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When kittens get preachy…


Hey doll! I have Literally worked my pretty orange ARSE off this and i couldn’t be prouder of myself, as there was a moment in 2014…well..several fucking moments where we were skidding on thin ice…and I say ‘skidding’ simply because skating would make it sound far too beautiful, It was messy! :) BUT, if I want you see anything, i want you to know that, really no matter what happens to you in life, as long as you pick yourself up , laugh it off, shrug it off, or even commit to a weep, you can always always make it right again. You JUST need to try. Expect the shitty periods, as you’re all going to have them. I mean, embrace the shitty periods if you are smart enough to remember to bounce back. BUT please DO make like a ball..and bounce your strong ass self BACK. One of the great things about life is that every day, you get ANOTHER shot at it…for now. FIGHT, when it seems all else is going wrong. Get that answer, solution..whatever it takes. THEN, everything will go exactly how you wanted it to. It just takes determination…wine and your fingers crossed. Everything happens for a reason. I believe that. But i also believe that you can truly give life a ‘nudge’ in the right direction and carve a bit of a jolly path for yourself!

Stop quitting things…be it in work, love, family or dreams. They’re all the things that matter. Be there. Love hard. Work hard. Stray focused. Stray focused? :) Well that’s a conundrum in itself! Pahaha. Bottom line…Don’t damage yourself…or others. You’ll regret it later on. You’ll really regret it later on.

But yeah…i’ve worked my ARSE off this year and i’ve done really really well. :) I pretty much turned it all around. I laughed it off and got on with it. I’m really, really happy.

I’ve been at work all day today…and it’s been wonderful. I have another busy day tomorrow and i’m excited for it. I’m really lucky to be in such a position and there are loads of times where i look up and HAVE to thank my lucky stars! I’m kinda non judgmental now, when it comes to  those who work and those who don’t and those who arrange their world around the benefit system. I now think that as  long as whatever you’re doing, makes you happy and is not something that doesn’t stem from a bad place…then you’re dandy, You’re okay. I work hard and that’s my choice, but if i could be a multi millionaire and stay at home with my babies…I WOULD. I mean, waving ‘bye bye’ in the mornings is awful, as I pull away in my car. YET, at the same time…they want for nothing and it’s because of that reverse out of my drive at 8.20am…with a wave. It’s all about balance. So, yeah…me personally, i couldn’t do nothing and have no dream to pursue, or not have a day job, I’m not one to moan about there being no jobs, because i really think there’s plenty. There must be, i had two full time jobs at one point this year? AND a business! So, i can do it..anyone can. I think that i just despise moaners in general. I hate people who moan about shit for nothing. If your life is that bad, do something about it and quit blaming everything else in the world for your own life issues and problems. People can get over any hump. We’re designed tooooo. Helloo? I mean, why people can’t just have a wine ans sleep it off, or have an argument and shout it out, have a weep, or sit in and ‘Zen’ i out in some meditation corner, i just don’t know? The next morning, you’ll be fine..and if you’re not…then you should be. :) (It obviously depends on the situation.)

[I’m currently stuffing my face with Junior’s Pringles. I miss them tonight, as i’m working on beauty line stuffage, as they are enjoying ‘Daddy’ time.I don’t know how anyone lives alone??? There’s no energy, no a being around…no life…now excitement, no love, no buzz. I live for my children…so i miss them. They’ve both grown up so much and Ruby just looks like the ultimate diva these days. She is one smart cookie. Junior is the HAPPIEST BABY IN ALL THE LAND. Innocent, fun and weirdly obedient? Ruby isn’t at all obedient, unless there’s something in it for her. Kinda like me. :) Junior’s sweet and well yeah, i’d say he looks like me, but he has his father’s temperament. He has his father’s personality. I ADORE how much my babies love each other. They truly are excited when the other one is around. It’s lovely and sort of fools me into believing that i’m raising them correctly. :) They’ve kinda made me want two more babies because they’ve made being ‘Mummy’ wonderful for me. I’m so proud of them. However, they’re massive now. I miss them being babies…hence why my ovaries are aching. I adore them and to me, that’s what life is about. Love…family….work…happiness. I’m just not one to do my future as a Burmese biddy on my own. Let me remind you…it’s lonely.]

Methinks it’s wine o clock!

