Welcome to your last day of November

Well, if you’re reading this you have mad it to the last day of November!! *Cheer here.* Even if you’re not reading this, yet you are still quite alive and quite kicking, you have still made it to the last day of November 2012…however with far less taste than others, who ARE reading this little bit of bloggage. 🙂 (For those of you who are yet to discover my blog…you are forgiven.)  I’ve finally managed to groom, shop and find a comfy and somewhat public seat to blog upon. I’m now very fond of blogging in public and simply because when documenting your life, i think it’s important to be surrounded by it in ‘busy’ form, in order ot get ya jolly juices flowing! I’m sat opposite is a shy geeky looking boy, who i have fond affection for. Incase you don’t know, i adore geeks.When i see them i want to be their best friend, build their confidence and share stories with them. I find them interesting and because they’re so shy. I’m the exact opposite, but being shy does help people be attracted to you, as instead of them forcing themselves upon you, with a sequinned, barbaric shimmie, you are drawn to them silently and with interest. I always scan a room to see who the shy people are. The rest of the people in the room aren’t shy. Especially not the weird chav boy, who thinks he’s sexy, who keeps winking at me and telling all his teenage friends to call me over. Honey. *Hair-toss-strut.* I’m almost 32, with a husband, a 1 year old and with a baby on the way, not interested and i’m fierce. Don’t swagger up to something you can’t handle yet. You boys never ever learn! Younger boys are always rubbish at hitting on older women. They act confident,yet *blush* through every step. I mean, i’m fun, carefree and open minded and even i would expect a glamourous first date of sophistication.If you can’t yet buy me dinner and cocktails at swanky 5* restuarants, anywhere around the world quite frequently…then you aren’t even ready for me, without the baby and the baby on the way. 😉 I’ve actually always expected luxury even as a young girl. I once dumped a boy because he dared to invite me over to his place and then (due to his youth) PLAYED Playstation, in my presence!! I walked out and never talked to him again. (He even wanted to film me ‘dancing’ for him…and expected me to buy him drinks.) I ignored every phone call from him…forever. 🙂 I’m good like that. Don’t mess with how i wish to be ‘fairytaled’…and simply because  won’t stand for it. *Stiletto flick here*

Okay, so yesterday was fabulous. My lovely hubby and i spent a very normal day together, yet because we felt in love and togethery, it made the simple things in life just divine. I love these moments. This is the part of my life that i’ll call ‘Happy.’

I’ve been a bit of a pain recently and well yesterday my hubby decided to be impressed with how good i was actually being. I felt back to my normal self and well yesterday i saw how much he loved me, without him really doing anything. When you can see how much a guy loves you, without him telling you…you’re a lucky girl.

All we did was hair cuts and grocery shopping. But boy did he love it. I mean, Keiran loves food and Keiran loves money. He also loves spending money and being looked after. So something as simply as us both going to the grocery store and me letting him throw him whatever he wanted (lol..sorry i find it amusing) made him happy. Like he thought i was on pills again, i’m sure. The combination of him being able to have whatever he wanted, and it being on me…(and i do mean financially and not literally spread upon my naked body…as he’d like that far TOO MUCH,) made him feel over the moon. We both were. Weird innit?

In my personal opinion, i think a lot of people use my hubby financial, like he’s not an actual person they respect and just a person they know can and will get them ‘stuff’ if they make him, or play on his emotions enough. Whether they just call him because they want something or they befriend him in order to plant a seed of wanting something…it’s not fair and something i’m very against, simply because it use to happen to me a lot and well it happens to my mother a lot. I’ve always paid my way in life. Yes, I’ve been treated. Yet never EVER asked to be..and would never ever ask to be. So having people care for him,  look after him and treat HIM, makes him feel good and i like that. One of the reasons why our relationship works is because deep down we both want to make the other person happy, no matter what. Yesterday was a great day, we playfully laughed, joked, flirted and enjoyed being marriage. In his own words, ‘I want it to be like this all the time.’ Me too. He was so chipper, he happily hummed, whilst grooming in front of the full length mirror. When you catch a man idly humming out of happiness, when they are doing a minor task they do every day…it’s always a good thing. It doesn’t mean they are ‘over the moon-juts won the lottery’ happy. But it does mean, they are content with how their life is or was in that exact precise moment. Then ‘tickle sticks’ made it onto my shopping list and he became a very happy man. (Well he tweeted me with question.) I love it when ‘tickle sticks’ make the shopping list. The poor thing has been sex deprived for a week and a half ad is literally dying for a bit of Wunna loving. Well to be honest…a blow job. 🙂

Everything is great right now and we have an even brighter future ahead of us. Nothing is better than feeling that way around Christmas…and being excited for the next year dawning.

Okay, i have to go now, simply because i’ve got a giant list to get through that i probably won’t managed. I’ve just managed to buy a whole lot of shit at a bargain store, out of ‘killing time.’ Not good. But whatever, it’s Crimbo. Officially Crimbo tomorrow. Lets celebrate! Ruby called me ‘Chrissie’ this morning, when i wouldn’t go get her from her bedroom, after she yelled me 42 times in a row. Just incase you’re thinking this is a bit odd, we are bedtime and morning training her..not just ignoring her deliberately. She’s extremely chatty right now and because shes around chatty all the time and i’m not talking the odd words, like ‘yeah…cat….Mummy.’ I’m talking, she’ll strut in and in a ‘diva’ say ‘I’m Ruby Isabella Wattis. Where’s my daddy? I want grapes. Sing a song for me Mum…NOW!’ I’ll say ‘which song’ and she can actually say, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle little star, how i wonder what you are.’ (And do it in a way that makes you sound like you’re an idiot and should’ve known that anyway. 🙂 )  This morning it was ‘Mummy, Muuuummmmy. Mummmmy. Dadddy. MUmmmmy. UGh. Chriiiiissssie!!!’ I love that she associates Daddy Keiran, as the Daddy in her life that is either at work, or at the gym and Daddy Pete as the man….with the dog. 🙂

I better get out of here. I thought i could manage a second blog. But fuck it, i’ve been sat down for too long. Still no Christmas tree up! Oh and last night i got a late night text message from old friend Gary Ponty reading, ‘I commend you darling cause ur very brave and you have always made things happen! U don’t just sit there wishing on a star, u go off to find a ladder to climb to it! What u don’t like u change. You stick by your decisions and make the best  of everything even when things are against you. Thin everyone admires that about you. xxx’ Awwww…i have GREAT friends.

My reply began with an ‘aww..” a bit of laughter, then an ‘i’m just a lucky trouble maker.’

I think he’s finding London a bit tough right now and i completely understand why. Like i said to him, i always found it tough and i did it completely drunk. It’s a fun place, (God, i had fun…but it did help just being off the telly at that point, i would’ve hated it otherwise) but a lonely place, when you’re northern and up there on your own, trying to find your way in entertainment and not there yet. Plus, my love life was shit. I went there for all the wrong reasons and well the good thing about being from Ponty, is that you can always get out of the city for a wee bit of ‘simple.’

My last day of November will be dedicated to retail therapy! Woohoo!


It’s all about the ‘Woooooing’

‘If the grass looks greener to you on the other side, it’s probably because the other side has taken greater care of their lawn, than you currently are, on your side of the fence.’

Quite a true statement. Right? Now, i’m a girl who never thinks the grass is greener on the other side and simply because it never ever has been. I’ve always loved my life, even when it has felt at it’s worst. I’ve been very comfortable in my life, no matter what’s happened and i’ve always felt comfortable within myself, like i’m a being to be celebrated. Maybe because i’m a self obsessed ego maniac. 🙂 Or maybe because even though externally i may at one time have seemed a glittery, over lip-glossed mess, i actually truely was internally whole. I’ve never felt unloved. I’ve been loved all my life and that’s something that i never take for granted, as i know a lot of people never had the luxury of having a fulfilled upbringing. Yet, as a youngster, i always searched for trouble to find the truth of my existance and feel like i had lived. Stupid really, as my parents loved, nurtured and worked hard, in order for me to never have to struggle..emotionally, mentally, financially, or physically. I wanted to feel the struggle anyway and now I will finally agree that curiosity DID kill the cat.

Now, lots of people see that as honourable. The whole wanting to adventure into life, to see pain, feel pain, hear pain…etc… I would claim it was a grand act of victory, as a 20 something because it was what I was doing a the time. (Like when a drunkard, a druggie, or a wife beater, attempt to justify their actions, instead of saying ‘i’m a mess, i was wrong.’ Oh and just in case if you are or have been any of them the first step on the road to recovery and making people understand that you are actually a decent person, under 20 feet of crap, is to admit fault and ask for help. If you have been any of the above and can’t do that…then you still have a problem. Which is still fine as problems are usually curable, unless you’re a complete and utter dire mess of a human already and you’re broken wire runs too deep.) Yet when you have it good, you have it good and you are very very lucky because hardly anyone, as it good like that. Imagine being so well nutured that you never would have to endure the horror of the world and only experience the beauty! What i’ve learnt (and it’s taken me 30 years) is that when you’ve been blessed enough to be given a healthy path, filled with love, light and glitter, you should never ever rebel against it and simply enjoy every moment of it. At 30…that’s what i finally do. Why on earth i fought it as a teen, i’ll never know? I think it’s because i always remember feeling sorry for people who didn’t have such a great start to life, that i subconsciously wanted to make sure they had an alright middle or end and if that meant me entering their life and aiding their pain momentarily (even if i had to take on the burden of it all) then i would’ve done something worthy in life.

