When life is just ace…


Aww! Friday night was AWESOME! I obviously had the day off work and did a lot of that essential rushing around, that all chicks, mums, dudes with ‘things to do’ have to get on with. But i did it all merrily, fast, exhausted, but got there..and there is certainly nothing more satisfying than that.

The funny thing was that i had rambled on all week about how excited i was for Friday dinner at 4.30pm, to the point where i moaned that Ben (who’s my bestie) was going to be far too busy to do it any earlier, meaning for me 4.30pm seemed somewhat late.

We were all (and when I say ‘all,’ I’m meaning, Dodge, Ben and I…with the fresh new addition of Chloe, who i love, so all was well) headed to The Carleton, my new favourite joint for tea, dinner…whatever you want to call it…and well yes, they were ready at five o clock…I rocked up at 7pm. :) I NEVER EVER DO THAT, like i would never be that late, but what can i do…i’m doing ‘single mum,’ work, different daddy arrangements and all sorts. But i got there. Ben was starving and i could tell because he even missed called me, to tell me to hurry up. Chloe was fine…but just wanted to get on with the night and Dodge…well Dodge just wanted to stay at Ben’s and play Batman computer games all night. :) He was even negotiating how he was going to get the ‘baddies’ in his head, with a strongbow infront of him. And although it was awesome, the boys still did talk food and video game,s however luckily because Chloe was there, we got to talk ‘boobs and MAC’ for a moment..making it a little more girl friendly. I’m not moaning though, as i adore the boys. I’m comforted around boys. I seem to not enjoy a ‘girls night’ as much really and it’s not really a gender thing and more a ‘who i love, trust and get on with better’ thang.

I got there. I was a hit. I must’ve looked good :) because simply walking through to the table felt like ‘walking the gauntlet’…I swear down that all the boys were acting like they had never seen boobies in a pink dress before. I’m flattered and i do like the ‘look at me.’ Yet, it does get tiring…:) which i’m just going to count at ‘first world problems.’ Poor little me.  :)

Anyway, once i got there, all was fun and company was good…and i had insisted that the evening was going to be my treat. I opened a tab and just like that we had ordered dinner, ordered a round of normal drinks, double rum and cokes each, two pitchers of Pimms, four Pina Coladas and then all sorts of other shit, like white wine, brandy chasers, a bottle of red….pints…all sorts. It was really good fun, as food, drinks and friends always are.

Plus, I was hit with the boys. Every time i sauntered to the bar it was a hoo haa…I mean the manager even named my tab ‘Fit girl in’ (that is really true.) :) HAHAH. You know that i’m loving this…

I heart The Carleton.

Anyway, we ate, we drank, we bantered, we dropped lipstick, we discussed life, saw old dates, adjusted the outdoor heater almost 43 times every 10 minutes and basically just did life.

Weirdly NO ONE would go up the bar, order drinks and just say ‘it’s on this tab’….The Wunna tab! I dont’ get why not as i’ve done it lots before, both ways, as in been the tab holder and ordered on a tab. I mean shit in LA we’d just order shit for fun on our friends cards to kicks. It was even a fucking game! LOL. However, all of these lot were polite and very British. I had to order everytime and to be honest to say we al ate and drank loads…it didn’t come to that much.

I’m feeling good, i’m doing well…i’m in a really great place and i love to treat people.

We powder boosted. Listened to Dodge. Chitter chattered with Ben, who see…everyone just assumes i’m with. One guy said he just assumed we were together at the bar, (maybe because we accidentally colour co ordinated our outfits :) and well…some other guy thought that i was hsi wife..who he bought…on some Asian black market. :)

Great night! Can’t remember what we talked about. Time at The Carleton was better than in town. I felt popular. I was in great company. Life couldn’t have been better for me…

Did town for a bit…for some reason, because i had treated them, they all felt like they NEEDED to pay for my things…and they didn’t. Lol.

We did town for a bit and then we got bored, pissed and couldn’t be bothered. Went to Pizza Crust..ordered shit loads and then got into taxi’s home.

I went home to an immaculate and clean home. I can’t stand going home to mess and did clean sheet night. I called Ben once home and he did that thing where we talk, talk..and then he falls asleep. I’ll shout down the phone ‘ARE YOU ASLEEP’ and everytime he’ll deny it, until i hear snoring and then i hang up and go nighty.

Good times. Good company. Made life worth it.