I’ve actually tried to write this last paragraph shit loads of times, but my server was down, so it kept refusing to save my work, then to cream it over with glitter, it then told me to ‘fuck off’ and refused to let me have access to chrissiewunna.com. Hurrah! I guess, i was going to tell you that I had work to do on my eyelash line, so i’d have to shoot off. And, well…i really do hope you all support me in my quest and say ‘YES’ to buying ‘Chrissie Wunna’ eyelashes this Christmas, as firstly it’s make me feel proud of myself. Secondly, i’d be proud of YOU and thirdly, it’s sort of a way for me to prove as a woman, that you can start off my having the shittest year ever and at the same time be a mum, with numerous babies, work a strenuous, full time, day job and STILL have A DREAM that you wish to pursue, followed by attempting to pursue it, followed by SUCCESS! It can happen and we as women CAN DO THIS! I mean, our lives get more difficult as we get older…doesn’t it girls! And just because responsibility tumbles upon us, it doesn’t mean that we HAVE TO plonk our dreams on hold. With the right amount of love, help and determination..we can still turn those dreams into a reality and if I could way THAT flag for womankind…then I’d be completely and utterly satisfied. (With a cherry on top.) So, i guess, i’m trying to say that it would mean soooooooooooooo much if i kinda had all your support. I really want to make this eyelash line work and i really want you to enjoy what i’ve created.

Y’know, now, that i’m working hard and fine tweaking my eyelash brand… my own little girl now looks at me like i am the single most AMAZING WOMAN she has ever met in her ENTIRE LIFE! Like i’m some kind of superwoman, who is making HER dreams come true. That feeling alone, makes you feel alive…and it’s that feeling that we as mum’s live for.

Love you.

Night! x







Nighty night banter

ac17 - Copy (2)

Heellllo, my delightful winks of mucho..mucho! How are you all? I’m working hard, yet mildy disturbed over the fact that a whole bunch of folk found this blog by searching ‘sexy tranny’ and ‘do indian’s masturbate.’ Jesus Christ! I mean, i’m trying to prep for eyelash selling here and weirdo’s are still channelling chrissiewunna.com, in their own special way, down some dodgy path of delight.

I’ve had a great day today and because I met great people. I have great friends and well…today i not only got texted by an old work ccolleague but i also was visited by a very recent old work colleague, who i had missed very dearly. Y’see, the thing about seeing the people that you miss, is the fact that it makes you feel ‘giddy.’ It makes you feel excited. In the past people have been excited to see me…(i’m a swine, but i make impact :)….I’ve not only had people weep, but also nearly watched  a boy get run over my a powder lemon, convertible VW beetle, on a busy LA street.) Today, the stiletto was on the other foot…and yes, it felt WONDERFUL to see the people who i, myself feel comforted by…and let me tell you,  I really only enjoy people who comfort me, as people who make me feel nothing , or stressed…give me a face rash…and well that isn’t ever very delicious, when you’re a glamour puss.

But yes, Life is awesome. Work is great. Beauty line in en route. The Babies LOVE EACH OTHER. I mean, nothing is more satisfying than that! I mean, I watched Junior leap around with utter explosive happiness, just because Ruby was about to walk through the door…and well, a a Mum, when that happens, it makes you feel great. And it only makes you feel great because you hope that you’ve raised them that way, to adore and respect each other madly and forever, in the name of ‘family.’ The rest of the evening was spent being Mum, having a wine, relaxing from work, and gobbling up burritos, whilst watching Kendra Wilkinson, on ‘I’m a Celebrity,’ eat a penis.

I’m still struggling to fit things things in, but i’m going to be success, so i’m chipper about ti all. Things are going well and in fact, I don’t think my love life is too shabby. I mean, I know what’s important to me and my family and in the end…now that i’m sensible…i usually end up doing the ‘right thing.’ I’l see what December has on offer. (I can’t actually believe how i managed to turn my 2014 around. It went from shit to amazing. I’ve never ever worked so hard in my life.)

Okay, i’m knackered now. I’m off.

See you tomorrow.

Same place. Same nonsense

Wiggle..wink…hip bump. x

Naked, Horsey, Fun Time!


So, i’ve quit being grumpy now, after a moment of ‘I miss Junior’ last night. :) Rubes and I opted for girls night and flicked on ‘Santa Claus the Movie’ in bed, and simply because she couldn’t sleep and i figured that the magic of Christmas would make her better? I was wrong…she got bored with it and because she weirdly isn’t sold on the whole ‘Santa is real’ thing. AWFUL! I KNOW!!! I mean, she’ll go along with it, just to humour you. But she really REALLY just knows he’s just a bloke in a red suit working for £9 an hour. Lol. I have no clue how she knows…but she does.

