pressie giving.

The next day, the hubby went back to work. I went shopping with Rubes and The Wunna’s…life was great and infact on the evening of Christmas eve, Keiran whilst cuddling Ruby to sleep looked at me and told me he had never been happier in his life and how much he loved both me and my little loin fruit, more than anything in the world. Magic.

Anyway, he’s been off work since and well Ruby, Keiran and I hardly ever get to spend full on quality time with one another, so we’re enjoying every moment of it. The day before yesterday we lunched, played and enjoyed and we followed that up the next day with lunch at an italian restuarant, pretty lights and a last minute booking of a hotel.

Yep, i am currently blogging from our hotel room. Room 208. Keiran is shirtless and dreamy. Infact he’s sat on the end of one of the beds, watchong monkies on the telly. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ruby is happier than ever, running around with glee, in a nappy. (She loved big girl dinner last night. She’s gotten really chatty and can order her own dinner now from a waitress. Her manners could do with a ย a polish up though. She sort of demanded..’ I WANT A MILK.’ And once she saw her dinner, shouted ‘GIVE.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve taught her well.

Great night of chill. We love random hotel room bookings in our family and well nothing could be more perfect. Keiran looked at me with hungry eyes last night. All i’m gonna say is, that i tried to squeeze into a white (virginal) nighty and do a jokey naughty dance for him. Jokey doesn’t work with Keiran. He WILL come and get you. Once i did the comedy beckon, he had turned over to the dark side and *pounced.* I had to abandon the nighty and put on some proper ‘fit me’ pyjamas to cool him down. (He was sooo sexy last night and told me how he never wanted to lose me. Aww…. AND he told me he had a moment where he re-fell in love with me yesterday at lunch, over pasta.)

Life is great right now.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year. This is our chill time, before a very very busy 2013.

Get me back to the cabin!


So i arrived back home from the forest log cabin this morning, after weeping all night because i didn’t want to leave. Really….i did. I Princess weeped for England and snotted all over my fresh white pillows, next to the naked hubs, who had just put our baby bambino to sleep, after watching horror movies with Harry Potter in them. (Don’t ask.)

I have loved every second of being away in the forest to the point where…like Buddha…i found total enlightenment. I’m telling ya! I’m emotional…but i’m not a weeper, when it comes to leaving places. I usually pack light and leave light with a wink. This time when i went to the cabin, i packed for a year…When you do that (and i never do that) it means you’re going somewhere where you subconsciously want to stay for a long time. My whole entire world seemed at peace. I looked at Keiran and was just madly in love with him and knew i had found the perfect man for me. I found a man that truely loves me and with every little inch of his heart. Every girl needs a man like that in her life. Without one, what would we do.

I watched my Baby Ruby dance and giggle, with happiness like i had never seen her before…fair enough she was nudies again…but blissfully happy, like the world was her oyster and if you’re a mum, you know how that made me feel. Going to bed, yesterday evening was awful for me. Infact…shit. So, ย like I said, i did what any little Glamour puss would do in her moment of need (n0..not ask for diamonds) and princess weeped, all over pillows and Keiran’s pectorial muscles. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย My time away actually reminded me of the things that matter to me in life. I have them, i’ve found them and i have another ‘them’ on the way. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, my ‘them’s’ come decorated in beautiful external packages. Yet internally they are even more of a delight and glow with a warm ooze of love.

No-one would ever think i’d turn out to be so family oriented. Party Princess all mummied and wifed up. (I’m the better version of me.) ย So even though i’m devastated that i’m back here in Ponty, in the bustle and drama of life and Christmas madness. (I’m currently around drunks and even that doesn’t make me smile. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) And i truely am devastated. Like i’m talking absolute weepy tears the night before remember. I’m kinda holding my head up high and hoping for the best. To make me smile Keiran’s promised that we can go back to the forest cabin in 3 weeks time and for longer! That makes me happy. I don’t think i have ever seen my entire little family ever that happy, in one place, for that long and at one time. Ruby ADORED IT and for me that makes my world. It was her first trip away and her first time hot tubbing. She cried this morning, when we literally had to wake her up at 7am, in the dark of the forest, pack up all her bags and get her ready for nursery. When she finally knew what was going on, she princess weeped tooooo! ๐Ÿ™ I picked her up, kissed her and she pointed outside, with tears running down her cheeks, to the hot tub and through her tears said ‘Bye, Bye Ducky.’ (Ducky, is the rubber ducky we had in our hot tub. Every hot tub should have a rubber ducky, or you’re just not swag.

We drove back to Pontefract in the pitch black and early hours. We dropped Rubes off at nursery, straight from her holiday, for her last day. Then we got home, unpacked and Keiran went straight to work. Awful innit. How you have to plunge your way back into an existance, after being in utter harmony. I’ve ventured out to get a bit of shopping done..thinking it would merry and light and sort of busy for Crimbo. Holy shit, i was wrong!! It is officially maddness. (But Andi Peters has wished me a Happy Christmas, so that’s all that matters. If in doubt..reach for Andi Peters.)

First of all i’d like to THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for all my birthday messages via Facebook, Twitter, Inbox, Blog mail…text…carrier pigeon….everything! I had no signal at the cabin and well when i got back this morning, it was lovely to see that i was…. still popular. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Luckily the world didn’t end…so i can buy my mum her Xmas pressies. Unluckily, it’s causing my bank balance to diminish by the second, making Xmas a rather pricey one for ‘The Wunna-Thompsons.’

I hope you’re all getting ready for Christmas. If you do anything, refrain from stressing. So what if you haven’t bought your girlie the perfect gift, or managed to grab everything you need for the dinner. Or even if you’ve run out of funds to buy anyone anything. Just whop on a smile and a bit of tinsel and wing it anyway.

