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Much better!

I’m back on my working schedule and positively powering through it like a mighty kitty of ‘ooh laa.’ I’m feeling soldier strong, after my giant weep and well i’m currently parked, booty down in my pink glitzy cave of ‘getting sorted’ and i’m ready to take on the world and swirl it with a side of ‘dreams come true.’ You just can’t let ‘things’ get you down, can ya? The things that get you down, aren’t worth the weepfest and well there’s usually a positive to it all in the end. I reckon i’ quite irrepressible, i’m smart, happy and refuse to to let less chipper folk rain on my glitter parade. The futures pretty bright for me and well that’s what makes me so goddamn LUCKY. :)

Great work day today. Came home to a cozy, clean home. (After I cleaned it. Lol. You really can’t leave my Dad at home with children. The place turns into a nightmare, as he really is one to disbelieve in harsh discipline. :) )

I’m having a vino, after doing Ruby’s nails…and well life seems great!

Beauty line deadline, isn’t scaring me anymore. I’m gonna ace it. I’m breathing I’m smiling. I’m grateful. I mean, not very many people get to launch their own line of lashes…so i’m super proud of myself and well everything will slot right into place.

I need to catch up on beauty school, as ‘day job’ is good, yet getting more intense. There’s quite a lot of work to be done and as I tend to that…which is the good old ‘bread and butter,’ I sort of have to juggle on the side lines, to make it all work…and it will. It always does. *Blows you a kiss…Wink.*

I’m looking forward to Christmas and i’m excited for what lies ahead.

I have a busy day tomorrow, however, just one day to get through before two days off! :) I can get through a day…no matter how busy it is and if you can’t then how the hell can you get through life.

What I learnt yesterday is that people shouldn’t dwell on things in the past that are negative and prevent them from happily moving forward and ironing out kinks. What I love about me is that i’m not that! I can shake anything off and see a smile somewhere. That’s what makes me ace.

Love you.

Talk to you soon. x


When it all goes tits up..


Only I can drive a Mercedes around with a flipping TREE in the back of it with style. I’m actually proud of how much I actually managed to achieve today, on the ‘ME’ list and I reckon it’s all down to the fact that I began my day super early, instead of tossing it off for the ‘later..maybe,’ box.

I tottered around Doncaster, the merry town that birthed me.  I shopped…i tinkered, I tampered and just sort of went along with my day really. Then after about an hour, I sighed and I sighed because ‘one’ is a really lonely number. There I was, just kicking up dust on cobbles, letting time pass, around nothing that I really cared for, or anything that actually mattered. I’m not used to being on my own these days, as there’s usually a gaggle of loved ones around me…that it felt sort of lonely. It felt unnatural and like i needed to love and feel whole again. I wanted my babies around me! I don’t know what i’m gonna do when they’re older, other than raise them to adore their mother, as i’ll miss them being babies, when they do ‘being grownups.’ They’ll be just me and no one to care for and to say that I’m now a girl who no longer believes in true love…I don’t think it exists. I believe in relationships and companionship etc…yet the fairytale of what I one thought was the magic of ‘true love,’ i definitely do not believe in. It’s now sort of seems like a a glamourized version of normal love. It’s like having a plain cake and shimmering it with sprinkles, icing and delights, simply to make it look better. When really…when you look at it for what it is, it’s still just a big clump of cake..but with shit on. :) Yet companionship, i believe in. That seems to make more sense. But don’t feel all horrified at my lack of love lustre, those of you who are frolicking in the midst of true love…as i’m only referring to my life…WUNNA LAND…where the boys don’t stay around forever and as the Hollywood saying goes, ‘forever’ means temporary. Like, i’ll never be romanced, loved and cared for the way all girls deserve to me. HOWEVER, it doesn’t mean YOU WON’T!! I know some GREAT COUPLES, who are a delight to watch! :)

But yeah, I had a conversation early today when i realised that when something is just going to stay the same…you kinda just have to get on with life and close the door on it out of complication. I don’t enjoy things that are made complicated or dashed with a negative attitude, because there is ALWAYS A POSITIVE TO EVERY SITUATUION. ALWAYS! It hurts me, then it bores me to tears, as in literally. Then i find that i get upset…and well the rest of the day was spent WEEPING..:)

Yep! Weeping!

I cried and cried and cried and cried….and simply because my heart felt soo sooooo sad and my tactic, when something, someone, or a situation has made me feel sooo sooo sad, is to simply shut off, don’t talk to it and walk away from it. That way it can’t hurt me anymore than it needs to. Plus, my body and mind is naturally a glitzy trooper and gets on with life merrily. I’m good like that and THANK THE LORD FOR IT!

But HEY, don’t see all this as bad, as i do believe you need those big cried to release a bundle of energy. You need those big talks to eventually be able to be in a place where you can forget about the bad things and see someone in a new light, don’t cha? The healing process is never a fun process…but it’s essential and healthy. And it can actually take yonks! :) Depending on how much healing needs to me conquered…before you get back to ‘okay then…let’s do this…’

The quicker you feel something, shout out something, discuss, cry or whatever.. something…the quicker you heal from it. It’s only when you bottle it inside, or never let it out the bag, when it becomes harmful. However, in my mind, when things take too long, i just find them not worth the hassle anymore, as it gets draining. My recovery time is pretty decent and i honour that! I’ll pull my socks up, realise the wonderful things that I have going on in life…and enjoy them, with thankful smiles. :)

(Note to self: Good men, make things better. Bad men…make things worse.)

I’m back at work tomorrow…so i’m getting ready and prepping for it.