Now, i’m older and wiser, i’m like ‘fuck that!’ 🙂 I have a daughter now and it’s my job to make sure she has the same childhood experiences i had! There’s no point to me gandering around with a random mission, where i just end up drunk, crying and dealing with some boy’s emotionally issues. My biggest mission in life make sure i’m always there for my glizty loin fruit and family. Why? Well because they are what matters and the ones that have never let me down, regardless to what trouble i may have caused. When you have it good, you never have to apologise for it and simply just celebrate it. If people entering your life are ruining the celebration of it all, curb kick them out your ‘fairytale’ until they’ve deserve a place to play with you. I’m usually quite tolerant if i care about people and not at all tolerant if i don’t. If i ever find people unworthy of Wunna-time, i can immediately drop kick them out of my land and keep them out forever. It’s a big world.

Life is good right now and i’m feeling much better now that i’ve managed to get out of the house and be around ‘Christmas.’ I’m currently flirting with a chai tea latte and getting ready to spend money for kicks of flutter. I still have no Christmas tree up and well i seem to be flash-backing a lot recently, which i never find jolly. 🙂

I was talking to a friend earlier, who wishes she could be woo’ed by a man, rather than taken for granted and it always makes me sad, because i feel men moan all the time, when they have to ‘woo’ a lady and ‘wooing’ can come in many forms, be it through romantic gestures, dinners, dates help at home, true love, words, understanding or gifts. I 100% believe that a man should always try to ‘woo’ a lady and because it means so much to us and they know that. Sometimes a guy will feel inadequate because he doesn’t have the funds to ‘woo’ you, so will usually blame it on the fact that they don’t believe in romance or you’re not worth them doing nice things for you. But ladies know, that no matter what they say, it is THEIR job, as a man to always make you feel ‘wooed.’ A lot of them complain because they believe that women should be ‘wooing’ them and well traditionally that’s not how it works. They are the hunter, we are the prey. I hate role reversals on that matter. I mean, i remember my father worked 7 days a week, earned a great deal of money, loved hard, tended to his children and still managed to make sure my mum felt adored every day, in every single way. He was always gentle, kind and loving, even when my mum was as feisty as she could be and he said it was because he loved her so deeply. Hence why in life, i’ve always maybe been less tolerant with the foolery of boys, because the example i had for love and being a man was a great one.

Now, i think about it, it must be hard to enter the Wunna family via the fine art of ‘Chrissie Wunna,’ and simply because and like my chick best friend said to me by a bonfire…the bar has already been raised so high, that dating me is rather challenging at its best. I’ve always said that women don’t need someone perfect, just someone who loves them, chreishes them, respects them and takes care of them.

But ladies, please do make sure your being appropriately adored, wooed and cherished. And gents, please do make sure you look at who you’ve chosen to be by your side, be it  forever, for right now, or for one dirty night and make sure you’re always doing your best to make her a smile.

In the words of Will Smith, a boy will always try and break a girl down in order to feel powerful, but a real man will be able to pick up the pieces and make her feel like the most treasured lady in the world.

Now here’s a bit of bling to sign off with a ‘oooh.’

Lots of love,

Chrissie x

ps/ It’s the Swarovski Crystal Pink Heart Lock  Pendant. Retailing at around £100.

But always smell of roses…

Afternoon, my gorgeous treats of life. How are you? Good? Well thank the jollies for that, because the festive season is upon us and well when life seems like it may be trying to take a wiggle to the left, without your written or spoken consent, all you can kinda do is reach for your tinsel, stiletto’s and cocktail (mocktail in my case) and giggle. By all means do try and rein in that ‘wiggle-left’ back to balance. However, don’t strain your back doing it, as no Glamour EVER strains herself, be it in the bedroom, in life, or even in love. The only strain we’re meant to go through is maybe one from lifting our left ring finger, due to a very heavy ‘forever’ rock. However until that time, simply ENJOY, relax and let Christmas roll it’s way into your world with a smile. Be you a naked faced, cuddle up in pyjama’s girl, with a hot cocoa and a good book, infront of a fireplace. A sequinned ferocia of full faced  ‘gimme handsome-good time’ in nipple tassles, with a wine, or simply just a girl looking forward to what life  may have on offer in the coming year. (Provided the world doesn’t end and we don’t all end up dead on Dec 21st. I would’ve just turned 32, so it’d be rather cruel of the Heavens to do such a thing. ‘I know!! Lets turn that ‘Wunna’ -now a Thompson cow, another year older just to piss her off, before we do the big ‘end of the world’ marlarky. Yeah, that would be a treat! Hey you’re old and now you’re dead. Banners?’) 

But anyway, i’m feeling great today. Not over joyed like i could shimmie to thrusty boyband tracks. But okay and anytime someone is okay, then they’re still ‘good.’ Like i hate it when people say they’re ‘okay’ or ‘fine’ for a bit of sympathy or attention, when they’re really not one bit chipper in the slightest, awaiting for the other party to pamper their pity shindig with champagne wordy cocktails, in the form of ‘aww’ in the case of boys or ‘you’ve actually something wrong really’ in the case of girls. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve done that before. However, 99% of the time, i’m more of a ‘no..you’ve pissed me off‘ tell it to you straight, kinda chica of wink. People don’t usually enjoy that, but in my world, it’s always a much better way to be. Now, i’m older i’ve learnt to do it charmingly with people i don’t really know and far less charmingly with the people i do know. It still works and well if it ain’t broke….:)

Well it’s Christmas in 4 weeks, i’ve bought nothing, i don’t even have the tree up, that Keiran keeps promising me he will get from the loft. I watched the Wakefield edition of ‘Come Dine With Me’ earlier and was astonished at our horrifically ill mannered they were. I mean, why when throwing a dinner party would you EVER bring a pet ferret, an actual RODENT to the dinner table, as people are about to eat their dinner AND you’re about to cook the dinner, they’re about to EAT! I’m sure restuarants got shut down for shit like that. Not awarded points or with £1000 for such jiggery pokery. 🙂 Only in Wakey. Luckily, i’m currently in Pontefract and well anytime you’re saying ‘LUCKILY i’m in Pontefract’ things must be bad in the other town of Yorkshire delight. At least the air smells of Haribo here and not aquainted slaggy boys and druggy girls hooking up…or ferrets. Bottom line, no rodents at the dinner table. We don’t one bit care if they are named ‘Eddie.’ Nil points.

This morning i managed to book my second scan for the baby. It’s on Jan 11th 2013 at 2.30pm. I’m very excited. We both are. (Meaning Keiran.) It’s the scan where we find out if our little giblet is a Prince or a Princess and it’s actual rocks up sooner than we think. There was a mild fluster at the fact that we had thought my notes has gone missing and we’re calling the hospital madly, in order to trace them. We later found that Keiran had plonked them on top of the kitchen cupboards…the highest place in the entire world to me. Therefore i’ve learnt if you ever need to hide anything from anyone, go high. They play the part of ‘lost’ for ages. 🙂 I asked Ruby the other morning is she was going to love her new baby brother or sister that currently lives in mummy’s belly? She smiled, wiggled and then said ‘No.’ 🙂 She’s already learnt to be evil with charm. I’m the best parent ever! *Hurrah*

The made up newspaper story about Kweku and I, doesn’t bother me anymore. I’m managed to ‘let go’ of being peeved off at it, as i’m made of much stronger glitter bricks than that and laugh. If you can’t find things funny in the end, then they really do matter and well if something is completely untrue and there’s nothing you can do to rectify it, all you can do is *clink* ya mocktail and hair-toss. I re-looked at the paper today and found humour in the fact that the story, although big sized, was wedged between a half priced Christmas tree sale, a pillow that you can use as a boyfriend, (odd) and some story about a pensioner and his friends who were pigeons. Everything on that page was pure comedy. Meaning it isn’t too bad after all. When people are talking about you and you have no idea why or where they got their information from, you must be worth the chitter. I’ve had people say something, people say nothing, people telling me not to worry and people telling me off. I hate getting told off for things i’ve haven’t even done.  You cant tell me off. I’m fabulous! Plus, wait until i’ve done something wrong to give me a good old shouty. Surely if i was going to plant something in a national paper about myself, i would make sure it was something GOOD, where i would be seen in a wonderful light, that promoted something i was about to wing out. Instead, i groomed, forgot about it and enjoyed lunch out at Ask with ‘The Handsome Keiran’ and happily talked life over pasta and apple juice. The good thing about small stories is that they die out almost immediately and  are used for kitty litter the next day.

