A little bit of lippy & a whole lot of ego…

Afternoon my little bumpkin berries of delight. I’m trying to fit in blogging between life, yet finding spaces of ’empty’ between the natural ‘razzle-dazzle’ (i’m currently in an office eatin a celery stick…hardly very ‘Va Voom’ but whatever, let me ramble,) of ‘Wunna Land’ is no becoming a merry little task in itself.

All is well right now. I’m now getting the better of my diet, with an ‘IN YOUR FACE GUURRRL.’ I’m winking and a working it and on my way to a fitter, new yummy version of a previously preggo ‘Wunna.’ I feel good, apart from the fact that I stormed out of the living room last night, pulling dolly angry faces at Loverboy, after I accussed him of trying to kill me with water. (Yay, to no carbs, food, or love handles.) It’s not the discipline of the diet that I don’t enjoy. *Giggle-purr.* It’s the fact that my natural free spirit, is ever so inclined to need ‘good times’ in the form of wine, cocktails and red meat, that my body itslf will reach out to it, leaving my mind and the calm bit of Wunna behind.

Anyway, we’ve made up now. Pete just thought it was hilarious. I need a man like that. One that thinks i’m ‘funny’ when i’m being an absolute bitch. I swear it’s down to the tan, the boobs, the *wink.* (Fuck, i want crisps now!)

I’ve finally emailed over the final pictures for my book to my Lit.Agent now. I only have one pretty stack left, so i’m more than overly excited, dipped in a little sauce of worry. I now have no idea how the book will turn out because it’s in the hands of the publisher, therefore i’m hoping it both is and looks delicious. *Fingers Crossed.* I want over the top glamour and fabulosity. The feedback I received was that it was ‘bloody brillant’ and ‘appeals to a younger audience.’ I’m hoping that the icing gets glittered all over it and it tells my story the perfect little way.

I’m currently reading an ‘inbox’ from a guy named ‘Keith’ who wants me to go to his ‘Fun City.’ My trust issues are confused as to whether he means ‘adventure playground,’ or goolies? Either way…i’m going to play it safe and simply click ‘Delete.’

I’m far too floozy to be at an adventure playground. (Even though when my LA buddy, Ronnie & I went to Disney in California for the afternoon, we met a 5year old in the EXACT attire as me. Luckily, I was drunk..so i rocked it with a little more ‘swag’ and in far too much lippy. I accessorized with a Gatorade mixed vodka. The 5 year old accessorized with a Jesus socked sandaled..parent. I knew at that point that she couldn’t ‘out pimp’ me. Everyone knows that at 5,  you need to be attached to a high heeled hoochie to the right and a GIANT sized swirly rock lolly to the left…or gin?) Oh and on the goolies part…Pete’s goolies are now terrifying me, because they always seem to be ‘coming to get’ me. *Frightened.* Loverboy cannot seem to be able to tuck them away right now? I don’t know whether he wants me to desire them or if he’s being funny, or whether he just likes me telling him that ‘i have never seen affro goolies before? It looks like the Jackson 5!’

I think because he got his ‘end away’ last ‘Date night’ he’s become all excited, incase there’s a round two? Tonight again is ‘Date Night.’ It’s come around quickly? I guess time flies when you’re having fun and well our relationship, including baby Ruby, is utterly fun and utterly perfect. We spend the entire time giggling, loving and committing to foolish twat-like behaviour.  We’re each other’s everything right now and i haven’t even needed a rum! My little family is ‘Wunnaful’ and well because we’re in a phase where everything seems to be going right! Woohoo!

However, woke up with stickers on our ‘privates’ this morning. Mine was blue and informed the world that I apparently also came in a size 20-22. Nice! Loverboy’s sticker was round and accidentally gummed onto his white pants, near his dinky, reading ..‘with hat.’ 🙂 Then we made the executive decision,without even knowing to dance like whores to Koala bear cartoon folk in planes on the telly for the sheer entertainment of our daughter. We just sort of found ourselves doing it without realizing, to impress Queen Ruby. But then our competitive streaks ‘kick in’ and we find ourselves in an angry ‘dance off.’

