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Good morning my little chipper bits of delight! Welcome to ‘Wunna Land’…a world where you…yes…you…get to journey my life with me, via the fine art of written word. I’ve written this blog for around about 5 years or more…all over the world, in almost every single hotel room, every Hollywood hideout, little bits of England, a few snazzy couches, stores and living rooms. You’ve watched me love, you’ve watched me cry, you’ve watched me live, you’ve watched me fall. You’ve watched me conquer some of my wildest ever dreams, wildest ever men, wildest ever troubles…yet each and every single time I dusted my pretty self off, picked my pretty arse up and with a wink…soldiered forward with heart. I’ve done really well in life, at life, with life. I’ve worked really hard and well I’ve just been accidentally blessed by the big ‘dude’ up above. (He must totally dig Asian chicks.;) ) Sometimes, I stop and can’t even believe how much I’ve managed to do, see, and achieve in life…and it all began for me, when I left the little town of Yorkshire, with my little one suitcase and around this time, almost a decade ago, got on that plane to Hollywood. I think of everything I did in that time and I can’t believe that it was real. My head often does this crazy fast forward flashback from time to time…which thunders through my twenties. It’s a blur of cocktails, weddings, auditions, friendships, love, tears, men, sunshine, laughter,problems, celebrities…I mean I remember walking into Warner Brothers as a young Wunna 2004. I can’t remembered what I was auditioning for…but I remember bumping into Matt Le Blanc, who was getting ready to film his next shot on ‘Friends’ and telling Renee Zellweger how my car had broken down, then going to dinner with Matt Dillon, AFTER Joseph Fiennes had called my work up to ask me out on a date! WTF! I just remember thinking how crazy I thought my life had become, yet how I always knew it would be that great. I can’t even begin to tell you what I’ve been through and how amazing it’s been so far. Yet…even after doing ALL of that, in 5 weeks and 2 days, I marrying the man of my dreams…a man I thought I’d never find and alongside the joy of having my delicious Baby Ruby..it is the BEST moment of my ENTIRE life. You know…you can have everything in the entire world…and we all know I ADORE the need for everything and I’m charming enough to get it. 🙂 But if you don’t have love or that ever secure foundation…you really don’t have anything. *Lipgloss here* (Preaching makes my lips dry.)

