What girls want…


Four girls, all different, all friends, all great and with paths crossed in the same walk of life, yet with the same feminine thread weaving it’s strong yet delicate way through us.

Today we learnt, that no matter if you’re a sassy chick, a soft chick, a hard chick, a ditzy chick, a glammy chick, a shy chick, no matter what kinda chick you are, we ALL love to be appreciated, told that we are treasured and attention…from the guy that we have our eyes/heart set on.

The smart guys, will already know this. The not so smart, will endure the ‘game’ of it all, (SNOOZE, WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT) or simply  be oblivious to this. The sneaky will know this and tell us what we want to hear, without sincerity. That is probably the worst out the lot.

I mean today i watched and i learnt that a great guy will make ONE girl really feel like the most special girl in the entire world, making 99 other girls..well jealous. Lol. He will NOT make 99 girls feel ‘special’ and have no delicious/meaningful tie with one. Simples.

But isn’t dating hard in this day and age. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It’s hard and I hate it. Not dating…but the way we have to do it today. I’m not one for online dating. I know it works for many but just not for me. And oh my God, i’m not a cynic, but i’ve certainly got burnt in the past online. You need to meet someone in the flesh to begin the adventure. Lots of my friends have actually met guys online and are perfectly happy. I mean my friend Emily started to chatting to a guy on Tnder for months. 11 months without meeting him. Then they did their first date by them BOTH FLYING TO NEW YORK TO MEET EACH OTHER. I know! Emily is from Yorkshire. He was living in Bermuda. That was their middle ground. Weeks later they were in a relationship, and now they’re together, happy, moved in and well she moved to Bermuda to be with him. I know.

My love life isn’t as easy as that! Lol. I can’t online date, the connection comes to me, when i see them in front of me. I’m sassy but traditional and my romantic standards of idealism mean that i need to meet, see, smell and touch the person in real life to know if all is going to moving forward. Lol. I’m SELECTIVE. I’m emotional. I’m excitable. But you’ll know if i like you, because i’ll just tell you. What you see..is what you get. I’m not one to be scared to suggest we go on a date.


I also learnt that we girls like guys to stand by what they say, be Honorable…stick to following through, if they say their going to. It scores guys major points, because it shows us trust and makes us realize that you care and all that jazz. It separates the boys from the men. It helps us peek at what’s in store for the future.

I learnt lots!

Then, our guy friend turned around, in his suit and taught us more, (after we had our horoscopes read out…I’m a Sagittarius) and well he said, that there are ALWAYS THREE SIDES TO EVERY STORY. And well we always thought there were two. Yet, he makes sense.

‘No…there’s the girls version, the guys version and the truth…the what actually happened.’

And how true is that! So true! Who knew he could be so insightful! Lol

But yeah, i’m off now to continue chilling. I can’t wait for Friday to dawn on me I’m feeling fun. I’m feeling excited. I fancy drinks. I fancy girls night.

Roll on the weekend!




Cat Ladies, Drunks & Mr.Rights?


I’m dandy but shattered. This week so far has been swirled in heat and sunshine, yet filled with work life. It’s much harder to work in the sunshine, right? I can’t wait to early kitty night it, recoup and pull my gentle self together.

I don’t even know that to tell you, other than I’m sat on my living room floor with my little pink laptop on my knee and these silver ball sweets by my side to keep me company. I’ve definitely been called a ‘slut’ today (*Yawn*) and yesterday Reuben (who is a friend i have known since i was about seventeen, he’s ace, i think he’s awesome) decided to make the masses believe, out of boredom that I was a ‘Lady boy.’ Lol. I don’t have a willy, but if i did, it would be massive.

Walked out of work today with a glammy, much taller than me colleague and before we got to our alley way walk to our cars some giant bellied dude, in blue, was tripping up over his own life with booze in a brown paper bag decided to grunt stuff at us and call us ‘hot bitches.’ He won’t even remember saying it.

Me: ‘Is he following us?’

Glammy friend: ‘I don’t know? Just get ready to run.’

Me: ‘Run! We’re not running…we’re not scared.’

Glammy friend: ‘It’s annoying how we can’t just say what we want to people like that!’

Me: ‘Is he following us, though?’

Glammy friend: ‘Well if all else fails, at least you’ll have him as an option.

Me: ‘As if! I’m destined to be the lonely cat lady.’

Glammy friend: ‘You can have a cat and not be weird.’

Me: ‘The lonely cat lady doesn’t have A cat, she has 100 CATS. That’s the problem!’