Luckily, her hunger for new faux fur boots got the better of her, so she slept well knowing that I had purchased her a pair of lilac ones that she was able to wear to nursery in the morning. :) I loved last night..and yeah..moan over. :) Wunna is back. And i’m normal. :) I missed Junior so much, that I was growling. HAHAHA. I was short, sharp and snappy with everyone that I decided to torment. :) I’m good like that, but i’m smart, i don’t keep people around me who can’t adore me anyway afterward. Even after the feisty ball of fire has been launched. Bumped into Junior and ‘Daddy’ this morning and well my baby boy still looked like the happiest baby in all the land. It brought a warmth to my soul and as we stood outside nursery looking into the skies, as my loin fruit pointed out birds flying overhead, in the Christmas air..i knew my family was in tact and that life was pretty wonderful. We both looked at him in awe and amazement. I mean, how could we have created something so perfect! THEN from the corner of my eye, i saw nursery nurses rushing to the back door to lock it, as fast as they could, as Ruby (who i had just dropped off) has seen us being merry  and was trying to escape to join us. :) HAHAHAHA.

Alls good.


So, today is a big old work day for me…well beauty line stuff anyhow. I’ve got to get it all done because being Mum and having busy day job, means utilizing your time. PLUS, i have a bunch of errands to run, the kinda errands that you never ever seem to get done, except now…i need to do them! However, ofcourse to top it all off, i’ve come to a coffee shop to blog out life and sort out my online shop and ‘AWESOME’ I had my laptop ‘NOT ON’ charge all night, when i thought that IT WAS on charge all night, meaning, i have almost zero battery life and yeah…no charger with me. Yipppeee! :)

On a cheerier note, i’m feeling quite glam today and i know i must look great, simply because people are scowling at me. :) (I’m doing tight jumper, mini denim skirt and high fur rimmed boots, which is my staple attire through the winter. I have big hair on and simply because it keeps me warm. *Wiggle…giggle…*

I forgot to tell you that a  tweenage gypsy girl stopped me at the weekend to tell me that my ‘makeup looked LUSH,’ in a very distinct Irish accent. I smiled and thanked her profusely…as i bundle up all the flattery i can get. However, i will admit that it’s hardly like the Head of Chanel, striding up to you and telling you you’re Fabulous is. I mean, it’s all neon, lycra, belly tops and orange tans and heels, with the gypsy girls on a weekend, at fourteen years old. :) At least they’ll buy my lashes. Haha. (Some guy that I was just speaking to who sells scarves and picture frames with names that have been cut out in cardboard, has just told me that I should never open a store in the Frenchgate in Doncaster, a place where he runs three separate little kiosks..the freestanding stalls, where you purchase goodies. and after talking to me, he said I shouldn’t because my PRODUCT ISN’T STRONG ENOUGH. Lol. I really like this guy too! Lol. Cheeky bastard. What? And picture frames with cardboard names are? Jeepers. Haha. I’ve got a LUXURY lash line. The beauty industry much. Massive market. It’s worth a go! :) I think he thought i had a cart of cheapy makeup that i wanted to fling on a stand and sell off for profit…which still does actually sell at Christmas, by the way. But no, it’s not that. It’s not ‘BUY 40 PAIRS OF LASHES FOR A QUID.’ But whatever…he just didn’t enjoy any competition. He’s three carts in and well i’ll have one and BOOM…it’s a seller. :)

Quickly, before i go…I also forgot to tell you that, on Saturday…as I was driving my loin fruit to Doncaster for a merry, Christmas, shopping treat. SIX FULLY NUDE BOYS ON TOY HORSEY STICKS, galloped infront of my car, weaving through busy, but stuck traffic, galloping with their goolies out for a laugh! HAHAH. Thsi can only happen in Doncaster. THEY WERE FULLY NAKED. Balls n’all….ON STICKS, WITH HORSE HEADS ON…it was a blast. It was just one of those moments, that as a blogger, you WISH FOR!!! I couldn’t believe it. And all Ruby said, was ‘Mum..they didn’t wear their coats.’ Lol

See ya later…

Got to work! x

PS/ I can’t believe that Gemma CollinS has left the jungle already! Poor thing. It must be lethal in there. HAHA.

Pretend hair washing, work and families


I’m currently working, working really hard, yet having to do so with a ‘Frozen’ tiara wedged into my hair, a silver glitter ‘Build a bear’ factory dog lease attached to my right wrist, a wine by my side and RUBY….playing ‘hairdressers’ making my sewn in extensions seem like some kind of Wuzzle Gummage do, ready to scare innocents….fuck crows.

