In a rush……….


‘What’s the Oriental equivalent to Black don’t Crack?’

‘I think YOU need to say it, or it makes us look really racist, but you do look about 18!’

(Mixed in with other girl convos)

‘How do you know he’s rich?’

‘Well…he’s obese,  so obviously! That guy eats!’


Then loads of flights of killer fucking stairs happened, just so i could have an egg sandwich, talks of a guy with one peck, a sausage roll, people watching, teenage gay youths sex snogging on a market stall drunk, talks of Kim Kardashians bum..

‘I mean, it looks far too heavy to be carrying around?’

‘Webbo, do you like bum implants? No, I mean like when you’re getting jiggy?’

‘No, I’m not arsed?’ Excuse the pun! 😂

And then after lots of hard work, a busy mind, a good time, the end of the day and a 24 coffees, ‘The Mighty’ frisbeed over an A4 printed document with a..

‘Hey you have nothing going on in your love life? Why not do it on telly…’ Lol to see if i would audition for ‘Dinner Date.’ Haha.

And i would, but only if i’m the picker. I can’t be bothered with cooking for strange boys. But super arsed with picking one to pretend date. Lol.

Then almost like the beauty Gods needed to cut us some slack, absolute HOARDS of teenagers in teeny tiny glammy dresses distracted us, as they poured in from the skies and alleys of Pontefract. It was like Jurrassic park in heels and diamantees. We watched them be underaged and drunk…with intense contour faces and with hair that would make you believe that they were all up for every ‘Miss World’ award. (Apart for the weird goth one who went out in just a black bra with no tan. Eww! lol)

Two teenage boys were heavily making out on the market stall, feeling each other up and everything! However now i think back, one was just pissed and the other one was Gay, so the gay one  did some *flying leap* onto the straight one, who couldn’t see, was laying on the market stall drunk and well I’m sure he started aggressively snogging him. Romance is alive! These boys were around 17. I know!!!!

We ofcourse did the polite thing and GLARED AT THEM like they were nutters the entire time and then filmed them for YouTube without them knowing . 🙂 Hahah. That’s not funny. I shouldn’t find it funny. But fuck it! I find it funny!

Okay, away from that, I have lots of opportunities flying in now. Everything’s stable, but everything’s exciting. By the end of the year something smashing will have happened i’m sure. But i have no clue what? I just have this feeling…or a rash? Can’t tell? Both good omens. Lol.  Good news gives me feelings. Stress gives me a rash.

I’m about to get organized and start my ‘A Wine with Wunna’ celeb interviews that i’m gonna film for your jolly entertainment. (Basically, i do a wine and have banter with well known faces off your telly. It’s like a interview, but obviously, you know me…so we’ll CHAT and they’ll let all loose, as i’m charming. 😉 It’s not formal, it’s casual and so much actual fun.)

I kinda only have ten minutes to write this in so i’m in a bit of a rush. I’m waiting for a taxi outside my house typing this on my phone in my spikey red nails!!!

But i had no babies last night, as the were all at their Daddies and it’s weird as when they’re around you you adore them, yet they don’t half nark you off. Lol. Yet when they’re gone and there’s just you and a ginny cocktail, you MISS THE ABSOLUTE HELL OUT OF THEM.

I literally didn’t even know what to do with myself, so i ate carbs and selfied and pretended to shout at children who weren’t around me, after dancing to Fleur East tracks, downing more cocktails, emailing a talent agent and smashing a box of takeout noodles. I obviously need therapy, cuddles or a slap. You decide. It’s like my own version of ‘Snog, Marry or Avoid!’

I rushed upstairs to blog at around 9.30pm and must have passed out with exhaustion. Lol. It’s tiring being a glamour puss. 🙂 However at that point it felt blissy. You know when you can finally surrender to finishing your day, ripping off all your clothing, pants and everything, fling off the old bra and just lay starfish, naked on your bed for those couple of minutes of nothing but peace.

Did that, must have fallen asleep, as i’ve just woken up 7am and missed my alarm. Lol. OOps!

Other than that, i’m at work all day, i’m trying to plan drinks with friends, and wang in a drink with Mark, who i sort of met at the Leeds Lifestyle awards. He’s confused me because no matter what i say to him, he always asks me ‘why?’ Lol. I’m never used to explaining myself? I guess even though i’m easy going, i must be used to shouting out demands or commands. Lol.

I need to sort myself out so i’m off. BUT, soooo happy that Russell Brand is going to be a dad! Just read it on my Facebook newsfeed. i heart that guy!

Godda go. Busy busy!

Tonight’s blog will be better…






Boys, Life & Pervy Sandwich Boards


A ‘scruff bag’ with a giant yellow sandwich board hungover him and a plastic bag that looked like it has been dragged through a swamp full of toads… tried to chat me up today. I get all the best guys. Now, i’m not one to judge a ‘scruff bag’ as remember…well you won’t remember because you weren’t there lol) but in LA, on 3rd and La Cienega, when i was about 24…a gaggle of handsome Hollywood ‘pretty boys’ all hung themselves out of a black Hummer, whilst driving and as normal started whistling at me and shouting out ‘diddly doo daa’s’ at parts of my anatomy. That was their version of romance. Their version of ‘hey you’re hot.’ (Just so you know, that’s normal in LA…the boys are really open, confident and shouty about it. I mean GOD, in Pontefract a guy would die if he actually plucked up the courage to wave at you, if you had boobs, a glint in your eye or were the object of his actual desire.) Anyway that’s not the point.