Glammy friend: ‘Do you have a cat?’

‘Me: ‘No.’

(Got to our cars!)

‘See ya tomorrow!! Byee.’

Life is still great. Lots going on, but i’m enjoying balance. Work with calm. You can’t enjoy life without both.

Since writing my ‘Sex in the City The Movie’ blog, I’ve totally got invited to NYC to do dinner that Chris Noth’s restuarant ‘Da Marino’ via the other owner Craig, which is really sweet! If you don’t think you know who Chris Noth is, YOU DO, it’s ‘Big’…yes ‘BIG’ from well…’Sex in the City.’ Amazing right.

‘London Business Man’ has also messaged me to ask girl advice, which i like as it’s great that people can come to me for chick advice after all sorts and everything. I have good friendships links with people and it was good to see him in a more vunerable light. Don’t get it twisted, I don’t fancy ‘London Business Guy’ as i 100 percent fancy someone else. And when i fancy someone i have a one track mind. But we have a decent friendship…and i like that.

Guys aren’t always as confident as they seem are they? Neither are girls, but we voice it. Lol. I think he just needed reassurance from  chick friend (moi) that all was well in his world…He didn’t actually need advice, he just needed a being to ‘let it all out’ to. I’m good at being that person. But he’s happy and that makes me feel good. I verbally drop kicked him back on his own path of happiness, so he can merrily wine and dine the girl of his desire with a little bit more confidence.

I think today my chick friends and I decided we had nothing to look foward to so we had to think of 17 adventurous things to do and complete before 2017. (I actually have lots to look forward too… HAHAH.) But, i’ll join in. i like adventure. I can’t think of anything on the spot as i’ve done so much in life to this point that a rest feels good. 🙂 Yet, I haven’t been on a romantic row boat session in the sunshine ever…so i want to do that. It doesn’t even have to be romantic. Just on a row boat, in the sunshine. I can’t really row a boat? How hard can it be? Lol.

I’m still waiting to get swept off my feet. I want to fall in love with the man of my dreams and life happily ever after. I’m never afraid to say that as like i said, even though i’m a diva, i’m a love bunny and expression is what I stand for. Whats so bad with admitting you adore the art of love. It’s sexy

When that happens  i’ll feel like i’ll have everything, as when i’m in love, i’m alive. But you don’t just want to settle for whatever The guy has to be my Mr.Right and i have to be his ‘Perfect Girl.’ Otherwise it just wouldn’t work.

Everything else is great..I hope your world is great too!

Love you longtime,






Leeds Lifestyle Awards with Made in Leeds!


So for the first time ever the British Lifestyle Awards is going to be held on Northern soil and the city of their choice (as it’s always held in London) is LEEDS!!! Hurrah!

I’m a deliciously gigantic fan of Leeds, being West Yorkshire based and utterly Northern through soul. It’s the closest big city to my friends and I and I can literally be found prancing around in any Leeds cocktail bar or hotel suite quite frequently. I love it. It’s an exciting city filled with glitz. Great by day. Dazzling by night. Lots of fun…ALWAYS!

Sooooooooo you can imagine how excited I am that the Lifestyle Awards are coming to Leeds this October to celebrate the best of the best that the city has to offer, be it business, pleasure or legends, with trophies, red carpets, camera crews and everything.

It’s a big deal as we’ve wiggled our way onto the map and well it’s an even BIGGER DEAL because I have the greatest honour of being part of it all! (I know!! As if!)

Where there’s a lifestyle, there is a Wunna blog, so i cannot wait to cover the event, be part of the fun, celebrate the city and blog all the secrets, good times and ‘ooh laa.’

I’m feeling really really lucky!


It’s going to be a phenomenal star studded event, close to my little kitten heart and well i’m even happier to tell you that the entire awards is set to be BROADCAST LIVE on ‘MADE IN LEEDS.’ Meaning you all get to part of the action.

Here, read this:

‘Following the huge success in London and Bristol, this October will see MADE IN LEEDS present the first Leeds Lifestyle Awards – a celebration of the best of the best lifestyle businesses in our great city.

 The public nominate and then vote for their favourite businesses and the entire red-carpet gala event will be broadcast LIVE on MADE IN LEEDS.

Nominations are now closed and we’ll be announcing the results shortly for the final round of voting in each category voting for Leeds’ favourite businesses will begin!’

It’s all very glammy and all very exciting and where’s there’s glammy excitement and anything ‘Made in Leeds’ there’s moi! 