I hate working on Sunday’s but here i am…

Hope you enjoy your day…

i have so much more to tell you…




FRiday, Dodge, Ben & Naps


Wunna land got ghetto fabulous last night. It’s the part of the evening when you *pause* look around and actually realize what’s happening. People were fanning themselves with postman letters…like the sweatiest people in all the land, but doing it so glamourously still with their diamonds in tact. :) Made me happy. I fancy myself as being a bit ghetto fabulous. However, this is the part of my life, where i’m being really Yorkshire. Maybe because everyone i’m hanging out with are as Yorkshire as can be. Saying that…i’m still quite ‘Hollywood’ in comparison, because lets face it we all just go with our natural grain in the end. I’m both, very ‘Hollywood’ for Yorkshire and very ‘Yorkshire’ for Hollywood…and i like it. (I’ve just been reminded that I totally work booty shorts and leopard print heels the other day to a local pub. PMSL.)

What are you all up too?

My boobies are at that stage of the day where i need to lift them up and plonk on something to rest. I explained this to Luke and Dodge whilst at a pub one evening…and when Dodge met ‘Posh Kate’ he demanded to show her his version of ‘posh’ and that wasn’t ‘slamming ya body down’ and linking arms with David Beckham…it was plonking out his ‘regal’ knee on a bench at The Ponte Tavern…doing a ‘regal’ face because it comes with the leg..and saying ‘Wunna rest your tits on this.’ I did. It was ‘regal.’

Other than that it’s nearly the end of the working day, and i’m nearly on my weekend. I can’t wait. I have sangria booked for the weekend and i need Friday to roll on forward NOW!

I’ve been hanging out with Ben loads and it’s been awesome. Like i always say, we get on really really well. Like ‘bestie’ shizzle and for it amazes people because on the outside we seem so different. However, when we talk we get on these rants and our rants are about where we want to be and what we want from life…and our goals, where we see success…and as individuals. They get good.  I mean, he’s done really well, even from the first time i met him. I’ve sort of watched him develop as a being…and it sort of makes you feel proud because i think he’s developed a lot more than he realizes.

Tony i haven’t seen in ages, because he’s doing love and that makes me smile. :) It’s always ace when boys fall for a girl because you can see the glint n their eye, you can see their heart skipping a beat, even when it’s covered over by machoism. You always know if a guy likes a girl, simply because his face tells you he can’t help it…and that always sweet. (And when i say ‘like’ i mean more than ‘just want to bone.’)

Dodge. I love Dodge. I can’t wait to see him on Friday. When you whittle down a big group, into a nice little group, it’s always satisfying at times. Ofcourse, groups and people change…but it’s just fun to have a click. Lol.

Am i old? I keep napping and i swear when i as a 20 something in LA, I would always bitch about people who took naps through the day. I need a nap all the time now and only old people, people who work out or babies nap? I don’t work out and i’m nto a baby, so i’m obviously a granny and this disturbs me.

But fuck it, i’m embracing being an oldie. The worst thing you can do is fight the feeling.  Then you end up being 70, in a neon belly top trying to pull 17 year olds. (That is soooooooooo going to be me. Sad case alert.)







It’s almost the weekend


To say that I spent the evening in nothing but a muscle shirt, i definitely don’t feel too bad. See! Fashion criming is perfectly fine when you’re counting it as ‘it’s hot in here’ pj’s. Oh and to all chicks who have booies, real, fake…who cares, no debate.No bra boobs look AMAZING in a muscle shirt. I even checked MYSELF out, every time i passed a mirror. :) (Don’t hate.)

So today i’m at work. Whilst you’re reading this, i’ll be working. But it doesn’t feel too shitty because it’s my last day of a heavy work week, meaning as soon as it hits five thirty (can’t type the number five on my laptop anymore, it’s broken) i’m free and i’m totally free for the weekend…until Sunday. Ugh! But I can’t wait until Friday! Life will be amazing..as so far i’ve worked all the way through this delicious heatwave.

Anyway, what i wanted to talk to you about today was to make sure you don’t take shit from anyone. Don’t let people get you down, when you’re on you’re way up. Know that if you’re doing well there will be times when you are the most ridiculed being in town, yet you just have to focus on what you’ve achieved and what they maybe haven’t yet…and laugh it off with a ‘whatever.’ I’m naturally quite a toughie, but a happy toughie. I just see a lot of people get really down by what others think or say about them. I never ever give two hoots, because i’m pretty comfortable with who i am, what i’ve achieved, what I want to achieve, what i stand for and in my own skin. DUDES! They can say what they want…i’m ‘Wunna’ and i’m doing my own life my own way.