At the same exact time as ‘The Hummer Boys’ incident, i heard a whisper to my right and sat on a wall was a pretty hardcore homeless guy. He was dressed in ‘olive’ and with a hat on!. I stopped because he was beckoning me over and not even for dollars. Once he had my attention and let me tell you,  he was properly scruffy, but in the blistering afternoon LA heat (he smelt awful and was so layered it was crazy.) Yet he simply and calmly smiled at me, looked me in the eye and gently said, ‘You’re laughter is like a butterfly.’ And when he said ‘butterfly’ he did this funny little, finger flitter, like his hand was flying.

Now we all know my laugh is nothing like a ‘butterfly’, it’s like a fucking FOGHORN. I have the evilest, most torturous laugh in the entire world. I can’t help it. I was created this way. 🙂 I’m known for my shitty laughter. HOWEVER, to this homeless guy, who doesn’t get a lot of love, nor attention, to him…my laughter sounded so beautiful that it was like a ‘butterfly.’ Aww! SO THERE! It was sweet of him to take a moment out of his world to stop me for a second, just to say that. He was so  poetic and this was as the hot ‘Hummer Boys’ were screaming out horny noises at my booty, with salivary kisses and thrusts. So i never judge a book by it’s cover.

Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t make me want to DATE the flipping homeless guy as i’m much more shallow than that. 🙂 🙂 🙂 AND i probably saw all those ‘Hummer Boys’ at the club later that evening…Lol. But yes, i’m never one to judge, i literally have time for everyone and anyone…my hearts in the right place i guess? I’m warm by nature.

So, TODAY it wasn’t the fact that the ‘scruff bag’ was a ‘scruff bag.’ That wasn’t what turned me off, nor was it the fact that he was wandering around with giant yellow sandwich board around his body ( i found that fun)…nor was it the fact that he was a massive perv…(I can handle a pervert with ease), it was the simple fact that in giant red letters, upon his yellow sandwich board read the words, ‘THY GOD IS LOVE.’ Made me think he was a weirdo, so i ditched him on the cobbles and got myself back to work.

Why are people so odd? And why are 9 year old boys riding around the streets on rubbish bikes asking glamourous, Burmese. older chicks, in business attire, for a blowjob? Who raised you all? And there i was thinking ‘The Wunna babies’ were bad. Yet now i’ve realized that they’re far less ‘raw and gobby’ and far more ‘charming and slick.’ I did an ace job. Haha. I should write parenting books… NOT..SNOOZE… *Cue: EVIL LAUGHTER.*

Today we learnt not to hit on girls, with a message from GOD on your sandwich board. It’s off putting. Yknow, I don’t even think the the ‘scruffy bag’ was single, as he soon waddled off to whop out the charm on some toothy, drunk lady in pink leggings. We were both lovely to him, yet i was polite and she was flirty…and darling there’s a difference. 😉 Hahaha.

I don’t have anything else to tell you, other than i’ve just had the most amusing conversation with one of my guy friends this evening. At least HE wants to talk to me. And yes it is ‘London Business Man.’ We’re hilariously good friends now, by accident. At least he goes out of his way to natter to me. It’s ace because i’m always right and like mystic meg predict his love life so accurately. He’s great because he’s really together, yet really lost in his own sense of being. He’s dating and loving it, which makes me smile, but he can’t decide if he’s a good guy or a bad guy and he’s actually confused me so much, that now i can’t decide. Hahaha, But again, i’m glad that he comes to me for general happy or moany banter. Were similar and different all at the same time. I’m sort of a much better female version of him. 🙂 I’ve noticed that he adapts himself to every single person he meets…so he only repeatedly tells me i’m right all the time, because he knows i love being right…all the time. Very clever.

I do also want to *stamp out* there that contrary to popular belief, there isn’t some kind of conga line of suitors waiting to be mine? A gent i know suggested that they’re could be last night and i assured him that it really wasn’t the case. I don’t know what people think or how they perceive my love life….but you certainly don’t have it right, as i don’t have much going on,,,

I don’t have this super long list of guys that i chat to either. I’m too old and too busy to be personally entertaining hundreds of males. I’m not like that. I don’t spread myself thinly. I put my energy where i feel good energy coming from..y’know where it matters. I’m super focused at everything that i do…so there will always just be ONE GUY that i like and that will be it, as my mind is too straight forward  and pin pointy to stray. I’m not looking to get casually ‘boned.’ I’m looking for the man of my entire dreams. I’m relationship oriented.

So if i like a guy, i’ll tell him via the ‘green light.’ If nothing happens from that ‘green light’ and i’d say i’m patient, but impatient all at the same time, then i’ll reapply my energy elsewhere, or just focus on my own life, work and good times for a bit, until they pop up with adoration.

I’m an exciting girl. I love exciting times. If things fall into ‘grey’….i never ever like it.