I’ve worked all day and i’ve loved it. I’ve deserved this vino (red)…’Vanderpump Rules’ is on as background noise on my telly box and i’m rushing through my lash line work to  manage to get it all done….whilst Ruby is PRETEND washing my hair!!

I’m really lucky. I’m really lucky right now. And for once i actually feel quite lucky in business, which is making me feel confident. My love life has always been shit. Even if it rolls on well for a while, it ends up being rubbish. I’m MISSING my little boy tonight as he’s with Keiran this evening and let me tell you…LADIES…it is awful and i don’t even care what anyone thinks, as i’ve raised Junior every step of the way, my way…up until this point….Separations in families is not right, nor does it benefit the children in anyway, shape or form. It’s a terrible way to make them feel loved and it’s a terrible procedure for any child to go through. I’m quite old school when it comes to family building..and yes, separating your family and loin fruit, is the worst thing that you can do, in my mind…and it’s something that parents regret much later in life, when it’s too late and hellraiser/insecure children have already been formed and by that pint you can’t bundle them together to make ‘family’ anymore. It annoys me…i miss Junior more than ever tonight, because he’s spent the entire time with me being the happiest baby in all the land. I’m quite knowledgeable when it comes to people, families, love and my children (believe it or not :) ) ..and i KNOW that this is not correct. Plus, it’s also not fair on me, as I am the parent that stood by them, no matter what…It’s MY family and the fact that we have to go through all this separation idiocy, that only makes sense to outside parties or dear folk who have been raised quite differently. Infact, i don’t think it actually makes sense to any of the parties involved. Things can be better than this and it needs to be. PRONTO. (Don’t fret, i’m just having a rant because i miss my little boy. And i guess any decent mum would be just the same way….the shit mums are out on ‘the razzl’e on these days, lol)

The lash line is going well and i’m en route to building that empire. I can’t actually believe that i’m doing it, but i am and i’ve done it all by myself.

I’ve got good people by my side and whether it’s a smile or a high five at folk, or an ‘i told you so’ belly laugh at those who never believed….i’m there. I’M THERE. And if i learnt anything from others  over the last few months, it is to first and foremost b there for YOU. Look after yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. DO WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU and not for other people, who’s intention for you is never as great as you think it is. No other person can care for you better than you and no other person can BE YOU better than you. I meander a lot the last few months to make others happy and it made me mildy poorly. …emotionally that is!

Now…i’m soldier strong and since that point, nothing has been better. EMPOWERMENT.


So, tomorrow i have a day off work, but i have a whole LOAD of eyelash line stuff to complete, plus, a day job meeting to tend to at 3pm.

I’m an early bird, so i begin my days at the crack of dawn anyhow…but yes, tomorrow i have a lot to do.

The key to being productive is to pick yourself up and just BE productive. Even when knackered from all sorts…it’s important that you make sure you do the important work things that you need to…that way you can make impact and not be shitty at an ‘effort’ percentage.

Try hard and you’ll win.

Get up every time…and you’ll be a superstar at success!





Mama got pins!


I swear down, my gorgeous licks of love festival, that wearing HEELS is not only the simpliest, yet is the most efficient way to tone up your calves! HOLY SHIT, my calves are aching, but OH MY GOSHY i’ve accidentally noticed that i’ve always had a great set of pins…;) Whether, i’ve been young, old, pregnant, free of bump, on a diet, working out (i never work out,) being chased or well..you get it…whatever…i’ve always had great legs. :) The secret…where HEELS. AND I can clarify this with a giant stamp of ‘Yeah Baby’ simply because over the last couple weeks, i havent’ been able to wear heels, due to a dodgy ankle…the weekend was the FIRST time I had plonked a very high pair on to shop in, simply because I lacked new shoes to shop in. MY calves now KILL and kill because they’ve been worked out like bitches baby. Looked in the mirror…they look divine. So, yeah, when you’re older you’ll have a shitty back, but if you want great calves for right now…do heels. It feels like nothing, especially when shopping…I mean, what a distraction…but then POW, like out of nowhere, TONED LEGS appear with ‘Va Voom.’ Flat shoes are sensible, but evil. They make me hobble around like some troll that maybe lives under a bridge. Look great, feel great is my motto. Want awesome legs…do heels. I know, i’ve been wearing flats for too long simply because my calves kill. It mean’s i’ve been losing my touch. Now…i rock. The tiara is firmly in place. I’m feeling kinda sexy.