As per usual, I’ve got a silly amount of kitty cat work to juggle. I’ve pushed back the focus for the book right now, simply because I can’t manage it all, with the wedding and the filming, whilst being a mummy. I actually still haven’t finished planning the wedding and I only have 5 weeks left. I have the entire evening reception to organise and well since we pretty much only booked our wedding date 2 months ago…things are getting pretty hectic right now.
The good thing is, that on Wednesday…or was it Tuesday? I dunno? I managed to get some time in for me. I ran a few errands, a couple of them glitzy, a couple of them included a stapler hunt. I picked out wedding flowers and colours and felt over the moon with delight! Keiran was texting me his little words of ‘love-love’ and well life felt perfect…a rosy tinted, smear of utter perfection.
The sun was out, I travelled home, I couldn’t wait to see my little baby Ruby..who can finally now say ‘RUBY.’ (However, if you don’t clap, she gets narked off and starts hitting you. God knows where she gets that from. :)) Anyway, all was grand, aand was lovely and as soon as I kicked off my tiny kitten heels, poured myself a crisp White wine…in came the next ‘drama’ text from another one of Keiran’s rubbish friends. Same drama…different being. Ugh! It’s like every single time I’m happy, up pops a pestery ‘drama’ text…nagging on about how I need to not be stubborn and be there friends, so they can all hold
hands and come to the fricking wedding..and how I shouldn’t cut them out of Keiran’s life…blah..blah..blah..because I’m such a ‘this’ and such a ‘that,’ and certainly not an ‘adult.’ Yet why can’t we all be friends. Hmm..?
Well, I’ll tell you what I am…I’m HOT…and I’m fricking fierce and I don’t have to do ANYTHING or like ANYONE I don’t want to. Therefore the ‘adult’ thing to do, in this situation, is probably accept that ‘The Wunna’ does not like you AT ALL, because you slagged her off and droaned on at her hubby to be, about the dangers of dating a horrific girl like moi (lol) and get on with it. It was hilarious…I’m as open as they come and I don’t know how many times I have to literally text ‘I don’t like you,’ or ‘you’re not invited to the wedding’ or ‘I actually slag you all off all the time,’ (hahaha) ALL codes for ‘please do kindly fuck off’ for them to be able to absorb that their bridge with me is completely BURNT. Lol. They’re like random stalky ‘please be my friend now, even though I’ve slatted you off’ pests. I’ve never dated a boy in my life, that has come with this many annoying counterparts. Who every so often, decide to whop out a ‘drama’ text at me, out the blue…and when I’m trying to plan a wedding. They’re acting like Keiran only has 4 friends. We both know soooooooooo many people and sooooooo many people who have been utterly lovely to the both of us and always. Like I said to my ‘handsome Keiran’ last night (He was soo cute on the phone last night,) our wedding is NOT about THEM..or even friendships. It’s about us and OUR love and that’s the truth. They don’t get to run our guest list. We’ve got so much going on right now..work wise…that we don’t have time for all this drama. There’s work, there’s filming, there’s interviews and parenting…and well we’re a couple that’s lucky enough to be gifted with opportunity…and what I know about life, is that it comes in chapters. Randomly both Keiran and I, who have both been birthed in Yorkshire, yet lived away for the majority of our time. He did it soldier’ style…I did it…with no clothes on. 🙂 We’ve come full circle in our lives, landed right back where we started, and then through fate, met at the exact right time. Whenever you make a complete full circle in life..it doesn’t happen often… and something new occurs..a new chapter begins. We’re both fast movers and both people who move forward. We’re achievers, and each others perfect other half and sometimes in life, at a new chapter, after a full circle, you kinda out grow your past and the people in it. (I mean, i remember returning home a few odd times from being away and noticed that in all that time, I had been gone, nothing had changed..It was the same people, doing the same things, who hadn’t inched even a little way of a budge.) Even when I moved back, I felt I’d out grown everything, so I got on a tv show to keep my life moving forward. I hate ruts and have no problem cutting out a new circle for me to step through…even if it means looking back at my past and blowing it a kiss bye-bye, for now. That’s not a bad thing. It simply means you’re moving up a rung in life. The only people who complain are the people who never move forward, live off your magic, or don’t trust that you will ever return.
Anyway, enough of my feisterella this morning. I’m in love, we’re living a fairytale and well the other day during our screen test, Keiran told the camera, when asked about how he felt about our relationship and he said that it was ‘like he was living on Cloud 9…constantly…like it’s surreal.’ Awwwwww…how sweet. I actually don’t think Keiran minds me being feisty. He likes it. He finds it funny. Plus, it means, I can totter out, with my sharp glitzy tongue, deliver a few home truths, at people who decide to be bitchy and do it with a genuis wit, and a slap dash of evil ‘ooh laa.’ And HE can sit down in his slippers ( he loves his slippers and sometimes forgets he has them on) and let me handle all the drama for him, without him even having to say a single word. We’re good, we’re in love and in 5 weeks, 2 days, we get married! (When we get married, it will be our 1year of knowing each other anniversary. We’ve never been anything to each other but ‘in a relationship,’ from day one. Lol. He’s always been my boyfriend and I’ve always been his girlfriend for the entire time we’ve known each other. So from this time now, to the exact time of the wedding, is the space of time Keiran dated me before he asked me to marry him. Which was after only 5 weeks. Awwwwww! (I craved him last night, so enjoyed myself to Babestation, with him in my good clean, sordid mind. 😉 lol. I have a storming libido right now,for my bit of Keiran..and well what can I say…our sheet time is gooood. I think I’m gonna put a bit more effort into our bedroom time from now on.) Oooh shit, my phones ringing….

I can’t believe how much organising I have left to do. There’s truck loads of it and I’m rubbish at getting my act together. I so far have no evening entertainment for the wedding. Infact, I haven’t even tackled the evening part of it. Not even the room decor or anything. Ugh! The day and ceremony will ooze a regal chandelier dripped beauty, with a cocktail hour and a 5* menu. But the evening…I just haven’t managed to get my head around. Jeepers!

Okay, so hope you have a great day…I’m literally starving and need to grab a snack, as living the day on White chocolate mice just isn’t going to cut it. I’m currently at my mums…so luckily she’ll have food! 🙂

Love you! Oh and THANK YOU Team Wunna, for making my day worth it!

I’m away for the weekend now, as I actually have a friends wedding to tend tooo. I wish it would stop raining. Rubes and I were gyrating to Britney Spears this morning before nursery and having to do it to the sound of *thunder.* Oh July…

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