When Romance is alive


Well last night after a pretty easy day at work…a good day….a normal day, well until I got bollocked in an office and not the good kind and for no real reason other than the stress of another…which i get at times, as ‘business running’ isn’t easy. However, I’m a being who notices hard work and good intentions…and will never make anyone feel unappreciated, if i believe they’ve slogged their guts out over time. But, i felt unappreciated…and it immediately adjusted EVERYTHING.

So, as I waltzed out, i accidentally bumped into Ruby and my Mum, meaning in a flash my world was back to wonderful, as it makes you realize what matters in life and when you love, or have something, or someone you love, you can always feel grateful for your existence.

Everything changed and i was as happy as can be. I mean GOD just to see how happy Ruby’s face was to see me, made my day completely worth it.

THEN to top it all off, I drive home, after buying last minute bits and bobs, I pull onto my drive, Ben opens the door, Ruby rushes inside…I’m told to relax, take my coat, boots and ‘everything’ off…and then I’m told to venture upstairs in the dark to see my surprise.

I LOVE SURPRISES these days, as life isn’t so bad, meaning they’re never scary or bad.

As i walked upstairs, and had a little peek, Ben had prepared me a boiling hot, bubbly, lush bath bombed, giant candlelit bath, equipped with a Mimosa and a smile!


Now, with me, the small things make a huge difference and well the idea of romance. I’m a sucker for it. Like i’m a girl that you mess up with, buy her flowers and she loves you again. Lol. Just to note…he didn’t fuck up, he just saw a Facebook status saying i needed my back massaging and decided to champagne, candlelit bath surprise me. PLus, i’ve been stressed recently and he didn’t want me to think about it, as we have a relationship that everyone seems to comment on, which i don’t mind, as i’m used to it. Yet Ben is a sensitive creature, meaning it upsets him.

So after a shit bollocking, it was lovely to bump into Ruby and come home to such appreciation and love. I mean it was just the fact that he made the effort to do it for me , just to make me smile and make things even better. I felt loved. I felt appreciated…and that is the KEY to women. Plus, I love romance. I love it with every inch of my soul. So when one performs such acts…be they little or large…i’m the best kitten to perform them on, as i am as girly as can be and i BEAM.

But yes, i’m en route to work and yeah…it may be super rubbish today, or may even be great. However the ace thing about it is the simple fact that I’ll come home to a whole lot of family and love.

Wuns x

*Vogue Arms here*


It’s Christmas Bitches, Boys and Drama

The trees up! It’s Christmas! And yeah, i’ve heard it all…and everything in between.  So just so you don’t get it twisted….We  here in Wunnaland are very much aware that it is NOVEMBER. (We’ve learnt the months of the year and everything! Just…..) And we’re very much aware that there is literally no other big old festive day or holiday left, other than the art of celebrating Christmas this year…so why wait? Get on it! I suggest that you all jump on the bandwagon, jolly up, get with it and join the merriment! I’m tired of hearing the ‘scrooges,’ with an ‘it’s a bit early/ we start Christmas in December,’ nonsense. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Grab a stocking, and fill it with shit!

We did the tree!!!! It feels good!


Our trees up and we LOVE IT! Hahaha! Not only have we personally picked and plonked up our first ever Christmas tree as a family….but the babies ADORED every single second of it, until they got tired and started fighting. Plus,  Ben and I found a reason to start drinking Baileys….so technically it’s  WIN for all!

Yesterday was a great day, but somewhat stressy! I have Sunday’s and Monday’s off work…so it’s kinda now my weekend! Therefore Ben and I decided that we would spend our Sunday away from cocktailing and instead invest the time picking out a brand new tree (and we have an amazing one, in real life it honestly looks tremendous, like we’ve simply plucked a ‘fir’ from the depths of a magical snowy forest! Except we didn’t, it’s not real and we bought it for £100 from the garden centre. :) But we bought Scentsicles that are little aroma sticks, that you hang upon your tree to make your tree smell like a real life ‘fir’ tree…HONESTLY, they are divine! Doooo it! I walked downstairs this morning, in my specs and was hit by the most amazing smell of fresh Christmas,which was super dooper pleasant, as last night Junior did a wee on the carpet because he couldn’t get to his potty on time. :) )

So yeah, we spent the morning picking the tree and the lights… and the rest of the day at The Range in Doncaster, buying baubles, Christmas stuff, birds, kitchen ware, stockings, snow spray, Santa’s…all sorts! Our receipt was literally, the length of the Bible. You could have rolled it out and carpeted your way home with it. But fuck it, it’s Christmas…and money grows on trees, doesn’t it. 😉

There were moments where i had to drag Ben away from buying inflatable remote control Star Wars characters (the drag was easy)  and tell Ruby that she couldn’t have what she wanted because Santa would bring it for her. (That was hard.) But we all got what we wanted…plus a feature bauble each (Ben’s is a glass, snowy owl, Ruby’s a glammy ice drop, Junior’s is a Gingerbread man and mine is a diamante crown…and handbag :)…and then I let Ben whop in an indoor, Christmas Laser show…which he really wanted, but kept walking slowly past it, all weird, like a child who wanted to investigate, yet couldn’t because other people were in his way!

That was the fun part of the day. The evening was even a blast, as we drank Bailey, Ben cooked fajitas, the children screamed with delight, as they rushed to make snow, hang on baubles, do the lights and catch the laser beams that were darting through our living room.


Then i focused on the stressy part of the day (never ever good) and that was ‘The Dads.’ Right, so Pete (as nice natured as he is) PISSED me OFF yesterday.

Every Sunday he’s meant to pick Ruby up at 11am, from mine on the dot. He never ever gets here on time EVER and usually asks me to drop her off, or take her with me, until he’s ready, or can make it. All that’s fine. Except, all he did was go on a wedding night do, stay out and suffered the art of feeling rough! We’ve all been there, but whatever, i’m as laid back as they come…if you have ONE day, which is the only day you picked to spend the entire day with ‘The Rubes’…then you should make it on time…always..and on the dot. He never makes it on time as right now he’s being ‘Party Pete’ who needs love…Lol..and well yesterday i’d had enough of lateness…He was 3 hours late…and wasn’t in much of a rush to get to Rubes…so Ben and I took her with us. (And she actually really loved it.) So lateness, had narked me off…as i hate late people (as it means whatever they’re doing is more important that the thing they need to get to) and then the fact that once he did come to The Range to pick Ruby up…he was all huffy and puffy with me, and darted off as he was LATE for dinner with his parents. We didn’t even get to say ‘bye’ to her, because he was in a mood. And why was he in a mood, because he HAD to look for me, around a busy store for 10 minutes and i hadn’t picked up my phone, which after guarding with my eyes for ages, I threw in my bag, simply because it was ruining family Christmas shopping time. We discussed this later that evening…and i he repeated how narked of he was…I simply stood in my doorway, arms folded, smiled and said, ‘Well you wouldn’t have had to do that if you were here at 11am.’ BOOM! Why are men so silly?? Then he moaned about his job and how he needs a new one. But i think having A job is better than having no job…I mean shit…i work all the time and hard, whether i would need to or not. It’s just life and well it’s how we have to roll.

