‘Fr’ is for Friday….

To say that I wasn’t going to be eaten carbs, i’ve surely just enjoyed an entire tray of oven baked chilli new potatoes. Like I always say you can’t win’em all, however as long as you try to, you’ll always reach some sort of victory in life. a few tatties aren’t going to harm me. I hoovered (heelllo domestic goddess) afterwards, meaning i’m sure that cancels chilli potatoes out? If not….ah well. I’ll have a wine to celebrate. *hair-toss-wink*

Had my hubby home for his lunch this afternoon. I loved it and i know it may sound so ‘white picket fence,’ but it’s the little things in life, that we never thought we had, but always wanted, that get us both going. We’ve both worked our entire lives and dated whoever, hoping that they would give us our picture of ‘forever.’ Yet now we have it and by accident. I mean, the two most unlikely people to be able to manage domestic bliss have done it and because we wanted it so badly, underneath a layer of ‘ooh laa.’ The only thing that stresses us out is work, money and wanting to achieve big dreams. The love-family part we now have and i love that he’s not emotionally bitty. He’s very sturdy and strong in the heart department. There was a moment earlier in the year where i thought i might have lost him to broken, bittiness. But he found his inner ‘hero’ and marched forward correctly. There’s nothing less attractive to me than a lost soul, who plays behind a mask of ‘woohoo.’ I can spot people of that sort a mile off and really because i used to be one.

Cupid obviously adored (i mean pitied) me in the end and cut me some slack by sending little Keiran, who was subconsciously searching for the same.Yet saying that, he didn’t eat all his lunch and he always eats all his lunch. He blamed it on having to think so much and feeling glum with work that he didn’t feel was his ultimate destiny. (Like most of us he wants to be a star.) However, surely this must mean there’s another woman who grills chicken better than me, (which wouldn’t surprise anyone really lol) and he’s indulging in her cookery love, during my absence. When you can turn leftovers into infidelity you know you are greatness.

He cuddled me in the kitchen this afternoon and in his baby voice said, ‘I want us to have fun again. I feel like we never get to see each other as much now. I wake up, work, come home, sleep…wake up work, come home, sleep.’ But that’s how life is when you’re trying to make it. I’ve been away whilst he’s been getting home or he’s been gone when i’m here resting at home. Yet, i’m positive about it all because we have a love, a great love and that never ever blends away. He asked me today if i had ever thought that i didn’t want to be with him and i truely never have. I’ve searched my entire life for my dream man..dated all kinds of idiots and i’ve finally found him..Mr.Right and i’m highly appreciative of that. Add Ruby to that delicious equation and we’re the perfect family. We now have a dash of entertainment on our side and pending careers in that field (which is what we love to do) and in my mind we’re on our way to victory. He smiled at me like i’d got the answer right. Then i told him that i had a potentially missing period. Yet i’m not going to wave that banner just yet, as it’s only been a few ‘no bleedy’ days.

I’ve loved my day of rest and i’m seeing it through like a champion. I’m currently watching ‘Real Housewives,,,,’ and enjoying it with a wine. I want more chilli potatoes and an evening of good clean merriment with the bambino and the hubs. I’m looking forward to Xfactor USA tonight and there’s a weird happy *glow* about me today and dollies, i just love it. I feel internally blissful and i swear on my life, it’s the best uppers (joke)…the best feeling ANY little glamour puss could feel, as it radiates a beauty that no other glum diva could ever compete with.

Have a wonderful Friday! (The guy on Jeremy Kyle who keeps rambling on about his girlfriend ‘donkey kicking’ him is cracking me up. What an idiot! That was his reason for beating her whilst she was pregnant. I agree that a figity sleeper is annoying, especially when a ‘donkey kick’ is involved. Lol. But man up and laugh it off, you buffoon. Who RAISES these people!!!??!)

Resting up with ‘ooh laa.’

Oh my God! It felt soooo good to just LAY IN this morning and not have to doll up, rush out, jump in a cab, and whop on a early morning train to London this morning, where i would be sat in my beige faux fur, wedged between the ‘laptop’ men at a table for 4, that really can only feel comfortable when there’s…well…just ME at it. 🙂 My weave and faux fur take up two seats on their own, let alone my ego and then ofcourse my booty. (Which isn’t really big, due to obvious Asian roots. I have a little bum that now just looks like it fell a little.)

I peacefully laid wrapped inbetween my chocolate sheets, with my Baby Ruby laid right by me, fast asleep, with her sleep ‘rave’ arms ‘yippeeing’ dream land. I’m loving every inch of being my mummy. I’m not gonna lie, i’ve always found it hard because i’ve always had so much going on (and to all new mums that’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s not easy at all. The love part is..yes. But the madness of raising a ‘baby-baby-wee-one’ correctly is can be stressful.)  However, now i’m finding it  so much easier and well having a loving, chatty bit of fruit loin,who is currently the happiest baby in all the land (she giggles at the most random things that make no sense to anyone but her, like a drunk, but cuter and far less…elderly.) Along with my folks, with a handsome dollop of Keiran, Ruby is the most satisfying thing my world could’ve ever given me. When i look at her, i feel whole and that wholeness is the one feeling that keeps every moment of my life alive with a juicy squeeze of all things positive.

Anyhow, even though i say ‘lay in’ i was awake by around 6.30am. Keiran’s been sleeping on the sofa, because Ruby’s decided to kick him out of bed. (She’s learning early.)  I pricked open one little asian eye this morning and there he was, standing over us, just watching us sleep. I’m a light sleepy. I can always feel someone in the room. He sat down and smothered me in lovely cuddles and kisses and wished me a good day. (He as early morning work right now. I have early morning, travel far- work, where i’m constantly trying to not be knackered and with too much eyeliner on, over the knee socks and tan. I Tweeted yesterday that i felt like a bouji gypsy. Over the last two days life has been travel, travel, wait, wait, travel, run, rush, travel, film, meeting, wait, wait, travel, re-gloss, wine…travel.) I only like the wine part of that little predicament. I don’t even love the re-gloss part. It’s the WAITING. It ruins everything and sucks the life out of you. Kills your soul..makes you have to sit near stag do’s at train stations. #awful

Okay, so Wednesday I was filming and filming with a lovely bunch of girls who i’ve gotten to know quite well over the months. I’m close to some more than others, but on the whole.. get on with them all…like we don’t see each other enough to really fight with one another. I was on a train by 8.27am, which was a 7.30am taxi ride, which was a 6.30am shower, groom prep time..and a very wonderful (because i am grateful for all that i’m doing) yet loooong day.) It gets really long.

Once i’m there i’m loving it, but the getting there and the having to get back is heartbreaking. I wore an outfit that Keiran loved, but was quite obviously just me trying to hold onto my youth. It was all woolly little skirt, knee high shoes, wedges and tight jumper with a wiggle and diamantes. I rocked it like a champion though and well i actually feel like a lot was achieved that day. (Again, can’t tell you anything about it, but yeah…anytime you look up and you see people applauding you’re accidental genius, you kinda just have to go with it and celebrate. 🙂 Loved it.) I hate far too many carbs that day and was not only told by the dearest darling Fran thst she is now a cheerleader, but found that my blond friend Kim, (who you can’t help but adore) thinks that ‘the internet’ is a country. 🙂 (‘Yeah, but is he from the UK Kim?/ Nooo…babe…he’s from the internet!!!’)

