My Playboy/Book Launch Party at Bed club Leeds


Right, it’s my giant book launch party at Bed nightclub Leeds TONIGHT, beginning at 10pm for red carpet arrivals!! I’m a bit dolly panikcy, but i’ve had morning wines..meaning i’m okay. I’m really excited to see you all there! It’s going to be massive. We have fun, a press line, celebs and it all being filmed.

If you’re not doing anythin rock up to Bed and enjoy a bit of Playboy glamour, like every decent human being should!



Topless tans and showbusiness


What a fabulous last couple of days!! I am LOVING life right now with a panche and a jiggle that the Queen of all glitzy ‘ooh laa’ couldn’t even compete with. I’m not sure whether it’s down to the fact that it’s sunny, or whether it’s because i’ve finally almost got my wiggle together, to the point where i might actually make something of my delicious…sorry…self.

Two days ago was given to the art of topless sunbathing. My handsome hubby to be and I half naked bathed in the garden, with nothing but a smile, a puppy, a wine and a towel…and oh what a day it was! I’m a kitten who will always prefer to tend to a bit of sunbathing topless, due to me hating tan mark triangles in all the wrong places. I don’t need triangles around my nipples, making them look like a target practice…however a triangle around my ‘lady part’ is *sizzle.* I even made cups of tea and ate crisps topless..but that wasn’t to catch the sun, that was simply down to good old cheeky charm and because i have a delicious hubby to be. Keiran loves his little glamour puss and well i certainly adore a whole lot of ‘dream man.’ Oooh laa laa. We laughed, loved and lunched…We cannot believe how well our fairytale is panning out. (‘I’m sooo lucky to have a woman like you.’) Awww…i couldn’t have picked better. What a man! I mean, there was a point where i was just in big cream leopard print frilly knickers, in an updo with a giant odd flower in my hair. I looked like a Benidorm conga line. But nonetheless…he adored me for it.

Yesterday, i was up at 5.30am to groom, get on a train and travel over to London for a day of filming…in neon (again) and by laptop men travellers, who kept glaring at me like they couldn’t decided if i was a tranny or not. I had been soo used to my ‘housewifey’ duties, that work (as in going away to work) popped out of nowhere with a *shock.* I mean, yeah i might of had to elbow laptop men out the way, due to lippy applying on the train, Coach G…yet it was totally worth it. I had an AMAZING DAY. (Obviously, i can’t tell you anything about it…but let me tell you…it was fabulous!)

Poor little Keiran had to live off peanut butter sarnies all day and bags of crisps, due to the absence of his kitten. I ADORE that i’ve now found my inner ‘home maker.’ I mean even Wazza declared that he remembered the day i had nothing but a bowl and a bag of plastic forks in my kitchen. (I also had frozen meat and a old yogurt too, if i remember rightly.) My gorgeous daughter and wonderful hubbster have brought out the best in me. I’m happy, i’m useful and well alongside all the mummy, loving, tumble drying, topless bathing, i actually have the book, the launch, the filming and life to enjoy. It’s almost perfect. I mean anytime your Hollywood nickname was ‘slutty Mc-slut pants’ you are greatness :), however if you managed to take that title, roll it into a glitter ball of ‘ooh laa,’ throw it back out into the world and wiggle it to ‘Goddess’ 🙂 you’re a champion. I feel whole, giggly and like i finally have the foundation i always wanted. A great job, a daughter, a family, love, fun and the perfect most loving man. (He waited at the station for me for an hour until my delyaed train came in. When i finally arrived, all bad extensions in tow. He greeted me at the platform with a huge ‘like in a movie’ cuddle filled with love and cuddles. That’s the kind of man i’ve always wished for. He blows all other gents straight out of the water and i LOVE IT!)

I have quite a lot to do today. As i’ve got a lot to organize. I have the book launch at the weekend. I’m worried, but really there’s nothing i can actually do about it. I’ll just show up wing it and enjoy. Then straight after i have more work, more filming and then THE WEDDING…which i really can’t wait to tinker with! I love that i have a book and i hope that you all buy it, but i ADORE that i have a wedding…because it pins the beginning of a true fairytale.

I better get back to work. I’ve got all this boring admin work to get through that i can’t be arsed with. I’m trying not to get distracted, but sometimes a little ‘steer away’ is what makes the magic happen. I haven’t even done my face yet. I mean i’m literally typing in sunglasses and supergirl shorts! It sounds fit..but it’s not. (Who am i kidding…:)…it’s sooo fit.