I’ve been tired all day today and i don’t know whether it’s because it’s Monday or if the ‘so much to do’ has got the better of me. I mean, wine isn’t making me feel better because I HAVE TO GET IT DONE. I think i just like other people doing shit for me. It works well. That way I can do what i’m best at..which is the waving, smiling and one liners. ‘Wink..wiggle.’ (‘I’m a Celebrity’ is on in my background right now and i’m routing for Mel Sykes to WIN! Keiran and I actually filmed a show with her ans since then she’s always Tweeted love our way, whenever something like ‘baby making’ has occured etc…She’s one of those great birds, that you’ll love to know…so TEAM MEL all the way! I find it hilarious that Gemma Collins is crying right now. I adore a bit of Gem, so it’s funny that Can Associates have launched her into the jungle for a bit of ‘make more money.’)

I’m still reading shit about the naked Kim Kardashian photos and it’s funny because I was talking to the guys in the dungeon about it. We were just going on about how everyone has something to say and how EVERYONE and their 80 yr old gran had seen the pics and how some folk had made comments at how stupid, slaggy and moronic the girl was for posing for such pictures. HAHAHA. In our minds…and i’m a massive Kardashian fan…she’s a genius. It’s like the ‘Hilton’ thing all over again. Nigel, the ‘Dungeon master’ :) informed me that in Feb, Kim has a champagne launching…which has the same promo shots…but clothed and with champers..HER OWN champagne. So, to get you in the mood, these photos were ‘accidentally’ leaked online (pahahaha) so you all got talking about Kim in the right direction..and OH LOOK….they win again…good or bad…everyone’s seen the pics and everyone has spoken about them. Buy my champagne! Ra! Ra! Rah! All they needed was to stir attention for a big old sellathon and they did…so yes, there are fools out there, who really have no clue as to how the business  machine works…and well i’m sure the Kardashian’s are grateful for them. :) Everytime, that girl laughs her way to the bank.

I deserve this wine.

Okay, with the lash line, i’ve scheduled myself WEDNESDAY to literally get it ALL DONE to the point where I kick back and chill with a wink. ‘Add diamonds here.’

I understand that it takes more than a day…but really, i reckon i can do the majority of it then. The idea is to never get defeated when you think you’re going to get tipped over the edge. It’s th whole, i am women, hear me raw’ shit. Or the ‘pick yourself up with a smile,’ scenario…which i’m actually quite good at. I’m not a girl of no substance, as i’ve been through a lot in life and people always forget that. But i’ve championed on with laughter and with an ever so glam approach to it. :)

SO, don’t take yourself too seriously, TRY AND BE PRODUCTIVE…think about yourself once in a while and make your dreams come true!

Love you lots.


Thank you for following my life.

C x




Dungeons, Shopping and Doing Xmas Early


Morning you sexy bitches of delight!

Right, i’m in a rush because i’m having to write this blog between a nursery run and a work run!

Life is busy and i need to get my kitten heels on and get cracking. Being Mum, having an eyelash line to launch and a full time job isn’t easy….but i’m getting there…and with bells on. SO THERE!

Okay, so the good thing is that yesterday morning, whilst I was shattered but filled with a joyous bit of Costa :) I dollied off to what I call ‘The Dungeon’..which to you may sound kinky, but to me is just a boys pad, where meetings and photoshooting takes place…in the dark.

I was in pinstripes and in good hair…so the world was at peace with me.

Whenever i venture to ”The Dungeon’ I always end up having some accidentally tremendous marketing lesson…which makes me feel awesome about my future. Y’see, i like people that know what they’re doing..when i don’t. And I like people who know how to take things to the next level…when i don’t…or when i’m busy. AND I especially enjoy folk, who get me excited about what i’m hear to do! I mean, it’s very easy to let life distract you…from your goals, when it comes to business and success…but these guys, pulled me right back in focus….and not even with swearing. These are folk who understand the business that I am in, what goes on, whats’ meant to happen and where I can go with it. The rest of you, who don’t get it are stupid. :)

So, I marched out of ‘The Dungeon’ with the heart of a lion and on a mission to get back to being ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ I’m ready and well it seems i’m accidentally quite good at it and i say accidentally, but i’m i’m actually quite clued up when it comes to the business that i’m in….people just think that i’m not because i’ve made you think that, i guess. ‘Wiggle///wink///pout/’

To say, that i only like things of glamour, ‘The Dungeon’ ain’t so bad. It’s like the hole in the bottom of a magician’s black hat before he pulls the wriggly bunny out, and way before the confetti shower. :) And it’s in Wakefield…so it’s scary at all costs. :) (Total Images….take a look.)

I like it. I like life right now. And i’m gonna do well!