That Good Old Wunna Charm…


My day was GREAT! I’m feeling fun! I’m surrounded by the best group of humans ever and even though things are really busy, we’re having the best time…and when you can balance work with good times’ you KNOW that you are doing dandily, as it makes you feel wonderful. I’m lucky. I know some awesome humans.

I’m also feeling sexy and and a whole load of fun. I’m almost headed into ‘Cougar ville’ as my friend ‘Firmonnell’ informed me. However, i’m not there yet, as i’m still all sassy, warm and delightful…Plus, you are not cougar material yet, if folk (hot folk) are still doing g dolly *shocked* faces at you when they find out you’re dead old. This definitely means that i’ve still got it. Lol. (Shut up, that’s my positive to ‘being old.’ Go with it.) Just to churn it out some more…this convo happened…

‘AS IF. You honestly look like you’re 22. I can’t believe it!!’

‘Well i definitely feel old. I think if you knew me when i as actually 22, you’d look at me and think SHIT you’re old.’ Lol

(Then we cracked up laughing, after we definitely decided that according to proven market research by other girls….well not others girls, just own own dating experiences, a guy who is hot, successful and adores me…does not and will not exist. Hahah.I don’t know why i find that funny. It’s not funny! It won’t be funny when i’m 80. might be?

Apparently something has to give. But it doesn’t, I swear.I thought i always got what i wanted. So Cupid can chill a second, pull up his nappy and start aiming better. In the meantime i’ll cocktail in sequins with laughter. I’m not ‘settling’ for someone who’s not awesome, or someone who doesn’t think i’m great. I’d rather be single forever with my hot little mulled wine stained lips and deliciously bought for…’rack.’ Hahah. *Sips the gin and tonic.*

ON A POSITIVE and we know how much i love a positive…and i’m not pretend ‘positive’ i’m really a being who can find the fun, the good or the happy in anything. I hate PRETEND POSITIVE PEOPLE, as firstly you’re so transparent and secondly…you’re secretly miserable. Surely a positive energy is not something you say, but something you and others can feeeeel! And when you’re around me, you can feel it…even if i’m being a grump. (Code for ‘bitch.’ 🙂 )


What i did notice from our ‘above’ situation,  is that when two girls can have a banter about boys and how shitty my love life is and actually WEE OURSELVES LAUGHING at it, then we’re on safe ground…and this is because we’re not really that bothered by it, we’re confident that good things will happen, find it really funny and  can relax whilst having a giggle about boys.

When a chick gets all stressy, she’s only does that during her weakest points of insecurity OR simply if she’s hormonal…as ‘Double B’ decided to make sure i knew that she was going to be found ‘drowning in her own tears’ whilst making a coffee and this is after she got drunk on Saturday, slapped her boyfriend WHILST HE WAS IN BED ASLEEP 🙂 (love her..dying with laughter) and packed him a‘You’re leaving’ suitcase for ‘no reason why i did it really?’ HAHAHAHA. She cracks me up…and the funny thing is, they’re madly in love. That’s why i adore it. Haha. He just laughed it off. Great couple!

So anyway, i’ve had a great day and i hope you have too! I’m on top form right now and as chick it kinda makes you feel all radiant and powerful. I’m glowing, with my wavy clip ins in. Lol.

I will say that i’m loving the fact that everyone thinks i’m all young, and i only love it  because everyone keeps being continuously fooled as i don’t look young, i’m just an immature dramatic tool.No, let me rephrase that I‘m a fun loving, witty, giggly…SWINE. You try not to *heart* me, but you can’t as i’m filled with that good old Wunna charm. 

Ps, I’m SOOOOOOO excited for all the end of the year merriment. it’s my favourite time to be social. I LOVE IT! Don’t be dull! Enjoy it.

Chicks from The Orient! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

582799_352597384805139_313634343_n (1)

I’ve decided it’s true! Chicks from The Orient are IN! We always have been, we always will be and we’re delicious whether it be in a cutie ‘Hello Kitty’ way, a geek peeky violin expert ‘do maths well’ mode or a sassy Kill Bill kinda flow. Lol. I’m none of the above, or maybe infact all of the above.. I lay in the comedy glamour zone. Where the cool Orients chill…with a fruity umbrella drink. I mean Come on, we must me great if there’s a whole entire business made from BUYING US  on Mail order. Lol. (Keiran always used to say that i’d get sent back if I was a mail order bride and that he’d definitely want his money back.)

But yes, i’m only rambling on about this because THREE of the guys that I know in LA, who are my close guys friends…well…lol…I used to date two of them briefly when i was young. Well they were the hot modelly looking guys who had so much attention that i was…and they were…absolutely SURE that they would never be settling down and if the did…you’d definitely NOT pair them up with a chick from the Orient. (Well aside from their time with me. The were ace then.)

ANYWAY, after all the girls in all the Hollywood world, TWO OF THEM, now that they’re oldish like me, have BOTH now hardcore settled down, all loved up and couldn’t be happier with an ORIENTAL CHICK! I KNOW!!! Like that wasn’t ace enough…I THEN FIND OUT that the other one did tooooooooo!! Out of all the girls in all the world that he tried and tested…he picked a Lil’ Miss Orient to be his forever. I KNOW!