I hope to see you at the weekend and well i’ll be blogging about the launch a little bit later! It’s rubbish that i can’t tell you about my ‘yesterday’ but dollies that’s showbusiness. *Wiggle-wink* Make your dreams come true. I love you. x

Thank you for following my life.

A few extra inches


‘When the going gets tough…the tough get into their bikinis!’ – Beverly Hills, (90210)

Tell me you’ve reached for your booty shorts, or your zebra bikini top, with a hair extension and a swagger! The sun is out, i’m weirdly not feeling stressed at all, i’m bubbling over with a giggly *wink* of ‘wa-woo-wee’ and oh dolly dollies, ‘The Wunna’ has stepped up her game. I’m telling you ladies..i’ve popped in a new extension and i feel divine…almost too kitty cat divine. When you look good, you feel good and then when the sun comes out you have good clean naughtiness. Keiran’s on the sofa, eating his banana porridge with Rambo in his thigh, doing ‘ooh’ faces at me, like he finds me ‘yummy-oh mama-yum-yummy-ooh-aah-aah.’ I love it when he pervs on me and glares me down like he couldn’t do any better in the ‘kitten’ department. It makes me feel all dollified and like i need to hump him with a wiggle. *Giggle*When a girl feels sexy, not only to you men get looked afted…but you also GET FED!

I’ve just got back from the nursery run and i did overdressed like any true Wunna would. I’m happy, i’m in love, i have the most wonderful little family. We all once again ended up in the bed and well hopefully today i’ll beable to enjoy a bit of good old sunshine. I’ve notcied the Brits being quite sceptical about the length of time that the sun will decided to put his hat on…however as always i’m positive and confident that it will. Why? Well because i’ll look like a twat in this outfit, if it didin’t and i just know The Gods of sexy wouldn’t do that to me.

I’m loving being a ‘soon to be’ wifey. I’m looking forward to my book launch. I adore being a mummy to my beautiful beautiful little girl and well any 31 year old that can rock a pair of booty shorts like i can 😉 ( i will get over myself by noon, when my extension falls off my head into wine) has absolutely nothing to worry about. I’m in a ‘dreams come true’ mood today and when i feel the magic, it usually always happen.

Let the boys be boys and the girls be kittens today and celebrate it. Love the one you have and enjoy them thoroughly over cocktails. I love ‘good mood’ Chrissie. I’m telling you, it’s my extension. It’s amazing what a few extra inches can do. 😉

It’s all a bit of a book launch boggle


A busy day mentally. Lots to organise. Lots to schedule. Lots to bundle up and celebrate and shit lots to get my head around. I’m sorting out ‘good times,’ with promo, with mummy diaries, wifey duties, Hollywood contracts, book launches, show filming, travel, last minute arrangements, hairdos and lists. Oh lists! (I’m not a list girl. I need to be.) There is so much going on in Wunna land that my mind is utterly butterly boggled. I quite fancy a trip away topless bathing in the sun. However, i have to conquer this launch…make it a big old jolly success, do well at filming on Wednesday and balance enough fun, with enough rest as possible. Being a ‘Lady of leisure’ was much much easier. You’d kinda swan up anywhere and do heels, at you’re own pace and you’re own time without a care in the world. But now, (that i’m a baby sized entrepeneur of fittiness..or whatever) life is wocka, choca busy..and you’d never know it…as i perform it with a calm glamour pussy flair, like i can handle it all in a ‘look not very busy’ manner. It’s like when you’re feet kill in hot shoes, but you can’t make like they do, in order to look delicious. Only tramps hobble around with an ‘ouchy-my shoes kill’ face. Real women, ‘divine’ their way through it with a glamourous, happy glide and a smile.

Keiran’s on the sofa, with new puppy ‘Rambo’ having ‘boy time. Their boy time seems to consist of cuddling, proving that all good men really need is a bit of a spoon to keep them going. I love being in love and i love the fact that i’m about to be a new wife. Weird innit…as i never said i would. It’s crazy how things change and how magic can pop out of nowhere. We had a really great weekend with one another and well it really does help solidify a foundation and make it strong.