PLUS!!!!! If you are a being who doesn’t like something about their life CHANGE IT. Change it immediately, because life is too short to waste time stubbling around a tiny rut, sttuck in the middle of nothingness. Live, have dreams, go get them…dont’ just say you will…try and do one thing today that takes you ONE STEP CLOSER to your goal…even the tiniest thing that makes you that little bit more productive. And i’m a swine for this, as i’m naturally a got getter, yet i completely understand how you can get lost in the normal day to day that you forgot about you and what YOU want…Make your own dreams come true, or end up working for someone elses. Nothing is impossible…everything you’ve wanted to do, probably has been done before.

It’s all about positively moving forward, staying focused and going for it. I’m always someone who want to make their mark and i’m nowhere near where i can imagine myself being in my head if i just worked harder at it. So i’m there with you toooo. Stay focussed, fun and have great people around you. That is sooooooooooo important. It was  easy in LA because everyone was so focussed and trying to BE someone.

And yes, everyone has a different view on what success means to them. You could simply want to look better, be healthy, work your dream job, be a parent, take on a challenge, give something up, have the best car, have the best wife…be the strongest, the prettiest, the the richest…the most together, stable or sensible human being….It literally could be anything, but you’re not going to get it if you don’t try….

It doesn’t matter if you do shit at it at first, as it’s the doing shit that guides you towards learning how to do it right…

So today, melt in the heat and be super productive. It’s the Wunna rule of the day.

Success to me…is happiness.

I’m a girl who wants everything, yet on the inside i’m really super happy. I feel whole. That took a long time. I got there…meaning that i can now seriously work towards a goal like i’m mighty strong, because i already achieved the hardest part.

Find your cheerleader, your support…your love…and go for it.

ps/ If you’re sweaty, don’t hit on me today.

PPs/ If you’re not, feel free to massage my shoulders. Someone randomly came up to me in the supermarket yesterday and whilst i was BUYING TAMPONS, started massaging my shoulders. I would’ve told him to stop, but it felt too good. HAHAHAHA. I heart men.




Sweaty Betty’s, No Sex and Sangria


I’m here! I’m here! I’ve not gone anywhere. I just haven’t really found time to bust out a blog, as i’ve been utilizing my free time with  fun, Motherhood and friendship. Sometimes in blogsville, this happens…as we need fodder to blog about. I can’t even remember what’s happened or where I left off? I mean, did i tell you that I did ‘Biggies’ on Saturday, after storming out in red boots because i needed a release? Then I worked, worked, worked…did The Carleton with Ben Dodge and Andy…did The Bridge…and then last night did The Carleton for a couple again…all during the time when the day turns to night, which is favourite time of day EVER….

So basically, inbetween work, (which is sucking balls right now) and being Mama…(which is always awesome..even when it sucks balls) i’ve been drinking happy evening drinks (my favourite pastime with Ben, Andy and Dodge. Boy talk is always about food, cars, food, computer games or mechanical objects…yet then i shout of them with my ‘rolling eyes’ and make sure they remember I’m a glamour puss. They love me. :) )

I don’t even remember what i’ve told you and what i haven’t. But i will tell you that I FUCKING LOST MY BANK CARD.

Yes! Serves me right! Decided to go on a cheeky Pontefratc, spontaneous drinking session, because all babies had gone to ‘daddies.’ had so much fun. Fell on the floor, AGAIN in ‘Biggies’…lost my fucking bank card!!!! I still don’t have it yet, but luckily, i’ve managed to have big shouty session with the shit hole that is Natwest…yesterday was a shitty day in general because it was one of those days where in which i woke up did my face, wiggled, winked, pouted at my mirror image…then JUST GOT FUCKING BOLLOCKED ALL DAY…BY EVERYONE! (And i don’t mean fun bollocked, as getting teabagged by everyone i met, would’ve had least humoured me right now. But instead, i literally got shouted at by every sweaty human on the planet, who i just so happened to cross paths with. I’m not that used to such behaviour, because in general, most people are usually lovely to me, or telling me i’m ace…lol. So being shouted at pissed me off…and mainly because it was on repeat! (*Hashtag Dickheads*)

Other than losing y bank card. (I was poor Monday night for drinks, but i did the honourable thing purchased things that could be shared by all. I’m good like that and literally the most generous kitten on the glitter block.) Tuesday, I figured out a way to access my money because i couldn’t get to it due to my work schedule! The shouting did me good, because it made me turn mighty and all pissed off and when i’m like that I will do ANYTHING in make something work for me!! I WILL WIN..and i did. Tuesday night rocked! :)