I have a super busy 2013 coming up…so all i’m wanting to do is chill and ofcourse get to wiggling. (I have done ZERO Xmas shopping.) Yippeee!

Taking Rubes to Toys R Us tonight, to make her feel better about leaving the forest. (Bad move, ย but ah well…she’s worth it.)


Happy Birthday To Meeeeee!!!


Well I have had the MOST AMAZING ‘nutha year older’ EVER! I am officially 32…a full fledged grown uppidy and well not only was it magical, but i turned 32 in the midst of the Sherwood Pines Forest, with my rather handsome husband, beautiful (needs to learn to wear more clothes) daughter (don’t know where she gets that from ;), ) and my *bump,* in a luxury log cabin and our outdoor, (in the woods) hot tub. Bliss!

I don’t think i’ve ever turned another year older in peace and i don’t mean without the drama of life. I simply mean with the ability to look around me, breathe and actually be really, truely and deeply content with how my life is right now, at this time. (And without the drama of life. ๐Ÿ™‚ Both Keiran and I have said that and it’s because we are never ever sort of left alone away from the drama of life. But we finally managed to find a hidey place and a hidey place where no-one can find us. ) ย I’ve found my ‘inner peace’ and although that might sound ‘preachy’ and ‘weird’ it’s true. It’s makes a toast tipple merrier, the love that’s in your heart stronger and the world that surrounds you filled with fluffy *000h.* Miracles always happen at Christmas, so i’m lucky to have had my birthday right around it. (If the world ended tomorrow…i’d be able to fall to my death with a ‘i found my harmony’ smile on my face. (Ruby has just tottered up, with my bronzer smeared on her face and in nothing but a nappy, pointed at my blog photo and said ‘awww Mummy sleeping.’ Then she hit me and wanted to delete my blog. Lovely! I’ve raised a good one.)

Okay, so to fill you in on my birthday bonanza. First of all, we had a hectic night before, filled with a pukey Ruby, who kept falling out of bed for a bit of ‘look at me,’ just so she could come and sleep in our room. ๐Ÿ™‚ It worked and we all ended up, being up all night tailoring to her every whim.

Woke up, felt excited and was serenaded by the fruit of my loins repeatedly…until she could sing no more. It was the early hours of the morning and well still naked and tucked up in my thick white sheets, there stood my Baby Ruby in her nappy, in my bed, with Keiran to her left singing ‘Happy Birthday to yoooou,’…..forever.

It was finally wakey wakey time, coffee time, breakfast time and the jolly bustle of the day had begun. We loved it because the simple fact of us being in the middle of the forest is still surreal to us. You should look outside our windows. It is amazing. We have one wall that is completely a windo that looks upon our terrace and hot tub and all around us is nothing but tall tall thin trucked trees…hundreds of them and overgrown forest. Beautiful. (It’s actually raining today…making it fresh.)

So, I was in a pair of see through hot pink lacy knickers and a pink Supergirl top and Keiran had told me to go put some clothes on because we had to go to the retreat to grab a quick coffee and go on a walk. It kinda just felt normal, so i slowly go to it, which i found was annoying him? I also told him that i would be ‘doing my face’ (and i do mean with make up and not the art of anything kinkerella. I’m not that saucy.) He was relunctant for me to get my face done…so i thought it was a bit odd. Anyway, i got changed and did my face anyway. Something was going on.

Mid-me ‘doing my face,’ he begins shouting me into the living room to come look at the tv. I had no idea what he was on about and i hate being disturbed during my morning ‘groom.’ (And i do mean ‘face pamper’ and not ‘random married man.’ See how much i’ve changed. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) After a few yells, i totter in and on our snazzy plasma tv screen, which is embeded into the log cabin wall was a message reading: ‘Happy Birthday to my my Wife!!’ Lots of love, Keiran x’ (I enjoy that our cabin is Hi-tech enough for a bit electronic love. You can literally have cabin room service and everything.)

I was delighted, as any bit of birthday love gets my juices flowing. So after jumping up with excitement and rushing back to do the rest of my face, as Keiran went for a poo ๐Ÿ™‚ and the baby danced around gleefully to the music of life, the door began knocking. UGH! The door should never begin knocking when you’re on holiday, so i immediately thought ‘what have we done now.’ You always think in that manner, when you were a previous sinner, yet now turned Saint. Trouble will always find you.

So ofcourse Keiran’s doing a poo and he with a ‘Baby get the door,’ he makes me tend to the dirty work. I walk through the cabin, with my entire face groomed but one eye unlined, open the heavy wooden door and there before me was a man, (the staff, as i like to call them ๐Ÿ™‚ ) with a lovely bottle of champagne in his hand and a big choccie birthday cake. Awww! I loved it. Perfect little surprise.

There i am all excited one more, jumping around with my bump, my Baby Ruby and now my freshly flushed hubby. We toast, with a *Pop-Bang.* We celebrate. We’re filled with love and surrounded by the most amazing scenery the world could’ve ever plonked us in, then Ruby gets upset, steals the cake and runs off with it, stating that she wanted it to be here birthday!

Straight away, we ate breaky and slipped into our little swimsuits and began the day with champagne and grapefruit juice, outdoors, in our hot tub, in the middle of our forest. We’re calling it ours now.

Best time ever. Each one of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We spent ages relaxing in the bubbles of forest luxury.

After a chillax, it was time for a bit of outdoory birthday fun and well on the agenda (picked by my hubby hubbster) was birthday ARCHERY! Holy Shit! Me, let loose, with bows and arrows, in the woods, around people….not good.

So we wrapped up warm, in 20 minutes flat and walked through the forest to archery class. Oh wait…i’m forgetting that inbetween all that Keiran disappeared for a few minutes and returned with a giant Christmas bag, that was gifted to me with love. Inside it was a GIANT ‘From Me to You’ teddy, holding a heart reading ‘I love you soooo much.’ Awww! Nothing like old school romance.