Life is good right now and well i hope it continues in this fashion. I’m looking forward to all that life has on offer for me, (can’t wait to start the family business) and looking forward to book promo and the line of lip gloss. I’m having another bambino and i gte to find out if it’s a girl or a boy right at the beginning of the year! I have a beautiful daughter and the most supportive family. When you have a strong foundation, nothing in the world can stop you from flourishing, you just need to make sure you do it the right way and care not what others think, others say, or those who attempt to manipulate you or take advantage of you. Be bold, be brash, be noticed. But ALWAYS smell of roses.









Pregnancy Scares, Marriage and The Kweku Tale

Well what a week of dramatics! *Sighs*

Firstly, i haven’t managed to really be able to write a blog, over the last few days, due to me being summoned to bed rest. I can’t actually remember what day it was now? Wait, no…it was Thursday. I woke up that morning, after tending to Baby Ruby for most of the night, who was finding it hard to get comfy in dreamland, kissed my husband goodbye at around 6.30am, felt something odd in my pyjama bottoms, ran to the toilet to check the situation out, only to find that during the early hours of Thursday morning, before i woke, i had bled out. (Never good when pregnant.)

I had a panic. I called my mum. (She’s a doctor and always my first call anyway.) Text Keiran, whilst flustering through a mind of ultimate ‘oh my goodness,’ and finally the moment hit me…and i resorted to the big old kitty cat weep. I cried hysterically, yet didn’t let it get in the way of being a Mummy to my gorgeous Baby Ruby, as i slowly sauntered into her room, with a fake face of ‘happy’ on, all a cuddles and a light, but with hysterical tears storming down my cheeks and got my little girl ready for nursery. We sang, did nappy changes and picked outfits. All the time with me still crying, yet doing the ‘happy-mummy’ act. The sad thing was, that as we were walking down the stairs and counting them as we walked, my tiny one year old who has her left hand in my right, looked up at me, saw tears strolling down my cheeks mid-count and whispered ‘I’m sorry mummy.’ (Like she has thought she has done something wrong to make me cry. 🙁 ) That almost broke up, but i immediately manned up (i believe is the term…even though i prefer the phrase ‘to Diva,’) cuddled her on the stairs, wiped away the tears and pulled myself together merrily and stayed that way until my mother came over to run her to nursery.

As soon as she waved ‘bye-bye’ in her little teddy bear hat, the patio door slowly closed and i cried my sorry little eyes out. I mean for any woman, that moment when you fear that you could, or even have lost your baby, is the most emotionally numbing feeling in the entire world, especially because for me, it was the day BEFORE my first scan!!

After making all the correct phone calls, i bed rested horizontally ALL day, worrying. It was awful. I didn’t even know what to do with myself and  even though i felt terrified managed to get to a more positive phase, after talking to Hubby Keiran, my mum and reading the stories of other women who had gone through the same thing online. Hence why i think it’s important for people to write everything out in life for people to read, as you never know who it may inspire and i do mean for the better.  If it was going to happen, it was going to happen and to be honest, there was nothing i could do.

I was very well looked after all evening. I’m luckily that i have so much help and that i’m surrounded by loving people. I will admit i cried throughout little bits of the day and then waited until the next morning. 10.30am. It was my scan. I feared going to bed that night, incase i woke up in a pool of bed sheet blood.

Keiran, stayed positive through the entire thing and before my journey over to Pontefract hospital, Kelly and Phil sent me warm wishes, as did my mummy. I tottered in, with a brave face, waited for my name to be called, in a waiting room filled with women in all stages of pregnancy, some with partners, some with not…walked in after a ‘Christina Thompson?’ With the other part to the shindig. Explained to the lady who was to perform the scan what had happened and laid on the couch, after she has simply, ‘well let me take a look and i’ll beable to tell you.’

Scariest moment EVER! (I was laid on the couch, Keiran holding my hand on a chair to the left and the lady about to see if i had a healthy baby,)

After 30 seconds and with a look on the screen, she immediately and in order to comfort me said ‘There you go, baby’s fine and there’s the heartbeat!’ We had NEVER felt so happy in our entire lives. It was just a massive relief and from that point the little dark room filled with a giddy joy of excitement and even inch of that screen was enjoyed. We watched my heartbeat happy bambino wiggle, kick, bounce, flounce and chill with it’s arms over it’s face and our world couldn’t feel more complete. Keiran was overwhelmed and i was just..well just so relieved, i felt like a women again and not like..well a failure.

The rest of the day was amazing and i have nothing more to report for that Friday! Absolute best day ever!

Shopped yesterday. Enjoyed it throughly, with my mum, dad, brother and Baby Ruby. Keiran had gone to Kelly and Phils for Sunday dinner. (We had a bicker the evening before and well i neither of us were feeling on top of the world, to say we had had such a wonderful day before.) Kelly and Phil, has actually come over, the evening before (bless them) with gifts for me, to put a smile back on my face after the baby scare. I adore gifts and well it was lovely to be given, luxury bubble bath spa treats, Shloer, chocolate and buns!  I adore Kelly for that and well it doesn’t matter how someone makes sure you know they care, as long as they make sure you know they care. 🙂 I actually felt bad when they came around, as our entire living room, was in our kitchen, due to Keiran wanting to clean the carpet. But ah well…shit happens.

So…and the bit your all waiting for…i’m aimlessly walking through the Frenchgate center in Doncaster. (The town that birthed me.) And at 11.24am, i receive a text from Wazza explaining that the hits to the website, this very website, had bizarrely decided to go through the roof and he didn’t know why..and when he says ‘through the roof,’ he means almost beating the record for biggest all time hits?

I had no idea why or what had gone on…but i did know that a bunch of journalist, (remember when i blogged that) had repeatedly hounded and called my phone all day, a couple days ago, wanting me to call them back. I was resting and called not a single one of them back, as i simply at the time couldn’t be bothered. At first and on that day, i had no idea what they could be calling about, but i knew i hadn’t done anything quite alarming, nor wonderful, for anyone to be writing about, so i wasn’t too interested. Later that day Keiran called to tell me he has heard on the radio about my old school friend Kweku being sentenced after his trail and well i automatically assumed it was probably because of that and the press were trying to find dirt on him. (And there is no dirt, as he’s not that kind of gentleman.) They’ve been hounded lots of the people he went to school with…so i thought nothing more of it and well…had more things to worry about.

Sunday morning, walking through Doncaster like i said. Get the text from Wazza and after a bit of research by my school pal and cyberland manager, who runs my website with me, within minutes he finds out that i’m in the press about Kweku, tangled in some random twisted story. I look at my mum, *sigh* and after a bit of lunch, we go grab The Sun to see what had been going on. I’m stood outside Next, thumbing through the paper, it’s falling to pieces on me outside ‘Garage’ and then to my entire shock and ultimate HORROR, i see this:



So firstly, i just want to say to you, that i have never EVER spoken to The Sun, or Anthony France (i think that’s the journalist’s name, who wrote the story) about Kweku and secondly it is completely and utterly FABRICATED. Kweku and I simply went to school together. That’s it! However, because that’s not jazzy enough a story and the press refuse to accept that he is actually a decent guy and need to depict him and also Me now, in a horrific light, i guess they decided to ‘jazz it up’ themselves, by making up tales to make a newspaper a wee bit more interesting. I mean 4 days ago, i received an email from the journalist above asking me to call him personally or the office for a chat. I never did and well because i never did…look what happened. They made up their own story based upon a story almost a year ago, that they twisted.

The thing that horrifies me about this is the fact that I believe the Adoboli’s are going through enough right now, without having to read stories made up by the press that paint a sordid image of him. Secondly, they placed streams and streams of words, in actual quotation marks, which would state that i had said them to the press, which is NOT AT ALL TRUE. How embarassing!!! I mean, i would never do something like that! It doesn’t settle well with me, as i just think what his family will think and what he’ll think, what my school friends will think. So it’s not fair. My family ofcourse know it was all made up..and now after a cry, wallowing in mild embarrassment after being made out to look like a cheapo ‘kiss and tell girl’ which i would never ever be (neither of us are random chavtastics, who would do something of that sort. We both come from great families.) Then after a pep talk, a fuming husband and a few phone conversations…i’m all good again. It’s out there now and well it’s not true and it’s all done.

So yeah…back to happy. But there you go, i’ve said my piece and my well wishes are sent to his loved ones and family.

Lots of love,

Chrissie x

How many days til’ Christmas?

Wunna land couldn’t be more perfect right now. The Christmas cheer is winking and beckoning me to rejoice in it’s juicy swirl of madness, my marriage to quite frankly one of the best in this entire world, the fruit of my glittery Burmese loins is a pigtail frenzy, delight of a ‘can now flawlessly count to 10’ and is certainly learning her ways from Mummy Glamour Puss and Daddy Keiran. (Lord help her. She has ‘Daddy Keiran’ and ‘Daddy Pete.’ That’ll  be fun for me to explain to her when she’s a teen.) And well with another little bundle of baby joy on the way, an upcoming birthday (i’ve already had my pretend ‘Wazza thinks it’s funny’ bicker about my birthday and how old i am rant with The Great Waz himself, who still fails to absorb that i am only 2 months older than him, so if i turn 32….after a few Christmassy drinks, a ‘Happy New Year’ rum, followed by a ‘shake hands with Cupid’ arrow shoot…he turns the EXACT same age. Every year we have to have the same convo and well like i told him yesterday, he’ll be doing it until i’m 92.)