Anyway, away from all that I also TOOK a vow of CELIBACY! Yipppeee! Now, i don’t know who you’re meant to take this vow with.. is it Cupid, The Good Lord, yourself, or your vagina? But I took one…all i’m going to say it that LAST TIME I took such a vow…and this was in LA….the last time i took a vow of celibacy because i was soo cik of men and constantly making the wrong boy choices…i broke the vow within 24 hours. :) (I think it was with my ex husband…I can’t remember? But i rememebr walking into DK’s appartment with a cum stain on my ‘I break heart’s on a daily’ t shirt.’ He just laughed and rambled on about what he had eaten or drank all day. Theo once found me moaning about men in a corner….and when our other friend arrived, all he said to him was, ‘don’t mind her, she’s crying over a penis…she’s not bothered that they’re not together anymore, just sad that she won’t see his penis enlargement ever again. HAHAHA.’ (True story. I didn’t like him because although he treated me well,….very well, he forgot to tell me that he had a wife and children. I found out by his wife finding me on the street with Ronnie.)

Anyway, my vow of celibacy is going good for me. :) I’ve banned myself from romance and it’s all going well. I’m ‘the one’ for me. Yippeee! (*Should pudda riiiing on it.*)

Today all i did was sweat like a fucking pig. Being at work and doing rubbish, boring things in the hottest July England has EVER experienced is shit. I never ever sweat because my body never works hard enough. Today it sweated for the first time and it was disgusting. I got sooo tired even my legs were wibbly. I WAS EVEN IN FLATS!!! (The devils work.)

Now i’m home with a wine, the babies are bathed and bedded. I’m blogging, eating and probably needing to reshower. I have one more day of work…which will be hard in this heat  (I love the heat, but hate working in it) then i’m off, off off and I can’t wait…because I am soooooooooooooooooo excited for my Friday with Ben and Dodge! It starts with Rubes too which makes it even more awesome. Ben’s on about gammon. Dodge is feeling sangria’s and I’ve got this fun bus that no one usually gets on fast enough!

See ya!
love you!

Will blog more!

So tired. x



Doing it.


So, I ended up going out on Friday, when i had mentally decided that I wasn’t going to. I don’t know what happened, or how it all changed, but i ended up scrolling down Facebook, realizing that ‘Vickie’ who i have named ‘my wife’ (she wants to marry me in Vegas and I think that it’s an exceptional idea, especially since the last time we tried to get fake married, we got called ‘fat’ and a ‘nigger,’ OH! And punches.)

Anyway…long story short, I decided to shimmie out (and we love a shimmie) and go meet her for a couple drinks.

I slipped into a sexy pink boobie dress, with the idea of ‘flaunting it,’ I flaunted out and got with meeting ‘the wife.’ Whenever we first meet we get really giddy, like chimps with all the bananas in the world…so  we drank black russians, made ‘rub it in’ videos’ for Ben (who was at work) just to make him feel shitty and with shimmie’s galore, danced off our night.

Our other friends were out like Spinky, some perv, Daz, Anna….lots. Plus, a whole bunch of my work mates and their mates were out making it a great night for all. EVERYONE i knew in Pontefract was out (apart from ‘working nights’ Ben.) I even met the same amazing girl, who i had met on the street months previous, who had stopped me and told me that she was massive fan of the blog and followed me on Instagram. I love her because she has amazing taste. :) Yet she said something hilarious to me…and i do get a lot of people stopping me to tell me how my blog has touched their life in some way or another…be it good or bad…yet this girl..Beth…said that I was a massive inspiration because I made her learn that ‘you can never wear too much eyeliner.’ HAHAHAHA. :) I heart that! Hilarious.

But yes, great night had by all…We went form pub to pub. I noticed that i was mildy (if mildy meant MAJORLY :) ) with the boys and girls for that mater, as there was staring, hovering and well whenever i sat down boys would circle around me and tell me that I was ‘beautiful.’ LMFAO. I still got it. Hello cougar!

Infact, one guy told me that he seen all my naked pictures, but couldn’t believe how down to earth and how different i was, to how he had originally thought and well the other guy was pervy and tried to feel me p at every instance he could. (I’m not that easy when i don’t like you. It’s almost like trying to ram the triangle, through the square peg. Plus, i don’t like men who think that i’m going to fancy them, adore them and worship them…(and i am a love bunny when I LOVE SOMEONE) but lets put it this way, you can’t just feel me up and assume that i’m going to like you. It was really annoying.

