The Egyptian Febreeze


You know life is Wunnaful, when you find yourself racing around the ‘upstairs’ with your playful handsome hero, like comedic nutty bits of panicky bonkers, in order to refrain from smelling like Richmond Menthols, when you’ve just realized the ‘Omg, Chrissie it’s your MUM’ joke, really isn’t a joke and she is actually downstairs, after ‘Grandma Day’ with Ruby.

You’d think we’d be all grown up and swiggedy-swagger, right and limp walk into the room, without a care in the ‘we are legendary’ world. No. We’re not that cool. We’re hot…yes. But don’t think that we didn’t panick to the bottom of the staircase and Egyptian FEBREEZE ourselves, in order to hide our shame. I committed to the panic *spritz’* first, having launched myself into a baby pink cotton dressing gown, only to steadily saunter into the living room, like the calmest Queen of sheeba, in the world ever, with a gentle, innocent smile of ‘i don’t at all smell of a Richmond menthol.’

Keiran panicked too. he had been playfully pinning me onto the bed, after we had enjoyed many a Christmas drink and flirty banter at The Castle, our new local, that isn’t at all local to us, by a fireplace. He saw me reach for the Egyptian Febreeze and went with it. This is how i know we’re a team. 7 minutes later, he too calmly walked into the living, like no panic had ever happened.

All i’m gonna say is when the good option is ‘Oh don’t worry, she’ll just think we’re having sex’ …you know you’re a pair of twats!!!

We’ve made up BIG TIME and thoroughly enjoying being madly in love…infact just the way we were when we first ‘fell.’ I’ve been filled to the bring with a rosy, warm ‘ooh laa’ and well when you’ve found the man of your dreams and he looks at you and tells you that you are his entire world. (You are IT for me, Chrissie!’) Nothing in the entire world, apart from being a mummy to my delicious baby Ruby matters!

We’re on Cloud 9, enjoying the work of good old Cupid. We’re close, we’re happy and we boom everyone else’s love right out of the water. I’m aware that everyone believes only because we’re dead good at bonking each other. *Wiggle-wink.* But really, we have a friendship and a love that could make any couple of ‘lovey dovey’ maybe do a sick. We had undays dinner, went for our weekly walk around Newmillerdam Country park, fell in love all over again, whilst being hand in hand…then got pissed and forgot to buy stamps!! ffs (He stoles cider glasses.)

Work is great. I’m loving being a Mummy. (Rubes is well into being a ‘Material Girl.’ The only 9 month old ever, to not at all care about wrapper, when it comes to a good old Xmas gift. My daughter wants the prezzie…and will tantrum until she gets it….so proud. #peteprobablyhatesme.

Had sex by a Christmas tree, in the dark.

Life is good. 😉

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