Wednesday was great. I feel so well looked after and when you’re looked after well, you perform better, be it at work, in a relationship or just internally within yourself. You can spot a broken person a mile off and it’s always because they haven’t been handled with the good old bouji kitten gloves. This year has been a great year for me. Saying that i did end up in the end taking 6 taxi rides, 2 tubes, 4 trains and having to make my legs totter that day, which wasn’t fun. Especially, because when i got in my usually lovely hubby was evil to me, by refusing to smooch me. That night, i went to bed early. But to be honest, i needed it.

I was up at 5am the next morning, grooming, tanning and getting ready to get travel to Doncaster for another early morning train to London, to meet with my new agent. I missed my train. Got on the next. Rested all the way there and read all about Justin Lee Collins in the Metro. I mean, what a weirdo. What a broken, insecure man. If you don’t know what he did, he slapped, spat on and shoved his girlfriend around their home, whilst calling her names, like ‘slag, whore and tramp,’ and then threatened to not only really beat her, but also kill her if she said anything to anyone. Who raised that man? He’s meant to be a happy, go lucky, comedian. Not another insecure male, who needs to feel powerful. The good thing is that he’s in court for it now and well that a big ‘bye-bye’ to his popularity. I don’t know why men find it so hard to treat women correctly. Acts like that simply show us women how much stronger we are than men and how internally weak they actually are. They are the most insecure species going. (Not all of you, as obviously the decent ones of you don’t slap on, spit on and shove their women. The one they’ve actually chosen to love. The good guys are the guys that matter. 🙂 ) He also made her write out every single one of her past sexual experiences, so he could hear it, see it and then beat her, whilst calling her names AND he used to make her sleep facing him and if she fell asleep before him he would see red and turn on her again. I actually cried on the train whilst reading it. It made me that sad.  I don’t know what happened, but my whole entire body just filled up with emotion. Then i checked on Twitter and saw all the hate mail he was getting and it made me feel better and simply because the good citizens of the world were fighting their case on how decent men should behave.

Anyway, away from all that…arrived in London, it was a sunny, happy day. I had an easy journey, i good journey and got to my meeting 10 minutes early as i *buzzed* into the building and tottered up a few flights of stairs to see the agents.

It was all done and dusted. Loved it, loved them. Bantered a lot about reality tv  stars, added a bit of wit, a bit of ‘ooh’ and bit of ‘aaah.’ Pouted for a camera and after half an hour, an exchange of details, money a giant book, i left with my faux fur and a smile, and tottered back to Kings Cross, where i sushied, had a wine and waited for two hours until my 13.48 train decided to arrive.

Great journey home because my train was empty AND i met an elf. (Well a girl who has elfism. She was the tiniest little thing i had ever seen, but there was so much love in her eyes. Her mum cuddled and fawned over her and i watched, waved and giggled with her, as i train charged my mobile. (It’s rubbish right now and dies whenever it can.)

Arrived in Doncaster, had a sneaky champagne (baby sized, tucked in my hand bag,) my lovely mum picked me up from the station and then we immeidately went to do the nursery run, as my little asian heart ACHED for Baby Ruby all day!! I loved seeing her.

Today, i’m resting, recouping and needing a massage. I’m in the mood for a date night, or a a good clean-fun, family dinner. I’m working online, and going to enjoy my weekend thoroughly. I need my weave tightening. i need my nails doing. I’m loving married life and i watched the USA Xfactor last night, with Keiran on the sofa, with my baby sized champagne. I adore Britney Spears. I always have, even when she went through that crazy bald stage.

I’m hungry now, so i’m gonna have to dolly off and try and find some food to cook up for a bit of lunchy-lunchy. My arms hurt from typing even. UGH! And i’m trying to keep healthy. when you get old the resting part of life becomes really important. I’m loving how stable life is right now. I have a wonderful husband and perfect daughter. When you have that, it makes work more of a pleasure, because what you come home to is ‘worth it.’ Even though iwe’re not in the place where we wish to be, we’re really happy and grateful for what we do have. We’re getting there and working hard on it all.

Love you, See you, Wiggles x

ps, I’m not quite sure where my period has gone, but i’m sure it’s on it’s way shortly. I have seemed to have lost it somewhere, which is mighty unfortunate because really having a period during the month is a must, as it’s the only excuse we women have for our awful behaviour before it comes. Now, i just look like i’m awful. When really, i swear…it was my period. Maybe, it’s squashed in the gritty part of my sofa, with a few 10p’s and biscuit crumbs? I’ll go have a look….


The Hunter… The Chase & a Random Faux Fur

MORNING, you lovely pieces of ‘Hello it’s Tuesday!’ I’m in a really good mood today because i’m finally well rested, feeling appropriately adored, enjoyed a morning love note on the oven (i enjoy that it was placed upon an oven, sort of romantic and hilariously chauvanistic all at the same time) and well so far, all is going well. I’m not letting the delicious British weather get to me today and simply because i’ve found the whole ‘if you can’t beat it, join it’ phrase, that must have been buried somewhere deep down in my glitzy, sarcastic, hot heart, in my pocket. When you find a good phrase to cling on to…you MUST. It’s the only way to positively move forward in sequins, otherwise you’re just a misery and miserable people are only funny when they’re falling on ice, or skidding on banana peels to clown music.

Lots going on work wise, but before i get into all that, i will tell you that i’ve had to spend my rather glamourous morning CHASING my one year old ‘loin fruit’ (who i can’t help but adore more than life itself) around the living room, under a chandelier, with a bowed headband. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not FORCING a bowed headband on my child. I force picture taking on her, but not headband wearing. She loves a bit of a bow. HOWEVER, unfortunately for me, Ruby…(who also stood on a chair, pretended it was a podium and forced ME to applaud for her, whilst she wiggled her bum and did victory arms…:) you can tell she is the product of a Wunna,) just loves being CHASED.

Now this brings on all sorts of life questions to my kitten like mind of ‘trying to figure out life.’ Why do us Ladies, ADORE to be chased? Be us simply ONE years of age, or 31 years of age…we like a bit of ‘run after me’ to prove your love, don’t we? Maybe it’s because of the whole ‘Men are hunters’ theory and we are they’re prey. (Oooh even typing that sends a tingle down my old aged  spine.*Giggles.*) But we do, don’t we. Girls love to be chased. Yet weirdly only by people or as we get older MEN, that we like, because as soon as we don’t like them and they attempt to chase us madly (they do because they enjoy the HUNT) we turn around and publicly tell everyone that they’re a ‘stalker.’ Lol. AND we quite rudely do it in a boasty fashion of ‘oh look, we’re so desired, but we don’t at all like him’ fashion…before we hair toss and strut into the distance giggling with our chastity belt in tact, before jumping into desperate flirtation with the hunk that we do love, who probably doesn’t love us back, because he wants to bonk the town model.