Perfect! (Kissing occured.)

Let me fast forward.

Okay, so Ruby is giggly, Keiran is walking ahead and i’m tottering in the middle, along a loon dirt path, through the forest on route to Archery. I’m slightly nervous as i’m knew i wouldn’t be good with a bow and arrow. I’m a kitten who knows my strengths and i usually stick to them. But fuck it, i had a go…and OMG i actually LOVED IT.

After a quick ‘explaining what we had to do’ b y a man with a dog named Jess, we were handed a giant archers bow and 3 arrows each, placed infront of big big targets, placed a distance away from us and well i guess the aim was to make like ‘Robin Hood’ and fire away! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, Keiran (good at everything boy) was in his element. I was obviously exceptional. Jesus. I had one arrow hit the target, another fly right past the GIANT TARGET and sooooo far away from it, that we didn’t even know where it went. ๐Ÿ™‚ The Hubby was getting better and better and almost hitting ‘bullseye’ everytime. I was getting better and now hitting the target, yet always having the ‘every other one’ fly off the handle and rock n roll off into the distance somewhere, on a whim. My arrows had swagger.

Bottom line…enjoyed by all. More exciting than i ever thought it would be and well if you’re ever in some queer ‘Robin Hood’ battle…don’t hire me. I’d a shit aim. Pretty. But a shit fucking aim. ๐Ÿ™‚

We all then rested in cosiness and enjoyed cups of tea in the warmth, before heading back to he cabin for dinner, a rest and movie watching.

I’ve never felt happier and more in love. I’m surrounded by wonderful people and ready to make my dreams come true. I’m 32 and feel it and well that isn’t such a bad thing, as it mean i’ve officially grown up and completely adore being who i am, without wishing to be something i’m not. Nothing’s too hot about having a young mind. I adore being an adult now, as it weirdly suits me so much better.

I’ve done and achieved so much in this last year gone and i’ll go through it all for you when i get back. (We leave here tomorrow.)

But for now, you have 5 days until Christmas, so have love and enjoy!!! xxx



And we’re in log cabin folks!!!

Monday morning my delicious hubby and i woke up, our hearts filled with true true love and our eyes filled with excitement. A hot bit of rumpy pumpy occured, then we jumped out of bed, hit on the Christmas music CD, grabbed Baby Ruby and got ready, got packed and got swagged up for our magical birthday/Christmas holiday away!

Oh yes! We’re here and we’re loving. I am currently blogging to to you, right now this very second from our luxury log cabin in Sherwood forest. IT IS AMAZING! We’ve loved, laughed, celebrated and hot tubbed…pretty much every day all day and let me tell you, it just feels wonderful and simply because we never get the chance to venture off into hideaway, where we have no-one bothering us at all! WE LOVE IT!

Monday morning was the best Monday morning ever. We were like little kids! The entire van was packed full to the brim and once done and dusted…we bundled in, Ruby in tow and ventured away to our forest retreat! (We did have to drive back twice, as Keiran forgot his trainers…then he forgot his tools….) but once we were on our way, it felt amazing! We cannot even being to tell you how great we feel and how marvellous it is here. I mean we are currently in the middle of a forest, in a beautifully decked out luxury cabin, and our strains of the day were hot tubbing and chillaxing. Keiran went on a 8 mile bike ride around the woods. I glammed up and played with Baby Ruby (who LOVES LOVES LOVES it here, i don’t think i have ever seen her so excited. She’s bouji…i mean at one…she is private hot tubbing, in the middle of a forest.) You really do look around you and see nothing but tall trees, wildlife and forest. We feel free, relaxed and want to stay here forever.

I WILL say that since being here, Keiran has felt like a little boy again and I have certainly found my sexy. If you haven’t seen me recently, know that i have a bump. I’m preggo. But OMG, i have rocked it and swagged it like a pussy-pussy-pussy cat I have been tottering around in tiny boobie nighties, frilly see through knickers, stocking socks and bikinis and Keiran has been loving it. We are bonking like rabbits and really getting into it. He looked at me this morning and said ‘i was really in love with you when we had sex this morning. It felt amazing.’ I likey! I love that i’ve been able to saunter around in next to nothing, with a wink. I don’t usually get to at home, as well the postman’ll come, my mum will then saunter in, and well you get my drift. Here we can be us and well that is all that matters. (Rubes has already passed out. Hot tubbing has got the better of her.)

This is our second day here and i just don’t want it to end. I have no signal and ย i’m filled with love. Tomorrow we have archery…and well ofcourse TOMORROW WE HAVE MY BIRTHDAY!

YEP! Tomorrow on Dec 19th, i turn 32! So i can’t thank my beautiful hubby enough for bringing me here for my birthday, so i can turn 32, magically. (I’m looking at him now and he looks far to yummy for me to resist, so i’ll get back to you later…as i have a little ‘toyboy’ time to tend to, as the baby sleeps.

32 tomorrow!!! It feels great! How my life has changed! Wowsers!

Big hot kisses, from our little forest cabin.

ps/ You should all go on a luxury forest cabin break. It truely is magical, be it family time or for a bit of romance.

pps/ Keiran also told me off for getting undressed infront of a window, without realizing. I find him hot when he’s possessive. It’s a massive turn on for me. ‘No. You’re my wife. You’re pregnant and i don’t want other men looking at you.’ #sizzle (I’m too old and too preggo, to be this horny.)

My ‘Fr’ for Friday


OMG! So sorry i haven’t managed to blog over the last few days. But i’m having a glorious time. Just one of those times where you feel free, happy and surrounded by all the people you love and all at the same time. Where you are just doing life and nothing else matters.