Anyway, i must totter off, in my updo and with a fuzzy head, in order to tend to all this glitzy work pile up. Ugh. I’m really nervous about my launch now. I’m terrifed of it and i have no idea why? Plus, as soon as that box is ticked, i have a wedding an another launch to do, followed by a book tour…and my baby Rubes to cuddle up too. (Rubes really is wonderful right now..she staggers around stores grabbing everything and calling it a ‘babies.’ 🙂 I have a really happy baby and as a mummy/m.i.l.f 😉 it really does make you’re world go around. I love that she can look at my book cover and with a ‘point’ say ‘Mama.’ Then flick through a More Magazine, point and say ‘Dadda.’ I really want to build this magical kitten empire of glory…and quite quite strangely…i am. Phewf. *Wiggle-wink

FYI/ if you are wanting to be a VIP at my book launch this saturday and you have not told me…you need to.

Big Kisses,

‘The Wuns’

Oopsies, Drinking and Puppies


Omg! What a weekend! It actually turned out to be the most wonderful bit of comedic time with my lovely hubby to be. All i’m gonna say is, (well i am going to be sayin a whole lot more) but yeah…when you go out for a night on the rizzle razzle, to meet your mister for a drink (he redeemed himself) and you end your night with a new puppy named ‘Rambo’…you know you are a bunch of champions. Drunk Keiran merrily celebrated Wunna Land with a new puppy. Maybe sober Keiran, will regret this! HAHA. (He loves ‘Rambo.’ I mean anytime we have a minature growler cosying into our bed sheets with us, with a cuddle and a wink. You know it’s love. The good kind. I will however say EVERYTHING ends up in our bed. We’re both softies, who can’t bare to see the deserving go through minor heartache. It will end up in our bed. Be it Ruby, Rambo…and everything else inbetween. Infact, now i think about it, it might only be things beginnin with ‘R.’ But yeah…i looked at him this morning and said, ‘We’re gonna have 42 children and they’re ALL going to end up in this bed, as we ‘bookend’ them on each ‘falling off’ side. Lol. I love how in love we are and i adore that no matter what…no-one and nothing can break that. We know each other better than anything or anyone and our love for one another is magical. We see the good in each other and only because we’ve proved the ‘good’ in each other TO each other..where no-one else as!

Okay…it was late…ended up meeting Keiran in Wakefield. (He’s just staggered down the stairs and with a smile on his ‘just woke up’ face said, ‘YOU stole all my money!!’ ) #pointstowunnaland. Anyway, i looked quite the charm. He greeted with an ‘oh god you are beautiful.’ He took me for a quick cocktail, enjoyed love, gave each other a cuddle and well he looked at me with eyes that were sooo deeply in love with me. We held each other on the cobbles, under the stars with a ‘Baby, we’re touching bellies!’ It was perfect. He told me that he couldn’t wait to marry me.

Anyway…and i’m gonna keep a long story short…we end up at The Hub for a bit of a shimmie and a bit of a shake. A couple of his friends were there, who he had earlier gone out with and well all was delicious with a wee bit of ‘giggle-wink.’ I had my hair did, neon on my bottom half and was greeted with a pervy warm welcome by the boys of Wakefield. I mean, as soon as one bit of leg reached out of my taxi to the town….i was bombarded immediately by a group of me who thought i was ‘their one.’ Hmm? I wasn’t bothered, in fact quite flattered…until I got caught up in some looong pervy conversation, where the other party didn’t quite get the ‘anyway, hope you have a great night’ exit line. But good night. I felt sexy.

At The Hub, drinking vodka redbulls with my lovely hubby, he’s smooching me, loving on me and dancing around on some platform as i wiggled below him. For ages everything was perfect. No drama. All love. All fun. THEN came the unfun part. There i am in my full extension glory…in neon and white (lol) having the best time ever and within a moment flat i end up having to be confrontational with a girl, who i associated with another girl that i despise. And just like that the evening went downhill! I’m a girl who will always ‘dagger’ then initally walk off, due to ditch drama…but then i went with fuck it, after redbull and vodka. I’m tired of people ‘yadda-yaddering’ therefore with the support of the handsome, i turned around and deliciously argued my case out. I’m feisty…it was not good. I was on a platform dancefloor, in the face of the girl in question (who actually isn’t horrific, but well the boys wanted us to fight…so we did) i had my finger in her face, i was screaming at her, then yelling at her, then explaining why i would nothing to do with any of them, if they continued to be troublesome to my relationship. Love is something to be celebrated, not torn apart and bitched about. Then just like that she disappeared…with her boyfriend…who congratulated me on my book. (Which was weirdly sweet…and quite good form.)