However, when we do refer to the gents as ‘stalkers’ (and i never do, as i’ve lived both sides, where i have been chased and chased foolishly…remember that time i passed out in tequila in a Hollywood car park,) it then makes our male suitors feel all insecure in their hunting abilities, framing them with a sense of fear about future chasing.

I always said i would have to marry the strongest man alive…and i did, as what i adore about ‘Handsome Keiran’ is the fact that nothing can get that boy down. If he wants something, no matter how hard you shoot him down, he’ll get it. You could bonk him with a foam mallet and he’ll get back up and re-begin his chase, I thoroughly love being wooed by him. We’re living our perfect fairytale of love and well i never actually did much of the running away, as on our first date i told him that i wanted him to be my boyfriend and commit fully. I know a good thing when i see it and i knew right away. He liked that and went with it. Confidence in women is hot and a girl telling a boy what to do is even more delicious. Not the ‘bossy’ part, but the ‘knowing what she wants’ part and the settling for nothing less. I mean, he used to go out and bonk chicks all the time and because it was so easy for him. Not with me…there was certainly an ‘you need to impress me first’ few weeks. It turned him on and made him see me as a wife and not a Westgate shag. (And i’m certainly not that….YUCKY!) Now, i get him sitting around my house in nothing but his pants, eating chicken and telling me that i’m beautiful! Turning your arm candy into ‘husband’ is amazing. Play by your own rules, but always keep it true to what you actually want and not what you think THEY WANT.

But yes, it’s all about the men being the hunter and the women giving them the chase and to me, that’s sexy, because there’s far too many girls, giving it to them far too easily, which makes them lazy. We’re meant to be shaping the men of the future ladies. They will treat you how to make them treat you, because they’re not dumb, they are correctly tuned to hunt women and appropriately adjust their wires to get what they want. So enjoy it! Be wined, dined and don’t feel bad for it. All women are meant to be treated with a touch of ‘Princess’ and in return it makes us happy. When we’re happy…we’re the best girlfriends and wives ever.

I rambled on a bit them….but yeah, Ruby finally stopped running and i managed to get the headband on her, for her nursery run. (I can’t actually believe how well Ruby is doing right now. She’s very chatty and very confidence and social all in one. Plus, i have all these baby modelling agencies in London, dying to represent her and get her on their books and working for these crazy campaigns, like ‘Toys R Us’ SMA, H & M…’ it’s insane. It kinda puzzles me because half of me is like, wait..she’s one??? Then the other half of me, is do i let her do it for fun and make herself a bit of money for her future. It’s a difficult one. Especially, because she has Doctor grandparents who would love a little brainiac of a grandaughter. Even though it’s all up to her and the point is that when she’s older she chooses what she loves and decides her own path in life. When she’s one and being given all these opportunites that maybe some others may give anything for, it’s kinda silly to sort of shun them. When i was one, ain’t nobody wanted to sign my sorry arse. 🙂 But for right now…nursery is all she’s concentrating on and it is currently kitty cat perfect.

Right, so tomorrow i’m travelling to London, early in the morning for filming, I’m getting ready for that and excited about it and then i’m back home that evening to play mummy and wifey, only to travel back Thursday at 7am to train it back to Kings Cross to me my new agent. (I love that their agency ‘you’re on hold’ music is ‘I’m to sexy’ by Right said Fred. 🙂 I’m in good hands.)

Life is weirdly going just the way i’ve always wanted it to, for every member of our family really. Keirans’ doing really well. I’m booking things that i would never have had the chance to go out on before. Ruby is being scouted. So it seems that no matter what we try and do, entertainment is following US and telling us to play along with it. Keiran and I have only known each other for 12 months and the thing we’ve achieved in that time is insane and i don’t just mean work, (as that is tremendous regardless,) but we’ve managed to even fit a wedding into that, raise a baby and money for charity. We’ve never been closer and because we now have a mission and you need to be a team to make a mission work. It’s fate. He laid on the sofa last night, half naked and said, ‘I wonder why we were brought together?’ Lord knows what our future has in store for us, but we just know it’s wonderful. I feel lucky and really blessed.

I can’t remember what I was going to say now? But i’m super happy, the work is piling in, I’m finally on my way to actually being a success (i’ve noticed that when i actually work hard, the results are pretty fantastic. I must remember that for future reference. 🙂 ) I haven’t had as much wine, which i’m quite disappointed with, due to my early nights and London travelling. But on the whole i’m love being me and i’m celebrating every inch of life right now. I’m no longer treading water in the pool of sequins and now stroking forward with my boobs tucked in and my eyes still a winking.

Have an amazing Tuesday! Odd day of the week really.

Just like old times and simply because it’s Autumn. (You can tell i’m a proper Brit now, as i’m not longer calling it ‘fall.’)  My Wunna faux fur, high heel and cocktail picks for the day are as below.

Mix it, match it and make it work…with diamantes, a martini and a cheeky wink of happy.


Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Woke up this morning to the gorgeous eyes of my tiny Baby Ruby glaring straight at me, all pure and innocent, dipped in a mist of ‘old soul.’ She then smiled at me, like she was so happy to be alive and doing life right by my side. It’s the most gratifying feeling in this entire world and because you can box it under ‘love’ and send it into history with a magical whirlwind of wholeness. I cannot believe that i’ve managed to breed the most adorable little girl. It set my whole morning to ‘rosy tinted.’ Then i looked out the window, realized it was raining and when you’re a kitty cat that is completely and utterly solar powered, you suddenly shrink back to ‘normal sized.’ Everyone has an alternate sense of what ‘normal size’ is, so you can make that bit up yourselves and simply because i’m far too lazy today (due to the down pour) to explain it. It has not STOPPED drizzling ALL DAY. I’m not quite sure how we as The Brits manage to survive such conditions…but we do and that’s what makes us ‘GREAT?’ Poor Keiran had to be up at 5.15am for work and head out to face the world by 6am. I laid in bed snuggling my little girl, who enjoyed every moment of pulling my eyelashes off, that i had forgotten that i slept in. Then, i reached for my pink polka dot bra, middle fingered my plans for the day and got on with the day with a gallop. (I never go out in the rain. I’m of an exotic genetic makeup. I like the tropics and weather that doesn’t make my tan run and my weave look bi-polar. Some may call that ‘DIVA’ and i am a DIVA of sorts. However, i’m a loving, likeable, giggle of ‘Divaliciousness’ and even so, the cold with grump me out no matter what. 🙂

