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Doing life with ‘L’ Plates


Everything’s ace. I seem to be washing off the negative and moving forward positively with glee, strength and ‘ooh laa.’ Y’know, everything you end up doing in life, is for some kind of reason. There’s some dumb lesson to learn, some time or place that you needed to encounter. 2014, has been a year of change and well right now, i’m in a great position. I’ve met some wonderful friends, who i hope to keep soldier close to me for life and  i’ve experienced some wonderful moments, be they good or bad….that I hope make me develop as a human and let’s face it, i’m a pretty jolly human..innit.

I’m busy right now, meaning i hardly have time to blog. I’m experiencing a bit of delay on my lashes, yet not too much of a delay that it affects my launch. The children are great. No. They’re really great. I couldn’t adore them anymore and well each day that I wake, i know how lucky i am to be blessed with such amazing babies.

Christmas, my favourite time of year and my birthday season is coming up. I couldn’t be more excited.

I’m learning to not let the shit that doesn’t really matter get to me. We as humans, do that, don’t we? We shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter. Let’s just let the bitter mull over the pain of life, whilst the people getting ahead look forward to the good times.

I do think that everything happens for a reason and i do feel ever so grateful for all the good things that I have going on right now.

The weekend was filled with my photoshoot and well anytime yuo have outfits, heels, and confetti, in a warehouse, that was mildy ‘Lads pad’ for a shoot, you know you’ve been struck my Wunna. I’m super pleased with my pictures. So i hope you are too. But you won’t see them just yet, as i’m plonking them on my lash line website

I still have lots to do and there’s just not enough time to do them.

Boys love me right now. ;) Right now…i’m concentrating on my business.

Really tired, work in the morning, two full time jobs and two babies. A new business to run and well everything in between.

I need a wine.

I love you,

Wunna x

A early bit of blogging…


Blogging at six o clock in the morning! :) Y’see, these days, i just have to try and fit things in when I can. But i’ll tells you that my stress button has eased up a great deal, as I peeky found the route of my stress. Once discovered, i noticed that I was actually pretty chilled, happy and grateful to be in such a wonderful position. ;) It’s funny how one thing, one situation, one person, one tiny niggly bit of negative nonsense can really get you down internally. The healing or discovery process takes a while. But like I said, once found. You’re dandy.

I’m dandy. :) I’m beaming. :) It’s bizarre because like most, I’m sensitive enough be stressed when something negative sponges it’s way into my kitten soul of glee, yet ‘Jolly Hero’ enough to be able to pull myself together, laugh my sorry arse off and get on with life, or the job at hand like a trooper. I don’t take bad things seriously…because I see the big picture. I know what life is about. Well, I reckon I do anyway…and i’m dead lucky me. :)

SO, yesterday I had a really really busy day and a great deal of money was made (not for me, but for others) yet I got some kind of weird GIANT satisfaction out of it, working hard and achieving. I’m like a proper grown up now.  I mean, a  new lip gloss used to give me the same buzz of joy. :) However, these days, working hard…(even though we all swore, sweated and moaned all the way through it) sort of gave me a sick kick of ‘yeah baby,’ once we had found out how much money we had actually made! I like results and winning things and they say that people of that sort do well in life?

Today, is my day off. Yet in Wunna land, those days are spent working. I’m up early because I have two shoot today for the beauty line. Both that i haven’t prepared for. I haven’t tanned, glitzed up to even organised what I’m going to be wearing, doing or pouting for? I’m stressed because if i can do anything it’s last minute posing. I might not be able to save the world, but plonk me infront of a camera and i’m at my most comfortable. Anyway, yes. Lots of shoots. All i know is that they’re going to be quick and going to go well…and i’ll probably grab inspiration whilst i’m at them. They’re usually your best pictures. (I’m currrently craving custard cream pretend cigarettes and I don’t even smoke?)

My psoriasis is on the mend. Seems that it is stress that makes it get all excited and flair up. Doctor parents are good. I smeared this magic cream all over my rashes last night and well it FUCKING FELT LIKE MY ENTIRE FACE WAS BURNING. It was horrid. I could’ve died. My entire face was sore, on fire and well i wanted to rip it off it hurt so bad. THEN….it calmed down…and as did I, to a bit of Strictly and X Factor. Both shows brilliant this year! They are my favourite! I’m also loving the new ITVbe channel. It’s like it was designed JUST for me. All my fave shows in one. ‘Real Housewives…Dallas Cheerleaders….Vanderpump Rules….Towie….’ OMG smear me in luxury. Heart! Heart! HEART! (I ate four chocolate, fresh creamed eclairs yesterday, after not being able to eat all day due to busy busy times. I loved them….they loved me. Perfect, when indulging in ITVbe.)

