The Most Magical Birthday Ever

I honestly have the most AMAZING ‘handsome’ ever. The kind that a slanty eyed, Glamour puss, with a rather reaveling chest could ever wish for. Just when you think my story couldn’t get any better. It does. That’s why i adore being me. I’ve meet the man of my dreams and completely by fucking accident. CUPID! I LOVE YOU!

Okay, i wake up my birthday morning, after bonking Keiran by a Christmas tree. We fight, make up, wallow in the deepest most fairytale like love, bonk, then buy each other things to apologise. Most people say that when we run out of funds and working privates, then we shall be no more. Yet we jnow that we just can’t be without each other. We have a bubble. I don’t like anyone IN our bubble…at all. I’ve lived a life, where i’ve had people mosey on in. Yet they only mosey wheni’ve let them in. Some call me an ‘it’s all about me’ control freak. i call it hot. *Wiggle-wink*. (I’ll quit being a moron now. I had an amazing birthday.)

Woke up on Dec 19th 2011, to the most delicious bit of handsome in the entire ‘himbo’ world. I dragged myself out of bed, wrapped Xmas prezzies for others, got excited about my turn of 31 and when Keiran rose from my yummy satin sheets, he pondered about, making me cups of tea, watching me right my blog, told me i was beautifula nd then proceeded to get fucked off at Moonpig for not sending me the car on time? There was lots of glaring out the windonw waiting for the postman.

Eventually he went with fuck it, due to time not being on our side. He loves surprises. He loves surprising me. He loves making me happy and i get the ‘be very jealous’ Princess treatment all the time. I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

Anyway, he tells me to pack a bag for an overnight stay. I pack a big one, one that could manage my life for any little occasion. The postman fucked up, so he ran off to his car, ( i watched him run from the bedroom window) and byt he time i had gleefully tottered downstairs, in my giddy, ‘it’s my birthday’ manner, he was in the living room with the most giant bouquet of yellow (our favourite colour) roses..infact 31 of them, with one of them being all singled out and prominnent. He said they represented the years we would love each other and be together. I felt on top of the world. I mean, i don’t know why he’s so good to me…but he is? I’m in love. Why have i bothered dating such previous losers, when now i have this perfect chunk of ‘alha’ male, who knows how to love me right. I’m impressed and i’m NEVER impressed. If i had ever met my match…it would be now. I had yelled at him 2 days before, because he went to a wedding. Oops. πŸ™‚ I guess it’s the Wunna way….

Long story short. We packed a bag, went for tapas, fell madly in love over and over again, then he took me on a magical journey to a surprise place of birthday. I actually had no idea where we were going. I’m usually not one to enjoy being surprised, out of fear. Yet, this was probably the best surpise i had ever had in my life. (Apart from the arrival of Ruby. :))

After 20 minutes, he drive me to Oulton Hall, one of my most favourite retreats EVER, for a luxury over night stay, champagne, dinner, one on one time (because we never get to enjoy each other these days due to work and nuisance), full body massages, steam rooming, hot tubs, relaxing, more champagne, moments of love, a hotel night and sex. He spoiled me like no other, in truely magical Glamour style, under chandeliers and our little cloud of ‘ooh laa.’ I had never been happier. We had never been happier. We have the BEST relationship in the entire world…and i don’t sweat it. I don’t need to because our bond is unbreakable (no matter what we go through) and that’s exactly how we always wished it to be…right from the beginning.

Now, i won’t go into the magic of our delicious Oulton Hall adventure, simply because it was sooo ‘Room 213’ perfect and simply all about US. In my mind, sharing my birthday with him, drizzled in champagne, was sort of like celbrating our relationship. It was amazing and i mean beyond words amazing. We had GREAT sex and we have never felt so in love. There was one point where i was laid on him in bed and we were half in sheets and all a pucker..i looked up at him with my doughie, dolly eyes…and he quietly whispsered, ‘You have my heart.’ I love those moments. They’re the moments that i remember forever.

We had the most romantic dinner, delicious, luxurious and in the perfect lighting. Magic. I can’t even begin to explain it. (My boss is currently showing me a penis pouch that grunts like a reindeer…excuse me a second. πŸ™‚ Priorities must!)