It’s funny how you never actually think that one night of hot *rumpy* followed by a back bed  competition, due to Britain’s Got Talent and booze, would end in whore dancing to Koala bears 15 months later for a life that you’ve seemed to have created. 🙂 Oh and what a beautifully, life of yum-fest she is!

Other than that we watched lesbians last night and well it was ruined due to Pete needing me to define the term ‘lesbian’ for him. He got them confusd with lipstick stained floozies who make out. I literally had to sit him down and say, ‘Pete! A lesbian is a girl who fancies ANOTHER girl, you idiot!! They come in every shape and size. This is an actual documentary, not a fricking PORN. The girls on the porn AREN’T really lesbos. They’re hot boobied, blond Playboy type dollies, who pretend to like feeling each other up, for the unfortunate desire of men. Actual lesbians, don’t like boys.’ 🙂

I’ve actually worked really hard today and i’ve got a busy weekend of organization, pampering and dress picking to tend to. It better not rain all weekend..

Tonight…’Date Night.’

Love you Longtime

I’ve been dancing the dilly-dallies of the busiest little bee. I’ve got a ‘pile on’ of work at my day job, (which i’m actually kinda enjoying right now.) Mummy-hood, although a marvel, as Ruby couldn’t be cuter, is hectic. Girlfriending, is a job in itself. Yet Loverboy and I are quite delicious right now and I’ve finally managed to complete the final tiny bits of book, that i needed to, without getting yelled at ! Woohoo! I hate that i’m having a bad hair day today. Yet due to me tinkering with the fricking ‘Master Cleanse’ my hair has decide to fall out. Nice! Yeah, i lost a merry chunk of  weight. But i didn’t expect to go a bit bald all at the same time? They forget to tell you that you’ll go blind and go bald after a week, so i’ve switched my baby-weight diet to one where i actually get to eat food. Today, i’ve been on the melons. I’m over dieting. I feel sexier, when i eat.

Anyway, yeah. I at midnight of the night before, I emailed over my final bit of book work over to my Lit.Agent, to forward to the publisher. I’ve worked realy hard on it all and gotten yelled at all the waym with it taking me ages. But i feel like everything happens when it’s meant to happen. (Yes, I am trying to blame my inadequecies on fate. 🙂 ) I attached and clicked ‘send’ then with a sigh of relief, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. *Wink-pout*

In the morning, i got to work. I hovered over my AOL inbox and yep, as predicted rested a little bit of ‘ooh laa’ from my Lit. Agent ‘Helen.’ It always makes me nervous, when I see an inbox ‘ooh laa’ from her, because the past few inboxes have been full of ‘you’re not being good enough’ and a jolly bit of swearing. 🙂 I’m used to it, don’t worry. I’ve lived a colour life of pokery. I get confused when people aren’t swearing at me. However, in my defense, I did have a child 4 months ago. It does kinda take it out of you for a little while. (Heelllooo child out of vagina much!) Plus, I had to pretty much go straight back to work, meaning life hit the ‘busy’ button, with a full steam ahead.

Anyway, there it was, my little bit of ‘inbox.’ Even though i feared it, i figured I’d jus get it over with anyway and deal with whatever it was I had done wrong now. The quicker you feel things, the faster you get over them. I ‘click’ on it and well this is what it read, (remember that it has been an entire YEAR of back and forth with the book work and a whole lot of ‘it’s jus not right Chrissie’s.’)


The book is bloody brilliant! It’s gonna be a hit and make you a millionaire! Truly! I just read a little and edited a bit before I went to sleep becaus i was so excited about it all.

I think it’s gonna be BIG. (Ha-ha) Why wouldn’t it be? It’s just like it’s author, BIG< BOLD & BEAUTIFUL.

Helen xxx’

I turned and looked at Kelly in the office, (The other office Glamour Puss) and with a *sigh* of relief cheered and wiggled with delight! I did it! Thank GOD! Remind me to get a flipping ghost writer next time. Fricking ‘boasty’ me, full of my ‘Oh, but i’ve written it ALL myself and taken the time to actually format it, all on my very kitty cat ownsome.’ There are reasons why people use ghost writers. It buys you time! I was far too foolish and egotistical to realize this. Hurrah. I have fought with EVERYONE over this book.

