The little piccy-niccy


Morning my delicious *winks* of love-fest. I’m feeling mighty positive today, yet sprinkled over with a glittery feist. There’s a lot for me to organise, with wedding, work and wiggles fox-trotting their way into focus, however i’m trying to adopt the ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’ method of ‘oooh-laa.’ It’s not entirely working that way, meaning i might have to grab at my old favourite method, which is to ‘vino it up’ and well hope for the best.

The book signings are being scheduled. I’ve just this second danced to ‘Rasta Mouse’ with my gorgeous little girl, in bows before nursery and along with a private case, all the wedding arrangements and a Tuesday screen test, i’m quite the busy little bee. I’ve actually realized that i’m crap at organising anything. I hate the responsibility of it all. Yet apparently, what you’re shit at, you need to attempt to achieve. I have my fingers, toes and nipple tassles crossed and not letting any ‘drama’ litter it’s way into, well what we call ‘The Bubble.’

Last night was lovely. Keiran and i mentally had a lot going on, so we hung up our outside worries and quite smartly concentrated on what we feel is important..which i our lovely little ‘fairytale’ and yummy Baby Ruby. Rubes is currently Keiran crazy. Not a single moment can pass her by without her being attached to his chest. (I’ve taught her well! 🙂 ) They spent a gorgeous moment in the garden, cuddling with a pace and nothing was more beautiful. They both felt loved, comforted and whole..and i watched from a patio corner..with really bad hair with an ‘awww’ in my system.

It was a warm, cosy evening, so we decided to have a garden pinic for tea, with love, laughter and peace…and on our zebra print blanket. It’s those moments that matter in life, that people either forget to appreciate, don’t have or take for granted. We don’t!  I was burger biting (hellooo wedding diet), whilst cheery head-bopping to Twinkle-Twinkle for Ruby and Keiran was laid relaxing, looking to the skies, asking me about happiness and the art of it. (‘Chrissie, this is what life is about. i love being happy.) Last night was perfect and there was no-one there but us, nature and the surroundingsof a world.

We’ve been picking out wedding outfits. The dresses, the suits..the everything else. We’re both going to be surprising each other, so he won’t know what i’m wearing until i walk up the isle and I won’t know what he’s wearing until i’m standing there right infront of him, warm of heart. #exciting. Keiran actually picked his within moments. I like that. I hate it when it takes a being age sto decide. I enjoy people who know what they want immediately. They know who they are, what they want and why they want it. It’s a sexy trait. I’m like that…and even though some may label it as ‘impulsive’..i look good in a bit of ‘implusiveness,’ with a spritz of ‘ooh laa.’

The wedding meal have been chosen and our guests will be treated to a 5*, four courses… with champagne love and favours. There will also be more food at the evening reception AND  gifting suite for each guest to pick a present from us, as a ‘Thank you.’ I think we have around 6 weeks now, until the big day and well it is FLYING. We’ve got a lot to fit in work wise and wedding wise…like our gift registry. (Keiran enjoys the idea of wandering around Debenhams scanning every item that he may want, without us having to pay for it all. Lol) Plus, by Wednesday he’s away again, in his van for work. The things that we have to organise, in the little spurts of free time that we have are insane. But we’ll do it. We’ll get there. At the end of the day, our weddings about love…not ribbons.

Anyway, i better get on with it all. Plus, i can’t really blog when i don’t have my ‘face’ on.

I love you lots and i hope you enjoy your day! x

(Oh and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely little brother Jeremy! I love you mucho mucho!! )

‘D’ is for ‘Drama’


Well London was good on Tuesday! Lots of great work, with lots of great girls, for a delicious bit of busy filming, followed by a long train journey home, in surprisingly good weather for England and that was after a previous day of filming at the ETO show in Birmingham. I’m loving that part of life at the moment and simply because i feel like the luckiest girl alive. I’m accidentally lucky. My little totter, seems to always strut me down exciting paths of ‘dreams come true.’ Whether i glide onto it, fall onto it 🙂 , or simply wiggle my way to it…i get on it and really that’s all that matters. As a little girl, i always wanted to be wonderful. Now…i AM and when it’s completely dipped in a champagne fabulosity, there’s nothing left to do but smile.

The first train journey was mildy disturbing. I had to sit next to a highly religious asian lady, who wanted to convert me immediately and with Bible magazines and a lot of loud chitter chatter. I sort of politely listened and nodded, until she got far too hardcore for me, to the point where i had to literally BLANK her, in order for the convo to stop. However, OMG, she couldn’t half find reasons to re-bring GOD back into Coach D, seats 63A and 64.  Unfortunately we had the ‘asian’ connection…and when a little old lady with a Bible magazine opens her conversation with ‘Oh what part of Asia are you from? You must like mangos….and God…’ you do get rather frustrated! I enjoy that i got that seat. The rest of the girls, on a differnt trainline journey to Birmingham, managed to snuggle up in First Class….and there i am, with my religious, chatty, Bible, mango lady, before an entire day of filming. Lol. Just my luck. But whatever, i looked hot. Hello leopard print ‘off the shoulder, with a pencil skirt..MUCH!’ *Wiggle-wink*

The day went well and obviously, i’m not going to be telling you anything about it at all. 🙂 I’m getting the odd ‘Chrissie’ shoutout and wave, with a ‘Can i have a piccy’ again now. It’s a good part of life…where i feel that i’m creeping BACK. (And ofcourse with a jolly bit of ‘Va Voom.’ Oh and apologises to the lovelies that spotted me on route to the Victoria line, whilst i was mid-downward elevator. I heard the shout and the love, yet could only fit in a giggle with a quick wave, but alas you were headed upward at rush hour…like yummy glitzy ships passing in the night.)

I’ve been noticing a lot at train stations these days..probably because i’m quite frequently at them and the man thing i’ve been noticing is (and believe it or not) romance, love and good men. I saw THREE different men on Tuesday evening, waiting at the train station with flowers in their hands, ready to give to their ladies! How beautiful! It brought a smile to my face, knowing that men aren’t so hideous. I think men aren’t romantic with women, who don’t bring that out in them. For example…Keiran’s highly romantic with me, i’d even go as far as saying the most romantic man this world could ever see and why? Well because my spirit, brings it out in him. The girls that are always on there ‘men are bastards’ rant, on Facebook every moment of every day…*yawn*…really need to hit *pause button,* look at how they’re honestly presenting themselves to men and adjust accordingly. I’ve been there, done that and now look…i have romance, true love and a ‘fairytale.’ I’m impressed by the ‘flower holding’ men at the train station. Not only that, but when i arrived back to Wakefield Westgate at 10.05pm…i watched another gentleman, carry a  random young lady’s giant luggage up an entire flight of stairs for her, simply because he saw her struggling. All good. All happy. And well if you look into the right corners of the world…there’s beauty.