I feel like I have so much on my plate…

Let the anxiety begin…:) *Here it comes…*





‘M’ is for Monday


Good morning, my fellow darlings of diamond dripped hope! I’m enjoying this morning, even though it’s a little drizzly and simply because it is MONDAY and yes, this bitch totally has the DAY OFF! It’s always the days, when others tend to work, that are best to have off. They make you feel so much better about life. A Saturday, a Sunday…glitter, glitter *smurh* (I don’t quite know what that’s meant to mean, however, I did intend for it to be the sound of feduppidness. :) )

Today, i’m happy and I had ALL these things planned that I hoped to do, that we as single mums never ever get to enjoy…The simple things like take a shower, without an audience….enjoy doing your face, sit in quiet for a while, watch what you want on telly and for all glamour pusses, who enjoy a bit of retail therapy…SHOP. I can never shop when i’m with other people, let alone my loin fruit. Don’t get me wrong, we do go shopping…HOWEVER, i don’t purchase pour moi, during these family shopping trips…i always only purchase for the bambinos.

But yes, now that i’ve got to my ‘all about me’ day…i now just MISS the babies. :) We’re shit for it aren’t we. Lol. All mums do it. Well some mums. I mean, i’ve just seen a mum GURNING in neon and too much tan by a bus stop..at 9am!!! Druggy parents worry me…because they become the most intolerant and selfish parents ever. I mean even as people, they become hard to deal with. So, my heart goes out to her and her babies…and well lets hope she gets her act together before it all goes tits up. Oh and neon shouldn’t be worn before noon. ;)

The weekend was fabulous to say that my car broken down, and madness came upon Wunna land. It got sorted, as ‘daddy day care’ stepped in and made everything a bit easier for ‘Mama,’…for a moment anyhow. Women are a great deal more giving with their time aren’t we? And well men are the species that always try to put their own needs first…even before their children at times…whether it be drinking with friends, gym going or some kind of sport. It all comes before child minding. :) It’s how they’re wired. I mean, even Pete, who is actually a lovely, lovely soul…a gentleman, looked at me a little awkwardly last night, when my Mum asked if he could look after Ruby this Sunday, whilst I was at work and she was away for the day. He does usually do Sunday, yet from 11am onwards…:) (yes, there are time slots to parenting apparently and I get it from both Pete and Keiran.) Anyway, instead of having to tend to my loin fruit from 8am onwards, he began to state that he would prefer it if my Mother maybe take Rubes with her, on her day away…because he may not be able to get up at that time, after working late and going out for drinks afterward. Hmmm…? I think, he just saw the look on our faces, got terrified and immediately changed his plans on the spot. Drinking and tiredness does NOT come before my children. :) Plus, both boys can’t really say anything now, as I tend to both bambino’s…work a full time day job, do beauty school, i’m about to start a beauty line and i make them feel like the most loved children in the world…To be honest…i actually do better than both of gents put together, meaning MUMS you CAN DO IT! Do not be defeated. What you gain is the utter unconditional love from your babies and if you’re trying to make business work for you….RICHES. :)

*Sequin shower here.*

Anyway, away from that…the weekend..fabulous. However, it feel as though i was strutting one minute and then rushing the next. It’s almost as if deadlines came out of nowhere and I was running against the clock? I couldn’t find a massage, there was simply no time…and when asked who i was loyal to when it came to massages, I described it as ‘pulling the ugly chick at a bar,’…when you’re desperate…anything will do. It’s not the greatest, but suffices for the moment, however, you really do know that you should’ve shopped around. :) Basically, the plot got lost…and i was placed naked, back into my pink fluffy cheap fur rug, sausage rolled up in it tightly and shoved down a very green hill… blind. And i definitely had an updo. (If you don’t get that…open you’re mind a bit more. :) )

So, it’s that time of year where Summer is pretty much over! And i hate it when people cling onto Summer for ages. It’s done…let’s get on with fall. And according to my theory, when Summer is over…Summer flings dry up and come to an end. It’s not the season for coupling up just yet, as it’s the time where you shake off the Summer flings that you seem to have accumulated by accident, be it by flirtation, banter or sex and you flick through your glitzy rollerdex of ‘potentials,’ to get ready for the Autumn dating season…before coupling up for Winter. It’s simple…we’re are mammals after all. I don’t care what anyone says, my theory is right! :) It’s fall dating, followed by relationship Winter because let’s face it, who enjoys Christmas alone. NO ONE! And if you don’t have love, or a family…they you just have a cold mulled wine, some tinsel and no tree. (OOh reminds me…i need to buy a tree today! Not a Crimbo tree…but a ‘stand outside my doorstep’ tree for decoration.)

I’ve got a lot to do today and i’m actually going to try and get things done. I think a lot of us sort of ponder the things we wish to do, instead of just getting on with them. I’m that way inclined, so today, i’m doing something about it….

Coffee first…life second. Be the kind of beautiful you wish to be today!


Ps/ All this was blogged from the Starbucks in Doncaster :)







Three Days Off and Romance!

755426_2028094 (1)

Let’s roll out the champers and tie streamers to drunks! Lets rejoice to the merry sound of freedom and dance to old Kylie tracks in rhinestone heels. I have soft landed into my ‘W’ is for weekend and i am intending to adore every waking minute of it! (I chilled all night, because i needed to rejuvenate after a long week of worky. :) I know..loser. But you won’ t be saying that when you all look 70 when you’re 40 due to ‘too much party party’ and I’m still rocking life with a wink and the youth of a spring chicken. Rest is your friend. :) Not even only if you work hard. Rest THEN becomes a necessity. Even if you’re a tragic dosser and i don’t like dossers…rest does you the world of good. Try to do ‘dosser’ in the manner of ‘Lady of Leisure’ rather than the cast of Benefits street…that way , you won’t have smokey wrinkles and voices like you’ve had 43 whiskies for breakfast and 100 cigs. :) )