But yeah, my world is lovely. I’m really just enjoying crimbo now and putting work to one side, as a lot happens next year, like a couple of telly things, a lip gloss line, a book promo, the writing of a second book, an opening of a beauty salon and a baby…that i think i need the rest to celebrate this year, with my new found *bump* and with a *shimmie.* I’ve never been happier and as i said to Keiran a couple days ago, who claimed that it still felt bizarre him being in a relationship, as he found himself washing the dishes. He quickly added…’Good weird’…before i began a big old ‘girl’ rant at him. But we’ve both been through an entire full life circle as separate individuals. I had my Hollywood chapter. he had his army, working away chapter. We played, flirted no gooded and winked, all the way through that time, only to BOTH find ourselves back where we began AND then infront of each other falling in love, followed by being engaged, being a family, marrying each other, having so many crazy things happen to us entertainment wise, living a fairytale and now having a baby on the way. It’s our new circle of life and well even though we both enjoyed our previous circle, (I was marrying movie stars, as he was in a jungle defending our country) we’ve finally managed to look back, celotape that era shut, give it a good old dusty and frisbee it away with a ‘past’ flag. Nothing is better than our new chapter, a much more simplier life, which is ending up being not so simple and sprinkled with glitter. I always say that we are and have become so lucky…and well our relationship has always been filled with love, a deep love that no-one could ever understand but us…and Baby Ruby. We’ve had our downs…yes…. and we’ve had everyone make a comment, or interfere with what we call our ‘bubble,whenever they’ve wanted to. But more importantly we’ve had our ‘ups.’ *Wiggle-wink.* And now we’ve finally found our balance and you can only find that balance when you grow up, forget everything else and like i always say ‘just trust, just love and be happy.’ We laid on the sofa last night, him in his work clothes, I in my preggo pyjamas, giggling and baby talking and teasing each other with mindless childish foolery. I think i was pretending to *snip* him out of my life with a bit pair of pretend giant scissors, and roll him up into a ball, before sewing him back into my life with playful flirty regret. (Dont ask! I hear the looney bin a calling. He loved it and told me i could never succeed at *snipping* him out because he doesn’t *snip* so easily. Then he might of asked for a blowjob? No…wait…he didn’t. He stated that he thought i was on pills because i was actually happy, instead of being moody. 🙂 I’m obviously such a great wife, that i shock my own husband, when i act remotely satisfied with him.)  He shouldnt actually think that way though because one of the biggest things that i’ve always adored about Keiran is that he is the only guy ever, who i am actually impressed by and i’m impressed by him every day. Not only because he works hard and loves hard and can do pretty much anything with panache, be it romance, man stuff, or the world. Yet because i feel like i’ve weirdly watched him grow from this boy into a man…and well every woman is proud of that moment, in their gent. It’s all we ever really want out of them…and ofcourse adoration…and ofcourse gifts. 🙂 But really out of EVERY man i’ve ever met or dated and i’ve dated loads of men from all walks of life and caliber….i have never been as impressed by them, as i am of my own little hubby. Can wait to forest hot tub at the log cabin again, this Christmas for my birthday. Four whole days of calm, happy, family, Christmassy bliss. It’ll be lovely and super exciting for Rubes. Plus, i’m cooking Christmas dinner and topless hot tubbing in forest, with the man of my dreams. It couldn’t be better. I constantly *flashback* to the time when we met and the things we would do and say to one another and i adore where we’ve ended up. It’s perfect. Our one year relationship, that turned into a marriage, is equivalent to 5 years of a normal couples union. We’ve been through so much and managed to do so many things that people never get to do in their lifetimes. I still can’t believe it.  Yet i do know that there are couples who get to do a whle lot more, so we’re excited to achieve. I know we’re very lucky. (Shit, Starbucks has got soo busy since i began this blog. There’s buggies and babies everywhere. Oh! And a woman scowling at my outfit. I’m in Jeggings, a jumper and a farmer’s flat cap. Surely, i’m the bomb diggy. AND i’m by pancakes! I’m like a Fatboy’s delight!)

Okay, so you all know i had a great weekend. Ruby and I spent time at Victoria garden centre that is filled with Christmas activites galore. Fiber optic rooms, trees, lights, toys, Santa, food and pets! I mean Holy Terrfying much! Those pets had to run for their lives, when my daughter (who didn’t know she was on kiddie reins) charged up to them with utter excitement, to *squash* her little Burmese nose up to the glass, whilst screaming with a magnificent joy. I would’ve stopped her, but ah well, i’m a soft parent. She has to be doing something really bad, like stealing hamsters and putting them up grannies underwear, whilst they’re on fire, for me to scold her. I have loose morals, for a child that was raised so well. I think the humour of it all gets the better of me and then i can’t help myself. Nothing i do is ever with malicious intent (unless it’s with malicious intent 😉 ) and always in the name of fun or ‘funny.’ However, unfortunately, my sense of humour is not for everyone really, now is it. 🙂 *Blows you a kiss.* (I’m angry right now, because i thought i just accidentally deleted this entire entry, by stupidly pushing the wrong button. I didn’t and if i did, thanks to Wazza…it probably would’ve got saved. *Happy again.*)

We also got a car, this weekend. A car gifted to us, by my Mama, in the form of ‘surprise-Mercedes-yay’.’ I’ve just done my *boast* about that already, so i’m now going to leave it to settle with you and rejoice in the fact that my Mother is quite wonderful and we now have an extra set of wheels.

My hubby has been working non-fricking stop, to the point where he has hit exhausted. I do need to be more helpful and less doughie eyed…but having a *bump* ain’t that easy, especially with the thought that he actually really, no word of a lie, would like me to have 21 children. And i’m not joking and doing my normal bit of ‘exaggeratio-much-strut-strut.’ He really does want as many as my body will push out, and believes that my true job is to ‘give & carry.’ (His 20 million offspring. 🙂 ) I do believe that life is all about love and reproduction and i do adore having a family. Yet i watched the documentary last night, on a woman who had 15 children, all to the same man, so it wasn’t all broken and chavtastic…but it surely was a bundle. Keiran’s heart and eyes lit up with complete love and well from that moment on…he was determined to have his 21 kids. We’ve both always wanted an amazing family. But 21…i can’t do. I just looked at him and said, ‘I’d have to have one a year until i’m 50. I’d have to actually carry them and birth them, whereas all you have to do, is have sex with me and *spurt.*’ He smiled and said, ‘Well you could have twins and triplets in between, so it’d give you a year off.’ HAHAHAHA. For now, i think we need to concentrate on making sure the one we’re currently cooking is all dandy. I think Keiran enjoys me as a preggo. Not the mood swings, having to do more and me hitting himin the goolies. But the no drinking, no partying, all goodie-goodie part of me that has bloomed. I’m quite high horsed and moral, right now. All posh, good girl, looking after my baby, the home and my bump. He much prefers that and hates ‘The Wunna’ that is a slave to the Pinot Grigio. I actually prefer the new me to, as you can still be posh, classy and a goodie-goodie and still be fabulous all at the same time. I never realized that before. I feel more fabulous now than i have ever been before. I *sizzle.* I feel of absolute worth.

We have our first scan on Friday morning at 10.30am at Pontefract Hospital. I’m worried and excited all at the same time. As a mum you worry for the health of your baby and well i’m excited to watch ‘The hubs’ go through it all for the  first time. If you came to our wedding, you know he’s emotional. So Lord help him Friday morning.

I’m happy to read the messages from those of you who are finding dating fun and the ‘handsomes’ that are worthy of your heart this Christmas. I’m sad for the girls that are finding the ‘true stories’ behind their ‘not so truthful’ males. But ah well, that can all be taken care with via a curb kick and a *shimmie-what.* I was ill yesterday and weirdly had 27 phone calls from journalists asking me to cal them back? I didn’t and haven’t yet. But wondered what it was all about. Now i get why? My school friend Kweku, what the press like to call the ‘Rogue trader’…unfortunately got sentenced yesterday for the biggest bank fraud in British History. 7 years he got and well i feel as though the press are trying to depict him as some hideously, evil mastermind, greedy mastermind. But from what i know, or knew of him, he couldn’t be further from that description. I remember him a selfless, warm hearted, quiet, intelligent, do-gooder of gentleman, from a family of great integrity…so i hate that they’re all now painting some kind of undeserved ‘tragic’ picture of him. But it’s what they do to make money and they’ve all started to call me about him. I’ve ignored them, as i’m sure his family are going through enough right now. However, it’s not easy as ofcourse i’m one who hates people being painted in what i consider to be an untrue light…and so journalists tapping into Wunna land is not that fun.