Okay right, back to business. There is actually a lot going on in Wunna Land right now. I’ve done a lot online today and an interview. I have a filming day on Wednesday and then another trip down to London Thursday morning to meet with the agent, to plan my next steps forward. Keiran’s meant to me going to that also, however due to his work commitments, he just can’t schedule life around to making it. I feel bad for him at times, because he works really hard and wants to do so well in life. We both do and it’s admirable. I don’t think i’ve ever dated a boy who works as hard as him? Yet it’s refreshing as I grew up in a family of workaholics, meaning that to me, it’s all first nature. He has just popped home for some lunch. He’s a man to certainly enjoy having a wife. I mean i might shrink all his and Ruby’s clothes and make poor attempts at dinner making, but to him it’s bliss. He LOVES my cooking. 🙂 So, today he travelled home for a quick steak and a surprise ‘bonk.’ We haven’t managed to fit in the time to have a god old bonky pants of recent and because we’ve been so busy, or stressed, or trying to plan our futures, mixed in with overactive minds. Therefore, when he politely asked (like men do…they never directly ask, they sort of mention it jokingly hoping you’ll agree.) I nodded, giggled and within seconds he ripped off every inch of his clothing, as did I and lovingly bonked me on the corner sofa. It was cute. His phone rang, just before he got to get to the bonking and you should’ve seen his face, he was all ‘UGH! GOD! WHO IS THAT!!!??!!’ Then he reminded me that we hadn’t had sex in a week or so this moment was more than a happy treat of ‘ooh laa.’ It was much much NEEDED and i could tell! 🙂

Good sex occured. And it’s because I truly love my handsome, so it makes it all the more delicious. You need that connection to have a solid rumpalump. Plus, i adore that afterward, he sat back on the sofa, with a sense of satisfaction and said ‘i love that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together. I mean we’re gonna be fifty and still looking at each other like this.’ I have a man who adores being my husband and it feels really wonderful. He even then Tweeted his adoration for his little glamourous wifey, However, now that i’ve thought about it, remember how i told you that i had had the most romantic week of loving gestures from my lovely little Keiran. I had momentarily forgotten that we hadn’t had sex in the last week….No WONDER i was getting flowers, love letters and everything in between. He was trying to woo me back into the sheets! Lmao. Boys will be boys…and well…i LOVE IT.

I’m still gazing out the window and trying to blame my laziness on the rain. It’s still drizzling..so i’m having a ginger beer. I’d prefer a wine, but i’ve run out and can’t go to the shop to get any. Plus, yesterday i went shopping to buy little Autumn outfits to prance around in over the next week. However, i went with little woolly mini skirts, low cut cardies and over the knee sock choices. I like to keep it girl next door, kind of sexy ‘bunny’ cheeky OR i’m quite partial to the over the top, faux fur, diamante glam, look. I only do those two choices in Autumn. BUT THEY DON’T WORK IN THE RAIN. I mean, there was even a part of the day where i thought i might have to spend a few moments on a sunbed, just to pretend i was in a ‘warm place,’ filled with dry ‘not rainy’ adventure. Instead, i had midget gems. That’s the highlight of my day. I just can’t function without the luxury of dry, happy, weather.

I’m trying to tell you everything that’s going on, but there’s so much, that i don’t even know where to begin and half of it i’m not allowed to speak about, as of yet. It’s really annoying i know and it’s even more annoying when you have to control your words, which you are usually able to voice so utterly freely and in a push up bra. However, you will all see shortly and i expect a massive round of applause. (I was meant to upload an audio bite today, to audition for the commercial of a cosmetics line. But my uploading thingy kept deciding not to work on me and with the word ‘ERROR’ and ‘in red font’ all over my laptop screen, i gave in with an ‘ah well.’ You get what you’re supposed to get and you don’t what you don’t. I have plenty going on right now…so i’ll let that one slide. (I’m excited to see the new agent on Thursday for a chitter chatter.)

Just before i go and shrink more things in a tumble dryer, with a ginger beer and a side of emails to production companies….please do take a looky at this…


It’s little Baby Ruby in The Sun Newspaper’s Baby ‘Sunbeams’ competition, where they find the cutest baby in the nation. Bless her. I adore my little bundle of ‘glitzy.’ How cute!



And we finally step it up….

Happy Saturday you little dollops of yum-fest! Nothing ended my Friday work week better than a ‘good news’ phone call from @RussArkinstall, whilst i was sat with my Crabbies ginger beer and big hair do, on my corner sofa, by a pair of fluffy slippers and a  budget chandelier.

It’s always great to be the bringer of ‘good news.’ It’s a feel good job, that sets you alight with an ‘oooh,’ then an ‘awwww.’ I’m quite excitable anyway. Never fake excitable, because I hate it when chicks are all pretend screamy with joy, like some of them were in the BBF house. If you’re genuinely happy. Shriek for England. But if not…don’t pretend and mainly because you’ll look like a twit. (I mean twat. 🙂 *Wiggle-wink.*)

I watched my phone ring, picked up my phone, got delivered good news and jumped for merry joy. I did do a *shriek,* however i immediately apologised, as i claimed it was unsuitable behaviour for a Friday ‘need to get out of the office’ o’clock. Poor Russ hadn’t begun his weekend yet, so i’m sure the last think he would want to hear is a happy, shrieky, ‘on her weekend’ Glamour Puss. But whatever…i love good news and he loved giving it to me.

As always, the good news wasn’t just for me, but was directed at my yummy bit of hubby also. It seems we’re certainly coming as a team (so to speak ;)) right now and well what a glorious team we make! So i called him immediately, got to deliver the news myself (which i always adore, there’s not a person in this entire world that doesn’t enjoy passing on merriment.) He was actually in a giant van driving by a roundabout or something? I was only half listening. I just like to get the good news out, here him happy, then hang up. I’m impatient. 🙂

But yes, as predicted Handsome Keiran JUMPED for JOY and I do mean ‘actually happy’ captial ‘J’-joy, the kind that comes from a juicy bit of your heart and with a giant, macho ‘GET IN,’ he put his foot down and rushed back home to celebrate. (When i say celebrate, i mean just nap. The last couple weeks have been busy with work, travel and the art of determination. Entertainment is a lot more exhausting that anyone thinks.)

Yesterday was great and mainly great because we could finally *sigh* with an honest satisfaction and high five The Gods on the next rung up the ladder. We’ve worked really hard to make our dreams come true, extremely hard over the last couple weeks and bizarrely one by one, we seem to be turning the victory cards over and cheering. This all occured after a loss. A big loss that made us more determined to succeed and find a way to make it all work. Like i’ve always said, it’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how quickly you can recover from it, flip it and make life work for you. We’re two very sexy 🙂 and very strong minds and as individuals we’re unstoppable, yet as the hubby-wife tag team we are divine….(even IN clothes. 😉 ) *Have a booty dance here*

So, we finally got signed and to a team and agency that i believe are excellent for us. They’re talented, they’re savvy, they’re happy and they know what they’re doing. I have a career that needs a shake, shove and a glitter spray of *boom.* Keiran is beginning his road into entertainment. We’re both doing really well and we’re doing it at speed. Now, i feel like that we have the right help and i’m a tremendous believer in help. The more talented hard working heads you have on your side, all aiming for the same result, the better!

I mean, you can succeed to a certain point on your own, but to get that step further you really do need to have a team of people working alongside you who are great at what they do, know what to do and can bundle together that extra bit of expertise that i often call ‘magic’ to get  everyone to where they want to be in life. Doesn’t matter what business you’re in. A business is the same. Work with great minds and aggressive go getters and you will always do well. I believe in them, they believe in me. They love us both as individual talents and as a couple and we’re really thankful for their help. I mean poor Keiran has pounded the London pavement, knocking on every door possible in order to find the right fit. We spent time, money, effort and all sorts to try and move forward. Yet due to an random email, a ‘yes’ and us then travelling from Yorkshire to wait  in a corridor, with confidence, heart and our fingers crossed, on Edgeware Rd, last Wednesday morning, with a stream of other lovely hopefuls, we finally managed to do it. THANK GOD!