Friday was great, as i travelled to London and filmed for a jolly few hours, which ended up being ALL day in the end. (I got up at 6am, which is never great when preggo, then managed to fall on my arse outside my own patio door, due to mistaking black ice for ‘wet,’ before i got into my taxi. When you begin your day by falling on your arse, you’re normally in big trouble. However, the day actually ended up being brilliant.) I trained it to London…caught up with ‘da ladies,’ got caught in the rain and caught myself being bitchy. (Who me? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) If i love anything, i love filming and i have no real reason why i do, other than being a mighty attention whore…and just being good at it. Great day! A day filled with ‘ooohs’…..’aaahs’……and ‘wowsers.’ Ended up with a pretend Mulberry purse as a gift. I prefer to say ‘pretend’ at opposed to fake. (I have ‘pretend’ boobies. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Anytime that happens, you know the day has panned out fabulously. Then after sitting by a Christmas tree simply to look festive, having a giggle with the girls and ear wigging in on other people’s converstaions….it was home time. (Which for most is a half hour journey…but for me about 3 hours.) Before that, i ย managed to walk out of a room for a bit of ‘one on one’ and then walk back in to find everyone left in it pissed on champagne and looking at willies. I saw a lot of willies in print on that day. LOTS! Calendars with boys willies are odd. However, it was good for them to be judged by us women for a change, rather than men judging us on the way we are presented. ๐Ÿ™‚

The journey home was loooong. I missed by train home…at rush hour and waddling as fast as you can to catch a train, through Kings Cross station is rough. I got elbowed, tripped up by luggage and walked in to and when that happens, you simply have to give in and strut with a laugh. Ended up having to buy a whole new ticket and travel home to a completely different northern town, only to get picked up by my Mother and lovely Baby Ruby, who insists on calling me ‘sexy lady’…instead of mum. I’m like some random mistress to her or something?)

Arrived home really late, but oh my GOD, it felt wonderful to be back on northern soil after the rush-rush in the London town. As soon as i saw Ribes, i immediately beamed with an ‘i’m home.’ Managed to purchase a posh indian takeaway, then get in to see my gorgeous hubby Keiran, who actually hates it when i’m away until late, as he enjoys his creature comforts…like wife being home and making his tea. ๐Ÿ™‚ At first he was stroppy, but then we were fine.

I will tell you the next day was spent with him working and me shopping. (I bought boxes of baby sized champagne and Christmas pressies galore.)

The night of the next day, we slept like excited kiddies….when we was holiday time…we never felt more in love and never felt BETTER!!!

ps, I did however learn to NOT WRITE Christmas cards on a bumpy train ride. It gives you 5 year old writing and simply frustrates the shit out of you.

Five day birthday countdown and wee’s

Happy December folks! So…we all know that the exotic in me stops me from enjoying the cold, however like i said earlier, the simple fact that it’s Christmas, which just so happens to be my favourite time of year, means i’m adapting and embracing the frosty weather of ‘ice-ice-baby’ the best way any little kitty cat can. I have a smile in my face, a faux fur snuggling me warm, a ‘handsome’ on my arm and well after saucy sex dreams of me ‘winking’ in my sailor suit, you really can’t be frowning. Life is good and well the love lfie is even better. (Since the *hoo-haa* we haven’t been closer, which goes to show how strong and how close our bond is. He looked at me on the sofa lastย night, like he couldn’t be anymore filled with heart and quietly said ‘i love you. I really love you.’)
Lots of cheery Xmas chillaxing has been occurring over the past few days. My phones on the blink and only working when it decides to. (But i have a delightful ‘almost upgrade’ a happening on my birthday. Yipppeee!) We’ve breakfast’ed, lunched, shopped, giggles, enjoyed, worked, dreamed, celebrated and come back with a hoover and well a brand new car seat. I’d say good choices, as the previous time we came back, we returned with a sausage dog, which we swiftly had to find a new home. Rubes, has been a dream and joy. There’s been potty training moments, where she insists you go to the loo with her, hold her hand and sing with her. Keiran went with her the last time, as i ate jelly beans and watchd ‘Real Housewives…’ (It’s currently the DC one, which i’m finding a snooze fest simply due to the distinct lack of glamour. Politics….*yawn.* Plus, that one hideous blond one, who gatecrashed the White House party, who is so desperate to be famous that she lies about her entire existance…and needs to marry ugly rich men for money, urks me out. She has an evil twist, which i usually don’t mind. I do mind it in her and simply because i enjoy humourous, quick witted ladies. They do evil better and really don’t take themselves seriously. That bimbo, Barbie, skip around-mask thing, is over. She ruined it for everyone really, as the entire DC version of the show ended up getting cancelled after her little escapade. I hope she’s learnt lessons in life, as she’s far too old to truely be that broken.)
Anyway…all smiles… iwhat a day we had yesterday. We got so stuck in frosty traffic that we ended up starving and sining our own lyrics to famous chart songs. Only to find ourselves finally warm, in a high boothed venue, stuffing our faces with English breakfasts, by a man who had recently had a heart attack. He lost control of his ‘legs on wheels’ thing and rammed into the table next to us. I felt bad for him, as men have their pride. But don’t worry, we made him feel better during his ‘whoopsie.’ Well Keiran did…i just ate bacon and smiled politely.
Then we decided to buy ‘stuff for the house’ as in the boring stuff that you need in order to keep a functioning air of hygiene. Now we both hate spending money on things like bleach and toilet roll and all of the other unneccessary bits of hoopla, that cause me zero enjoyment, so we decided to go bargain shopping for them. BEST.THING.EVER! We got everything for about ยฃ20. I never felt so good. Infact we felt so good we walked to the market and accidentally bought a hoover..well a Dyson on the cheap. (It was sort of a happy, but pointless exercise, as i did later venture back out to the normal nearby supermarket and ended up accidentally spending ยฃ33 just on a bit of veg. You kinda get carried away at Christmas time, as it all gets the better of you. Before you know it, you’re leaping by sauasge rolls and elbowing grannies out the way for gerkins and pre cooked posh finger food. ๐Ÿ™‚ )
Keiran and i had been adoringly in love all day, to the point where it would’ve made you sick. When we’ve in our bubble we’re tight and it really was wonderful. Plus, it was fantastic to actually spend some quality time with one another, just doing the day to day normal things, We hardly ever get to do that. (It makes sex better. Even though one night he did hide his willy from me. Erm…what? ๐Ÿ™‚ I looked at him and playfully went to grab it, whilst shouting ‘what’s the point in being my toyboy if you’re going to hide your willy from me. I’m sending you back and getting another one from the catalog.’)
But yeah, we ended up at Toys R Us to buy a new car seat and toy golf clubs. The hubby is an avid golfer and well Ruby has decided to copy him. It’s on her list of great achievements. (The other things on her list are sitting on the potty, doing two poos and gleefully shouting ‘Ruby is a supySTAR!!!’ She said it with a screwed up faced passion and a victory fist…then called me ‘Chrissie’…which i really don’t enjoy. I mean the cheeky madame, will be talking to Keiran and then blurt out ‘Where’s Chrissie?’ Helllooooo!! I’m MUMMY. She’s already attempting to deny me. It aint that easy sweetheart! ๐Ÿ™‚ She hears people shout me so much that i think she believes that she’ll get a feistier response if she joins in the fun.) Toys R Us ended up being manic, as Keiran acted like little orphan Tim, who had never seen or been to a toy store before. He was in pink Barbie cars, riding on scooters. Just causing basic mayhem, yet happily truely enjoying himself. I ended up leaving him outside and quickly paying for the car seat and golf clubs, to let him calm down. He did and well we then ended up going to the driving range to hti a few real golf balls.
(I didn’t hit any. I don’t play. I simply sat down and watched in a faux fur.)
The rest of the evenign was spend snuggly at home, watching telly and stuffing our faces. Bliss! Tomorrow i’m off to London for a quick filming day. I’m excited to see the girls, as i’ve missed them so much. But OMG how freezing will it be!!! Looking forward to it and getting really really excited!
It’s now only 5 days until my birthday and well on Monday, Keiran, Rubes and I venture off to the luxury log cabin, to enjoy a bit of birthday and Crimbo. WE can’t WAIT!! We’ve needed this break, all year!! (Why am i flashbacking about a time, i once wee’d in a plastic cup, in a car on the border of Mexico? If you think that parts sick. I ended up winding down the window and handing it to a street vendor, who was trying to sell me nuts a string and a taco. Hope he didn’t drink it.)
Merry Xmas!