But anyway, it’s done, getting edited as we speak. In about a month..I’ll get to see the book version of this very blog itself. Crazy innit! Now, it’s done, i’m all about starting the next one. I’m a sucker for punishment really. The didn’t know what I was doing the firts time. I get it now…therefore i think i can handle the reins of another. Gimme! Gimme!

I’ve now ticked another box on my ‘to list’ in life. I do feel refreshed and like a whole lot of stress has been lifted. I’m glad everyone’s happy and i’ve realized that I do actually LIKE to make people happy. I always thought i entertained in order to quench my ego under giant spotlights and ‘LOOK AT MEEEE’s.’ However, after all that, i’ve realized that I entertain simply to make you (ya miserable lot) smile. Cheesy but true. If i’m managing ‘dreams come true’ by accident, then you deserve a bit of Wunna magic too. Like I always I’m living proof that anybody can do anything, that they may believe is unreachable. *Reach* anyway and give it a go. The only difference between ‘most’ and I, is the simple fact that I don’t just talk about doing things..I do them and i do them with a hopeful heart and a wink in my eye. Grab any opportunity you can and se where it takes you? As long as your of ‘genuine soul,’ an ddipped in positivity, in the end..you’ll get there.

I’m trying to make a world for my daughter. A life that hse could only dream of. Right now…i’m doing pretty alright at it. However, i really can do it with my hair in this fricking state. If I *hair-toss* it’ll all fall out! I hate crap diets.

I actually had soo much to say, but like the genius that I am, i’ve forgotten it all and i’m not even drunk. I really need a day of pamper. I mean, i’m falling to pieces. I look like a rubbish version of myself. A broken nail, that i did in a disabled loo. Falling out hair, due to homemade lemonade, no tan, and well…i can’t even bare to discuss the rest of it. *Adjusts boobs-Adjusts tiara.* I need a glamourousy ‘once over.’ I need to hire people to groom me whilst i type! I even finding it hard to type in diamantes today. I’m properly losing my touch. EWW! 🙂

Yesterday by 9am, i had already gotten called a ‘Tart’ by grannies. Whenever i think, i’m swirling down the plug hole of ‘plain’ something like that reminds me of my Greatness. 🙂 I remember when I was young, i’d always wnat to hero my way verbally through the walls of judgement and fight my caus morally and a bit drunk. However, now i’m old and even MORe comfortable in my own bit of skin, i can’t be arsed with the ‘hoo’ of all the ‘ha’ now. I love life and i’ve never felt as strong, as dynamic and as happy, as I do now. Am i misjudged. Yeah..often. But only by people who don’t know me or are yet to find their ‘comfortable’ place in their bit of skin. Right now, i’m adequetly adored by the masses, so i’m happy. I’m enjoying being the ‘grown up’ far less *tragic* version of myself. I don’t even try to play a character now. I’ll hold my flag up to being ‘nice, old likeable’ Wunna these days. I’m still feisty, yet now actually ‘worth it.’

Other than being attached to a felt duck most mornings and being able to peek at what i have around me in life and actually be more than happy, with my lovely now organized, glittery madness.  I don’t think i have anything else to report? I love being a Mummy, I hate Pizza Hut and I’m swizzling back around in my office chair, knowing that it’ll all be okay in the end..

Love you Longtime..




Another merry day..

Yesterday was just one of those delicious days of marvel, where everything went right. I worked hard. I felt productive. All news was great news. I got my entire book finalizations emailed off and winked at and well in my kitty cat mind o f’ooh laa.’ I kinda asw what life had on offer and winged it with a nipple tassled shimmie.