I fell asleep last night without knowing, with my motivational video still playing…lol…my contact lenses still in and my mobile phone not on charge (which is annoying) as it had fallen out my palm to also enjoy some bed rest with me, in my blankets. It started buzzing at six o clock and i jumped up to find it like a maniac, yet couldn’t because it was immersed in blanket galore.

I’ve decided that I don’t like naggy people and that I can read people quickly because i’ve experienced a lot of folk from all walks of life. AND i don’t enjoy people who ‘guilt trip.’ I’m the worse one to pull that move on because i hardly ever feel guilty. :) When it comes to boys and i’m talking new boys who are attempting to woo me. (It’s Christmas innit, so everyone now tries to couple up.) Well, new boys that hope t step into Wunna land, just don’t get me and don’t get the art of wooing. Bravery and giant romantic gestures are the only things that initially work. A text, followed by a grumpy text, followed by a guilt trip text, followed by a moody text…shows me who you are immediately…and that’s moany and if i hate anything, it’s moany boys. I see them as girly and well i quite laid back. I hardly ever moan. Funnily enough, I don’t see that as romantic…nor is a text. I’m really busy right now with work, success and babies and i don’t have time to introduce a new face into my world and care for it appropriately, without them..well…giving me grief.

I’m back on track with love now and do believe that there is someone ‘worth it’ for everyone and simply because, (and as i’ve told you) after hanging out with a bunch of really old pensioners, I sort of witnessed how lonely life is,  when you don’t have anyone to share it with. You need someone to love and someone to grow old with. It’s heartbreaking to see them all alone and openly stating how lonely they were. That’s not going to be me when i’m older. It’s the smallest moments that I remember.

Anyway, i’ve got to do coffee and get ready.

Today, i feel happy and excited and it’s the most amazing feeling ever! :)





A quick run down…

582799_352597384805139_313634343_n (1)

What a week! I am the busiest I have ever been in my entire life. I have two FULL TIME day jobs. Yes! TWO OF THEM. I have two cheery babies. I have my own business to launch in 3 weeks and so many deadlines, approaching. You can imagine the amount of stress that I’m under. And yes…my rash has returned. Annoying!

I’m quite an expressive being. A performer. However, whenever I close down, bottle up and take life on the chin, with that ever so British stiff upper lip. (I can’t even cry right now, because i’m that closed off.) Well…my body throws out a ‘fuck you’ and i get a rash all over my face and body. Sexy, I know. It’s back. And it stinks.

The positive of all this is that i’m lucky to be inundated with such opportunity. Opportunity that is one works correctly with benefit me threefold. The negative is that i’m stressed. Super stressed. Wine isn’t even working. Deadline are terrifiying me and my work load just seems like endless Post IT notes, scattered around my life, one hundred at a time, wherever I go.

I need an early night. Yet i either can’t fit one in, and if i can…i can’t sleep through it. :)

On a great note. My babies LOVE Christmas. One evening to release love to the world, I took them on a pre Xmas evening, so that they could indulge in fun, fantasy, laughter and lights. My babies LOVE Christmas. Junior danced and giggled his way to merriment. Honestly, you couldn’t even imagine a happier baby. Ruby dashed around beautifully lit and designed trees. like the North Pole was her oyster. ;) Thank GOD they love Christmas, as it would be shitty if they didn’t. It’s my favourite time of year.

I have a lot to do, so i’m gonna whizz through this blog…I’ve enjoyed champagned, witness grannies cry because they’re going to miss me, listened to controlling men, control other women. Been hit on. Been called ‘ugly.’ Oh and ‘a skank,’ On the same day I was called ‘beautiful’ and ‘someone who really makes a difference.’ I’m hid away from confrontation. I’ve embraced change. I’ve stepped forward bravely and coward away from situations all at the same time. I have a stress rash. It’s shit. I have an eyelash line about to launch, in a month. And one that I have created from scratch all by myself!!  It’s making me nervous. I have so much to do. But i’m going to do and well, for once i actually can’t believe it and proving that if you work hard and do things the way YOU want them, you can be  massive success.