But yes, I am ever so grateful to be on my weekend off. To be honest work wasn’t so bad yesterday, it was amazing…I was only grumbling on about it, as working your day off, always seems more shitty. But i was wrong. It was great and well more than anything, it made me appreciate my night off, knowing that i won’t have to do an early morning wake up call for work and also appreciate the fact that i managed to MAKE money and grant myself three days off in an entire ROW! Yippeee! More streamers! More glitter! More disco dancing with suggestive  ‘ooh’ faces.  (Awful flashback of Scott the LA stripper, who was an orphan..an din pink speedos in a gay bar, asking me out then? He was so fun and sweet. He was straight and just trying to make a buck. But I just couldn’t take him seriously because he was on all fours, thrusting to The pussycat Dolls, on a platform and in pink speedos. It was ace! Hilarious. And i do feel bad for not taking him on as my won. But really, there is only room for ONE glamour puss in this town. By town, I do mean Wunna land. :) )

The rest of the days off are going to be celebrated by resting, shopping FOR ME. I never get things for myself, it seems. I want a treat and if I can’t have romance..(and i sooo want romance..i sooo want romance) I can just buy myself shit to make me smile. YAY! It’s a win win. I’m also going to get a massage and my hair did.  I’ve been having mini reflexology spurts over the last two evenings and well my legs have been so abused and exhausted…in fact, tight, ouchy and ‘Oooooh,’ that when they were getting massaged and tweaked, my entire body went into ‘pain mode’ for about 2 seconds and then just like that…i passed out in a euphoric state of utter bliss. I’m not kidding, i passed out in what seemed like a drunken stuper of complete, exhaustion and happiness and it was because my body had taken such a physical bashing that it hadn’t been pampered in weeks. :) I’m a glamour puss, my body used to get pampered…DAILY. It was tiring, yet blissful, all at the same time..and that was just MY LEGS! Give me a whole body rub down.

But yes, on the romance front. I don’t really have time for dating, but i do have time for romance and men..oh the men… aren’t fitting the bill because they’re not getting that i’m only going to get pulled if they flourish me with romance and i mean grand displays of romantic, surprising…gestures. I’m over the top anyway…so it’s got to be good. And i don’t like them to feel it out first..HAHAHA…that sounded rude. I mean, in the sense of ‘see if i like them…’ y’know…’play it safe.’ I want bravery, love and surprise FLOWERS. Just flowers  will do for crying out loud. I want a real man who’s gonna know exactly what makes me tick, without me saying and well makes it happen, out of bravery, like some romantic hero of ‘hubba..hubba.’ AND because he wanted and not just because he felt he had too.

I had an awful dream last night, it was of some other girl from the orient, that my mind made up, who was dating my ex…(in my dream of course) and trying to steal my baby. :) I’m feisty in my dreams too. I was so proud of myself. I mean, i can even stick up for myself in when i’m sleeping.

Okay, i’m gonna go and enjoy life for the rest of the day. I’ve got beauty school, business plan and beauty line to conquer during these next days. But first, i must SHOP and try on my new watch that JORD sent me! I haven’t even had time yet.

I’m currently waiting for the AA to fix my car battery and then i’m OFF! Looking forward to covering the Olympia beauty show this year and well hope all those of you, who are swirling around in a ‘Sweetie darling’ of London Fashion Week, are having the BEST TIME EVER.

Air kisses, love and winks.

Wunna x

ps/ A granny stopped me yesterday not to tell me that I was beautiful or to aid her across a busy road, but to ask me if I knew that ‘big place in Leeds, where they held  really big carnivals. Y’kno…it’s really well known for having lots and lots of prostitutes?’ HAHAHA. I love Grannies in Pontefract! I love that she looked around life to find the answer to her question, saw me and thought, ‘Ooh, she’ll know.’




Workaholic Waddle on…


And just when I got excited because it was my last ‘work day’ of the week, i get the ‘sods law’ from the big guy above and i’m again tomorrow just for the hell of it. Hahaha. I’m shattered. Like literally exhausted, with sprinkles on and let me tell you, a side of rest and wine is something I think my imaginary doctor ordered!

Right! Just to have a rant!! Why does every new male that i come into contact with think that everything they suggest they do with me, MUST COME, with a side of sex? I mean, Handyman Mike, hasn’t come and mowed my lawns, whilst i’ve been at work, suggesting that he comes on my ‘day off’….just so his hard work can be accompanied by ‘nookie.’ Then a taxi driver (my car won’t start by the way) did the whole ‘are you married…lucky me…’ talk mid ‘on the way home’ and as he dropped me off, suggested that he come in and bonk? WHAT? I mean, I knew my life mirrored the Barbara Windsor ‘bra pings off moment, in every ‘Carry On’ movie worth watching…but i’m gonna have to start carrying daggers in my purse just to keep you lot away. I’m not even kidding, it’s put me off men. (No, not as in ‘turned Lesbian,’) but honestly, for some chick that got through her 20’s embracing the laws of glamour modelling, I really being the chick that everyone thinks they can bone. I’m the HARDEST PULL EVER. It ain’t easy being the next Mr. Wunna. ;) I’ll smile, i’ll banter and i’ll wink, but i’m a glamour puss…that’s what i do naturally. I’m nto an easy pull. You have to pull your school boy socks up , read manuals on love and try really hard. :) Hot boys, not so hot and average boys are all having a go at Ms.Glamour Puss…and well i don’t know whether it’s because they think i’m pretty easy, or they just have nothing to lose? Lmao. It’s all very odd….Bottom line…mowing lawns, shouldn’t come with a side of boning. Don’t make me take a vow of celebacy, just so i have something to blame for not wanting to put out.’  It seems the boys are all in fear being plonked in ‘Friend Zone’ which i find annoying, as ‘Friend zone’ is a good place to attempt to start with me. In fact, i don’t find it annoying at all…i find it funny. I have too much on right now to be daudling off with gent numero uno. I mean, i’m struggling to get through my work week, without feeling shattered. But everything really does happen for a reason and you get placed in certain places, situations and amongst tests in life, in order to strengthen who you are and what you stand for. Some learn the easy way…others the hard.