‘The Leeds Lifestyle Awards will recognise those who have put their influential stamp on the city and who have made it become such an exciting place to be.’

made in leeds logo

leeds skyline

So it’s definitely something to look forward to. I couldn’t be more honoured to be part of the kitty action. I have lifestyle blogged from many a hotel room in the city itself! 😉 I laughed, danced and cried in the city. Loved, lived had my heart broken and clinked cocktail glasses with my girl and guy friends in this city!

I’m so excited and you should be too!

I even caught up with the delicious gang at The Leeds Lifestyle Awards, with a ‘Made in Leeds’ wink and said my piece on why I think Leeds was the perfect choice for the British Lifestyle Awards!

Check it out below:


Imma a Diva, Love & Sass!


Life is dipped in fabulousity right now. I’m feeling on top form and sassy. I’m whizzed in a deliciousness and ‘Wazzoood’ in delight. I’m feeling all independent and like Wunna statues should be built of me in places that the masses just go ahead and worships, after consuming edible, glitter sausage rolls 😉

I don’t know what’s happened, but i’ve gotten really busy and I’m GREAT when i’m busy because once you find yourself with a down pour of stuff to do and conquer with a wink, you become more organized and certainly dynamic. I am THAT right now. I’m batting it right out the ball park…in heels. I’m plate spinning and doing it with ease! Hold onto your clutches…the rest of year the goes well.

Work was great today. Again, told you, i’m feeling on top form. I’m around great people. I’m feeling powerful and productive, which always makes any girl that little bit sexier. I’m not dull with it though, I hate it when people are ‘dull with it,’ i’m fun and that is something that I just can’t help. It runs through my sassy system…like the meander of pina colada. *Conga line here.*

Today i learnt that teenage boys are bizarre creatures, I strutted out the office today and had to power totter through a bunch of teens , kicking a ball against historical features, who insisted on whistling and telling me to ‘shake my ass,’ via the fine art of choir. Yes, they sang it at me, repeatedly. If i actually did they would DIE. My bums old enough to be their Mother. Yet all that doesn’t bother me. They’re young, annoying and having fun. The only part i actually noticed, was the part where in which one teen guy on a bicycle, pulled up to the side of me, before i slipped into the alley to my car (as his friends did the naughty shoutouts) and all blushy and shy, filled with politeness and quietness, smiled and whispered ‘sorry.’ In that moment he made the world right.

Then i had the most awesome drive home to Ricky Martin and an appointment with a glass of wine. (This was after i was forced to make what felt like 100 portions of scrambled eggs for my loin fruit, in a pinstriped shirt.)

I don’t have anything else to say really other than, why are people and that sometimes includes myself so guarded when it comes to love? You get nothing out of life if you don’t go for it. Dipping your toe in the pool is still dull. Jumping off the cliff into the ocean into a safe and delicious sea of the unknown, with FAITH is how we should go about living.

I 10 percent have my guard up (but let’s face it, like the best of us, that’s just classed as smart, as we’ve all had ‘MUG’ glitter stamped on our forehead before. I CERTAINLY have. But i’m not a grudge holder. I’m good with Cupid…so i’ll give him another shot. Lol.) I do try and play it cool, but i always end up just being expressive, and ‘cool’ goes out the window. What you see, is unfortunately what you get! Haha. And i don’t even mean it in a ‘i’m so real’ sense. I mean it in an ‘it is the best thing and worst thing’ about me sense. And obviously i think it’s greatness, a good quality…even though i can be a little harsh at times…but I’m on the whole just a love bunny.

I do think guys should be more ballsy though. I always expect a guy to do the chasing. That’s romantic and manly of them. And even though i’n quite independant, it’s the chasey ones that get me every time. I like it because i’m not used to it. They may ‘like’ a photo, (and i’m flatteed by that) but they get more terrified if anything and i have no clue why?

I’m into a ‘go for it’ attitude.

It’s far sexier than twiddling ya thumbs, on the fence with a Digestive.









Love, Hope & Chick Flick Weep festivals!!??!


Wow! Remind me that this is what i DON’T do.

You do not be a thirty five year old, ageing singleton, with divorces and a *flashback* load of Mr.Not Right’s who in the past you thought were going to be total ‘Right’s’and watch ‘SEX IN THE CITY THE MOVIE’ on your own.