After the fight, Keiran and I are fine…until i think. As i’ve thought, i’ve figured that the boys set the meeting up, as the other memeber of the ‘boy’ party had come up to me and said, ‘well it had to get sorted out.’ And had told Keiran that he was going to meet his girlfriend. Hmm..?

I yelled at Keiran for trying to set me up. He swore he never did. We fought. More yelling, more drink throwing. I got dragged out of the venue, by my kitty cat wrist, I got yelled at some more, I yelled, i threatened to leave and then because i wouldn’t listen Keiran decides it’s a really good idea to THROW my unzipped handbag, filled with my life over a hedged wall and into a completely locked and coded parking area that we have no access to. I storm off. He sees me walk off, feels guilty, realizes what he’s done and quickly leaps over the gate and scrambles to get my bag. It was actually quite funny, because i remember him chasing after me, all fuming…with a green designer handbag delicately perched upon his shoulder, like a Queeny superhero.

By this time i’ve walked off and ventured down a quiet road, on my own. I look behind me and he’s there with my handbag. (Quite cute actually.) He’s still fuming, but is now trying to make it all right. We’re in a dark corner, only lit by a street lamp  and i’m sat on a wall, away from everyone and everything. Were in our ‘talking it all out’ moment and FIVE RANDOM MEN, leap out of nowehere in order to defend my honour. How funny! (I’m actually quite happy about this. I mean, if it wasn’t Keiran and was some scary man, they would’ve beat him up for me and saved my life.) But yeah, FIVE men had seen him drag me out the club and followed our fight to the point where they popped out of nowhere and were ready to save me from danger. Good men! I like that. (One even popped over the fence with a little bald head. LOL) Anyway, we told them that nothing ‘dramatico’ was going on, but appreciated their help. They then turned all happy and bubbly and told us that we were ‘good looking’ (lol) with a hand shake and a laugh. Hilarious! Taming the masses with a *wink.*

It all calmed down, with us explaining we were fine and just like that everything went back to ‘fairytale’…back to normal and back to love. That moment of random fighty boys was good, because it shocked us out of drama, with a ‘wait, what are we doing.’ Immediately, we were back to love. We never actually left the bubble. But like i always say to him, if you let drama come into our lives, then you will destroy it. People are meant to cut out those who bring ‘yadda-yadda’…and simply because it’s the healthy way to live.

They wouldn’t let Keiran back in the club, so we had to go to a differernt bar. Fun. Chatty. Filled with people who ‘knew me from somewhere.’ More booze, convo, love and shots. A few pervs and then this chubby girl, who kept stopping me telling me i was beautiful, going on about how she wanted my hair and weirdly kept saying, ‘I wish i looked like you.’ (What? Asian in neon? 🙂 ) Anyway, she decides to tell her friend that she had ‘got with’ Keiran twice.  Erm…? Don’t worry, it wasn’t drama it was funny. He just looked, laughed and with a ‘have you seen my wife…as if i would..’ we tended to the rest of the evening, in neon, faux fur and new hair. (I’m too old for this. Lol)

We went to visit his other friend, then his little sister, ended up with a puppy and then met my mum in Meadowhall for a lovely family lunch. The throwing of my handbag, had actually made me lose my Blackberry. Not good. You feel lost without your phone, right? Luckily, Keiran came to the rescue, drove all the way over to the wall at 7am in the morning, (i fell asleep on a seat belt,) he jumped the hedged fence and found my ‘still there…phewf’ phone by a children’s play area?

The rest of the day was all about salmon handrolls and sleep. I now have so much work to tend to, with the book launch approaching. It’s now this weekend. I’m also filming mid-week in London and have a bucket load of promo to get through, with mummy and puppy duties! HO Hum! I even got a call from DK in Hollywood this morning to get the organisations for the movie sorted. I was laid in bed…chatting about work, with a handsome and a puppy in my bed.

Keiran and I madly in love, loving our fairytale, we can’t wait for the wedding and we have a lot of work to tend tooo! We also now have a puppy. 🙂

Moral of the story: People who concentrate on drama and enjoy bringing it into happy peoples lives, aren’t worth your life air time. The art of being positive really isn’t that hard. Enjoy a drama free life and prosper.

When Men don’t get it…


Okay, so i’ve had a mad day of rushing around, panicking and organizing for my book launch in Doncaster today. I’ve got a lot on my plate, i’m filled to the brim with stress and worry and so i was really excited for the evening to come, due to desperately needing a bit of fun, a sense of ‘release’…a good time to enjoy life, love and happiness and let go of my mind, my stress and with someone that i love. This evening is the ONLY evening this entire week, where i am completely free of mummy duties…so i was kinda looking forward to having fun and just destressing because i need to before i go mentally insane.