But yes, i have another day of ‘day job’ tomorrow, which will kill my body, but whatever, you’ve got to giggle at it and say ‘cheers.’ Tomorrow was ‘beauty school’ day, but now it’s a ‘no can do.’ I’l have to fit it in another day. The good thing is that my business plan is almost done, alongside research for the lash line and i’m about to purchase my product…the Limited Ed’s…which i hope you will support in order to make me feel better. :) I’ve worked really hard on it and juggled life, babies and heartbreak around it. Please buy a pair. Please. (Begging.)

The ace thing about today is that when i arrived home from work and flung open the door, my little baby Junior, (who was stood up giggling) toddled madly towards me, with utter glee in his eyes.

WHAT AN AMAZINGLY FEELING! Like i said, it makes life worth it  and it reminded me of how lucky i was to be ‘Mama.’ My daughter is a ‘Daddy’s girl,’ but my son is a total ‘Mummy’s boy’ and it’s ace. It makes my life complete. Hahaha. SCORE! Last night, i watched Junior grab Ruby’s hands to make her dance around the living room with him to High School Musical 2. She did. They loved it, with giggles and i watched from the sofa, with a ‘y’know..i’ve done an alright job!’ :) ;)

I totally wanted to get my hair did tomorrow.

Not to worry…

Work here I come. x







That Little ‘Gotcha’…and Lashes.


Just got diddly done with my day of work. I’m on a long stretch of a work week and handling it with panache, a wink and a good solid bra. (Team Girl.) Unfortunately i’ve been doing it in FLATS and if i hate anything, i hate FLAT SHOES. They’ve done fucking ankles in. I‘m hobbling around like a wicked hibble hobble, under the bridge troll. Fucking flats…Kiss my hot hiney. Everything should be done in heels. Flats are dangerous and break your kitten ankles. :)

I’m actually quite shattered, as i’m tending to ‘day job,’ beauty school, babies, life and beauty line. I’m still smiling, but there’s a lot on my plate, yet instead of looking at it and hitting ‘panic button,’ i’m being ‘Cool Like Fonzi’ and trying to swagger the positive out of every situation that i’m dealing with. It works. So you should try it. There’s a positive to every situation and those of us who only focus on the ‘buts’…the ‘if onlys,’ or just the flipping negative about a everything that have going on in their lives…be it a person, place, or thing are shitty. The prettiest girls are the happiest girls, so crack that smile and get on with it, without moaning. :)

Y’know, a lady, who accidentally sees me every day, or watches part of my life every day stopped me in my tracks this afternoon, with a calm, peaceful manner. She was a middle aged, white haired, beautiful, short haired lady. She was in a white jumper, with white comfy joggers on. Plain, yet oozed dignity.

Anyway, she *paused* in on my life and simply said,

‘You are ALWAYS smiling, no matter what and it’s so refreshing to see you and watch you every day because of it. You really do spread happiness. I mean, I can’t imagine you EVER not smiling. You look really happy and i just wanted to tell you that you do a GREAT JOB. You work hard and you’re a great mum. Y’see all children need is not just love, but to feel special and that’s what you do. I saw you at Morrisons with your babies, the other day and your were remarkable, as you knew how to make your little ones feel SPECIAL. I struggled through life and had to do the same also…I single mummed it…and my children are now doing tremednously, so i just wanted to tell you how great you are!’

HOW AWESOME! That *pause* was great. A gift from GOD great. One of those things that you just need to hear and from a stranger…as it has less impact when it comes from someone you know, as it’s their job to say that to you.

I smiled and told her how happy she had made me. A calm stream of happy warmth, eased through me, after that and it’s people like her, that the world needs more of!

So, yeah, away from that, i’m working hard and really getting excited for my lash line. It’s my other baby. Lord knows, i have enough. :) But the best thing about my new eyelash line, other than the fact that it’s fabulous that I finally get to produce something that i created myself….is the fact that i’m currently in the ‘naming of the styles’ phase. I enjoy the naming of the styles phase, simply because i reckon i’m naturally creative, a wee bit ‘out the box,’ but creative. I come up with good ideas…and well when there’s just ME and my title is BOSS…then i feel as though i have complete control over what I want and it is THAT that makes me happy. ;) I get to truly celebrate being ‘Chrissie Wunna,’ without feeling shy to do so!

Okay, i’ve chosen my initial styles for my lash range and i’m going to name my first range of eye lashes..and they are of the mink fur variety, after my FAVOURITE LA boys. So, the boys i haven’t just met, but KNOW and grew up around in Hollywood. Some i’ve romanced, so i haven’t (not many though ;) ) some are my best friends. However, most importantly they are all boys who i have a story with and when you have a story, you have a life. Your life is pretty important, making each name that i’ve titled as a lash style is part of my world, my life and means something to me. They are real boys, not just made up American names and well if it’s all about ‘Embracing your inner kitten..’ (and it is) then what better way to start than with my bitches. :) Boy bitches that is. :) They’ll actually LOVE that i’ve named stuff after them. :) Infact, each package that you get, depending on which ‘lash’ or boy you picked, with come with that story.



PLUS, it’s actually hilarious when i’m taking my meeting for the lashes, as  they’re referring to each style as a boy…and in a manner that would state that they are hot little objects to purrrchase. ;) ‘Corey…this…Dylan…that.’ It makes me feel like i’m selling gigalos to ladies of leisure for a living. Lol. Pass me my sequins, as this shit is gonna get FABULOUS!