Yesterday, was eventful. I woke up next to my yummy bit of ‘handsome,’ with a cuddle and an ‘i love you.’ We had the perfect moening of innocent, giggly love. I have a new ‘cocoon’ trick that randomly cracks us both up. (FYI, it’s cute, not kinky. Lol) However, saying that the evening before we enjoyed a bit of  1am ‘lurve making’ and well our bedsheets are always a sizzle. We tried out the samples that i managed to scramble from the ETO show, which consisted of fruity oral sex strips and blue herbal libido enhancing pills..for boys! Not to be underestimated. We made LURVE!

Great day, filled with glee! We hing out with Phil and Kelly for most of the day. Phil and Keiran have this new bro’mance going on. They were towing vans together, working out together, drinking and dining together..then Kelly and i joined them with fur rimmed boots, updo’s and smiles. Lunch was enjoyed. We really adore Kelly and Phil and pretty much because they are a couple made up of two decent people…it’s not that easy to find in this town. We’ve become really close to them now and i couldn’t at all be happier. Infact, i’m so delighted with my little Kelly (who i really do think should’ve been named ‘Nicole’) that yesterday i wrote her a little note from my delicious Wunna heart, that came with a bottle of ‘i truely appreciate you’ champagne, telling her that i couldn’t ask for a better girl to stand by my side on August 12th, as my bridesmaid, on one of the most special days of my life. 🙂 I loved it! And even though i had to write it on rubbish paper, because Phil couldn’t find me an alterante choice and i had to perch the champers on a wheely bin presentation still brought a tear to her eye. It kinda made us both feel special. I think she was shocked that i asked her? But i’m only going to be having one Bridesmaid and because our wedding will only be filled with people who both Keiran and I love closely and honour, and people who love and honour us as individuals AND as a couple. We want to inspire love beautifully. I’m not littering the beautiful Oulton Hall with ‘whatevers’…simply for a number count. Our wedding is a celebration of OUR  love…and well we’ve cut everyone off the guest list, who have not been aptly supportive. #andidontcare 🙂

Lovely evening, with the bubby to be, Phil, kelly and all our kiddy winkles. We’re in the garden, enjoying life and then drama occurs, via more interferring ‘friends’ (which i use lightly) of Keiran. In Wunna Land, the people who are my friends, are loving, respectful and decent. Not one time ever, would one of my friends EVER ‘drama up’ to Keiran and simply because they’re happy, polite, human beings, who respect me and the person i love. A handful of his friends are drama…who randomly enjoying popping out of obsecurity and trying to toy with our union. That happened yesterday, via i girl i don’t know, who Keiran boned when he was little. Lots of untruths, mad texting and a poor attempt at manipulation occured.

It’s funny to me, how people don’t realize that Keiran and I DO actually KNOW each other personally. We ARE getting married and have been together for an ‘almost year.’ If you long windedly text one of us, saying one thing and then long windedly text the other, saying another….we will find out. Lol. Especially if we’re in the exact same garden, a hand hold away from one another. #notrocketscience

Anyway, yeah…it got tedious for everyone and it all ended with a phonecall from Keiran, to the girl in question, telling her to refrain from interferring in our relationship, as we’re getting married in 7 weeks and a ‘hang up.’

After that, i needed space. Therefore i left for a while for Wunna time..which helped.

Today, we’re refreshed, back to fairytale and can’t wait for the wedding. We now have our invitations!! Yippppeeee!!! It’s all very soon and all very exciting!

The good thing is that we get to officially celebrate our love with a WEDDING, for Cupid to bless. The bad thing is that i’m quite quite exhausted with his poor choice of drama friends, that now chooses. I’m not going through a lifetime of that. We have so much going for us right now and people of that sort aren’t really too rewarding.

Filled with love… and booze.

Life is nothing short of a marvel right now. I couldn’t be happier. I have the most beautiful little girl, the most loving hubby-to-be, the greatest family and work is finally blooming the exact way it should be. I couldn’t be more content, to the point where i was slowly walking down a sunny Yorkshire village street, with a bottle of wine in my hand and a smile on my face, thinking it just can’t be any better. I’m over joyed with happiness and yeah it took a long time to get there…but i did it and if nothing else, in Wunna Land that is a victory in itself. All anyone needs in life is love, a sense of ccomplishment and happiness. When you have a moment (even when hormonal) where you *pause* look around you and think ‘I ADORE BEING ME’….everything else takes second place and blurs into a fuzzy backdrop of noise. I can’t believe how great and feel and i swear on my life, it’s based upon me  finally feeling whole. Incase you are a being who is feeling down in the dumps, or you’re chilling on rock bottom, in a rut with a vodka, or just need to feel loved…know that you’ll get there. I’m a girl that’s hoped and tripped up lots. Everythime, i faithfully picked myself up with a wiggle and a giggle and that is why i’m a place in my life, that i’m just gonna call ‘good times.’

I’ve played, workaholic, happy housewife and mummy for the majority of this week. I’ve been dying to see my beautiful hubby-to be, who arrives home Monday afternoon. However, as sods law will have it, as soon as he gets back from work, i’m having to head out, before i even get to see him, to work. I’m in Birmingham filming tomorrow all day. Followed by filming the next day in London. Yet even though i’ve missed him madly over the last few days, getting to see Keiran, tomorrow even after a long day at work and a laborious train ride home, i’ll be giddy with that ‘pure love’ excitement. I’ve got the wedding bug and, well we both just can’t wait until our BIG DAY! 🙂 #Yay!!!! (Who’da’ thought.) I mean, i’ve cried due to missing him, i’ve cried out of happiness (helloooo almost period,) but come August 12th…i’ll be stood there infront of him, vowing to love him forever and that moment will be the next chapter in our book of lurve.

Before Keiran (who is the man of my entire dreams) even left, he looked at me, told me how much he loved me and said that never in his entire life had he EVER looked at a girl and been so taken back by her and left breathless by her beauty. Awww…! I feel like i’m marrying the most romantic man alive and it feels wonderful because we know each other better than anyone else does. I know a secret Keiran and he knows a secret Chrissie and together we have this bond that is stronger than the a ‘fairytale.’ (Eat ya heart out Cinders!) I mean he sent me a text saying that, he loves the fact that we’re doing ‘forever’…it makes his heart feel whole. I just can’t believe i’ve managed to find a man like that and well i hope every girl in this entire world, never gives up hope, never sells herself sort and holds in there for her perfect man. Everyone has a different perfect. He is mine. We have a love that is completely’s almost beyond words and  A FAMILY that is dipped in delicious. I’m over the moon.