I like it went everything goes right becaus in my life, it makes a fricking change. *Petal flower.* I’m being a GREAT mum. I’m feeling sexy. Loverboy is loved up to the nines..and yes with me, (who’d a thought that making out with a boy in a taxi would solidify forever. Infact would would’ve thought that walking past an 11 year old boy, when you’re a little girl, in a school corridor, would matter so much? I was walking past my future. Funny little thing life, innit. If i was ‘Chrissie Wunna 2005’ I’d totally be having a gin before work to celebrate that.)

But anyway, enough on the love front. Boring right? Yadda-yadda-fairytale. Plus, i’m weirdly watching coconuts be rolled around me by apes? But really nothing could’ve gone better than it actually did yesterday! I love ‘new productive, actually not a waste of a shimme anymore’ Wunna. Being ‘together,’ mentally stable and productive is bizarrely a great deal sexier. I know right…who’da thought? It’s a wacky fucking concept. But really does work. I could wink and roll in the ass right now, if i wanted. 🙂 (Pete’s bum looks at me like it hates me. I enjoy bitchy bums. Mines just…giddy.)

My book, my book my tiara for my book! I now cannot WAIT for my little bit of life, to be paged up, edited, made to sound interesting, than sold to you for keepsakes. I don’t think i’ve fully absorbed what’s happening? Yet, i’m always fancied myself as a bit of a Jackie Collins. However, i don’t need it to be fiction, as my tragic, shameful life of colour and glory feeds the ‘fact’ memo quite easily.

Hopefully, i have marvellous things on the horizon. But you never do know do you. I’ve always believed that if you wear the right outfit, great things happen to you. Add cleavage and dollies it’s unstoppable. (I dropped my bronzer this morning after a ferociously bronzing session. My mum called me this morning to tell me how proud she was of me. It energized me threefold and now i’m all over the moon.)

Incase you are moody today. Know that when you’re a bit more chipper, wonderful things happen. Cheer up ya miserable sods. It aint that bad.

Off to work. Nothing like a day of office work, around sweaty weight-lifting crotches! 😉


In a bit of a rush…

Morning my little munchkins of wiggle-fest. Yummy day. Feeling glamourous. Been up since 6am and basically to get my little book all sorted. I keep gettin gtold off my the publisher for apparently ‘not caring’ enough about getting it down. It’s done and almost ready for the big ‘Hoo-ha.’ Yet i’ve been having a baby, looking after a baby, working a day job, as well as keeping my showbizzy world alive.

I’m happy though and loving it. I’m a kitten who’s blessed with a mighty shower of luck and happiness. i’ve been reading parts of my book and witnessing how much i’ve managed ot change, Thank FUCK for that. 🙂 It’s weird because I always thought i was at my utter peak of glory back in those days. My peak of total happiness. However, now i look back, i didn’t feel half as delicious as I do now. I love my world and i’m rocking it in baby pink today dollies. *Wink-Pout.*

My morning has been madness. I looked after Ruby and sorted out my book until Midnight last night, whilst little Loverboy mildly moaned and pined for my attention. He hates it when i’m otherwise occupied and not ‘all eyes on him.’ In fact they both do..therefore a great deal of my lovely little home life is simply spent making sure they know i’m watching. Jeeze.

Ruby is being a darling and now watching monkies with drunm kits on the telly, in her bow. I’ve run around like a headless chicken, seeing to kittens, (the new one keeps having to run away from the old one that’s constantly trying to have gay sex with him,) working on my book, doing my blog, feeding the fruit of my loins, organizing my life and making sure Wunna Land still has that glint of ‘ooh laa’ in my morning stilettos.

I’ve had to cut out a great deal of my book, do to me being a rambler and not hitting a word count correctly. I htought i’d find it really hard, yet i’m discovering that loads of it was actually boring. GREAT. Total seller! A hit! Luckily, i’m not a hoarder, so i’ve easily managed to give it the ‘heave-ho.’ I was never any good at keeping anything for too long.