I’ve just been sent a motivational video by a  loved one. I guess, they believe in more than I thought. I have a wine. I’m working LOTS. I’m shattered and need a break. Then I wouldn’t have a rash. Without  rash, i’m happy. :) I’ve been to wig fittings. I have  shoot on Sunday. I’ve chosen an online store and theme. I’m trying to pick a billboard.

I’m meeting some really great people. When I say ‘great,’ I simply mean interesting. I’m not judging them nd simply embracing them…which is making them adore me. I’m recieving GIFTS! WONDERFUL GIFTS from kind people who want to wish me well. Aww! And yes,  have a wine

Basically, right now, i’m super stressed, with lots to do and i can’t seemto manage it all, but i’m hoping for the best. iw ant my rash to go. I can’t wait to be abel to sleep better, breathe better and enjoy life the way I have always imagined. I loved ‘Seven Days with..’ Tamara Ecclestone and ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ is STILL my favourite ever show.

I also recieved cake, cupcake samples and need to hrie a part time assistant. I’m looking forward to change and looking forward to stepping up the ladder of success. I’m about to go to bed and watch this motivational video, whilst being tucked in.

I’m working all weekend.

I’m happy…even though i’m stressed

I have help.

I want this rash to go away and well for the numpties who leave stupid comments on my ever so glitzy ad’s…you have rubbish taste. I’m ace. So deal with it. For the handful that moan about me, quite rudely, and out loud. ….thousands of others enjoy and tune into my blog daily. So four or five newbies might despise me, but this week  alone 72 more people liked my Facebook fan page, so thank you. I’m grateful. You are totally my favourites!

I think i need flowers, cuddles, to feel special, appreciated and treated. :)



A burst before bed


Exhausted, but ON IT! I’m currently buying wigs. Yes…wigs at 9pm at night, after a full and very busy day at work. I got in late and once settled, then had to commence organizing everything for a photoshoot, that I need to tend to as soon as I possibly can. I’m on a MAJOR DEADLINE now and fitting everything in is SO HARD.

I’m body has worked so hard, it’s worn. I’m almost hitting my panic button, but not.

I have a full day at of work tomorrow and at the same time five alternate outfits to throw together, by myself, for a shoot that I still need to organize.

I’m trying to book a billboard. I’m going on a ‘lash tour’ where I visit shopping malls and lash you all up.

Things are great, but I AM SHATTERED. :)

I have help. I’m happy. But i’m running as fast as I can on empty…like the clappers, in heels.

This time, i feel determined.

I feel unstoppable. But also wish that Christian Aid, Farmer Copleys and Asda QUIT stealing all the billboard space that I wish to purchase! UGH!

Other than that…my i’ve had a guy call me ‘high maintenance’ and ugly and another call me ‘slanted eyed.’ Lol. You can’t be fugly and racist and score points. Just because I’m Burmese (which I’m super proud of) doesn’t mean i’m not British and just because i won’t bonk you, even though you’ve never met me, doesn’t make me ugly in real life or high maintenance. ;)

I’m about to place myself in a position now where others are free to banter and all for others having their own opinion. Yet, the shit storm that comes along with being Ms.Wunna…is a ball ache. Can’t you JUST BUY LASHES. They’re coming out…SOON.

Nighty x

Plate spinning


Right! I am busying up now and i’m reaching for ‘panic’ button, but not quite ready to give it a *whack.* 2014 has been a bastard of a year, but i intend to go out with bells on. Y’see, the only awesome thing about everything going wrong, in the first part of the year, is if  you manage to turn it around, like some kinda hero with boobies…to the point where you get to gloat with merry laughter and middle finger the non believers. This is especially good, if they haven’t done as well. ;) OR just waiting for it to hit Jan 1st of the following year works and simply because you get a clean slate and a ‘start all over.’ This year tested me…and well…instead of reflecting when we get to Dec 31st…i’m just going to breathe, smile and tell it to FUCK OFF. Whopppeee!

Everything’s going really well. That’s what makes me nervous. It’s almost as if i’m waiting for midgets with spanners to get in ‘my works’ and balls it all up. I’m good at what I do. I’m passionate and i’m determined. AND i’m weirdly a great deal more talented that people seem to believe. :)

(Yes, I am trying to convince myself.)

I have a BIG day ahead of me and lots to flipping organize. LOTS. I’m spinning all plates at once and trying to wing it with panache. Glitzy panache. I have a full weekend of work, at the same time as a beauty line push, at the same time as no child care for my baby boy, since Grandparents are going to be away. This is normal Single Mummy type drama. So some how i’ll make it all work. I just need to come up with a cunning plan to smooth it all over nicely. Hey, I know, HELP would be great! (ffs.)