However, unfortunately my gorgeously loving man, who called me today to tell me he needed to get off an island, managed to get into a pickle, where his work van broke down and left him stranded in the Isle of Wight. UGH! Not fun. I’m worried, and well i miss him. I want him home right now. It’s crap because he’s had to get a lowrider to carry his van, ALL the way to a ferry, and THEN have the van dragged all the way from the otherside to Wakefield. Looong much. I want even get in a snuggle before i go to film. He hasn’t had a good nights sleep, a bit of wifey, or a cooked meal in a week! I’m feel awful for him, but i’ll get to see my baby, when i get home tomorrow.

I have a lot going on right now and the wedding preparations are all getting exciting. We get the invitations this week and will be inviting those close to us, who adore us both and who wish to celebrate our union with a whole hearted love. The people that matter to us and cherished us al the way. It’ll be a really important day for both Keiran and I. We’re both hopeless, meaning our vows will not be taken lightly, they’ll be all big and weepy, under the watchful eye of Cupid.

…then we’ll drink in celebration and enjoy every bit of our first moments as man and wife.

Anyway, i thought i’d check in quickly because i just haven’t had time, as my life is scheduled up. I’ve got a lot on my plate, but loving it, loving Rubes and taking it like a champion.

I’ve actually just got off the phone to my mum, who i’m truely close too. I love calling her, when i’m on my won, before i go to sleep, because she’s always so positive. Apparently if you go to bed, with a positive mind, your dreams come true. 🙂 I told her that for the first time i feel in love, whole and happy and now that i’m a mum, i know that to ANY mother’s ears it makes you feel wonderful. I’m HER baby Ruby.

Must got to bed now…in my bendy rollers. *Ouch.* Can’t wait to film in Birmingham tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the hubs! I’ve got an 8.23am train from Wakefield Westgate.

To anyone reading this blog, i hope you have a magical day.

All my sexy love,

Chrissie x

FYI, Folding laundry is much better when pissed. #wunnawordsofwidsom


Wedding diet failure


Well my wedding diet’s going well. #NOT Ugh! Now, i’m a kitten who loves her body. Fair enough after baby making, it’s a little more wibbly in all the wrong places, but for a 31 year old mama, with a wink, i think i look quite yummy. HOWEVER, saying that…in 7 weeks, i’m about to strut down the isle, all in white, to marry the man of my dreams. I have the ‘Hollywood’ installed in me, it’s bound to be, i grew up there. Therefore, there is no way in hell that i want to be a chubby asian bride, during the moment i declare my ultimate ‘forever’ love to Keiran. I’ve expressed this to him and well as much as he loves a bit of ‘Wunna love’ 😉 he’ll support me in a quest to take the *jiggle* out my *wiggle.* 🙂 (As men do.)

I was meant to be starting it today. But i can’t lose that extra bit of ‘chubb’ due to a distinct lack fo discipline. I find it boring and well can only calorie count when i’m stressed. I’m happy right now, making it all the more harder. I’m a wing it with a wine girl. I don’t workout, i’m not terrified of a Whopper burger. I might not have a ginormous portion, but i’m certainly not too picky, when it comes to a nibble. I’ve already had a massive cheesy omelette and looked at the Ryvittas that Keiran’s left me. I think i’m meant to eat a couple when hungry, but i’ve had about 42 of them and smeared them in cream cheese, because they go well with wine. UGH! But i’m cofident. Come 7 weeks i’ll look divine. I have a dress, i already fit into it. I don’t have an incentive, other than wanting to be the Queen of the ‘isle walk’ world and glide down it like the most glorious being ever.

The only exercise i’ve had, other than my walk to the store to buy cold chicken…(Glamourous) was last night when Ruby decided to become all tired and ‘DIVA’ and wrestle me in anger and feist. Rubes certainly has my temper, however during the moment when i was happily singing nursery rhymes to her and she GRABBED my black stiletto and *WHAMMED* it across my face in anger, made me think twice. There’s no disrespecting Mama…or the shoes. After that, she was sent straight to bed. Reluctant she was. Began by tantruming, then followed it with a long stream of ‘Mama…peeease….mama….peeeease…peeease..mama…mamamamamamamama…ppeeeeeeease, ma, peeease, mama peease.’ Lol (Oh ‘pease’ is ‘please’ by the way.) Then she fell asleep and left me all alone, with no eyelashes on, by toy penguins. You can’t win’em all!

But yeah, wedding diet…not going well.

On a whole other note. Life actually is! Even though Keiran and I are rather far apart right now, we’ve both had to do phone interviews to talk about our love. We’ve had to do them separately, but we might have really exciting news for you shortly, but you just never know. I’ve just spoken to him, as i’m wondering around the back garden and he’s muddy (swoon here) in the Isle of Wight. He  did really well on his part of the ‘chitter-chatter-love us,’ interview. I’m impressed, i’m happy and i cannot wait to get our future up and running. It all starts with a wedding…which started with a look and an ‘OMG you’re beautiful’ in a gym. We’ve found our ‘forever’ and well so what if i can’t make chicken. I’ll still make a great wife.

I have dieting, mummyhood, book signings, wedding planning, auditioning and filming to do. He has running his company, Daddyhood, prepping himself for a lifetime with me 🙂 and a TV presenting screen test next week, when he gets back. We have two more things in the pipeline…so lets gear up, wiggle and get ready to ring them bells baby! (I love that Keiran thought i was romantic today because i hid love notes in all his ‘away’ work clothes.) UGH, i can’t believe i’ve just stuffed my face with chicken. WEDDING FRICKING DIET MUCH. I’m not doing well at this! AND i have a wine! ffs

It’s weird because i’d say that i’ve been quite independant throughtout my entire life, even when in relationships. But now i’m rather dependant on Keiran and his love. Like i feel as though he’s added a major glee to my life. We’re a total team and bizarrely i don’t think we could actually do life as well…without each other.  He too just couldn’t imagine coming home and not seeing his glitzy kitten from the orient, peeking at him from a corner. We’re a family and amazing one! When we get married, it’ll be our first year of knowing each other and being with each other. I adore it!! Hopefully, i’ll stop being bratty. But i’m learning. 😉

Well that was a *tantrum* and a half


I’ve tantrumed. Oops!

Okay, so as you know, Keiran now works away to earn fine delicious pences, to add to the ‘Wunna-Thompson’ empire. I’m a bratt and can’t handle going from ‘fairytale-love me-love me,’ to a sudden ‘hang on…you’re not here, you obviously must not love me.’ 🙂 (Lord help me.) My yummy bit of ‘hubby-to-be’ returned from his away work, the other morning, filled with love for me, worked a 12 hour shift, didn’t bother to stay over and sleep…and instead drove a 4 hour journey simply to get home to see me as soon as he could and take little baby Ruby on the nursery run by (Ruby and i actually slept through the nursery run alarm today. 🙂 We’re great when unattended.)