That annoyed me. But i’m over it now. It just needs to get his act together…and not even in regards to Ruby…just his life in general, because he’s a good guy, with a wishy washy sense of management. He forgets to believe in himself.

Then the other Daddy, Keiran…came over to drop Junior off! Now Keiran can be annoying, but he’s the opposite to Pete. He won’t even be a minute or a second late for anything ever….as he used to be in the Army…and these day he’ll do anything he can to spend as much time with Junior as possible. I like that part of him and the fact that he works hard. Yet once we start fighting, Keiran and I are AWFUL. Really really awful.

Anyway, nothing was so awful about the Junior drop off yesterday. Both boys swung in suited and booted, dressed to the nines and with smiles on there faces. Junior was excited to do the tree and Keiran was searching for Junior’s ‘Converse?’ (He made me take all of Junior’s clothes off him and switch him into other clothes so he could take those clothes home. I didn’t mind, and i did it…but i always find that odd.)

Ben was in the kitchen marinating Chicken. Lol. Junior’s obsessed with Ben, so ran to find him and well couldn’t stop talking about him, every single second.

Keiran now knows Ben’s home and in the kitchen, so i start to get worried because remember that he had stated that he wanted a ‘ground rules’ chat with Ben. He told me he needed to speak to him. I told him not too, Ben walks into the living room and after a polite, ‘how ya doing’ handshake…Keiran blurts out the words, ‘Right, lets go in here Mate, because we need to have a chat!!!’

UGH!!!! ( I grab Junior and occupy him with Christmas…and they have their ‘CHAT’ in the kitchen. :( )

So, I had already given Ben the lowdown on this ‘chat’ previously and demanded that there was no fighting or arguing in the house, around the children EVER and warned him of Keiran’s personality when he gets irate about things. So Ben calmly followed suit and Keiran laid down his ‘ground rules’ on how Ben should be around the children and I! Lol. I KNOW!

I walked into the dining room to make sure the chat wasn’t being too brutal…and it wasn’t really, as it was just Keiran baby threatening him, telling him that his family mean the world to him and that if he ever hears that Ben has hurt the children or I etc…in any way, then they’re going to have a serious problem. *UGH!* It was like he was my Father!!

Ben was polite, agreed and listened. Keiran stated that as long as anything bad never happened, they would always be cool. But he started off his ‘chat’ by stating that he didn’t mind Ben dating me…(I’m 34, I can date who i want and i don’t really need his permission.)

It ended with an ‘AND I’M TELLING YOU SUBTLEY’ from Keiran to Ben. Then we all shook hands and he left…just like that!

This part of my life is pretty complicated. Keiran shouldn’t have given Ben a lecture. Pete shouldn’t be late. I shouldn’t have so many babies to different Fathers…and Ben well…just puts up with it all because he loves me. Luckily, i love him tooo, so i’m always really grateful for having him by my side.

I guess, i try and focus on the positive and that that we all love the same little beings, so we all get on with it merrily. They’ll always be adjustments…and times that are hard. It’s hard for Ben to have to deal with two babies, a new fiancee, and two dads…a basic lifestyle change. And it’s hard for Keiran to sort of feel as though he’s passed his family on to someone else, as he leaves with nothing, It’s not easy. And it’s hard for Pete to find the light at the end of his tunnel, so he can make everyone proud of him and serve himself well as a father, as he wouldn’t have to work shit jobs to get by.

Nothing’s that hard for me…so i feel pretty lucky.

We had fajitas,

…watched telly and after a quiet moment to myself, (all girls do it, when we look back and think life is better without boys)…everything went back to wonderful.

I’m the luckiest girl ever…and fuck it..it’s Christmas!!!




Weddings, Cooking School, Work, Ruby & Ben


Morning my little Sunday shimmies!

Whether you’re waking up with a hangover, being nudged up by strangers, already up early because of the babies, doing the walk of shame, headed out on a, ‘i work for 7 days’ business trip,  or rolling last night’s ‘shouldn’t have gone there and pulled that in the club’ out of your kitten sheets…know that at the end of the day, we’re all in the same boat and luckily, that boat is awesome. We’re lucky to be alive….so it’s better that we all get one with it with a smile on our face and our heels on our tippy toes, because making the most of your 100 years, if we get that far, is better than doing it…broken.

But yes, my life right now consists of WORK…’always work,’ babies, Ben, ‘I’m a Celebrity’….saving up for Christmas…and doing it all over again on repeat until Christmas is over. :) I don’t mind it at all, as i’m naturally a hustler. I’ll have a moan and think that I can’t reach the end of the tunnel…but I always do…and i do it with a great tan, good hair and laughter. There will be tantrums inbetween and moments of Diva, but luckily I’m surrounded by people who get me and how I function..so they can take a jolly verbal lashing, which is always performed in jest, simply for m own entertainment.

But yes, i haven’t disappeared. I’m just working my arse off and staying in with the family. Plus, it’s windy as hell and the weather is shit. No one looks good with fripples, wind swept and with a shiver. There’s a lot less swag involved and well once you’re out and if you’re living my current lifestyle,  you kinda just want to be at home in your comfies eating junk food with the people you love.

So this time last week, I worked all day, the busiest day ever and then trotted off to Jaz and Tom’s wedding. (The evening do.) Ben was already there, as he did the ‘day do’ and after rushing home, dollying up, adorning a boobie dress, watching the babies do a ‘Christmas show’ for me on the sofa, I got picked up by Ben’s Dad and driven to Darrington Golf course.

Jaz, is Dodge’s sister. I write about him a lot. I mean the last time i had properly hung out with Dodge, (and both Ben and I ‘heart’ Dodge massively as he’s one of our best friends)  was when he had come over to ours, with ingredients to cook us tea…which turned into ‘John Hardman’s School of Cooking,’ which I enjoyed and Ben couldn’t be arsed with, as he opted for playing with Junior…and well I like to say we stuck to our strengths. I listened, learnt and chopped chillies. Dodge managed the Kitchen, but ended up drinking an ENTIRE bottle of GIN. Ben tended to Daddy Day care as he’s the most playful out the bunch and Junior’s addicted to Ben right now…and it ended with Dodge having to stay over, after nearly burning my kitchen down, not being able to eat because he got so drunk and passing out on the sofa, after demanding that Ben find Batman, or rent The Shining.

I went to his sisters wedding…and I love Jaz. We’re ‘passionate.’ I’m not sure what went on earlier in the day, but mild drama happened…but it on the whole, everyone was there, everyone was drunk, nothing came of any drama, other than tears, people shouting ‘cunt’ down microphones, good times, the word ‘love it,’ dancing…old faces, new faces, people glaring at my boobs and Tom (who’s adorable) getting really pissed.