As long as you know you’re good a what you do and you have the heart to go our there and get it, you’ll be fine. But you have to put in the effort. We’re happy people and when you are happy, you are so much more whole than you realize. If we’ve done anything we’ve used our time wisely. I’ve always told Keiran this from the beginning and the importance of it. He never use to believe me at first, but now dolls, he does and simply because we now have a result from it.

Anyway, we’re going to enjoy our weekend. (He’s just woke up. I’m with Ruby watching weird telly Princess dancing.) Life is good. We have a busy next week. I’m filming and have a few meetings…a few London trips. We also have to both go into our new agency to discuss the path we’re gonna take career-wise. I’m resting over the weekend. I need rest now i’m an old bird. He’s working tomorrow. He’s actually going to be in Debenhams tomorrow in Leeds, promoting the new Lady Gaga fragrance, half naked and in leather pants. (So get down there girls for a piccie.) That’s TOMORROW.

I’m off for a cuppa, so happy Saturday darlings. I love you more than ever.


Grooming glamourously and that little bit of abuse

So, i’ve managed to find time to groom today. I miss my ‘grooming’ time. I had a life before that granted me hours and hours of mirror time and well after baby making, married life, work, travel and all sorts ‘da-daaaa’ into my life, i’ve not found the correct amount of ‘tick-tock’ to beautify. Today, i had that and it felt divine.

I extra longed a warm delicious shower, flicked my hair, tanned, pouted, eye lined and everything in between. I felt a million dollars and even though the Yorkshire weather was nothing more than a down pour.

Unfortunately, i then realized that i had run out of milk. Devastating news, as it’s always the biggest bummer to run out of anything that you immediately need. Be it milk, love, time or vino. So i bundled on my faux fur, placed in my square diamante clusters and with a deep breath, edged out of my patio doors and into the drizzle…to Spar. (Where i smashed cider yesterday.)

There i was feeling all youthful and delicious, then just as i turn the corner and dolly totter a few steps forward, i get called a ‘Chink winky,’ 🙂 (I shouldn’t laugh) but a teenage girl, teamed with another teenage girl, who both decided to adorn matching purple hair streaks today. You can’t win’em all. But you certainly can win what matters.

I stopped, looked and smiled. Abuse is always fine, when you’re on your way to buy wine..i mean milk. 🙂 Plus, it always makes you feel better when you take a quick glance at your mouthy teenage bit of ‘rah-rah’ and realize that they had co-ordinated a grey and black Adidas hoodie, with white joggers…the ones with the red stripes down each leg. Now, i’m one who celebrated all people, from all walks of life, however you really can’t go around calling ‘The Divine’ names if you have chosen to mis-match your outfit and THEN put a faded purple streak in your hair, whilst sat on a wall. Plus, everyone knows, if you’re going to wear joggers, you really must do heels with it 🙂 and if you’re going to sit on a wall and abuse people on  Friday afternoon, you really should be in a corset, lovingly perched with a kitten wiggle and a flirty kind eye. The only way to get away with name calling is to be charming with it. 🙂 Big hair, big lashes, big posh mouth, is the only way it works. You can’t mis-match and gob off, then expect joyous applause, to the sound of victory.  I saw them on my way back and they had failed to move on from the wall space and had now decided to hit on construction men.

I tottered forward, confidently with a smirk and two plastic bags filled with ‘i might cook this stuff tonight’ goods. The construction men hooted and hollered at me.The girls felt bad about themselves and sheepishly wall sat uncomfortably. (Should’ve done heels with the joggers. 🙂 ) I once again looked and smiled…. and the gobby, teenage, mis-match said NOTHING. In fact, she  tried to smile back. That’s not how to win alliances. Lol. Be good to the people on your walk way, as they might one day have something (even if it’s only the attention of bizarre construction men) that you may need or wish you had. *Boom* My wine and I are fine…as are the steaks i bought. I can’t believe i got called a Chinese Teletubby today. So much for extra time grooming! 🙂

Aside from all that romance is filling Wunna Land. In the last week my delicious hubby, from the kindness of his heart has gifted me with surprise flowers, a ‘Thank you for loving me’ card and then this morning (because he had to set off early to work, somewhere in London) he had wrote a love letter, a quick one before he left and placed it upon the living room floor by a shoe, for me to find, as i bundled Ruby up for the nursery run.


It’s just nice to feel adored and romanced when you’re a girl and even though i’ve always dreamt of a boy romancing me, I never ever thought i would find such a man, due to the way the other boys i’ve dated have poorly performed. I don’t think i have dated a boy who has been this great to me romantically and well sometimes it’s all any glamour puss needs, in order to let her confidence and inner beauty glow. Men! You will get more out of your lady if you treat her with love, respect, then dazzle it with romance. I know a lot of boys are really embarrassed to show how romantic they are and i find that weird because surely they know we women adore it. It really does depend upon the maturity of the man and how emotionally secure he feels with the girl he is with. I’m sure Keiran’s gone through mass dickhead phases with women. Yet, i’m just happy that with me…he’s a heart throb. Good timing. Right love match. Fate.

I’m feeling really good today and because i’ve managed to have a rest. I was getting all stressed and narky because the need to succeed was getting the better of me. It was pounding and mushing up my mind and causing all sorts of mayhem. So tonight i’m simply going to enjoy family time and be excited by my gorgeous little Ruby, (who is surprising me a how chatty she is now.) Keiran asked her who she saw at nursery today and her reply was ‘BOYS!’ 🙂 We don’t even know where she got that from. But i adore her. She’s certainly a clever little box of tricks. Plus, i’m also going to enjoy hubby/wifey time. Over the last week we’ve been so busy that we haven’t had time for a proper snuggle, or even a one on one, on the sofa.

Life is always as god as you make and as charming as you see it. Don’t be fooled by other peoples drama. Simply enjoy what you have, it’s the only way you will ever grow to be a success.

Thank you for following my life.

Happy Fricking FRIDAY Dollies.

Look how cute Baby Ruby is on this link: (I enjoy her folded neck and they also spelt her name wrong. But ah well. Like I said, you can’t win’em all. 🙂 )



That one good thing….

I am literally the clumsiest Glamour puss ALIVE. Most kittens of my sort, who probably glide into a tight area of marlarky, adjust their ‘Miss.World’ type tiara, pout a little, add a hair-toss and in slow motion seductively saunter around their local Spar, gently piecing together their last minute grocery list, with precision, style of ‘ooh laa.’