During the time of him leaving me to work, i had missed him and let it brew. Don’t get me wrong, we were ever lovey dovey throughout the whole time. We texted telling each other how much we couldn’t WAIT to be married and how much we completely couldn’t be without each other. He’s romamtic and lovely. I’m romantic and lovely. Yet once he walked through the door…my hormones got the better of me and began to take me missing him OUT on him! We had an awkward day where i resented him and he just wanted me to love him. It was all going deliciously pear-shaped, so he took me out to dinner and well we didn’t even talk, That made him walk out and me get madder. That night we ignored each other, fought a little and weirdly out of love. 😉

The next morning i was still grumpy because i’m used to him adoring me constantly and i hate being away from him. He’s used to me being adorable, loving and cooking him dinners. But due to him being away i kinda felt abandoned. Like he wasn’t there for me. I’m like things to be all about ME. I’m a bratt. Anyway, after a few snarky comments to one another and a whole lot of not saying how we actually felt, it decided to get even worse and within minutes he was packing his stuff up and leaving…because that’s what he thought he had to do to make me realize how much i cared. Now i don’t care about me. I never wanted to be rich. I just wanted to be loved and well…wonderful. If i’m not getting touched, loved and cooed at…by the man i love, i’ll tantrum. AND BOY DID I TANTRUM.

Keiran’s stubborn. He’ll say things he doesn’t mean and attempt to army march them through. He was packing clothes in boxes, i was yelling at him because he wouldn’t listen. He thought i didn’t want to marry him and well i was angry at him for trying to leave, so i was launching his attire out of the bedroom window. There were tears, stern words and all sorts really.

Then everything stopped, when WE stopped testing each other and i cried him his arms, as he told me how much he loved me. We giggled it off, and then unfortunately had to carry everything me packed and threw out, back in. Lol. We never learn. We have so much love and so much passion in for each other, than if either us believe the other one might not care as much…we ninja our way into a fight.

A couple hours later, in the same room me fought in, we were making out in, gushing about how we had found our perfect other half, how we couldn’t wait for the wedding and getting ‘bonky-naughty’ on the sofa. We test each other. I mean when we were having a wine in a nearby bar, he said, ‘When i say i’m leaving, i expect you to say…no please don’t go i love you…not FINE GET OUT!’ But after more awkard moments, we laughed and loved and prompty picked our delicious baby Ruby up from nursery and then went over to hang out with our perfect neighbourly friends Kelly and Phil.

We’ve got a really great relationship with Kelly and Phil and it’s great going over there, because we love them dearly, all our kids play around and…they have wine. 😉 I have wine too, but other peoples wine taste better. ANYHOW to our utter surprise, we totter in and we’re all happy by now, in love and back in the bubble and PHIL, has put on this amazingly delicious spread of yummy food and snacks, with wine and beer, perfectly presented, to the point where he could have his own ‘Phil’s Grill’ show. He did it ALL for Keiran, as a ‘welcome back’ and so they could watch the football. I mean how lovely. I was impressed and Keiran was gushing. I swear down…Phil and Keiran are like newlyweds. I looked at Phil thanked him ofcourse, (manners before might) and politely asked him if he only did it the impressive spread, to try and get to ‘second base’ with his new bromance boy. He agreed and claimed he didn’t even like football (they were there to watch the footie) it was just an excuse to have a drink. Keiran looked at him with love in his…and after stating that it was the best ‘Welcome home’ moment anyone had every given him, (because all i did was tell him to leave,) claimed he was marrying with the wrong person. HAHAHA. Then Kelly looks around and says ‘in all the years i’ve been with Phil, he’s never laid a spread like this down for me.’ I adore Kelly. For once, i have a chick friend that is simply divine and i adore Phil, because he’s just one of those really good guys.

It was an amazing evening, filled with laughter, fun and booze. The kids played. The boys watched football. Kelly and i wedding planned. (Kelly is AMAZING at wedding planning…you can see the love in her eyes.) We bantered, we giggled, we talked life and then i when we were all sat in the living just before midnight, i decided to become bratty again and started bickering on at Keiran again for all sorts! 🙂 I’m good like that! A bit of a fun, bitter, drunken debate occured, i slagged off his friends (and i don’t care.. as they did I and well i think they’re all hideous creatures of mankind)  and then it was bedtime and we ventured home.

The next morning (the day Keiran was leaving to go to work away again) we were perfect. You couldn’t see to people more in love. He cuddled me, i kissed him, we had great sex and he told me that i was the only girl he had ever met that he has first looked at and been completely taken away by…even to this day. I get what he means because i adored him from the moment i saw him and from that day on (apart from the time where nobodies were interferring) we have been inseparable. He’s my perfect man. He looked at me, told me i was beautiful and how he couldn’t wait for me to be his wife. I had him laid upon my knee and i gently stroked his head, like he was my little baby boy and told him how much i loved him. He then, half asleep, whispered ‘Chrissie, just look after me.’ Awww…

We spent the rest of the day being madly and happily in love. I’m no longer bratty. Learning to deal with his ‘away-ness’ and i even wrote him two love notes, that i hid in his clothes for him to find when he’s out working. Fair enough he found one before he left. (I’m shit at hiding things or he’s good at finding things.) And he smiled in his eyes like he couldn’t be more excited.

I waved him off and there he went. I did actually have a bit of a princess weep, due to him leaving. But then i had ot get right back on my wedding planning saddle and begin ordering things for the big day. Organizing, terrifies me. I’m not good enough at doing it, because i’m too irresponsible.

Anyway, he found his 2nd note today and sent me this text: ‘Just found my I LOVE YOU BABY note. Awwwww….i love us and i love you with all my heart. xx’

I really do have a man who cherishes love and romance and we know each other like no other…our connection is solid but passionate.

We’re both busy working quite a lot now. I’ve got so much to doo, witht he book, the wedding, a couple other entertainment bits and bobs, along with mummyhood and filming….it’s a lot. But i’m happy to be making my dreams come true. (God, i can’t be arsed to fold that pile of washing that seems to be looking at me like it wants a bit of loving. I’m in stilettos for crying out loud. Go find another gusset folding lady…probably one without an attitude problem to come save the day. I have wine to be drunk.)