Everyone actually looked really glammy…and i’m used to always being the over dressed one at functions…well the local pub. But it was nice to see everyone dolled up a bit…and you think i mean the girls. ‘Murga’ (Sarah’s bit of loverboy…who is close to our Benny) demanded that i inspected his new suit… that had sparkles on and speckled under the light..and when I saw it under the light, I was to then compliment him on how beautiful it looked! Lol. I found him at the end of the night pissed up, asleep at the table, before we woke him up and fell into walls. :)

(I’m currently having to deal with Ben pissing himself at the fact that he’s getting Ruby to talk like Arnold Schwarzenegger..with the quote, ‘who is your Daddy and what does he do!?!’ Apparently, she’s then meant to run into her class room, AT SCHOOL and shout in her best ‘Arnie’ voice ‘GET DOWN.’ *Rolls eyes.*)

Great wedding. Fun times at work. I’ve actually done Cosmo with Ben and a couple cocktails here and there. This is what he posted from our ‘all you can eat experience.’ HAHA.

Junior’s been a blessing. He is stuck to Ben at the hip. Ruby has been little Miss Independent. If that girl can be out and about…she will..and always! I worry for her teenage years!

The Carpenters CD, that has ended up in my car, is great but after 400 plays, has drained me of existence and made me need numerous bacon sandwiches and the need to buy a Little Mix CD. I’m far too involved in ‘Karen’s PAIN’ now, so everytime i hear her voice, i think i’m going to die of anorexia. At least ‘Little Mix’ just rant on about boys they fancy and magic potions. Much more up my street! I got the recipe!’

Ben and I are super into our ‘I’m a Celebrity’ app. I’m thrapping him at the game to say he’s a proper geek. We both eat nachos and cheat…but it works for us, so we go with it. Last night I had late night baked with Ruby…so i made Nachos, baked Gingerbread men and confetti buns. Then we did wine, put the baby to bed and bonked. Simples.

Life is good right now and i’m working hard, but it’s exhausting. I’m doing it though and loving my little family life. Ben and I are still madly in love and our love is sort of progressing so easily and quite seriously with a playful twist. We miss each other’s company when the other’s not there, but that’s mainly because we’re best friends and i’m learning that that’s the key to a good relationship. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone or how long you’ve known them. It’s more how much you love then and how you know them, right. We’re well rounded. Our sex life is good (especially during ‘dress up) …our love is simple…our friendship is hilarious and our code on family morals, lie in symmetry. *Giggles.*

(Ben’s now trying to make Ruby make fun of my feet. So i’m now trying to make her make fun of his bitten down finger nails. The other day i actually said that my awful feet should date his awful stubby fingers…he replied with a ‘they do.’ :) )

Okay, i’m off now. Life’s great! Can we all start embracing Christmas now, cos half of you are dead grumpy.

We’re putting up our Christmas tree tonight!!! Join us! Do Crimbo!



A Lil’ Ronnie Catch up.


I’ve been working lots and even though hard…it actually feels amazing, as I’m just a being who feels better when put to use than not. Lol. There’s not really been much time for anything, hence my lack in blog posts. But i’m baby free this evening, so i figured I could wham a bit of a catch up for you…after Bacardi ofcourse and because I blog better after such.

Right. So yesterday, on my day off..and i’ve been working like the clapper all week, month and everything in between…(all is busy, it’s coming up to Christmas…and i’m rushed off my little bad Burmese feet.) But on my day off…i managed to get on a train to London, in the little window I had and after a nursery run…and see my absolute best LA buddy, who i haven’t managed to see in person for almost 9 years! Yes…it was emotional because i love him so much and he’s pretty much a brother to me. We’ve been through so much together and lived Hollywood our way…I mean i cried half the way down to London because I couldn’t even believe that I would get to see him. Plus, i’m weirdly pretty emotional right now, because with lots of work, comes lots of stress and just of recent i’ve felt or feel as though i’ve been giving out to lots of people, all folk who i seemingly put first and before myself and own needs, who don’t neccessarily give back the way in which i may deep down in my heart wish. But that’s normal. I’m a pretty good girl. I’m generous and quite loving to most. But i’m at the same time, i’m not a push over…I do well, i’ve worked hard my entire life..and i’ll always be as positive as I can. I’m supportive, I’m tough…and a hell of a lot more responsible than people enjoy to believe.

But yes, I got on the 9.32am to London Kings cross. Rolled into London at 11.32am and after a a quick bustle around the very best chocolatiers, I hopped into a taxi and got to Ronnie… (Ronnie Woo by the way, who i couldn’t love or be more proud of!! He’s my ‘brother from another,’ a celebrity chef in LA and well he now has his own show ‘Food to get you laid,’ which aired out there this Summer.) I’ve been close to him since he was 19…and now he’s 30…and i’m 34…it was a really big moment. We literally did everything together growing up in LA…I’ve missed me MADLY…and because he’s just one of those really good people.)

Anyway, London traffic was as busy as usual and i actually felt a bit nervous. I don’t know whether i was just being a girl and hormonal, as the evening before I was all quite cryey. But as soon as I got out the cab, ran into the hotel, after passing Tiffany’s and all my favourite stores on Oxford street…i sent him a message saying that I was in the lounge downstairs..and within 10 mins, he was there…right in front of me…like that time had never passed and with tears in his eyes. It was so amazing that it didn’t even feel real, yet at the same time felt SO completely comfortable, that it was like i had never ever left his side.

It was lovely…and from that moment on we chatted, recapped, relived and spent the entire time just reminiscing about the past, where we were now an the future. I love Ronnie so much and we’re so close that we can literally say anything to one another, and it was really good to see Doug (his other half) and know that not only we’re they both amazing people as individuals, but as a couple the most loving and romantic kind. I mean, it’s always good to know that someone you care about is so well looked after by a more than loving and decent human being, as that doesn’t happen often, does it?

After drinks and a chat, we went on a walk and we didn’t quit chatting the entire time, passed high end stores on London streets, passed dogs made out of sand, fake snowfalls, Hamleys and weirdos with ferrets. To us, it was just us and London…and life was amazing.

We eventually found a place to eat and our choice was ‘So’ on Warwick street and after fancying our chances…and teaching Ronnie the phrase ‘bits and bobs’…as enjoyed a very Japanese lunch, were we ordered everything we could off the menu and talked work, the passed, boys, life and love. I taught him about England. He reminded me about LA. Everything couldn’t be more perfect and i well i’ve missed him so much. I know i keep saying it, but i just can’t believe that he was right there with me…and neither could he! LA’s a tough town, i know that more than anyone, so i’m really happy that he ventured to London to find some extra ‘Wunna’ support….because i’m the buddy that loves him wholeheartedly. I’m with him all the way… He means the world to me….and sometimes you forget how much, until you haven’t seen someone in  ages….(Wait, i might just have a cry here….)