Power & Pride…but most of all…love.

‘Heart vs Stubborness.’

Well…here i am with a ‘handsome’ and a cranberry juice, after what i call a weekend of lesson learning and that good old friend of mine, called ‘Drama.’ So without me going into too much of it all, as when life throws hardcore dramatics at you, you sort of kinda want to keep it to yourself and dip it in ‘*hush-hush.* Now, we all know this isn’t how i usually operate. However, i’m much older, wiser and preggo these days, meaning for once i’m thinking about the feeling of others, rather than my pretty little self. *Champagne for everyone,*

Okay, so i’ve been having a really Christmasy time and been enjoying it thoroughly with my gorgeous little girl, who not only finally knows what Christmas is all about, yet believes Santa is evil all at the same time…unless he buys her a Furby. I’m enjoying this part of Motherhood, as hearing her little voice and seeing how chatty she is, makes me melt into a glitzy little goo ball. But this Christmas is all about love, family, stuffing my face and tinsel. (D’ya know what? I’ll give you a gist of the drama…which i do want to add had nothing to do with my Baby Ruby, (who was away with Pete wearing headbands and singing to Taylor Swift tracks) but i did find myself calling the police at 7.30pm 2 nights ago and then having them in my home. Nothing more to be said on the matter…. It was just one of those times where it’s almost as if you’re watching your life from above, like it’s a movie. That night certainly ended in tears, but it was weirdly drizzled in sequinned happy moments with Rubes, who found her way back to me…The crazy thing about my life is that you can have truely horrid moments, with really amazing bits of joy occur at once, in one swoop of a rollercoaster. And just as you think the drama was all done…and it ended really quickly and simply got sorted….i was kindly greeted with more.)

The next morning Keiran and i decided to be really childish and have an argument so big you find yourself being stood up above him, as he’s laid on the sofa under a zebra blanket telling him to leave, out of anger. It was one of those moments where i knew i didn’t want him to leave. My heart loved and still loves him more than ever. It aches for him madly, yet there i was in the picture of us pointing at the door and saying things i didn’t mean, out of pride and stubborness. That moment was mixed in with a moment where he didn’t want to leave, as his heart ached and longed for me, yet again out of pride and stubborness found himself getting up of the sofa and packing up all of his stuff.

The next half hour was about silence and packing. He put everything he owned in boxes and i even helped, as he began loading up his van and surrendering away our relationship. The entire time i didn’t want him to go, but i didn’t say anything. I watched and helped him pack. The entire time he didn’t want to go, but he still continued to say nothing and pack up his entire life into the back of the van and i mean EVERYTHING, like this time i thought….this was it.

After that half hour, i could no longer watch him pack and he seemed to have disappeared, so i sauntered up stairs, half bitchy, half calm and saw him on the loo, pants my his ankles doing a poo. I walked towards him and said, ‘i can’t watch this anymore, so i’m going to head out, Just leave the door open when you leave.’ I then kissed him on the cheek and hugged him. His body did not respond to me, so i grabbed my phone, went on a walk and called my therapist. (A bit of spiritual guidance doesn’t go a miss, however it can be a waste if they are telling you things you already now. An expensive waste.)