…so what d’ya think Keiran does, on the only evening i am free to enjoy a good old bit of much needed fun with him.

He goes on boys night.

Not once did it cross his mind that i might WANT or NEED to have fun, on the only day i have to do it on, when i’m internally in need of it. I don’t get it?

I’m soooo stressed and instead princess weeping into a budget wine…just because i need to let my mind BREATHE. I need a release and there’s nothing worse than looking forward to one and it not being available. #pointslost #bigpointslost

I don’t even have anything to say…I guess when you’re a girl, you just think that men will forward think and make good decisions, without you having to prompt them. It’s not the case at all, is it?

Yesterday he said he was the ‘happiest’ he had ever been with me and was consumed with utter love for me. (‘I’m sooo in love with you, Chrissie.’) It makes me feel like when men get what they want or need, they then forget to consider what their partner may want or need, because they have what they want (..which in Keiran’s case is love) and that’s all that matters to them. And to make it worse my feelings don’t count…OVER FOOTBALL. I don’t think it’s fair. I feel taken for granted…#brakeson


















And Keiran’s in More Magazine OUT NOW!


Okay my dandy licks of life! Now, you know how i enjoy to keep the ‘ooh laa’ all within the ‘family,’ hoping to one day build an empire, kinda ‘Kardashian’ style, but with a *wink* and a *Wunna* celebrating the globe. Well, today we found that my very handsome hubby to be ‘Keiran Thompson’ is actually in this weeks edition of MORE MAGAZINE.

We were both in it earlier this year, however Keiran is strutting solo in this current issue, with his ‘My Dating Life’ column. (I likey!)

I’m super proud of him, so i hope that you adore him too! Grab your copy and show my little hero some support. (It has actually been out since Tuesday, but we only realized today whilst supermarket shopping for pasta!)

Life is wonderful in our little bubble right now (even though he told my bum it was wobbly, then giggled at it like it had a life of it’s own. 🙂 IF MY BUM wants to WOBBLE it WILL! It can still wiggle better than most, even if it is 31 years of age. I mean it’s attached to ‘Chrissie Wunna’ for crying out loud. I’m surprised that it can ONLY wobble. If you look close enough, i bet it can swear, drink and juggle too! 😉 )

Anyway, i’m in love, we’re in love and it’s exciting seeing him in More Magazine AGAIN! I do however have to go, as he seems to find placing his bare willy upon my laptop screen humorous mid-blog. I ADORE HIM. I mean anytime a gentleman can hold my attention, only to deliver a GIANT *trump*…which actually made us both laugh, means we’re the perfect couple!


 Thank you for following my life. x





New Book Phone Line…


Good morning my little treaties of wink-wink. My mind is a boggled with a work load of ‘got to do this-ot to do that.’ I keep being lazy when it all gets a bit too much. (I’m quite irresponsible when i have a pile on of kitty cat work-work.) However, Keiran…the handsome ‘otherside of my pillow’ also has a giant man chunk of work to tend to, yet is making his way through it with a champion swagger. It’s encouraging me to try a little harder. Lol. Good influences are often frustrating, because when it comes to the hard grind, i’m rubbish. Yet i’m impressed and inspired by his commitment to his man chunka work load, meaning i’m going to actually be productive today…well until wine gets the better of me. Keiran now runs his own company…and 100% enjoys being a leader that’s filled with bucket loads of responsibility. I have a short concentration span. Things usually have to interest me within a moment. If not, my eyes will wander and i’ll totter off to MAC bronze my cheeks, until i find my next adventure. However, only when i find i have too much on for me to handle.

Anyway, the ‘fairytale’ is currently wonderful in Wunna Land. The two of us have really got our ‘forever’ on and are filled with a giggle and bond, swiped over with glitter and love. We’re best friends and have never been more comfortable with each other than we are now. Keiran’s turned into, what i call ‘Old man Thompson’ (the grandad version of himself…which I LOVE.) He did the nursery run in his slippers today, woke up at the crack of dawn, moaned about the jazzy ‘too loud’ music playing on the radio, switched it to Radio 2 and complained about ‘Rasta Mouse.’ (‘Ruby, i do not want you talking like you’re a jamaican mouse!’) I love the transition in him because i just find it adorable. He’s my absolute perfect man…and mainly because he forgives me for throwing saucepans around the room, due to my snazzy uncontrolable hormones. 🙂 In relationships when two people are the same, passionate, madly in love and feisty, drizzled with minor trust issues…it takes time to adjust to the correct relationship positioning. We’ve finally managed it and with no drama whatsoever. I love having the man of my dreams. We can’t WAIT to get married and well i never ever thought i would say that about any boy.