Fun, fun, trainer shopping and more fun…then back to hotel we went…where we just sat and caught up some more…as that it all that mattered to us. I mean, Ronnie and I by character are really different, yet we understand one another  completely and i admire him because not only is he ambitious, but he works really hard to get where he want sot be, off his own back and sacrifices everything but true love (as Doug his soulmate and well rightly so…Doug is amazing..I mean when you see girls or guys with this amazing counterpart who is always there no matter what, with strength, you automatically adore them or feel a bit jealous if you’re single, or even if you’re in a couple and don’t have that! Lol.)

So much fun. So much love.

And then i had to go. WHICH WAS SAD.

But the reality of it all is that they had bene over to work and they were shattered. I had to get back for work in the morning and the babies and I was shattered. I’m a busy girl and well when it comes to trying to be a success or even something as small or as big as Christmas…working hard is a must in my world. (I mean i’m in tight November where in which i’m not going out at all in order to make sure i accumulate as much as I can. Like i hate when people moan about having no dosh…yet can’t quite figure out the knack of saving or sacrifices. Lol. Stop moaning. Just sort it. Haha.) My Daddy always taught me that you’d always be rich if save more than you spend. SIMPLES! And if you spend more than you save…then you can’t really moan about it. If your lifestyle keep up is more than you can afford, than either adjust your lifestyle or work harder Lol. The concept isn’t that wacky.

But yes, all i’m trying to say is less moaning, more figuring it out.

Like Ronnie said yesterday, whilst we were hot chocolating in lounges and talking about our sex lives…I’ve always been a girl who’s been quite responsible and someone who even though may present an image of ‘wahoo’ has completely got her shit together…and that’s important…(Ronnie’s smart tooo…..He reminded me of the time we made his Fake ID, just so we could drink at The Abbey. Lol.)

I got on the train back home with my cocktails in a can and with my legs aching, because i had no seat and had to stand. Lol. FOR TWO HOURS!!! HAHAH. KILL ME. The good thing is that four different people felt bad for me and offered me they’re booked seat home, simply out of kindness.  I mean, I must have got into about 7 conversations with everyone who couldn’t bare to see me stand (It’s my kitten face and red knee high boots)…lol…in that moment i knew that on the whole mankind was good. Yes, they were all men and yes they were all half drunk. But kindness is still kindness…and it’s weird because you sometimes find support and kindness, where you never expected it. Boiling hot train. Shitty standing. But filled with love.

Note…never ever drink stood in on a boiling hot train…it makes you feel sick, but works out your stomach muscles at the same time. (A guy offered me a Stella in a brown paper bag at one point…and i drew the line at being social.)

Got off the train…the air felt fresher!

Couldn’t wait to get home after travelling because i knew i had my babies there waiting…and i miss them so much when i’m away from them. In fact, I right now, need more time with them. It’s weird when you’ve been a single mum for most of it…you become a hell of a lot more attached emotionally to the beings that have always been there…as your own.

But i’m happy. I’m grateful. I’m honest. And i’m being tough as nails.

If you don’t like something…change it.

I have work tomorrow…babies to sort out and then an ‘evening do’ wedding to go to. It’s a pretty busy day, so i better Bacardi up, get some rest and recoup.

I never know what’s going to happen to me…and i have no clue why i’m so emotional right now? All i do know is, that whatever does happen…is going to be wonderful. I’m super grateful for all that I have…And y’know sometimes i live in absolute fear, that all that I have, that i love and that is mine…will not be forever. But knowing my history…you’d get that. Lol.

Love you.

Chrissie x



Work, Lessons and Life Upgrades


Evening my pigeons!

I’m home from work, I have a wine by my side, I have the house to myself and after delighting in the warmest shower, a set of booty short comfies and ‘girly tv,’ i’m immersed in BLISS. Mode = Chill Fest. Sometimes, if you are a creature of independence like moi, you need these moments, because they remind you of peace, simplicity, whilst rubber stamping the word ‘ACE’ on your existence. (I’ll be bored in a minute. :) )

I’ve worked really hard today, which is pretty good for me. :) But I HAVE. But I’m not someone to take things too seriously, so i’ll always have fun. I actually despise people who take the little things that don’t matter  in life, too seriously….if people could relax more and see the positive points to what they’re doing, then they wouldn’t be so stressed, right? (That’s actually a lesson that I continuously need to learn.)

I have a new work bud, who i really do adore. She’s fun, she’s straight forward, but she’s passionate and it’s awesome. In the tiny time that i’ve known her she’s been a massive support to Wunna land. She wears my lashes, she aids me on my crusade, she promotes, does things from her heart, but is strong like bull! Chicks like that (and I know quite a few) rock my world. Work is getting busy…and it must be because my legs ache and i didn’t have time to lip gloss every hour. :)

I’ve had an inbox full of people who couldn’t or didn’t make my lash party but now want to and that’s good, because there’s two more before Christmas. I get it, you were busy, hungover or couldn’t be arsed. :) I’ve been there. It’s fine. I started it. I made more money than i thought I would and i’m ready to get the ball rolling. (Well it now is.) I feel lucky.

I learning that it’s important to do things that you’re passionate about because otherwise everything feels shit. If the things you are doing, be it a job, or a boy, or just a situation is getting you down and you feel better than it…don’t do it, because you’ll get stuck in glum. If you can handle it, then bat it our of the ball park with a glitzy arm swing of ‘nailed it anyway.’ But if not…rejiggle life, rethink and sort your chapter out, so it reads the way you want it to…and without fear.

I’m also getting lots of inboxes about the creepy house in Pontefract that was on ‘Most Haunted.’ We had Yvette Fielding, Rylan and Paul o Grady right here, minutes away from us…and everyone got excited. I watched it all from Jaz and Tom’s with Dodge, Ben and Charlotte and we couldn’t have had a better time. It was fun and lots of fun because the company was awesome. Sometimes you can find yourself trapped with dull people, that drain you with the longest, most boring stories ever, as you find yourself nodding and smiling for no real reason. That wasn’t that night. We had a great time. We tried to get ‘Most Haunted’ to Tweet us back and YES’ to all the non Pontefract people messaging me…you can stay at that creepy house, for…what is it? £100 a night or something? Or is it fifty?? But it’s only you who wants to. Lol. Every Pontefract Human (that is normal..and not even bouji like moi) thinks ‘Stay in Chequers for £100!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING!!’ HAHAH. Not that we’re all Postcode snobs. But even the people who live in ‘Chequers’ probably don’t want to. :) Honestly, it’s not worth it. :) I promise.

I had Monday off. Ben and I went to Doncaster…we did a couple bars, ate at Zest and tried Pear Grey Goose at Sibellla, which is a shisha bar…which I always call a ‘Hooka’ bar, as that’s what we used to call them in LA.

Good times. We love Donny. You really must do cocktails there!

My fingers are getting tired now from typing. Lol. (Shut it, i’ve worked all day.)