Okay, i’m gonna go now, because i’ve got a bit of Xmas shopping to do before Rubes get back from nursery and Kerian gets back from London. I’m currently hearing about ‘I’m a Celebrity’ drama and apparently ‘working class’ Eric, doesn’t like rich ‘Upper Class’ Hugo, because he believes he’s spoilt and been born with a silver spoon in his mouth and doesn’t like the fact that Hugo went on a trip to Scotland with his friends and hired a chef to cook for him. Not one part of me, thinks that is bad. 🙂 Infact, i think that is GREAT! The last time i went to the log cabin, i tried to hire a chef to cook for us, yet he was off that week, so i couldn’t! I adore Hugo and so what if he’s been spoilt a bit and born into money. I don’t think that’s his fault. I actually love it and i think people these days more people aspire for such a life and quite frankly, i don’t believe that that is such a bad thing. It’s so much better than young boys or girls aspiring to be a chav and achieve an ‘ASBO,’ and thinking they’re cool because they’re in a street gang. You can have anything you want in life. Look around you and outside that window…it’s there and it’s for the taking. Go get it!

Anyway, I will leave you with love, a wiggle and a charitable cause:

If you do anything this Christmas, please sponsor a Burmese child with Action Aid, for only 50p. It’s a cause close to my heart, simply because i am Burmese and my entire family originates from the country, a beautiful country, which was forced into poverty under evil rule. Yet now it has a chance to be bold once more, as justice and democracy meanders back into the country and offers it’s helping hand.

Changing a child’s life is GREAT KARMA!

So call 0800 108 8080 or text ‘Sponsor’ to 70500, to help a little Burmese child this Christmas, for only 50p! I’ve done it, alongside lots of good hearted people and a whole bundle of celebs.



Now, i know a lot of people who believe ‘charity beings at home’ and therefore can’t be bothered to give to such a cause, as it’s a cause they may not relate to. Yet children and the love of them is something everyone should beable to relate and being a charitable person, isn’t something that is within any good person and not something they*whop* out, whenever they feel they want to. If you’re good to the people of the world and good to the people who are good to you, than life gives you a *wink* and blesses you with loveliness! (Meaning: Sponsor a Burmese child for 50p NOW! 🙂 )

Wishing you all a happy time and a fruitful end of November, as we roll into my Birthday month. I love having a December birthday. There’s just something about this time of year that creates a magical atmosphere. I also adore all people who have Decembers birthday and simply because on the 19th…it’s MINE!

My choice of attire this lovely end of November afternoon, whilst i’m 3 months pregnant! Jeggings, with heels! Do it! Here are some of my favourite ones from Select. At only £12, you can get them in every colour! (I already have!)


Early Crimbo Gifts and Jeggings

Good morning, you juicy little drips of glitteratti. I’m in a good mood today, so we’re gonna get this show on the road, whilst we’re still chipper and before i turn over to the dark side.
I’ve had a wonderful weekend. So wonderful for this time of year that it couldn’t have been written any better by nipple tassled ‘hope’ fairies. (Don’t ask! I have no idea.)
SO..to begin with, i wanted to say that i ended up not being so stressed, after a big tantrum and a big random cry and decided to *snap* out of my bratty mode of ‘Veruca Salt’ and instead enjoy everything and everyone around me as well as all that was going on. Ruby has been amazing. I have the most wonderful husband that any little floozy could’ve ever wished for and well i did say that the days follow in the fashion that you so wish them to. I wished for mine to go better…and it did.
Saturday afternoon, at around 1pm. I’m laid in bed, throwing a tantrum. Ruby’s playing and Keiran’s trying to perk me up because my Mother was about to show up and well he did’t want to get ‘told off’ for me being upset. I don’t know why he thought he would? But he did. My mum kows me better than anyone, plus on days that she has titled, ‘The day when you’re early Christmas present,’ nothing can put her in a bad mood. She’s really good at staying on the sunny side of the street…and cutting out the drama. (I got cut out briefly, until i decided to be happy again. 🙂 )
My mum arrives bang on time, which is rare. Keiran greets her, as she drops my Dad off in the living room to look after Ruby and she begins her presentation. I’m upstairs. Keiran’s shouting me down and trying to explain to my mum that i’m upset. My mum says ‘Oh just leave her, i have the surprise a coming…’ (which i like, she knew i was going to be fine really and that preggo hormones don’t last forever.) She tells Keiran to put on his shoes and they both rush out the back door, into the parking area outside to go get the prezzie. (I’m now peeking out the window like a 5 year old.)
My little brother ‘Jezzy’ appears from nowhere (well behind Keirans work van) and stands by them for the big reveal and as they’re all stood in the cold chatting. Then all of a sudden, a car drives around the corner with a dark haired man at the wheel. Keiran apparently looks at my mum excitedly and asks what it’s going to be. (My mum had told us that it was heavy, rectangular and he’d need to carry it, so he was thinking of the many things he could be having to lift out of the back of this car?)
My mum does her ‘Da-daaa,’ voice, with showgirl arm movements..and i do mean like a magicians assistant and not like a Texas stripper, as that would be mildy awkward at 1.06pm, with my husband and her baby son. The gentleman parks up and slowly gets out of the car. Keiran’s still excitedly wondering what he’s going to be receiving…and then the dark haired gentleman, hands him the keys and says ‘This is for you. It’s yours.’ OMG!!! (Heeeelllooo much? What is our life??? Our we living a dream? Next i’m hoping to walk into a stranger who hands me a winning lottery ticket and a champers for kicks.)
So, for an early Christmas present…my mum has BOUGHT US, a car…a Mercedes. A big silver Mercedes, for our family, as we have a baby on the way, with a gorgeous one year old and need a reliable car with more space to knock around in for a while, as we tend to Christmas! Holy Xmas Bonanza! They all jumped around happily, as i did from my little window spot and what did my gorgeous little hubby do. He looked at my mum, the car, SWORE a great deal and then danced around his work van, until it has sunk in. It’s only just sunk in for me. We were really happy, yet it was bizarre, as we were sort of thrown for a loop. But we’ve driven around in it now and it couldn’t be better. We love it and couldn’t be more grateful. My mum is ACE…as is fricking Christmas. We’re really lucky. Even Rubes loves it. She was crawling all around it, like it was like a Mercedes play pen. (Keiran was a bit worried because he thought it made him look like an old man. But it makes him look like a posh old man, which i adore. He’s all decanters, business man and Mercedes now, which i find far much more appealing, to disco hands, club party boy, with a body and an attitude.)
And there you have it….how lovely is my mum! I mean, my parents paid for our entire wedding, which we had to throw in a quick 2 months and we thought that was overly nice of them. Now this. It’s crazy. Our life together is slowly slotting together. We’re a family and we’re actually going to do well. Wow! She even treated us to dinner that night also, just for the sake of it. It’s amazing, how much family support we have.
Keiran and I have been lovey, dovey ‘fairytale’ ever since. We’ve swooned and kissed and cuddled and adored upon. Our sex life has got back on track. He was sat on the soaf yesterday and i forward straddle snuggled him…with gyrating. 😉 He loves a bit of gyrating…and unsurprising so do i. He got all heated and excited and with a yelp of victory, he shouted, ‘i finally have my wife back!’ He’s had all sorts of bedroom treats. Lots of willy tugging and bedroom performance from his wifey. We really get into all that and well at one point i think i was on all fours, naked in the dark, circulating my bum bum at him seductively, as he watched and acted appropriately. 🙂 You know what…i AM back and it feels finger licking good. We’re back to turning each other on…all the time and it’s delicious. Our trip away to the log cabin will no doubt be delicious, as i think i’m going to take a few skimpy treats for the hubs to delight in, during our time there. We LOVED it last time and indulged in hot tub love making AND kitchen counter sex toy bonanza’s…by a kettle.
When it comes ot Christmas and sex, it’s all about the art of lingerie. There’s not a better time to get dressed up for your beau and have fun. Let him enjoy you, as you enjoy yourself. Keep it cheeky, slutty and all about fun role playing. I mean we are taking Baby Ruby with us, so all fun will be left to the evening when she’s tucked up in bed AND i am pregnant, with a bump, yet i’ not bothered. I still think i can rock sexy. Curves, swerves and bumps are sexy when embraced with crotchless anything and ‘ooh’ faces. I’m good at putting on ‘the show’ of it all…and don’t really feel uncomfortable in a skimpy bit of ‘ooh laa.’ The good thing is that the ‘bump’ is also his, as obviously otherwise it would be a bit odd. ‘Hi, i’m pregnant naughty nurse?” (I don’t think so.) Keiran’s loving a bit of ‘preggo-wife’ right now, because when you’re in love an you have a gents bambino they get all turned on by your body and can’t keep they’re mucky little hands off.
Anyway, i’m going a bit too far for the morning time and i’m in a library. He’s at golf right now and states that he’ll win, because he’s happy with his home life. Hopefully we’ll grab lunchy together later. I’m apparently meant to be going into his wallet and treating myself to a massage on him, but i ignored it. It just felt not okay to do so. A lunch is fine. (Wow, i’m certianly low maintenance today, no wonder his hearts all a flutter. Not spending his money AND putting out. Wowsers!)
Okay, i’m off..i’m in Jeggings and they need ot be shown off a little, with sass to make me feel better about them. I’m schooling them in the art of *strut.*