Lots of dancing, fun and drinking…then all of a sudden everything turned into a fighty. Everyone started fighting with their other halves and it all turned emotionally crazy. It was fighting everywhere..and i didn’t like it. We all got sober fast and well at that point i got a cab home with my chilli cheesy chips. I also noticed that Ben and I get on better than most ‘done it forever’ couples in Ponte. To say that we’ve dated, broken up and are still besties, awesome and closer than most would know…i’d plonk a ‘gold star’ on our rapport, because we’re doing pretty well!

I mean, my Saturday day time was filled with my babies. It was bliss. I shopped with Ruby and JUnior, we did the park, we went to the Ackworht gala, we had a full on ‘family’ day time that was filled with ‘single mum’ alerts, and love. Ruby and Junior are so close and well as a mum, it sort of makes you happy to know that you really can do it by yourself. You can have everything girls, just stay focused and get on with it. I work really hard, all the time Yet nothing means more to me than those babies, they are my world and well that’s why i now fin it hard to date, as my next husband or the guy that i bring in (and i hardly ever do that) must love them tooo..or at least me a tremendous husband and fatherly role model. It means everything to me.

Saturday night both babies went to ‘daddies,’ so i was all alone and Keiran has upset me. It’s always hard doing a baby pass, but Junior was holding out for me and not wanting to go, so it actually made me cry.

I could either stay in a lone all night and weep, or go have fun. Sp i took a nap, pulled myself together and got my sorry ass out for a drink.

I went out on my own, but immediately found Nick and other people i knew. Then out of nowhere popped Ben in shorts…so the rest of the night was awesome because it was a surprise.

I was kinda dressed super casual as my dress caused a ‘hoo haa’ the evening before and i couldn’t be arsed.

But we had a great night…so great the boys got soooooooooooooooo pissed, fell about and we ended up at ‘Biggies.’ WAHOOO.

I even fell over in ‘Biggies’..and well we stayed their until about 4.30am. OUCH. I was working the next morning and it sucked ass. I even saw my old school friend ‘Kate’ out and it was amazing because i forgot how much i love her. She as fun and dry witted, BUT there’s  soft side to Kate that i adore. She’s really supportive of me and well when she told Ben that my blog had saved her life…it made me feel really good…like i had some kind of online clout.

Got to ‘Biggies,’ got drunk left, did home, slept for twp hours wen tot work feeling like shit. NEVER AGAIN.

Sunday I spent with the babies after work and chilled to celebrate my brother’s birthday. Loved it. Loved him.

I’ve worked all day today and i’m knackered, but i’ve just come back from a mini wine sesh at The Carleton….Amazing time, amazing people, my ultimate Ponte faves and even though it seems like i do, i DON’T spread myself thinly. I’ll usually only truly love a couple people and stick with them forever.

Had a great time, tired as fuck now, up in the morning an need a proper rest.

I’ll write a better blog tomorrow night, as i’m far too tired and up in a couple for work.

love you, leave you.




Boys, Boys, Everywhere….BOYS!


Now, i don’t know what’s happening, but i do know that boys are and i don’t know if it’s the heat, or weather it’s the season, a reason or the simple fact that everyone has to now attempt to couple up for the upcoming Winter season, in order to not feel all shitty and a lone at Christmas…but boys are headed to MY YARD in the MASSES, with boner swords, love hearts, gusto and no fear.

I’m a tough, glitter cookie. I can handle boys in the masses with a wink. But right now…it’s CRAZY, to the point where i might only need large wooden sticks to beat males with, but also human’s with other wooden sticks to goolie kick them away at the same time.

I’m single. I’m looking for love We all get that. I’m very flattered. It’s sweet. I even talked to the Hot Pontefract ‘Quaker school’ boy today, who is off to study law in his dreamy dreamy fashion. (He’s been into my work EVERY DAY for the last three days and we’ve all been very excited.) Obviously he’s too young. But i just like that we have lots in common…like hotness, Quaker school and apparently the ‘Asian thing.’ It’s just a bit of eye candy and it’s a girl prerogative to enjoy it when we can…especially cougars in training.

