Playing with Wunna Land & Really Great Bonking


When the first place you look for a misplaced remote control is ACCIDENTALLY your know you’re either tragic OR you have a terrific sex life. 🙂

Luckily for me it is the latter. This morning and after a very merry nursery run that included a bit of hip hop *bopping* by Baby Ruby. (We looked to our left, as Capital Fm was playing and my little Baby Rubes was bopping away in her car seat like it was the best bit of music could ever here. ) ADORABLE! Then once she arrived at nursery, Alice..her nanny presented a gentle white feather, like magic, from her snowy white palm and there you have it, my daughter’s heart had been won over. If there’s anything Ruby enjoys more than snacking, giggling, getting her own way and rummaging through people’s wallets (found her yesterday afternoon before lunch at Newmiller Dam) in my ‘handsome’s wallet, pulling at £20 notes like some kind of hood rat…I did what any Glamour Puss would do, and photographed the moment like a proud mother, before sternly telling her off for such behaviour. I mean at least wait until he’s passed out drunk before you steal money out the wallet. Basic rule of ‘girl hood.’ I was on the phone to his mother crying out loud and there she was, the fruit of my burning Burmese loins..being a Gold Digger. 🙂 ) Anyway…sorry for getting distracted…she likes feathers, chandeliers and pretty things, including the Chanel Bronzer. If Rubes isn’t the epitome of the great beings that i’ve managed to produce, (i intend to have 10 babies)  then i don’t know what is! We ADORE HER! On the route home from nursery Keiran told me how much he had fallen in love with me and how he never ever EVER wanted me hurt him, as i now completely have his heart in my hands. I’m madly in love with him…deeply and it feels good to know that he’s glided up the love ladder and now feels that every inch of him is mine forever. I’ve felt this way about him for ages. However the funny thing about it all is that my ever so romantic hero…didn’t quite put it across in a manner that might suggest a gentle, rainbow swirl of love. He kinda (and he didn’t want me to tell you this, yet i find it far too funny to fail to document such a moment.) My darling handsome Prince of ‘real life’ romance, threatened me and told me that if i broke his heart he would ‘kill me’ and make my life an absolute misery. Lmfao. We pissed ourselves laughing all the way home, then as we pulled up to number 14…he looked at me with eyes of ‘i love you, don’t you dare break my heart’ and told me he meant it! Hahaha! I adore him. He’s cute!

Then we gleefully galloped into our living room, under our love cloud of ‘forever, cuddled on the sofa. I sat ontop of him, face to face, wrapped my arms around him and snuggled. After 7 minutes, the best ‘Morning sex’ EVER occurred. Probably the raunchiest rumpy we have ever had, it would put ‘Ron Jeremy’ to shame. Once we were done, we went straight back to an innocent and pure ‘fairytale’ mood of love and had cups of tea, with gentle giggles. He went to play golf and i put the washing in. 😉 Best sex ever. I am turned on by him greatly..and well we really know how to get our ‘jiggy’ ON dollies! Great sex. He was beaming from ear to ear and galloping around the kitchen afterward. We’re in love. It’s amazing. I’ve never been in such a perfect relationship. I think the last few days have made him think a great deal. Keiran (although highly expressive) is highly internal. His mind is always in deep, secret thought. I’m not sure what troubles his mind, but i see his thought process through his eyes. Today he has really fallen in love with me. ( He was in love with me anyway, yet now he truely feels it.) I’m really happy…i’m the only girl that he’s ever truely opened up too..and we trust each other implicitly. We know a lot about each other, that no-one else would ever even nearly know and that is what makes love work and makes a bond. It’s great finding your ‘forever.’ GOD! I LOVE this man.

Anyway…lots has happened over the weekend. If i’m honest, the other day we did have a bit of a bicker over ‘gang bang’ stories and ‘i might not like’ threesome stories. As far as i’m concerned, the past is the past. It’s to be ripped up, thrown over your shoulder and left for some other ‘hero’ to live through. Our present is so much stronger than our past and our future is *pinch yourself* amazing. I love that we’re a couple that  make other couples take a look at there own relationship and wonder? If you were to peek in our little ‘bubble,’ our world presented to you via Cupid,  you would either have faith that you too can find your perfect match…or just be really jealous. 🙂 Even when we’re infront of people and have people ‘think’ they know exactly how we are together, they are not even nearly close and i LOVE THAT. He placed my hand on his heart this morning on the sofa and told me it was mine. What an AMAZING man! (Last night, after he quite rightly couldn’t quite ‘get jiggy’ due to Baby Ruby demanding our comfort…i *tucked* my boobs and vagina in, in a huff..and in a strop, fell asleep. I’m nice and mature like that! 🙂 It was sort like a ‘fine, i’m rolling over and i’mt aking my boobs with me’ move. HAHAH. I’m a loser…bare with me. 😉

Great evening. We did lunch at the Dam Inn in Newmiller Dam, we go there almost every sunday. Then we met my family at TGI’s, (the one in Xscape) for a bit of boneless chicken wings, love and dinner. We have a wonderful life right now, powered by love and well luck. Then we came home and cuddled…all 3 of us and wished upon stars to be blessed with an even larger family. Now, he’s at golf, having already called me to tell me he loves me and i’m on the sofa getting ready to write my book.

On the book front, i recieved a marvellous little bit of email, taling about my new book deal and my future. It’s crazy how it’s all working out. But contracts and fresh words are being tended to this week, as i knuckle down and get my game face on. I love the idea of being a writer, an author…a blogger…a…well you get what i’m going on about. The publishing house are really excited. I’m excited to have my life in written book form and sold as entertainment for others. It weirdly is amazing to me. I truely want it to do well and i officially have a second book on it’s way before the firs book has even been published. I’m guess i won’t be lying when i interview and say ‘my book has been my life’…because quite has! I feel blessed. But i’ve still got another chapter to write and i’ve run out of MILK! UGH!)

 My parents are crazy supportive and adore the way my life is headed. I’ve found true love. I have a delicious little daughter, who lights up our entire world..and i can’t wait to have another. Now i feel like i truely can conquer the world…all you need in life is to be able to adjust it, in order to find your eternal happiness. You need a foundation, love and stability if you want to thunder forward with great power. I’ve learnt a lot from dating Keiran…and well now we’re gonna rocket our way to success…

Hello world…now let’s play! 😉 (Morning sex was AMAZING.)