Cupid just wanted us to be under the same roof, so he decided to make my battery die on me, as i was stood outside a random person’s house chatting out my problems. I enjoy how i choose to be mentally and personally gathered…publically. So anyway, i ended up having to go back home and watching him pack more…in fact watch him leave my life. ๐Ÿ™ I was sooo sad, but had told him to go, so i was to blame…plus i wasn’t even stopping it.

I sauntered back in with my phone in my hand and my charger in the other hand. I secretly wanted to be home anyway, as i wanted to see him and be near him even if it really was going to be final. To my surprise, he was sat on the sofa with everything left that he owned in boxes and piles around him, staring forward, numb looking and no longer aggressively packing.

I saw him, my heart felt love for him…but i looked at him, walked straight by him and went upstairs. He began to aggressively pack once more. Then i knew he was really going….as i recharged and got the therapist back on the phone.

10 minutes later, after leaving him to ‘get on with it,’ i walked downstairs to actually make a cuppa tea. I was in the kitchen and he was in the living room and all i heard was a ‘put the kettle on Chrissie.’ I did just that and asked him what he wanted. As we were play acting tea making and being weird, out of nowhere he says ‘what are we doing,’ I immediately fill up. I looked into the living room from the kitchen and saw all his boxes packed. He was in the final moments of leaving. ‘What are we doing, Chrissie?’

I said nothing and quickly ran to the downstairs loo for a tissue. He then said ‘did u hear me?’ I dabbed my eyes and slowly walked into the living room, looked at him (he was looking away…well forward) and said ‘just the same old shit we always do to each other.’

He looked at me and said, ‘it’s stupid, i’m sat here about to leave with all my stuff packed and i don’t want to leave.’ I cried and said i needed a cuddle and in that moment with everything my husband owned either out the house, in the back of the van or boxed up in the living room, we stood up ‘hugged’ in the middle of it all and told each other how much we loved each other. I was in tears. In fact we couldn’t have been more in love than in that moment.

I finally told him i never wanted him to leave and he said the novelty of an impulse decision had worn off an hour ago and he was packing for mo reason, knowing we were going to be together and knowing he wanted to be with me forever.

We breathed…we loved,…vowed never to be stupid like this again and then we went to lunch. (To Boyzone tracks.)

I guess what you learn is that pride and stubborness is not something worth giving up your love for someone or something. Or you learn that if you are truely in love, your heart will always override your pride or stubborness. As we both believe, that if you truely love someone, than your pride will never mean more to you than them. When it does, it was never ‘forever’ love.

We know how lucky we are and how important family is. It’s something that a lot of people strive to find in life. We have it all and we forgot to embrace it for a moment. But from that moment we never appreciated each other any more than we did then. The rest of the day was filled with love, but the real kind that means ‘forever.’ We lunched, we loved and talked about our future….drained..but in love.

There was no point in all the drama afterall…why ruin a great thing, simply because you have a strong head. We’re both rulers, we’re both similar and demand respect…we find it hard as we often have our powers clash, yet if we used our strengths to do great things, it would be better than destroying each other. We get it now…and well that night we put Baby Ruby to bed, ate junk food together and jelly beans, watched ‘Mr & Mrs Smith,’ and had great sex that night! ๐Ÿ™‚

We are back to fairytale and we love it. (We could’ve almost lost everything, but in the nick of time…we grew up.)

Lesson learnt. We’re idiots aren’t we! I thought he only didn’t leave coz he was too lazy to pack anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚

Merry Christmas



Tranny Stripper Lap Dance

Good afternoon, you sexy bits of *doo-daa.* I love getting random cheques, that appear out of nowhere, that people don’t really think you deserve, yet the good money Gods, have decided you’re fit to receive it anyhow. ‘Ah fuck it, it’s Christmas. Let’s give the glitzy floozy some dollar.’ Being over charged for something is always terribly hideous and is the main reason for my future wrinkle build up. However, when you fight your fight, stand your ground and to the point where the other party have to come up with the goods, after mistreating you…and the ‘the goods’ is in the form of money AND at Christmas. You’re all smiles and corsets and completely in the name of ‘Justice.’ Yipppeee! *Fan yourself here*

More importantly, it’s been a quiet blog day today. (Which i don’t like. You’re meant to be spreading the word, not refraining from reading about my life. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) However, it’s warming to know that a bundle of people managed to accidentally find my site today, by searching the term ‘Tranny Stripper Lap Dance‘ on their lovely computery device. Now, i’m not sure how impressed you were when you we directed to Wunna Land, to take care of your ‘tranny/stripper/dancing’ needs. Yet i’m sure you were more impressed with the previous bundle who once searched the term ‘Pakistani paintings,’ and were guided to, also by default. That’s how i get through life…by default. The other folk found me by searching ‘sexy thong girls.’ Not even a ‘Chrissie Wunna’ Google search today. I had something really important to say, but i just can’t at all remember it right now? I could remember more when i was a drunk. I swear down that pregnancy is stealing my memory for kicks. I flipping found myself eagerly running upstairs (which means slowly… i don’t run) only to find myself stood in the middle of a make up room, puzzled, scratching my head wondering what it was that i actually needed in the first place. HIDEOUS behaviour. I only like to forget things on purpose. Like previous men…and embarrassing moments that don’t end up being funny after a year. (I’m currently surrounded by a bundle of 20 something year old chavtastic mums. Al with orange tans, jet black hair and babies, with booze by their side. They all look the same ‘tried hard to be sexy’ way. Yet their faces look ‘worn.’ I don’t think they enjoy me very much because…well probably because i’m secretly watching them and slagging them off on my laptop. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, they don’t know that, so well i have no idea why they don’t adore me? ๐Ÿ™‚ ย They keep scowling at me, like i should get burnt or beaten by a worn faced, fake tanned, elf mafia. But saying that…I am at a Wetherspoons, so i’m kinda on their territory. They’re like a pack of wolves, who’s faces look *angry* ย when they simply couldn’t be happier. It’s hardly The Ritz in here, even though the place itself is quite lovely and has FREE WiFi. (Hence my appearance.) Meaning that you can fill a lovely place, be it four walls, a life, or a heart, with a certain ‘type’ of clientelle…and you can immediately make it ‘un-Ritz’ like. It’s a jungle in here and unfortunately in really good lighting.