And my first ex hubby has done the same. But technically, he just likes chicks from foreign lands as he finds them more interesting or something? His favourite type of girl is one of oriental descent and his favourite type of accent is a ‘British’ one…so i was well in with that one! You should’ve seen his face when he first met me, when i was 20. I think he was in shock and decided to marry me within seconds. He used to always say it to Tyler in acting class …’I’m gonna marry that girl.’ And he did. Infact, thats what Keiran used to say…and after five weeks of knowing me, he went for it. And won. I must enjoy a fast pace?

But yes, all that was ages ago…and even though i’m single…i’m not bothered as that’s it, we’re in! Go team Asia! Lol

Being a Sasserilla…and Dudes


Monday! We smashed it! Well done for not allowing anyone to ruin the start of your merry week. Monday’s are always quite difficult in general for most, as it’s like being stood at the very bottom of a mountain, without a rum, looking all the way up at this ‘thing’ that you’ve got to climb, before sighing and wishing you wore a sports bra. (Unless you’re Hugh Hefner, then I’m sure Monday is difficult for all. He’s just mulling around in his pj’s, having made his mark, with tons of folk taking care of him and making him porridge and passing him his slippers. Not to mention boobies.) Anyway, know that if you got through the day, you’re a champ. There is so much to be gained by getting a good start to the week and clearing the path of any clutter that would’ve tripped you up later. I’ve been busy and it’s been great! I have a gin and tonic now. 🙂 HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS TODAY! This week, i’m gonna do work, work, babies, babies…and i’m gonna love it.

I need to try and do Leeds at the weekend, as there’s so many places that are requesting me to just ‘show up’ and blog about their joint as a result. I’m now a clever marketing tool by accident. There’s everything to cocktail bars, Bubble tea joints and the opening’s of new luxury shopping joints. I don’t wanna do them on my own though. I need a buddy. So sign yourself into Wunna land, so we can random adventure places and selfie for kicks. (I’ve got an itch! Why have i got an itch! I swear it’s stress.My neck is itching and i’ve passed it on, like the lergy to ‘Double B.’)

Everyone keeps messaging me about my love life and well…nothings happening really. I’m still all glammy and single and tottering around, as when it comes to love, i just think Life chucks you the partner of your dreams when you’re meant to be chucked the partner of your dreams. You go through everything for a reason and you enter new phases and new chapters when you’re meant to. I’m a chick, he’ll find me. Plus, guys aren’t stupid, if they feel a sense of want and if they think they’re in for a chance, they’ll go for it and make sure that the girl that they desire doesn’t end up running off into the arms of another because they didn’t try. It’s their cave man nature and well if they don’t try or at least make some kind of effort to win or woo you, then they’re not FOR you, they don’t fancy you or they’re just emotionally unavailable right now…and all of that is fine. You can’t really control the feelings of others just enjoy, accept, have a rum and a wiggle.

I’m doing so much better now than I was at the start of the year, love life wise, as i’ve learnt alot. Right now, i’m at my strongest and as my male work colleague said to me earlier,

‘You are on point today Wunna.’ I was filled with wit and sass…and all at the right time! 🙂 Everything just feels awesome, because i feel all warm and loving, yet still dipped in great humour, but completely in control of life right now. As the cliche goes, i’m not a passenger, i’m driving this shit. And it only makes me feel good because so many others are all lost. Lol. (I know that’s awful but you’re only lost until you man up, get excited, see what you have infront of you and look forward to the future.) Great people rub off on you just like magic. 

I’m definitely not letting myself get messed around by gents right now and it’s great, as i’m all emotionally glitzy. At the start of the year, i would’ve sold myself much shorter. 🙂 But i will say, it’s just funny how, when single, all the people you do fancy, don’t fancy you as much as you’d like them to and the ones that you don’t…well in my world, try and offer you belly button fights. UGH! Go away! I adore upbeat, happy, positive boys, who love good times and making others chipper. I find it sexy. I want a Knight to tumble on in and look after me…with a smile on his goddamn face. Lol.

I’ve run out of contact lenses for tomorrow now, so i’m gonna have to wear my specs. When i’m in my specs, i think i know EVERYTHING and yeah, simply because i have them on. Lol. I kinda get all snotty and hair tossy. Yes…i am a tool.

But you love it. YOU DO.

ps/ I gave ‘London Business Man’ really great advice about a girl to aid him in his love life. It worked. He told me today. It made me smile because he was definitely going bonkers and not seeing the situation from a positive view…I showed him a more positive view as he was  panicking and being stressy. Being a stressy guy or girl is not sexy. It’s annoying…as it passes on an energy that doesn’t benefit anyone. The girl and him, had an awesome weekend together! I know! Call me Cupid! Now i need to try and sort out my own goddamn love life out. 








Events, Love & Just Plain Old Life


Life is there to be enjoyed.  I mean, fuck it. This year for those of you who have gone through such hard times, the rest of the year is there to be enjoyed! Whatever stress you have, in a while, it’ll will all be done with, better, healed over, or gummy taped over with a plaster. Find the positives. Get comfy in your own skin.

