On my back & ready to rumble

This is one of my favourite shots, by Hamish Boyle….so you should make it your favourite  too!!  I’ve been working hard all day, it’s now 1am, an i’ve just arrived home from a loooooong shoot!! Anyway, I’m off to slip into something a little less comfortable, hope you do too! (ooh-laa)  Night, night! Love you!! Fyi/ I picked up my ‘bling’ today, and

10 thoughts on “On my back & ready to rumble

  1. I wondered where you’d got to yesterday … hope ya had a good day.
    Love to hear more about the shoot, and of course, see the results.

    I’m sure you’ll reveal the details and the pics soon . . .

    Luv ya!


  2. Princess.

    I love this shot, so hot. Even though your breasts are delectable I can see now that I have been privileged to view your glorious body, why you want Pam Anderson boobs. I think with your voluptuous, caramel body and relatively small stature they would make you looks unbelievable tantalizing, more irresistible than you are already. More powerful than you are already.

  3. MMMmmmmmm!!! love the naked tie pics!!! Keep ’em cumming!

    …I mean “coming”

    … actually I was right first time!


  4. Welcome back Chrissie … as you can see, we missed ya!

    You know we’ll always come running for ya.
    (Ooerr, that almost sounded a bit rude!)


  5. Well, that’s computers for ya … sometimes they can be a real big help,
    then a major league pain in t’ privates at pretty much all other times!

    Eitherway, keep up the good work Chrissie, technology permitting!


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