Oh my GOD! Ordered takeout. Was happy as can be. In fact, I was brimming over with a cosy bubble of life and excitement. I plonk the movie on, thinking ‘ah yeah’ a nice little bit of girly and got lost in the initial magic of Dior, love, sassy power chicks and movie men who ‘she wanted a walk in closet, so he built her one.’ I got lost in the written word of the movie. I love that! You KNOW how much i love words.

Then ZIP….all lines cut!

I forgot how upsetting it all gets, when Mr.Big freaks out for second and jilts the girl of his dreams at the altar, humiliates her, makes her blind fall all the way down to rock bottom and *Waaaaaaaa,* my heart fell out of my little Asian chest and I burst into tears! HAHAHA.

And in that , i felt every second of it. It reminded me of how hard my love life has always been. That i may never find a Prince who adores the way he says he does…and just all sorts. Like Carrie Bradshaw. I PANICKED. It was a hilarious moment of utter PANIC.

Then Ruby saved the day by sauntering downstairs stating that she couldn’t sleep because she was too ‘hot and bothered.’ Those moments, when you’re a mum save the day, as i immediately drew on the biggest Mummy smile, made like no tears had occurred and comforted her.

However, I haven’t raised her to be so stupid and she looked me in the eye, after watching a bit of Sex in the City, the post ‘wedding jilt’ part and said, ‘Mum…you know how you don’t have a Prince, and she doesn’t have a Prince. Will i have Prince, if i want one, when i get older? Why have you been crying?’

‘I haven’t. And yes. Y’see, you are the luckiest and most amazing girl in the entire world, so one day, when you grow up, you’ll love a boy and he’ll love you right back, just the way you want him too and he’ll be your Prince.’

She smiled at me…kissed me on the cheek, told me she was ‘tired now’ and going back up to bed.

As see walked out the living room door…she looked back, AT FIVE YEARS OF AGE and said,

‘Mum…you’ll find your Prince. I love you.’

I just did that Mummy smiley thing at her…and as soon as i knew that she was all the way up and in bed, AGAIN, i filled up and starting Princess crying!!! HAHAHAH.

What is wrong with me? Lol. Why am I so emotional? I guess, there are times in life, that we bottle things up and when we do we get busy and forget to just release them.

So, I had a big old weep. Well it was a sad little weep, not a hysterical one, I’m not that bad. Don’t worry. I didn’t even feel that sad, I just needed to have a girl cry. Lol. It kinda made me feel all tough and happy really! It gave me my sass back.

Then I forced myself to STAY UP simply to watch the happy ending, because I KNEW that there was a Happy ending and that happy ending would put my heart at ease. Lol.

Luckily, i didn’t have to get that far before i perked up (Thank God) as, as soon as Carrie Bradshaw, pulled herself together, became her own hero and got on with it, before the ‘being with her Prince’ happy ending was even nearly in sight…I was on safe ground again and chipper! Phewf!

A little bit of love, hope, friendship, family and good times makes your soul better.

It kind mad me feel like a really good human. Like i’m a shitty one. A two bit gal, who doesn’t put her heart and soul into everything that she adores, be it work, love, family, anything and i love that about me. Yeah, there are times through life where i’ve gotten stung hundreds of times, yet number of times that i’ve just bounced right back, dusted myself off, slipped my heels back on and slowly stepped forward with an open heart and my best strut forward has been all that has mattered.

I have a lot of time for people, I have a diva in me, yet i’m a love bunny.

I’m sure that makes me awesome.

So no matter what you’re going through in your situation, be you happy, sad, married, single…whatever you may be…know that you’re lucky. Embrace it, go with it, enjoy it, treasure it. If you have not yet managed to snag yourself a dreamboat ladies, or your ‘beautiful perfect’ gents, know that things change every single second of each day and a simple decision, or infact no decision at all, just fate, makes paths cross and just right around that corner will be something utterly special waiting for you right on cue…He’ll not only find you, but come get you.

Love keeps us all together. I pinky promise.






Jeans, Weirdos, Lunch & Fatty Bum Bums

582799_352597384805139_313634343_n (1)

Sunday! Sunday!

Today I couldn’t fit into any of my jeans comfortably and as you know, for any girl… this is obviously the end of the world. I couldn’t even fit into my comfy skinny jeans…which means i’m just ‘jeans’ and not ‘skinny.’ *DEVASTATION.*

Then I got over it. (Whocares, i’m not that shabby on the eyes surely. Just a little wibbly right now. I still goddit. I do! I do!)