I’m chilling at home getting ready for my work week. I’m excited for it, as why wouldn’t I be? In general, i’m a sassy chick, who is awesome at looking at a thing, being or situation and seeing it in it’s best light, whilst being aware of it’s bad bits. Lol. I’m far from naive. I’m too slick for it. But yet i’m also too fun to be bothered about grumbling over the shit that doesn’t matter in life. To be fair, it’s not about looking, it’s about understanding and that’s what i’m good at, because i’m not a goon…(I’m totally fancying myself as a budget Nicole Scherzinger right now. Pussy cats dolls is on in the background. *Don’t chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*)

What was I gonna say? Events! I’m busying up now, as i’m getting booked up for events like madness. But ofcourse i love a good time, so i couldn’t be more grateful for it. The last few months of the year always get busy for me and i never know if it’s because more events happen because everyone prefers to get cocktailed up, when it’s cold and Christmassy, or if it’s because every company has SOMETHING TO PROMOTE. 🙂 I’ll let you decide. 🙂 But yes, if you’re booking me to show up at your event, bar, hotel, company, whatever it is…and ready to appear on these sassy little pages, then you kinda have to get your emails in…as scheduling has started! Email (And if you don’t schedule in, i’m not gonna be able to fit you all in and that will make my liver cry.)

What else?

Oh yeah, gosh, ‘London Business Man’ messaged me loads on Friday, due to the stress that he’s going through in his own love life. We were really good friends now and it’s weird because i’ve gotten to know a very lovely side to him. So, i guess it does take time to properly know a being, as at first we all always have our guard up and play an ‘almost’ game. I never ever play a game, as i live by the what you see is what you get. I’m not ashamed of how i feel about things, people, my thoughts or anything. I’ll voice them…and see someone has weaker for not being able to. 🙂

But yes, i gave ‘London Business Man’ love life advice and i hope it served him well. I’ll have to catch up with him soon for a drink in the future, as he needs to remember that he’s ‘cool like fonzi.’ (Hope you’ve had a blast this weekend dude. Lol) He’s  really great guy who needs to iron out the crinkles in his life.

‘Eton Mess’.. think he’s wonderful. We message from time to time, often enough and i’m due a meet up with him soon, because he’s the type of human that i need to meet up with, as whenever i do, it validates how ace i think he is. Lol. Like i said, i believe he’s had a rough year and i don’t exactly know why i’ve had to cross his path, but i have. I’m drawn to him…I wish he fancied me more though. Fun human. I fancy ‘Eton Mess.’

My friend Oli’s been in Birmingham shopping and getting pissed up in Selby. The fucking ‘Belly button’ facebook nuisance is annoying me again, which is awful as i thought he was my friend ‘Laura’s’ problem now. This is all because I once replied to him because i thought he as funny, when he’s not is he? He’s annoying. THIS IS WHY I NEVER REPLY. I’m a ‘safety first’ girl.

Mark! (I need a label name for him.) He’s been off in London making his own fragrance and watching shows. He presented the Lifestyle Awards and is a journalist by nature and  well he reads the news on Made in Leeds. I never got to see him properly and speak to him in person at the event, but we text and talk and it’s great because there’s something somewhat interesting about him, like he’s a very new ‘step in’ into Wunna land, as i don’t know him at all…but he’s managed to peak my interest, by bravely stepping in. He maybe doesn’t understand me very clearly…lol…and might ‘guess’ how I am. But who can blame him, as he does have to guess really, right now, as he hasn’t had me sat infront of him yakking his ear off, as ‘Eton Mess’ would say. Lol. But interesting guy…he has only stepped into Wunna land for days….not months, not years, or anything…just a few days!


Away from all that…Tinder is shit. I’m a hopeless romantic and i don’t like online dating at all, as i’m an unconventional traditionalist. 🙂 I mean, i get to know someone online, as that’s how most people find me…

Yet, in the end  i do hope to find my Mr Right…I’m happy being single, but I certainly want to be paired up with a great guy, who is my absolute life bestie, like i should be able to look at him, understand him and be so happy with just everything! I KNOW that he is NOT a Tinder swipe away. Ewww…it kills romance. I signed up at 1.03pm and my 1.28pm…i deleted my account, you absolute crazy fools! Lol. Leave me alone! HAHAH.

But yes, happy Sunday. Thank you for reading my blog…I don’t have much else to say other than, don’t live in the ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’’s done, move forward, go with the natural flow on interest, like i Facebooked the other morning, PAY ATTENTION to the things that you are drawn to….notice when you are happy….smile more…don’t stress about your love life….people make up, break up, and make up again, only to know that it still isn’t right…I mean GOD, that’s what Keiran and I did, we tried to make it work so many times, that when we finally agreed that it wasn’t working…we both felt liberated and we couldn’t be better friends than we are now! We raise Junior so well. Get your connections with people right…they may not be ‘just a friend’ and well they may not be the person your trying to love. Lol. But you only learn that through time.

Meet people, have fun…live life..

A homeless guy asked me for £2’s on Friday after work. I gave it to him straight away as he tried to continously justify what he needed it for and that it wasn’t going to go on drugs. Lol

I just looked at him and smiled whilst saying,

”Mate, I don’t care what you spend it on, that’s on you…

And as I strutted off…he stopped me by shouting aloud…and with a grin said ‘THANK YOU.’