I think i’m gonna just relax now, finish of my wine and chill. I mean fuck it, i might even enjoy an early night! I’m having fun, working hard, loving my lash line and sailing into what i call ‘tight November.’ i’m not bothered about going out when it’s cold. To me it’s a Summer thing. Bikinis and beer gardens. Winter is about Christmas, getting your shit together and working hard.

But yeah, lesson of the day, if you think your life needs an upgrade…UPGRADE IT. You’ll be happier.

Love you lots,,,

Chrissie x

DSC_4135 - Copy





My Lash Party


First of all, I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to those of you who came to my Chrissie Wunna Lash party last night. I appreciate it a great deal and well any being who actually is brave enough to let me lash them up them after a prosecco, deserves trophies. :)

I honestly had fun and I truly am grateful to those who enjoyed getting their kitten eyes and then bought lashes. You all looked amazing and i’m not even joking.

I was kinda stressed through it, as I had a late set up and I wasn’t very organised because of it. Plus, it was my first ever one…and I didn’t really know what I was doing. Then to top it all off hardly anybody showed up. There’s was literally family (The Reall’s and Hardmans :) )  and a really tiny handful of friends. It was disappointing at first…until I actually got into it. :) (i’m a worry wart, so i always want things to be magnificent.)

However, the good thing about the ladies (and gents) who came, was the simple fact that, that little handful of lovelies, were the perfect little handful and if anything they helped me through the process of figuring out what should actually be going down at my Lash event. :)

We had Prosecco, wine and Ego nibbles, with Lash boxes that my lovely ‘hubbster’ (that’s what i’m gonna call him now) Ben, Dodge and Kerry set up, upon tables. There was some kind of stacking war going on, because my technique was to creatively tip my lash boxes into a heap, in their boy categories. Apparently it looked shit…Lol…so Ben took over and did this amazing, semi circle, lash box, beast of a construction, and Dodge…got all ‘Manager at Morrisons’ OCD on me….and perfectly stacked his lash display, utterly symmetrically, like it was a challenge of The Cube.

Then Kerry came and sorted my shitty displays out. :)

I love how helpful the boys were. Dodge was great with it all…and can even function pissed. And Ben is probably one of the most supportive Wunna land troopers..and just out of love, will help me achieve anything that I truly wish, when it comes to things like this. I’m lucky. I adore them both.

Okay, anyway, I’m pouring drinks and then the ladies began asking about my lashes and wanting to try some on. So, I was taking them to the mirror, after they chose their ‘boy styles’ and I began applying their lash choices for them…and it was AMAZING. Literally, I even shocked myself! Hahah! I mean, God, i always believe in my product and it’s done pretty well so far, but i’ve never ever EVER applied them on others and watched them look in a mirror, right in front of me!

I literally glued one of my mink lashes onto their eyes…and let them look in the mirror, in order to see the contrast…and it was unbelievable. They got really into it, as i guess people forget how glammy an extra bit of lash can make you look. I was giddy when i saw them because I had women and girls of different ages and walks of life, suddenly have Wunna ‘kitten’ eyes, right infront of me. They certainly brought sexy back and in that moment, when they did the mirror look, it really made me happy, simply because there was that *burst* of ‘OMG, I LOVE THEM!’ I was super impressed that everyone there embraced it and had a go at being glammy. I mean, i’d honestly tell each person if i liked their lash look or not…and when we got it right…we KNEW and within a glance. Infact everyone got involved with each others lashes and started making their own choices based upon what they saw on the other ladies.

I never sell anything in person without letting people try them out first. One because it’s more personal…and two because it creates moments of ‘oooh.’

More drinks, a few nibbles and my handful of guests settled onto their table of friends…and then I felt busy? I was tottering around handing out glue, lashing people up, sorting out purchases and not having time for a drink. HAHAH. And i’ve never ever been in a position before when i’m in a bar and not getting sloshed.

It was easy going. Nothing hardcore. And it was lovely that Ben’s family was there…and some friends etc…because without the people who showed up last night, i don’t know what i would’ve done! Lol.

Everything chilled out and i could enjoy it all a bit more, as I went to each table, poured more drinks and got their lash purchases ready.

But the best thing about it, is the simple fact that I learnt what I needed to do, what I shouldn’t do in the future and how to make it work. I went from being initially disappointed to being super excited…because I get it now. Small, low key, groups of ladies, is what I need. Small spaces where ladies can drink wine, have a laugh and lash up! Even if they bring their gents…the guys seemed to have a good time anyway drinking and ‘oohing’ at their chicks eyes. Lol. I need less extravagance….more small parties, rather than giant attempts. Word of mouth and more people to help apply lashes, as I felt bad because people were waiting for me to get to them. Plus, I need to let people throw their own parties, with their own friends that I show up to…

Basically, I learnt a lot. So i’m ready now. It was kinda like a practice run, but with the best support ever. And i’m never one to be defeated because I’m a chick who started a blog that NO ONE used to read. Literally 8 people a month read this ‘doo daa.’ But now…after never giving up, knowing that it was going to work and simply just doing it continually…..it’s read where?


…On every single continent of the world and in 174 different countries….DAILY!

So, I get it. I’m started lash parties and i’m letting people throw their own. It’s fun, it’s girly and it’s a night out.

From a fun point of view, it’s always stressy when you’re trying to host something for the first time. However,  from a business point of view…for the number of people who attended….i actually sold steadily and did really well. How do i compare it? Erm..? Like I actually made what some people, who work a normal day job, would get in a week…in 3 hours. In a night, lets say. So business wise…it wasn’t so shabby. (Thank God.) But i’m grateful. Deeply Grateful to everyone.

So yeah now,  if i throw a couple more and if others throw their own, which they would get commission on…i’m sorted! I made quite a decent bundle last night….and well that means other people can to!

I’m excited!

At the end of the night when we were packing everything away…i finally got to sit down and chat to the boys, Ben’s parents, Dodge’s family…the people i work with and their  friends, new faces…Old family members…and all sorts. I had wine, I sipped prosecco…I had a girl table moment where we giggled about ‘naughty drawers and men.’ Then the boys joined us (they were PISSED (LOL) and they bantered along with us.

We actually stayed for a while, when everyone had gone just to chill out a bit…Ben is some kind of hero for me, because he’s just so supportive and lovely…but he’s dynamic with it. Not ‘wet.’ Like he’ll stand my ground no matter what and that’s sexy, it’s Honorable. He’s literally the most amazing man I’ll ever know and i love him with every inch of my heart. I’d do my entire lifetime with him. He’s literally my best friend and well…i couldn’t imagine him not being in my world, my life or my heart.

(Anyway…sorry about that! Lol)

Dodge was ace because he got treated to brandy’s. Hahaha. He always finds brandy…but anyway, at 10.30pm…Ego bring him out, a titled, heated brandy…all warm and served to him like he was Royalty. HE LOVED IT and was certain that they thought he was ‘regal.’