I mean GOD, if i was in LA they would be forcing me to ‘put that taco down.’ Yet luckily, right now i’m in Yorkshire and in Yorkshire, the words of advice I got (from my good friend Danielle’s Mum) was that it was the ‘weekend lass’ and well basically, in Yorkshire NO ONE diets on the weekend. It’s like a ritual. Some go to church, we have a kebab.

So, I met up with My Mama and we lunched. We adore lunching with each other. (My Dad was there too.) I figured a bit of a drink and a taco fest wouldn’t kill me and because i ate and drank it all with a smile on my face and my fingers crossed behind my back, it’ll all just go onto my boobs, or booty…and since i don’t have a booty…that was a positive.

See how great I am at positive energy. 😉

My Mum, Dad and I gossiped about guys and my love life and then i had to leave as I was to spend a couple of the next hours having to salsa dance in giant diamante heels for a bit of ‘look at me.’ I can’t really salsa dance, but i’m a nifty little mover and I can look like i’m good. 🙂  (I totally once won a ‘dance off’ by doing ‘The Robot’ and who knew that I could even do ‘The Robot??’ Not me. Lol.Winning at life always.)

Therefore now my body and I are even.

I’m home. I’m chilling. I have loads of washing a spinning and i’m gonna watch a bit of telly, in my joggers. (Which feel all comfy like a Size 40 ‘Bridget Jones’ kinda comfy. It’s bliss.)

I’m back at work tomorrow. I’m resting as the weekend has just flown by, hasn’t it! They kinda used to draaaag. But now, It’s Sunday evening and POW, your alarms set for a six o clock in the morning, wake up *bleep.*

Everything in life is pretty great. I’m feeling fulfilled. I’m not really talking about my love life right now as…well…i’m enjoying what’s going on and hoping for the best, and as you know, i am never lucky in love.

My ace neighbours had one of those BBq’s that get accidentally late night fun last night and i could hear them singing out loud, smashing things and giggling, as the air filled with that smell of coal cooked meat. It was great because they were living and i adore the sound of life and living. Things like that don’t bother me in the slightest.

HOWEVER, I did notice that my high strung, evil neighbours ‘DIDN’T ONCE’ get out of bed, waddle over and shout at THEM. I mean, if i had thrown that BBQ, let alone that, IF I had even spoken louder than what she believes is necessary… he would’ve plonked his wife in a rusty wheelbarrow, straight out the shower, if he had to and pushed her over to give me a proper good ‘dirty mouthed’ earful. She always makes me laugh because her idiocy humours me. I can never take her seriously. It’s just her outfits. They make me internally smile. One day she will refrain from being a hot headed piggly wiggly. But just not today. I should definitely go mow the lawn in booty shorts and a bikini top just to make her life more amazing.

Right, i’m off to chill and get my clothes out the washer.

Kisses, Love you,







Those few extra inches…


Girl maintenance COMPLETE!

Oh my GOSH! Nothing feels better than finally getting your weave did and your nails done, your tan baked and your life in tune once more, when you’re a girl! I’ve had this grown out baggy weave in for ages now, as I haven’t found the time to just go get it seen to. It’s like a pet. 🙂 You need to nurture it.

I woke up this morning. Made every human on the planet eggs and then still in a half sleep haze, after a couple of whatsapp messages, I sort of suddenly WOKE UP and found myself in a salon chair, with a purple robe around me and with the most amazing weave specialist (I go to ‘Talking Heads’ in Doncaster) clipping up an sewing in thickness and length into my hair! BLISS! And it’s awesome as i can just strut in and they’ll immediately KNOW what i’m going to want without me saying. So she plonked me down, as I selfied and she simply said, you’re wanting length, extra doubled up rows and thickness, right?

I think i just asked for a latte and nodded and let her do her thang. But it is amazing what a few extra inches and thickness can do. 😉 I FEEL GRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEAT!

I’m just a girl who enjoy’s girl maintenance so much that it’s kinda an essential part of my life..lol and i don’t think there’s anything with that. I enjoy to keep up appearances, try to look my best and doll up. It’s fun! And it was nice to see that i wasn’t on my own, as that place was filled with women and girls of all ages, all walks of life…literally all types, who were spending their time enjoying ‘girl maintenance.’ It’s sort of like when guys go to the gym and lift heavy things and then watch football and maybe tamper on a computerized game. That’s their ‘guy time.’ Girl time, for me, is in the salon with a glam squad.