Love you 😉 I can’t WAIT for the wedding. Can’t wait to invite all my lovely guests and i adore that our moment is getting documented for all to see xxx Excited!  Lucky us!! (My friend Fran is wearing white to my wedding, because she wants men to see her as ‘wife material’…haha I LOVE THAT!!! )



Pick Flowers Not Fights


Gorgeous morning filled with love, mummyhood, a return of my delicious hubby-to-be…followed by random girl ‘hate mail.’ #snazzy. Now, i don’t mind the insecure having a go at my kitty cat self. I’m not one to take myself that seriously, so i’ll read them with a wine and giggle, on late nights. But really…when a jolly bunch of girls, who maybe wish they could shimmie in Wunna land, (and the glitzy doors are open to everyone, meaning if you’re not allowed in you must be more than horrific)  have a go at my darling little Baby Ruby, for the sake of winding me up and making themselves feel  a little more mighty…it pisses me off. Judge me on a picture and you’re foolish, as no-one sees the moments, where Rubes and I sit up with a giggle and go through intense wiggly repeats of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ in no face and comfies, in a room that’s filled with fairytale love. I guess, when they’re a mum, they’ll get it. AND the ‘hate mail’ girl is located in The fricking Bahamas!! I mean, who in their right mind is flouncing around The Bahamas and spends their uneducated time Googling ‘Chrissie Wunna’ and then mailing her joyously evil messages of hate. Lol. Grab a Malibu, a hammock bound hottie and chill honey. Only a true Glamour Puss, knows the correct way to spend her time. I can think of at least 5 million more things i could do when Bahama bound, than send ‘hate mail,’ to a slanty eyed floozy in West Yorkshire. Yet you can’t all be as brilliant as me. 🙂  #you’lllearn (Part of me is secretly happy that i’m worthy of a Bahama ‘Google’ sarch and able to wind people up when they’re in an exotic land by simply doing nothing but existing. 🙂 )

On a more positive note, I’m a lucky girl for accidentally being blessed with a wonderful life, so wonderful i can name it ‘Wunna Land.’ Last year i was gifted with the most yummy little girl ever. This year, i have a book out, i’m filming and i met the man of my dreams…i’m getting married this August. *Excited! (This is the moral part of the preachy story) Therefore instead of pulling out the happy ‘hate’ stick. You might as well adore me for it. 🙂 I’m only at the beginning…and that’s even after a decade in Hollywood. Those who can’t be inspired by me, don’t have to be…yet watching someone do well to the point where it makes you ‘urk’…is not only 2006…but also proves that you are yet to conquer and understand love, life and success. Like i always say, good things only happen to good people. Champions are inspired by those who do well. They learn from them and rocket ahead on a glitter rocket, under confetti showers. But anyway, my morning rant is over…Lol. I have my hubby-to-be back for a couple days and a wedding to plan. Life couldn’t be any better…AND omg it’s actually mildy sunny. However, still not booty short worthy. (Okay, now i know that i am really losing my touch. Life is always booty short worthy.)

I’ve got a lot to organize right now and well i’m trying to not let it get the better of me. I’m never playing with shingles again, therefore i’m learning to ‘breathe’ it out, before turning ninja…as i’m a firecracker of feisty, filly folly and well it really doesn’t do me, or any other lovely being, any favours. I will admit that i often need a slap. But right now, it’s not worth it, as i’ll only use it as an excuse for a rest…and a rest i just can’t tend to.

The wedding is my current big focus and everything else is having to take a momentary back seat. Beautiful Kelly informed me that i actually only had 8 weeks until i become ‘Mrs. Glitzy. Thompson’ and well now we really need to get our glass slippers on ‘function’ mode. Kelly is a list maker and vital to my wedding victory. Without her i’ll probably go bonkers. Keiran returned from Wales at 6am this morning, tired, but filled with utter love. We’re quite a busy little couple..(even though none of us, including Rubes managed to want to wake up to tend to the nursery run. Lol) I need to make sure the wedding goes perfectly, in order to mark my love for my hubby-to be. Luckily Kelly completely ‘gets me.’ I sat on her black leather sofa, and watched her get me into order, with a ‘Chrissie, i obviously figured that the best way to find the exact right things for it all, would be to simply Google *Bling Weddings.’ 🙂 I LOVE IT!! And i can’t AT ALL WAIT!!

Right now life is all, flowers, look for dresses, order invitations, find the entertainment. Yet because the wedding is going to be on your telly box next year, i’m having to coincide it all with the perfect wording and follow perfect instructions, in order to make it all mess into one big, delicious ‘champagne kiss’ of a fairytale.

I feel bad for Keiran and i right now because i’m literally blogging, emailing my work peeps, figuring out the wedding arrangements and mummying my lovely little girl…whilst he’s only just returned from work, and is on the sofa right now having to frantically organise (with very little sleep) is next blast of ‘work away’ which is coming up this Wednesday. There really are not enough hours in the day for an odd little bit of romance. But we’ll get there…and we’ll do it better than any body. 😉

Must go! Oh and dollies pick flowers, not fights. They go better with stilettos and a wink.

Feisty little ‘so & so’


There are really not enough hours in the day, when you’re a mum, a worker, filming, planning a wedding, attempting to have a social life and a gusset scrubber to blog. I’m once again exhautsed, but fuck it i’ve had wine, after text shouting at ‘working away’ Keiran…we’re all good…and still fricking glitzy. Oh and happy father’s day to all UK Daddies. Love your little ones and they will forever cherish every inch of you. That suit pretty much follows in any game. Learn it and you’ll be a champion. *Wiggle-giggle.*

Okay, so Thursday morning, i was up at 5.30am, playing with my ‘early waking’ baby Ruby #fun, with bendy rollers in my hair and an attitude problem. Ruby is my soft place and when i need time to realize the world, she is the only thing that can tame my kitty cat fire. I did the nursery run at 8.30am, in a taxi, a cocktail dress, with the fruit of my adoring loins pretending to have a conversation with me on a Blackberry. Welcome to Wunna land. I walked her into her ‘A,B,C’s looking like i was attending a budget Oscar ceremony. The other mums and nursery are quite lovely to me regardless because they get the trials and tribulations of being ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ However when you’re daughter doesn’ t want to play ‘Tweenie’ tracks and instead wants to play pretending she’s on a Blackberry, in a tiara, wiggling to hip hop and pelvic know you’re in trouble. I blame my great parenting. But ah well…i have the most beautiful little girl ever. (Even if randoms believe ‘hate mailing’ me and using her as their arguement is okay. I might look like a bit of a ‘flooze’ but i’m a GREAT mother. Taking out your petty insecurities on a 1 year old..just because she so happens to be mine, means to need to adjust your decency levels. But i’ll get back to that later.)

That day, i immediately had to taxi it straight from a nursery run to Westgate train station, to get to Manchester for a full day of filming. I didn’t get home until 11pm and worked ALL day. I love Manchester and you certainly did me proud. However, as always i can’t tell you anything about it. (Bummer, i know.) But if you saw me, you saw me and if you didn’t…you didn’t. I loved it and it certainly hails as one of the best days i’ve had this month. It ended in cocktails with new friend Fran, as it always does with me. I only managed to catch my last train by ONE minute and with her leaping onto the train after a cocktaily sprint and holding the doors open. I was still in a party dress, sprinting and texting. (‘I only sprint for girls that i love Chrissie.’) I adore Fran…especially because she banned me from my menthols with an ‘I’m just as feisty as you honey.’

