Playboy bunny shoots, champagne and crotch poppin’


You know life is delicious, when in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, you are dressed in the prettiest pieces of peachy, cream laced lingerie, equipped with Playboy bunny ears, stockings and a bobble tail, snuggled in a moody lit corner of a VIP bed, with 4 other little giggly bunnies, whilst celebrating and drinking champagne..and not only a camera picturing the moment, yet also with mirrors and good spirit oozing from every being in the room.

Yep, yesterday was my BIG Playboy BUNNY shoot, for the promo of my upcoming BOOK ( ‘Diairies of a Glamour Puss’) launch party, at BED nightclub in Leeds, which is themed ‘Playboy.’ Woohoo! The shoot was AMAZING. You couldn’t have asked for better. Big lights, big set ups, big shoot…5 bunny girls. We were draped on bed booths, wiggling in front or mirrors, giggling in corners for a camera and getting our boobie sultry on for that wee bit of ‘Playboy.’ I felt like ‘House Bunny.’ I mean imagine toddling around all day, having really normal conversations with people, in bunny ears and frilly knickers. It was a bit quiet at first, with all the girls getting to know each other. But then the music, the big lights and the ‘bam-bam’ came on and before you know it, we were ‘ooh’ to the ‘laa’ facing and spanking each others little bobble tailed bums.

I will tell you that i arrived late to the shoot (and i HATE being late for things) due to unreliable transport and people. Meaning literally BEFORE the shoot, a guy, pretty much grabbed my pink leopard print luggage out of his boot and forcefully plonked it on the pavement in a huff and wanted me to simply stay away from him. (I don’t think it’s lovely to upset someone before a big shoot like that. What i look for in people, is a good heart and the ability to be of great support. I mean, my book means so much to me and i’ve worked hard for everything to work out swimmingly. I had promo people, club owners, models, camera men, dj’s…EVERYONE who turned up to make this launch party shoot happen for me and well i’m not in the business of letting people down, especially when they are the people who believed in me, the book and the launch whole heartedly and enough for them to all take time out of their life to make it happen for me, in good spirit and with warm support.)

Luckily and because i’m living in Wunna land. As i left the first car, that was misted over with negativity, my Blackberry was ringing. I looked down at my phone, saw the name ‘Jamie,’ grabbed my leopard luggage, and flustered around the corner to the man himself, who greeted me with a gentle happiness,  a warm, content peace and immediately (because he knew i must’ve been going through drama) made sure i knew how amazing i was, (you need people like that around you) what i had achieved in life, (lots) told me that we were going to have the best shoot EVER to prove my worth (I likey likey) and THEN like i was 7, told me he had a magician at the ready to cheer my miserable fucking face up! HAHA.

What i liked about that moment in my life, was that i went from an extreme cloud of grey and hurt, to only walk around a corner, into a whole knew feeling of absolutely positivity. Around a corner literally! With luggage! It changes everything and makes you realize how lucky you are to have life and people who support you. How great you’ve done in life and how well you’re going to do. I’ll only surround myself with happy, good, ‘doing well’ people from now on and why? Well it makes allt he difference. I walked straight through the doors of Bed nightclub at 10.30am, feeling happy, confident and alive. I greeted everyone. Nathan D’Amour the photog. The bunny girls. The staff. I slipped out of my jumper, slipped into my undies, gracefully placed on my bunny ears, in a mirrored corner, all slooow and like a champion. I had my bobble tail fixed by bunny girl ‘sarah’ who had a ‘popping crotch’ (everytime we shot and she’s a beautiful girl, her crotch kept popping due to her having to be bunny sprawled over booth beds and have wild sexy pillow fights. I loved each one of my little bunnies. They listened to me ramble on about my love life…and helped me drink champagne. 🙂 ) Then filled with positivity, i tottered upstairs to @jamiedorrington to be impressed by the most AMAZING magician i have EVER EXPERIENCED @dangerouscraig1 !! He wowed me with this unbelievable card trick and then shimmied on, to his t-shirt swith ‘ooh laa’ and then when we were outside NOT smoking 🙂 he bamboozled me with a 10p in my water bottle magic! HAHAH. I was so impressed, that i now want to be magic. I do! I do! I’ve been trying to be magic to myself at home since, but i’m shit at it. Anyway, he’s an illusionist, the best undiscovered magcian EVER. He will now be in my VIP lounge on May 26th at the book launch party *wa-wooing* the celeb and special guested crowd with his ‘ooh laa.’ Amazing! I kept patting him down and stroking him upward, in order to figure out how he did the tricks. Now i think i about it, it probably just looked like i was feeling him up as ‘well done matey.’ My hands and boobs have a mid of there own.