I had a good night. It was worth it for all that i learnt from it. Good friends…drinks and lashes…and well…sales. :)

We went to the ‘Broken Bridge’ after that for one last nightcap…and as I smooched Benny at tables and as Dodge got called ‘Elvis Costello’ outside doors…life was pretty good.

I’m happy. I’m excited. I’m lucky…and i’m ready. x


Chrissie Wunna Lash Party TONIGHT @Ego

ac6 - Copy

Kittens! Dolls! Ladies!

It’s Sunday November 1st, and tonight it’s my first ever Chrissie Wunna Lash Party!!  6pm. Ego Ackworth! ‘Get Lashed at Ego’ with ME!

So here’s your glitzy heads up…

Incase you didn’t know, I rum…rum? Hahaha… Good start… RUN… my own Eyelash Brand…aptly named ‘Chrissie Wunna Lashes.’ :) It’s a luxury mink eyelash line, that I have created, designed, packaged, promoted and nurtured myself…and it’s accidentally, like this blog…done really well.

I did my entire 20’s in Hollywood, where a mink eyelash was a luxury only used my the ‘A’ list stars. Beyonce, Madonna…Angelina Jolie and every other beauty with great peepers and it was sort of a makeup artists secret, a red carpet secret, that us little darlings never really knew about. The stars would pay £1000’s for a few pairs of mink lashes.

Fast forward a decade…and well…it’s become a lot more popular in the luxury spa’s, within an online trend and in upscale department stores. So, I decided, (and i’m a lash wearer…i wear mine daily,) whilst I was a working 2 full time jobs, whilst i was blogging, still doing a bit of tv and everything in between, and whilst I wasn’t feeling as glam as I wanted, to created a line, and a business where in which I would simply beable to create and well do a job that I was passionate about and at the same time have MORE TIME for the babies.

It had to be glitzy, as i’m a kitten who loves luxury and well in a way I sort of wanted more women, girls and chicks of every nature to embrace being a bit more glamourous! I’m never ever afraid to whop on a pair of heels, adjust my bra and glue on my falsies (Lashes, no boobies. :) They were sewn on. :) ) However, I believe (even though i’m quite ‘dragged up’ in the beauty department…that it’s the little touches that make a woman sexy! So it’s that extra bit of ‘lash’…that gloss on a girls lips…that make any kitten delicious.

I did a survey around the nation and one in five men said it was a girls EYES that they were first drawn to and the feature that they stayed drawn to, once the ‘honey moon’ period was over.

So my brand is about EMBRACING YOUR INNER KITTEN…your inner glam, your inner confidence…and encouraging you lovely ladies to be your own glam squad.

Chrissie Wunna Lashes come in their own designer lash box…every single pair does and that’s so you can keep them in their best condition, on luxury hotel nights, stay overs and on your dresser.

My lashes are glammy, but they are the most natural lashes in the commercial market. They boats a natural shine, curl and YOU CAN WEAR EACH PAIR OF LASHES UP TO 20 TIMES, unlike synthetic lashes, that you can only wear pretty much ONCE, before they look weathered,

Each pair of lashes, is personally designed my me and well i tried to celebrate every type of girl and mood. So you can take you pick! There’s no spidery effect. They’re lightweight, meaning no eyestrain…which promotes the anti aging process.

They are handwoven…and the most beautiful lashes in all the land.

They are also easy to apply, as i know the first thing women say is ‘I don’t know how to put them on.’ But i promise you! I do it every morning in seconds. They come as a strip lash, as i’m a busy morning mum, with school runs and a day job to get to. So i made sure the process would be simple.

Each lash style, i’ve named every my best guy friends, in LA! I have a British Line coming out soon. So you’ll be winking with ‘Ronnie,’ doing lunch with ‘Theo’….Date Nighting with ‘Dylan..’ and so forth…

But most of all it’s all about fun, glamourousity and celebrating what i call, ‘The Art of Purrfection.’ It’s all about being a girl and being ‘kitten esque.’


Tonight is my Chrissie Wunna Lash Party at one of my favourite local restuarant and cocktail bar’s in Ackworth…and that’s ‘Ego.’ It’s brand new, very glamourous and a place where in which you can feel delicious, whilst sipping on well made cocktails and dining on fine food. I go a lot…and well it’s the perfect place for me to have my first ever lash party.

Tonight is about girls and fun! And gives you a chance to purchase Chrissie Wunna lashes, that usually retail at £16.99 each… for £10 each…and that is only if you buy them tonight at the ‘Get Lashed at Ego’ event.

The deals are…

£10 per pair (Usual Retail price £16.99) 

3 pairs for £25 (Which would usually retail at £50.97)

Or the ENTIRE COLLECTION FOR £40.. which is every single lash style which would usually retail for £60) 

Aren’t I good to you…

Right now we have a card machine that’s not working :) …so if you wish to purchase lashes, it looks like it’s a glammy cash exchange, right now..so be prepared. Lol.

You will also be treated to a DRINK on me, when you arrive! We all need a drink..and if i can start you off on your way to merriness…i will! I’m a fun girl. What’s life without a cocktail. But if you arrive promptly, you will also be on time for 2.4.1 cocktails at Ego, which is something they do Daily from 12 noon, to  6pm. (I KNOW!!) 

There will also be a few snacks and nibbles set out for you, that Ego have created for you to sample. 

AND, I have a glitzy Wunna giveaway…where in which you can win a treat from me, a little glamourous prize, that you can take home with you tonight….if you buy a pair of lashes! So with every set purchased…you have a chance to win a Wunna Gift…and I have all sorts of little treats..Jimmy Choo perfume gift set…Dinner for two….Handbags…Cocktail shakers…the lot.

..and the rest is just fun!

It’s sort of like a Glamourous Tupperware/Ann Summers party, but without the plastic lids and dildos. :) (Can I even say that?? HAHA)

I’m hopefully going to start lash party’s all over the place and you can hold you’re own too, for extra bits of cash!

It all kicks off at  6pm tonight at EGO Ackworth! Bring yourself, a friend, a fun time…and enjoy! Ben has a boys table if you wish to bring your partner…and the ‘Get Lashed at Ego’ party will be going on until 9pm. 

I really hope to see you there!

Love you lots,

Chrissie x




Ben, Babies and Love


Morning my delicious winks of *purr.*

Okay, so before I tell you about the rest of our London Date Night, (we did so much in The Capital and cocktailed like boozy superhero’s, that i need to make sure i’ve absorbed it all myself, before I * tippy tappy* type it all out for you properly. We literally had the time of our lives and ventured everywhere we could. I  enjoyed our Ultimate Date Night more than anything, so i just need to sponge it all in, before i deliver the news. *Wiggle, Giggle.*)

I’ve been busy, i’ve been working, i’ve had a moody Thursday, but enjoyed the company that i’ve been around. Ben and I are closer than ever. We’re still madly in love and the great thing about us is the simple fact that usually when people date, they go through this amazing ‘honeymoon’ period that slowly dies off, as they continuing ‘doing together.’ Right? But with us, (and we’ve been together AGES now, longer than anyone would think, as we were pretty much together for months before people knew,) our relationship just stays in ‘honeymoon’ naturally and weirdly gets better and better. We’re completely each others absolute soulmate and we really couldn’t be happier. I get that there’s this sort of ‘show’ of ‘Chrissie & Ben’ and how perceive us or try to guess how we are as a couple. I’m used to it. I know the score. Ben’s a bit more sensitive with it all, yet the good thing about it is that i know he’ll also get used to it also and it’ll actually make him tough to it all. We’ve been having fun, we’ve been spending lots of time with the babies (and i LOVE that he’s a family man, it makes my heart melt.) We’re just doing life together and loving every minute of it. I feel lucky. He’s the most amazing guy and even sometimes when he may not think he is…I can always see and always have…even if we were to rewind 8 months back, how wonderful he really is.