What I know about me is that i’m accidentally lucky, so in the end everything usually just works out in my favour. I don’t know how this happens, but apparently it’s because i’m secretly ‘good people’ so I get cut some slack from the big dude above.

I’m excited for my eyelash line now and i hope you are too. I’m shattered. But excited and it’s just dawned on me that I have people scattered around the world aiding my every wish and whim to get this off the floor. I think for the first time in a long time, I actually believe i can do this. :)

Roll on Christmas…and make it a double!



Finally…hot boys in sight!



(I was meant to post this yesterday.)

So….anytime you have a moment to enjoy a vino, you know that life is great! I’m doing well. I’m the hero of the hour and Christmas time is approaching, which means i’m at my most powerful, with me being a Xmas baby n’all. *Wiggle…wink…pout.*

I’ve made some close bonds, i have a great business team…and my day job is pretty jolly. I’m a mum and even though the bambino’s drive me bonkers…I’m handling it and doing ‘dreams come true’ whilst I single handedly raise them…WELL!

But more importantly…..TOTAL EYE CANDY at Starbucks Doncaster today! LADIES, you MUST go there, during the day, through the week. TOTAL UTTER EYE CANDY. I walked in this morning and it was almost like my eyes deceived me? I mean, it was like the cover of GQ, making hot frothy coffee’s for the masses. It made me very happy…and well in moments like that..brief ages ago telly stints help….the coffee boys love a bit of BBF! ;) Plus, Rubes is charming. She’s wings it for me accidentally…without knowledge. YOU MUST visit Starbucks Doncaster, simply to smile, girls! It makes me want a coffee always. Doncaster is jazzing up a bit these days, and getting quite metropolitan. It’s making the boys hotter and the Ladies waaay more polished. I like it and i’m proud to say that it’s my home town. I have two days off. I’m back there tomorrow, to perv.

Ruby, Mummy day went well. We’ve done everything, lived and loved. It’s been awesome! I’m sorting out my online store and my signage for the eyelash line. (I fancy a bit of cheap billboard until I get my PR next year.) However, i haven’t yet sorted out my ad, as i’ve just got my high res pictures for it, so i’m gonna need great guys to organize all that for me. We have a great theme. I love themes.

My products are ready. My gift bags are on the way. I’m excited now and KNOW that i can do this…and well i feel like the luckiest kitten in the world.  all be rushy towards the end…but it’ll be fine. Even shopping malls are inviting me in for one day of an appearance/sell to get the word out there. The first batch are only meant to me my Limited Editions. Like the first five hundred, just for Xmas. But China have assured me that it will do better than I think? So have emergency product at the ready to get to me on request. Crazy. Innit!

‘Business Zach’ is AMAZING. He’s a trooper and i’m glad to have hired such a clever man, to jump onto Team Wunna…because without him i really don’t know what i’d do. Luckily, he’s the working brain and totally on it, like a champion. If you don’t know what you’re doing, hire people that do. I hope you all please buy a pair of m lashes for Xmas, as it truly would mean the world to me.

Other than that, i’m excited for Christmas. I’m feeling a birthday party this year. It’s like i’m adding more ‘stuff’ to a very full schedule. But if you can’t celebrate your B’day with all your friends, now you’ve completed pregnancy..than you are nutty! I’ma  good time girl at heart…so fuck it…yeah..lets get it ON! I can’t wait. Roll on December!

Okay, i’ve got a nursery run, so i’ve got to go. I’m working ALL weekend, after having tomorrow off.

Wish me luck. Sending you love. Make sure your day was worth it!

Eye candy, Starbucks, Doncaster! But only on Thursdays!! :)




A bit of a quickie


Well, to say that I managed to get zero sleep, i’m not doing too badly. For some reason my mind ‘got busy’ and it wouldn’t settle for the life of me. I laid awake at 3.37am, pondering my ‘busy’….thinking about my lash line….googling research and just not letting my mind relax. I don’t think i could’ve even knocked myself out. Plus, neither of my babies will sleep in their own bed, which I actually don’t mind, as I enjoy the comfort, as much as they do. I always believe that ‘Mummies’ don’t mind, yet Daddies always do because they either want their own space, or they want Mummy all to themselves. Right? However, my bed has now become a nest. In the middle of the night, I find myself continually plumping up pillows and snuggling up the blankets for them, like a Mummy bird, guarding her young. My favourite role in life is ‘Mummy’ so I don’t at all mind. Yet, it means my body has gotten used to surviving on very little sleep. But whocares, I’m like a powerhouse. I’ve championed it today…and i’l do it again tomorrow.

