Missing LA

God i’m missing LA!! i feel really bored today. I can’t wait to go back….i’m literally going insane. I love my family, i’ve LOVED the peace and harmony, i’ve enjoyed good british daytime TV, but honestly i godda go back to ‘La La Land,’ before i completely lose my ‘umph.’ Y’know, i might just be having one of those days, because it’s crap weather outside, but i doubt it. Plus, i don’t fancy adopting a ‘Yorkshire lass beer belly,’ as i’ve sighted quite a few. I’d get booed out of West Hollywood, and stoned to death by the Gays. I need to leave before it’s too late…hahaha! At least i found ‘peace’ for a wee bit…i needed it, so i didn’t end up completely ‘doo-lally.’ I always blamed ‘Hollywood,’ for driving me nuts. Yet, it didn’t…I basically managed to drive myself that insane….I know right? Quite a talented girl!!! So  whilst my LA chums play ‘high school’ under the big white sign without me 🙁 and train real life SUPERMODELS (well done ‘hot ass’ for getting that gig,)…if you don’t know what i’m talking about…hahaha…sucks to be you!! I will eat pie, continue massaging my breasts, miss my ‘latin Lover’ and continue working on that ‘Yorkshire beer belly.’ Ugh!!  I need the insanity of Hollywood, to feel sane again. It’s like DisneyLand…I love it! I have no-one to play with. When you’re 27 in Yorkshire, you’re basically GROWN…when you’re 27 in Hollywood, you’re basically fresh meat, who’ll probably end up shagging Matt Dillon (who unfortunately still thinks he a stud,) in about 2 years. Shit, i feel like i have GREAT tits, but on the absolute WRONG continent!!

8 thoughts on “Missing LA

  1. hollywood sounds alright but it aint got nothing on essex babe. u got film studios we got dagenham. u got superstars we got retired gangsters. u got gays we got bareknuckle fighters. oh shit can u fit me in your suitcase chrissie . i hope u get back to hollywood soon babe to see ally your pals and so u can show of your new thrupney bits take care chrissie tada scratch

  2. Nope, Hollywood certainly doesn’t sound anything like Essex, that’s for sure. I’m still mulling over how that’s a BAD thing. 🙂 And they’d never boo you out of WeHo, Chrissie.

  3. hahahahahahaha!! Yep theres definitely no ‘dagenham’ in Hollywood. Theres a few ‘bare knuckled fighters,’ but they’re cleverly disguised as Drag Queens!!

  4. quality chrissie. i was only joking brett essex aingt all that bad bruv its got character. we have got jeelied eels girls dancing round handbags wearing white stiletos . i kknow hollywood is a lot nicer have fun there chrissie i might see u there one day and buy u a uri take care chrissie tada scratch

  5. no u get right fake people in essex as well chrissie u get the wannabees and never will bes giving all the charlie big potatos. but u are right both manors are the guvna but on different spectors of the class scale

  6. i know they are woderous things jeelied eels without salt vinegar and peper they are disgusting put that in there they are lovely . and u can have cockles welks . but i have to conciede defeat hollywood is the better place bruv but not buy much

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