(Just having a *flashback* of a couple Christmas seasons ago, when i lived in London. I was filming an internet show in London at the time and went to set at 7am, after only 1 hours sleep and a fight in a kebab shop, in Camden, the night before because ‘Boyband Jonny’ had been a nuisance to a girl in a red coat.’ When i got to set, there was a random ‘Tranny in the kitchen making Cornflakes and buttery bread. It was ace and ย like the normallest thing that ‘Chrissie Wunna’ could’ve found in her kitchen, when she simply needed an orange juice..and i’m talking full on bright red afro wig and blue dress, with glitter heels tranny. Life has moved on. Luckily not the ‘filming’ part of it. But the dodgy part of it..that i weirdly never found bizarre. I feel like i’ve adventured through the world, seen everything and come back to where i began..full circle and because i now know that what i had and who i was, was simply the better deal anyhow. I’m now dipped with a glitzy champagne ‘class’…with a hubby and my own little ย family. Developing as a person rocks and especially when you can look at your past, laugh at the who you where, the mistakes you made, yet make note of the serious mistakes you made and move forward comfortably, as you close the door.

So tomorrow i’m driving, meaning that you live anywhere near me BE WARNED. I am actually allowed to drive because i do have my full license. I just haven’t in ages, so i’m terrified. Keiran’s far too excited as he has false visions of me now driving HIM everywhere, instead of the other way around. I think driving is a boy thing and no lady should ever have to drive a man around, simply because they can’t be bothered. I mean, they moan about women being shit drivers cool… i’m waving the flag for that and saying ‘ Baby you drive.’ I’ll do essential ‘have to’ pick him ups and nursery runs…but no driving us to dinner marlarky or any of that rubbish. I’m a kitten. I get driven. He’s also disappointed because my foot fetish has disappeared. I had a day of being attracted to his feet and their largeness. Haha. Sounds creepy. I’m over it now. However it was humourous having him attempt to *whop* his clown feet out at any given moment, with a seductive face and rub them up and down my leg in order to get sex. He’s a horny boy right now (‘I’m yearning for you and you are giving me nothing) and i’m preggo exhausted. (*Waddle-Waddle*) I’m gonna end up having to keep him in a cage at this rate. I mean i fondled his balls this morning and the morning before his willy did a sick on the bed sheets. I think that’s enough, until i have more red meat in my system. I swore down to my friend that i was sure it was the raw meat diet that got me suddenly and utterly pregnant. He looked at me (via text ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and said, ‘Darling, i’m sure it was more the slaggy sex.’

I’m starving now. I can’t mention any foody products in sentences without suddenly needing to eat them. The hubby is out for drinks with Kelly’s Phil tonight around Ackworth, as i’m home tending to my gorgeous Baby Rubes. I enjoy naming my friend’s men after their ladies and simply because it’s like they own them. I’m quite happy about Keiran being out with dear Philip and simply because Phil’s a good egg. So with me it’s less about the ‘going out’ Keiran will do and more about the company he keeps…and ofcourse the ‘Stupid boy’ foolery. Phil’s wanting to go out because the lovely Kelly has recently been out and about with the guys and girls that she works with and well in situations like this you don’t have to be worried and simply because if they balls up…they lose everything. ๐Ÿ™‚

The only other thing i’ve been up to, other than eating out, (Did a quick lunch at TGI’s yesterday)…and Oh! I put up lovey dovey photos of Keiran and I up in frames around the house. (It makes you feel really ‘housewifey’ when you do things like that. I do prefer to be a money making machine however. Yet the odd moment of ‘aww’ really is lovely.) But anyway, yeah…what i wanted to tell you was that we went to look at a new home yesterday. I say home, but it hasn’t actually been built yet. We really like it, even though it’s currently just a rubble patch. Yet hopefully when it turns into a 4 story, 5 bedroom house…get this with it’s own DRESSING room. (I was completely sold on that.) It has it’s own giant walk in room, dedicated to dressing, looking at yourself in mirrors and clothes, that is situated between your separate ensuite and bedroom..which is the entire top floor. When that house gets built…which isn’t until next Christmas…i want it. But for now..we can only but wait and enjoy the life we have.

Merry Christmas Kittens. Celebrate who you are and love every single inch of it!