I’ve done meetings, rushed through my errands, eaten even…and everything. :) I’ve only got my phone meeting left to do with America, then I’m all done until a nursery run, tea and bed.

Life is good right now and it seems that i’m glowing with energy. Y’see, you know how my friends said that I was okay about drama these days because I am practically in a good place. It’s actually because i’m quietly confident that all will go swimmingly. This time there’s a glint in my eye that radiates strength. That feminine ‘ooh laa’ of utter confident, dipped in a gooey soft smile. I know how lucky I am. I’m ready to soar ahead with success. The lash line is going to be fantastic! And i’m glad that i have you all on board.

I’ve got a lot to fit in right now, so I must love you, blow you a few kisses and leave.

But stayed tuned.

It’s going to get good…

Shit shorts, Karma and good vibes.

chrissie-101-Copy (1)

I’ve worked my kitten arse off all weekend and i’m ready for this bit of ‘sit down’ with a Sunday wine! I’m feeling quite feisty today, so i’m all about voicing whatever I so wishy. Hence why I popped up a cheeky photo…and simply to celebrate all things Wunna!

I thought I was in panic mode, but i’m not. I always forget that i’m super great when under pressure. I seem to grow ten feet tall and champion life with a ‘zing.’ I like a challenge and when challenged, I like to win. I usually do and with a simple ‘wink,’ so the fact that I have only 4 weeks left to finalize EVERYTHING for my eyelash line, to launch this Christmas, isn’t terrifying at all. The fact that there’s soooo much to do, isn’t fazing me one bit. :) The fact that I have a day off work tomorrow and a day of getting business together with ‘American Zach’…who is wanting this line to be the best best it can be…is even a tiny bit frightening. I mean, it’ snot like i’m still waiting for all of my product from China, that I need to then photograph, which I ten need to plonk online, AFTER i have managed to find the right home (online store) to house my eyelash line, followed by designing the promo ad…building up the marketing and then selling it all before Christmas! There’s even more than that. But i’m going to champion it. Working a full time day job and being a Mum of two, makes it harder, but if i represent anything, it’s the fact that WE ALL CAN DO THIS! GET UP OFF YOUR ARSES AND WORK. Try a little ‘dreams come true.’

Whatelse? I’m getting another rash. My face is clear. THANK GOD. But now my arms are getting spotty. FOR FUCKS SAKE! Plus, I also just found out that this entire week, where in which Keiran had told me that he was away working in London..(.hence why he couldn’t do baby pickups…)..well i found out, by accident, via the fine art of Facebook tagging, that he was actually in Ibiza, doing closing parties. Not a tremendous way to find out, because it wouldn’t have bothered me at all? Just odd, right? Why not just say, I’m off on holiday with the boys? Lol. Men are weird. AND shit at hiding anything. I then got called a ‘cunt’…no infact…a ‘horrible cunt’ by one of his friends, (nice manners) for simply stating that it didn’t really look like London. PAHAHA. Don’t have a go at me, simply because you accidentally dropped your mate in it. I didn’t pretend to be in London ‘on business.’ LOL. I didn’t then make fun for him for being dropped in it. I WASN’T THE ONE IN SHIT SHORTS! HAHAHA. I’ll say this again….you cannot verbally abuse someone if you are FASHION CRIMING. :) If you’re dressed like a wally…the other person automatically wins. I mean,the photo was funny… it’s like they all get fucked up…dressed up like twats…took a picture of themselves and posted it, like they thought they looked really ace. Dare i even say ‘sexy.’ HAHAHA. Then they took it out on me. PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Only certain people can ‘rock’ certain things…Find what you can ‘rock’ and celebrate it. Oh and don’t call glamour pussed ‘cunts.’ It’s not good manners. :) HILARIOUS! I’m actually surprised that I’m about mad about this? I even asked my friend why I wasn’t? Apparently it’s because i have too much going on right now and because i’m happy. Moments like that humour me. The best thing is that he performed the say tale (as in the run off to Ibiza story, without telling me) almost the exact time, LAST year. So, in an entire year, where I seem to have grown up, developed, worked a day job, raised children on my own, developed my own beauty line, moved house, recovered from thyroid surgery…. and well pretty much moved up the success  ladder an inch. He has accidentally stayed the same.  Boys need to know when it’s time to pull their socks up…or just where better shorts. ;) I actually liked his shorts. I’d absolutely wear them out. I just don’t like being a called a ‘horrible cunt.’ I find it unattractive and ugly.