Pete has managed to stay cozily asleep through all of the morning madness as per usual. *Rolls eyes.* He spent the evening literally peeking through a key hole at our arguing neighbours, who were being all shouty and ‘fuck you i’m leaving.’ He’s like a ‘desperate housewife,’ all bored, pining for my attention and peeking at neighbours with marital problems. Hopefully, he was ‘Gaby’ as all the others don’t do ‘bouji’ quite as well. I don’t get why he’s everso tired? Hmm..it must be really hard sunbathing? He must be bored with life right now because only when we’re bored do we take interest in drama. I’m all for a bit of drama. Yet only when it has nothing to do with me.  I heard the neighbours being shouty and had to weigh up what was more important. Book? Or keyhole peeking? I’ve matured enough to resist the peek. I’m totally losing my touch.

Anyway, my inner ‘Diva’ has just got the better of me and I’ve just stormed into the bedroom and MADE him get up. There’s only room for ONE glamour puss in this relationship and it certainly isn’t the one with the extra piece of ‘leg meat.’ 🙂 *Hair-toss.* HOLD ME BACK! 🙂

Busy day, really excited. I’m running and winning and pretty much doing it under a rainbow. Live it.

Monday Morning…

Morning my pretty dew drops or love machine. Well here we are at Monday morning. Winking, Pouting and hoping the dear Lord blesses our week ahead with excitement, green lights and gin. I’ve given up on my diet and simply because i’ve had an entire weekend of socilaiting, meaning that my life is far too delicious to sit in a corner twiddling my thumbs to ‘wish i could of.’ I’ve enjoyed wine, beer, sunshine, love, Mummy-time, family time, steak and sex. Add a whole entire day of work yesterday, (Well i needed something to keep my mind off going to church. 😉 ) and there you have total kitty cat satisfaction. I’m learning that lfie is about balance. I’ve done the whole ‘play-play-play’ part and  believe me i’ve done it like no other. And i’ve tangoed with the a whole life of ‘work-work-work’ much and at the peak of both…I found myself doing bimbo ‘angry’ faces to the merry sound of ‘need freedom.’ (God, i can’t write this blog right now, due to my chair being too small for the table. I’m having to type, in big hair and diamantes..under my chin. Annoying much. *spritz me.*)

I’m working all day today and i’ve had book dramas over the weekend. I’m learning that the best way to prove people wrong is to simply do the work so greatly, that it sort of ‘in your faces’ them with ‘oh how wrong we were.’ I’m good at that. I’ll dauddle all day an then at the last moment pull magic out of my oriental arse to party poppers and maybe a fanfare.

Ruby is the most delicious little thing right now. I believe she’s had the most magical weekend ever, thanks to my mum and dad. And Loverboy, well he’s just roaming around the living room in boxer shorts aimlessly, not knowing what to do with his life. *Rolls eyes.* Men…they need woman to piece them together, package them  up and point them in the right direction ALL of the time. I’m a self sufficient femme and a sexy one at that. Therefore i don’t get how people get by like that? I’m humoured by it.

But anyway, the love life is blooming. Cupid is being kind. Loverboy and I are at the peak of magical bliss right now. We have a love that is filled with laughter, love, dipped in a cheeky dip of dazzle. It’ s simple, but right. I’ve finally found my ‘forever’ and thank fuck for that! 🙂

My work life is delicious and i’m totally working the leggings today in stripper heels. When that happens, you make way for the DIVA in you.

Talk to you later…is it really gonna rain today? Monday isn’t too bad, if you’ve had a wonderful weekend and a decent amount of beauty sleep. (God, i sound like a right old biddy.)

What a day…

Best.Day.Ever. Loverboy and I travelled our pretty arses to the Leeds Food Festival. OMG…Amazing. Lets get this straight. We’re hand in handin the blistering sun, with crowds and cameras  surrounding us reporting on the foody delights, with a smooth mish-mesh of  thick, yummy, smokey, food-like aromas dancing around our little noses. I’m a kitty cat who knows how to get down to business. I tottered in, saw Nicky Chapman presenting an ‘on stage’ cooking show, squeezed my little future hubby’s hand and did what ever floozy with an ounce of utter decency would do at 11am and that’s head straight to the stall with the champagne. I made sure Loverboy and I had champers for breakfast, before we went of Date Night round two…which was a day of sampling the best food in Leeds! Glorious weather. Best company. Oh and just so you know, sampling food with the one you love is a great way to keep things ‘ooh laa.’ It’s a great day..in the sun.