Anyhow, away from that…I’ve had acquaintances (who i adore) tell me that they’ve dreamt about me…What was it? Oh yeah,

‘You were some member of some ridiculously posh royal family…in a seriously skimpy dress and i was a servant. You kept dragging me into the toilets, dodging people and at one point you were on a boat, with no bra on…an i can’t remember if you had any knickers on.’


Then my friend’s husbands had a try and one said i looked like a porn star…who was ‘beautiful.’

Then my old friends are edging in with a ‘walla walla.’

New boys are giving it a ‘no fear’ go…and to be honest, it’s coming from everywhere???

I have no clue why..but me being ME…i fucking LOVE IT. Attention and love all around. (Even though i have just stated to Ben that i will never get married again because my suitors all keep leaving. Red flag much. God just wants me to be single forever. Plus, i can’t go through all that heartache again, when i’m all fresh and fully recovered. It’s like an some kind of love addict. I’ve just got a lot to give. 😉

I mean some weird guy came up to me yesterday whilst i was hiding in a bush and told me that i should be a model. I replied with a VERY BRIEF ‘oh..thanks.’ Then pulled bush out of my hair.

If a girl answers briefly, she’s not interested.

You know that. I know that. You know if a guy or girl likes you by their manner.

So he doesn’t give in and goes with a ‘curve ball.’ (I like boys who don’t give in…but only if i like them..and you’ll know because i’ll tell you.’

His next approach…’You look oriental.’

DO I??? I haven’t at all noticed.

I was still in a bush.

Then he follows up with a ‘do you want to get in my car.’

Snooze festival.

I don’t even know what’s going on…so i’m banning myself from romance and blaming it on the boogie.

Ps/ YOU ARE AT A MASSIVE ADVANTAGE IF YOU KNOW ME ALREADY, AS THAN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE A WEIRD SENSE OF HUMOUR. Banter will get you further than a dick pic. (Unless i’ve asked for one. :) )



What else has happened?

I’ve worked. but i weekend started yesterday at five o clock. I have the whole of today and tomorrow off, but Juniors been ill today, meaning it’s stopped me from cocktailing, but that’s probably for the best.

I had two frozen pina cololads at home last night then got me really pissed! I don’t know how? But i always do cocktails at home. I’l do a bottle of wine and nothing will happen. I’ll do two budget pina’s at HOME..and i was so drunk i had to put myself to actual bed!! LMFAO

Then i ate chilli powder on stuff and burnt my sore lips and got pissed off.

But anyway, i’m off now because it’s turned sunny and now i want drinks.

More importantly Danielle is off to have a Magaluf baby, which will give Jenna and i years of jokes at her expense. Ruby is at a teddy’s bears picnic and life is pretty awesome.

Have fun

Happy weekend.


Be my Baby

ac17 - Copy

Morning!!! It feels like Monday today for me and it shouldn’t as it’s my last day of the working week…of…well…doing work….so i should be throwing my knickers in the air and placing on nipple tassles for a shimmie.

Anyhow, i’m going back to my original idea of Summer being all about flings and not about anything substantial. Substantial, would be good…yet it’s never really the case in the season of ‘gun shows’ and bikinis.

I’ll breeze through Summer and if i’m honest…it’s not like the pool is dry when it comes to boys and ‘The Wunna.’ I’m very single. I’m not really doing anything with anyone right now. I enjoy being single, because i’m picky and will never ever sell myself short..again. I’m the opposite to young and the opposite to desperate…and i have pickings…so i sort of watch and see. I get hit on quite  alot and for those of you who are tutting the ‘big headed’ thing, i don’t care…lol…because it really is the absolute truth. Men pop out of everywhere, literally every moment of every day…to the point where it puts me off dating.

The ones that i think are good, end up being weird. The ones that i think are good, are probably…awesome. I’m sick of ‘friend zone.’ Or anything that takes ages. I want a brave man, a romantic man, a fun man, a best friend, a life partner…a family guy who knows how to be loyal, have a great time and well…worships me. Lol. Let’s just say, I adore him and he knows what he’s got. :) Someone who has my back. Someone who enjoys life just as much as i do…and lives it with me and the babies.

It’s not that easy to find…and right now quite a lot of different guys are presenting themselves to me properly and not via ‘dick pic’ that i don’t even know where to start??? Ugh!

In Pontefract, no one is all brave and romantic. The boys sort of ‘play it cool’ which i find annoying. I like expressive. I’m not a being who gives two hoots about what people think about me, so i expect that in a guy…as you can’t date me and expect no gossip.

I want to be surprised.

And i want it NOW.