OOh i need a wine.

The babies have been ace. We all had a ‘giddy’ night last night where we pillow fought in pj’s and belly laughed until they cried. :) It was one of those nights where you’re all racing around, in your most comfortable zone and just enjoying family. I’m really lucky. I remember looking at Junior and seeing him WEE HIMSELF with hysterical laughter, to the point where he was rolling on the floor, sweating and giggling. Then I looked at Ruby who was racing around the living room, laughing her little heart out, carefree, happy and just like life couldn’t be any better for her. It was awesome and it’s those moments that I work hard for. My Mum stopped by and i told her that no matter what i was going to make this lash line work and it was going to work for the babies. I’m gonna give THEM their dream come true!! Ruby will always look at me and say ‘You can do it, Mum.’ Then Junior will glare, giggle, shout ‘Mum’ and just trump. :) I’m sure that mean’s he loves me. ;) *Wiggle..wink.*

Other than that, today I met a 80 year old man. A jolly, happy 80 year old man, who i seem to know quite well. He always sings old school songs to me and calls me ‘sexy’ for fun and well calls every lady ‘sexy’ for fun and mainly because his wife passed away, years ago, so he tries to stay social and happy. He tries his hardest and well when i told him how chipper he always looked today,  he paused and told me that he was actually really lonely. :( How awful!! He said that he tried to stay out and about because no one really visits him, he’s on his own and he doesn’t have anyone, but himself to talk to. :( It sort of made my heart sink…Then he said, when he had his wife, he thought she was a ‘bugger,’ but no that he doesn’t he looks back and wishes that he treated her the way every women deserves to be treated. His heart was still in pain…and from that point on I decided that I had to some how make his life better. I’m gonna send him a gift or something to make sure he knows that he’s appreciated. I don’t like to see anyone lonely, let alone old people, who cheer me up, when i look down.

Then just like the karma GODS were watching me be a ‘do gooder’…another lady, who I’m also acquainted with, crossed my path and well she had gone out of her way to purchase me some Lush Bath bomb gifts, just to be lovely. HO AMAZING!!! ‘Lush’ is my absolute FAVOURITE bath time choice! I even use it with the children. They don’t get anything less than a ‘Lush’ bath bomb. It;s funny because i adore this lady, but would never have thought that she would adore me enough to save up her pennies, travel to a different town, buy me gifts that she knew i would love and simply just out of kindness. I thanked her madly with love and hugs. Yet it sort of made me secret smile and nod. Y’see, they’re the kind people that I adore in life and mainly because she was shimmied from the same batch as I. I love great people and the awesome thing about her is that she doesn’t go around smearing everyone with over nicety, cheesy ‘look at me i’m such a goodie goodie.’ She has a laugh…an appropriate, sarcastic banter…a naughty streak. Yet, out of the blue, she’ll go out of her way to do something sweet. When I asked her why, all she said was that it was because i’m always good to her. I LOVE GOOD PEOPLE!

SO, what i’ve learnt today is that the people that call me ‘cunt’, don’t know me at all. The people that do, buy me bath bombs. :) But the people who live next to me all jump out of their homes to move their cars, as soon as they see me attempt to reverse out of my drive. I swear an old man, in a wheelchair was healed! I swear I saw him running toward his car in order to get it out of  the way, as i went backwards on wheels. :) Everyone needs to chill. I hit walls, not cars! :)

I need a wine!

Day off tomorrow. Big eyelash line day ahead. I’m determined to get it sorted and prioritize correctly. I’ve got a lot of other things to do also. Yet, like i said, i intend to champion this shit! Hurrah!

When i got into my car this morning to drive to work, this song was playing…(skip the ad)

..and when I had got done and stepped back into my car to drive home, it was playing again!

To me…that pretty much rounds off your day!! :) What could be better! :)






Shopping, Life & Puke Free Handbags

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Afternoon, my darling suckles of honey drip! I’m on a day off, so i’m managing to get my blog on and well there’s not that many days of ‘offage’ these days, meaning that even though i’m shattered…i’m thoroughly grateful to be able to have a ‘do what i want,’ day!