Yet, that is the total point, you can take ‘Ronnie’ out for the night, date with ‘Theo,’ take ‘Brandon’ out for a sunny day trip, or work with ‘Corey’ through the week…Fun right? I know, i’m a genius. :)

There are more boys names to come…and i couldn’t be more excited. Stay tuned. They are initially being sold online for Christmas. The Christmas bunch are my Limited Editions. They make great gifts..so save up. :) It’s a luxury brand…and totally worth it. And i KNOW eyelashes, i’ve worn falsies EVERYDAY for years.

clash1 clash

Anyway, it’s wine time! I need all the rest I can get right? Especially because an extra ‘day job’ day has been added. I’m gonna need more than a kick up the booster seat. I’m gonna need an entire army of fabulosity and booze to cradle my exhaustion. Lol. *Fan me here.*

I’ve been seeing the odd really hot being here and there,which is always nice as i enjoy eye candy, but HOLY MOLY, they’ve all been spotted working really rubbish jobs. Hot people are absolutely wasted on mundane shitty day jobs, that don’t suit their attractiveness. :) I spy on them and think, ‘Wow, you’re better than this place.’ And to me..they really are! I love Tam Sexy and i never want them to be wasted. (Not as in drunk, as that is completely fine. Especially if they are around me.)

Lots of boys are asking me about love and dating right now and all i can say is that, to me… it’s about a spark, a chemistry and an energy. A history, a story, a past or no past doesn’t matter one bit. It’s all about chemistry and if you’ve got it…you’ve got it and you know if you’ve got it, because you’ll feel it right away. You’ll feel a connection zap between the two of you always…no matter what…even after time. I don’t think love grows on you. I think it whams you in the face with a big giant ‘GOTCHA.’ (Or kipper, if you’re a boy. It’s ace if you’re a girl and shitty if you’re a boy.)

If you don’t have that spark, you don’t have that ‘gotcha.’

And it’s that ‘gotcha’ that keeps you excited over the years.







A bit of before bed banter…


I’m on my busy work week and although already ‘sh’ for shattered…even though it’s Monday, i’ve got a red wine and a heart filled with loved, as i sit in my pj’s watching my babies sleep.

I had a weekend of shopping and perving on 17 year old boys, during a ‘High School Musical’ movie night bonanza. I definitely want to marry Zac Efron and i definitely took my toyboy fetish a bit too far this Sunday. Hurrah! Rum for all! I informed my a guy friend of mine who i’ve been texting about..well all sorts really. I’m refreshed by him simply because he is intelligent and humourous. I’ve decided to gather intelligent, funny guy friends. Fair enough, this one is accidentally physically broken, so he states, yet i’m used to men being emotionally broken, so ‘hurrah’ to that…it’s a makes a great change for a male to be sane, secure, but maybe with a couple of kinks going on with his anatomy. I’m collecting ‘good people’ right now and i’m impressed with myself. I like my soldiers to be dandy and filled with a warm, happy soul. I’m quite a good judge of character. But only after experiencing so many dodgy people. (Especially pervs. I tells ya, i am perved out today. They have exhausted me. I can’t be bothered with them.  Tuck ya boners back into your pants boys! Wunna is too old for your shite. )

Anyway, away from all and pointing towards the things that matter…MY LITTLE BABY JUNIOR WALKED. He took his first proper steps and is now a WALKING MACHINE and his face when he struts is the most impressively excited face ever! I am gushing with utter pride and well i couldn’t be happier.

You know, you kinda get down sometimes when you’re a single mum, running a day job an doing life, whilst planning to run your own business…You don’t get time to yourself or to do the things you wish to do for fun…as the other part of the ‘half’ does whatever they want, whenever they wish.

BUTlet me tell you, the BEST thing about being a single mum is the simple fact that you DO NOT MISS ANYTHING. You GET to see your children’s first steps, hear their first words, be the first person they love and trust and enjoy every moment of ‘first’ that they have going on…which matters in life. It makes the world light up with the best feeling of happiness EVER and i couldn’t have got a more warmer feeling to watch my baby 2 take his first champion struts! Then to top it all off, it was RUBY who helped him, by holding his hands, walking with him and then slowly letting go! WHAT A STORY! The kids are doing me PROUD and well it makes single mum times worth every minute…So mums don’t feel down, as the like i said, the other parents might have all the time in the world to do all the things that we as women with babies can’t do…YET THEY DO NOT GET TO SEE ANY OF THE STUFF THAT MATTERS. They don’t get to experience the happy rush you get when you witness the miracle of first steps. :) I am BEAMING! Junior…can WALK..and i was there!! I WAS THERE TO SEE HIM TAKE HIS MAN STEPS. And well more than anything, it was his little face that made it amazing. HE was more shocked and impressed than anyone and it was that, that made me giddy. :) Eeek!!

Okay, it’ salmost midnight, i’m knackered and i’ve got a long week of work. Friday off to do beauty line stuff…but i’m working hard and long right now.

I’ve started to name my eyelash styles and i’ve named them after my favourite LA boys. All real boys in my life and all great..handsome…fabulous gents, who i simply adore and mainly because I have a story with each.

I’ll tell you more about it later, when i’m not as tired and chaiiter chatter to you about each boy. GREAT times with each handsome. GREAT stories to tell!! More importantly…GREAT LASHES!

Anyway, here’s my ‘help a friend’ moment!

My family friend Nicola (producer for the BBC) needs YOU!!!  Fancy being on telly?

Read this, if it relates to you in any way, please contact them immediately!

Breastfeeding glamour models, dancers or strippers please get in touch!!! TV production company betty are making a one hour, one off documentary for Discovery Networks International which aims to look at the attitude towards breast milk and breast feeding practices in the world today.

The programme aims to inform the audience, and give people taking part a platform to celebrate and challenge preconceptions about breastfeeding. We are looking for a wide range of stories to cover in our documentary and are particularly keen to explore the dual function of breasts as both nurturing and sensual .

We would like to speak to breast feeding mothers who use their breasts in their role as a mother and in their role as a model or dancer. If you are a breast feeding glamour model or dancer and happy to share your story please get in touch! There would be no expectation of filming, initially I would just like to learn about their experiences. We look forward to hearing from you! Phone: +44 (0)20 7 290 0207 Email: breastfeeding@betty.co.uk’


Nighty night…

I’m need some sleep!


