13 thoughts on “If only he was 10 years older

  1. yes but it aint a good staight of the future of the brittish bulldog race he aint got no bite. no wonder this contry is oging down the quazi

  2. is it ok it is up to u babe but he aint my cup of pg babe but i hope u had fun with him and im sorry if u dont ,m
    likeme no more chrissie

  3. your face! It’s like a more sexually ravenous version of the one i’m pulling in that pic of me and Timmy the night before vegas. George looks mildly terrified to be fair. So he should be!

  4. I have a preview from the Paris Hilton video on my blog. To bad it got leeched onto the net for everyone to look at. She did not want it to be public as it was her ex boyfriend Rick Salomon that released it.

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