We love our ‘stay in’ nights and we’re playful. It’s fun. But last night we went out for a couple drinks with friends, after seeing Rich and Katty’s new house. (Happy for them. I had Ciroc and lemonade and liked a grey leopard print blind.) Dodge, (who got pissed in Chequers, with strangers who had a caravan on their front drive,) Sophie (Who i like, but don’t know as well…but she makes me smile because we’re the same kind of bitchy) and Reuben (who vapes like a  custard cream Cruella De ville)  were also there.

We did drinks. Ben looked all hot in his shirt. (I heart him in a shirt.) I did pinstripe, booby dress and we had actually rocked up to Katty and Rich’s, after a bottle of champagne and really great sex TWICE,  in the space of an hour, with a mini nap and a shower inbetween. :) We came home after Friday night drinks (we ventured to the Tap and Barrel…where most people were out having a cheeky tipple) and after banter, Mcdonalds, a cold breeze and a big ‘at home’ chat in our comfies. We’re good chatters. We do it a lot. We went in for round 3, which surely makes us ‘bedroom gangsters.’

Our relationship is good because it’s completely well rounded. We can do posh hotels, cocktails and fun and be lovers and actual best friends  at the same time, without anyone else having to be there and help us through it. Lol. We can chill in our comfies and be ‘mummy and daddy’ and find it the easiest thing ever, whilst we do take out. We’re good at talking business together. We infact are going to start our own business together, after being offered the opportunity to cocktail at places for money…I’ll tell you about it later in my second Date Night blog. We’re really lucky.) Finally, our sex life is really great and even though it sort of may sound crude (i’m just really open about things of this sort 😉 ) we both find sexy time an important part of any relationship. We’re highly sexually compatible and well a hundred years down the line, we’ll still be at, because i don’t think i could lay in a bed next to him, unless i’m completely and utterly shattered and not want to at least feel him up a little. :)

Okay, so HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone. It’s a holiday that i’m not bothered about because i hate anything scary. I’ve got  a lot of errands to run today, with Ruby to get ready for my lash party at Ego tomorrow night.

Ben’s off to help people move boxes after lunch with Ruby and I. They’re really close right now, after Ben spent the entire day with Ruby whilst I was at work. He took her to the cinema, he treated her to all sorts. He took her to his parents to chill and my child, made me look great by telling his Dad Dave, (after a regular ‘Hi, I’m Dave’ greeting)  that i drank loads of wine. Haha. Cringe!!)

Life, is good! I had an amazing previous week. I’ve just been working hard over the last week and i’m so glad that you join me on it! x



London Date Night Part 1


So! Ben and I are back safely on Northern soil, after the most AMAZING time, with the most AMAZING memories and well the most AMAZING ‘Date Night’ experience EVER… in London.

We kinda only planned it a day and a half before. However, I’m just the kinda kitten who believes that life and love is all about living, so if you’re in a position to do so…and EVERYONE IS….you must, must throw skin to win and ENJOY.

If you’re in love…Date Night’s are a MUST. I’m currently madly in love…so to London we ventured.

Like, I told you, Ben had never really been to London and done it properly. so it meant so much to me, to see him so happy and well to share such a  big experience with him. It was the first time he ‘did’ London, the first time he ever travelled in a black cab, the first time he had ever had room service, the first time he had been on a ‘train that went that fast,’ the first time he travelled First Class…and the first time he did it all with ME.

Now, i’ve been to London a gzillion times, I used to even live there, but nothing is as special, than doing it THIS time, on ‘date night’ with him. We were treated so wonderfully. We cocktailed like the world was our oyster…we lived, we loved and we made it our own.

We caught the train from Doncaster at 9.47am. We’d already had breakfast and a wine by then and tottered onto the train, where we drank Prosecco out of plastic cups, red wine out of chipped cups and Stella that ‘he didn’t want.’ (I upgraded us to Prosecco, simply because of our first drinks were shit. Plus, it was hilarious, simply because I had to WALK down the entire train to retrieve Prosecco. Not only DID I FALL. But on the way, I must have bashed every single human on the head, with my bag full of mini booze, of course by accident and in diamante heels. :) ) I was a really annoying train buddy. But I was filled with excitement and love. It was worth every second of my Tom Foolery.


We arrived in London quickly and well just like that, we literally stepped off the train and went straight to one of my favourite ‘first stops.’ The Great Northern Hotel’s cocktail bar. :)


I completely adore the GNH bar and so did Ben. It was a wonderful great first stop off, to kick us into ‘Date Night’ and fair enough Ben was rubbish at picking the right cocktail…but on the whole, the experience was amazing. Such a glam spot. Such great service. A perfect place for us to have begun.


Time sort of flew, even though we knew we couldn’t check into our hotel until 3pm. We laughed, loved, Tweeted and got our hot arses into a cab across town, to get to our hotel of choice…which was The Grosvenor…the one by Buckingham Palace.

The were excited to see us…

..they checked us in early, they gave us an executive suite upgrade,  they treated us like royalty and we loved every single moment of it. Such a beautiful hotel, filled with elegance, class and decadence. Again, the service couldn’t have been better. Plus, the food and cocktails were nothing short of divine. (It was a great place to fall in love with Ben over, and over again and it was worth every single moment, penny and cocktail. :) )

Our room was gorgeous. The bed was so comfy. We beamed with delight, simply because we couldn’t have been more in love and we were away from the dull normality of Pontefract. It felt like we were on holiday…and it meant the world to us. We get along so well and can have the best time ever regardless. But it was extra special and felt really romantic…so yeah, we celebrated by hitting the Reunion Bar, in the hotel (which was the height of Glamour) and we sipped Champagne cocktails, as Ben pissed himself at how posh he was being.


We drank loads, headed to our suite, chilled out in the room, were so happy to be given little sweetie treats, wine, biscuits and a note greeting us both warmly…

then we ordered room service,


…got showered… (no pictures for you 😉 )

I actually got bathed, as Ben got showered right next to me…I *heart* bathrooms that you can both use at the same time…and after dolling up, a little bit of a ‘belly full’ boy nap… (lightweight alert)

and lots more booze (Ben looked so HOT in his shirt…i looked weirdly conservative, to say that I can turn anything ‘Playboy,’)


..then we went back down to the bar for more cocktails..this is AFTER CHAMPAGNE to the room and whilst sat there, we talked about our love, our future, marriage (I KNOW)  and home life.