A quick whirl….

582799_352597384805139_313634343_n (1)

Happy Saturday!

I’m just busting out a quick one, simply because I am only armed with Baby 1. Once Baby 2 gets here…the probability of me being able to tippy tappy on my pink notebook will not look too promising. Plus, we have a family day of shopping, as outfits, love and life have to be tended to. I ended up getting super sleepy yesterday because whenever it’s my first day off, of a few…my body just goes into collapse mode, where it just needs a rest.

I did a bit of beauty school, but sacked it off for shopping. Not because i’m a rebel, but because my mind couldn’t focus of important things. It just wanted wine, sleep and to be in the sun. (Super sunny yesterday!!! Very impressed. The weather went well with my pre made salad from Starbucks..which let me tell you are actually yummier than you would think! I sat outside under a shady umbrella, in the sun and ate it, as some random man sat opposite me and asked me questions about my eyes and love life.

My inbox annoyed me yesterday as it reminded me of ‘Old School’ days when boys repeatedly asked me questions about my vagina. I’d be on Cloud Nine, adoring my day off in the sun, buying shoes, clothes and all things glammy. Then my phone would alert me and present me with some awfully graphic inbox message from a pervert…any pervert that would immediately upset me and turn my smile to a frown. I mean, i’m not quite sure why it annoys me, as i’m open minded, dashed with a decent sense of humour. Plus, I did place myself in a position where in which i would recieve such one way banter. However, the utter disrespect that I feel when i read the mucky inboxes, makes my body squirm. It doesn’t make me lose my faith in good men. I know many good men. It just reminds me that there really are some disgusting ones…and helps me remember that some guys…suck. LEARN SOME MANNERS. I don’t like boys like that. The men that i have married (numerous :) ) …actually never ever spoke to me in a sexually disrespectful manner EVER, during normal everyday conversation. It was kept in the the right place…and that was in the bedroom. ;) The chances of you (random pervy men) actually managing to pull me, by messaging me something disgustingly sexual… is at ZERO. I have a lot going on right now anyhow. All great tooo! So, let’s just keep Wunna happy for now and not wind me up. :) My vagina doesn’t even like me, let alone it liking you. :) Now, go bother the other girls with pictures in tight bras.

RANT OVER! Respect women always. We gave you life. (Fuckers.)

The good thing is that really lovely text messages flooded through from friends, girls, boys and lovelies. That made me happy. I adore intellectually funny text messaging for kicks…even if they’re abusive. It made shopping, sunshine and life much better. Looks like it’s gonna rain today though. :)

My evening was tinkered over with eyelash line work, High School Musical 2,with Ruby, who was dazzled by what she now thinks ‘Big School’ is like. I definitely fancy Zac Efron and I am certainly obsessed with Sharpay Evans. She is my idea of fabulousity and we all know that i adore all things FABULOUS. It doesn’t matter how fabulousity is served, i want it and SECONDS. I live for glitzy, glamourous oozy swirls of fabulous. Be it cutesy, diva or divine. I need it, love it and smear it all over me on a daily. To me, it’s what REAL GIRLS are made of. Red wine occurred.

Away from that i think i’m slowly getting a wee bit stressed, as it’s almost time to do my eyelash launch and get my product over here. The time is a ticky tocking and there’s lots to do. The one thing that i’ve learnt to do in 2014 and because the first half of it was so shitty, was to breathe and not get too stressed over nothing. Stay calm and handle life with ease. It’s the little things that terrify me more than the big things.

But yes…i’m breathing. In fact, to be honest, i’m actually quite excited!

Today’s agenda…

Doncaster here i come.


Ps/ I got a parcel today from JORD watches, a company that specializes in luxury watches made out of 100 percent real wood. I adore simple luxury, so i’m excited to try mine on. I‘ll tell you all about it once i’ve given it a whirl. ;)

Beauty, Blogging and Rivers


OH MY GOD!!! Thank GOD, i’m here! I’ve MISSED YOU! If there’s anything I enjoy more in life, is having the day off when everyone else is at work. ‘OFF WORK FRIDAY’ rocks! I feel free, happy and ready to tend to the things that I truly adore in life. The stuff that passion is made of. So even though, I say ‘day off,’ it’s more a day where in which i can tend to the things I want to tend to…and with a smile, wink and maybe a bit of a wiggle. (I still goddit.)

Lots has happened. I mean, i did my ice bucket challenge ages ago now and that seemed to be one of my last posts, as i’ve been swirling around in a heavy work schedule, which has not really given me much time for anything else. However, the good thing is that I’m enjoying it and enjoying life and most of all, enjoying making money. Today, i’m starting ‘beauty school’ and i’m sorting out my lash line. I now can’t WAIT, for it to dawn upon you all this Christmas. The glitzy kitten thing, always works better at Christmas. So i’m super glad that I pushed back my baby sized launch to the Winter season…and as you know, it is my FAVOURITE time of year. I’m a Christmas baby, so to me…the tinsel, the lights, the warm, mulled wine, drama of every day life, is DIVINE. It’s glamourous. I mean, my friend Bev, (who I worked with) said she hated Crimbo and when I asked her why, she stated that it was because it was such a ‘superficial’ season. I smiled, as she cut up a sausage sandwich and with utter glee, screeched…’THAT’S MY FAVOURITE PART!!’ :)

Before i get going, i just wanted to say that i am most unhappy with the fact that everyone i adore (as in famous people) seems to be DYING. We’ve had some true GREATS, well from the generation that birthed me anyhow, pass away of recent….and i don’t like that the people that put me in my ‘happy place’ are keeling over. They’re dead, dying or about to pass…or they were a popular British tv presenter and a child molester? So, everyone childhood tv presenter we knew, growing up..was a child abuser? Jesus! Not the best casting, right!?!