I….walked into a FRIDGE. Yep, in my haze from all my recent travel, armed with an abundance of not quite balanced hormones, bundled in with a smile. A smile….how foolish of me. Then almost seconds after being politely greeted by the staff with an ‘oooh i haven’t seen you in a long time,’  I WALKEDINTO A GIANT FRIDGE, the ones that they have all the bottle boozed shelved perfectly placed for your attention and purchase. Not only that, but as i did, one green bottle (sounds like a creepy nursery rhyme, but mine ends in diaster) wibbled a little, with a sense of it’s own drunkardness and ofcourse before you know it, it taps into the next, which hits into the one following, that slides, into it’s beautiful cidery next door neighbour, causing the final green bottle in line to fall onto the beautifully lit floor, making all the other bottles upon it’s journey downward follow suit.

They all smashed.



Then there i was, with a handful of salad. During the diaster, i had managed to do my entire afternoon shop within seconds and simply because i’m firstly rude, hate shopping for food and well believe once a good thing is failing, you just have to let it happen and watch. You will always look like a buffoon if you attempt to save the failing diaster, whilst it’s happening. I knew i couldn’t save the cider. No-one can save the cider. I don’t even drink cider. So, i watched them perform their magically smashy drop, looked at the cashier and apologised.

Infact, i don’t even remember if i did apologise now???  I sort of felt embarrassed and was scared she was going to make me pay for it all, so i didn’t want to seem guilty. 🙂 I mean, the last time i saw her, i dropped an ‘Lloyd Grossman’s’ curry jar on the floor.Thai flavoured.  (I really do need more hands.) She found it funny that time. However, today, she didn’t do that smile at me, to make me feel all safe and secure with the accident. She sort of calmly dealt with the problem and said that it ‘stank.’ Lol.

I got out of there as soon as possible, as my face couldn’t take it out of utter shame and well i’m still half exhausted from back and forthing to London. But, i really do need to be less clumsy. I hate dropping things that smash in public places.   However, saying that, at least i did with panache and brought a little excitement to the store for the afternoon.

Anyway, i’ve tried to chillax today. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but i’m moody, tired, but on the whole happy.

On Tuesday, Keiran and i tinkered down to London to check into a hotel and rest up for a big meeting we had at an agency in the morning. We had a really good time al the way there, filled with love, romance, banter and giggles. We’ve really got to our comfortable level with one another now…like we do these silly little baby play talking games that literally NO-ONE would ever imagine happening. We’re just in a happy phase of the next chapter, which is all about success and achieving it. Along with the happy baby talk, wise were planning our future the best way we knew how and luckily a fantastic gent named ‘Gus’ decided to earwig in on our loud train convo, (we never know we’re being that loud) and well he just so happened to be a business developer, thought our idea was interesting and decided to help. We sort of had a business seminar…but on reserved train seats at 2 separate tables., from Wakefield to Kings Cross. I adore people who are great at their jobs and well he sure as hell helped. (i had wine the entire way through it.)

However, away from the business side of it all, whilst waiting a Platform 1, Wakefield Westgate station, in my giant beige faux fur and overnight bag. My darling husband assured me that when i got on the train i would be ‘over the moony’ happy. I replied with an ‘Yeah, i know, i’l have wine.’ He said nothing…but then smiled. Then i made fun of his ‘Team Leading’ skills. (Sensitive boy, don’t make fun of him.)

I get on the train, we’re all comfy at our table and all free, because we put our bags on the seats next to us, so no-one could sit there. 🙂 Keiran unzips his overnight bag and tells me to have a little peeky. I immediately see a card, but i have a rummage anyway. Part of the art of romance is to keep it fun and fairytale. Play with it. Embrace it.

I pull out a long white envelope reading ‘Mrs Thompson’  in his squiggly writing, covered in kisses and as i peeled it open, i found that it was a ‘THANK YOU’ CARD…and my dollies, this is what it said,

‘To my beautiful wife, Mrs. Thompson,

Thank you for being you and so loving. I love you with all my heart and I think I need to thank Cupid for having our paths pass 🙂


Keiran x’

Awww!!! I kissed him and cuddled him and shriked with girly delight. then i displayed it for everyone to se upon our table. (I’m a show off…i can’t help it.) Then i did what any kitten would do when receiving such a bit of romance. I TWEETED IT. Photographed it. Tried to put it on my Facebook and boasted. 🙂 It’s half to make sure everyone knows i have the most loving hubby ever, underlining the fact that romance IS still alive and that YOU REALLY CAN FIND IT (Emily!!!!) And also…just to be boasty. Why not!¬ I love it! Plus, Keiran loves a bit of boasty in me.

I’m really lucky an di can’t even believe how thoughtful he is. What an amazing husband! How did i get so lucky? I’ve dated some right knobs in my past. Thank GOD Cupid sent me a lifeline. I mean, ffs…girls HANG IN THERE. You WILL find your HERO, even if you think he’s nowhere to be found.

I was happy with him from that point on. The sun was out. We got excited about life. We arrived in London and got in a taxi to the hotel, where we dined, cuddled, rested, gossiped, kissed, worked and watched a bit of telly, naked in bed. No sexy time happened. Just cuddles. He can sleep better when i cuddle him and he doesn’t usually get the chance, as my yummy Baby Ruby is all for a bit of morning mummy love. (Infact, both of them this morning, we’re climbing all over me in bed at 7am, demanding cuddles, love and attention. One of them was dry humping and the other….was also dry humping? They are both love bunnies and both massive attention seekers and then will fight for cuddles if they have toooo! I’m also the exact same way, so it bizarrely works just fine.)

Anyway, a lot of that night was spend submitting to jobs, auditions, organizing meetings and trying to get ahead. We’re super proactive people and well it grinds on us, once we get going. We’re insane. I mean Keiran’s even started talking to himself, whilst pretend learning his lines in restaurants and corridors. He gets really into it, so I have to slap him (lovingly ofcourse) to return him back to reality. He acts everything out and i like it because it reminds me of ME, when i was younger in Hollywood. I’d get overly excited, in just the same manner and talk to myself constantly. I was just good to see him so happy.)

Great night. I slept well. I had been so stressed earlier before we left for London with all the planning, but once there I was fine.

The next morning we share a sandwich for breakfast, get in a cab and it travels us to Edgeware Rd, where we had our meeting/audition with the agency, the agency we’re wanting to get signed to.

Beautiful day it was, i was feeling happy, confident, refreshed and alive and there we were with a stream of other people who had all come for the exact same thing also. All I can say is that we saw everything from the good, to the bad, to the ugly. There were old people, young people, tall people, small people, pretty people, pierced people, boobied people, vintaged people. Slim people, chubby people, and people from every walk of life imaginable. But like everyone else, we stood there in a corridor, with our applications by a beige metal looking heater and edged through that part of time… waiting, for our number to be called.

I was number 23, he was 24 and the rest went really well. I won’t tell you about it, as we won’t find out just yet. So either way, you’ll get a report on how god or bad it went. But it certainly felt good and i felt a great vibe from the big man in charge of the choosing. We’re waiting and keeping our fingers crossed, as it’s a vital next step in our chapter.

We came out of that office feeling on top of the world. Anxious, but happy. Confident, but nervous. Then Ruby’s nursery called and informed us of the fact that she had bites. Midgey bites on her, which slapped us back to the real world, before going on a midl search for a diary.