So, we didn’t put up the Christmas tree last night. I was far too grumpy and Keiran was too late home from work for me to be bothered to wallow in festive cheer. I drank my mulled wine tea and adored my tiny Baby Ruby. Then ‘Da Hubs’ called me ‘rude,’ because…well i was being ‘rude,’ so i ventured up to bed for an hour to calm my stressy ‘ugh-fest.’ This ‘staying calm’ marlarky is harder than you think. I’m doing alright at it though, as i’m only tending to the odd giant outburst of ‘grrr…’ and when i feel he’s wound me up, or disrespected me, without the delicate touch of consideration. We made up last night, whilst cuddling on the sofa, and then lais in each others arms in bed, all topless and cuddly. I had my final weep of the day and woke up feeling refreshed, after apologising for being mental the evening before. Then after about an hour of being ‘wakey-wakey’ the bickering began and this time because he was apparently making some ‘joke’ about how i now don’t cook and clean because i use pregnancy as an excuse. Hmm…now any smart human being, with a half working brain, would probably know that, that isn’t the sort of joke to be laying out to your hormonal pregnant wife. I had a little ‘shout’ at him…as i believe if i’ve told someone how i’m feeling internally and how it is making me react to things, then they are already prepared for what may come if they are to play with fire and therefore, quite smartly need to adjust appropriately. Plus, i hate it when people look after you and do lovely things for you and then complain about having to look after you and do the lovely things for you. It doesn’t make sense. Plus, i have a mild disliking to folk, in fact no not folk, the man i’m married to, as i don’t really care too much about what folk think, who state that ‘i’m not doing anything.’ I’m growing your future child, that you will *gush* over in 6 months time, like i’m some kind of victorious Greek God, in my belly and having to go through life, body, physical, emotional and mental changes for it. That’s not nothing. That’s literally life and without me going through this process….he would have no child at all. That deserves respect, cosideration and a whole lot of understanding.
Luckily, he had the gym to escape to for an hour, which was good because we could both breathe. I spent the time cuddling my tiny Baby Rubes by chocolate Weetabix and Saturday morning children’s telly. Then he came back with Phil and they tinkered with the bike and put bets on the football, as i built toy empires with the fruit of my loins with giant lego. Once Philly had left, he approached me kindly and lovingly with a hug from behind and sweet words. Everything was going to be okay and everything was about to turn rosy.
I told him that i expected an apology, for being mean to me, (i actually meant for not taking my feelings into consideration,) and thought he would quite happily since i’ve been highly apologetic over the past week, whenever i’ve been foolish. He did.Yet he did so….reluctantly! What?
Anyway we try to find that ‘make up’ balance and don’t. It ends in a bicker, a fight, him stating that he was only joking earlier, yet then went on to recrack a joke about me being insane. Neither of us would drop it and it was going to get messy. I get so stressed out internally, that i have a bit of a swear and a bit of a shout and *storm out* with an ‘I’M LEAVING.’ (He follows and starts shouting up the stairs at me, again about how he does everything and how i do ‘nothing.’ So, i threw a half full baby bottle at him. It missed. I’m a shit aim. I don’t think having a baby and providing a home is nothing and this time i’m not backing down! I’ve said, ‘sorry’ far too much.
I’m in the mirror, FUMING. The hair gets angrily groomed, the face gets bronzed a little more, the pout gets bigger, the pyjamas get flung on the floor and the faux fur and pleather go on! I grab my golden bag, and my phone. I have a tiny hunt for my keys and then i’m out and leave the house in a huff. (I looked quite glam for the huff, even if i do say so myself.) When i left he was washing up. People tend to go for mundane practical chores, when they need a think or a cool down.
So, now i’m calming down and breathing out and feeling much better. I’m stressed…yes and whenever i get stressed my little belly bulge begins to achey. #notgood. Luckily, i have a random child in a pink tu-tu, Irish jigging next to me, to ease the stress levels. Lol. I have my scan in 6 days, so timeouts are good right now! *Breathe here* Diffuuuuuuuuuse the tick- tick bomby.
Today, should be a good day. We were meant to be putting up the Christmas tree this morning to make up for last night. We haven’t. Plus, today is the day we get our early Christmas pressie from my mum, at around 1pm. Everything should be all exciting and fun, yet because we’re both stubborn enough to refuse to find balance…it’s all going preggo pear shaped. Like i always say, i am feisty ANYWAY. So when hormonal, i’m not a kitten to attempt to challenge.
On a delicious note, my good friend ‘Blond Emma’ has turned another year older and my my what treats she has been given. She now has a new lovely beau in her life, who delights in treating her to lavishly, lovely, luxurious bits of ‘yum yum.’ She’s been gifted with Louboutins (Holy Moly…especially since she received Jimmy Choo boots earlier this year :),) she’s been treated with a New Year Ski Holiday, posh weekends aways, beautiful dinners, romance, and now a trip to the Maldives come February! Wa-woo-wee! It’s fantabulous behaviour and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So Happy Birthday to Ems!
Days turn out in the fashion that you wish them to, so i’ll see how adjusting, winking and that little bit of Wunna charm changes my day to one of glory.
Looking forward to our early Xmas gift!

It’s all about presentation…


I’m having one of those over emotional, have a big comedy cry at everything day’s because i’m hormonal due to pregnancy. I’m still managing to blame my mental swings of emotional mood fests on pregnancy, so i’m exceedingly happy with myself. Yet it really does make you question whether you’re nutty or not? I’m a emotional girl anyway. Sometimes, i’m open about it. Sometimes, i hide it. (God, i’m starting to sound like  Britney Spears lyric.) Well i’m stroppy over the little things, extremely stroppy with the men that i date if i feel an inch of disrespect, i no matter what always always ‘happy- face’ love my little daughter, yet the big things i handle quite well, maybe by smearing them with a buttery splodge of humour, or a mask of hero. Today, i’m weeping at both men, druggies and Jeremy Kyle, followed by then finding myself crying in the middle of a shop (not hysterically, yet only letting tiny ‘Diva’ tears, with a ‘hair-toss’ out at Christmas decorations because i thought they were so pretty. 🙂 ) I mean, Keiran, who’s tried to call me three times today, yet i’ve not felt able to be social, (even though i’m currently in the middle of a very Christmasy and very busy Starbucks, blogging away and tending to brief conversation with the odd person that feels the need to chitter-chatter to me,) has even sent me text to cheer me up reading,

‘I miss you hunni 🙁 It’s Xmas tree making tonight babe. 😉 Yayyy! It will look lovely and Rubes will love it just as much as we do. We will have to wedge mums Xmas present that we get tomorrow, under it. Wahooo. Have you had your pills babe? I love you. I love you mucho and a da mucho. xxxx’

Bless him. Isn’t he sweet. I enjoy the lovely supportive husbandness of the text, that ends with the ‘have you had your pills babe’ mentalist part like i’m a lunatic in slanty eyes and a weave, who needs help badly. Ha! Followed by a ‘i still love you anyway.’ That’s real love. I screamed at him last night, when i lost my mind and went preggo mental. It’s funny now and because he forgave me with humour. (If you’re a girl like me, or a boy like him you need to be able to forgive the other with humour, otherwise you’re both fucked..and not the good kind.) But yeah, i lost my mind, after a beautiful yet exhausting day with my mum, followed by looking after my delicious daughter, whilst everything around me decided to either completely break down, or completely turn off, until i managed to venture out in the night to get it fixed…with my very chipper one year old, who was demanding to be potty trained for most hours of the evening, whilst eating my wrap, when i was starving 🙂 AND all of this whilst i’m 3 months pregnant. Exhausting! I had to light candles because we were in the dark at one point and she looked up at me with a smile, like her life couldn’t be more utterly perfect and said ‘Happy birthday tooo yoooou.’ AWWWWWWW! I’d DIE for Baby Rubes!

Anyway, I lost the plot because when my handsome returned, i told him that i was exhausted and that i couldn’t cope, with all i had to do that evening…and instead of coming out with words of support, in his own exhaustion (he’s been working hard of recent) says, ‘she’s in full time nursery Chrissie,’ like i should be able to cope. I LOST MY MIND AT HIM and called him ‘inconsiderate’ for not realising how emotionally draining being pregnant is, when you have a one year old. I might of called him a ‘bastard’ too. 🙂 And then told him to leave me alone, (like the child that i am)..yet i sort of said it with more adult words and ‘F’ bombs. Then came my usual *storm off,* whilst shouting at him and slamming doors in his face, before going to bed immediately. *Hurrah* (We could give ‘Hollyoaks’ a run for it’s money.)