House of Solo, Nails & Life

Hey, you delicious winks! Worked all week, loved it, busy as hell and utterly happy for it. I’m one to live by the whole ‘body in motion stays in motion’ motto and that also goes for the good old brain. Keeps it ticking. Keeps your soul alive. I like to keep things moving. I get bored easily. But at the same time i KNOW how to appreciate a chill. I know when my body or mind needs a rest and when that time comes, i treat it to comfies and duvet days….AND extra selfies. 🙂

Met with House of Solo Magazine on Saturday. Abeiku Arthur owns it, met him at the Leeds Lifestyle Awards. Not only is he cool, ambitious and partial to a Starbucks. But his Magazine is a treasure. It’s all high fashion and so beautifully put together that the copy itself is a work of art. So i’m really honoured that he wanted to meet with me. I mean Abeiku’s shot at London Fashion week, in Milan, shot for many awesome brands be they local or national. (And we’re both waving the flag for Leeds.) Anyway, he is now concentrating on making his magazine a massive success and that’s all at the same time as doing a Masters degree. I know! We did our meeting at the Starbucks at Xscape, Castleford and a lot of business was spoken about.

So we met and we chatted and after this…

..and a green tea latte, I’m now doing a feature for House of Solo and at the same time, joining up forces and doing his glamourous celeb lifestyle interviews for his magazine! I KNOW! How exciting. Just up my street! Can’t wait to shoot (we’re trying to organize it now, but i have a baby schedule to swerve around) and well yeah, as we were chatting, he had ‘Nipper’ from ‘Peaky Blinders’ messaging him to schedule HIS ‘House of Solo’ feature and well I was messaging ‘Eton Mess’ thanking him for giving me pointers on stand up wees. 🙂 I like ‘Eton Mess’ having him pop up in my life path makes me smile. I’ve had a really great year and i think his year has been tougher than mine…but yeah, he’s cool. 


Then Abeiku and I talked about Chloe Khan, shook hands on it and as we walked off, he said,

‘I noticed that everyone was randomly staring at us? Is that normal?’

(I actually didn’t notice at all? Well i did a bit, but no more than usual and i WAS in a giant white faux fur, looking like a Spice Girl reject, FOR A HIGH FASHION MAGAZINE OWNER. Why am i a tool!!!) 

So, i’ll feature in the February issue, but you can buy the current issue NOW and here… 

The rest of my weekend has been spent playing with the babies, having my nails done by a glamourous, girl from the orient, civil engineer…Lol

‘What did you study?’

‘I’ve just got my Masters in civil engineering?’

‘And you’re doing nails?’

‘Yeah, i’m on a break for a bit. Plus it’s good money. I’ve noticed that everyone is staring at you? The security guys have done two extra laps.’

‘Have they? I didn’t notice. Loving my nails! I think i’m gonna go with red?’







Boys, Life & Terror


Life is all good and exciting. It’s busy and filled with good people, potential good times, lots of booze and early morning coffees. I’ve pretty much been knuckling down and working hard through the week and it’s feeling great! I’m looking forward to the weekend though as like i said, i’m all about fun through these ‘moving into festive’ months. I feel most alive during these seasons, i feel all powerful and excited, like treasure is around the glitzy corner and my heart fills with life, lust, light. When that happens…we call the phase ‘oooh laa.’ (Ps, It’s my birthday in December, so i hope you’re all saving up to lavish me with gifts or good times.)

Work is good and right now i’m being offered quite a massive lot of entertainmenty type work..and i’m someone who enjoys both, likes to do steady normal work that keeps you grounded at the same time as glitzy ‘look at me’ work so i have ultimate balance. I’m good at entertainment…i’m literally just a human who’s made for it and in any form. Lol.

Love life? Nothing going on. They are boys who i thought liked me, or do like me or have no interest in me, or want to bone me…yet I think more than anything boys wait for ME to hit on them and that’s weird, as i’m a girl, i’m open we know that, i’m unconventional, we know that, but i’m super romantic and traditional when it comes to the idea of love, so i always have my eye out for my Knight. BUT saying that i’m not just going to settle, i will stay single until Mr. Right comes. I wish boys were more expressive with me, instead of terrified. It’d make things easier as i hate having to do the leg work. It bored me, i like them to strike when the irons hot! That’s how i ended up married to Keiran. He knew exactly what he was doing…and fair enough he’s now my ex husband, but we couldn’t get along any better. It’s great. Especially for Junior.

‘Eton Mess’ hasn’t been very chatty. I’m mean to be catching up with him soon, but we haven’t yet, so he definitely must not fancy the pants off me. I really fancy ‘Eton Mess’ so it’s annnoying. Hahaha. The process seems loooong. Maybe i’m just being impatient. Or not looking at it from the right point of view. Regardless, i’d always have him in Wunnaland, even as a besties, simply because he’s hilarious…and eye candy.

