Happy 2012

The first thing i did in the year 2012 was kiss my ‘handsome.’ I’m a smart girl. I know where to pout my pucker and well when your future is standing right infront of you…after a cider and actually after you have warm heartedly text him, confessing your undying love, whilst there are others in the room and after a quick bit of very obvious *rumpy* on spare bedroom sheets and on the sofa, whilst the other couple are asleep…you know your year will be greatness. I do try not to be slaggy, yet whenever i see him i urge to devour him because i’m old. I always thought i’d grow up to be disgraceful…however never a dirty old man?

Anyway my 2012 is going to be amazing becauseI began mine with LOVE and i’m a utter believer in the year strutting through ther way to you began it. (Much better than my Hollywood days when i’d be driving back from a party at 10am on Jan 1st…shaking my head in disgust at the fact that i had my sunglasses on, wine poured down my chest and a ‘handsome’ who i didn’t really like as much as i had told him. 😉 I guess what i’m trying tos say is that nothing beats the power of a beating heart. I’m in love. he made my heart *thud-thud*..and well from that point on..Keiran and I havebeen nothing but ‘fairytale.’ Infact, MORE in love than we have EVER been. We’re settled, happy, hopeful and have drawn our ‘bubble’ around us. (Just skimming through my Facebook. UGH! I am soooo over everyone deciding that they’re ‘getting back into the gym’ or ‘giving up drink’ for 2012. How *snooze* and unoriginal. Morons! 🙂 There are much better things to get up to then the art of ‘give up’ and ‘the gym.’ Win a million dollars. Fall in love. Make your dreams come true. Visit the Toyboy warehouse. Laugh more. Lie more. ANYTHING but give up drink.)

On the last day of 2011, i woke up in pure white bedroom sheets, next to Keiran who was fast asleep, in room 1405 of the Park Plaza hotel…executive suite, by leftover room service, a giant city view, (flag and everything) and  breakfast champagne at the ready…with an out of control weave. When you have that moment in life..you know life has been worthwhile. Especially your last day of 2011. We’re btoh big fans of ‘Hotel night.’ Not because we’re mucky…even though we are. yet mainly because it gets us away from the drama of life. It’s like what we call a ‘holiday.’

I had booked it by accident because i wanted Keiran and I to make up, feel like we were on holiday and really enjoy each others company. It worked. We were all grumpy and fucked off at life and each other at 2pm. By 3pm we were mildy excited. (Turner was driving us on our adventure…well to the train station.) By 5pm we had checked in. By 5.15, we were launched on our bed, in love, happy, having sex and getting ready for a night of steak love at Blackhouse..Leeds.

We had an amazing night, filled with smoked whiskies, food, booze, love, excitement and well it kinda felt like a date. We loved it. I felt alive again. Like i was in my absolute element. Keiran looked gorgeous and i mean properly ‘ken doll’ fit…which is my favourite type of doll…and well we looked at each other and loved over laughter and a medium rare cut of meat. I’ll always remember that night, as it was the night i re-fell in love with him. (I was already in love with him…yet that night it was ignited.)

After hours of tender merriment and a talk about the future. We walked back to the hotel, hand in hand under the city stars of Leeds, in my faux fur, bad weave and smile, to get a triple Baileys at the hotel bar. Loved it. Loved life. Looked at a bit of Prada.

Then we decided to get hungry again…so we elevated up to floor 14…got in our white robes, ordered liquor coffees, room service of carby delights..(pizza,garlic bread, nachos) then a bottle of champers incase we needed it.

What a wonderful night. He looked at me like he had never loved another the way he loved me. Then we giggled to ‘The Holiday’ under of thick white sheets! Great night…Infact yesterday when we were randomly driving home…after doing New Years at ‘Turners’…Keiran turned around mid-drive, looked at his slanted eyed glamour puss and said, ‘i will never ever look at a girl the way i look at you. No matter how hot they are…how anything they are…they will never be you.’ Aww..

In that moment, i fell in love all over again. After an lovely evening with Rubes, a commitment to family, love, work and play…we light a sky lantern, holding our wish and let it float into the Universe. (There was a moment where it almost landed on a tree, followed by the roof of a family home, which could’ve burnt their children alive. ‘OH FUCK KEIRAN!!! It’s gonna….’ But then.. like the Gods just wanted our sorry ass dreams to come true, we watched it float into the night skies, ignited by fire…with our hopes and dreams energizing it along the way.) I always say that i cannot believe how much i’ve changed, when really…not much has changed? Life has developed yes…but i’m still the shame old glitzy little girl in a faux fur, making wishing on stars and keeping the faith that in the end my world will be magical.

We’re really happy to be a family. We’re really excited for 2012. I’m a devastatingly charming and also quite lucky fucker…so lets just hope the Wunna magic wins over…

..to be continued..



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