But yes! Wonderful day. Amazing bunny shoot. I sat with all the bunnies and we chatted about life and they gave me advice, with a whole lot of love. It felt really great just to be around people who are filled with good love for what they do  and enjoy who they are and have taken the time out to do something creative. My last week and a bit has been littered with the drama of others, that has misted it’s way into the drama of my life, who actually aren’t even half of what these people are. They are good people, with a warm spirit. People who go out of their way to help others. I adore people like that. I felt good and oozed with love…and then the sun came out. I mean for example, when i did that Radio Aire comp to raise money for charity and to win the wedding of my dreams with Keiran. Not one person, (aside from his lovely family) could be bothered to even give £1…just 1 penny even to us for underpriviledge children. How bad is that!! Not one friend did…even if they said they did. We gave up an entire week of our lives and raised almost £4ooo in that time for others. The couple that won the wedding, were the couple that had the most support. Even though i was sad at the time, the wedding actually went to the right couple. At the end of the day, i can actually afford to pay for my own dream wedding, however i loved the idea of winning one. But the good out of it, is the money raised for the kids, that we kinda did alone…and when no-one could be bothered to help. Even those who claim to be close. (Thank you to the people that did.) I always remember those moments! If you can’t give to children who need help, then what do you actually represent, as a being. Those people, who climb mountains, give love and money, give time and go on marathons to help others,  all of that…are the people that you need to surround yourself with. My mum lost her handbag, after leaving it on a road and a lady found it picked it up, found her address and personally went out of her way to drive over to her home and hand deliver it that night. Good people.

Anyway, back to the shoot, before i go off on a rant…a  champagne bucket was enjoyed. (I think it was stolen? Lol) But whatever, I love to drink at the shoot. Therefore, I’m thanking EVERYONE, Nathan, Jamie, Alex, Kelly, sarah, Laura, Marijke…everyone, for being part of the big day. I’m a girl that adores people who love success and aren’t afraid to be admire people who are a success or about to be a  success. It’s a really grand quality. I also love that no matter what drama i was going through, i manned up, put on my bunny ears and gave the best shoot ever. That’s professionalism.

I can’t wait for my GIANT book launch party at Bed, in Leed, on May 26th. The celebs are confirming, i’m about to put my VIP invites out and i just cannot wait to get my bunny giggle on and have my book out and LAUNCHED. Whenever i think i have it so bad, i need to look and see what i really have and know that actually have it so amazing. All anyone needs in life, is a strong foundation, love and support. When you ground that in…you can bloom into a success. Celebrate your life. Don’t waste time who focus so much on bullshit drama, because they have nothing going on in their lives, but that…because just around the corner is a giant team of happy, positive people, in bunny ears, with cameras, spreading happiness, in a room filled with pure goodness, no drama, a candy coated ambition, good spirit and warm hearts that will take them places. Love what loves you, enjoy caring about yourself and others. Make your mark on this world and do not surrender to the people that aren’t really there for you.

Everyone always wonders why i’ve done well. I get asked that a great deal. I will tell you that i’m nowhere near where i want to be. But the outcomes in life are in the hands of The Gods. But good things, only happen to good people. There’s always two options in life and the options are only ever good or bad. I met a guy yesterday, who randomly bean talking to me. He had just that day got out of jail and was on route to see his mum, after 2 years. He was actually a lovely guy and when i asked him why or how he felt….(know that it was a yummy sunny afternoon) he told me that he could now be grateful for something as simple as the sunshine… his family…his love. Then i lipglossed and tottered off because hanging out with criminals terrifies me really, even though i’m chatty. Lol. I mean it’s fun for a moment, then i really…it’s a pass card! OH! And then i had to turn down a tv show on the train! 🙁

I can’t wait for my book to be out! ‘Diairies of a Glamour Puss!!’ You can buy yours on pre-order now on Amazon. I will be selling copies at the red carpet launch party!

I had the best nights sleep last night, on clean sheets and at peace. I feel ALIVE. I love that i spent my Tuesday dressed as a bunny. What did you do?


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