Tumble Drying & Wanks


I’ve turned quite partial to a bit of tumble drying. I’m an addict and i can’t even begin to stop myself, therefore i’m gonna go with ‘why fight the feeling,’ i have the best tumble drying contents’s all soiled panties, baby rompers and Calvin Kleins, all thumpy and slow spin-fest, like a candy store of ‘getting clean.’ I love it, which i find bizarre because i usually find the art of drying anything rather tedious. Maybe because the dryer of tumble does it for me and i get to watch it like a ‘wet to dry’ show?  However, now i will refrain from being a complete loser now. I’m certainly getting right into this hot Glamour Pussy wife role. Keiran loves it because i now have the time to adore him and saunter around in sexy little numbers of ‘hello hubby’ joy, joy. He looked at me last night and told me i was beautiful. There were moments where he simply *paused* and i found my handsome just staring at me, thanking Cupid and looking at me with eyes of pure love. He then took my hand and called me over with a ‘Chrissie’..(we usually talk to each other in baby voices..he said it in his ‘man’ voice, so i knew it was serious.) Anyway, he walked me over, sat me down next to him and with a gentle whisper expressed how much he loved me. We’re really really good right now and i adore being MADLY in love. We’re a family, we’re a team, we’re a magical mist of ‘fairytale,’ i thank the Gods every day for letting him find me..and I thank the Gods every day for my tiny baby RUBY! Life is wonderful. *Performs happy dance here.* If you’re a girl and feel like you are not getting treated correctly by the man who claims to adore you…know that you should never settle for selling yourself short. These days there is never a moment where Keiran does not make me feel completely adored and in return i love him whole heartedly back. I’ve been with some really hidieous boys and right now all i can think about is THANK GOD i fucking left them. We’re in a really happy place of stability now and well i feel like we are the best couple the world has ever seen.

Okay… so this morning i woke up all snuggled up and cosy, the happiest i could ever be! I feel sexy. I feel loved. I am in love and i have a great tan. *Wiggle-wink.* Now, the politically correct version of what happened is ‘snuggled my handsome before he went to the gym.’ But the real version of what went down is that we rolled over and i wanked him off, after a ball squeeze, before he went to the gym for an early morning, achey body work out. 🙂 It’s good to wear your man out before he goes to exert any energy..therefore he’s extra tired and hazy meaning when he’s done ‘doing his do’..all he wants is to come home. Lol. (Keiran’s not like that. He’s mighty reliable and i’ve always enjoyed that about him. We live the Ultimate ‘girl/boy’ roles. This morning he’s lifted heavy things to sculpt his man body into what i call ‘ooh laa’…and i’ve spent the morning bronzing, doing my hair and moisturising my boobs in mirrors. 🙂 )

I don’t really have anything else to report right now because it’s far too early for me to function and i just need to tend to myself. I will tell you that i love you and i will tell you that i am ever so grateful for you following my life…  I’m currently on the sofa wanting a cuppa tea…Keiran’s on his ipad searching for Mini Coopers for me to own as our ‘other little run around.’ Life is really exciting right now…and the fact that it’s going to only get better puts the ‘W’ in my *Wiggle.* (Giggle here.)


Champagne, Chicken and Fishnets…


Completely and utterly adoring being a ‘Lady of Leisure.’ When i opened my little floozy eyes and found myself cuddled up in my cream satin sheets, with ‘Handsome Keiran’ to my right, with the light beaming through and my Blackberry clock, that i wedge under my pillow reading 8.31am..i deep breathed, looked at my life and realized how great I actually have it. I’ve never felt soo in love and i’ve certainly never felt so stable, so together and sooo ready to take on this glitzy little world with a wink. I never thought i’d ever find a man that i’d be able to fo ‘forever’ with. Yet over the last 3 days, i’ve looked at Keiran in a completely different light. I mean, i’ve loved him madly. But now, i really am utterly oozed in ‘love juice’ for him. We think about each other all the time. We tend to our little family. We strive to do well. But most of all we love each other in the most gentle fairytale manner, that could only end in a magical happy whirlwind. he told me how much he loved me on the sofa last night, after ‘boys night’ and told me that he had re-fallen in love with me again and couldn’t believe how his life has changed. After ‘now in bed’ cuddles I nudged him and said, ‘What happens if you meet a girl that you think is prettier than me and you want to leave me for her?’ (Helloooo Issues :)) He was half naked, with his back to me, as we lovingly spooned (i’m always the big spoon)…and as the night stars beamed through our little bedroom window, he said, ‘Chrissie, i’ve seen hundreds of girls & not one of them have a PATCH on you. I’m going to marry you.’ I mean, when you’re a Glamour Puss, you only dream that one day you’ll meet a man that you adore, who will actually wholeheartedly think that of you. I’ve met men. We know this. I’ve never met one like him. We are sooo sooo similar and for a girl who was always quite selfish when it came to love or limelight sharing. For once in my entire life…i can honestly say i’m in love. He can share my limelight if he so wishes. I would’ve never let that happen before. *Wiggle-wink.*

Other than that, incase our love story bores you…i’ve decided i adore grannies. Little ones, in beige, with grey curly short do’s, a giggly slow shuffle and a bold mouth on them. I had to trek into Pontefract early this morning, in my pinstripes and tits for a quick ‘accidentally got postponed’ meeting. After getting turned away, i found myself mixed up, in my full vixen glory in between a bundle of the cutest Yorkshire grannies, all pokey and waddling around me, wanting biscuits with their cuppa tea. I’ve never wanted to be a granny, more than i do now! I mean they are adorable…and fuciking feisty for 92 year olds. It was weird because they saw me in a random ‘movie star’ glow. (‘You look like one of them girls in them magazines…’) I looked around and saw that everything around me was beige, grey and woolly. EVERYTHING! However, i weirdly also noticed that all the women were cute grannies and all the men were…disabled? I left to purchase champagne.

If you ever get turned away from anything and you’re bored…always buy champagne. I didn’t really have the need to purchase anything worthwhile, aside of a milk of pint and toilet roll. (I hate having to buy pints of milk because i can never be arsed to carry it arms can’t handle the ‘lift’ motion.) Anyway, supermarket lighting got the better of me and before you know it i was throwing all sorts into my wheely basket. Wine, champagne, prawns, crisps..chicken…Then i couldn’t figure out how to use the ‘self checkout.’ I don’t know why everyone thinks they’re faster. If i’m at one, i can assure you it is an extremely slow process. I’m old school…i like people doing the ‘bleep-bleep-slide’ for me. When you’ve bought booze..and there’s always booze in my basket, you find yourself standing there, toe tapping with a red light flashing above you, as you wait for assistance and approval. I don’t like to be judged at a checkout.  I just like to daudle up, pay and be gone.

