Healed and Hot

Finally i am FIGHTING FIT, lets promptly rejoice and smear cake on our privates! I’m 100% feeling like the hottest McChick in the world like ever. It’s amazing what a pair of fleshy knockers, and a bit of slap (make-up if ur american) can do, to place you back on top of your world. Honestly, no joke, and yes i am being quite conceited, (boo-hoo whats new) but i feel like the sexiest piece of arse, in all of the multi-coloured land, right now and it feels GOOOOOD!! Oh and Me feeling this way, actually has nothing to do with the fact that, i now have joined the not very original club of, ‘ Yes my boobs are fake,’ but mainly because i have bathed like a beauty, had my hair tended too, had my face McDid, and not only can i move around gleefully, without a single painkiller, but i can also (and once again) aimlessly dance around my living room, like a stripper, in nothing but a bra to various crap pop tunes (yes no panties)!! My life is wonderful. My Va Voom is back, I’m cured and I feel alive again!! (YAY Sailor!) It took 8 long days of feeling like a trodden on turd, to finally get me back to my ‘someone might want to shag me now’ full fantastic ‘Glory.’ My nipples are currently the MOST sensitive part of my body, i’m still addicted to British ‘Big Brother,’ my boobie bandages come off tomorrow and a friend in LA just informed me that he now ‘Sucks on Wood.’ Um…..? Me too?

I actually woke up feeling quite grumpy, pissy, like i wanted to poke peoples eyes out… due to a late night arguement with a boy. Boys like to argue with me. I don’t know why? Then they like to cry. I don’t know why? Then i realised that my boobies no longer killed, and just like that …i was bouncing off every wall with sheer happiness, like a chimp in heat! During the frantic bouncing, i did manage to accidently graze a bristley hair brush over my left, ‘too tender to be touched right now’ nipple. Not fun! Infact it still actually kills! Life goes on and i feel sexy!! I’ve just been told stardom is beckonning, so whilst i wait, i guess i’ll get something to munch on, and stare at myself in the mirror some more. Join me! I love you!

7 thoughts on “Healed and Hot”

  1. im pleased it is all done and u dont have a lot of pain anymore and u aint got bandages over your new thrupneys chrissie they sound like a lovely pair of fun bags as well babe i hope u have a good and boozefilled weekend know u are back up and running again know babe take care chrissie tada scratch

  2. well that is what we call em or guns or bangers but like calling em thrupneys. i hope u feel even better tommorow chrissie take care babe tada scratch

  3. Yes, I am an old pervert. But, princess, with those new boobs plus your already incredible, dominant, hellraising personality and sensuall body, you will be able to wangle lots of gifts and money out of we pervs while getting any studley boy to lend you his wood. Wait, you could do this already. But now it will be faster, LOL.

  4. PS: Pam Anderson said her nipples are hard all the time, so hard she can cut glass with them. Wow, I think I am more excited about your new breasts than you are, LOL.

  5. I don’t know that ANYBODY could be more excited about a new pair of sweater rockets than our dear Chrissie, especially since she gets the privilege and the responsibility of shepherding them through their new existence (or should I say, “co-existence”?) with her.

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