My ‘lost in love’ guy friend ‘London Business Man’ is currently asking me for love life advice.It’s funny how we can go from where we were, to being good friends now, as i like being his ‘advice’ chick, it means (even though he ignores my advice) that he values my opinion. However if you’re asking for MY help, then you MUST be in trouble. I wish i understood him more. Again, he’s someone who’d i’d keep in Wunna land, and i have no clue why. Lol.

It seems like i’m collecting all these new guy friends?? I’m single in the city and i’m meant to be attempting to not be the crazy cat lady when i’m old. I’m meant to be settling down, having fun, falling in love and without any pressure. No one properly properly fancies me, or is telling me they do, they’re all sort of dithering around, chatting to everyone else, no one else or stepping back in fear or misjudgment. I mean, a guy friend of mine today hadn’t messaged me in ages and said he was deliberately waiting for me to message him and thought i wasn’t arsed because I didn’t. I was waiting for them? I’m a girl..I’m meant to wait. You’re boys…you all need to man up. Lol.

I’m a love bunny…and i want to eventually find the perfect partner, yet i’m super aware that guys will look at me and not see me as the perfect partner and more of a ‘bone’ festival…and that shows me that they’re dumb, as i’m made of a lot more substance than they care to imagine. 🙂 I’m much more thoughtful than anyone would imagine and so much more loving than a ‘one more stand.’ I’m a tricky one. YET, like i said, even so, i’m no desperado…i will not settle down with Mr. Wrong…i’ll hold out for the right one. I mean God, it’s not like i haven’t had any practice at this. Lol. (Always a Bride. hahaha.) Botton line i’ll go for the one who is going to treat me the best, love me the most and be my best friend. The most attentive and loving one, who isn’t scared to go for it. That is who i will go for. Someome who takes control.

I wish I was the new Bachelorette. But i’m not am I. I’m just a chick…a Wunna one…and i’m enjoying every single minute of being alive right now. We’re rolling into Crimbo and i’m coming into ym most exciting and powerful time. I’m feeling good. I’m on top of it all with a wink. I have LOTS of opportunity a knocking right now…and it’s weird how things can just pop out of nowhere.

Life = AWESOME right now.




Christmas Previews, Ego’s & Love


Yo! I’ve been busy! But because I had a tremendously eventful ‘last week’, this week kinda seems a bit…beige! Yeah, we need ‘beige’ moments and i’m always one to jiggle the *wink* into bland. I can find fun anywhere, with anyone or anything. But yeah, today has felt somewhat busy, there’s still a glint of excitement in my eye, a god set of knockers and a kitty smile. I feel fun!

I’m feeling good right now as after the Leeds Lifestyle awards i’ve been referred to by others as such words as ‘beautiful’ and ‘mind blowing,’ infact also ‘a blast.’ Lol. All of which massage my giant already massive ego. Hahaha. Yet, no, on a more real note, it’s kinda flattering, and we’re all like that, as it makes a very normal you, feel very special for a second doesn’t it? Call me an easy pull, or an attention whore, but it really does make me smile. Maybe because i’m old now? Lol. When i was a kid growing up in Hollywood, I probably would’ve just shrugged it off and got to my next audition in my heels, a bit of leg and my resume to hand. I love being a young and heart’ oldie, as i’m much wiser and so comfy in my own skin it’s ace. So yes, it’s lovely to hear that people still think you’ve ‘got it’ as they say. Lol.

I mean new friend Mark suggested that I was mildy inaccurate in my last blog as I could’ve had any gent that I wanted that Wednesday evening. Very kind. Lol. But the result of it all and i’m a result kinda girl is that I didn’t and they didn’t, no one did. Lol. Yet IT WAS STILL AMAZING FUN.

I will say that I’m not a mind reader though and it’s weird how guys expect me to be? I’m so direct by nature that I don’t get hints. Let ALONE SUBTLE ONES. Lol. They don’t dawn on me at all?? So i don’t go around GUESSING if people fancy me, lol, if they don’t tell me, i really will just think that they don’t. As if I fancy someone, i’ll just stand right infront of them and say it. If they’re flirty with me, i still won’t think that they’re hitting on me…i have loads of guy friends, i’ll just think they’re being normal. Lol. It’s only a guy decides to be all brave and ‘next base’ it with a ‘hey let’s hang out’ (date style.) Then I KNOW, that he’s interested.

I’m chilling this evening and the most AWESOME THING ABOUT IT, is that EVERY Wunna in all the land is here at mine. My Dads’ laid on the Wunnaland sofa, my brother’s upstairs, Ruby’s doing her homework, Junior’s helping my Mum cook dinner. It’s AMAZING because even though i have a lot of help, i’ve never had this much help EVER. I can actually do things like blog, and chill and have a gin and eat. Lol. It feels like BLISS! Being a single mum is never easy, but making the most of it makes you a hero. I mean God, i work A LOT AND ALL THE TIME, i’m social, i’m a great mum and i’m filled with fun, love friends and stability. I fit it all in and well the kids, i’m their rock. A glitzy bit of rock ,but their rock. And yes, i may have the children ,who on the school drop off, kiss me on the cheek and instead of tenderly skipping off to nursery rhymes, smack me on the bum, whilst shouting ‘booty baby.’ But they’re my pieces of loin fruit and i’ve done pretty fricking WELL, raising them, working hard and trying to not just stable, but AWESOME.