We did ‘Nando’s’ last night, with ‘The Wunna’s’ at Xscape. My mum keeps treating us because she adores her new soon to be ‘son in law.’ I love that they’re welcoming him in with warm open arms and well if anyone believes that we’re going to do amazing things in life…it’s my mum and she won’t stop until we get there. I want us to conquer everything and we will! I’m excited, determined and hopeful. [Have a breakfast wine here]

I can’t actually remember what i needed to tell you today? But it actually was important. Lol. I’ve got meetings, phone calls, more work, book stuff, filming next week and weddings to organise. Both of us literally had to start getting up early, simply to fit our days work in. I’ve got a future plan and i’m going to stick to it. But first i need to celebrate my book launch and tick that little box with a wink, before i attempt to tend to anything else remotely glitzy.

Okay yeah…i remember what i was meant to be telling you. (Keiran’s sat on the sofa telling me he likes my boobies and that i should consider getting them out. 🙂 I’m quite the hornball right now, due to my hormones going kinky and well i’m having to hold back from leaping on him ALL OF THE TIME, simply to refrain from looking like a jolly old cougar nutter. 😉 )

Right, you all know, but i will tell you again. I have a book out. My first ever one. ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss.’ Due to heavy purchasing (which i love) it keeps selling out and is now constantly ‘out of stock’ on Amazon and the Waterstones website.

For those of you, that have PRE-ORDERED your book and not yet recieved it…i have been informed that it is because the orders are filtering through the system and due to there being quite a bundle of them to filter through, there is a minor minxy hold up.

Therefore, Wunna land has saved the day!! IF YOU WOULD LIKE A COPY OF MY BOOK, a BOOK ORDER PHONE LINE has been opened, just for you delicious cherry gaggle of Wunna fans.

The number to call for you copy of ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss’ is 01565 228317  (Payments via all major credit and debit cards are accepted 24 hours.)

OR you can divert an Amazon/Waterstones line up by going directly to and buying your  book there…which is straight from the publishing house.

Hope i’ve got all the major details out? Lol (God, i need a wine and a bonk.)

5 Ways to say ‘sorry’



Okay, so today was meant to be 100% stress-free, filled with love, baby making and ‘oooh laa.’ However, in the last 20 minutes, i’ve managed to have a bit of a bicker with my hubby-to-be over vegetables, to the point where i ended up ‘Diva-ing’ on him, (after he threw my fresh steamed veggies in the bin,) pickin up a half full pan of baked salmon and pasta, strutting to the patio door, LAUNCHING it on the lawn, then turning around to throw the now empty pan (with onion bits in) through the air and into the corner of the living room, on to a music playing system. Yipppee!

He’s apologised, i’ve forgiven him and we’re laughing about it now. (I mean if i was going to ‘dodgy food’ him to death, i’d do it the sexy way with arsenic in leopard print heels and not carrot clumps.) The fact that he pre-tuned the tv to ‘Real Housewives’ made me forgive him. I’m not mad really. I wasn’t ever. I just have a ‘diva’ whenever i feel 1% unappreciated. But i love my little fool. I can’t help it.

Anyway, since my little saucepan flight, i figured it would be a good time for me to post this blog…one that i’ve been meaning to post for donkies years, but never got around too.

Men…you always mess up. I know a lot of you, have dated a lot of you and yeah all the time you tend to accidentally balls everything up and find yourself in a position of ‘i’m sorry.’ Therefore i thought i’d help you out a little, by presenting you with 5 WONDERFUL ways to say ‘sorry’ to your girly. You really don’t even have to utter a single word. Just leave it somewhere where she’ll find it and find yourself scoring MAJOR points!

The above ways also work for ‘I love you…’ which is a much better option.

I have a good hubby to be, meaning i have delighted in most of the above from him…without it having to be a ‘sorry’ and it always being an ‘i love you.’ But i assure you, there is not one girl who wouldn’t appreciate at least one thing from the list above, when you need to get out of trouble. 🙂 (You have a love letter, flowers, a cuddle, a handbag, or jewellery)

Lots of love

Chrissie x