Today, I SALUT and pass on my cheers to the very talented and the very funny JOAN RIVERS, who’s humour and basic skill of turning the art of ‘saying what everyone was thinking’ into a career and I mean a big career for dosh and claps! I ADORED HER and well…some of my favourite quotes have bled out of that women..with swears and everything. :) We had the same views and the same sense of tickles…and well  i just enjoy happy, funny folk, who don’t take themselves seriously or anyone else too seriously for that matter. Who aren’t afraid to speak their mind and do it with a twist of ‘funny’ and a wink. Too many people are so uptight about things in life. Joan was exactly what I would’ve ordered to live in my cupboard on dull days.


I always used to say that when i died i wanted to make sure it was some MASSIVE, Hollywood, glitzy type affair and not one where everyone’s happy and celebrating the life that I lived, but one where everyone is devastated that iv’e gone, weeping madly and so sorry that i am ‘no more.’ I want their hearts to be aching…and for folk to be knelt on the floors in floods of tears, screaming my name to The Gods. (In Greek togas, if they’re hot and men.) I always used to think it was stupid when people say, ‘I don’t want anyone to be sad that i’ve died and instead be happy at my funeral.’ What? You don’t want anyone to care, or weep and feel bad that you’ve gone??? At my funeral, you’re all fucking wearing BLACK, (Prad if possible) and you’re all more than crying…and i mean for weeks….that i’ve passed. I want speeches by hundreds of people, rambling on about how fabulous I was, who simply now can’t live without me. Good lighting, a must……maybe being filmed for ITV2 :) for kicks …and i better be dolled up. Hire the best makeup artist.

Ms. Rivers…wanted the same! Yet to a bigger scale. I mean, she wanted Meryl Streep crying in five different accents. LMFAO. And some dude serenading her dead corpse head.

Joan Rivers…who were an idol! ‘SALUT!’ God bless!


‘When i see a jogger smile…that’s when i’ll try it!’ Joan Rivers

Okay, back to my life.

Why am I comforted by wise people? If i meet someone and I reckon their wise, until I find out their really maybe not…i’m cradled by their nature and adore to be around their company? I need Yoda in my life, but fitter. He’s not cute, he’s creepy looking. His wisdom however…makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Anyway, months ago, there was this guy who was sort of making it far too well known that he adored me and coming into my work place on a daily, trying to force me to adore him and plonk him out of f’friend zone.’ It didn’t work because i don’t like being forced to do anything and i just wasn’t interested in him, outside a zone of ‘friends’…He was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO full on, but all wrong for me. A bit too rough around the edges and well…just not educated enough…or morally clean. :) Trying to put it nicely. He had just split uo with his wife and was determined to make me his.  It’s only reminded me of him because a bunch of my work colleague had seen him in a beauty store the other day, with an older lady and child. Still trying to find love. I mean, I do feel bad for him, as he had a messed up childhood. Yet it always opened my eyes and makes me make sure that i am an EVEN BETTER MOTHER, as each second passes. Far too many parents messed up their own kids! My children…yeah, a bit gobby, out there and let’s say ‘silly..’ to be politically correct, but they’re LOVED and they’ll NEVER  feel lost or broken because of their childhood memories. I mean, later on in life,  if they balls things up, they’ll have a home and a mother that they KNOW they can come home to, no matter what, who will nurse their ego’s, hearts and fragile states, back to ‘yeah baby’ again! :) I’m the kinda Mama who talks WITH them and not AT them. I don’t judge them…but i’m honest. So yeah…when they’re big…Wunna’s got this down! And it’s called LIFE EXPERIENCE.

I do hope to have more children one day….just not TOday. :) Ruby is the baby that saved my life. Junior is the baby that makes ME feel loved. Pete and Keiran…are ace and when i look back and see everything that has occurred…the good, the bad..the ugly. I actually think that they’re two of the best guys that i could actually know. (Aside from family, Wazza and LA friends.) Together, we’re a powerhouse. We’ve got this parenting thing sorted.

Right, i’ve got lots of eyelash line stuff to be tending to, whilst i have a new friend moaning because they galavanted to ‘free bar Thursday,’ which created ‘Rank at work Friday.’ Party error much! HAHA. If I do ‘Free Bar Thursday,’ I know what’s coming on Friday. I ain’t gonna moan about it…i’m just gonna act like i’m fine and get on with the next 8 hours the best I can….before weekend drinks. :)

I’m currently looking through my inbox and reading through stuffs…and well it’s funny to me that some people can only see me as this… (which i love by the way…if you’ve got it flaunt it, without apology…)

l (3)


Yet, they can’t seem to balance their sight with this…


Which is just ME. :)

I don’t know what people think? But yes, i am FABULOUS, yet i really don’t walk about my home on an evening in sequinned nipple tassles. I will admit that i have done. But the majority of the time…i don’t. :) (That’s actually brought back an ace memory of my London gay friends saying that i never wore a bra and that instead I just wore nipple tassles. PAHAHA.)

BY now, grown men should be able to speak to me without calling me ‘Goddess’ as a forename. I love BEING a Goddess. :) And adore the flattery. I live for it. YET, i’m still just ‘Chrissie’ and it’s hard for me to connect to people, who can’t just be normal, themselves…or just not weird. :)

Pleeeease stop being weird. I’ll like you anyway. That is what FRIEND ZONE is for! :) I’m quite chatty and open minded regardless…you don’t have to continuously build up my massive ego with ‘lovelies’ to make me enjoy your banter.

Y’know, i still have some of your giveaway stuff here, right in front of me, that i haven’t sent yet. I’ve decided that i’m going to mail them to you as ‘this year’s Christmas presents. :) Mainly because i find it funny. Santa’s coming.

Okay i better get some work done.


Love you.

Wunna B





Love A Helpful Gent..Much!