Life has got BUSY, really busy and i’m actually rubbish at being busy because it seems that i am completely unable to be rushed off my kitten feet without being an absolute stress head. AND the worst thing about me being filled with agonizing stress, is the simple fact that i do that merry ‘bottling it inside’ act, behind the most charming giggle and painted on Estee lauder, glossed smile, like i’m some champion at life and can can kicks! Unfortunately, like everyone else on this planet, i’m human. Devastating to realize actually, but fuck it…let’s celebrate, stress with a zing! (Code for BOOZE.) I’ve missed free sparkling wine at Boots, to celebrate some beauty thing? (Sorry Hayley.) Yet, i’ve managed to partially chill a wee bit, by enjoying a quick shopping morning with Ruby, who hasn’t been able to have her ‘Mummy/Ruby’ treat day in ages, due to work. (I do ‘one on one’ days with the babies…simply because there’s two of them and just me. It makes them both feel important, without them having to always wrestle for a bit of ‘look at me.’ Well…that’s the way my theory goes and like my marriages….it’s never that simple.)

But yes, Rubes did her whole ‘Build a bear’ routine, baby chino’s, book store….and all this other stuff before her ‘tired now’ tantrum. I managed to do the one thing that I wanted, that was on my ‘me’ list and that was to purchase a new handbag. It’s all i needed to do really and simply because my other one smelt like wedding puke. Girls…don’t be sick in your own handbag EVER! I luckily managed to puke in my mum’s car, but some vomit got in my OWN handbag. Cleaned it out. Still stinks of puke. Can’t bare it whatsoever and hate the fact that ever time i click open my bag, a snake charmer whiff of puke meanders it’s way upward…which gets embarrassing in public because people either think you’re mucky, smelly…or a drunk. Got a new ‘everyday’ handbag. You do not even KNOW how happy this makes me!

Rubes sauntered into ‘Build a bear’ today, grabbed a giant My Little Pony bear, like it was some kind of everyday routine of hers. She wasn’t unhappy, but she didn’t even smile. She rocked it, like she knew the score. She didn’t even want the chick to do the whole shambam. She just wanted the bear stuffed and quickly, so she could get on with her day.

INFRONT of us, was a little girl, who had hardly managed a trip to the store and I could tell because her Grandma was purchasing her bear as a very special treat for her birthday and her Mummy couldn’t even believe her eyes.  It as sweet. Infact, lovely. To be honest, ‘Mummy’ seemed to love it more than the little girl. And well, it sort of made me wonder? Am i spoiling my children? Or am I just giving them what they want, simply because i’ve worked hard enough to be able to purchase overpriced off teddies, whenever they wish? In my mind, i’m only doing what my parents did with me….and well i still understand the value of money and my parents performed it on a  much larger scale. Even to this day! I mean, i just got a FREE CAR! A good free car. My parents always told me as a child that i got what i wanted and was extremely lucky, simply because they worked really really hard to provide such a life for me and that there was no reason to ever apologise for it, because ANYONE can work really hard to get to where they want to be. It’s the people who choose not to, that don’t and then moan about how little they can afford. They always gave me the ‘we started with nothing’ speech…and ‘ended up being able to afford to send our children to private schools, fund their lives in Hollywood :) and give them everything they wanted.’ Apparently, i’ll get to where i want to be eventually and i do believe that. Yet for the first time in ages…it’s like I’m actually doing well, in all departments!! So, history repeats itself… and i’m glad it flipping does!  I guess, the thing i should focus on, is the simple fact that today, during that ‘Build a bear’ moment, EVERYONE was happy. BOTH little girls…be it a treat or a routine, we’re happy AND ALL adults…. be it an every week spend, or a one off ‘saved up the pennies,’ we’re dandy. Sometimes things ain’t that deep, right? :)