Those catch up blogs that i hate…

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God! Sorry, that I haven’t blogged in ages! I’ve just been busy, working, living, being Mum…the usual all stuff…..having fun can be plonked in there also. But now i’m knackered. I’ve worked A LOT over the last two weeks..which you can wiggle auditioning and Mummying into. Straight after work today, I had to rush off and enroll my first born into school, over schools. I was shattered. But i aced it. (They enjoy that ‘Wunna’ loin fruit, will be gracing their classroom…even though she did have to get physically restrained, the other day. :) )

Okay…if i hate anything, it’s doing an ages long recap of things and mainly because, for me….once the moment has happened…it’s happened..and when you’re a forward moving girl….it all seems like ages away. Plus, i’m not a girl to really dwell over the past. It’s there…it’s history…it’s to be enjoyed…but GOD i move it along and that’s the beauty of Me. I don’t dwell on ANYTHING. Plus, i believe when people focus so much on their past, it means they have nothing awesome happening in their present.

Friday. I worked all day and went to the pub for a couple to watch boys eat steak. Ben had just come back from Turkey. Rich did steak with him. Good night. A sort of mini fight happened. Went home at around midnight. Underlined it as ‘awesome.’

Saturday? What did i do Saturday? Oh God yeah! I had a Bloody Mary at 11am and set off to meet Rich and Katty at the bus station ( i haven’t ridden a bus in decades and even then, i think i’ve only ever rode a bus twice…) We headed over to Wakefield, watched a guy get a tattoo, enjoyed super spicy Bloody Mary’s at ‘The Hop’ on Wakefield, because everywhere decent was shut..then we got in a taxi…pissed and headed to Wazza and Hannah’s armed with what felt like 100’s of cocktails in a can, a £40 bottle of pink champagne and wind proof lighters. We literally talked about EVERYTHING and everyone. Then got lost, so Wazza had to come find us. (Rich was shit at directions. )

Got to Wazza’s enjoyed new fun with old friends….over jerk chicken, Sausage and beef burgers. It was filled with ‘happies’ and families and beer…and it kinda just felt great to see Wazza after such a long long time!

The night ended great with the sun setting, rap music playing, Wazza getting done for playing Rolf Harris songs, Dirty dancing lyrics being sang, forced marriage occuring…drinking, mentols, videos and lost of re runs of ‘Especially for yoou’ at Katt who is too young to get it.

Cabbed it home late…and Rich got a dodgy phone call, which made everyone angry.

I walked to the taxi rank by myself and cabbed it home quite early actually…I had had an awesome day, but it felt awesome to get home and into my comfies.

Next day was Father’s day. I had spent the morning taking the babies shopping and running around the park with them, in the sun. I loved every single minute of it as when they’re with me, they couldn’t be happier. My babies are my world and every bit of me is ever so grateful to be lucky enough to have them. I’m a soft mum because i can’t help it. But i love, love, love them…with ever inch of my soul.

Later that day, Ben and I had agreed to meet up, catch up, do food and drinks. So we met up at The Carleton at 2.30pm and had the best afternoon ever. I kinda missed him when he was in Turkey, so it was good to catch up. I was sort of late. He was early and nothing is better than boys who get ready fast. I hate waiting for people.

Anyway, we had fun, in the newly refurbished Carleton…and after gammon and burgers…did FOUR FUCKING BOTTLE OF RED WINE, A PITCHER AND SANGRIA, A SODA WATER, to fool us into being normal, he had previous cider, i had vodka…and then we called Dodge and Nick…who came to join the fun, where further drinks were had, alongside banter, followed by PINA COLADAS!!

It actually ended up being awesome, to the point where i think ‘The Carleton’ might actually be my new favourite place to hang. For some reason, i prefer it so much more than going into town. Dodge was rough, Nick craved his BMX, Ben took over from Mama Wunna and I got went home in the other direction.

Last night, after work…I met Dodge, Ben and luke (who i love) at ‘The Bridge’ for Tuesday night drinks. The boys were a little quieter than normal and i don’t like quiet and then started talking about food. No one was on the Wunna fun bus. I’m on it always regardless as to whether i’m drinking or not. Luckily, they perked up a little and it all got fun. I’m naturally a fun girl so i  expect everyone to be the same sort of dickhead. Ben was on soda water (ugh) and well everyone else got pissed.