He immediately wanted to calm me down and show support, or maybe realized that what he said wasn’t right, or didn’t come the way he wanted it too, so he chased after me apologising and offering cuddles. (I like it when men do this, because when i come out of my storm, i forgive them more quickly. If they put up a fight, i reach for my bazooka and start ‘ba-booming’ at them, in order to find victory.) I didn’t cuddle him until half way through  bed time, when my body chose to forgive him and my hormones decided to settle.  Then he had a boner mid-cuddle (boys can never cuddle without an eventual erection) and well he pushed my hand on it. But i ignored it, as i was far to knackered and well…he was dreaming with a boner, so i don’t even know who or what he was dreaming about. If it wasn’t me, then that doesn’t deserve Wunna loving, when i’ve just been grumpy. 🙂

In the morning we made up gently and lovingly, because he was so warm and kind, which i adore. He’s really grown up emotionally now and trying to understand what i’m going through. Before he would’ve barked back annoyingly, yet now he’s proving that he’s ‘man’ and can handle my preggo mental state of whoppdee, like it’s a walk in the park. (I like that.) All he said, was that you have to laugh things like this off, instead of dwelling on them. I’m impressed by that…and maybe need to learn that myself. 🙂

Like i Tweeted last night, you’re supposed to apparently be with someone who will never stay mad at you, can’t bare to go without talking to you and who is completely afraid of losing you. I agree with that utterly. As when you’re in proper love, you’re sort of more forgiving with your ‘forever’ and not neccessarily because you’re weak, but because you believe in them and you believe in your bond with them, to the point where you unconditionally care for them and know that they are worth staying with. (However, this is only if you have found your ‘forever’ and not to be danced along with if your relationship is once sided. You know if that someone is your ‘forever’ because they think you are their ‘forever’ also and some form of strong commitment has been made mutually. This doesn’t mean that those of you in dodgy relationships where your happiness has or is being compromised, should make excuses for a prick of a boy, or a floozy of a girl. I’ve been there and it isn’t fun. Don’t do it if you’re just desperate for love or to be loved also, as it really doesn’t work. You know if your relationship is one sided. You know deep down, even if you pretend you don’t and force it to work. Whenever i’ve been in a situation like that, i’ve always known really…but never ever listened. The good thing about being treated poorly, is that when you’re treated well, you know it! I have lots of relationship knowledge. Like my mum said to one of my ex boyfriends, in regards to then being with me, before a massive argument, ‘i’ve done this 20 times, with 20 different boys! Same problems, different FACE!)

Love is love and you’ll know it’s love, because you’ll feel it and it will flow naturally, like never before. Like when Keiran and I first met and within 5 weeks we were engaged…it may have felt odd to everyone else, but to us it felt right and because we immediately felt like husband and wife, like we had known each other all our life and were meant to be together. We knew that from the start and i didn’t let him play the ‘game of love, simply by putting what i wanted emotionally  straight down on the table, without fear. We’re really happy…no matter what happens, no matter what’s said, no matter what we say and that is what makes us ‘magic.’ We’re sort of growing up together emotionally as life is taking us on this wild path of glitter, that we hadn’t really pre-planned for. (Shit, my chai tea latte run out.) Yet it does help that we’re really similiar because if we weren’t Lord knows what would happen. It certainly makes ‘understanding the other’ much easier.

But on the whole, if you’re struggling to find your true love, just don’t worry about it and make sure you’ve made yourself into the ideal ‘catch’ before winking in with the fishies. Be beautiful. Stand by every word you say. Watch what you’re doing  and look at what you’re wearing. Or even what what you’re not doing, saying or even not wearing. BE YOU and not a weird edited or untrue version of yourself. How you present yourself makes all the difference. I’ve learnt this from experience. Look at my two pictures up above. Same girl. Same feelings. Yet presented two different ways. Make sure you choose the real you, when on initial dates and because only then can you see the real them and shake hands on a fruitful relationship of foreverness. I mean, add your own sparkle to keep it interesting. Play up to your strengths. But don’t throw out a frisbee of yourself that isn’t truly what you represent. I learnt that the hard way. Then be flirty because boys adore to be adored, just as much as girls and they can’t resist you them, as they start thinking with their boners. 😉 When boys flirt with us girls, we expect it, as we’re used to getting hit on everywhere we go. (We smile and roll our eyes before we do our ‘i’m flattered’ giggle. When girls flirt with boys, it massages their ego…and they decide to like you because you’ve made them feel ..’like man.’ Hence why 1 in 3 men cheat. Saying that 1 in 4 women cheat. Yet women cheat because they no longer feel cherished by their man and men usually cheat simply due to opportunity.

But enough of that, as it’s not very Christmasy of me. 🙂 No more more ‘cheat’ talk and more about love, love, lurve.

This Christmas will be the first Christmas that Ruby will actually understand. She knows Santa is coming and she knows to expect presents. This will also be the first Christmas Keiran and I will spend together as husband and wife. Awww…and well we’re both lovers of this particular season, so it’s all very exciting. Tonight we’re putting up the tree to get the festivities a flowing. I’m looking forward to going away for my birthday. The video blogs will be coming up soon, over December and well Keiran and I get our early Xmas pressie from mum tomorrow at 1pm…I wonder what it is??

Anyway, i’m going to go now and cry at more things, as my hormones betray me and send me loop-da-loopy. (My eyes are seriously puffy now, due to the weeing. Weeing? I meant WEEPING!!  Haha. That’s another story. I Literally look like Pippa puffy eyes, which when you’re Asian doesn’t really work. You just look angry and like you’re about to eat peoples domestic pets, if they come any further. But saying that i love being from the orient. Like i say to my chick friends, people PAY for us to be their wives, simply because the foolishly think we’re submissive and slaggy. It’s always the mail order THAI bride, not the Mail order bride from Ossett. No-one’d pay for that. 🙂 )

I really do hope you’re all having a smashing time and well i love reading all your messages.

If you do anything this weekend, keep it sexy. Get ya hair did, or treat yourself to a pamper. Or even pick out a bit of saucy lingerie to shock the life out of your mister. (When i wore my Ann Summers Sailor suit. Keiran went boner bananas, coz my boobs were all ‘boingy bulge’ fest. He bonked me on the sofa like a little kid in a candy store, then as soon as we got up for air, after a satifying  ‘ooh’ and a pat on the back, he looked at my boobs, then threw me on the sofa and bonked me again, because the sailor suit got the better of him.’ They love a bit of ‘ooh laa’ and so should you. Have fun with it. It’s healthy. 😉 )





A quickie by a coffee

Hi, my bits of sexy. I’m currently blogging from the Starbucks at Junction 32 in Castleford, by old people, kiddies, Christmas trees and merriment. I’m with my mum, who has run off to the cash machine for a bit of spendy send spend and well Starbucks is a much better place to blog, than McDonalds. It simply feels like happy families and less like chicken nuggets. *lip gloss here*

Now, i told you that i’m currently on rest to enjoy the Christmas season, my birthday and the early stages of ‘bumpage.’ I’m only really sorting out my new lipgloss line for it’s launch next year. (I’m trying to come up with a name for it and well ‘Kitten’ is so far all the team has managed to conjour up? I am a Kitten. I like being referred to as a ‘kitten,’ yet i want more options and simply because i deserve them. *Wiggle-wink-strut.*) The book, i’m promoting next year. (I even have another one to write for next year too and it’s all about the art of sexy. *What a surprise*) So, other than topless tatty eating. (I tired to find a bra yesterday, with a mouthful of mash potato. Luckily the post man came to my patio door, right after i had managed to find clothes otherwise, he would’ve got the shock of his life, with my current ‘Zulu Warrior’ boobies. (Keiran says i have ‘burger nipples.’ #pregnancyrocks My nipples are now being compared to meat patties by the man of my dreams. I’m sure that doesn’t happen in fairytales? 🙂 Anyhow, i must’ve forgiven him because he got some loving this morning, because i was feeling sexy and well he looked super yummy, all naked and tucked up in my sheets. I’m certainly back, so to see and well burger nipples or not….he’s not complaining. Even though he did try and bargain a ‘blowjob’ out of me, when i asked if we could put the Christmas tree up. Give a man an inch and he’ll always try and tale a mile.)

Other than all that, i’m working on the beauty salon that i’m wanting to open next year. It’s a really complicated move to make for such a glamour puss. Yet I’m hoping it will all work out and i’ll finally be able to frolock in my millions, in heels, nipple tassles, big hair and in victory. I think business is the way forward and simply because former glamour models don’t make money when they’re older, unless they find a new lane of business to totter down. Next year should be a good year. So cocktails crossed! (I’ve just bought mulled wine flavoured posh tea, simply because it made me feel like i was boozing without actually being boozy. The sample girl well to spot me. As soon as she saw the preggo approaching, she immediately forced me to sample her goods.)

I’m really excited for my birthday treat to the forest log cabins again in December. My gorgeous hubby and yummy daughter and i will FINALLY get to hide away from the busy bodies of real life and escape to our retreat, which is a luxury cabin in the woods. Nothing is more perfect to us them simple, calm, hidden away from everything luxury. We’ll be in the woods, bubbling away in our outdoor winter hot tub and kicking back as we celebrate my 32nd birthday and a pre-christmas holiday! We’re both really excited and simply can’t wait and i’m a lucky girl for getting treated to it. I’m DIE in a proper log cabin in the woods, so one of luxury is far more my style. Ruby will adore it.