It all didn’t end there. The art of shopping simply got the better of me.

Now, as you all know Keiran and I have an amazing sex life. We can’t get enough of each other. Last night we had smutty sex, but the 2 days previous we really did love make, with all of our hearts and because it really meant something to us. We’re a couple that have been through soo much with each other in such a small time. It feels like we’ve been together years..but it’s only been 5 months. It’s AMAZING.

Anyway, i ended up on a ‘find a taxi’ trail and purchasing baby snacks for Rub,y with my 4 bags of shopping..whilst being on the phone to the future hubby, who informed me of him having to play the art of ‘the blag’ this very fine morning. Don’t know how i got so distracted or how my inner sex kitten decided to leap out of my corset..but i found myself, with my plastic bags of groceries buying fishnet stockings and a garter ‘hold’em up’ belt. I love feeling sexy and well it’s the weekend, if you can’t play ‘hookie’ for you hubbster, than you can you play ‘hookie’ for! I’m quite a fluster these days in the old bedroom department. I have a drive for him like no other. Therefore i snatched myself a bit of stocking love, argued with the shop lady about what size i was..then bought roast chicken salad sandwiches for l’ater on’ snacks to put in the fridge from Cooplands. I can’t walk past the Pontefract Cooplands, with buying random sarnies. I don’t know what’s up with me..other than insanity and being unfortunately being sober.

On the book front..i’m still waiting to approve the over and re-read the new edition, followed by having to write an extra chapter. I’ve been offered another book shindig…(cheer here) where i will now have to write a 2nd bit of literature, that i have to hand in by the end of the year! Whoopppeee! Even when things have bene tough in life, i’ve always known something wonderful would happen and i can honestly say right now…it’s all wonderful. It’s only the very beginning…but i truely think that when you find your happy place in life, which for me was love, a foundation (both stability and by MAC 🙂 ) and my own family, you can then power ahead with the art of ‘Dreams come true.’ I’ve done a lot in my life, seen a lot of things, met a lot of people,watched dreams come true, lived them and celebrated. Like Keiran said in The Castle the other evening…this time it’s mine turn. I feel as though i’m finally being given my big break..and after all the porny, telly, Hollywood, London, bullshit..i’ve ended up being a writer/mum/wife/soon to be superstar. 🙂


Keiran & The Affair…


Just kitty cat returned from early dinner and a Disarno at our pretend local ‘The Castle.’ Keiran & I adore it there and well if today was about findin out ‘happy place’ we sure as hell did.

HOWEVER, let me take you back to 20 minutes before cosy ‘i love you’ drinks, by a fireplace, where a potential new car wandered into our chapter… There we were at around 4pm, chilling at the Land Rover dealership in Wakefield, with salesman Tom and a coffee machine that the receptionist there believes Keiran adores. We’ve decided to purchase a new car to add merriment to our union and celebrate our ‘love’ the good old material way. *Wiggle-here* We’re not really material people, however a good old *splurge* be it in your pants, in your heart, or out of your bank balance doesn’t do anyone any harm really? *Roll in Madonna.* I’m a Kitty cat who likes nice things. I’m aware the key to life is love and family..but if we want a white Range Rover, then who am i to discipline my useless craving for ‘objects that don’t matter.’ 🙂

All was perfect, until we were both sitting in the posh ‘wait here’ area…counting our blessings by car magazines, good lighting, by a coffee machine and surrounded by cars of the Range Rover variety. I was all ‘dolly’ in a cardigan that simply said ‘i have tits’ in green and yellow, with fur topped boots an dpleated denim skirt. I was giggling and wiggling away waiting for my handsome to confess undying love to me and to my ultimate HORROR, i look to up my darling chunck-a-hunka and he is lovingly smiling, with all of his heart at something in the properly eyeing it up, like he couldn’t have even laid eyes on anything more beautiful.

Being the 100% secure kitty cat that i am…i do what any bitch would do and follow his eye line. (Even though i was in great lighting and thought i looked divine…i couldn’t help but feel a bit ‘what the fuck is he looking at!!??!!’) There she was..the lady who had caught my handsomes eye..all white and gleaming, all Fuji and shining with all her lumps and bumps in all the right places and a motor that could set his pants on fire any moment of the day.

It was a car. A car of the white Range Rover variety and i swear on my life, i had never seen him look at something in absolute utter awe than i did in that moment. He was completely memsorized and literally had to *snap* his little face out of it. (‘Keiran you are looking at that car like you are in love with it! Infact, you are looking at that thing with eyes and a smile that you never looked at ME WITH!!’-GRUMPY DOLLY FACE HERE!)

Now it wasn’t the fact that he adored the car. He’s a boy, they love big engines, and smooth surfaces. It was the fact that he was looking at it, NOT LIKE he wanted to fuck it, roll it out of bed, and call it a fucking taxi home. But like he wanted to love it, caress it, stroke it lovingly with a gentle tender heartfelt ooze of ‘i care,’ followed with a marriage proposal and maybe a gallop through the fields of love, in complete happiness. I there with my tits and attention and in that moment i was totaly 2nd best to something that goes ‘brum brum’ that he didn’t even need to really test drive, because (and this is the quote) he already knew he loved it and wanted it. Lol.

After a wiggle, a wink and a ‘you don’t look at me with eyes like that.’ He looked me in the eyes and told me how much he loved me. Then within seconds Tom appeared and before you know it, he had run off, with me a fast totter behind, leapt into the driver’s seat of the Range Rover and was driving it like he was in some kind of paradise! I texted in the back. But even though he played it ‘cool like Fonzi’ and like he had done this a million times before…he apparently couldn’t believe that he was driving one. (It’s his dream car. I am merely his dream woman. Lol.)

Anyway, we did the rounds. The boys bantered and i stretched out of the back, hoping that i didn’t leave tan marks on the cream interior and after a merry bit of number crunching and him feeling telling me how ‘hot’ i looked today, we ended up at The Castle for a bit of fish and chicken and to talk about the future. It was there after Disarno, that i place my new Twitter/Facebook status up, about his affair. I didn’t realize, (but secretly did) know that it would cause such a stinker. My handsome hero loves me…the affair was with a car..and not with another little lady. 🙂 Please, there would be no point. By the time he’d done the dirty, i would’ve scratched the girls eyes out and well it doesn’t matter how delicious you are…you’re not without eyes. 🙂

Therefore just a quick blog to tell you that all is well and that we’re more in love than we have ever ever been in. Even at dinner today, he looked at me with a pounding heart telling me he couldn’t believe how lucky he felt to be with me, how beautiful i was and how much he not only loved me, but felt that his life had completely changed. I adore him. i lveo him with every cell of my being. I shout it from rooftops and because i know he is my ‘forever,’ my ‘fairytale’ the man i had always dreamt of.