I loved Manchester and mainly because i’m beginning to think that Wakefield is full of scrotters! I watched the random taxi driver, who tried to bone me, attempt to get into my eyeline for attention, love or a chance. (Go home to your wife mate.) AND a wannabe glamour modelling type, gurning at a 10.31am in the morning…in too much fake tan and no clue about life. (Get you act together honey pie.) I went to filming mildy bitchy, i admit. But there’s nothing wrong with a girl having an opinon and well mine’s to be voice, regardless as to what people might think of me. I do it with a smile and glitter. Which really does make it okay. 🙂

Other than that, i’ve been rushed off my feet with work, tumbling drying, mummy time and wedding planning. Luckily i have my mum and Kelly to help me. I went over to Kelly and Phil’s the other night and well they are like Godsends to me..and have wine. I’m really loving my time with them and well if any couple ‘get it’ it’s them. I’m luckily to have them in my life….and wine. 🙂 Kelly is a champion and being helpful with weddings and Phil is Keiran’s new ‘bromance.’ (Even if i do have a generator in my kitchen now, due to him. 😉 ) I love life and i love them. However, after that meet, life got busy and i couldn’t even find a moment to myself. The next day was accidentally spent in Doncaster, when i was meant to be wedding planning. The bad thing is, i couldn’t get back in time. the good thing is i was weirdly ‘off the telly ages ago’ popular in Donny that day. (Which we all know i adore.) Rubes was ace because she was constantly cute on cue.

Anyway, today.. was spent with The Wunnas treating my daddy to lunch with love. I’ve never felt fuller and more happy to be happy, which can’t really be too bad. (Yes, i had wine.) I forgot to tell you that i accidentally worked out the other day too, making me really disappointed in myself. Even though a dance class is hot..and i did used to be a dancer. After a million our stiletto workout around Manchester all day…it really is exhausting. I have a surprise that i can’t tell you about. A surprise where losing my post-preggo wait is essential. 😉

…so here i am, all happy, proud, loving my daughter and well Keiran gets back in the morning..and the storm begins. Keiran and i have had the most lovely week of romantic text messaging…but now i’m angry at him, for being a previous man whore. He’s text me with a ‘sorry..what can i do to make it better.’ Anwser: EVERYTHING. I’m beginning to not like, me having to plan the entire wedding, him working away and then showing up at the top of the altar, when it’s time to ‘i do’ it. There’s a distinct lack of romance in that. I’m never want our bond to be distance….especially on my wedding day. That’s not fair or right?

THEN i get ‘hate mail.’ I haven’t recieved ‘hate mail’ in ages, because now most my mail is adoring, then right out of the blue trundles in a bit of ‘private twitter love’ stating that my parenting skills are crap, due to my previous nude pictures and that i’ll never be..what’s the word ‘famous’ because of it. Then i got called a ‘fake ass.’ 🙂 Oh and that they hoped my little girl wouldn’t get picked on in school for it. Hmm..?

First of child is fine thank you and my previous ‘haven’t shot in years’ nude photos are also quite jolly. I replied to the ‘wannabe glamour model’ #hypocrisy much with a *yawn.* I think i’ve done alright, with a move to Hollywood, a 10 year career in modelling, a tv show, another on the way, a book out, a wedding to come and a beautiful little girl. If you don’t…then that’s not my problem. I love my life. You love yours.

Celebrate who YOU ARE. Rather than hating on the people you’re not. 😉 Good advice. Oh and due to my history my daughter will be educated at one of the best schools missy. #rubbishwhenthathappensinnitbabe 🙂

I’m looking forward to life, a bit stressed with all the wedding planning. Happy the hubby to be is coming home and ready to wink my way to victory.

I’m quite feisty today for an oldie. I need a little sit down. Haha!


My Little Box of ‘Lurve’


I’ve just successfully made chicken. (Well done me.) I’ve dangled out of a window in order to ‘holla’ at the post lady, after being unable to open my front door. (There’s golf clubs in the way, that i just can’t move and well i’ve kinda lost the key, meaning the poor post lady, got the fright of her life, when she saw ME dangling out of the front bedroom window, asking her to sign for my parcel for me and whop it through the most box.) I’ve looked at the hideous kitchen generator and tried to move it even an inch. Impossible! I even had to call Keiran, in order to aid me through it. We’re friends again now, which is lucky since we’re getting hitched. I apologised. He completely understood. Then he loved me from a far, once more. All ladies who think they don’t need a man in their life are wrong. YOU TRY moving a fricking giant generator one single inch with kitten arms. It really is a man’s job! I remember there being this excellent service in Hollywood, that i used to use ALL THE TIME, where you can hire a ‘husband’ (so the slogan goes) and he comes along to do all the little handyman things that you as a hottie, with kitten arms, cannot possibly manage. He built me a cabinate and everything. Then left once the job was done…AND for a bargain price. I miss having ‘Army Keiran’ home and simply because i need his muscles to lift heavy things. I like a man that can tend to ‘men-like’ things. I mean, if you can’t build me wardrobes, lift a box or do the bins..then grow yourself a vagina and come play ‘hairdo’s’ with me in Wunna Land. We certainly play to our male/female roles. We’re both quite traditional in that sense.  Like i explained to him over the phone… It’s hard having him gone because i’m the one that’s used to going away and working all the time, everyday. Now the shoes on the other foot and i’m having to get used to being a ‘Real Housewife.’ Which plays to his ego and completely ruins my nails.

Anyway, i’ve run my errands, i’m waiting for Ruby to return from nursery, i’m excited for lunch and cocktails in Manchester tomorrow, (i’m filming) and i’m getting my wedding fever back on the boilio.

Okay, the picture above. I’ve been dying to write this blog for ages, because it was waaay back in January that this little bit of romance occured.

One lovely, late romantic evening…and it must’ve been during a time where Keiran had to go away for a weekend or something? I walked into the living room, after being told to stay away for a while, as he fumbled and pottered upstairs, with card, ribbon,  sticky tape and love. 20 minutes later, he had completed his act of ‘i adore you,’ then planted his little *surprise* in a tiny little living room hidy place, for me to come and find. I entered the room…he was happily sitting on the sofa and he asked me to go on a little baby treasure hunt to find the little gift, with his ‘you’re getting warmer…cold…cold…now warm’ commands.

Now, i’m really rubbish at looking for things because i’m not logical and like i told you before, i have a short concentration space. I peeked high. I peeked low. I peered being sofa’s. Rummaged through toy boxes. THEN i finally walked toward the patio door and edged away the little black curtain, in order to find a tiny white box, beautifully decorated and tied in gorgeous pink and lemon ribbons. I had NO IDEA, what was in the box. I just knew it was a treat because he was going away for a few days. However, alongside my little gify came a handwritten poem from my handsome hubby-to-be…written from the bottom of his very loving heart.

This is what the poem read: (Written on my Prada card & bowed in pink and lemon)

‘ To Christina,

This is a very special gift. That you can never see.