Cabbed it back to Kings Cross, waiting a couple hours and trained it back home. In a chipper, playful, loved up manner. Every time we kissed in London people would glare at us like we were sinners. We’re really big on PDA’s and do it without noticing, plus i love putting romance back out there. It really matters to me as a person, in life and well as the thing that helps me succeed, in work and as a human being. It stabilises a root of inner happiness, meaning i can grow and make any dream come true because i’m filled with wholeness. It makes me feel powerful and when i feel powerful, the world is my oyster and i’m doing it in stilettos.

(Ooh hang on my mums ringing….)

I’ve had a marvellous last couple days and everything is really hotting up. The ball is rolling. Work is beginning to sparkle, the way i’ve always intended it to. I’m utterly proud of my little family’s achievements. Knowing how well we’re done and how ‘go getty’ we are, puts that ‘umph’ in our swagger, because we’ve worked for every inch of our future success. (If we get it. We will 😉 )

I’m in love. I’m adoring being a mum. Life and work is better than normal. I’m tired from the travelling, but happy from what that little bit of travelling will bring. I need a wine to keep my spirits up. But i’m lucky and i’ll never ever forget it.

(Aww..just got an email from a modeling competition and Ruby is in the final for Baby Model of the year. #cute)

Ps/ For any of you that so happened to be in Leeds today, my handsome hubby Mr.Keiran Thompson was in the brand new Ann Summers store today, for one day only, on it’s big launch at The Whiterose centre! Hope you made it in to go say ‘Hello…’ if not, know that it’s now there, open and glitzy new. Go have a peeky. Celebrate all things sexy!

Keiran with Helen Doran (Retail director at Ann Summers) at the Ann Summers (Whiterose shopping centre store) in Leeds TODAY!

Busy, busy, rush, rush…

Busy! Busy! Busy!

You know when you just can’t gather your thoughts enough because you have so much to organize, in such a small amount of time and it has to be done right and mainly because you are responsible for other people also. That’s me right now.

My mind isn’t boggled, but simply as busy as can be. I have all sorts of jiggery pokery rushing through my little kitten head and i’m trying to get it all done and dusted with a glitzy wang of my magic wand.

I have a poorly Baby Ruby. I have a Keiran that i’m having to organize travel for. I’m rushed off my feet, in order to make sure the ‘my’ part of life is running smoothing and infact, i’m doing pretty alright at it.

This morning was wonderful because i managed to lay in with my darling little daughter, who looked at me with a ‘sad face’ of ‘got a cold’ ouchy and simply said ‘Cuddly Puss.’ (Which in our world means ‘give me a baby cuddle now.’) Awww!

Now, i’m emailing, phone calling, organizing and a sorting to make sure all is in place for work and all is sailing appropriately.

Money is taking a big ‘look at me’ in our world right now. We’ve got really into the need of making it. I don’t know how it’s happened…but it has. Now, i’m quite the saver. I’m one to actually hate spending money that i don’t have to. It urks me out, because i’ve always been taught that if you don’t spend more than you earn, you will always be rich.

When i need a bit of therapy i’ll go out on a mad unhealthy purchasing spree, however i’ve noticed that men are really different. Men are quite ‘spendy’ aren’t they. It makes them feel better. Infact more macho. Whether they have it or they don’t…they spend. Weird concept innit?

Right now in life, i’m accumulating and wanting to do so, in order to rocket forward on a business ladder later on. I’m doing really well and because i’m staying focus, therefore although it’s not easy, it’s great.

Okay, as much as i would adore to blog away. (You know i would.) I have a faux fur in the tumble dryer. I need to pack a bag.,I have mild grooming to attend to and the rest of my face to do.

It’s all busy, busy, rush rush right now…and well like i said yesterday, today we are London bound for a Wednesyday morning meeting. Once i’m on that train i feel a great deal more relaxed. I’m sure i need a =n early morning cocktail. It keeps me thinking straight. *Wiggle-wink*

Sorry for the brief blog. But we all love briefs and keeping it frilly.

Love you…stay tuned.

It’s all about the heels

Feeling delicious and like i can take over the world. The ‘fairytale’ is still in tact. Keiran is over the moon with life right now, well the ‘love’ part of his life, as some of the other parts are proving to be a merry pain in his bootio. (Traffic tickets, work drama and all sorts.) I’m feeling loved, refreshed and in need of my weave tightening and well my over-sexed hubby is all a ‘thrust-gimme-gimme.’ I’m not quite sure what’s happened to him today, but i went to a meeting/interview in Leeds today, where i had to attempt to be extremely impressive. Ofcourse…I was… *Wiggle-wink*.. as i sat in a glass office, opposite a gentleman in a pink shirt, who was exceedingly great at his job. (I like people who are good at what they do and people who wave that flag with a calm, easy, posh swagger.) Great day! I felt nervous, but alive all at the same time. I had worried about my outfit more than anything else, this morning. (I’m a girl who has her priorities straight, obviously. I’m all ‘Yeah, yeah, business, business, but do i look sexy? Should i have tanned my legs?’) It went well..loving life right now.

Anyway, a moment in Chino Latino for a sushi pick up and a short train journey home later, i found myself sat next to my delighted handsome husband, who was there, ready and waiting to pick his little kitten up, to bring her back to safety. He was giddy and excited and had eyes that looked at me,like there wasn’t any other girl in this entire world that he would rather be with.

Then later, i found out that he was giddy and excited because i’ve managed to make more money. Lol. Keiran’s a swine for it. However so am I. When one of us adds that little more to the bank balance, i’m sure we see the other, as that little bit more attractive for a moment. He’s been jumping all over and gyrating at me with ear phones, as his soul was filled with joy and his pants were filled with ‘far too much for me to handle, let alone control.’ So i’ve sent him out on a run…and so my peach t-shirted boobies can have a rest from the *squeeze.* It’ll do him good, to let off a bit of steam. I like that i’m impressive to him, It makes me laugh, as i have no idea how i do it. Yet, when you’re impressive girls…be warned that your man will become a big thrusting mess. You will need to have a sporting activity at the ready to send him out on, or you will be tied to a bed frame, with fear in your little dolly eyes.

Long story short…we’re great! But yesterday, when i was all down in the dumps, with my pre-period ‘sad face,’ he surprised me, by making me venture off to his van, to rummage in the glove box to fetch him 3 lottery tickets. Firstly, he would NEVER make me do that! Secondly…well he just would NEVER send me on an errand like that. But i went and because i knew something fishy was going on.

By the time i had got to the van, to begin my rummage…he was stood behind me, waiting for me to finish moaning. Once i had, he suggested i turned around and well there he was, with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. AWWW! How romantic. I LOVE IT! It just brought a smile to my little asian face, the kinda smile that every little girl, or woman would want to experience, when in love. One of those smiles that you can’t stop from happening. It’s simply breaks away and grins, without you being able to control it. Not that you would want to control it anyhow.