Then we taxi’ed to Notting Hill, to dine at West Thirty Six, which is my good friend ‘Big Brother Rex’s’  NEW restaurant.

West Thirty Six is AMAZING and i’m not just saying it because it’s Rex’s place. I mean, yeah he came over and greeted us, chatted to us and spoilt us to bubbles, after I yelled ‘WE’RE HERE’ over a counter at him. BUT OMG, we ordered the ribs by recommendation and a rare steak. IT WAS LITERALLY THE BEST RIBS AND STEAK WE HAD EVER HAD IN OUR ENTIRE LIVES! And we’ve eaten EVERYWHERE now, to the point where Ben is a food and cocktail snob. :)

Rex showed us around the entire place after our GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS meal and it’s massive. Very trendy, but cosy. Sooo many floors, all different feels to each section, be you a private diner, an outside terrace kinda couple, or cigar lounge type, or an open fire ‘toolshed’ kinda girl.

Amazing place! The food divine. The service again wonderful.

We got a taxi back to the hotel at around 9.30pm. (I saw Caprice, walk by whilst waiting) but because our bellies were full to the brim, with fine dining…and we intended on spending the entire evening cocktailing… when we got back to our suite…I sort of laid down on t bed, fully clothed…Ben laid down next to me..and well by 10pm, I fell asleep! HAHAHA. I didn’t even put out! HAHA. I was far too comfy and far to ‘belly full’ content.

I remember Ben trying to wake me up every so often. But they were all just little blurs. I remember him laying next to me? Waking me up because he might of wanted sexytime. Waking me up to make me go downstairs to the cocktail bar and waking me up because ‘how do you work this coffee machine.’ :)

I was out. Fast asleep. Fully dressed.

He watched a bit of telly, then tucked himself in next to me…

We fell slept like babies that night, under the London night stars, on our third ‘date night’ in our Grosvenor suite…

I couldn’t have been happier.




Date Night 3


I’ve been enjoying life!

I’m happy!

I’ve wallowed in ultimate family time and adored every inch of being Mummy. I’ve shopped. I’ve cocktailed. I’ve waved the flag at having a week off work and i’ve loved.

Ruby and Junior are as happy as can be. Ben and I are stronger than we’ve ever been. It’s kinda good when you’re a girl to know that you’ve found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. A guy that you adore, who you know will always be there for you and care for you. I mean, they’ll be times when we rub each other up the wrong way and times when we rub each other up the exact right way. But most of all, we’re happy and i never know how people see our relationship when they look on in. However, to us, we’re great. We talk about the rest of our lives together, a family, our current little family and life. We’ve been through a lot together and therefore trust each other when it comes to safe guarding the heart of our counterpart.

Over the last couple of days we’ve just had an amazing time, with the babies and when we’ve just been ‘us.’ We’ve been in Doncaster a lot. (My home town.) We’ve hit Zest, for cocktails. (We actually went back this morning because it was so great and had the best spicy lamb wraps ever, with Mimonsas.) We’ve done Relish. (Where we had the BEST Bloody Mary EVER…and i love a Bloody Mary. I literally have them all the time…any time.) We’ve celebrated at our new local ‘Ego’ in Ackworth (even took the babies there for early dinner) and alongside an array of lunches and teas…we’ve shopped, made each other laugh, spent the odd night out with friends, but on the whole, really enjoyed being with Ruby and Junior. (And they are LOVING family life, as they’re kids, who have never really ever had or experienced a long term ‘at home’ commitment from a guy, in their lives before. I mean it was hard for Ruby at first, because she’s so head strong and bruised from her previous heartache. Yet now, she’s really embracing it and i couldn’t be prouder. Junior embraced it from day one.)

Anyway, yes. Today we went shopping. I bought a ‘Date Night’ outfit. Ben bought a ‘Date Night’ outfit. (A couple shirts and everything. *Oooooh.*) I’m a great shopper because i’m QUICK. Straight in. Straight out. I’m done. Ben takes AGES. LITERALLY. Lol. It even takes him longer to get ready on a morning. But i’m glad that he got what he wanted and well tomorrow, we’re on our third ever DATE NIGHT. I mean we do go out and do things together a lot. But once a month we have a solid ‘getaway’ date night…and completely by accident, we decided that we were doing London. (As it’s usually Leeds.)

So tomorrow…and we only decided this yesterday. :) Or was it the day before? But yeah, at 9.47am, we’ll be on a train to London to check into our hotel and spend the day, evening and the whole of Saturday in London, with one another.

I’ve done London LOTS. I even lived there. Ben hasn’t done it ever. (Well not properly.) So we’re both really excited. This time around i’m going to miss the babies soooo much. But i think in relationships you’ve sort of got to do your ‘Date Night’ because it keeps your love alive. It keeps it current and not dusted over with a ‘memory of.’ It’s still sparky, it’s still hot. It’s still sexy. It makes you happy and when you’re happy…(and we’ve both been through the ringer and back when it’s come to our past relationships,) you’ve just a better human in general…making us better role models for the babies and for each other.

The train tickets were booked this afternoon, whilst drinking at Ego. The hotel has literally ONLY JUST BEEN BOOKED right now.

Whenever i go to London, i usually stay at the Great Northern Hotel at the train station or The Mayfair. The Great Northern is completely booked up. UGH! And The Mayfair only have ONE ROOM LEFT and i didn’t book it because the bargain fare for that room was £3000! Crikey!

Instead, I had to choose somewhere else, which is always hard when you’re with someone else, as you don’t want it to be shitty. But because you’ve never been, you have clue what the place is like or where it’s situated.

I pondered it all evening…then went with The Grosvenor, simply because of it’s lobby chandelier. :) I’m good like that! I mean, I’ve been driven passed The Grosvenor lots…but i’ve never stayed there. So in a way it’s great because it’s a first time for us both.

Ben and I are both laid back when it comes to most things. But i like luxury and Ben’s now a hotel snob. HAHA. So even though it doesn’t matter…it sort of does.. You’ll get my full report, once we’ve experienced it!

Ben’s currently out drinking and catching up with Rich and Katty who have just got back from New Orleans. I’ve been with the babies, cuddling them to sleep, which i love doing and need to do when i know that i’m going to be away on a trip, an overnighter…etc…I’m gonna miss them madly.

Telly has been shitty tonight and i’ve actually written this entire blog with a KFC friend chicken piece in my hand. :) Glamour, glamour, glamour Puss!

Anyway, i’m knackered and i need to tan.

By tomorrow morning, after i’ve got the babies ready for nursery and school runs. We’ll be straight off and on a train to London…

See you in the Capital!

*Blows you a kiss.*

Chrissie xxx



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