After giggles and looking through FB comments, we travelled home for a big moment of *naughty naughty* passion in the bedroom and boy was it hot. I felt really in love with him and therefore really into him. It was a dirty but champion performance..a treat of a show for my bit of ‘hubba-hubba.’ I adore a naked romp with him and well this evening’s was certainly slutty. I liiike!

Now he’s on ‘boy’s night’ as i wait for the arrival of my gorgeous Baby Ruby. Rubes apparently had a baby nose bleed at nursery today? I don’t think she’s a fan of being at nursery much any more, even though it’s good for her. They call me everyday with a ‘Hi, sorry to call but Ruby has…’ Aww… i can’t wait to see her.

Life is wonderful right now. Keiran can’t believe the things that life is blessing me with right now, which i find bizarre. He also can’t believe my upbringing…but at the end of the day, even though we’ve both come from very different walks of life…we’re completely and utterly the same and i’m gonna make our mark on this world…it all starts with the book. *Excited face.* Therefore you better buy it or i’ll be well narked off. Everything in life happens for a reason…

 He’s just sent me this text:

‘Fuck me…i love you 🙂 xx/ Today has been mental for me…it’s CRAZY, i’ve got an amazing wife to be, a beautiful daughter with future kids to come, and an amazingly bright future. It’s foooking mental. xxxx’

Balls of Bombardy Fire…


Morning my little kitty cats. I have sooo much frantically whizzing around my head right now that i need a wine, a moment and a ‘calm down’ in order to be able to ‘Queen of Greatness’ with a panache that will make the Gods of ‘ooh laa’ shiver with excitement.

I’m not actually too sure how it’s all just dawned on me, out of nowhere, like a rabbit in the headlights, because I had the most glorious day of chillax, cuddles, ‘bubble’ time and love making with my delicious ‘Handsome Keiran’ yesterday. ALL yesterday. It was bliss because i haven’t been able to have such time with him over the last few months. Now that i’m a glitzy bum-fest..i have time to love fully. We cuddled, ate junk food and bonked at appropriate times, with smiles on our faces and a glow in our hearts. We’re up to something right now, that takes a lot of ‘ooh yeah Daddio.’ My poor little soldier was a very busy boy. I don’t think we have ever bonked that much in such a small space of time. It was love making at its finest, full of giggles, fun, the correct positioning, talking like 5 year olds, running around maked, making sure he was replenished and hope. We actually tired ourselves! (‘Are you replenished yet Keiran?*Flings off knickers*)

After bonking…i would lay naked on the floor doing an upward cycle. He would smile, pass me a cushion from the scatterback sofa, then saunter outside, in a pair of comfy shorts to hit golf balls in the garden. 🙂 Great day. We are madly in love. It really does feel good to find you’re ‘forever.’ Even if you think you’ll never find him…he’ll find you in the end and simply because that’s how Cupid works. I’ve learnt that if you love ‘love,’ then it will love you back…Kinda like with everything really. Except we complicate it out of insecurity. I don’t and never have. Hence why i’ve experienced a delicious revolving door and ‘good times.’ I could’ve done with complicating it all a little more. But in the end Cupid gave me my ‘happy ending’ and thank the good lord for it.

Okay, so for the first time in a long time, i got to have a lay in! Woohoo! I woke up slowy, naked and in cream sheets, with the sun and blue skies beamin gin and with my ‘otherside of the pillow’ cuddling me, like he couldn’t love me anymore that in that moment. It felt marvellous and was just what i needed.

Then i got up and like i said, i don’t know what happened, but my mind whizzed up, went crazy and before you know it i’m pacing from the living room, to the kitchen, back and forth, back and forth…trying to tame a very very busy mind of ‘to do list.’

I feel like i have so much going on at once and where as most people get to tackle one thing at a time, i’m being poured upon with happy opportunity, (i’m not complaing i adore it) ALL AT ONCE. I’m not organized at the best of times. I wing things with a wiggle and a wine. Now i’m having to be responsible. I have a wedding, a book, a little secret, a career, a life, a love, mummyhood and very new chapters in all of those areas. I think i just need a wine. I can’t handle it sober. I’m not stressed, i’m happy. Yet it’s just like being bombarded by balls of glory all at once. ..and not the kinda balls 😉 i’m used to! These ones are on fire and are filled with ‘dreams come true,’ money and future. The ones i’m used to tell me they love me and smell like pickled onions when sweaty. (There’s some random cat at my pation door, looking at me like i should want to feed him?)

Today, i’ve got to resend personal photos, write another chapter for the book, delve into a part of my past that i had deliberately chosen to throw in the junk room of my mind and i have writers block. Wazza came around last night to fix things that were laptoppy. Both Keiran and Waz were tapping away on the keys of notebooks, ipads and what nots. After about 30 minutes and a gossip about the past it was all done. I have no idea what is wrong with me right now…i just need to wrestle the bull in my head down..and champion my way to victory.

I want to do well in life and now i can. It’s funny how terrified to get, when you are given the opportunity to soar, be it in love, life or career. I want to be the best at everything i do and well…sometimes you really just do need a wine to make it all run that bit smoothly. 😉

If i didn’t have Keiran and Baby Ruby right now, i feel like i wouldn’t have anything. I’ve always been everyone’s rock, this time, i sort of need something to cling onto and tell me everythings going to be okay. Luckily, i know they are, it’s just the realizing of what you have achieved, or about to achieve…that gets to. I need to find my ‘Va Voom’ again and frisbee Wunna Land around this ‘should be a bit more cocktailed’ world. *Wiggle-Pout-Hip Bump.*


Making Life Worth it…


Anytime, you’re at The Castle in Wakefield, by a fireplace, enjoying alcoholic ginger beer and lunch with the man of your dreams and he turns around and tells you your nose looks like Frank Bruno…you know you’re in love. Most Glamour Pusses have the man of their dreams refer to their nose as ‘cute’…or ‘a button.’ But no..not my chunk of hunk-a-lot. My nose is an apparent heavyweight champion, with a friend called ‘Harry.’ Nice! Romance is alive.