Other than that I’ve finally managed to have proper hardcore mUmmy time with the babies. I have honestly never seen them happier. We did Grotto’s, Christmas, lights and the world. And well Junior, who can’t wait for anything, will shove people out the queue, break down candy cane bars, storm through the grotto and quickly high five Santa, to get to his present. Ruby has way more swag about the situation. She simply doesn’t get why she has to wait for Santa to bring her her presents at Christmas, when her ‘mum can just buy themfor her before,’ LOL. She’s a smart cookie and she knows where to ultilise her charm. It certainly isn’t on Santa…as she doesn’t see the benefit of waiting. :)

But on the whole, they both loved Christmas. Junior nearly EXPLODED with excitement…we got to cuddle by the ‘early up’ tree, sign, dance and eat cake!

I’m happy…i’m in a rush…so yeah…dashing off.

Catch you later tonight, to talk lashes.



C x


Only if you’re delicious

l (3)

Good morning, my delicious swirls of gorgeousness! I love you. I love today. Life is WONDERFUL and well if you can’t feel the festive spirit and embrace the good things that you have going on in life with a hip bump and a wink…then what are you even doing, my dolls of kitty cat! Meow! Purr…wink.

I’ve been working hard to make life juggle perfectly with beauty line, money making and all sorts…and it’s worked. Last night, I finally did it and my body finally experienced a joyous explosion of ‘BOOYAH,’ and like a rocket out of steamy pants…it ‘Ba boomed.’ It collapsed in a beautiful heap of deliciousness and I found myself in a lovely deep sleep by at least 7.30pm. :) I needed it. It felt great and apparently Ruby got in with me, put her arm around me and snuggled me to dream land. I was so tired, i even forgot to order my sixty year old and something Father food for the evening. :) I’m that good. All about ME! LOL.

So…things are good. I’m currently having a smoked salmon, cream cheese bagel at Starbucks. I have a dodgy ankle, but i’m ready now to sell my lashes to the masses. Things have fallen into place and i have a great team and wonderful new folk around me. I’m happy. I’m really happy. (I’ve only come to Starbucks, Doncaster due to the eye candy. It makes me feel better to see hotties. It eases me into my day with a swirl and a smile. I mean, don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself. :) Everyone looks happy here in Doncaster, which makes a giant change to Pontefract, as everyone in Ponty looks like they’re on death row. Smile please!! It’s fucking Christmas for crying out loud! :)

I’m getting hit on alot an di like it simply because i adore being adored and well i’m a bit of an attention whore when i’m feeling lonely. I don’t feel too lonely, but i think because i’ve been so busy, rushing around sorting life out…I’ve kinda felt like i’ve wanted to treat myself. My LA friends call this moment that i’m going through, a time where in which i ‘hobby’ boys. Haha. I remember Theo…saying ‘Don’t worry about her, she’s crying over a penis..’ as a mutual friend of ours walked through an appartment, whilst i was sat on a mattress moaning about men.

Now, i feel powerful and when women feel this powerful…we run the show.

It scares boys, but the toughies of the bunch love it. :)

Boys are just trying to settle down now because they secretly want someone to share ‘love’ and Crimbo with. It’s my theory. They’re on a deadline. Utilize this time girls, if you’re single. If not…be good…Santa will bring you more gifts. Lol. I actually told a guy yesterday, who refused to sit on Santa’s lap that i was a girl, and that we we’re cleverer because we know that it works and it’s the way we get pressies. :) He winked at me..and i got my own way.

I’m now sat at Starbucks reading some of the comments that blokes keep posting under my ‘sponsored by facebook’ advert for this website. Lol. God! I’m not that minging! Lmao. All the hot boys love me. I get flowers and everything. Then a random gentleman who shouldn’t really be throwing rocks ;) wil say something super awful about my attractiveness, or intelligence…HAHAHAHA…for kicks. If i was a victim, i’m weep and call it bullying. But because i’m just a swine, i’ll giggle, have a wine and laugh all the way to the bank. He wouldn’t roll me out of bed…i’m sure. Matt Dillon did because he said i was frigid. In fact ‘Sloth’ (a school friend of mine) said I was frigid, during a chemistry class. Lol.There you go..both ends of the spectrum. :)

Can’t we all just be merry…and not hate on me when i’ve got an eyelash line about to pop. It doesn’t look good…:) and may hinder my sales. :) Wait until January…that’s a better time to be evil. (All about me.)

Other than that, i’m excited as the Christmas tree is going up this Sunday. It’s a big old family affair, so the babies will love it just as much.