Right!!! So I finally managed my big beauty line, Skype call bonanza  with Business man Zach in America…with working microphone and everything!!! I had to bimbo it into PC World/Curry’s and do ‘vacant’ but adorable faces at ‘Knowhow’ men, who laughed, blushed a little, went Yorkshire on me and pointed to a little hole (not that hole) at the side of my notebook, which stated that I simply needed to plug in a headset mic, in order to be up and running. OH!?! :) Silly me!!! :) I am SO not techy it is unbelievable. If i didn’t have Wazza’s wizard help over the years i’d be a goner. My mind just doesn’t work that logically and well I’m the fun sprinkles on the top of your cupcake…the dressing, the icing. Not the serious cake stuff, nor the cup. :)

As always they were happy to help and a young girl scanned through my new mic headset…whilst telling me her life story…(which i do actually like, i love people and their worlds…she only see’s a boyfriend once a month because he’s in uni inLondon and one days she’s going to be a lawyer, however right now, she’s scanning shit for Glamour Pusses in Ponty at Curry’s.) See! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Some people are on the right ladder up! Others…just aren’t.

Anyway, just got off the Skype call with Zach. I adore a helpful male, be it one that I work alongside, or one that I love. The more helpful they are, in the areas that I know nothing about, the more i believe i can rely on them…and the simple fact that he said, ‘You can sleep more easily now, knowing that you have me on board’ made me feel as comfortable as comfy could get! Panic station’s over. The business/company is getting sorted. :) I did comment on how lovely he was being and how grateful i am for the help. Yet he did remind that I was actually paying him, so i shouldn’t FEEL BAD for his help…as it really is his job! HAHA.

I think i’m so used to people being difficult (paid or not paid) or not working hard, or just not being lovely…mainly people who try and make things more difficult on me…that it shocks my system when someone is just so professional, great at what they do and once summoned for help…really does help. This is why this time around I went for the best of the best, in the area of expertise that I needed. You get what you pay for…if you’ve done all the correct research of course.

I like useful gentlemen. Be they a business man, or a handy man. Makes no difference to me! I’ll cheers to all men that aid Wunna land in some way or another and i do mean with good intention.

(I think i was just comforted by his accent, as an American accent reminds me of my LA times, when life was easy, fun and i was surrounded by great people, all doing well and going places in life. I associate that sound with good vibes.)

Anyway, yes…i almost have a company up and running dolls! First batch of lashes out by Christmas…my Limited Ed’s and then we’ll be up, up and away…with rockets up our hinies and everything!

(I’ve just had sushi and i know that I go on preacher rants often, but supermarket sushi AGAIN has done my head in. It’s just not the good stuff! I’ve also noticed that my children are attempting to smuggle their toys, all of their toys into the living room!!! I see bright plastic coloured bits in every corner!  This sin’t the ‘Fisherprice’ factory. I don’t get why babies feel that they need everything they own in toyland…by their side ALWAYS. Then there’s Junior with his blankies. I mean Jesus! I’ve got one child that won’t eat until she’s sick and the other who won’t go anywhere without his comfort blanky. They have issues already and they haven’t really even started life. Single parenting…the bomb diggy right? WRONG. Babies, need families…whole families to become whole, happy adults. I’m even finding single parenting almost abusive now, as I watch them fight for attention. They’re wonderful children and they are loved more than anything in this world. But they just need what ever other child in fairytales has…and that a happy Mummy/Daddy, stable, normal home. Ruby CRAVES it and if anyone was hurt THE MOST from my breakup…it was her…bless her heart. She sufferered massively and emotionally from it, to the point where..and as this morning’s nursery carer agreed, that she’s now emotionally tough. She’s confident already because life has already given her a beat down. And although it’s lovely that she’s now filled with strength…it’s kinda sad isn’t it. So if you’re a guy or GIRL who has left a family, or thinking about leaving a family, before you think about yourself, you should probably think about the other people it may hurt, as they mould into ‘little bit older’s.’  Junior’s not so bad however, as he’s known no different really. That’s his normal. Plus, yeah he’s constantly surrounded by loving women who dote on his every move (me, my mum especially, nursery…everyone)…yet with Junior my Daddy extra stepped in massively, which he never needed to with Ruby because he felt that what Ruby needed was her mother. At first Junior didn’t get it? But now…my dad walks into a room and Junior goes mental with excitement. He’ll start screaming his name until he gets a cuddle. His hat creeps him out though… :) But whatever…that’s life. :) I scream at fashion crimes everyday.

God! I don’t know where all that came from? What we have is LOVELY and warm. But being a single mum as really just made me realize how important it is for families to work at their issues and make the household stable and happy, whole and right for the children. Separating families, just doesn’t work as well, unless the children are so young that they know no different. However, that makes a re-connection much harder for a parent after ‘years gone by’ doesn’t it. It reminds me of the guy earlier this year, a ‘friend zone’ guy, who tried to date me, but had a girlfriend that he was still with, yet having problems with and a 2 year old son. I sat with him and told him how important it was for him to go back and remember what he loved about his relationship, take on his responsibilities and just love. Nurture what he already had. Fix it, instead of thinking that running off and offering himself to a glamour puss, would make everything alright. It doesn’t. :)

Ooh i think i’ll have a wine now.

Thank GOD, i bought a bunch of bargain beauty buys form the Beauty Outlet just now. All shimmery tanned, bronzey stuff,which is great for me to buy at the end of the Summer when it’s all on offer, as it’s what I use on a daily. I bought L’Oreal true match foundation in warm…a couple bottles and the Jemma Kid water resistant shimmer bronzer. So ‘ice bucket challenge’ eat ya heart out! I think i also threw in a Smooch eye shadow. Again in bronze with a lighter cream coloured shadow as it’s counterpart. Bliss!  I actually love Smooch products!


But yes, we have victory and i have lashes coming your way soon! Buy them this Christmas please!

Chrissie x













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