Keiran and I quite constantly and quite weirdly have nose wars, a great deal of the time. My nose is wide and squidgey..his is long and pointy. After attempting to hit me with it repeatedly out of drunkardness and good spirit. HE THEN claimed that he was going to ‘bonk’ me with the pointy part of his nose and maybe treat me to a bit of anal. 🙂 We have a good kinda of love right now and because soon after we’re back to cuddling and ‘i love you’s.’ Yesterday was lovely because we got to cherish the day with one another. We gobbled up breaky together at ‘Deli Centrel.’ Killed time with coffee. Got cars fixed. Viewed Range Rovers in white. Had lunch and drinks, with ‘future talk’ in our pretty bubble of love and then had Ruth meet us for a wine and sambuca shot…to celebrate her new job.

The rest of the evening was dedicated to excitement, Baby Ruby and baby making. 😉 For the first time in a long time i’m feeling completely stable. I have a wonderful future planned for my little bundle of family and i cannot even believe how ‘sprinkled with lucky stars’ i am. It’s all very exciting, yet internally i sort of feel under pressure! The great thing about my love life right now is that Keiran looks at me with eyes that tell me that he more than loves me and with all his heart. I know i keep saying it, but we have never been better than we are right now. Our bubble is magical. It’s like he’s re-fallen in love with me… [Gallop through fields here?]

There’s been lots to talk of the book. I have I’m having verisons of the front cover emailed over to me for approval and i’ve been told to add in an extra Chapter about my first hubby Michael and my new ‘to be’ hubby Keiran. I am literally DYING to see the cover now AND the final wordy cut of my life AND the actual blog in book form. It’s like a dream come true!! HOWEVER even though it’s all ‘confetti-shower’ exciting…i’m mildy concerned because it does actually have to sell! I’m been Googling people madly, who have really managed to sell their books to the point of absolute greatness and well one guy sold 112 million copies!!  I want that…REALLY want that, therefore i’m keeping my kitty fingers crossed and whole heartedly strutting forward with confidence. I’m totally clinging onto the faith that my accidental blog writing has been for a reason..a big reason. Dreams come true all the time and well i’m 99% sure, (the 1 % is the chance i neglect and give to the art of lipglossing) that this is my bit of fate, that not only will i adore, but be the thing that i’m meant to achieve in life. *Looks up to The Gods and hopes.*

I now have a family, a stable foundation and a ‘bubble’ that means i can conquer the world. ‘Love’ truely is the only thing that powers me. It makes me feel alive. Family and foundation root that emotion and help me take flight without completely losing the plot. I feel as though nothing can stop me, therefore i’d say ‘lets shimmie here bitches’ and make life worth it.

What am i doing today…well the Handsome has the day off…sooo dollies we are going to surrender to art of love making. *Wiggle-Wink*

Come to Mama…

Big Kitty Kisses..


OMG..i’m officially an ‘absolutely no sense of direction’ moron. Glitzy. But a moron. *Fan yourself here-beat your boy bitch salve.* Okay, at around 1.34pm today, I found myself in the back of a giant van-like taxi, (I hate the giant van like ones, when you are the ONLY passenger. It makes you feel like a ‘party for one’ loser, cold and well is it just me or are they the hardest doors ever to just push open.) Luckily, i knew the cabby well. Unluckily, he repeatedly kept telling me to ‘push the door harder.’ I’m more of a Glamour Pussy puller, rather than a heavy door pusher. My arms are for Dior cluth carrying, beckoning my ‘Handsome,’ grabbing money out my golden purse and placing my Blackberry to my ear…Heavy doors are for weirdos, who having mastered the art of ‘getting people to push things for you.’ 🙂

Anyway, for the first time in a long time, my cabbie actually knew where places were. He knew exactly where he was going and in record time. *Impressive-Wiggle-Giggle.* (Oh hang on…phones ringing. Pete’s forgotten to pick Ruby up on time from nursery again. UGH!)

Where was I? Okay, yeah…there i am in the back of a van-like taxi of blue, all on my own in the back, with a cabbie who for once knew exactly where he was going and the passenger..little me…completely and utterly mentally lost. I’m pretty used to getting driven places, escorted to venues, dragged to certain whereabouts, or maybe thrown. I’ve never had to use my head, when it’s come to directions. As soon as I got my little ‘dolly’ self out. I welcomed the world of Pontefract with a stretch and a smile and then proceeded to get very very lost..and in my home town centre. 🙂

Just so you know, i’m a girl who is never ever lost. I’m a chica with a distinct streak of ‘know where i’m going in life’ ambition. I’m determined, with a delicious *squeeze* of giggle. I want to do well and i have the complete faith that the Gods will guide me. Why? Well they always have. But put me in the middle of nowhere, in my fur boots and tell me to find a place, on foot, on my own, with mobile Google maps..and i’m fucked. It took me about an hour to find a street, that i was 52 seconds away from today! I kept getting terrified because there were far too many roads to cross. (I don’t trust the ‘green man’ light. Like any man…you just have to becareful. 🙂 )

However, you’d think that i’d blame my ‘no sense of direction’ on my upbringing or the planets. But no! The Wunna logic decided to blame it ALL on the fact that i wasn’t wearing pants. I had forgotton to put them on and well i swore on my life today that i couldn’t actually think properly because i had no knickers on. There i was outside Asda, swearing at my Blackberry in my beige faux fur, but then smiling at passing people, like i wasn’t lost at all. I did finally get to my destination and on the door read a sign saying ‘Closed.’ 🙂 Figures!

I gave in and took my pretty self into town to find food to feed my ‘Handsome Keiran’ with. Omg since i’ve been a glammy Lady of Leisure (glitzy way of say ‘bum) i’ve done nothing but be madly in love with him. I’ve thought about him all day and missed every little inch of him. I can’t believe how lucky i am and how wonderful our fairytale is. I am in LOVE with this man. Crazy in love. (We get married this year..and i’ll be racing up that isle! He actually claims he’ll be running in the opposite direction, down the isle to escape. I told him there was no point because not only would i have tied him to the altar, but i’d just trip him up with my wedding heel. Once you’re in, you’re in. I’m not getting jilted at the altar..again. 🙂 ) We’re soo happy right now.

Pontefract was rubbish today. I got followed by an old drunk man, then when i turned around he had gone and stopped ‘grunting’ at me…and in his place i were firemen. (I likey!!) Then i tottered away from the winking, hollering fireman and into some lovely racial abuse by chavs outside the Magistrates court.

Anyway, i’m going now…i have a handsome who is being far too dreamy for me not to snuggle. I can’t wee until 9pm because i’m up to something and can’t have sex until i know what i’m up too. 🙂 (Ooh the puzzle.) Keiran has decided that he needs to offer me millions of cups of tea and get his willy out in the kitchen in order to taunt my every cell of ‘ooh laa.’