I’m feeling delicious, cheeky, rebellious and ace. Be warned, things are hotting up. If you do anything today, makes sure you’re doing whats right FOR YOU and not adapting your ‘what’s right for you’ for other people…who think they know better. Be smart with it though, incase their brain is better than yours. But don’t be scared to go with ‘fuck it’ and enjoy your life to the fullest. Dreams come true.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah Baby….





Meet ‘Da Boys’


I have an eyelash line launching this Christmas. (In case you didn’t know. ;) )



I’ve named each style after my favourite LA boys! Some of them I have romanced *wiggle..wink*….some of them my close, close friends!





Because i’m so sweet to you. *Pout* And i always share my goodies *ahem.*

I figured, that i’d let you meet them…

Sit back. Relax and get ready for some Wunna, Luxury Lash…EYE CANDY!

Theo (http://www.theobreaux.com )

az2 boys3



Ronnie http://thedeliciouscook.com



az14 boys2az18







Dylan… http://www.dylanhobbs.com



Corey! http://www.coreynelsonproperties.com




Choose YOUR style…Embrace YOUR inner kitten. Love the art of purrfection…..and enjoy every wink, with my lashes! ;)



Big kisses…

Chrissie  x

So, i ‘hit’ my button of PANIC


Well….it’s almost the launch of my lash line and there is so much to do that i’m finding it hilarious. Things could go wrong, things could go right. But i’m hoping for the best. Sometimes in life you just have to close your eyes, keep your fingers crossed, count ya blessings and go for it…ready or not.

My website photos aren’t finished yet. My product pictures aren’t done yet. I’m organizing my pop up stand..and yeah i’m shittting myself.

Firstly, as you know….my lashes (the bulk buy) WENT TO THE WRONG ADDRESS. I had to call Fedex and trace the package, rearrange everything and well the next day, I had my lashes delivered to me…THEY MADE IT! Yippeee! But i certainly ‘hit’ panic button, as i had  filled my jolly kitten self with a yummy load of stress…poorly babies, life, work, ouchy ankles..and just everything. It was enough to topple me over the edge. Lol. It was enough for me to shock face, dunk myself off the side of a very glitzy bridge, in heels and the Lords Prayer, after 103 glasses of wine.

But yeah….they made it.


They flipping made it and i actually stayed balanced all the way through the entire ball ache! Thank GOD! Stress over. Rash a lot calmer. I mean, you can’t sell a product that you don’t actually have, can ya! Now…i have them. *Breathe here.* I’m so proud at how positive i decided to be about the whole thing. I’m definitely the grown up version of myself now.

Then Junior opened them with me…


Junior’s really excited about them. Ruby doesn’t care, she just wants to wear my blond wig and frolic off into Wunna land, pretending to be Goldilocks, lashes or no lashes.

Then life happened. It got busy. I’m working really hard, hitting every time zone, being Mama to two babies, one of which who decided to be ill, really ill…so on zero sleep and a giggle…a sigh and a that’s life…i got on with it. It’s not easy. But i’m handling it. Once the kiddies are asleep, i then have to grab my pink laptop and work like the jollies, online to get things organized. It’s madness, but one of those things that i hope to look back on and give myself a pat on the back for. Well…i fucking hope. :)

There’s no time to get anything done.

But away from all that. I managed to make a random born and Christian lady, named ‘Mary’ with bipolar…yes…the actual REAL illness be my new good friend. Well…i sort of accidentally got chatting to her and before you know it, i was her everything and she returned to a spot that she knew she would find me…with a Bible as a gift. A Bible that she had prayed upon for me. :) She apparently hoped to find someone to pass it onto. She likes nativity plays and is part Greek. She likes me. I got a Bible. AND it was the ‘simplified’ version to help me ‘absorb it more easily.’ :) I don’t half get myself into some pickles. I mean, like I don’t have enough going on..But whatever…did someone like you so much that YOU got a Bible today??/ No, they didn’t, did they! :) I DID! A full on, from a Bipolar, Born again, so and so….lady called ‘MARY.’ Sod it. I rock.

..then the usual happened, where new male suitors decide to fancy me for a bit and ‘woo’ me in order to find ‘love’ for Christmas. I’m used to this now…so i smile, shrug and take it in my stride. I’ve got too much to do to play ‘hooky.’ I like a date and i’ll go on them..and i do adore the ‘princess’ treatment. Yet a certain standard has been set and it seems that not very many boys can meet that standard at all! It’s shameful. I need a hero…not…well not a tryer

I just don’t think boys or men know how to ‘woo’ me. I enjoy romance, bravery and grand gestures of affection. The utter romantic sort that doesn’t involve sex. Telling me that you’re going to bonk me…even if you’re joking…without the romance before, isn’t going to win me. Mainly because i know..they sort of mean it. I’m a chick. I could have sexytime anytime i want. It’s not what i care for…especially with babies, a business and Wunna land to keep in order. I need a cupboard that i can keep boys in. Like a shit version of the Playgirl mansion. The good thing is that the boys are sort of making Keiran look super more appealing….as when we first got together, he did nothing but romance me, woo me and adore me, right from the beginning….no sex text or anything. Plus, he gets my life, the babies and everything. It makes things easier and well…maybe we’re just meant to do life together. Were getting on well these days.