Okay, we wandered up, down, around and around. Taking sneeky nibbles at all that was on offer. It kinda smelt like barbeque and *yum-yum* in one. We enjoyed a bit love from the Jamie Oliver stand. A whole bunch of fudge and toffees. We gobbled up olives dip and bread. Picked at rump steak burgers. Enjoyed a bit of sushi and chomped on tiny little meaty ribs.

Well that’s pretty much what Loverboy did. He is a boy that adores is food. Not much will come between him and a bit of steak. I mean, i could fling my bra off and nipple tassle shimmy infront of him and he would still have to think really hard about what he wanted more. A bit of Rump? Or ‘The Wunna?’

I’m much smarter on these occasions. I went to every single BOOZE stand going. We did the champagne. Then the Pimms stand. Found the Corona stand and the wine! Infact, i did so wel that i became known asthe booze girl. Every stall i ended up visiting pointed at me and said, ‘I’ve been watching you all day, with ya champers and god knows what else.’ I even got stopped by random food festival goers, who wondered where my drink had gone, when i had just managed to finish one. I enjoyed the day thoroughly. It was like an elegant public piss up, by the best food in all of the land. I loved it. We both did.

Then we decide that i’m fat and therefore make an executive decision to go for a giant walk around Roundhay park to burn off Loverboy’s meat calories and to shake off a few of my booze calories. I mean, i wouldn’t want to shake them ALL off. I need a few to keep my engine going.

Blistering sunlight. Beautiful park. Hand in hand, in love with my ‘handsome.’ We’re laughing, joking, walking and taking in all the nature. Pete’s rambling on about the Victorians. I’m rambling on about my tan lines. We’ve done quite a lot of the walk and then Loverboy spots a castle, which i WRONGLY decide we must visit.

The castle’s up some hill. Pete heads off up it, leaving me straddling behind. Now what he doesn’t realize is getting up that hill is a mission for me…especially because i’m carrying a bunch of the heaviest things ever. Loverboy’s racing ahead, pretending he’s not knackered. (He was totally knackered, but trying to look fit.) I’m there huffing, puffing and struggling my way up, with my handbag, my hairdo, my boobs and my purse which is filled with ALL THE CHANGE in ALL of the FUCKING land! I’m like the 2p lady. I have about 500 2p’s in my purse and i can’t for the life of me seem to beable to get rid of them.

Get to the top of the hill, almost get eaten by bulldogs and pretended to like toddlers on the way up. Find out that it’s not even a fricking castle after all. It’s just the front of one, made out of stone. Well isn’t that great. I’m even sweaty at this point and hearing little Leeds boys on bikes call each other ‘cunts.’ Nice. I drag myself through the fake front of the castle, up some stairs, walk back through a flowery woods..(Pete’s now taken his shirt off because some other boys who liked my boobs did early and he wanted me to desire him more) then we back in the car driving towards a place called the ‘Roundhay fox.’ Which in my mind is a rather decorative way of  saying…pub. Yippee!

More white wine spritzer were enjoyed. A tad bit more sunbathing. A talk about life. Then a shuffle on inside for what I call a ‘late lunch.’ I did fish. Pete did a hotpot. We shared a ginormous dessert of cream, strawberries and profiteroles. We kissed, smooched and cuddle. Then after him telling me how much he adore me and how wonderful his day had been. (It was all my treat today and because he kinda desevered it. I like to make people i love happy and if you don’t do that, that what do you do?)

The sun cooled down and we headed back home to Pontefract. We chillaxed and cuddled, after Loverboy had gobbled even more goodies  that we had bought today. Then…we *smush.* Oh yes! Hellooo sexytime. We had the yummiest bit of sexytime ever. It was *sizzle.*

I’m not as baby weight body conscious now, so we had ourselves a jolly old time of ‘ooh -to- the- laaa- boy!’ AMAZING!