I love my life. I love my handsome. I adore my Baby Ruby and i love being a glitzy, book writing…bummerlicious! *Giggles.* Can’t wait to get married. I’m dying to see my book. I’m waiting to flirt with stardom and i’m ready to not only make my mark that bit harder, but introduce that world to my lil’ family.

Loving your messages!

Big Kitty Kisses,

C x

Popadoms, Players and Turner’s


Happy Monday morning to all you delicious *peeps* of an eye, around this merry world, who have accidentally, or hopefully intentionally found themselves a ‘click-click-scrolling’ their way into my jolly old bundle of Wunna Land. Welcome. (I’m currently in my living room, in my glasses. Keiran’s ventured off to work, after telling me i look ‘cute.’  But really and like i told him after porridge making…i fricking look like a ‘goober.’ He did an impression of me, that consisted of a funny voice, me being BLIND & then finally being able to see, after clumsily and eventually finding my sight.) I’m obviously the sexiest girl on the planet.

This is the first Monday, in a very loong time…aside from the time my beautiful ‘hubby to be’ Keiran took me to Oulton hall on my rather Decemebery birthday, that i have actually felt AMAZING. I spent the whole evening rocking my baby Ruby, nursing a hangover, tending to my ‘handsome’ and being up most of the night, due to early teeth making their way into my bambinos *ouchy* mouth and i’ve weirdly never felt better. I’ve made porridge, i’ve prepped for the nursery run and i’m finally once again committing my life to the things i adore, which is love, family and entertainment. Life is good. I never thought i’d finally get here! Yipppee! *happy dance here*

Okay, so, the weekend was great. Grooming, giggling and then finding my pretty self in a car on the way to Aagrah (Doncaster) with my Handsome Keiran, for a bit of ‘Wunna family’ love, over popadoms, fireworky desserts, wine, sambuca and Korma. It was busy and a bustle, full of life, love and excitement. Keiran’s become a delicious addition to The Wunna family and well anytime my parents not only love my ‘arm candy’..yet also regard him as a son, then you know you’ve done well. Baby Ruby tended dinner also (even though she did get mildy obssessed with a ‘far too old for her’ 7 year old boy, who proceeded to perform the ‘gun show’ at her. *Rolls eyes.* I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Keiran is teaching her how to do a *cat hiss*..with a fucking claw. I’m not happy about this. Lol. I mean she’ll have it hard enough anyway having to be raised by a tragic Wunnary mother & a spray tanned handsome with an ‘ego’ strut…let alone being the asian baby who does a claw at people at nursery!!!!) I take that back. We are honestly the best parents EVER!

Lots of love, banter and fun occurred over dinner. I mean we actually got to meet the guy to owns every single Aagrah going. I love meeting people who have achieved something wonderful in their life. I’m inspired by them and well simply because not only did they turn something little, into something big, but they wave the flag for the notion that ‘dreams come true.’ There is nothing in my life that i’ve said i was going to achieve that i haven’t yet. (Apart from the time i thought i was going to be a popstar. 🙂 This producer in LA, that i used to never fancy, yet kiss by Hollywood wheely bins after vodka, who at the time was a little boy with a dream, yet now produces for R currently trying to make me do it. Now that i’m an oldie, i don’t have it in me. Popstardom is for the young and fruitful. I have tits and this uncanny knack of documenting my life via written word. For once i’ll stick to my strengths. The only singing i’ll be doing is after a bottle of rum, shamefully, in high heels during kareoke, in a shower or in the car. Infact Keiran and i have plenty a ‘sing-a-long’ in the car no matter what route to life we’re on. One minute we’ll be giggling, looking at our mirror images or talking about life and the next he’ll be cranking up the radio and well there we are, telling the world in a melodic and  somewhat free fashion that we’re ‘gonna pick up the pieces and build a lego house.’ We do the faces and everything. Y’know really ‘put our backs’ into it, like there’s a potential single in the making. Lol. #tragic

Anyway, i got distracted. After dinner and via text we got invited to pop along to the home of ‘Turner in the backgrounds’ home for drinking games, cuddles and a weird chav boy, who actually underneath it all is a good boy, yet needs to not be 18 and needs to not pretend he’s the biggest player going. Pulease! Boys like that are tragic. But he’s young so he’s okay. When a young gent has a front of ‘player-player’ i always know that they’re the easiest pull, because all they acutally want is to be cared for…properly, but the right way. I mean, young boys see ‘player-player’ as cool. Glamour pussy girls never ever like that in a boy and simply because we get hit all of the time, due to all the wrong reasons. We hear it a lot and it’s boring. (Oh look another boy who only wants to fuck. *Yawn.*)  When i go out or go anywhere, i never ‘put it out there.’ Why because i don’t have too. Infact, a guy on a balcony once taught me that if you’re interested in yourself, then people become interested in you. When my friends and I were young in Hollywood, we would strut in..we would ALL be hot..and well we’d pretty much ignore any advances made and just have cocktaily fun (not that kinda cocky-taily) in our own little circle. We had one friend who soo badly wanted love and therefore would always go on a hunt to chase it, in order to feel worthy. Then i distinctly remember looking to my left, as i was sat on a bench, at 10.45pm, by a tree in a West Hollywood fairy-lit bar, and my friend Colin, (who is dreamy…one of the universally fit ones…) who everyone wanted a piece of, was right next to me…chilling, with his leg propped up on the tree. He had a care in the world, nor an insecurity problem and didin’t even raise his eyes to the gaggle of girlies trying to get his attention. We were having a conversation about the boy that had ventured off to ‘find ass’ amongst the glitzy crowds. I remember him grabbing him, sitting him down and saying ‘you don’t need to go find it. That’s not at all hot. The people that like you can see you. Chill..stay in one spot..they will come to you.’ Never a truer word said! I remember being single forever…well i had boyfriends and a constant stream of arm candy, i was known for that. Hence why my Hollywood friends find it hilarious that i’m actually getting properly married and i now have a baby. Yet i always felt single and because i never could look at the ‘bit of candy’ on the end of my arm and think they were good enough to be my ‘forever.’ (Not because i’m big headed..and i am giantly big headed. But because i never wanted to just settle for something that wasn’t my ‘perfect.’ Keiran years and years after, is my ‘perfect.’  But it took that long to find it and i’m sooo glad i waited for him to arrive. From being with him i’ve learnt that everything happens for a reason. You’re path plays out the way it’s meant to. We’ve never been more in love. We’ve found our balance and enjoying everyone moment of our home life, our bubble and our love. It’s the kind of love that people hope to find. The kinda of love that people have written about in fairytales for centuries. The young are young…and well when i met the 18 year old and the girl that hoped to be his ‘forever.’ We’ve all been there. It never felt soo good to be old! 🙂  Thank fuck. I’d never want to go through all that boy/girl drama again. FYI/Keiran and I haven’t fought in ages!!!! I love it!)