The reason why it’s special…it’s just from you from me.

Whenever you are lonely, or even feeling blue.

You only have to hold this gift and know i think of you.

You can never ever unwrap it, please leave the ribbon tied.

Just hold the box close to your heart, as it’s filled with love inside.

All my heart, Keiran (Mon 30th Jan 2012.)’

Once i read it, i slowly perched on the sofa next to him and I Princess cried, because i couldn’t believe how romantic it was and i couldn’t believe that a boy would actually go to the trouble of doing such an act of love. I was filled with immediate emotion and i’m hardly ever like that. It takes a jolly lot to impress. He looked and me and smiled with his eyes, as he cuddled me in his big strong arms. Awwww! I adore that i have the most romantic man ever and i love that he just does all this, out of the blue and purely out of heart.

I’ve kept the box by my bed every night since and well love is all about making those memories. Decades from now, i’ll be able to pick up that little box, and read through my poem, show my grandkids how romantic their grandaddy was…and have my heart fill up with love again.

To every girl, who only wishes to meet the man of her dreams, yet feels that they’ll never ever find him. You really truely will and when you are ready to whole heartedly take true love on. It’s important to judge a being on how they treat you and the people you care for and not by their colourful past. Keiran, said he would never settle down, or be in a relationship. In fact, he’s probably been really awful to women in the past. However, deep down he’s a boy who just wants to find his true love and he walked into me accidentally…and let his heart take over. We have been boyfriend/girlfriend from our very first date, fully committed and 5 weeks later engaged. We get married this August 12th and can’t wait to begin our own little family.

Have faith in Cupid and open your heart to love. I never bull-shitted Keiran from the beginning, regardless as to what he might of wanted at the time. (I hate it when people adjust their beliefs, in order to make another being love them.) I told him exactly what i wanted, without fear and what i was going to accept from a partner. I refused to sleep with him for weeks and told him that i wouldn’t bother engaging with a boy who was just there for a sexy fling. I can’t have a million sexy flings, if i wanted. It doesn’t make anything special. I looked at him from a across, when we had only just was first date and told him that i believed the only way to see if something works is to do it whole heartedly and we’d either sink or swim. He looked at me and said, ‘so am i officially off the market.’ I said ‘yes.’ He smiled with an internal giddiness..agreed and from that day on, we have been MADLY in love and inseparable. Don’t be afraid to say what you really want..a good man will love a woman for not selling herself short. 😉

To all the girls in the world…i hope you get your little box too.

All my love,

Chrissie Wunna x

Keeping it nice and childish


I’m being really childish today. I spent the evening ‘not talking’ to Keiran, because i decided to get narky about him choosing to go to the gym, over spending time with my yummy daughter and I. (I’m a girl, we do things like that.) In return he was stubborn back and well he left to work away this morning at 7am…and from that point on we’ve bedroom bickered, phone bickered and now we’re ignoring each other for a jolly bit. Lol. It’s like being in a glitzy and somewhat humourous playpen. The teddy gets thrown out, the bottle gets whacked into a face, a nappy gets flung back pronto and  then it all ends in a raspberry and a nap. We’re both passionate about what we believe in and will bicker over stupid little things and at the time winning the bicker means everything to us. Then later, when we aren’t next to one another…we’re *pause* and thing ‘Oops’ and attempt to apologise with charm. I’m not good at apologising without being prompted and he hates that!! But he apologised yesterday, after misunderstanding what the word ‘implicitly’ actually meant, by taking his shirt off and holding my wine for me, as i tottered outside and awaited each sip. Y’know, i sometimes think Keiran doesn’t know why i love him, because i’m very sure he thinks the basis of my love for him, roots from him having a bit of a ‘body’ or a jolly handsome ‘look’ and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m not 17 or shallow. (We i can be..but not with men. 🙂 ) I love him, because he’s my ideal life partner and it’s weirdly unexplainable. You just know, when you’ve met the person, that you are fated to jolly through life with. I know that people say that all the time, but it really is a cliche’ AND true. The right person wanders into your life, at the exact time they’re supposed too. I always said that the man i’d marry would have to be the strongest man alive. Everyone did. But out of a gzillion men in this world, i’ve found him and i know i have. AND i’m typing this whilst being angry at him, meaning it must be love. God, i can’t stop adoring him. There’s not one box, that he doesn’t ‘tick’ in Wunna land. I can’t go through live without holding his hand. That’s why i adored James Corden’s ‘Tony’ speech, because that’s how Keiran feels about me. That’s how we feel about each other. I love grand displays of affection. I’m a show-off, i enjoy a bit of ‘look at me.’ I was only narky with him because i was gonna miss him. I don’t quite get why i can’t just say, ‘I’ll miss you,’ without the being a bratt part.

However…(back to reality) I’ve said it before, I don’t like that he is working away, because it tugs at our connection a little and the days that he’s back are spent resting, working and preparing for his next stint away, which causes me to get angry (even though i do quite enjoy alone time today) because he spent no time attempting to romance me, or make me feel utterly cherished. He instead prepped for leaving, watched a bit of telly and went to the gym. I don’t know where i come into that macho equation? The first day he bonked me, a couple times, i washed his clothes, i cooked him food and then doted. I don’t think my role is to have the ‘away working’ male, return and sort of treat me like a service stop for clean clothes, food and ball emptying….especially when they forget to romance you! In my mind, it’s only okay for me to do all that stuff (which i weirdly don’t actually mind) if you are being treated like a Princess and utterly appreciated. Right? If i’m gonna play ‘Happy Housewife’ then surely his role is romantic, heroic…. breadwinner. Keiran’s usually quite good at being a darling. Yet i’ve noticed that a lot of other gents want the ‘happy housewife,’ yet don’t fullfil their role as a male. The girl will do all her kitten-like duties and the guy will not bother romantically ‘wooing’ her or treating her and instead watch Top Gear for hours, whilst trumping the national anthem, with gravy down his chin. Or even the men that want to be ‘House husbands’ …who actually forget that that means they have to do the cleaning, the washing, the cooking and the childcare, as she brings in the moola. You can’t have the title and then refrain from comitting to the role.

Anyway, i’ve decided to go on a sashimi diet. One of my favourite ‘Hollywood’ ways to lose those extra wobbly bits, in a healthy fashion. I’m not one to work out. I’m 31 with a baby. If anything i need a ‘sit down.’ I’m a Glamour puss. I don’t get sweaty, i glow glitter. I leave the hard work to the ladies who don’t do stilettos, in false eyelashes, with champagne dribbling down their face and a wink. My workout is hair-tossing and laying on my back during sex! HAHAHA!