Then he trumped, ate fudge and i had a little nap. We’ve had a really productive day. Productivity is exhausting when you’re a glamour puss. Or maybe i’m a biddy now, so sex just tired me out.

Ruby had ‘Grandma day’ all day today. It’s a great day for Rubes because she gets to be out and about, whilst manipulating Grandma to buy her everything…even at 4 months old. I finally have my little bambino back in my arms, all shattered from her massive shopping trip and garden time with ‘The Wunnas.’ I’ve missed her. But I love that she’s soo adored by my Mum..well my entire family. It’s almost as if the arrival of Ruby has brightened up their life. I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful family. Therefore, ‘Grandma day’ and ‘sleepover’ night are pretty essential to me and  not only because I certainly want little Rubes to have a close loving relationship with MY mummy dearest, but i know that those moments, or days that Ruby has with her Grandma, make my mums entire life worthwhile. It’s magical. Ruby loves then. Today when she arrived home with her new toys, she was approximately 1% bothered about me. Lol. I had to put my glasses on so that she’d think i was my mum. 🙂

Happiest times ever in Wunna-land right now. If it emotionally stays like this forever, i’ll be one happy chica. I LOVE IT!!! Loverboy’s ventured out to watch the big boxing thingy? Hayes versus someone or other. He’s desperate to see it, but is filled with utter happiness, due to having ‘the most perfect day.‘ I’m in my pj’s chilling and well i could cry over how content i am right now. I’ve come a long way. I have a great family. A beautiful daughter. A potentially wonderful career and a real life, pretty much actual decent boyfriend. We’re in love. Madly! Life is good.

Keep it Magical.

Date Night was delicious. OMG! I found myself lost in the coziness of Miller & Carter in Leeds being truely and utterly romanced by my ‘handsome’ over carafes of red wine and medium rare steak. It was loving, magical, dipped in a marvel of sexy tension. It was that great time in a relationship where you have been together for a while, yet you find yourself feeling ‘young’ again, with a fresh flirty ‘ooh laa.’

Loverboy and I are stronger than ever and because i’ve finally found a gent you will never do me wrong and actually loves me, for being the me. We giggled, we entertained, we ‘wooed’ each other and basically kept the magic alive. We finally had time to talk love, life and trand over our ‘misty-watercoloured.’ I tend not to talk about the past with Loverboy and not because it’s horrific, because it’s actually the exact opposite from it. However because i’m so excited about our future. 

We’re a silly couple at the best of times and well last night, the most romantical, affectionate nights of all nights, surrounded by warmth, deep reds, fireplaces, wine and a waitress named ‘Lorna,’ pretty much re-lit the candle of love.. Therefore be you a guy or a girl and you feel that you’re not getting treated to magical nights of adoration by your ‘other side of the pillow,’ then know that you should be and why…because it’s what every little being of Glamour Puss deserves.

Anyway got to go, we’re off to the Leeds Food festival today.

Woke up this morning and told Loverboy how much i loved him as i rolled over. He looked over at me, kissed me and told me i was ‘beautiful…like a piece of MEAT.’ MEAT?? Erm..i’m like a rack of lamb? A fricking sausage sandwich? He did mean it with the most romantic intentions..even though he followed it up with a ‘you’re like a fillet.’ Fillet? Like a cod? Or like an actual thing you ‘fill up,’ with boners? I rolled my eyes at him, giggled and then we got ready to begin our day! He’s being mildy possesive today and not letting me wear a short skirt? Heelllooo i’m a diva much? This always happens to me with men. It reminded me of being married to Michael. He’d apparently prefer it if i wore jeans, so that pervs won’t perv on me around fresh food. I slipped off my white frilly skirt. (I mean i’ll give him that..it was a bit ‘Playboy mansion’ for Leeds.) Then put on my denim skirt. I’m a Glamour Puss..denim skirt is jeans to me. Booyaah!

Loving life right now. The food festival here we come. If you’re my diet, you have my sincerest apologies. *Wiggle-wink.*

Date Nighta Tonighta

Lovely day. Worked a little then figured it was far too sunny for me to be stuck in an office all day.