Being at ‘Turner in the backgrounds’ was great. I get on well with his little ‘Adeline.’ (That’s his girlfriend..and not the name of his willy.) We certainly got through some vodka, after a drinking game and the need to abort it after thick people ruined the excitment. Then we rambled the evening away, laughing, loving and putting things on coasters. 🙂 (Adeline gets mad if you don’t put everything on a coaster.) I think i then had a mild bicker with the 18 year old who though he was a player-player, after he attempted his moves on me, by a patio door…whilst my hubby was in the other room and his ‘bedroom totty’ was approximately 10 steps away by a fridge.  I watched an arm wrestle and gave advice under the night stars.Not sure what happened then..but i began to feel really drunky. #notgood

Everyone had accidentally left me on my own. My tummy started to hurt. I was already ‘hanging out my arse’ and began to feel tired. I remember walking into the living room, looking to my right and seeing Adeline on the sofa. Then looking to my left and seeing the 18 year old pretend ‘player’..sat on the other sofa and his only 17  ‘bedroom totty’ sat on Keiran’s knee. Infact, now i think about it…they were half  like snuggling?? Hmm..? #againnotgood (I’d never do that!) But then again, it was accidental. He had spent the night being the perfect hubby, pulling me to one side and telling me how much he loved me. (‘Baby i love you. I’m so glad i have you in my life. You’re the best thing to ever happen to me.’) Aww… 🙂 I likey. I’m learning how to concentrate on the good that he does and not dwell on the little things that don’t matter. We both are and we’re doing really well! I mean i did ‘hang up’ on him after a mild tantrum. But as soon as i saw him walk through the door, i went through 5 minutes of being ‘off button’ then i leaped upon him with a giant cuddle. I love him and i just can’t help the way i feel. I love being in love with him. It makes me feel ALIVE.

Anyway, back to the story..i must’ve felt ill…coz at the time i didn’t care about the ‘lap sitting.’ I plonked my drunken self on the sofa feeling really sicky and after a deliberate *cough*by Adeline, Keiran swifted his way over to me…took me upstairs…i puked and then went to bed. Adeline later came and joined me for a ‘pass-out’ but gave up on the rest, after all we could here were feet thundering their way up and down the stairs.

Fun night. Loved it lots. Keiran walked in on Turner and Adeline trying to ‘get jiggy.’ Adeline was all grumpy at Keiran for ruining the moment. Lol. Erm..? Turner has walked in on Keiran and I bonking a MILLION times. Yet the difference is MY ‘handsome’ walked away from the ‘pumpy.’ Turner…walked IN towards and not only asked for £10, but then wanted a conversation about life! HAHAHAHA. (Which reminds me. I cleaned the windowsill 2 days ago. It had raunchy orange  handprints and sin smeared all over it.)

I’m currently MADLY in love. The book is going to be amazing. Baby Ruby is very Mummy clinging right now and life…oh life…couldn’t be better! I can’t wait for my hubby to get back from work! Really really happy. I’ve actually got quite a lot to do today. Oh and nothing is worse then waking up in a party dress and in the same face from the evening before…with your handsome still in his suit…and having to venture back home, hungover, tired and freezing in the wind and rain. Walk of shame..won’t be doing that anymore!

New leaf, new chapter, new life..[Bronze here]

Where it all began…and rum?


There was a moment during my morning where i found myself with the most dirty spray tanned face, last nights makeup on and a plastic Morrisons grocery bag tied around my freshly dyed head of hair. As I tweeted this morning, when this happens, who really do need to take a look at your life and ponder. Luckily, i didn’t and made myself a cuppa tea…(instead of a rum..well done me 😉 ) and flicked on ’10 years younger’..until ofcourse it ‘urked’ me out. (I never knew that show was so *ouchy.* Therefore in my Glamour Pussy moment of ‘need to feel yummy’ i switched it for ‘Playing it straight,’ to watch ‘not sure if they’re gay or straight men’ dress like chickens and wrestle. Now, i have wonderful Gaydar. I’m the Ultimate fag hag and the bit of girl that plenty a fancy would maybe like to have on their arm…(so i’ve heard…and well i’m mildy big headed…so i do actually think that on the inside, most of the time :)..BUT OMG, i couldn’t figure out who was playing WHAT, for the life of me! Then i figured men we’re a weird breed. They are aren’t they? Yet having been with a lot of gents and being with the one i’m going to marry…i know how hard it actually is being a guy. Us girls have it easy and THANK THE LORD for it. *Giggle here*

I totally got bonked after a spray tan and a quick ‘Pick Ruby up from nursery because she was ill’ on a windowsill last night, by my handsome chunk of ‘Keiran.’ Our relationship is wonderful in ALL areas right now and we’re wallowing from Cloud 9, on our love cloud carried by Cupid. We’re enjoying being a couple, we’re enjoying being parents and we’re excited for the future and luckily we have been blessed with a great one…thanks to the magic of my *wiggle* and my previous art of ‘Look at me, i’m off the telly.’ I’m really happy and well i need another week to get back into the swing of things, because i’ve had an odd week. Yet once i’m back on track, i assured my gentle kitty cat ‘Va Voom’ will be back and our ‘bubble’ will be sealed. Handsome Keiran is ALREADY learning the art of ‘the bubble,’ and learning to stay in it. For every 20 people who adore you, there will always be one that will ‘have a good go.’ We were on the sofa talking about it last night…comparing Twitter notes and well, we’re pre-prepping to strap in and ride the glitzy old ‘boom boom.’ We’re both friendly, but we’re both feisty, therefore we kinda now need each other, before it all gets ‘crazy sign.’ (I love that we’re in love and that i’ve finally found the man of my entire dreams. I feel adored and well now that i have more free time, our delicious *ooze* of love dome, really is flourishing. He’s at work right now..and i’m…well i’m fucking tying plastic bags to my head in order to give ‘Operation Groom -fest’ the full 100%. (Which if you’re a Wunna..about 52%. 🙂 )

Anyway i’m feelling sexy. I’m feeling ontop of the world. I’m lounging around my living room in a cricket jumper, zebra knickers and furry boots of comfort. I had weird dreams last night. The kinda ones that feel real. I dreamt that i bit my hubby to be, threw a drink in his face and left him because he wanted to do drugs with some random girl, that i met in my dream? Lol. Issues much. I woke up and there he was..all clam, wanting a ‘tickle’ and telling me he loved me. My mind is a bizarre place to be. This is why i need rum.