We ended up in ‘Simba’s’ doing the kareoke watch and rubbish drinks, with mini eggs. I got mad at Ben for wanting to leave. (He was on his holiday blues and i think i told him to ‘fuck off’ because he was being stubborn and i hate it when i don’t get my own way. I prefer ‘drinking, fun Ben.’ But i did feel bad for being a bratt at him. I’ve apologised text, so that makes it all okay again, right? I’ve also noticed that i don’t like stubborn. Lol. I Things should come easy to people…i mean..Me? HAHAHA.

‘Murga’ had shown up (he was the one with the kareoke watch) and i sang ‘Nick Jonas’ at everyone. Luke was on the Wunna fun bus and was being ace. Dodge returned all ready to have fun fun and after  a bit of ‘Whitney’….i let early, as I had work at 8am in the morning.

Worked all day, feeling knackered. I’ve cuddled the babies, enrolled Ruby into private school, the one that i actually went to…I have a wine and i have one long day left at work, before kicking into the weekend.

I want a sunny, sunny holiday. A surprise. I want to fall in love. I want to be romanced. I saw a hot hot boy, who actually in Pontefract today. I’m nearly a cougar. I’m still wondering why i can’t find my Mr.Right. I mean in my head, i’m the BEST girl any man could EVER be with. I know I am. :)

If it’s sunny, i’m going to do the Ackworth gala with Ruby, in Saturday. I have a whole party to organize NOW and i’m auditioning lots and LOTS. I’ll get there in the end. OFFICIALLY SHATTERED.

But first…i have Thursday to get through…

Wunna x


That’s the catch up…Finally got it out the way.

Now, the blog will be every day and BETTER. :) I’m kinda bored of Ponte now and Ponte boys, Ponte people. There’s always so much drama. Drama that i’m better than. I mean, I’m having a great time and i’m loving it. But i don’t even know who i trust, who i don’t, who adores me, who doesn’t. I’m not sure there’s much sense of loyalty. Hence why i enjoy any chance i can get to celebrate a change of scenery.

Hurrah! Wine for all.




Thank you Mucho


If you are reading this blog…firstly WELL DONE.

But more importantly THANK YOU.

Reminding you that, you have wonderful taste and that this blog is luckily read on every single continent and in 174 different countries of the world.

It’s translated into 41 languages daily…and has the best, most loyal visitors…in the thousands….monthly.

Thanks for that and all that jelly.

Love you lots.

Chrissie x


Weaves, Boys, Love


And i today off work and it’s weird. I want a Pina colada for breakfast, but can’t find it in myself to commit to such a treat, whilst being in ‘not even on holiday’ Pontefract and it not even being noon yet. (I hate that don’t drink til noon shit. I very rarely do what everyone else/statistics or preachers say. Probably why i always find myself in trouble. Lol)

Anyway, i’m about to head to Doncaster to get my hair did. Ruby has just screamed as I walked her into school. (My school drop off is loooong. I had a conversation about it yesterday. Most Mum’s that i see on a morning just get to open a car door and boot their kid out. I have to walk through tennis courts, music centres, across golden oceans, hire a ship, march through an enchanted forest, leap over goblins, fight men in suits and simply to get to where my 4yr old needs to be for school. Then do it all over again. No wonder she tantrums by the time she’s at the end of it all. I tantrum. It makes me need wine.)

Other than that, i’m happy. I’m single. I’m loving it, living it and enjoying eye candy. When it comes to eye candy, i don’t really think there’s much to pick from in Pontefract? I mean i’m looking around and sighing, with ‘dee dums.’ There’s hot men everywhere, yet in this ole town…you’re very very very lucky to maybe spy ONE. I’m not used to that, as Hollywood, even London is FILLED with hotties in every little corner. At this rate, i’ll never find a boyfriend. I chipper and i’m fun. But nothing beats that feeling when you know you don’t have to look any further because you’re MADLY in love and that other part of your party, accidentally feels the same, right? Who has that>? Not me. :) Gimme! Gimme! HAHAHA

i should really set off, as i have a weave to tend to at 11am. I’m knackered because i went to bed at 3am. Why? Because I figured it would be a good idea to drink a bunch of wine, plonk my headphones on and dance like a tool to all sorts.


I had a party for one.

Yes,..I am a loser….but a happy loser.

It lasted for ages my party for one Lol…and I don’t even care because in that moment, behind four walls, under the stars, orbiting the sun (haha) one little ‘budget pussycat doll’ was the happiest little kitten in all the land.

Knackered now though. Can you nap whilst you’re getting your hair did, without looking like you’re dead?

Wunna x

Love you.

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