13 Day B-Day Countdown, Champagne & Perverts

It’s FREEZING, but i don’t mind. I mean if you choose to celebrate the Christmas season, you can’t really moan when it gets a bit chilly…even though i am having moments where i believe i should be on some tropical island, being fanned by the help, as i sip on fruity cocktails. However, if you don’t embrace the cold, you’ll simply die with it. Therefore, i’m opting for wrapping up warm (as in wearing trousers instead of my mini) and galloping into December with a *wink.* It seems to be snowing everywhere, BUT in Pontefract. Everyone on Facebook keeps *yadda-yaddering* about all the snow? Snow? Where? Not outside my window. I think it’s snowing more on Facebook than it actually is outside. ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, so quick catch up. I’m at a coffee shop, looking quite glam for a preggo. It smells like nutmeg, i have great hair, i’m embracing being pale and i’m trying to forget about a time when some boy i was dating, ended up taking me to some random, hideous Asian kareoke bar, where you could only drink Crown Royale and your nails glowed in the dark. It was weird, dark and sort of under-groundy and you could only really ‘get in’ if you were Asian…or a dirty old, rich, white man, or my date. ๐Ÿ™‚ Every minute of it was detested. Then it got worse, when some rich, old white man, with a taste for girls from the orient, invited us into his private kareoke booth for more Crown Royale, odd flirtation and song singing in a completely different language. I actually got my date and I kicked out, because it soon became apparent that the dirty, old, rich, white man, equipped with 2 little Asian groupies, only had room for OBEDIENT girls from the orient. Everyone kept looking at us bizarrely, like we were part of some ninja, Triad movie. He kicked me out of the booth, for not wanting to sit next to him…:) and with a ‘I am NEVER coming to a creepy place, where my nails glow in the fricking dark AGAIN!!!’ My date escorted me home. A weird boy for me to date. He must’ve had some bizarre Asian fetish..and well he enjoyed places that felt like an adventure. I don’t mind adventure, provided it is drizzled in pure diamond luxury and not filled with perverts. *Please delete from mind.* (Thoughts of Asian perverts don’t go well with Chai Tea lattes. You definitely need gin for that!)

So, i’ve started my birthday countdown. I can’t remember whether i’ve told you on here or not, but it’s now only 13 DAYS until i turn another year older, which means only 10 more DAYS, until i venture off to the luxury log cabin with Keiran and Rubes. *Hurrah* I simply can’t wait and because we’ll all get to lay in, walk around naked and not have a care in the world, or places to be at certain times. BLISS! Our only troubles will be deciding whether we want to lay around stuffing our faces, whilst watching Christmas movies, taking a walk in the woods, ordering room service to the cabin, or hot tubbing…and maybe in the buff. I can’t think of anything better, other than champagne. (I miss champagne.) Give me my wine goggles back!

To be honest, i don’t actually have anything to report, other than the fact that, i’m doing facials every day, i woke up in Keiran’s cum this morning that he left on the bed, i’m loving having a new bambino on the way and i’m wanting to find some sexier pyjamas. The evening before my hubby was trying to convince me that age was only a number and didn’t really matter. I beg to differ and simply because i’m certainly not the same person at 32, as i was at 5. AND at 32, i would never consider having a 17 year old boyfriend. I get that its more about development and life experience and that an age is simply pin pointing that stage of development in number form. But whatever, i’m sticking to my guns. People can date whoever they want, yet if you date someone older, you can’t complain that they do older people things, instead of frollocking around on young ground and making old people decisions. Plus, if you date younger, you can’t really be too shocked when they act immaturely and make stupid young peoples decisions, that they are yet to see as foolish. C’est la vie.

Humans are weird creatures anyhow, before you even get on the age thing. Not to mention the male species being odder than ever. The other day, ย a Polish man came up to me in a toy store with a puppet wedged upon his arm and squeaked it in my face. I looked, smiled (in order to not seem rude,) then politely walked away. He followed me and then attempted to ask me out…still with the puppet on his arm, who apparently likes coffee too? I simply grabbed whatever i was purchasing for my little Baby Rubes, told him that i was very much taken and wiggled off into the distance, with my charm in tact. Then i got followed by a really old man in a black Porsche, who spotted me, drove by, drove by again, then pulled up next to me, to tell me that i was ‘beautiful’ and whether i would be ‘free some time for a drink.’ Men must like drinks with me? Be they men with puppets or men with Porches. Both with toys…yet still, not for me. The Polish man with the puppet did humour though, as i really did think he was an actual lunatic and firstly felt warmed by him. Then when i realized he was simply using lunacy as a way to pull me, he became dull. As is *squeaking* in my face, with felt fur, is going to work on ‘The Wunna.’ When you are forgetting to bring your suit of shining armour and champagne dinner…you are already going wrong. The old man in the Porche? I’m Asian. I’m used to it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

God, it’s got busy in here now. The place is filled with happy cold noses, wanting to get warm. I’m waiting for Keiran, who’s gone to run an errand. He’s narked off today, because he’s just had his bank card taken off him, by a bank teller because he hadn’t signed the back of it. I didn’t know they could do that!! It’s so frustrating when you’re banned from easy access to your own money. He’s currently practising, ‘The Secret’, so attempting to stay as positive as possible. I’m sure it’s not easy for him, as we’re both the most feisty human beings when angry. He’s probably wanting to smash windows, behind that painted smile. Plus, you don’t mess with that mans money. It pisses him off. It’d piss me off too, as we both like access to spondoolees and the smell of cold hard cash. It keeps the blood running through our system in a warm, delicious manner. We do get that love is the key to all success. Yet we have that…so now lets make dosh. (Especially when we’re both so good at it.) Ugh. I’m getting tired now, which happens once i get my juices flowing. I’ve just taken my preggo pill too, so Lord knows what my hormones will deliver shortly. It’s like a hideous roller coaster, filled with uncontrolable emotions. It’s fun. NOT! This is why i need champagne in my life. I’m sure it would calm me and make me feel as though the world is a safe place after all. (I’m currently having a flashback of me trying to explain the art of ‘a little honey goes a long long way’ to The Hubs. When dicussing a friend, i blurted out that ‘every girl knows that flirting with a man, and showing him some love’ gets you what you want. ๐Ÿ™‚ He does actually agree…even though he was a little alarmed at first. However, i smeared on the ‘honey’ and just like that, we was smiling. ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, i don’t have anything else to say now and if i do, i’ve forgotten it. So i’m going. Happy Thursday!

13 day birthday countdown!