Tonight, we’re going to ‘Aagrah’ for a bit of love, celebration and Indian food with the family. I’m excited for it all, because now i have new hair i feel delicious..even if i do smell like mango chutney by the end of it. I adore the fact that i now won’t have to be terrified of sunday’s and simply because on Monday’s i will no longer be FORCED to ease into pinstripes and trundle to an office at some ‘evil o’clock’ to get shouted at by bitchy people with attitude problems. Makes me happy and when i’m happy, everyone around me kinda catches it by accident.

Thank You for all of my messages! I’m reading them. I’m loving them and i’m super excited for the book. (Today i officially got told to begin writing my second one, to be handed in my Crimbo 2012. OMG! I’m actually gonna end up being a ‘writer about my lifer’ and purely by really hard work 🙂 and accident. Yipppeee!

I’m off to grab an afternoon wine! (Had a great chat with my mum, in the car outside my Ackworth home this lunch time. One of those bonding moments,  after a panic, where you look to your right at the woman who raised you and you truely thank her with all of your heart for everything she’s ever done and sacrificed for you. I’ve got a great mum, a wonderful daughter..who’s already learnt the art of manipulation and a beautifully romantic husband. A jolly bundle of career on the way and a blessing from the Gods! Things couldn’ t be better. Well they will be…but right now i’m not complaining. 🙂 It’s like being in Hollywood again…but instead in Yorkshire, where it all began.


Welcoming in the ‘Glitz’


Just ot back from a merry trip to Matalan, after a merry trip to Asda, in the name of an ‘English Breakfast’ and the quest to find a suit. I’m slowly massaging my way back into the art of ‘lady of leisuring,’ however to say i now have my time ‘all freed up’ i’m sure as hell busy, be it physically or mentally. My head is buzzing and well when you’re a kitty cat and people now know your time is now ‘green lighted’..the good folk of the world *jump* on that moment and EVERYONE wants to hang out. Right now i’m concentrating on my book, being a wonderful wifey and a great mum. I’m easing into being ME again…and well that will take time. I’ve spent the last year and a bit trundling through normality with a rum, hoping it would get better. Now i want ‘special’ and it’s being handed to me on a glitzy platter. Breaking up with ‘normal-hated it’ boring, corporate life’ is hard and why? Well because it moulds your mind and makes you believe that that is all you’re worth. I’m WUNNAFUL. I’m destined for marvellous things. That chapter of my life, i’m shutting down and throwing over my shoulder. By this time next week, i’ll be thundering ahead with a wiggle and a warrior strutt and hanging up crappy work shoes, that I label ‘sensible’ for a much more bouji leopard print 9 incher. [Purr…here]

Lots is happening  work wise and i’m trying to get it all organized. I’m trying to chill all at the same time, yet i find myself stood in sunbed showers talking to myself to ‘One Direction’ in the background. (Their song, not the actual band…as it would be bizarre for them ALL to be in my sunbed shower with me, saying in harmony. Infact? Maybe not?)

Keiran and I are finally in a really wonderful place. That place in a relationship where you have finally ‘GOT IT RIGHT.’ I’m his ‘dream girl.’ He’s my world. Together we’re invincible and simply because we’ve surrendered to Cupid and relaxed. We’re powered by love and really going to make things happen now. I mean anytime you’re passed out on a corner sofa drunk and you’re *nudged’ awake by your handsome..not for sex..but simply because he has made you an origami bird after Disarano, you know life is good. The love department is perfect. Add baby Ruby into the equation, (who might i add attempted to skive off nursery today at 11 MONTHs OLD, by pretending to be ill..LOL) and you have family, love and magic. It was my Mum’s birthday yesterday and somebody slashed her tyres after lunch. Kind of them really. I almost ended up bowling with Ruth…(i can call her that now…instead of ‘samantha.’) Instead i found myself stranded at Kwik Fit in Pontefract for an hour, whilst bitter, lazy men, tried to be evil to my mum for being ‘foreign’..and evil by a cheap plastic carpet that had pre-school cars printed on it? I mean, the only way evil works, is by glamour. Any other time…you just look like a twat. Luckily, i got bored of the wait and left after 3 minutes into the hour to go tanning. That’s where i found myself in the sunbed talking to myself. I got so stressed, that it felt hotter than usual. (Hot as in ‘burning up..’ and not as in ‘wink.’) I ended up opening the door out of claustrophobia, leaping out and wet wiping myself down like a nutter. Then and like nothing had happened…i calmly sauntered out of the place, waving at reception and pretending all was perfectly dandy. (On my way out a man with no teeth hit of me and thought i was Nigerian.)

Last night was lovely. I had had a brilliant day with my mum. I had my Hubby and my Baby Ruby with me and i thought life couldn’t be better. My home life is exceptional, yet i’m not sure whether i’m 100% okay with the upcoming work part of life. It terrifies my pretty asian arse a wee little bit and because the last time i was there…i got ripped to shreds by the words of the narrow minded. I flounced my way through it confidentally, therefore intend to do that again. The only reason why it’s different now is because i’m taking ‘Handsome Keiran’ and Baby Ruby with me. I don’t like them getting messed, so i’m treading a lot more carefully. (Keiran adores me right now because he feels that he has his ‘wifey’ back. He claims i’m like a different person, now that i feel free and that i’m a ‘lady of leisure.’ He’s currently gone to pick Rubes up from nursery simply because she doesn’t want to be there. We’re good parents like that. 😉  He was half naked in Matalan all morning letting middle aged ladies perv on him, who couldn’t believe their eyes. I’m not one to mind all that, i simply kept moaning because he kept shoutin gout my name and making me find him things in the store. We looked through his new modelling pictures last night (we all know i LOVE a project and he is certainly mine…and only out of love.) We’re impressed…so i’ll post one now for you all to have a gander at..

Cute right?

Anyway, i better go, we have Baby Ruby to tend to, i have book stuff to gather and sort. I’m feeling both confident AND nervous about it all now and because i really want to make it work and be a success soooo badly. I have everything crossed…so i hope you do too.

Nothing more to report other than matching spray tans in an hour, new hair tomorrow and the fact that Gary Glitter is ignoring me?? I would put a few of @Wazza ‘ s and my tweets up..yet that would only get us into trouble, right? 😉 We really did think he liked asians? I don’t get it? 🙂