Then after a card insert and a 4 digit pin press, i was off to the nail bar to get my kitty hands tinkered with. Nothing is worse than grotty nails. My nails are now divine. When i was sat there at the hand dryer thingy, a middle aged lady sat next to me, asked what colour i had chosen, so she could get hers the same. I like that! We had good chick banter. I kinda only went for ‘funny bunny’ which is a light pearly white. It kinda looks like the colour of dripped white candle wax, but with a shimmer, as we all know i fancy a bit f glitz. It looks like pearls and I adore it.

Hair thickened, extra inches complete. Pearly fingers, tan and smile. Sorted!

What more could a glamour puss need!

Oh yeah…LOVE. 🙂 HAHAHA.

Anyway, this was only a tiny catch up, as i’ve just got home and i’m chilling.

I think girls, like guys, NEED those moments of ‘glam up’ or ‘man cave.’ It keeps us balanced, doesn’t it…and keeps that wink in our wiggle and their strut a giant stride.

Okay, I’m off now.

Happy weekend. x

Feedback, Cocktails & Leeds

images (41)

‘Did you just say feedback?’

‘No!!! I said, that people are surprised that i’m so small, as i’m only five ‘ft four when they meet me. What do you mean feedback?’

‘Like when you’re on dates.’

‘Well, when i’ve been on dates before, they expect me to be six foot tall for some reason??’

‘So you didn’t say feedback?’

‘Noooo. I don’t ask for flipping DATE FEEDBACK! Lol. I hardly ever go on dates and when i do, i certainly don’t leave them a fricking photocopied sheet on the side with a feedback survey attached to it!!!’

HAHAHAHAHA. Life was hilarious today!

Then i went and forgot how old I was! (A friend that i know, of the same age did this also, in a pub.)

‘Am i thirty five?’

‘No, you’re thirty four.’

‘I’m not! I’m thirty five. I must be, i’m born in 1980???’

‘Wait, that means you’re thirty five in December???’

‘No it doesn’t. I think i’m thirty four, no i mean thirty five right now and thirty six in December?’

‘Yeah…that sounds about right!’

Living proof that when you get to thirty two your age just meshes into a conundrum of ‘thirty something’ and you no longer count years, until you’re about 38 and because you’re almost at 40 and people will buy you drinks! God, i’m old. *Weeps*

Anyway, It’s Friiiday! So well done to getting to the end of your week, be it work, pleasure or just plain old life. Have a mai tai on me. Or don’t. Whocares. I could’ve gone and cocktailed in Leeds tonight, but i couldn’t and being the kitty Queen of cocktailing, you know how devastating that IS for me. *Add a devastation face here.*

Nothing would be better than swanning around in sequins, with a glitzy whiskey sour in my hand right now. Yet Leeds, will have to wait. ‘Ginger Belle’ (i’ll call her) totally tried to persuade me, via tantruming with a ‘do it now’ and on the voice of ‘no’ she stormed back up the stairs in a comedy huffy play mood.

‘I would’ve if you told me ahead of time.’

‘You have THREE HOURS.’

(She’s like a Dominatrix.)

Anyway, i chose to settle the score by acting out the reason why i was unable to Leeds cocktail with her, outside the glass of her office wall window. (It’s a giant window of wall.) I mimed the art of having a baby and then imaginary rocked them…which is odd in pinstripes and odd on any level really. I need therapy. Lol

But yes, Leeds is my favourite…so i’ do drinks with ‘Ginger Belle’ some other Friday.(Then she did the worst and added me into a Facebook group. Hahaha. EVIL! And even worse, I had to deal with my other friend (the one that thought a tree decided whether a lemon was going to be a green ‘completely different fruit’ lime or yellow and got the terms albino mixed up with alpaca) being able to spell, within a group chat atmosphere. Lol.)

Life is ACE.

I’m swirling around in a a lovely lustful magic of opportunity right now. I’m doing really well and loving every minute of it.

Work, career, love, family all of it is brewing nicely. The Wunna family is totally the bomb diggy right now.

I’m looking forward to getting my hair did tomorrow and to sorting out my Made in Leeds stuffs!

Big kisses. Giant winks.

Chrissie x




Miss Kitty is Back

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Okay, i’ve had my ramble and i’ve quit being dull. I’m back on mode and feeling glitzy, kitten esque and filled with a cocktail fizz. Life is great right now. All seems balanced, opportunity is heavily a knocking and my normal work life, with colleagues is the literally the most rewarding thing ever.