I’m at work all day tomorrow, but i’ll be at Ackworth Garden Centre tomorrow night from six o clock to eight o clock, to celebrate Christmas early, drink a whole bunch of mulled wine, and pick out this years Wunnaland Christmas Tree design with the babies at their preview launch night!

I can’t wait!

Hopefully, i’ll see you there.


Single by Choice?

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Aren’t I a busy kitten! I smashed into Monday with a massive work day, a strut and a ‘let’s get on with it, dolls.’ Busy day! But i’m made for busy! I’m excited by it! And not because it makes time fly, but because i feel like i’m being put to good use. 🙂 Nothing is worse to me than dawdling, on any level. If i love doing something, be it work, play or in love. 😉 I’ll go for it whole heartedly and never want to be shit at it. It’s call passion…and sometimes, if it’s event….tequila. 🙂 (*It makes you happy.*)

I balanced out my glammy Leeds lifestyle swirl, with a weekend of chilling and being Mum. Junior was a joy. Ruby was a delicious nightmare…and they tagged teamed me in public, in front of on lookers who weirdly watched everything, at the same time as pretending that they weren’t watching. Lol. It was odd. But i styled it out glamourously, (code for ‘like a dickhead’) with Ruby LAID on a store floor, attached to my ankle, SCREAMING things at me, as I gracefully did this calm, warm looking, pretend ‘oh darrrling’ DRAAAAG thing…whilst smiling. I fake smiled so much that my oriental face nearly EXPLODED. I WAS FUMING! Lol. And when I say ‘DRAAAAG’ thing, i do mean a slow, heavy, long winded, leg pull and not…act like I was RuPaul…as I wasn’t superior enough to own such a character at that point, taking off my weave and pulling out any form of ‘privates’ would certainly have made it all worse.

Anyway, great weekend!

But away from all that. I’ve actually met some really awesome new people from doing the Leeds Lifestyle thing. I’d move to Leeds. I remember at one point, looking up and around me, whilst I was stood outside on the red carpet, at night, when it was all quiet and seeing the illuminated ‘Leeds Dock’ sign and thinking how ace the city actually was and how lucky I was to be right there. I’ve chatted to loads of people since that night, girls, guys, all the people that I met there. It’s been great! I have loads of social things planned with them and I’m looking forward to ‘can canning’ the year out on glittery victory surf board!

Loads of little opportunities have come from that night! Entertainment has come a knocking. And i can’t wait to have a go at them all and see what happens. Plus, I’m looking forward to celebrating the launches of others AND blog for them all.

I will say that everyone keeps asking me if i pulled that night? I really didn’t. I didn’t hit on anyone and even though potential suitors swanned around Wunna land with charm, winks and smiles, no one actually hit on me.  I mean, one gent messaged me afterward, after finding me on Twitter, which was really sweet, yet it was a guy who i never actually got to bump into during the night. So, no, i didn’t pull at all. I just enjoyed life, being moi and doing cocktails.

I’m good like that as yeah I guess, i’m as they say ‘single by choice’ but it’s really by accident, as it’s unintentional, i’m happy either way. I’m quite happy to do ‘togetherness’ and adventure it up with a life buddy who i’ll adore madly and high five ‘loyalty’ with (provided he’s right lol) OR just embrace every single wink of being a single independant chick, who tickles around events with a wine, excitement, sequins and…boobies. Lol.

What could be better!

I’ve been talking to ‘Eton Mess’ (for ages now) and i want to swoosh up to see him shortly. He’s just great! Such a laugh. Ever so handsome and we seem to just get along. I mean, he started off ‘sort of’ being in friend zone for ages, but after hanging out and chatting…and more so now, he’s certainly smashed that door down and ‘high fived’ me in the ‘potential’ arena. I like ‘Eton Mess’ I make the effort to make sure our paths do crossing. I fancy him. He’s awesome.

Weirdly, ‘London Business Man’ who’s ended up being a good friend, after he began his journey into Wunna land, by presenting himself as a suitor, under complicated circumstances, a long while ago, messaged me last night. We still occasionally talk about how rubbish our love lives are and give each other rubbish advice etc.. But last night, he popped out of nowhere with a message, after I pretty much watched the most hilarious ‘monkey faced’ video of him, and stated that he was ‘crazy about me, had been the whole time’ and that he ‘did tell me’ and that i apparently told him to ‘go away?’ I don’t remember telling him to go away. Lol I simply stated that i wouldn’t allow myself to be ‘wedged’ inbetween chicks. But on the whole, he’s a good guy. Really different to’Eton Mess.’ They’re similar, yet different. I understand  ‘London Business Man’ and how he is, I get on with him really well,we have a laugh. Yet my spirit plays better with ‘Eton Mess.’ I can sort of be myself. He’s current and very ‘present.’ I don’t have to watch what I say or how i am. There’s a warmness about him. Yet it’s dashed in sexiness. London Business man was almost a bit scared to be warm to me, in a not so scared, charming way? But something tells me that he’s going to MAKE HIMSELF more present. Especially now that my interest seems to be focused elsewhere..