Cuddled all night, with my perfect little dreamboat. Woke up did breakfast. Enjoyed life with one another and talked about the future. It couldn’t have been any more right. I’ve literally found the man of my dreams and i know this because when we’re good we’re REALLY good..but when we’re bad, we still MADLY in love. We can always make it work and effortlessly. We’re so alike and because of that we can and will conquer the world. We always see the good in each other…and i can’t WAIT to spend the rest of my life with him.I feel lucky. I feel in love.

Now, i say… all was perfect. It was…we wanted the joy to last and so we ventured to The Castle (our pretend local) for Christmas drinks by a fireplace.) It began beautifully. Then and because of a tiny pointless misunderstanding and a group of annoying people, consisting of a nice man who drove a Range Rover, a slaggy 44year old rough looking woman and a middle aged ‘still oves his wife, even though he was with the slaggy insecure rough woman’ guy..who was on drugs…it all went downhill from there.

If i’m out with Keiran, i prefer it to just be ‘us’ and i know that sounds horrific, yet i’ve lived a life…a very Hollywood one, where i’ve learnt that there is nothing more important than the strength of ‘the bubble.’ I dont like that ‘bubble’ invaded…unless i’ve beckoned you in…or you have gin.

Without boring you and being a complete *snooze-fest,* it all went shit. We fell out massively, because i accused Keiran of not wanting to hang out with me. he got angry at me for it and then angry at me for saying a random man i didn’t know was a ‘nice man.’ He refused to take me home, or go home and with and demanded that i get in a taxi and make my own way home, after making sure i knew that he wouldn’t be coming home that night!

I *paused*…swore a little, then after saying ‘Hi’ to an old school friend, pulled out a cigarette and stormed out, in my faux fur. There were lots of ‘Shut the fuck ups’ occuring during our argument. We’re both feisty, when we fight…we FIGHT! We’re both stubborn, both fiery and both similiar. A LETHAL combination if we’er going up against each other.

I waited outside after calling my Mum. Then called him to merrily listen to an answer machine. (I hate that.) He eventually answered and EVENTUALLY came outside. I was stood by his car,all teary eyed and calm. he walked up to the car, still angry…told me that he STILL wasn’t taking me home and that he was NOT going to be staying at mine tonight!

He drove me home. πŸ™‚

I cried all the way there…

When we got there, he made a massive point out of me having to GET OUT of the car. Boys do that all the time. I never play along and refused to get out, whilst trying to guddle him with my snotty nose.

Bad move.

7 minutes later i found myself being dragged out of a car..on the floor and THEN had my pink and beige leopard print luggage thrown out of a car too. I hit him in the face. πŸ™‚ He was screaming. I was shouting. I picked my stuff up and walked away. He drove off at the speed of light. #anotherhappycustomer

That night, i got home, went on a walk, cried a little and then called him.

He got to his and fell asleep in a loft.

AtΒ  midnight that night, he came back to mine and we made up. Infact, that night changed everything. There was a moment where i stopped, hung up my gloves and realized how much we actually loved each other.

We had sex. It was amazing. We have a great sex life and well it keeps our relationship alive. We then promised to love each other forever and on a bond of trust, went stright back to ‘fairytale’…just like that.

I’ve always said that when two people love each other…the ‘fight’ is not worth it. The next day we loved each other like never before and i guess sometimes it just takes the drama to realize how much you care. I don’t care what anyone says, our bond is AMAZING. We’re best friends, lovers and each others world. I’m learning to keep ‘us’ ‘just us,’…as we’re a couple that everyone seems to like to tango with. He’s a great boyfriend, a great life partner, a great friend and a great ‘father.’ I’m an AMAZING πŸ˜‰ girlfriend, a loving mother and a hard worker…we have the best life ever..even if it is dripped in spray tan and glitter.

We’re back to normal…we’re a little exhausted, but underneath it all loving life.

Happy MAD FRIDAY Dollies. I’m currently in Leeds. It’s just rained all over me. I’m not impressed. My tan’s running down my leg like piddle.

I love you…thank you for following my life.

CW (Oh and Thank you for all my birthday messages. 31 feels sexy!)





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