I’m feeling fun. I’m feeling cheeky. I’m feeling free and i’m feeling ALIVE. The suns out, i’m having a couple drinks to celebrate Summer. (Any excuse.) And my chick friend and I certainly didn’t judge the people who chose to do a hardcore Wednesday Karaoke booze up, as we strutted past, after working all day, pretending that the blue shirt guy wasn’t showing us his Yorkshire belly. It was like they were having a really loud ‘Saturday night’ out…yet in the afternoon…on a Wednesday? Lol. I’m not one to judge, as they looked as happy as can be…and filled with ale. Lol.. Yet we thoroughly enjoyed strutting passed them, in my little pencil dress and my Disney ‘like your hair today Chrissie’ do, as my ginger friend slid her ‘sunnies’ on and sexily, disapproving smiled out the corner of her eye, as she power dressed forward. In that moment…we had lives. Good ones. Lol. (The Devil does have a rum waiting for me in hell when i arrive. But we’re mates, so he’d let me tinker up to ‘The Pearlies’ if i got bored of dark rum cocktails. 🙂  Plus, the first thing i’m gonna do is wallop him with a stiletto for gifting me with decades of a rubbish love life. It’ll make him smile, then i’ll be super delightful to  him, which will totally and utterly kill him, as kindness is not his thing and then i’ll run Hell. *Pimps.* (As in ‘easy peasy’ and not as in selling women.) I mean, all you have to do to run it, is be a douche all the time! How hard can that be?? 😉 I’ve got ‘douche’ down.

*She puts the Desperado down.* Lol

Stuff is great. Everything’s great. I’m really really excited to be part of The British Lifestyle Awards, in Leeds…well i should say the Leeds Lifestyle Awards. It’s right up my street and filled with glamour, heels, cocktails and trophies. It’s being televised by ‘Made in Leeds’ which I am ofcourse a massive fan of and i can’t wait to have my little meeting with them. Everything’s all a glitz. It’s fun. It’s ignited my inner playful and quit me from being dull.

That’s all I have to say really, other than the fact that in life miracles happen and if you work really hard to achieve the thing you want…no matter whether it’s love, life work or play…you’ll get there. The more you do something the better you get at it. Provided you’re trying your best to develop.

And i know that you all believe that also, as the other day I posted one of those ‘quote image’ things on my Facebook wall that read ‘No one is sent to anyone by accident’ and loads of you liked it and you liked it because you believed in fate and magic. It’s sexy.

I’m looking forward to getting my hair and nails done on Saturday. It’s going to feel like utter bliss, as when you’re  busy gal, those moments of femme make you feel all ‘worth it again. Lol.

Love you all lots.

Thank you for following my rather tragic existence. 😉

*Blows you a kiss*







Love, Life & Purpose Ramble


Wow! How hot! We are experiencing the most boiling hot weather ever, to the point that it made all us girls at least TRY and understand how to set an air conditioning temperature thingy. 🙂 (We ended up having to make a phone call because we couldn’t figure it out. Lol) The weather was so hot, it was hotter than hot countries 😉 and made me not feel like scoffing anything much at lunch time and instead my colleague and i made the executive decision to have a slush puppy..for lunch….a blue one. 🙂

‘What flavour did you have?’


‘You had blue?’ (This was said in a fashion that would suggest jealousy over the fact that ‘i had blue.’ Lol)

‘I’ll let you have the pink straw as it matches your outfit. Will you spot me one, as i don’t have any cash on me?’

🙂 Welcome to my Tuesday. Today it was sweaty, but it was tremendously girly and I AM quite girly by nature. I have a boy’s sense of fun, but i’m quite the femme.

But yes, lunch on steps in the blistering sunshine occured…and then we all moaned about how ‘too hot’ we all were. Lol. That’s the ace thing about being British, we can moan about anything. We moan when it’s cold. We moan when it’s hot. We moan when it’s just right. Lol. It’d make an ace fairytale, as it would turn ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ into just plain misery. 🙂

It makes me laugh. I will thoroughly appreciate a bit of cool air or  even a rainy day from now on. Just as much as i will a bit of sunshine.

‘God, why do Boys in Ponte insist on walking around without their shirts on…???‘ said the young hot brunette, to the sassy Asian glamour puss.