I’m meant to be doing ‘Beauty school’ now, but Mummy/Ruby day is taking precedence. Plus, i’m knackered. Junior is doing the not wanting to sleep on his own’ thing. So, i’m up through the night, ready for a full days work. :) I’ve also got to fit in a call to Zach in America and just organize eyelash line stuff. It’s freaking me out because i’m getting scared and i’m getting scared because i don’t want it to flop. So, i have to push really really hard to get it to the some kind of success level. Time is sort of running out, as Christmas is approaching. But i’m not telling you an exact launch date yet, simply because then YOU’LL plonk me on a timer and well i’ll feel under super dooper pressure, to perform. I think i need massage therapists and monks to follow me around at all times to keep me all calm, before i ‘hit’ PANIC. Panic is awful for me because i drink shit loads of wine, become messy, upset and get really bad psoriasis on my face, which i have already! It’s all over and delicious. Love having a sore, itchy face. It’s ace! Really doesn’t at all look like i have scabies. FML. I’m glad, I shot earlier for my eyelash line ads, as right now…it’d look like some gutter girl, trying to sell you mucky hankies. (Have no idea what that means? I just had a flash back of some old Hollywood, plastic surgery gone wrong on her face lady, back in the day, who was selling her stuff on the sidewalk in LA. It looked like she had once been married to a rich bloke, who she only married because he was rich and well he must have left her, to shrivel up…alone. Which is quite sad, as it must have hurt her heart. However, sympathy over as she tried to sell me USED, red, lace knickers..ON THE STREET! This was in WEST HOLLYWOOD too, so it wasn’t even a scruffy area. SHE wasn’t even scruffy, She was more ‘worn’ and if i hate anything, i hate seeing women who were maybe once lovely, turn ‘worn.’ And i’m not even really speaking of her outward appearance. Her soul had died. :) It had been fully rung out and probably by strangers, pills, yet mostly men. She even tried to sell Barbie dolls with NO HEADS ON! FFs.)

Okay, had loads to tell you, but forgot it all now. :)


I’ll blog later. I’m off to do glitter and art with Rubes before she shouts at me. ;)


C ya!




Luxurious, Wooden, Wrist Candy By JORD


So, about a month ago, well…it could’ve been a bit longer, as i had just got back from the forest? Anyway, about a month ago, I received a little package and not a surprise package, as I did know that it was coming my way…but a package from JORD watches, who had sent me one of their luxury watches to wear, review and talk about, if i ever so wished!

I never talk about anything that I don’t adore. Apart from men. :) Yet, due to a weirdly busy schedule of work and a jolly does of mummyhood, it really has only been NOW, that I’ve managed to actually plonk my brand new watch, on my delicate kitten wrist and completely and utterly admire it! We all know that I adore things woody :)…as in ‘foresty’…and i also weirdly also adore things that are handmade, luxurious, alongside things that reach my kitten paws as gifts and reviewing ANYTHING at all! So really, this package was a total WIN FOR WUNNA! A total slam dunk! I currently have my watch on my wrist, after peeking it out of it’s beautiful box..(I love great packaging, i’m a fool for it. I adore a dash of this and a drizzle of that special something that lulls you to purcahse a product, which i do find weird to say that I have spent a lot of my life marketing things for a living. :)

But yes, this was the watch that I was sent…I actually picked it myself.


And let me tell you why Jord watches are amazing!

I now, have a watch that is completely unique to ANY OTHER WATCH in this entire world. No two JORD watches are alike and simply because they have been completely handcrafted, from scratch, with wood that has been gathered from FORESTS AROUND THE ENTIRE WORLD! YES, THE WHOLE WATCH IS MADE FROM WOOD. Making it a natural and simple LUXURY, that isn’t tinged over with a glossy fakeness, but a true hearty feel of glamour.

They are a brand from America, where in which the watch is being worn by some of Hollywood’s finest. They provide watches for both men AND women…

Here are some of the Men’s line for you to gander at:


Gorgeous, gorgeous, items of both art and luxury in one! That make absolutely phenomenal  Christmas presents for all, as  they watched ARE a luxury brand, from luxury collections meaning that they are a middle ranged, pricey gift of class. So, girls, if you do not know what to buy your gent…look no further…

jord2 jord3



Have a gander on www.woodwatches.com to view all their goods!


This one is my watch, made of complete maple wood. :)


There is not another brand providing of watch of the same type or quality, that actually makes you feel as great when you wear it! In my mind, it is high class, top quality wrist candy. I’ll be purchasing my Christmas gifts from Jord, this year and so I hope you will be tooo! I adore finding new INNOVATE BRANDS, that ooze dignity and ‘va voom,’ This watch has sex appeal.

For time pieces that you can truly treasure for years and watched that are suitable for all, you can only rely on Jord. Plus, I also love the fact that you can wear one up, wear one down and enjoy each time piece with the love that it has been made with!

Go to www.woodwatches.com

And grab your own piece of luxury this Christmas! :) Collect them all!

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