I’ve watched ‘Strictly.’ The X factor results have just been thrown at me. ‘Downton Abbey’ is on my telly box and I have a big day tomorrow.

I had a great accidental marketing lesson today and i love hearing stories from those who have achieved, who pass on their knowledge and believe in me. I had once been to their really lovely, big house…a house that they bought out STRAIGHT, from a business that they had set up with a tenner. Mine has already cost more than a tenner…but i’m bouji…shit happens. :)

I need a night cap and to work my arse off before bed. I have some of my lashes out to look at and i am amazed at how great they have turned out, even in comparison to my samples. The supplier/manufacturer have done a first rate job. They are AMAZING and every single little note and guideline that O gave them, they absorbed and delivered!

Okay, i must go..but i love you all…

Stay tuned.

az7 az9

az8az9 az10 az11 az12 az13


They’re chilling as they ready for a launch. I’m stressing….totally and utterly, with a rash…stressing. :)





Fall, Missing Lashes and All Sorts!

582799_352597384805139_313634343_n (1)

Why people are still trying to hold onto Summer is beyond me!! We’re in November. It’s flipping NOVEMBER. It’s meant to be chilly cold, when you reside in good old England. Quit moaning because it’s not 100 degrees and you can’t have a barbecue and have to wear a coat. It’s NOVEMBER….it’s NEARLY CHRISTMAS! Embrace the change, the season and the festive merriment. Summer is OVER. Grab your thermals, winter woolies and knitted nipple tassles and just get on with it. Moan, moan…moan. QUIT IT. We’re in fall and we’re slowly entering WINTER. Christmas is my favourite time of year and well if we could just hurry up and get to it, i’d be happy. :)

So far…i’ve done my ankle in. I can hardly walk on it, I can feel the blood rushing through it and it’s all swollen, to the point of pain. Lovely! I’m still merry though and doing life with a smile. I just think that i’ve put a lot of ‘other things’ before myself this year and before my utter well being, so what I need is a little extra pamper, self adoration and to do the things that make ME smile.

I’m happy, but i’m a bit stressed. I can tell I’m stressed because my rash is flaring up with excitement again. UGH! Glamour pusses can’t have A RASH! FFS. My manufacturer…well suppliers…for my eyelash line, sent my massive bulk order via Fedex, TO THE WRONG ADDRESS! So even though i am fuming and even though i have sternly been somewhat shouty at them…i’m concerned that I won’t get my lashes that I obviously need in order to SELL! It’s sort of in the back of my mind ALL OF THE TIME. The good folk in China, have assured me that they have called Fedex and told them the new address…the address where in which they should of been sent to in the first place, but i’ve become all insecure about it now and i can’t fully trust them until i SEE THEM ON MY DOORSTEP! They’re mean to arrive tomorrow six o clock in the evening. If i don’t get them…I WILL BE FUMING and a MAJOR Chrissie Wunna kick off will occur…bad ankle, great hair and everything!

However, i’m not letting anything get me down….and i’m keeping my wink in place with both fingers crossed. I’m a lucky chick and stuff usually goes right in the end for me, due of my charm, The Gods and the stars that I was born under. I’m confident that all will be well. Yeah…i’ve got my stress rash, but whatever…i’ll win this war! :) (Wiggle/Beckon.. here.) The good news is that my photos for the website are ready for pick up. It will be interesting to see how they turned out. I’m my own worse critic, but i’m looking forward to seeing them!

Another thing…I was in Doncaster the other day and once again i will say HOW HOT ARE THE BOYS GETTING THERE!! I’m not sure how or why, but the boys in that town are getting more and more handsome. It’s making me proud to be birthed in such a town. They’re all too cool to make like they’re interested in anyone, or super flirty in order to act like they are the Gods of Handsome. But yes, very impressed with the sprinkle of male good looks that has occured in Doncaster! I don’t even know how it has happened?

Anyway, I have an ankle to elevate, babies to adore and a wine to glamouous sip to background telly noise.

Love you all.

Thanks for following my life.


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