I’ve also decided to jump on the ’50 shades’ band wagon and read all about every ladies new crushy bit of girl porn, Mr.Grey. I don’t really need much more sexing up. I have an imagination of my own that gets the better of most bedroom moments. (If you heard what Keiran and I role play, you’d be well and truely…devastated. Lol) I can’t wait to see baby Ruby tonight, (she stole my tiara yesterday evening and combined it with a Peppa Pig T-shirt. Fashion Queen in the making much!) I’m loving life. I’m getting back on the book launch train. I have my signings to tend to. The ‘handsome’ and i auditioned for a show yesterday. I have a cocktails in Manchester tomorrow, for a lovely bit of ‘all day’ filming. I’m back on with the wedding planning. (I can weirdly only do it, when Keiran is away?) And i’m mildy *sad face* that he’s probably really happy right now, that he’s away from me. Isn’t that horrid, when i love him so much. It’s not my fault i’m feisty and without fear stand up for what i think is right.  *Get the violins out.* 🙂 That’s sexy and well initially what he liked about me.  I was the ballsy ‘ i want you to be my boyfriend’ kitty cat, on our first date! 10 months later, i had already called him a ‘tosser’ and he had already called me ‘pathetic.’ 🙂 We’re still madly in love and that’s what strong relationships are made of. *Cue Wedding March* I now have a petrol ‘something’ generator on my kitchen floor. Like i tweeted earlier. I’m a kitty cat who wants to find diamonds on my kitchen floor. Not gassy, smelling, ‘blow my house up’ boys toys. My good friend Kelly managed to get it out of her kitchen and it’s now landed in mine! Lol


In the words of Will smith, ‘It’s only boys that break girls into pieces. Real men pick up those pieces and put them back together.’

 In the meantime…can you buy my book please…i mean NOW! 🙂

Trust, Men and Working away…


Morning all! I’m back to feeling stressed and i have no idea why? However, the good thing is my ultimate fear of delighting the shingle shimmie once again, is enough for me to attempt to grab my calm cool aid and breathe my way out of it. There is no reason for me to be all ‘ooh-aah-noo-no’ AT ALL. I have no idea what’s wrong with me..but Dollies i need to wiggle that wink and strut away from it all.

I now know why i always have half shit hair. I’ve just sat infront of the mirror, made a mild attempt to curl 3 parts of it. Got very bored and frustrated after the 3rd roll and then out of utter kitty cat impatience gave in, with a giant snatch (not that snatch 😉 ) of my hairspray, flung my head upside down and spritzed it until it could no longer move, with a hand scrunch. How ANYONE can be bothered to ‘do hair’ i have no idea. I find it boring. I’m a girl with a rather short concentration span. Once something has taken too long, be it my hair, a boy, a meal, or a dream, i’ve over it before it even began. (I’m writing my blog knelt down on the floor, like a toad…with tits. Keiran has just crept around the corner with a crawl and attempted to ‘boo’ scare me. I just looked at him with daggers and said, ‘You should be trying to love me, not terrify me.’ 🙂 Apparently, he thought it would be funny. The real reason why he did it is only because he wants to sex me up, by the fine art of flirty scare crawl. AND OH LOOK. He’s just turned around, stepped over me and said, ‘Can we have sexy time??’ 🙂 ) I enjoy knowing men, better than they know me. I love my little Keiran. But i hate that he’s working away a lot now. I’m not a fan of the ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ theory. For me, it doesn’t work. I can only either do ‘full on there’ or ‘act like you are never ever there.’ I’m an all or nothing kitten. Meaning it’s really hard for me to yo-yo from one minute you’re here and the next minute you’re gone thing. It toys with my heart and makes it all confused. I’ve only ever dated one boy who worked away a lot. He went away for one month, with no contact because he had to go to Morocco. By the time he had returned and knocked on my door, exactly one month later. (This was in LA by the way.) I had already moved on, got over him and began my new chapter.) But i did get Moroccan bangles and well he just wasn’t the right boy for me. I had already got my ‘Hollywood’ on and emotionally detached.

Keiran on the other hand is my perfect boy. Making the ‘working away’ thing much much harder, because i have to learn to deal with it. UGH! I don’t enjoy learning to deal with things. I’m sure i have abandonment, trust and ‘need to be constantly adored’ issues. Add wine to that and you have trouble. 🙂 But whatever, i think it makes me sexy and well he has the exact same problem. There’s not one bit of me that likes him ‘working away-then coming back-then working away-and coming back.’ It’s like living on the edge of an emotional glitzy ‘yo-yo’ of love and well i don’t yo-yo…i strut. It’s hard, but he loves it and well if you can’t let a gent do what he loves, then you have problems. Lol. Plus, i’m quite hypocritical..because if i’m away working…i’m away working and i adore it whole heartedly with a giggle. 🙂 I’ll learn to not be a bratt one day. 🙂 Keiran leaves again at 7am tomorrow morning and i’m meant to be on ‘This Morning.’ We’re trying to do well and with a little bit of patience, understanding and a whole lot of love…we’ll get there. I love him.

Okay, so last night i had to tinker into my old Facebook account. I say old, but it’s not. It’s just one of them and i’ve had to have three now. That inbox is ferocious. Now i adore my inbox, i do, i do However, when you look in it and read messages from boys who have girlfriends i know and girlfriends i don’t know, even wives, and brand new little babies. It kinda makes you ‘urk’ a little. Are men to be trusted? By the look of my inbox of 437, with approx. 311 of them from men…no. THEN i remember discussing the issue with one of my guy friends. A good guy friend. He told me that he was dating a girl, told me her name and threw me over his mobile to look through his text records! OMG!!! You had never seen so much text flirting with other girls. It doesn’t make me sad, it just makes me wonder? Can a man ever be true to one girl…and not flirt, call, text, sleep with etc..etc with others?

All you can do as a kitten is love life, love you and trust and well in my mind that’s the best way forward. It all comes out in the end because hormones get the better of us girlies and we can’t help but get to being gobby. But on the whole i’m happy. However, if you are a gent and you have  a lovely girlfriend, a baby, a wife or anything that you care for. You only really have to love, protect and cherish her. Thats all you have to do, which isn’t that hard. ‘The distraction of a chica, in a corset, or a bit of sexy past really isn’t worth the drama. My father always told me it’s only an insecure male, who tends to such behaviour. But there are men, who can’t do anything but love, adore and utterly cherish the girl that they can’t help but need. I 100% believe that and know that there are wonderful males who only know how to love and when you have faith in your man, it’s funny how obedient they become. I have a great man, who i pretty much trust implicity. Yet wouldn’t it be funny if i said that and Keiran had an inbox, or a text stream of ‘urk.’ You just never know do you? I think ignorance is bliss. Lol.

Love you Dollies! I hope Robin the gardener comes today! I’m dying for my lawn MOWED and now! *Wiggle-wink.* I need coffee, oh and a hair-doer. Celebrate life, enjoy who you are and stand firm on your choices..with a hair-toss.