Lots of exciting things are happening right now and we can’t wait to get our early Christmas present from my mum this year on Saturday. We have no idea what it is, but i’m guessing it’s good, because Santa says i’ve been a delight.

My love life is tremendous. I have the perfect hubby right now, who is filled with nothing but love for me. I’m training my mind not to go insane and finding my place of security. When you’re preggo, you go mentally insane and although fun, it really does a number on you. My bump is starting to show and Ruby is getting fussier. I swear it’s like living the ‘Goldilocks and 3 Bears’ tale with her, but real life, Asian and moany. ‘Mummy, this is too hot. Mummy this is too cold.’ It should actually be called ‘Slanty eyed and with atittude problems.’  Hardly got the same ring to it.

Hope boyfriend season is going well for you. You don’t have long now to snag yourself a Christmas cuddle up. Be kind to one another and make love under tinsel.

Ps/Over Christmas i’ll be doing video blogs….be warned! 🙂

Magic, Forest Cabins and Hand jobs

Good afternoon my pixie picks of sexual. I’m currently at McDonalds using their free WiFi up, due to BT causing me major home internetty problems that won’t get fixed for another week and a bit. The library…although sexy, felt a bit dullsville. So i figured i’d find the only place with free WiFi in Pontefract, which so happened to be McDonalds. I got here at the scrotty student lunch hour.

(This does not include my sexy friend Fran 🙂 )

Now, i love an audience and i’m childish enough to play up to one. Yet for some reasons, a giant MASS load of unwashed student boys or overly made up student girls, all crammed into one burgery joint place, does my little Glamour pussy head in. All i’m saying is, i’d prefer students to be BOUJI and treat all areas of life, like it’s a classy, chandelier cocktail bar, where they might be wearing sequins. The girls with odd round the face foundation marks glared at me. The young boys, did the ‘glare-glare-ooh she looked, lets look away thing,’ and well now they’ve gone, so i can now breathe a little and kick off my kitten heels. (I’d never kick off my kitten heels in a public place. There were nice students too, who didn’t look at me like i was about to steal their boyfriend, over a side of french fries. But on the whole…it’s much better now they’ve gone. *Sips imaginary rum punch, with a sparkler in it.*

I’m just gonna start off and simply to get it out the way, tell you that for the last entire week Keiran and I have been in More Magazine and we didn’t even know. I was literally at the Co-op yesterday, purchasing cough medicine and pills for the snotty nosed members of Wunna land and decided to search for cheap black boots in fashion mags. Picked up a ‘More’ and simply because it’s one of my faves, to ponder once in a while and there we were, wedged between a page of glamourous winter coats, or a ‘buy this razor’ page and the secrets of a ‘lads night out’ page. Yesterday was the last day you could’ve bought one, so since you missed it and since i’m one for a bit of ‘looky look’ here are a couple pics of the article about us, our engagement, and our marriage…in More. (We don’t even know where they found that picture?) This year alone Keiran’s been in More Magazine 3 times and i’ve been in it two, (because i’m apparently ‘Britains most high maintenance girlfriend?’ Hmm..better than being low rent. 😉 *Pass me my faux fur.*)


Okay, so hopefully all you ladies are finding lovers for Christmas and i do mean steady boyfriends, who you can cuddle up two during the cold winter nights, by a fireplace, whilst sipping Baileys on ice and making wishes upon stars? I really don’t want you to settle for ANYONE however, as random Christmas bonking is NEVER fun. It’s all tipsy, tinsel and tears and drunk dialing past ‘fucks’ for attention, when you feel like you’re not get enough. The season is ready for you to get sexy, feel sexy and snag yourself a male or a female, who is WORTH your time in cuddles, who’s maybe going to be there for the long run and who glows with a beauty that you secretly yearn for. Plus it makes present giving really lovely and adds a special sparkle to any stiff drink to Santa Claus the movie. I don’t really think Crimbo is a time for forgiveness. Yet it’s a time for change, love and magic. I place it in my ‘change’ column simply because i have a Dec 19th birthday. Meaning every December my yearly circle begins once more. So much has changed for me and my rather Handsome beau this year that it is almost impossible to put into words. We’ve not only met one another, become engaged after 5 weeks, married 11 months later, changed careers, lived, loved, fought and felt. Been happy, been sad, worked hard, travelled, been parents, done right things, doen wrong things, yet hit the ‘finale’ button filled with true love and absolute correct priorities. We actually ended the year with a new addition to the family, who will hopefully make an appearance around June 2013 and you just can’t get bigger than that.  (I love that our love child was conceived on a giant luxurious four poster bed, at Oulton Hall, in a elegantly huge suite filled with love and popped champagne corks.) I couldn’t be more in love right now and i look back upon the year and feel so completely overwhelmed with love, happiness and random life blessings that i didn’t know i actually deserved. (I always knew i deserved them really. 🙂 That’s the key to getting what you want. I guess, all that has happened is ‘so much’ and that ‘so much’ has been magical, so i couldn’t be more thankful. I’ve embraced the new people in my life, loved hard, welcomed old friends for new fun and cut out new people who didn’t and still don’t deserve to be part of the Wunna glitter.

Last night was a great night of family. I caught up on work related ‘blah blahs,’ i read through my More, i cooked dinner for the troops and served Brandy butter ice cream, with Baileys filled profiteroles for dessert. (A perfectly sexy Christmas pudding. You want to be feeding your ‘eye candy’ perfectly sexy dessert food, to get him going and to make him see you as wife. They adore food and well when you’re just the chick who he does a few shots with, or a pill…then you’re never going to be worth more than a bonk, whenever he feels like it. I’ve been the ‘shot girl,’ the girl who never wanted to be with the ‘party boy’ and the girl who finally got it right and found true love, after accidentally thinking she found it the first time around. I’ve tangoed to the theme of love from every angle and i can honestly tell you that i have never been happier than i am now. Never sell yourself short. Always know you’re worth and kinda always look good. That way they just can’t resist. So when you add a perfectly sexy dessert, a bit of booze and that look in your eye, which screams i’m ‘sexy,’ he’ll be on one knee and asking to marry you in a jiffy. With Keiran, i never felt like i was ever his girlfriend and i always weirdly felt like i was his wife. We just immediately got one like we had known each other for not years, but lifetimes, to the point where we both cut out all the bullshit and just loved. I was brave enough to tell him exactly what i wanted from him and didn’t agree to to anything sexy, shorterm or foolish. However, that’s just MY story. People meet in all kinds of ways and that’s how i know you’ll all find your ‘happy.’

So, like i had said due to a dodgy first trimester in preggo land, i had been feeling rather exhausted and not very sexy. I’d neglected myself and turned my bedroom door to ‘Soo closed for business’ until i find my ‘ooh laa’ again. But i think i’ve found it! I’m now feeling a bit frisky and bit like i can handle a bit of ‘hey hey baby.’ Poor hubs has patiently waited until he could find an opening to  introduce a ‘maybe’ poke. (Jesus that sounded creepy.) Yet last night, early morning, whilst we were tucked up in bed, under our sheets, cuddled up, in the dark, as Ruby laid fast on in her new little Hello Kitty bedroom, i found my sexy and decided to have a quick bally feel up, followed by a willy stroke, followed by a silent wankeroo, followed by an ‘ugh-ugh’ oh yeah-spurt,’ by my chunka hunka. He was one happy man and because although mild…meant i was BACK. Plus, like all men they love to me surprised ‘sexied’ upon don’t they, when they’re half asleep. They enjoy us taking control of them.

His smile said it all and well i felt super dooper sex kitten. I’m not sure how long it’s going to last, but i i’m naturally ‘ooh laa’ so i’m hoping i’m properly back. I thought of all the yummy things i could do to him and then just like that, from the next room to my left came the tiny baby voice of little Rubes, saying ‘Daddy-Daddy-Daddy?’ As she woke up to start her day. Life felt good and certainly still does.

Anyway, i must’ve done something right? (Well maybe not, as i am still sat at McDonalds blogging all this.) But whilst he was on his way to work, (he’s doing a lot of working right now  and i’m doing a lot of preggo resting) he gave me a call and told me to book a 4 day trip away to our forest log cabin retreat of luxury that we go to, as a birthday treat. Hmmm…a bit of nookie must of accidentally done the trick. Like i always say girls, food and sexy stuff gets them everytime. (No really, we WERE  going to go before the hand job. 🙂 )

So now it’s all booked, so for my little birthday of turning 32, which isn’t that long and thanks to my lovely bit of husband, we get to go away on a Christmasy holiday and enough birthday love, in our luxury (with a hot tub might i add) log cabin. This time we’re taking Ruby, so hopefully she’ll adore it. Plus, Keiran needs a rest. He’s knackered.

I really do have to go right now, as this McDonalds blogging marlarky is really tragico.

I love you. Thank you for following my life. Chill now for Christmas and don’t take life too seriously. Enjoy it and get your work head on next year!

Ps, My Mum has bought Keiran and I an early Christmas girft that she’s presenting to  us this Saturday. I wonder what it is??