Then we lunched, looked at cars. I compared them to fishing rods. (I know nothing about cars. I’m bored by cars. But well, we all need one.) Plus, i was feeling mildy insecure because he has made me wear this peach headband all day. Keiran loves the idea of having a ‘Stepford’ wife. He really does likes the ‘design a Bride’ theory. I’m quite the glamour puss, even at the worst of times, however just recently i haven’t managed to keep up appearances because i’ve been all busy, lazy or just wallowing my my pity party for one. #BAD

Both of us ADORE the bit of Hollywood glamour puss, dipped in OTT that i used to be. No-one else around the area in which we live like it. But we do. So, i’ve decided to get my act back together and shimmie back to victory and ofcourse with the help of my Mr.Thompson himself. He takes a bit too far though, as he’s an all or nothing guy. He’s trying to make me stop drinking and go to the gym and everything. WORDS OF THE DEVIL MUCH.

Yet now i’m tipping the age scale, i’ve promised to tinker down to the gym 3 times a week…but drinking and the stoppage of it, will just never happen. I’m a champers girl, with a wink….if i put my glass down, i might as well place my soul down with it. Lol. (So dramatic.) I admit that i have been a bit moany recently. I usually moan about people moaning. So, now i’m going just quit being ‘yadda-yadda’ and just get on with celebrating being MOI! Which is the little glamour puss extra-ordinaire, Hollywood style.

Anyway, tomorrow we’re back in London. Just travelling up because we have an early Wednesday morning appointment in West London. Neither of us are fans of early morning trains, so we’d rather stay over and get a good nights kip. However, really it’s because we need appropriately grooming time in the morning. I hate doing my face at 5am, to catch a 6am train for a 9am meeting. Not happening. Ever! We’re travelling down tomorrow and resting up for the big old meeting.

I need wine now, so i’ll blog later. I just wanted to check in quickly….

Do well, love hard and giggle. Do everything in heels and you will never go wrong.


Business…Business…Talk…Talk and boners

So, i’m back from London, after quite a decent Friday of looking, talking and planning for the future. Dreams, hopes and ambition seemed to take charge of my weekend, as i found myself in conversation after conversation about business. How it works, how i want my world to work, how others have made their life work for them, dipped with determination.

Unfortunately for me, right now i’m in that PMT-ey week before my glorious monthly cycle and well even though i’ve managed to snap out of it, due to a good news phone call, trying to balance and juggle my feisty hormones is a task in itself. *Go on…do a YIPPEEE here.*

I’m currently learning a lot about life, people and the world, but  now to the point where my head is filled with soooo much of everything, that it is overloading in a forceful ‘mush’ like fashion. My mind needs a break, a frilly, gallop-like break of ‘freedom.’ So, i think after such a ‘thinking’ weekend of work, future and planning, i’m in need of a little romance, affection and light hearted entertainment, of the good, whole pure sort.

I’ve done well in life and i feel really comfortable. I’m wanting to succeed further and that will just happening naturally and because it weirdly usually does, as i manage to put in the effort when i need to. I try not to waste my energy and instead use it at the right time effectively. I know what i’m doing, even when most believe i don’t and i know when others are lost..and simply because i’ve been there….ages ago.

London was great! Sunny, chipper and fun. Keiran and i trained down there to watch a tv show being made. Being in the audience of a show is waaay different to being part of a show. Although insightful…it’s never ever as fun, as being part of it all really. You kinda just want to get up and have a go, yet you’re forced to stay in your seat and applaud. Lol. I believe i’m a kitten who loves applause more than having to applaud. 🙂 (I blame my upbringing…and the planets.)

Brief banter and a wave with the ‘done very well for himself’ Mark Wright and beautiful newly engaged Melanie Sykes and then it was suddenly 10.30pm and time to go back to the hotel.

We walked back and gobbled up a delightful combination of 24/7 bar food of nachos and chicken sandwiches, then it was up to room 615 for naked cuddling, more talks of the future, sex and bed time. (I’m excited for the future, yet feeling mildy insecure right now, this is probably because of my yummy hormones getting the better of me, yet i’m feeling old, not as attractive as i used to be and a dolly bit down. It’s the usual ‘girl’ stuff and nothing that a bit of romance with a side of love can’t mend. I love romance, it keeps me alive and makes me feel like i can conquer the world. It brings out the best in me and rockets me forward to a place where i’m actually ‘useful.’)

I’m home now and exhausted. It’s crazy how travelling can take it out of you and with very limited rest we’re back in London on Tuesday…for more of the world of entertainment, as we pavement pound and meet people, who can give us a boost up that ladder of ‘look at me,’ which i often refer to as ‘Greatness.’ I’m quite fond of a bit of ‘look at me’ right now and maybe because i’m getting old and need it to out that skip in my step. I’m also quite fond of money making, (as is the husband..who finds me more and more attractive the more i talk about it. Like honestly, you can watch his face change when i talk dollar-dollar. It’s like a weird turn on to him and he has a party in his pants to the sound of kitty cat excitement. He accidentally clipped me in his sleep, with the performance of a bizarre ‘air punch’ that he was delivering in his sleep. He woke himself up doing it, after i girly moaned with a ‘You’ve punched me! What were you fricking dreaming of!!!??!!’

Anyway, it turns out he was dreaming of an ‘adult’ gameshow? (So porny things.) And apparently in this dream i had done something bad, so he was punching me in his dreams??? Lol. Erm..who said romance was dead. I knew he was dreaming of something dirty and simply because he had a boner through his entire nights sleep. He says he always has one…but he doesn’t. That night…he did. Lord knows what he was dreaming of.

On the whole life is great. I’m adoring my Baby Ruby and in life, like ive always said, it’s important for me to do well for her and be the most loving mother she could ever have. I grew up with the most loving parents, who never really punished me, instead they loved and cherished me, even when i had done wrong..and I thank them for it, because it made me grow up to be a really decent mummy. I mean i look her, with her 1 yr old swagger and my heart just gushes. I treat her with a softness and a lovability (that’s not a word) that i believe more children should of had growing up. My mum always says to me, that even now when she looks at me, she cannot even think about hurting me, emotionally, physically or mentally and simply because she loves me sooo much and acts without an inch of selfishness. It’s my job to make sure i pass on this trait, as i’m the chica responsible for loving and protecting my bambino. I hear of all these awful stories of how mothers have treated their babies and how they’ve put themselves before the welfare of their OWN children. I’m one who waves the flag for the protection of every child and the celebration of all women and when i pass i’ll have a little girl who hold her head up high and says ‘I truely loved my mummy.’

Okay, it’s Sunday. Lord knows what you’re all up too. I need lunch, romance and an outfit for tomorrow.

It’s important to go make your dreams come true and push your way to the success you can see yourself being, mixed in with good, fun ‘down time.’ From the people that do ‘push’ the majority of them succeed. Infact, lots of people have succeeded in life and because they never gave up and always picked themselves up to try again. I’ve always been of that nature. I mean, you all know, it takes a whole lot of hell to keep me down and not fighting and even then i’d still get up and plonk you on the head with a kipper. (That sounded rude. #yay)

However, at the same time it’s important to concentrate on what YOUR DOING in life and not on how well or poorly OTHERS are doing. It’s not a race, nor anything to be bitter about. Do well in your own right and you will never ever been unhappy and infact, beat all the rest. (Incase you are competitive. ;))