It’s weird because it’s always the shabby the ones that do it, as to them it’s less about a muscley thing and more about an’i’m too sweaty’ thing. I think, if i was a guy and i had some crazily great bit of body…I would be too shy (and i’m not really shy at all about my body …Lol) but if i was a guy and i was rocking ‘the decent,’ i’d be too shy to take my shirt off IN THE MIDDLE OF PONTEFRACT and walk around a town centre, as it draws to much ‘look at me.’ AND I AM A BEING , who never really minded a bit of ‘look at me’ 🙂 It’s like being a girl and you’re all dressed up and boobied and you’re really conscious of eyes being on you. It’s awkward. I sometimes have times when i feel…awkward. But i’ll laugh it off. That’s why in a way i keep myself to myself. It doesn’t seem like it as i write this blog and totter about places all ‘big hair don’t care.’ Yet, in my blog, I kinda only tell you what i want you to tell you. 😉 There is lots to my life that goes on that i just don’t deliver. I’ve written this blog for almost ten years…and i know so many secrets about people or situations that i’ve chosen to keep permanently locked up, just out of honour. Lol. So in a way i have a life ‘on  cyber show’ so to speak and a life that is away and private, although i may give you an under curtain peek from time to time. Know, that lots goes on….and now that i’m wiser, i tend to only share the positive bits in order to inspire via experience. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not wet, i’m sassy. I’m honest. But i’m kind.

I can’t even really believe how much my life has developed over 10 years. I’ve done so much, all over the world and although it sometime seems like a blur, I am the happiest i have ever been, right now. So that’s saying something.

Anyway, where was I? Age and ‘Look at me.’

Now that i’m old, i’m not too arsed about a ‘look at me.’ Don’t get me wrong, i’m ‘showy,’ i’m the Queen of selfie, yet these days, on the ‘look at me’ scale, I only 40 percent, care about it, than 100 percent care about it. Lol. It happens when you get old. Your priorities change, you get a lot more comfortable within your own skin and you care a lot less about what people may think of you. You focus on the things that matter, rather than the things that don’t. It’s actually pretty ace being an oldie. Unless you’re a rubbish oldie. 🙂 Then it sucks.

The only thing that I don’t have in my life is a partner. Everything else is perfect. And because i’m a chick..and yes i’m  an independent one, (which i always think is great.) I still am one to believe that life is better when you share it with a being that you love. I don’t want to be 80 years old with a 42 cats…alone…with my knitting..wondering what happened..by myself.

I believe in love. When i’m in love i become alive. It makes me more whole. Contrary to popular belief, i’m actually a girl who notices and appreciates the little things in life. I know what’s precious and know what’s not. I’m artistic. I’m creative. I love to write. This blog is the only thing that I have been accidentally disciplined enough to keep for almost a decade, almost every day and for no real reason other than enjoying it and wanting to documenting my life as it goes along. I’m seen as flashy…I have flashy moments. But i’m really quite simple.I’m happy.

Out of all the things that i’ve feel that i’ve achieved and ll the things i’ve done, all over. The three biggest moments that changed my life or gave me a sense of purpose, was when i moved to LA, on my own as a teen. It showed me independence. I felt strong. I lived.

My Dad having  stroke, changed everything, as It made me realize how important life was and made me value the things that mattered. I visited him EVERY day, ever visiting hour, 92 times, for six weeks, so he never felt alone or like i didn’t care. He always says he made it through because of that…and my mum. But it was 2 weeks after that that i went to ITV to audition for the Hilton show…and got it and i got it because i was determined to live and achieve. I knew i would get it. And I did.

Then having Ruby was the final thing that changed me…as for the first time ever, i became a Mum…and became responsible for nurturing, guiding and unconditionally loving a being that I had created. And Ruby and I are so similar that our bond is almost best friendy. We get along great or fight like crazy ladies. Yet i’m very well aware that she watches me and idolizes everything that i do. So I go out of my way to make sure that she is emotionally whole. I mean gosh she won the ‘excellence award’ at school because she tried so hard, which as a mum, makes you feel elated. Then when she was asked about her Mum and what she felt about me, she said, ‘My mum is beautiful because she always makes me feel special.’ AWWW. 🙂 🙂 🙂

SO, even though i’ve done a lot of other things that people see as ‘amazing,’ The Hollywood lifestyle…the telly thing..the modelly thing…the everything. (I I truly appreciate the opportunities.) The above are the three BIG THINGS that actually made me feel a sense of real purpose through life.

And yeah, i’m playfully, i’m a sasserilla and cheeky..and i adore a bit of fun. But there’s a whole load of layers to me that sometimes people never see…unless you’re really close to me or ofcourse just very smart. 😉

Diet starts tomorrow..